Ric Flair Promo Reaction and Davey Boy Smith Jr.


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Boy, RIC flair speaks for the first time and we are shocked by what he had set, plus annex t percents, their twenty fifth takeover special on Saturday, but can the events tanto, even if it's an unfair comparison to AWS double, or nothing all that right now on the bus, open podcasts, we talked a lot about Rick flair and his near another near medical scare. Air for him enough that he had to cancel the rose that was planned for him at star cast to just before a double or nothing in Vegas this past weekend. But to let everyone know that he was okay. He went and recorded a video last night for his fans and this morning for his fan. So it is the talk of the wrestling community. It's all over social media. I think it's the perfect opportunity to talk about who I feel is degraded of all time, and that's RIC flair and bully we spoke with him. I guess, now it's been well over a year ago right after his first big medical scare and we spoke to him, and we had him on this show for roughly thirty minutes. Maybe even closer to forty five minutes we had RIC flair on our air and it almost sounded in new mid made this remark after the interview was over it sounded like a new man. And I remember you saying. This that the man that we spoke to was not RIC flair. The man, we spoke to was Richard flair. Kinda different attitue RIC flair last night and this morning, are they were getting a one eighty on this? I don't know if we're going to be playing the audio or not. But it sounds like Richard flare is on his way out. And Rick flair is coming back into the territory. Yep. Be sure is. And there's a lot of lot of pieces of what he said, I tried to listen to his tone, a lot, Dave, and his tone told me, everything there were certain things that he said and the way he said them, what's got me thinking, wow, it sounds like Rick has been bothered by a couple of things for a while. Well, let's play because like I said, last night was part one this morning was par to listen to snippet of what RIC flair dropped last night. You my family all my friends to all the doctors, nurses, and everybody the brought me back. Again, it's America again is the one. Point eight million dollar on the ninja award. That's all God. Thank God versions, almost all the insurance a lot of cash out of our pocket for days because I live here, the tell you that the kids stealing. Jet widens over. Not been Jane Florida, our the move board. The sun covers. Jake friend, call Bill. I mean Golder it was don't call. Joris van that I got on why don't want thirty five year old every day. She lays enter looking. Hell, I'm not going to be my age. I don't get how many doctors tell me you've got to learn. You've got to be act like you're not good act like my door. I'm paying you to make me better so that I could be me that's me. And that's all of ever gonna be good her band. But I've taken all of you or everything you have given me, so friendship, the loyalty, they offered already to be Rick flair nothing more nothing less, and I've just started to tell my story because the other side of it is I know who has not been there for me. I know who is back, and I'm going to answer all these questions chaper to love those learn so go today and of all going to be afraid to tell you that the Queen is a greatest wrestler in history of the female evasion. That's just a fact. Thank you. Oh room. Well I mean first of all the here RIC flair again cutting a promo brings chills. I get goosebumps every time I hear, Rick flair and this is where bully. I'm going to be a little bit of a hypocrite because there's the part of me who's the fan that loves the here. Ric flair the old RIC flair talking about, you know, drinking a beer and talking about going crazy, and he's not going to slow down. But then there's the part of me that has got to know him and has become friends with him. That's almost like please slow do you need to slow down, like if, if the warning signs are there, sir? Please, you know, now's the time of your life to enjoy life. And then he brings up his wife, you know, Wendy who wants to thirty five year old. I think we both know Wendy enough that she just loves him as a man, that probably wants him the slow down as well. I'm torn. What's your take on this whole thing bully? Well, first thing I want to ask you is this, this was like the first video that went up on his YouTube channel, right? Yes. This was part one. Okay. Do you think it's just bait for us to bite into maybe? There is a hundred percent a good chance that this is just bake. Yeah. If Rick flair went on his first YouTube channel and said, hey, hi, everybody. Thanks for tuning. I'm doing good. You know, feeling healthy got out of my surgery, and thanks for visiting my YouTube channel. I got a lot of fun stuff coming up. What would you think? Would you be hooked? Now probably not. Are you hooked by this promo I one hundred percent? Okay. So there's the one aspect that tells me hey, he's, he's going out there on his YouTube channel, and he's going to be the old RIC flair because he wants people to subscribe to his YouTube channel just like we do. And yesterday was a monster dancer damn to channel. I mean, we're well, we're. We're, we're over fifty thousand. And if you haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel, please. Do you're missing out on a lot of good stuff. Jericho interviews up their YouTube dot com slash busted. Open nation, like almost a million views nine hundred and fifty thousand. Okay. Like I said, why did you see why did you have to kill me interview from yesterday? That's right. It's all up there, and our in our interview with Tony Kahn. But I digress. But you're right. I mean nuance the wants the attention. It's called back in action. I'm sure that's Rick flair's rallying cry to tell everyone, that's, you know, potentially wants to book him for shows and appearances and autograph appearances and everything else that, hey, man. I'm healthy enough to be able to don't be afraid. Don't think that if you booked me, I'm going to cancel a month down the road because of health issues. I'm back. I'm owned your percent. I'm raring to go. I've seen let's say it's a one hundred percent shoot and this is how he truly feels and he's going to go back to being the old RIC flair and he's going to have a couple of beers and lead the life. Style that he wants to lead. I've come across a couple of, of men in my lifetime who are about the same age of as RIC flair who doctors have told you have to slow down. You have to lead a different lifestyle and they've basically have said, screw you. I'm not doing it. I'm going to live my life, the way, I want to I'm going to enjoy my life. I'll deal with the repercussions because when it's my time, it's my time, I'm friends with a seventy two year old man his name is patchy Dan car. He's the guy that created American gladiators. I'm also very fortunate enough to have him as my head trainer at the team three d academy. In Kissimmee Florida, this guy is a beast. He's in the gym every day. He hangs out with twenty five year old women. He has a great time, and he lives in his life. He survived two heart attacks a stroke. Doctors telling me he's got a slow down. And he's basically told me I'm not slowing down when it's my time, it's my time and I'm going out with a smile on. My face. And maybe Rick flair wants to be the same way you get one life. You get to live. It any way you want. Now, I know it's very you know, for us, it's like a man, Rick, you know take it easy. Don't wanna lose you. You know, you Dave, you just said, you know, these are his best days ahead of him. Well, if you're Rick flair are these really your best days. Well, there's a couple of flares lived one hell of a life, Dave. I know you are these days really better than the daisies lived. Well, I you know, again, I guess, that's you know, for him to judge for himself because when you look at RIC flair you gotta look at two different RIC flair's. All right. You have the and, and this was talked about in his thirty for thirty, which we're going to get into and just a little bit. But you know, you gotta look at RIC flair who is the wrestler, who traveled the world was. You know, you know, all the women and all the liquor and everything else and, and all the, the stories as tripled said. You know, they they call nature in and all those myths that are lure when it comes to the world, the pro wrestling or bully, you have to look at the man who is now a, a husband and has gotten another opportunity to be a husband later in life. You know. Yes. Children step children. So like I know from myself, I get so much satisfaction out of being a father and being a husband. You know, I thought the Rick flair that we spoke to a year and a half ago after that first medical scare was the guy that said, you know what those dates in days are behind me. You know, now I'm focused on my family. It's later in life. And this is where I am. But it sounds like if this is true again, like you said it could be just bait. But maybe like at the core of who he is. That's a boring life to him. He needs to have that life that he's had. For, for all those years as being a pro wrestler, Dave, I was going to say you know what the one word that comes to mind. He's bored it. This is all legit. He's board for, for the longest time he was Rick flair he enjoys being RIC flair. You talk about all these stories that guys tell around him natured and doing this, and doing that I've been side by side with him pull lengthy of times, he enjoys being the center of attention. He enjoys having a great time with the boys. It's all he knows how to do because he was doing it about three hundred and twenty five days a year for the majority of his career. Now, he does have some special things in his life right now, like Wendy who wants to take care of him and be by him side is a very, very nice lady. And obviously, I don't even think the word proud, does it Justice as to how. How proud he is of Charlotte and her accomplishments. So he's got a lot of great things to live for. But the number one thing he needs to live for is himself because man, there's nothing worse than being bored and being bored with life and just feeling that you're stagnant in a perpetual state of nothingness, especially if you're that guy especially if you leave the life that he leads. You know, he talked about, you know, he talked about, if I wanna have a beer to right to replay that clip yet about him having a beer to. Yes. Stone cold comes wrong. Hey, we say, right? You wanna go get a beer? Well, sorry Steve, you know, I really don't drink them all. Oh, gotcha. No problem. Catch on the flip side. That's somewhat. Ric flair wants to do Rick flair wants to go to the to the bar with, with, with, which stone cold any wants to have a couple of cold ones, and talk. Some wrestling and talk about nature and laugh and have a good time back of his head. He knows it's probably not the best thing for his health, but he's the one hell of a life, and I'm going to go out with a smile on my face. If I'm going to go out, I'm, I'm, I'm not being doomsday guy here. I'm just saying he wants to live. Now, I don't know if this like I said, I don't know if this is one hundred percent which is back you leading we're speculate. I'm trying to give you what I try to do on the show. No matter what no matter what it is. We're talking about. I try to give you both sides here. There's a side of me that listens to this and goes, all right. It's his first YouTube video he needs to hook people for the. Channel. So I'm going to give the people what they wanna hear. So they continue to tune in. And if he's done that, God bless them. Great. He's a worker, and he's working people to YouTube channel. That's what he does. And then there's the other side of me that says, wow, Rick just wants to be RIC flair again. And he's gonna throw it all out the window. He's going to have a couple of beers and whatever happens happens. And if he was sitting in front of me and said, hey Bubba, what's your opinion on this? You know, not that he would ever ask me, but if he did I'd say, Rick you do. Whatever brings a smile to your face every day because we know damn well, Dave that we don't know what tomorrow is going to bring likely you're hearing. Catch busted open, live, weekdays from nine AM to twelve PM eastern on Sirius XM fight nation channel fifty six or on demand with the Sirius XM app. Port one. He's like I'm back, baby. It's the old RIC flair. But I want you to take a listen to what he says, in part two and this guy posted this morning. And so am I. I'm sorry. But you're not with this new judge me buddy, telling me, I'll never know. Richard flurries. Really? You would think over. No, I don't know, Richard clearer, like I said, before, with the erase bonsai kitten, who is blessed. With the greatest parents on the world is everything wrong. In, by the way, who you judge me? I mean really come on. Let's get serious. Kim open the door. So I'm you open the door. I'm giving back yet horror. You the judge me then you can meet you. I realize the then all of a sudden, contempt for what for what you call up Wellman for what you fly into. We are. I don't think so. Man. Hey, I once they one more thing again. Myth now ins Omar big cast, people, I don't casually, and people that I've become close to, because I love being young. I'm not gonna get along. I'm going to stay out by going to morning to see the great set round friend and roughly event going on there. You can't stop in baby. Talk on wheels on the ground. So that's part two and of all people in that video bully. Probably the biggest fan, Shawn Michaels. He calls him out. And this is based on I'm guessing words that a quote that he had in the ESPN thirty for thirty and this and just to start it off. This is what Sean said in regards to RIC flair in his thirty for thirty which what was with an about two years old now. Yeah. So obviously, he's been holding onto this for a while. And here's the quote, Rick is my friend for better or worse. I knew he couldn't stay away from this stuff. And again, I knew when they wanted him to go that he didn't want to go, Rick. Doesn't love Richard flare. I don't know that he's ever taken the time to get to know him or to find out who in the world. He is. He only knows who he is to the image and gimmick of RIC flair. Well, let's get back to Rick's comments. So it's two ways we can look at this. Let's just say that he's working on his YouTube channel YouTube channel. So the first video he puts out his RIC flair is back. Wow. Check this out. This is great. Look, you'll RIC flair we love RIC flair. You said, you even said you got spunk. Listen to Dave. Yup. Okay. Now he puts up the next video this morning. And he's talking about Shawn Michaels. Oh my God. Did you hear what RIC flair said about Shawn Michaels on his YouTube channel? Ooh, oh my God. I can't believe he buried them like, okay. So he's, he's giving you some content right? Yeah. He's giving you some meat, right? Yep. Does he work in a shooting? Not sure. Not sure not. Sure, okay. Let me give you the other side. Now he talks about Shawn Michaels judging him. Maybe there's a chance that Rick has been harboring resentment toward Shawn Michaels for this time because of those comments made, like Sean sale, saying, you don't even know who RIC flair is, you know, nothing nothing Shawn Michaels wasn't exactly the, you know, the greatest example of a good human being for, for a large portion of his wrestling career, we've heard the stories haven't, Dave. Yes, we have. Plenty of wrestler will come on and tell you, my God, Sean, was he was he wasn't the nicest guy he was a bit difficult. He was mean at times arable lived just about the same lifestyle that RIC flair did. So what if you know you know what Sean name Michael Hickam bottom, or something like that? Yeah. What if Sean, it's about whatever it, whatever it is. If you I don't even like saying the guy guys real names, but I just just for context here. What if Rick turned around and go, you got you got balls? Man. You don't even know who you know, Michael Hickinbotham is Sean hiccup. Bottom whatever. You let the same lifestyle, I three hundred days a year, you were styling, profiling, you were you were you were doing all this? So you really don't know. And if he is harboring this resentment, it's going to be interesting, if they ever have a face to face, again, I think you heard the very human Christian side of Shawn Michaels in that clip. I don't think I don't think Sean meant any offense by it. I think he was talking as a person who understood himself, better, thus was analyzing, Rick, but in doing so he may have taken a shot at Rick in advertently and Rick bay taken it personally. And this though, just say, everyone knows that comment by Shawn Michaels was even before, not only this scare, but the last scare that he had that thirty for thirty was released before the, the medical scares the last couple of years with RIC flair. So this is him just talking as a person, not even talking about the health of RIC flair. But just RIC flair is a person. So I'm sure even now more than ever after the last couple of scares. Shawn Michaels words would ring even more true. Based on what we've seen from RIC flair the last couple of years. This is a dicey conversation, because again, let's, please put aside the fact that this could be just a work from RIC flair to get people, you know, and, and you would and I can't blame them for doing it. I mean he just had a health scare. He had to cancel out of appearances a big one at star cast to with the RIC flair roast. But, you know, he's back in action. He wants people to know. Oh, that he's healthy enough. You know. Hey, hire me for conventions autographs everything I'm ready to go commercials. You know he doesn't want anyone. He doesn't want the public to know anything that, hey, he's back. And he's fine. Maybe he's tired of hearing people talk to him about his health. I'm sure for the past couple of years, Alrich, you know. So glad you're okay. You know, I'm glad you're taking easing slowing down. And Rick has put a smile on his face ago. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Maybe he's tired of that. Maybe he just wants to be Rick flair. How old is he Dave? He's as into his seventies now RIC flair. Dude. What this is the way. I look at it. I we can we can have a life conversation today. I'm forty eight. If I got another twenty good years in me. I'm lucky I'm very realistic about, you know, life expectancy, and what could happen tomorrow. Once you get to seventy man, you've hit a decent age, and, you know, they talk about how seventy is young well from seventy to eighty you start to kind of slow down a little bit, right? Yes. Of course. So, so if you know that father time is gonna kick you in the ass and starts slowing you down. You're gonna try to enjoy every single day as much as you possibly can the only way you know how to enjoy it. So if we can up and going for a walk and maybe playing a round of golf, and then having an early dinner and then being in bed by ten is what the doctors recommend to RIC flair right now, I don't think he can. I don't think he can do it. Maybe he can. Maybe this is all. All you know. All work. And if I'm getting worked by Rick flair I don't care, great standing applause. You work be great. Let me hit the subscribe to your YouTube channel. All right. Let me ask the question. I ask you a question. Do you think this is a work or do you think this is honest? Now take, you know, 'cause I think coming out of the first video, my impression of what it is completely changed after listening to the second video. So after listening to both videos, do you think this is honest, a true from RIC flair's heart? Or do you think that this is a work? I'm, I'm gonna here's my hypothesis which for all you people out. There means educated guests. By the way, I watched the spelling bee last night hypothesis. H. Y. P. O. T. H. E. S. I S bought away, a fraudulent contest, fraudulent, you can have eight winners in a contest. Think Mark for the spelling that's a bunch of crap. You're sitting through that and eight people win farce. But go ahead. It's participation trophy, everybody wins through our loses y'all. They'll get the touch the troth. Here's my hypothesis on RIC flair. He has to deal with Wendy, and Charlotte. Like so if he truly is going to be, you know, Rick flair Gannon, having a couple of drinks and not exactly paying attention to health. I don't think his wife and daughter are going to be exactly excited about that. And that's just an opinion. I'm not judging him or his family, Charlotte loves her father to death. I spent a year on the road with the both of them and had a had a blast. I don't think they want to see the husband and father, you know, destroy himself. So that's going to have to be a little bit difficult for him to live with if this is legitimate. Whatever is going on. I've given you both sides of my opinion. All I hope is RIC flair is happy Wendy is happy, Charlotte is happy. His whole family is happy and he stays healthy as possible. That's all I give a damn about is that smile on Rick's face if you don't know, series XM than listen, up commercial free music, plus sports, comedy, talk, and news. They had it all a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius XM. But you don't you can listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of Sirius XM outside the car for just one dollar. Just go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe, you can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius XM dot com slash busted. Offer available to new series, XM streaming subscribers siriusxm no. Car required. One thing that I always do every week and I'll be doing it. And if you're in Wisconsin for tomorrow, Saturday, June, I m L W fury road is taking place. And I mean, top to bottom bully, this is one hell of a show. How about this teddy art going up against Jimmy havoc? Austin Aries the return of Austin, Aries Austin's going to be on the show Sammy Callahan's on the show. Brian pill, Mun juniors on the show. And one of the marquee matchup is m j f against our next guest and that's Davey boy Smith junior, and he joins us right here on busted how bus open our youth today. Hey, I'm doing great. How are you guys? We're great. And we're really looking forward to this show tomorrow night, again, at T TV taping for M L W really looking forward to fury road. Oh, I am as well. It's gonna be a great event. NL ws flow me, and the day before you take care of the media, not only with you guys. But with the local TV station here in Milwaukee, and I'm news as well. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on MJ and stretching the hell out of him, literally and. Not only that the rest of the Hart foundation will be on the card as well. Teddy Hart, and Brian Tillman junior. There's a lot of talent that's coming up in MO w that are really awesome great prospects. And also, you know, a lot of established stars as well. So anybody that wants to come and join it's M O W fury road in Milwaukee. Davy. I've seen you Spar and train with Minoru Suzuki does m j f realized that you could beat the living piss out of him at any given moment. Well. As my uncle Smith. Or my grandpa used to say it's okay to be stupid son. Just don't try to be stupid. So I think that I think that MCAS run his mouth about as much as he can run it. I will give them this much use a very he's a very talented young superstar. But when he gets the ring with me, you know, I could be a very nice gentlemen. But also, I can be also truculent at the same time when somebody pushes me and he's been making some remarks about Bret Hart and the Hart family, and he's been running his mouth on TV every single week. So I'm looking forward to getting my hands on him and showing him exactly what it's like to be trained in the dungeon, and I can't wait to procure one of my submissions, whether it be the cross face the sharpshooter any various moves from my arsenal. And also, I've been working on my kicks quite a bit as well too. And I got some big legs, I'm ready to kick right through him. Yeah, he was a, he was a bit of a dick to Brett on double, or nothing wasn't he? Oh, absolutely. And I don't know if he happened to catch me landing some bombs on that one guy that jumped Brett at the hall of fame, but that's just the seek preview to what he's probably going to get tomorrow. But like I said he can run his mouth for as long as you want, but it's times it's coming to an end tomorrow. So. Obviously, you know, police you and I have never met. And I think this is the first time we've ever spoken here on busted open, but I can't stand 'em. J F, like obviously, he runs his mouth, but he said some things to me personally on the air when he was here in our studio. So if you can get, even though you don't know me if you could get an extra couple of kicks in, maybe hold onto the submission, maybe four or five seconds longer than you should it'd be much appreciated, sir. Oh, absolutely. I, I that would be your you'll be more than welcome and happy to see that. And he's a very immoral person. I myself find myself to be a very moral person. But m j f like I said his time is coming to an end. And when I get a hold of them, I'm going to stretch him like you remember those action figures from the nineteen eighties. Like they had, you know, junkyard dog and King Kong Bundy reiki grabbed her arms and stretch from from, from room to room, like across second arm span. Got like a stretch Armstrong. Yeah. You do that with Tommy, dreamer. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. One right now. I plan on making him seven foot tall by tomorrow. Yeah. Obviously Mel w fury road taking place tomorrow night. Again, if you need tickets go to event, bright dot com or go m L W as well. Major league wrestling m-l w fury road two thousand nineteen. There are some tickets still available in Wisconsin, right? Outside of Milwaukee. And you have been extremely loyal to M L, W, M, L W is been excellent w fusion on being sports is a fantastic show. But you seem to definitely have a loyalty to Mel w what is it about M, L, WD, excite you? Sure, I'd be happy to answer that. Well, since by deception into NL w in two thousand four I was a part of the stampede BULLDOGS with my partner Tyson Kidd as he's known in WWE is real, TJ Wilson, my best friend, and at the time court had a lot of big plans for us. And I think he was hoping that we would get a title shot at the extreme horsemen, who at that time, I think was CW Anderson and Simon diamond but unfortunately, the company went into a different direction than in, they had went under at the time. But since then Courtenay we've had a very good relationship. We had she worked together briefly in WWE when court was a was a writer, and we've always stayed in touch throughout the years and court, so us someone else's friends of means Johnny Smith, or the original M, L W. And when court. Told me that he was reopening, w and he was wanting to restart the heart foundation with teddy Hart, and with coming, Brian Tillman junior. I was really excited. And I thought it could really augment my career in bloom, my career and being that court has TV again, and he's also landed a TV deal over in the UK and Ireland which is huge because I had a very big fan following there. So just for myself and because of my father's legacy. So it's been a step in the right direction and so far courts been a man of his word. He's just all he's really done. Is give me in an teddy the ball and we've been running with it, and we've been getting great ratings for for his company. So I'm looking forward to the future with court, but I wanna say a big thank you to court and Conan for believing in myself and forgiving teddy Hart a second chance when a lot of people wouldn't and I'm very thankful for the opportunity. He's given us. So that's my loyalty states with people who are good to me. You know and my loyalty stays with court for now. And I'm looking forward to the future with. M. L. W. You know, loyalty in this business is very, very rare. It's good to hear you say those things, let me ask you this outside of M, L W Davey is anybody out there that you would really enjoy wrestling fighting working with anybody out there that you could see yourself really making some good money with telling some great stories and entertaining? Well, you don't bother actually you'd be one of them on the list. You know I like the what I like a lot of your heel promos. He's done in ring of honor. And, you know, I think that a lot of it comes down to is I watch opponents that are believable for me. Whether it's big guys that know how to stand out Schoff in the rain. Or if it's guys that, are, you know, great technical wrestlers. It's a real crying shame. That occurred angle is retired of fortunately, because he was the guy that I really wanted to step in the ring with, and I never got the chance to. But there's a lot of other guys like that says RO from WWE Bobby Lashley, Brock Leser even a big Bronx from him. I think I would have it pretty good stiff little match aside from that, you know, minority Zizi, I've never gotten a chance to in a in a professional wrestling match live in front of people been able to. That's with him. But of course, you've seen us rolling around sparring stuff at the ring of honor shows, do you think do you think a match between yourself and Monaro Suzuki? Do you think you can have an entertaining wrestling match with him? Or would it just be a, you know, on the ground kinda like Matt wrestling match? You know, I think that we could make it I think that we should make it a little bit different than that because I think that's what a lot of people would expect to see, you know, another match that I just had that was really great. And I hope I get the opportunity again. Is I wrestled with the kidney killer cross, are you familiar with him vile cross? Yeah. Yeah. From I think he's an impact now but we had a show at a what sport and it was like UW like work like shoot style match. And it was really really great anybody that can tune in if you go to fight dot TV and type that him. And there was a lot of other great match like Josh Barnett Lewis's minorities Yuki. But that was what I think, where I really excel at was that kind of style, and, and aside from those names that I mentioned, you know, there's guys like June Nekia and all Japan that are still going that I wish I could stepped in the ring with. And and, you know, I think that he can. He can still go. You know, there's there's I mean chemical. Bashi jeeze, I just saw him that start gas. I really wish he could still go. But unfortunately can't, but those are just listed names of guys that I could wish like stepped in the ring with now you know, you just meant you just mentioned, ten Toco, Bashi, and just last night, me, and me, and Dave, we're talking. About. We saw something on media. We were watching STAN Hansen versus Ken Toco Bauchi, and holy crap was at just awesome to watch are you a fan of that style of match? Absolutely. You know. Jeez. When I was growing up as a teenager. I, I became like almost kind of like a tape junkie because I had never seen a lot of that stuff, you know, before and I would get videos from our video, and she that got sir turn me in was from watching CW, but growing up I used to watch. Oh, yeah. All that stuff from I get aches nineties of Kabashi. Ms Mozelle, Kawada Towle. You know all those guys in Hosain Otani to cash in all the guys are new Japan. So I would say that all Japan nine hundred ninety thousand gotta be my favorite overall because it was just, you know, these guys they were, they were all excited, they'll, you know, they all boots and trunks. They were wrestlers, but they were all different away, and they all made their matches exciting and even though the Japanese psychology is different. If all made sense. In a way you know what I mean? And it didn't nothing was really like lost in translation or to confusing or too complicated, although they were doing a lot of stuff, maybe sometimes bit too much, if you wanna think about it, but really great action. That was my favorite stuff with all kinds. You know, David you mentioned you mentioned teddy Hart before and, and I'm a fan of m L W I watch every week and his work is flawless. He's been absolutely tremendous. The last year with them. L W talk about his work rate. And what you've seen from teddy hard over the last few months in. M. L. W. Jedi. He's been doing great. I hope he can keep his head on straits and just, you know, going there in the rain, do what he duty us to do show, the people what he's all about. And, you know, just just keep it at that. He's a tremendous talent. Not always the great high player, but he's a great technical wrestler. I mean, he got trained by Leo Burke, who was up to the Calgary, and of course, by my grandfather, and my uncles Ross Bruce, but I would say based on raw natural talent teddy, I don't think anybody really can compete with him. And he's one of those guys that just natural. You just a natural athlete. You know what I mean like he could go up to probably? Probably dunk a basketball or without even trying or stand up and do a standing back with then grad two hundred twenty pound dumbbells, ref oats and reps. And then, you know run a mile sprint is. Well, maybe that not that holidays, but, but he's, he's a very naturally gifted talent. And I think court scene, and he's giving him a really good opportunity, and hopefully he's able to you know stay on top of things with that. And, and just, you know, keep his head on straight. One thing that really excites me about fury road tomorrow night. And again, go to M L W tickets dot com for all ticket information is the von Eric's Marshall Ross are, are going to be on the show, and it's there's a lot of buzz about it. Because we really haven't gotten the opportunity to really see them on the big stage here in the states. What's it like now that this new generation of, on Eric's are part of them? L W. You know what I think it's great. I have not a site for meeting them. I think they were in the, the dough Joe in, in Noah over in Japan. But they came up one night to Friday's or something. And we were with new Japan and they said, hi, and they were very respectful. I think that it's great that they've been become a part of them value. Then. I think that's great courts giving them an opportunity. All I will say about them is that. If they're anything like their family as far as being as far as being let it is concerned. I think that they're gonna do awesome. The main thing that I hope that they have is the passion for the business, and as long as they have that, and they follow, you know what there has been saying, and they, they watch the tapes, and as long as they're hungry for this business like I could tell you, and I'm sure bubbly you could agree with me. You can have all the talent in the world or you can have none of the town in the world. But if you don't have passion for the business, and you'll love it. Then you're not really going to go very far you, you're, you're absolutely right passion carries you. So as I hope that they have that, and as long as they have that they're going to be huge stars in MO w. Yeah I'm looking forward to that. Yeah. I'm really looking forward to that tomorrow night. You know, while we have yawn, something that took place, this past weekend, of course, double or nothing in e w but you're also part of star cast to our own Mark. Henry was part of a panel with you, Jim Ross, Tony shivani talking about, oh, and heart. What was that a vet like for you? And what was it like being a part of that panel this past weekend? Yeah. You know, it was really, really great, too. You able to, you know relive a lot of the memories and tell share a lot of stories about, oh, and because, of course, his death, not a very deleterious effect on my family at the time and even still to this day, so to be able to have a happy moment and be able to share a lot of his memories was really great with people that knew him. And unfortunately were there the day he passed away, and even literally feet away, like Jerry Lawler, and Jim Ross, where I'm very thankful for the fans that came more respectful, and I respected their questions. A lot of fans came from all across North America, and some even came across come across the pond to the part of that, so I'm glad that Owens memories and his, his legacy still lives on. And I wanna thank Conrad who putting on such a great event like star cast and forgiving. Mediocrity share a lot of memories with. The the fans about my uncle oh and hardwood, a great not only great wrestler, was what a great human being was as well. Dany. We were just talking about the von Eric's, and obviously, your family the Hart family to families who have been through a lot in their life through pro wrestling. How is your family doing right now? Your overall extended family. Are they doing well? Yeah, they're doing good. You know, I was just going to mention to Bubba Fritz I had no idea about this. But he was that she trained by Stu in the dungeon. Where he did. He did he got trained, I think quite a bit and submission wrestling. So it's funny that there's sort of that link between the hearts and the Eric says, well, my extended families doing great, you know. My, my grandfather said over in the UK he's still around. He's my father's father. And I still have some extended family over there as well. Unfortunately, dynamite kid, just passed away last year on his birthday, but I still have a lot of family over there. But aside from that, my uncles Ross Bruce, I just ran into him the other day, you know, Brett's doing well, things considered being a cancer survivor and a stroke victim. But, you know, everybody's doing. Pretty well. And I hope that with Emily w's new TV deal that they're able to do more stuff over in the UK because I'd like to be able to broadcast and, and. Sure, I'll and really, you know, fulfill my father's legacy over there as well, because I think that the UK's are completely untapped market for a lot of these places like M, O W. They just seem, you know, WWE packed it a little bit over there. But there's a there's a lot of potential. There is well you know, Davy it's pretty incredible. And I didn't even think about it, and I kind of forgot all about if you just mentioned, it, you're absolutely right. Fritz von Eric was trained by Stu art because Fritz played in the Canadian Football League. And then got into pro wrestling was trained by Stu Hart. That's right amazing. That there's that kind of connection with the von Erich family and the heart family. Oh, absolutely. That's you know. And I'm not sure why that why people more people don't know about that. But I mean that could just be because his legacies so great that, you know, but that's that's really funny. Yeah, that's, that's pretty cool. Davey. Thank you so much for the time really looking forward to tomorrow night again, it's Yuri road tomorrow night for all ticket information. M L W. Tickets dot com. And you got a big match with 'em J F. And we really appreciate the time and good luck tomorrow night. Absolutely. Thank you very much guys for having me on and Bubba I hope to see you soon. Same here, brother. Good luck. Stay safe out there. All right. All right. All right. Davey. Boy Smith junior. Joining us here on busted open, bully, and some really good tidbits, first of all, I and I say this and we get a lot of guests. It's amazing how much people respect and love court Bauer and the buzz around M L W right now. And the match is that I mean think that the, the wrestler's that they have a part of this show tomorrow night, teddy Hart Jimmy havoc. We just saw him at double or nothing obviously Davey Davey boy Smith junior, m j f which we just saw at double or nothing Sammy Callahan, Brian Pilkington junior low key, and then now a returning Austin Aries pushed you throw in the von Erich boys being a part of this show. M. L M, L W is looking really strong. You know, everyone's talking about everything else that's going on in the world. The pro wrestling hard to sleep on M L, W fusion, every every weekend, and be in sports and. That is a really strong lineup. You're going to get a really great pro wrestling show. I would buy a ticket just to hear 'em. J F cut a promo on Davy run down the Hart family make fun of Brett tell Davey that that's the most famous he's ever going to be because now he's in the ring with. MJ. FM J F performed in front of fourteen thousand people the other day, just completely run-down Davey, and then watch the punch and J f in the fate. Yeah. I mean that's worth the, the price of admission. I paid for that. And then for me, and I forgot to name. I can't believe it your L w champion filthy, Tom Lawlor. But I would actually pay a ticket just to see the von Erich boys. I mean you know, we've heard a lot about him wasn't that long ago to Kevin von Erich was on this show talking about Marshall and Ross. And now they're a part of M L W just to see them and to see the. Comparisons. And it's those are natural comparisons because we even heard Jim cornet talking about it that you see a little bit of Kevin. You see a little bit carry a little bit of the charisma of David so really interested to see how the von Eric's do. I am also especially after the documentary that we saw. I've been lucky enough to have conversations with Kevin Anna's boys. He keeps them really close. They are very nice guys incredible athletes. Great, great ability. If I was court Bauer, I would get on the fa- get, get on the phone does anybody even get on the phone every anymore. Not as much I would refuse to write a letter. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if I was court, I'd get on getting touch with this. Kid, call the Ozzy free bird. I think you know who he is. He's like the spitting image of Michael Hayes, son. Have you ever seen this guy that looks exactly Mike lays? No. He free bird. Yeah. Alsi free bird. He's on social media. Seriously? He is. He is either Michael Hayes is twin or his son, and they should bring him in for an angle with the von Erich boys because I think it would be great. That'd be fun. Eric's free birds, two point. Oh, well, maybe it can go on, you know, get that pen and paper handy, and send a letter out to core Bauer and see if he can make get this done. I mean listen. I love what core hours doing with them, L W. And you know, we're seeing we're seeing some of that talent everywhere now and that's gonna be one hell of a show. Oh, michael. You're hearing. God's busted open, live, weekdays from nine AM to twelve PM eastern on Sirius XM fight nation channel one fifty six or on demand with the Sirius XM app, it's kind of been forgotten about bully, but there is an annex t takeover taking place tomorrow night. Here is going to be a very unpopular comet with the next faithful. But I think this is the least talk about takeover. And I think it's because a e w has dominated the conversation this week, your thoughts. Yeah, I completely agree. Now, if, if this was a WWE, pay per view, it might be a little bit different as far as like if this was something coming off the main roster. Like, if we had the super show was this weekend, and not next Friday, maybe we're having a, a little bit of a different conversation. But like an x is probably as close to AWS the WWE delivers. Correct. Yes. So when you see a w and it's as good as it was this last Saturday, and like you said, dominated the conversation this week and also gave you a match like we saw with. Dustin and Cody and what we saw with Jericho and Kenny omega right away. You're gonna make the comparisons. When you watch this show on Saturday. It's unfair but it's natural to do that. So this whole week, speaking of a w got to be honest with you. I, I think this may be the first time all week that we're talking about annex t takeover. It is, and that's crazy. Because usually we talk about how annex t takeover when it go. It's a part of a weekend, when there's a main roster pay per view. How it usually outperforms the main roster pay per view. Now, here we have a takeover where there is no main roster pay per view. And it's been overshadowed by a pay per view or a show from another company. Crazy annex. He's in a unique position right now. It would be fair to say that annexed Fancher eighty fans. Yes. Yeah. I think so. Yeah. Okay. I think it's fair. So normally it's an x t putting the gun to the head of the main roster and saying head follow that. Now, they're in the follow position Ken this. Takeover. Follow double or nothing will be interesting to see. I will say this, despite the fact that double or nothing had the bigger stars, the more emotional matches what let me take back that emotional matches, because there's going to be some emotion on the XT show to bigger stars. We can see that Cody and Dustin. We loved we can say that omega and Jericho. We loved right? Yes. What else did you love on the show? Did you love any other match the young bucks and the loser? I mean get fair enough. What else from the, the women's match, I thought was very very. I love it, right. Yeah. Across the board match by match. If you had to take the two cards, one ten x t is over will, you say that takeover was better for match to match to match, but double or nothing had the bigger matches? I think again, it's early to tell and we'll we'll see what happens tomorrow night, but I have a feeling coming out of what we're going to see tomorrow night that I'm going to say both about double, or nothing that it was a bigger show overall and then also match to match it's hard to compare because, you know, without counting the, the pre show. There were seven matches on the main card for double or nothing. You know, for annex takeover, there's five, so you're going to have less matches than what we had for double or nothing. But, you know, obviously Cody and Dustin like you said the young bucks. Dilute your brothers in Jericho, and Kenny omega. Those are going to be too, to it's going to be hard for any match from takeover to outperform one of those three matches from double, or nothing. What's the main event Gargano and Adam Cole? Do you think are Gannett and Adam Cole can have a better match in Jericho and omega? No. Woo. I think they can. I don't think that there's anybody on takeover who can have more of emotional match than Cody and Dustin, but I think coal, and, and Gargano can have just as good of a match as Jericho. And now if you're saying Justice good. That's a possibility. I don't think they can outperform Kenny omega and Chris Jericho from what I saw Saturday night. Fair enough. I'll then on par with on the level with they're not bigger stars. That's obvious. You're not going to get a more emotional matching codeine dozen because you can't you can't write that stuff. It writes, it self. But I think those guys will be really well, and I know they will like I don't think we're going to be disappointed in that match. I think it's going to be a great match. And listen. I hope Gargano and Adam Cole kill it. And maybe do have a better matched and Kenny, omega and Chris Jericho. That's I guess you could say it's a possibility. But now all right. But you just said. And it is all about storytelling. There's no match on this card. That could tell a story like Cody and Dustin not even close. And then there's other matches. I gotta be honest with you that I I'm just not that excited about what takeover rundown the card. Well, I you're gonna get Gargano and Adam Cole, I in, in the main in the main event then you're gonna have the tag, the ladder match for the vacant and exte- tag team championship, which, again, you don't have the Viking raiders who were your champions. They just let go at a championship. So I think that takes a little bit away from that match. I don't understand why they did that because to me, it's like you gotta have them involved in that match. All right. Obviously, you know they're gonna lose. But when there's multiple teams involved, then, you know, which team is going to be the Viking graders. So I think it takes a little bit away from the match that the actual champions, just, you know, lay down those championship titles on their way out. Velveteen dream who's your team North American champion is going up against Tyler breeze. It's hard for me to get excited about a match and I love velveteen dream, but what is Tyler breeze? Been the last couple of years in the WWE doesn't matter. You're gonna get version of Tyler breeze that everybody wanted to see in the WWE. I'm so happy, that, that he's backing annex t I wish they would take a bunch of people and send them back to annex state. And when I say, send them back, I'm not talking about a demotion. I'm talking about a promotion because for a lot of guys and gals on the main roster and x t would be a promotion right now because they're doing absolutely dog crap with them on the main roster I saw a tweet yesterday. I don't know if it's true or not that fifty three people on the main roster or something like that haven't been used over the past couple of weeks. I don't even know if that's true. I we have to look into that. But, but this plenty of people on the main roster that they're doing nothing with send the Powell, crews back to. Estate wine. What would be the big deal when dangles ready? Send them ten exte- anybody if you're not doing anything with them, send them to an extent. Keep building that brand helping those guys get over. Let me ask you this. Dave. If you're an annex t right now is there any performer there? Do you think that is truly clamoring to get to the main roster? The, the only way is if it means a bigger paycheck, other than that, I don't see why anybody would want to move over to the main roster. And I think that we both can agree that the one guy that would probably have the best shot at success on the main roster just because Vince loves this type of character would be velveteen hearing, right? Yes. And you know what that answers your question? I think velveteen dream wants to make the jump to the main roster or what on a scale of one to ten how confident would you be that he would succeed on the main velveteen dream? I, I'm pretty confident that he would be. Used correctly on the main roster. What defines success on the main roster anymore? I mean, he has I mean my, my standby answer would be has the personality and the character that I think Vince McMahon with like, and maybe do big things with but I could be completely wrong. I don't the the ingredient for success on the main roster. I don't know if that could be easily defined anymore. When I look at the main roster I see a serious drop off between the top talent. And then everybody else there's there, there aren't layers. There's not main vendors, semi main vendors blood, feuds storylines. It's like we have this, this crop of guys not even a crop. I it's a it's a small portion of guys and gals at the top, and then it drops off. And there's everybody else then it drops off from there to people that, like, unfortunately, the threes of the company. Yeah. And I hate to use him as the. Example. But he is the example what's the ING point of having e c three on the main Ross? I have no idea. And honestly EC three was the one guy when he was within exte- bully, I thought with thrive and survive on the main roster. I couldn't be more wrong. Thanks for listening. Catch us weekdays on busted open from nine AM to twelve PM eastern on Sirius XM by nation. Tim, fifty stakes than busted open on cast.

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