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Hour 3: 11/5/19


The Paul Finebaum show podcast is presented by capital one. Where you can open up a savings account in about five minutes in earn five times the national average? This is banking thanking reimagined. What's in your Wallet Capital One? NA member FDIC cried packing then pattern. Three of college football football leaves the Paul Finebaum show our three podcast back. Second out of this show is live and always always great to welcome our next guest a legendary sports caster in Alabama Rick who now hosts a podcast He formerly was the sports director at Fox. Six in Birmingham and for many many years did a show with yours truly including The night of the fame fame game of the century which I wanNA talk to rick about and compare and contrast that with what we are about to see in Tuscaloosa Rick Great to have you back on the program. Good afternoon my friend Mr my bum. Our you know what I'm talking to you for myself when I'm looking at my back yard and I'm looking at a game with like a bunch of leaves and mud all over and then I'll tell you that that brings us back. Yeah Rick and I I mean the the sum total of all the years we worked together. I've lost track of but whenever one of US passes away and I'm sure you'll be I you you we'll be stuck having to interview bb interviewed about The most famous episode in our career the Dinghy with Nick Sabin that it was fun. I always famous or infamous. That was a lot of fun. Maybe Jensen Tuscaloosa over and give them a push out there and pull the plug for those who are unfamiliar and this. This is now thinks savings first or second year. Maybe you got A. I'm not you tell the story we had saving to your house for a morning being Morning Show Yeah. Yeah this is cool well Fox. Six has a show called good day. Alabama you know most local stations every morning shows and they came to me when Nicholas hired you. said he can get a one one with coach shave and maybe go Tuscaloosa said well. I'll tell you what let's think outside the box next to something a little bit different where I live in Birmingham which is just south. Birmingham is a perfect microwave. Shot with our live shots at the station. So we We ask Nick if he were to come over for breakfast. So we hired a professional chef. And we got you over there and incomes coach saving and that summer the summer he was hired in seven in your current and was there and a bunch of cops look like the president walking in and he walked in and this is here. Here's a little insight listeners. Saving as I said coax you like some coffee or something said yes black so I knew right then he meant business well he wants to find me he kinda grab you by the elbow. He walked into my living room. Sat down down and he went like like to-to-to head to head with you. And a very spirited conversation I stayed out of it but I would have thought that at that point that he was wearing the ground rules down he was saying look. I'm Nick Sabin Your Paul Finebaum and this is how it's going to be right. You know I don't really remember the whole. The whole context of that we we did have a few of those and whatever you sent apparently It may not have had much staying power. He love you but it was really good we He gave you some coaching so anyway. Long Story Short He you get it over here in Birmingham at my house about three or four years. And he's getting tired of kind of coming over to Birmingham what's Let's take the show to my house and Tuscaloosa so Coach Shaving Mitch Terry. Let the satellite truck parked in the driveway and dragon cables in his house at five thirty in the morning so he was very very nice to us. We wake up with a lot of Shenanigan. We do for couple of years and I think last time we did it from his house. Rick stood on top of their grand piano and that may have been. They were holding his big jars. Little by Little Debbie's tried to steal piano. Yeah but we had a great time that I want to go back to November of two thousand eleven because I remember that week You had A. You had your normal news and forecasts every night but I believe we had any live thirty minutes show every single night leading into that game a new. I remember correctly. Why not right I if it can sell and that was gonNA sell and boy? A lot of eyes were on U. S. locally at least that week and if you ask me okay. What's what game would have the most hype? I'd like to see how this weekend plays out now. The president trump is going to be there. I mean just the fact that president trump is going to be in the same name. You know building six hundred media people makes it interesting in but You Know You look back at twenty eleven naturally did those shows and the build up. It's all about build up especially in television even more so than the game game takes care of itself but I mean Lebron James is that that Game Condoleeza Rice was at that Game Robert Kraft. Was it that game on. What are you doing that morning? But he attended sixty thousand fans without tickets worth the quad walking around cell service went out And it it is a as looking this up today. Fifty four players in that game Twenty eight from Bamut Twenty six from LSU ended up in the NFL. So I mean the hype was just incredible. The game was a little bit of a letdown. We looked at five field goals. But like he said I'd like to see how this plays out and see if we can actually say that just weekend tops. Twenty eleven before. That's going to be hard and the funniest things among the people covering it. The Usual Suspects Urban Meyer was working for ESPN and At the game it was it was just amazing. Everyone was there in Rick. Remember we did a We we did a fairly short show after the after the game and because it was it was fairly discombobulated trying to react to that game. Am I remember You may have had the same issue. I met my compatriots from W. J. O.. X. In the media parking lot it was Orion Hainian Pat Smith in. It took US three hours to get out of the media parking lot just to get in line to get out of the university due to get out of Tuscaloosa and we didn't move her for for almost three hours because it wasn't just one hundred thousand in the stadium as you said the other sixty. I've never seen anything quite like it. Yeah it's as far as just your humanity. The only time that I've been you know. Actually I wasn't frightened but you're a little bit concerned. You don't really get stopped over. I've been in the middle of fielder national championship games during coaches handshakes. That's always a little bit nerve wracking course and the and the big mob kicked six six and the Iron Bowl but boy that that was just crazy and like you said it didn't stop. It went from the stadium out to The quad out to the you know to ah everywhere and it seemed like forever to get out of that that town and something Certainly we will never forget that. I'm caught you know because you're such a big deal quality you had your around cards around you and your body cars took care of you know there's a post small people so You Know Rick Little Footnote and you know you thought the game would be a topic of conversation nationally for weeks during that afternoon wound and you may not remember this enough really just remember myself story broke and I looked at it and I didn't pay much attention to it because we were so consumed with the game game that night but that was the afternoon that the Jerry Sandusky story first broke that ultimately brought down Jeb coach Paterno the net the net. Recall until you mentioned it but that was that was something that you know. We're not look look ahead now. I mean we're you know we're with trump coming in and and this is kind of a logistical thing. I guess I should know the question or the answer to this question. Does Air Force. They land at Birmingham because big. And then they doc. Here's the deal. I checked on that because there was a reason I was interested in whether you could get out of there. And he he he had every time the president flies. It's called Air Force One. The the main plane that he uses for for longer trips to seven is is a seven forty seven that cannot last land Tuscaloosa. He has two other planes that they use for shorter trips. And it's when President President Obama came to Tuscaloosa after the the April twenty-seventh Tornado. He did land in Tuscaloosa Listen I think he was on a a seven fifty seven sixty seven. That's that you may remember that not to get overly historical. But it was while. He was in Tuscaloosa touring the tornado that he gave the go order on Osama bin Laden. Holy Crow Wow. You don't see Alabama Obama Cook Law everywhere. No that's incredible. I'm told the university is going to announce officially on Thursday. What's the deal is on on on the president? I I suspect he'll he'll fly into Tuscaloosa just more convenient. It's not a long trip is you know between Andrews in Tuscaloosa and I'm sure When you have the presidential clearance you can get there a little faster than the two of us now? We have over Shoal Creek for a couple of holes of golf before I I have I have talked to the president and You know it's going to be cold so we are. We're just going to have lunch. He he's never been to dreamland so we're meeting meeting there about the noon and we're going to go at it. I thought it might be chick-fil-a the Popeye's chicken. Yeah by the way I you're welcome. Welcome to stand outside while we ate. Nothing's changed over thirty now. Rang role is regular regular. If we were still doing this show the carly's coffee house we would have the president over. That's right we would and you know it's nice that the president will be there because Karolyi will be the second most important person mistake. Exactly at least I wonder knowing knowing president trump. I really know him but I I can't imagine him not wanting to get down on the field and talk to the coaches. I think he will and you know depending on when he comes in you know depending what time I wonder if if he takes a minute to talk with both coaches privately. Now here's the question I talked to. You know you're you're here but do you think Nick Sabin really enjoy enjoys. This made him or is it just more clutter for him in other words. It's a huge honor to have the president there but if Fino Nick and I don't know I'm like you do but if that what what I know of the coach I would think he might be just assume you know be done with all the HOOPLA and so I I think he would he would he would not like it because What it does is it creates? It does create distractions because I mean let's be honest. Not everyone on. His team is a fan of the president. And I know that may sound. It'd be a shocker to To to some people but I I don't know what's GonNa Happen there I mean and that is I mean you and I both know from having covered the game a couple of years ago when he showed up the Georgia Game I. It is a logistical nightmare mirror. Yeah it really is. It was really is. I was down in the balls at the stadium During that game and he walked right by twenty story here real quick he he was doing a girl. I work with Christine overclock. Six talk one of the secret servicemen. So he's we kind of got through where it worries walking past us at the Mercedes Benz Stadium and he walked Ryan I think. How am I gonNa get this guy to say anything to me so of course? I grabbed my Fox. Mike what I'M GONNA say. Whatever you do right grab the microphone? and Mr President Mr President. You had just a minute to give me a crude comments on the game looked at me and he shook his head no and walked away. So that's the now now. Let me ask assistant director of somebody who covered you. Were not there at the time. This is not the first time that Donald J trump trump has been to a football game in Alabama. Okay go for a game in March of Nineteen eighty-four a New Jersey General Birmingham stallion game out. In the reason. The reason I know is because I had dinner with him the night before we take a group of people and I interviewed him in the Legion field. Press box the next day. Wow He went out and got Herschel yes. One of the owners of the team had a small party I don't know about sixteen people the night before. And don't ask me how I got invited Vita but I did and recollections I do I distinctly remember the night very well because you I'll tell anyone and everyone I remember everything about the night. It was It was it was quite extraordinary. Well so that's why you're we're gonNA share that you know more more bits on the night and he said the name of the book is Donald and me there you go well man have fun over there. I know you're networks over there both You don't you Recipes you network show and Game Day so be. It'll be quietly. Throw those two in the president and the hundred and two thousand people and the knows how many on the quad boy. It's GonNa be something so boy I I just can't wait. This is what it's all about and I can spot in the crowd. I'll come over and say hi. Ric always great to have you on appreciate you allowing us to go down memory lane. We'll talk to him. Thanks a lot Paul about recurrently. A former colleague in Birmingham and the other stuff. I just Satun remember until we started talking. We'll take a break more to come right here on the program listening to Paul Finebaum show podcast. Spencer is up next as we continue here on a Tuesday afternoon. Hey Spencer hey thanks for having me. Oh Man I have a little trivia question for you man. Do you know the first restaurant that Nick Sabin Estedat when he Signed at the University of Alabama and arrived in Tuscaloosa I mean I I. I don't know the most obvious choice would be the bright star but I don't know if that's right no it was not. I was actually going to school down there at the time. And it was a mugshot. He came in for lunch mugshots. But really when you did. He's a guy man. Here's a patty. I think it's called her the Patey. Okay okay it's a good to good burger anyway. The reason I'm calling you find bomb and I really appreciate you have me all my granddad in his best friend. Really enjoy your show. They've been following you. Ever since as you were in Birmingham thank you Dan Cronk and But both I was at the two thousand eleven game between Lsu in Alabama And you're right. That man was spot on. I mean there were just. It was an absolute madhouse. I remember after the game I was on the Strip and I had to go into a bar because I left my. I left my credit card with an open tab in the bar now. Doing this boring the bouncer said hey man you don't WanNa go in there. I said No. I don't want to go in there but I have to say no. You don't understand you really do not want to go in there. I think your loss in danger. If you go into this bar I said well. I've got to get that credit card so I've got a risk it and and when I go in there it was like I thought I had never seen I mean there were. LSU FANS shirts off jumping on tables. I mean it was just like an absolute mad house off. The reason I'm telling you this is. I don't think it's ever happened before and I hope it doesn't happen this Saturday but every single bar closed down they shut their doors by eleven. PM and they usually open obviously till two am and those Lsu fans they they all swarmed out onto the Strip and I swear to you it was like Mardi Gras. That's amazing. It was unbelievable. I think every single one of those sixty eight thousand fans that were there. That didn't have a ticket. We'll issue fans fall. I'd I never realized that I always thought that people who showed he spent her thanks for sharing the story. OREO quite Quite a story. Tim Is in Arkansas. Hey Tim Paul LemMe ask some real quick Guys like murder Cini basically you know with the talking about to a large degree We're not real good. Make no mistake about it but the more Situation changes getting new head coach. We start all over again and It's frustrating to WHO Do Better Games some stuff. Morris does but we had no challenge except for some freshmen. Yeah running back back. Listen I understand that. But but he his point about the attendance I think is was worth listening. That's a serious issue. Yeah I agree with that. I agree with that but I I don't no no what needs to be done. All I know is I mean Joe kinds was of course I remember when all your well when Arkansas was announced going to se. He had a big laugh and he said well they switch your throat and drink your blood and I mean he was exactly right and we have not yet learned that from Ital- sampling. Have you ever charging standpoint too. I don't I know but I mean if we get a new coach everything changes. I don't think you should ever get get a new coaches for the sake of getting a new coach I think I but but what has to happen. Though is it is it. Morris has to be able to make a convincing Vincent argument why he should remain and he's not doing a very good job that okay. I agree with that because At the game aim Saturday he should have been throwing some things on the field Chewing some rear end and I mean I guess the fans are going to do it for unfortunately and Talking about mouse on miles asking my back to Arkansas. You retire here but I most people pull. Especially when was I know. Don't care for one not It's a long story In part due to Coaches that kids coach up here when he was in high school. Coaching and then going to Arkansas With nuts I mean he got messed over there. I admit that it would just check this ego in check. He could have been governor of Arkansas. For who knows how you probably Ryan but I mean you know guesses living his dream man. He's where he wants to be the problem for him though if things collapsed at the the end of the season. It's not going to be easy for him to hold on males on okay. Well listen yeah I mean I right now. We're just guessing if he wins. One of these games at the end is GONNA matter. He's not going to be. He's not going to be the Arkansas coach right I'm basically a new listener because you have displaced taking over some time slots for some of our guys who used to be local right And and I really enjoy your show thinking about one thing I really enjoy is hearing the people especially this week from Al from Auburn on up and they WANNA hang us and they won and I'm thinking you people you know you want you want. What do you graphing about? Yeah that's the fun not fun. But they're the ideas it's a auburn fans ends are are different. I think they're great fans but there are A. They're a group Auburn fans. That are ever going to be satisfied with Gus Malzahn. Well See. And that's that's part of the problem in human nature. If you're not happy you go tell somebody right like I'm doing right now but Now Arkansas we don't have much talent man. No Listen I. I'm aware of that and and I like Chad Mars But I that's why. I talked to Josh because I know him. And I wanted to get an opinion of someone who's on the ground. Thanks for the call. Hate to run. We're up against a break more to come as we continue here here on this Tuesday afternoon about two Tuesday night. You listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast the back. We were glad you're here and it's been a great show. Let's continue with more calls in Greg is up next. Hey Greg Hey Paul thanks for taking my call thank you. Hey I caught the beginning of your show that had to step away for a while but this is that time of the year or you're GONNA get the LSU caller who never calls in except during this week and accuse you of all kinds of Tomfoolery I'm sure and I always always get a laugh out on because you don't hear them Except this time of the year and They're always make up new things to accuse you of being complicit but that'd be fair. Yeah Yeah and you know me pretty well Greg I pretty well know by. Now what The baseline perceptions or false perceptions are and I find them all to be pretty humorous. Yeah it's it's hilarious. It's it's just like well yesterday when I called and you told him. He had scheduled wrong. Well he he was looking at the Georgia schedule from nineteen eighty. That's when he keeps on his wall Because that's the one that's the last one that really matter to them so no he doesn't really keep track of WHO Bama plays and and Bama hasn't played any top notch competition yet. I'll give them that until this weekend. But Alabama didn't lose to South Carolina either so so there is that so Looking forward to a good game this weekend it'll be packed and I think people people too many people are are not given Alabama enough credit and It is in Tuscaloosa. So we'll see what happens. Have a great day call. Thank you thank you. Thank you very much. Martin is up next. Hey Martin in Virginia great first time collar. How you doing today Sir? I'm doing great. Thank you appreciate the call. They no problem. The hokies just signed Alabama oh miss to play in future series home and home I I think the Ole Miss Somewhere around twenty six twenty seven Alabama's someone to thirty so might be dead by then but see We have another one. That's unannounced US coming in home and home sometime twenty four and twenty five and. I'm hoping it's Tennessee Kentucky. Somebody like that. The reason that I'm very happy about that is it might be our the first chance. Get Paul Finebaum on the campus Virginia Tech. Because believe you trip we'd love to have you come up you know I've been to most campuses. I have never. I've been there and I'm told what a beautiful memorable place it is so I hope that happens. I do too and reason I'm calling Alan is. We should have knocked Notre Dame all Saturday. We had him down to the last minute. But Foster's defense SORTA let us down there at the end but butts had a great run and this is last You're my my reason. Colin is what do you think about Justin Fourth Day in Virginia Tech your four he started out great with ten win. Season followed it with a non win season. Then he backed it with a six win and this year. We're hoping to get to six or we're five and three right now but I knew at one time you said your big fan of does Yeah I was while I was on a plane and I was watching that game and I was pretty. I was pretty crestfallen about the way it ended. It would have been such a breakthrough win. I no no I mean he. He's one of those coaches like so many others that you just think are can't miss. I mean just. Influenza was the hottest coach in the country when Virginia Tech hired heard him much like Tom. Herman was the next year. And sometimes we value these guys a little bit too much and I. I don't no no a lot of the intricacies like you do about where. Perhaps he has gone wrong but I do think he's at a very critical moment. where he he needs to show that he's an elite coach and he has not done it yet? I appreciate you taking my call and longtime listener and we look forward to it and we'll talk soon hopefully get BLACKSBURG. Thank you I would love to. I will get there eventually. Leah's in Virginia to Haley. Hey Paul Hey big fan also Health state I've got to throw that in there And this'll be state alum. They got a question. I'm a big supporter. Only get your thoughts on is a big supporter. Joe Moorhead one. Because he does remind me. Dan Mullen if you take Dan Mullen had growing pains when he first came to state For example we lost to Houston. Didn't we had We battled Almost vitas needed a big second. Half from Tyler Russell and I think in his freshman year back then And other reason Dan Mullen could never beat Alabama in the west and he's never going to be Florida. I'm in Georgia need. So what are your thoughts. So Joe Moorhead should get more termites. Want to hear your thoughts on that. Yeah I think the next few weeks are going to help help shape. That story Li I think if he can you know win. The I'm trying to remember. Got Ole Miss. He has What elite Christian Alabama of course. That's a loss I'm in a less. I'm just happy you know. I really think his future is going to depend on Ole miss it. He can win the game for the second year in a row. I think everyone will say you know what it hasn't been great but let's see where it goes but That would be a devastating loss. Oh I agree and one of the things what do you think about What do you think about our chances might be be crazy But I think and I promise showing trump's when I say this But I think Joe Moore had with them. cowbells going in Davis Wade Stadium you. It wouldn't surprise me Alabama author money and possibly go back to nineteen eighty and get a six to three. What's thing about that? Hey by the way that was first year I covered Alabama football and I was on the sidelines. Id Mississippi Jackson Memorial Stadium. Whatever the name of the stadium was back then? It was an epic. I've never forget. I've covered many many Mississippi State Alabama Games. And you know what I'm about to say that has always been the toughest spot on the on the schedule for Alabama it comes after the emotional Lsu game and you know what was it Two years ago when State should have won that game at the gate and yeah grand grandson just did with grants. I'm always does and they probably all the Games James I've watched even even the even though even the game with deck. We're not we're Mississippi state was number one. I I thought that's the game that Mississippi State should have won. I mean I mean the one with I mean there was a there was a lot going on there that day. The team was a little bit underrated but Alabama was going down down that night in Starkville I agree. Hey thanks for taking my call Paul. There was one moment in that game. Alabama I can't remember names in the first half Alabama was a hiccup away from getting blown out. We will continue mortgage calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five lot to do as we still have an our fifteen minutes. Your phone calls coming up next listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast brought to you by capital one and you know how it feels when you've saved enough for that long awaited edition now imagine saving enough for an addition on that edition. That's the feeling with capital one. Where a new savings savings account during five times the national average capital one is helping you earn more towards your savings goals? This is banking reimagined. What's in your wallet? Capital one in a member KNBR. FDIC one back as we continue. It is a knocking on the door. Tuesday night here a couple of hours away from the first college football ranking that comes news at nine pm eastern time. David is up next Thanks for the call David Good afternoon. David is not. Let's try Bob Hey Bob Hey Paul thank you can after him longtime listener. I'm excited to talk salty today. Thank you One of the previous callers mentioned the nineteen eighty bulldogs schedule. That was my first year after graduating APP state and and I was in Atlanta. My boss. Big Big bulldog fan. He had to take me to a game so my first game into hedges was when Hershel made his day and ran over or that. I believe it was Mississippi state lamb backer and just walked into the end zone and Larry Munson went crazy and in the press box. I thought that was against Tennessee. It might have been it might have been. I don't remember who it was his longtime ago. So I've been a Big George Bull Fan since then I wanted to call you about APP state South Carolina. So you know. One of the biggest upsets they ever had was against Michigan. Ten years ago when business division to new APP state went into Michigan. Remember all call give you a couple of little tidbits of material you might WANNA use. So I've probably said disc two thousand times or more especially when I see Michigan State of Michigan Fan. Okay what kind of battery does it take the light up the big house house. What's the answer one AA? I like that. That's great. Never heard that that is fantastic. So APP upstate. You know we're not afraid to step up but we don't. We don't schedule the local high school team on our offer weeks now. We opened Michigan the next year we opened with Lsu Lsu. I think we opened with Miami. We've played pinch day. I saw you Tennessee a couple years ago to absolutely so these other schools I mean like you said they play a local high school team to get their W we we like to step up so we've already beat North Carolina this year. We took army to two overtimes. And now we're headed down to. We Can Brice Stadium in South Carolina. And I've already got home. Tailgate back going down there and black and gold and so last piece of material for us What what does it take? Or How do you lose your season-opener or turn your season upside down. L. Fall out of the rankings. What's the answer? There's an APP for that. You've got every answer I I liked that I liked that pauline. Joyce show's entertaining. Thank you may still and I'm a longtime listener. Big Fan and and Love what you do. I appreciate it thank you. That means a great deal. It really does nice to have you on. Let's continue with more calls and Eddie is in Louisiana. Hello Ed Hey Paul enjoy show but thank you thank you so much. Hey Paul just a quick question What do you think of possibilities having to uh SEC? In the in the playoffs this year the it's it's entirely possible. I know a lot of people projected right now. It's not the it's not. It's not a slam dunk. But it could happen. Well my daily keep hearing. They talk about Oregon with one loss. And then I hear about Penn state or a lot of being one most the bottom line is we have a tall task to go to play Alabama this this this week. No doubt and and I'm going going to be one of these tiger fans. They come in their doors. 'cause I respect Alabama so with that being said one of us is going to have a loss in anybody that goes to the SEC west. I don't care about this kid. You know in Alabama played anybody whether they fix play somebody and they're fixing play on our gene and then they gotta go play if they win against us. I gotta go play. George we went through the gauntlet set for an left after Alabama. So there's no way you can tell me any of those schools anywhere else that the play better schedule than it is in West. No so that being said Yeah Paul just want to let you know that everybody in Lsu is not against you. I respect you. I respect Alabama and all say go tiger. Thank you very much a Great to have you on Do appreciate it. How about bill in Texas Hey Bill Nicely to call thank you for taking it Thank you The aggies they're playing playing five of the top ten teams in the country. Yeah you you bet you got me. The schedule's insane. Yeah I mean it it. And they're having a tough time with that but they really have a quarter to symbol really. Have A quarterback back I thought he did. I think it's slow to make decisions and they just. Yes you know hanging on too long great. He's got he's got he's got a freshman. They're supposed to be pretty highly touted. Willie make a change for next year. 'cause mine's got one more year. Yeah that's a good question I mean. Listen Jimbo's a smart guy. He knows next year is a critical moment. And let's say critical. We all know his contract is but he has to show that this program is is ready to make a step and this year it was scheduled. I I I. It's entirely possible as you know you could be playing three number one teams in one season. Nobody's ever done that before. Yeah and and they ain't over yet you know for sure you know and then just so you know Clinton Alabama LSU Auburn too much. You know and I think he's recruited good kids but he just needs. That schedule is just tough. If the western side of this conference you know well well I mean listen to dozen help when you When you play the number one team in the country as you're not as your power five game No no no what do you. What do you think What do you think about it? And obviously they're not in the limelight so I don't hear much about on your program so yeah listen

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