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Episode 243g: Australian Open - Novak Djokovic Eight 'Em Up


The WELCOME TO NO CHALLENGES EPISODE. I think is to forty three. Gee of challenges remaining like you just reeled off a bunch of numbers and letters code. The men play tennis too edition where we talk about the men's side of the Australian Open after covering the women on the last episode. We're doing this the night of the men's final. Let's get right to the final already. Novak Djokovic is the champion winces eighth Australian Open which is crazy but also feels like completely right. He'd be dominant team in five sets none of which were particularly long sets. Actually there's no seven on the board and the scoreboard considering as a five set match. Which for men's tennis is pretty rare. Especially you know there've been much tiebreaks for team in earlier rounds term for sure. He wants three against Rafa in the quarters and also won a few against Vera in that match in the semi finals. Start with Novak Courtney. What does it mean that? Novak is now eight time Australian champion. Still four behind raffles like French. Open count which makes it seem less insane than it should because eight is nuts. Even though in this era it feels relatively normal or understandable or common eight show opens and seventeen grand slams overall to back of Ross's nineteen three back of fetters. Twenty if Novak gets set calendar Slam we all think he could get. He's tied with Roger this year. Golden Slam if you're talking calendar Hell. Yeah I'll masters to golden joking Master Slam. Atp Davis Cup you know run the Board ATP Cup. That's right. He already got that. Yes I ever person to win. Atp Cup and Australian Open. Sam Year Novak Djokovic King of January Jeff I mean nomex Novak man like I don't really have much to say not because of any disrespect but just I mean I've tweeted it. I genuinely believe it. I bring it up all the time like in like company with other tennis. Writers like Novak is going to finish with all the numbers in his favor. We've all the numbers in his favor unless something changes he will he will be the goal. In my opinion we all if people WANNA sit there and argue about what goat means and redefined it all of a sudden when everybody was like. I don't know I feel like the last ten years everybody's been telling me. Goat is whoever has the most lambs like I mean like? No you don't gets re-jigger the the scoreboard like the dude is unbelievable. And you can argue memorable. Most memorable most influential. Yeah Okay you might get Roger there. Even roughened was changing the game. Etcetera etcetera the greatest tennis player that I have seen play. I suspect within by the time he retires is going to be Novak Djokovic and what he did today I mean it speaks volumes that as Shitty as it was not a good match. No it wasn't good. It was not a good final and is crap is Novak played outside the first three games of the first set. You still just knew you just knew you knew. The Dominic team was so far away even if it was two sets to one up and like Novak looked like he was ready to be carried out in a stretcher and hooked up to an IV like. You just knew that. Novak handed him to turn around he did. I don't even think he played his peak tennis to do it. He just he just played normal. Novak tennis and he basically ran away with the match. Noisy like Rafa. Who's twelve hundred French Open finals? Nobody's eight knowing US showing up. It's very good very very good. Very very bankable and yeah I was the same way like I think dominant team was the same way also. He said after the match in his press conference that he went from a question from esteemed Egyptian journalists Vallejo. S If you ever if you ever thought that esteemed glorious what is it word for her boss will ya? I'm just saying I feel like esteemed was a business holding. These are all good words for our friend who is once again joining us in the room. We should be all right. She has team if at any point he had Novak like he had this matching teams. Like no definitely not right. I mean Novak can't come out. He was really bad. And the second and third sets especially turned on we needed to in the fourth and yet just felt comfortable. Even the score was Kinda close in each of those. It was four and four. I think in the last two sets are three and four something like that Novak. Yeah is on pace to do good things in his reliable and bankable and his endurance and keeping up having played six matches. Att Cup. I one thing I was wondering as this got away from a little bit. It's like is all this emotional. Tennis of a slam finally catching him. But he also had the advantages of having semi final day earlier. Which is always a thing that I don't like tournament said I think it really does have meaningful impact on the final often and then getting pretty easy semifinal against Roger Federer who was in great shape to play that match after putting a lot of miles on himself long matches against John Millman and tennis sanguine so yes so Novak was in ms in pretty good position just how determined worked out that way which is the opposite of what it stands always happens him this time all the chips and all the organizational chips really Feld Novak's way in positive ways for him. He got play Ronald at night. Which helped also says good things went has Novak wins. Yeah that's team. Let's get the team already and then team. I've mentioned team in the Kennan Cart. We did in the episode. We just recorded on the women because team is somebody who I think really has like built this like incredibly strong application for like. I'm applying for Jobs Grand Slam champion. Look at all. The qualifications made three finals. Now I one Indian wells which is fit slam. I made a world tour finals final. I'm be a great hard worker. I'm already twenty six. I can play on hardcourts now very well. I know gwynn. He owns it. He protects and guards of Penguin. O So he's Knights templar already and protector of the pack. Exactly exactly right. I was really hoping that almost the penguin who I was. It was interesting the way it was phrased initially because dominantly Mama's dominic team during the rating pickup. Oh eight because he was in Sydney at the Someone apparently I didn't I I. I thought it was his own initiative. I think people probably did too but someone at the tournament gifted him essentially this like you know your protector for penguin like donation to some sort of nature. Group is over conservatory. Whatever you WANNA call it for. Penguins little iceberg for penguins saying hey you are looking at this penguin sort of pledged his support. The in your honor named Bama's which is very cute team catchphrase remember early. Ads facebook facebook posts. Those were wonderful. It was like the first time I've ever wrote was about those facebook posts anyway. His Bama's was this catch is bounce. The penguin WHO's not met. I'm not sure I think maybe got a photo Obama's with this package anyway bombers the penguin I was really hoping present the trophy tonight. We'LL COREY PAVIN walk. Which is Great Penguin? And Yeah but dominic team comes up short. I think though the thing with dominick team is getting there. He's kind of in a in a less dramatic way becoming sort of the Andy Murray Second Jerry. Where burn up against the best guys on their best places and falling short so far but if you keep putting yourself there you're going to break through eventually. That's just how it works in Tennessee. Keep giving yourself chances. And he's a real shot at winning the French Open I. I'm much more excited for the French Open. After this term was before because I think both Djokovic MTM have viable chances at the French Open even within the dolls playground where he's going for number thirteen. I think each of them has reasons for beliefs and this is five months out so things can change. Ralph look when all the masters are slow again and Romp but at least right now from that long-term distance I think there is interest in this when joker which has been at his peak. It's when the French Open gets interesting. He seems to be that team has been in the final two years in a row and beaten it all several times on Clay. At other events. Yeah. I'm excited for the French Open now. That's my main takeaway from team. And you know he can do. Well Indian Wells. Miami in the master's is before that too. I think what I learned from. Dominic teams run to the final which again ATP outsider. It dawned on me how much people wanted him to be. That next guy as much as like there's very of and Curio since it's poss- demeanor and Medvedev and rube love and whatever like there was like watching him play against Novak and get that leading in snowpack in the final. I was like you know what I'd I'd really like this for you. Like this would be great and it felt like that was kind of the general groundswell. Here's a guy who's very very humble works. Very very hard has done everything that he's supposed to do. He's putting himself in these positions you know and it's great and which is which is really lovely honestly like to kind of have. Because I don't know outside of Lake Andy and like del Rio. That is really existed. In terms of league this mass coalescing behind a non top player. Maybe stands got an occasionally. Yeah but stand MIA maybe because of the AO? Yeah maybe maybe stand down at the French. It's Novak but stands until I felt like a sentimental favorite like domic's nod to me a sentimental favorite. You know like Oh good for you know we. I feel like you just think you've been on community is kind of like anointed him as the next like your if a young one or a young girl I mean. Obviously he's younger. He's older than the others. But like if that lower case Nexgen is is going to win that I think a lot of ways that people wanted to be him which is great He's done it read. You can't besmirch anything about dominic teams career to be quite honest like and it reminds me of like Andy Murray's documentary on Amazon prime where he like talks about how his career's done and kind of like it. So unfair like. I don't feel like I deserve this like you know I've done everything that was right But I feel like with Dominic. It's kind of the same thing like he's done. He would have the right to say that like at this point like I've done everything right now to be that guy and yet here I am. You know what twenty six twenty six twenty six. Not Young by tennis standards is directly. Yeah so with without a major. But you know it's amazing. Turner from him. I really really wanted to see him do it. Just because to get new blood into the mix but Novak Djokovic like I'm not like I said Dude GonNa Finish being the greatest time and either people can fight it and tried to discount it or you can sit and just rebel in just how good this dude is. Because against a very good dominic team. He played his B minus game in one major MOGO dominate team. Also twenty six is older than any Murray was when he won his first. Major who is twenty five and Greg Murray was more high profile teen and the sport and broke out much younger with some big result since it was on the radar longer and when four years between his first final and his title the US Open Eight to twelve. Dummy team is kind of getting into that territory of like. You're doing everything where everyone sort of pulling for. You doesn't have the romance of breaking a British drought going for him that that was such a part of Murray's narrative part of his burden. But it good things. So everyone's happy with everything he's done there except for maybe the hair choice at this tournament which was divisive and I say divisive but I don't think anybody liked it but here's the thing so when dominic team went two sets to one and I was like Oh my God team could actually win this. I was watching on TV and I was just like in my head. Even though there's a there's a party thought that he might pull it off. That kit is not trophy. Hoisting mom and there's just no way that the first Grand Slam champion of the twenty twenties has frosted tips. I thought the same thing about number blonde wants Wimbledon. Yes I felt the same way on once go. We're like robots who comes as a bleach blonde one year. You're not winning like that. No no you can't do that now. Who did that? Who had frosted tips at one point in life? Federer who got rabies prostitutes started winning things better science. I mean I looked at Nick. Carter still an icon in Australia. Apparently but it's just it's a lot it's can't. He can't frost them tips. Get get that back to natural and go win a bunch of things Schmidt confusing When he was playing Vera because they're wearing similar outfits and they had similar from a distance like tone hair. I had a hard time times casually watching that match. Like figure who is who hold the on. I'm sorry there is. I seen this on the twitter. People wear the same though. It's the scourge of ten. Is that lake players. Wear the same kit and can't tell fucking bullshit. Sorry no like. There's absolutely no way that you are watching that match. You do not tell. The difference between Sasha's Vera Dominic. I'm not saying that I couldn't figure it out but what I was like when I was I like looking down on the computer and looking back up it would take me a second to get. Orientated is all I'm saying tell you lazy. I'm lazy in my eyes. Sometimes Anyhow Sush no way non very bad it's first slam final semifinal here in a sort of the draw worked out for him a bit. He got to play Stan Quarters. Who's to know against previously and one that wanted stand was probably tired after going five with Medvedev in the round before Before Vera had done one termer played. Here we've got an easy draw beginning. Here's where it is very easy job. The first two rows. He was awful his first two rows. He played it's Marco Chicken auto whose only one matches at grandson one time. It was one time in the semi finals. The French Open every time he's lost first round and slams variable loss to a lot of different people that day but he didn't lose it to check an auto then he got to play eager garage him off in the second round and then he but then he got tougher and he beat Vir- Lasko and then he beat Rube love on a long winning streak all in Straits. I think he made to the quarters that dropping a set very unfair flake And then he loses to then Pete's stand in four stand really debated at the end of that match and then he made it to semi which meant a lot to him. And you know good for a it's overdue for Eric to make a semi final at a Grand Slam. Having done everything down the sport make winning. Three Masters is winning World Tour Finals. Still only being twenty two years old. I was when I saw that again. I was like wow. I was surprised. Remember how big an age differences between team and severe. I think of as being buddies and being closer before years apart it's meaningful those are different generations for sure the freshman exactly universes eighth grader. Depending on their birthdays are true. Yes Oh yeah good. Run of here. Good on him he got. Yeah good as many of the charities US I don't know what it means. Various well got a lot of attention at this tournament after he'd beating chicken auto for saying he would give ten thousand dollars per win after every match and then give all of his prize money if he won the tournament. We've got a lot of attention immediately and go with a big news story. Big Conversation Point. There's wherever giving all his prize money thing I gotta say I thought it was a little bit strange. How much outside the tension I got. I thought when I thought it was such a remote chance that that he would win the tournament. They actually came close on every thought he would especially after checking out a match which is not inspiring and after ATP Cup where he was so bad. And I'm not gonNA knock him for giving three thousand dollars to charity but it seemed like a little bit of outside attention for this sort of mom shot thing and also to lay out outside too is now. I would say And other players to who gave other nations also which wound up being larger but less Flashy or less just kind of did it didn't have the same. The same hook to him like is ner donation was one hundred dollars per ace plus plus twenty five percent of total prizemoney. Which got him over? I think around fifty three thousand in the end Losing third round of this was in third round so already twenty five percent of third round prize money and he got hurt against Stanford Inca in that third round match. That's already a big amount and so I thought that was cool and just the way that does vary one might went from being if he lost. I was honestly a little bit released. Didn't make the final because the narrative about his money in the final. I thought it was really strange. Uncomfortable for the crowd and the commentators and the opponent. If you're like oh you beat Zehr of a now. You cost bushfires four million dollars because it's very lost the final who had only given about three percent of his money but he wins he gets one hundred on say there are different ways and everyone who give money to charity including you courtney by the way your donations and you're doing it through. Coffee Cups Cups of coffee. Rather everyone had their own methods which I thought were great and everybody who donated and can keep donating and don't into whatever causes you want anywhere on sale charities Creighton valued meaningful. It's not just about the fires. There's lots of great causes around the world all say. Thank you to every player who donated to six million six million and tennis Australia doing the ace sort of graduate of flag. You start noticing. Wow this adds up even in Brisbane. At inside it adds up. So let's see if you will come together totally different question. That's unrelated to charity. Obviously the charities amazing in lit et Cetera et CETERA. But why do we focus on like aces? I think they're just like a flight. Why can't it just be winners more? Like I think this was a lower number. Well then that sounds kind of weird. Yeah I mean I certainly can also like is ner for example to use him again like only quarter who gave one hundred dollars per as where employers like. Nicholas giving to fifty. I think our demon was certainly given to fifty was gonna hit a lot of aces. He hit like forty five in his first match for short so people just kind of adjusting guessing. Doing whatever I don't know anyway. I liked the creative. Like whether it's fair or whether it's Mona or whether it's Belinda liked kind of the creative. Let's think outside the box like to make it fun because at the end of the day honestly like you just be like your just give just pick a number but to kind of make it fine and kind of like build interest and attention to the bushfire relief. The mental part of the role of high profile people giving money to raise awareness to raise awareness. And all that sort of stuff which is great but yeah just like there came a point where it's like why are we focused on aces. And maybe that's because I'm a WTI writer wherein focus on your tour just can be how it is and it was like like remember when Brisbane. Atp Cup we're going at the same time and it was like the men are donating this and the latest donating this. And it's like come on man like this come on the other. Semi-finalist Roger Federer Roger. Federer had a very exhausting couple batches. This he third round down eight four in a fifth set a very physical match against Rome. Melman Eighth Down. Eight four in the match tiebreak. At the end of the fifth set our ten point tyrod entity sets. It was a full esat before it and reeled off six straight points to escape and win that match then loses a first set to Martin which in the next Matt Round and then goes down to tennis sanguine by a set an down three. Oh in the third and took a medical timeout. That'll break I think three. Oh maybe double break not anyway. In the fourth set saved seven match points. Sanger has seven match points. Got To one of them was on his serve. Four of them. Who IS RETURNING ROGER? Second serves and couldn't convert any better Wednesday delight of the crowd and tennis twitter. And then it's clearly not in great shape but plays on in that tournament takes the court for the match against Which I know courtney you you were very laudatory of. And he just talked through. Why why that was why that stood out to you so much. Fedor did by taking the court against Jovic a match which he said he estimated he had maybe eight at best three percent chance of winning. Look Man I'm like a really narcissistic person. It's very difficult for me to put myself in somebody else's shoes and like understand what they do I'm very empathetic. But like just that specifically to the Roger thing like if I was playing a grand slam semifinal against most bitter rival who is chasing me who. Everybody kind of thinks that by everybody. I mean courtney overtake me in the slam the slam title count and I'm injured so I know when I take the court it ain't happening because I can't move the way that I wanNA move. And and especially the way Novak had come through. He looked like he was just absolute. Gang Buster gangbusters. There's no real sign that Novak would you know was playing tight or anything or was injured and look man. I would have just been like. Nah No thank you like sorry crowd but I'm not going to go out there and be humiliated when know that I cannot do more than what I'm Gonna be able to do like you know like that's pretty rough so I give a lot of credit to Roger for taking that court like that's way more than I think a lot of players would do and it's doing such a solid to the tournament to the game team in TV broadcast everybody to keep that match going and a single in a single match session essentially that Ma- that yeah session so that was pretty significant so I my captor to Raj massively doing that because just from a business perspective. He saved a lot of butts by by putting on the line that night. So which was great But yeah I mean like it was funny because when I was watching the final the the joke of each team final. Jim Courier was on Commentary on Channel Nine and he was like oh You know this match which I think was a terrible match. puts a perfect cap on what has been a dramatic. You know a tournament at the Australian Open and like it wasn't that I inherently disagreed. I mean I did but like what was egregious in that statement to me was like was it was implying that this match was good. Which wasn't but then I was going back and forth with a few different people like on twitter. And they're like Oh. This was terrible tournament below like I don't think it was a terrible tournament like in a lot of the drama. That did happen. Came because Roger like that. Millman match was incredibly memorable. I watch out from Garden Square. It was like out there during the ten point tiebreak and just because I want to see how the fans were reacting like an ozzy versus Roger. They're gonNA love both but they were backing millman out on. Open Garden squares. That was quite fun to watch. And then the heartbreak And then again it gets angry like it just seemed like Raj wasn't going to be able to get it done and then he does and that was a joke. That was a choke from Sandra Lee. Didn't take his shots like you didn't go forward. He thought that maybe Roger might relent. And I think honestly of all the points the seven match points that sanguine head maybe three of them were like really good Roger Federer points if fat I mean Russia only hit one winner on those and the other ones were it was interesting angry and I was GONNA ask. We had this debate before years ago on the show. I remember about if it's automatically choke if you do something like loose matchpoints some point right and you know you say no. I sometimes think at a certain number if becomes one but we can. We've debated that before like choke those five points again. Sonya Tutuila forty. I Dunno rewatch. She didn't I don't think so. I don't think so. No but that's different. It's a little different in matchpoints. Anyway Sanguine went on the first one the first of Seven. He was actually aggressive. He pulled the trigger on the first one on the back. Handwrite inside in forehand. Or something like that. But he like. Mitzi went for it and try to pull the trigger early and miss and from that point on he was much more cautious and that one moment of consciousness because he was also. I'm sure like tennis. Sanguine ranked one hundred in this tournament. Having Roger Federer like on the road has to be what is happening here even if he was playing really well in this tournament and I was saying before the match I thought he would give federal real problems on playing. I've always found like a better millman lately and that was exactly the kind of player who's been giving Roger Problems here anyway. Did Not come through that match. I also want less on this match. Talk about the breakout star of that match. Who's actually not tennis sanguine but was Marianna value bitch who became. Who's been on tour for a while and I'm not I really sure why suddenly this match conspired to make her fame but first of all great officiating in her and also toured in the Nidal match the next night. The doll team. Both them did not do what I so often see male umpires doing with big men tennis players in trying to buddy buddy with trying to manage them. Keep them happy or keep them in a good mood. Daime Duma Swab did not do that against now tonight. He did not although I think he could have given him a another code for the shoe padding. I did not want that at all from Novak tonight. I thought I didn't have a problem with the shoe touching. I don't I don't generally but that was like I don't know that I didn't have a problem with it for whatever reason. Okay but I get it but anyway value which gives fedor an audible obscenity. Warning after a lines narcan him which he was he was very bothered by. It was amusing huge. Like huffy about it. It was it was kind of adorable and then Better than at all also got time violations. I think it was from southern from no need. All had dogs all got got time violations from only tort and then got upset and complained that she must not like the good tennis if she if he's giving she's giving him time balance which also dog sorry also joked which got tonight in the final on the clock. Hit Zero. You gotTA call it. You can't not call the clock zero harassing if I saw some dodgy stuff. Adp Cup. I was paying attention. Some of the clock starts were absurdly. Absurdly late you shouldn't do that either. You should make if the clock GONNA BE. There should mean something and for players for Umpires. Respect the clock. I really appreciate it. I thought of those calls. It's the thing and and value anyway. Start answer that mental. Well no I just. I just think that when you talk about Duma Soi when you talk about you know toward or of value a little bit less so because it wasn't time violation related but people then direct their ire at Orly or they. Direct their ire at at Damian Damian or who was yeah and it's like okay but actually the Irish should be directed at the Umpires at. Don't call it exactly. 'cause they are the ones that put these umpires who are applying the rules in this position where they're the ones that now look like they're being strict. They're being strict. You know if if Muhammad Leon. He's not going to call it if if you know Fergus. Murphy's not gonNA call it if you have all these umpires. Kade'er new knee is not going to call it. If you have these buyers who are a little bit more the type of empire that seems like play ex players talk about time. I have to say this as well. I'm a little bit tired of like former players dominating commentary because they come at it from a former player position as opposed to from an objective. One so I've noticed that a lot. I've always noticed that in particular in Australia. Who some of the guys where? It's just always siding with the players as opposed to something back and be like well. There's an objective reason why. Xyz has happened from an empire perspective or like things like that and saw. That's a bad call. Oh that's a bad call. I mean notably. Great at. This is Carrillo yes. Mary pillow is so great stepping back and being and she was also a former players. Let's be clear but she's someone who stands out to me. When you're saying that having this conversation about being in Tracy Austin I think Lindsay is pretty good about tennis. Shown crews very solid honestly. Yeah if I want to say it very explicitly. I think the ladies are really good at this. Yeah I think the women commentators are very good about looking at something very objectively which is why also sometimes. I get very frustrated with the female commentators because when they commentate especially women's tennis they're very down on it because not because I think they're down on it but because I think they're actually trying so hard to commentate on it objectively so matches shady matches shady. And like they kind of let you know that and if a player's choking players choking and they kind of let you know that but what I've noticed with the male commentators is no matter what it is. It's happening in front of them. It's a frigging triumph. Every every single time especially especially the channel nine stuff which is very much which is obviously there broadcasters and they're the host broadcasters of the Australian ben which means during ATP Carton which ends are part and parcel with ta Ta is going to be mad at you if you talk crap about it and this isn't just with Channel Nine's F. F. T. with With a knock canal. What's the Channel News anyways Yeah like the slams and the tournaments are going to try and have say and control. You know what you're saying. It's assumed the for shorter. So yeah an outside that. Espn gets everywhere because they are one of the biggest broadcasters even if rights holders they pay a lot of money but yeah I noticed that quite a bit is that like you know when Sandrine was choking obviously when this final was crap obviously like I was just like watching the yen. I've seen women's finals. That were not great and the commentary sounded very different than what this sounds like you know and it's always trying all the window. This boo owed to yeah. So it's it's a little bit annoying but so all that is to say going back and circling back to the UMPIRES. I said the the night I really think that honestly like in the late stages of these big tournaments they should only have the women umpiring them because I do think that there is something about that gender dynamic that stopped I mean obviously Rafa had a go at Orly but on the whole stops at a point rough had one good orally within complained afterwards Andrea Egli. And you need to go after the you. Don't you must not like good Tennyson. Complaint he then like when he asked for the manager he no he he saw Egli on the court side and like went to talk to her went around early. I did not love that. Say I brought value bitch start because people were like oh she pretty which may not know this. Yeah that's the thing is. How do you not know this? Like no like Marianne has been around but also she's incredibly good job and also like look up the clip with her Schwartzman. Because it's adorable. That is the best bet is also why they should demand matches. I just think that. There's an agro testosterone thing that happened to mail umpire telling a male player that they did something to break. The rules of the men reacted very different. Way Than when it's a woman and it's the same thing I like Rod. It's Roger was in mad. He was mad knee. Express that to to Marrianna. Marianna sat there took his way this man like and then Roger moved on and not trying to be buddy buddy. And that's that's the thing that I think is a bigger problem and officiating. Honestly it's the Buddy Buddy nece on all the empires. I understand that we talk about this when we did this arena. Carlos Ramos Episode After that all went down but like the men talked umpires and a very different way than women. Do they act like they're friends? They're colleagues in buddy very different. Oh I've seen it a join events and I you know obviously knows some of the WTO empires only in passing because we're constantly on flights together or transport. Whatever one I almost treat it tonight. But like when Novak got pissed it at D. Damian and was like. Oh congratulations man you major. You WanNa make yourself famous famous if anybody knows anything about these umpire for less than ninety nine point nine percent and we all know who the point point one Ha but ninety nine point nine percent have zero desire to be famous so this and I think they actually speaks volumes about the players that accuse. I'm not directing this just about Novak. The many players accuse empires of this but I think it speaks volumes about the players who accuse umpires of just wanted to be famous. It's like do you think that's what okay that's weird. 'cause they really don't they just they? They have incredible integrity and pride in what they do and they just WanNa go do their jobs. Well and I know that with the women at least not women but the WTO empires like they do not talk to players. Know it's fascinating. I say a player hotels or go to breakfast and I see like you know kind of how all the different departments and they just don't and I know that that is not happening on the other side of the island. I can't and it's hard for me to imagine that that doesn't have an impact because we're all human if somebody's nice to you're going to be nice to them. That's just a human thing you know as opposed to like if somebody who's just a like entity you you're going to apply the rule because you don't own them anything. I don't feel like they all you on them. Anything you know in terms of other things happen at any other topics you want to mention before we move onto general term talk. Thank you also made like. Oh Nick. Curious had himself a great tournament contest. Kind of a dream tournament for nick making fourth-round well not dreams. He would love to be Rafa but getting to that match was great and it was really nice seeing a town of exactly nick appreciated by the crowd and by the media here more for not honestly being different than the past but he was on grape behavior. Here on the probation didn't hurt his his his behavior and hotch match a match tiebreak match. I believe right. I came back from down a break. Eight six or eight seven in that in that ten point tiebreak to win. That one was great for Nick. And then the middle match was actually. I was really impressed. By how nicknamed competitive conditions were not for him at all. It was very slow very windy very cold. Kobe past yes right. And so but like junk ball a tiebreak in the third and fourth sets like he did not was not swinging out not playing the kind of tenant to not hit through. Rafa knows conditions so cold and so that nicknamed competitive. I thought was really great. I think had been warmer. It would've actually could easily been a Knick win over over rob and it was frustrating to me that matters kind of the conditions were the dominant story that match. What you don't WanNa see Yeah but I thought Nick I hope hope that goodwill for Niclas and you never know nick. Obviously it's almost always on his best behavior in Australia. And so we'll see. It went to get back on tour traveling by himself. More traveling away from team environment away from home things get tough again for him but hopefully this sort of lessons in goodwill he had and his maturity and composure and everything he had hopefully that carry through he had a great summer yet great Australian summer and you know there was a lot to be if you're Australian. There's a lot to be proud about. How Nick did y'all rate how Ashdod y'all right lake? Yeah it was. It was good now. I was millman. Ya even demeanor during ATP COP LIKE YEAH. There was a lot to like about all of it. And how great is the Nick and Demon Slot right five? I I was talking for awhile and then finally overeats posted it today. but it's it's my favorite breed's commercial of of of the whole of the whole campaign but yeah it was. It was great from neck and I was so worried about him and when he took the court you know against Rafa and he was incredibly Emotional Koby Jersey. He's in his Kobe Jersey. He cried you know kind of like getting ready for the match. And whatever played but slowly got himself into it and really had that match kind of on his terms and just didn't ask execute like you know like he had those opportunities in the tie-break. Yeah those opportunities to break and you know there was one short forehand that he kind of missed that would have given him some mini break in a tie-break or something like that but yeah no We got nothing but love for Nick in this House. Spite his his His antics at times but Yeah it was. It was a very good summer firm one of the more interesting stories but I think happened at the same time. Some big match. I think it happened the same time. Mashed happen sometime during during ash in Kenan. Maybe when did the Johnny Martinez thing happened during Ash and Canada? I think yeah yes I think so. Yeah that day that day so it was like now. We're paying attention. They ever pay attention to legend but John. Martina John Martina Navratilova. John McEnroe had a banner. They held up saying Yvonne. Goolagong arena during their match on fifteen seventy three arena and then Martinez climbed into the umpire's chair to start making a speech in Umpire's microphone and the transmission was cut from the from the broadcast. Never seen that happened before. I'm not entirely sure to make this incident if that thing that is wild to me that the leaders and the most vocal protestors especially on lgbt issue which generally considered like a very young generation kind of transition. Thing are two people in their sixties. That's my main take. I applaud John especially for getting involved and really. He's orienting right. His is really pretty. Excoriating very are very very harsh. Take on market court. He did for Eurosport a second. One might that this one was much harsher that John Sort of used his platform to do that. Martina obviously has been an advocate for. Lgbt's for a long time and it's a lesbian herself. And so this is very personal. And her John was being more of an allies more optional to him and being not someone who we think of as being friends with Martina close friends but sticking up for her. I really applaud. Obviously people know the show often not particularly charitable John McEnroe and his TV work but that was sort of impressed by and yeah and I think it also reflects on the younger players said that people leading the way on this earth. The older people. That's kind of my take on that. And then and then tennis Australia got very upset about this. And basically you know essentially seemed to threaten to revoke their credentials which we've been wild if they vote and John. Macaroni was an encore interview. Earth is tournament. That would have been nuts. Also not a very good interviewer. We'll add also to stop the McEnroe train. Just stop honestly so bad like the team won. I actually didn't see it. But her. From showing people that team interviews unbearably terrible after he beats vary in that semifinal. Macaroni natural interviewer. So that's not his skill set. Don't make him do it anyway. Marine Corps I was at the ceremony court. They had when they brought her out on court and they tried to thread. This whole needle of recognizing her celebrating her and her achievement. But not for her. The person it was weird ceremony because it was a video play there was how like for all before the video game played someone in a Harry Potter costume ran around on a broom and like pointed to a family who won a contest or something and comes out so I first of all love sure. Her religion does not appreciate any of the pagan elements of Harry Potter. So Weird Insurer right off the Bat. And then and then they bring her out and she likes sort of waves and holds up. The giving her a replica. Daphne occurs trophy. She held it up. There's when she walks out there's definite audible boos and corn What you heard on the on the TV. What did you hear? I heard select like yes. Small pockets of booze but otherwise polite applause flight applause right not a standing ovation for staying seated. Broad Labor was there to give her this trophy into a little more exciting for him. They're kind of like three or four rainbow flags in the arena. People came prepared with those yet. So it's a weird scene just considering what it is like. Champion Gets Fiftieth Anniversary. Thing in like it's great in from here it was incredibly muted and just a strange like had teeth pulled a moment that tennis. Australia's to get didn't have didn't let her have a microphone to speak that she didn't do a press conference which normally would become the thing person would do on a on an occasion for the montage play in the arena. They did show that at some point on twitter but the rest of it. They just didn't acknowledge just wanted to go away and also we'll say tennis Australia in their eternal quest. Have it both ways on? This issue is trying to do a lot to make up for this with their work with the Glam Slam. Nick mccarville hosted another one of his LGBT. Tennis away too right. L. Tennis yes. Lgbt tennis has shy algebra tenants events and there was glamour event they posted the Rainbow. They painted the Melbourne wording on the back. Back in the day sign rainbow colors which is Kinda cool because it was on show court three literally in the shadow of market quarter arenas you could see the rainbow and see the my record. Rina sign in the background. So it's tennis. Australia is trying to do things. Well Nicholas there was some great drag. Queens skit opened proceedings today which involve them putting the answer cell phones during matches and like Martin sold eggs. Hello played and then there was some other. It sounded of Nicosia reenactment at some point. But it sounded really wonderful and props for doing other great event any other sort of any thoughts on that. My only thought is this. I shook my only thought that I will express publicly as this on this podcast. It boggles my mind. That of every I mean. We're talking tournaments in Australia in Brisbane in Sidney in Melbourne and Perth and in none of those four cities. Is there a venue that is named after Evonne Goolagong Cawley Now? I'm not saying like go like whatever but I'm just saying that's really weird. How does with respect to have? Rafter has a man how does Pat Rafter having arena and Yvonne doesn't well? I mean he's from Queensland so she isn't she he she said is there a baroness with this? I think she's from. She's always there at the trophies named after her true for Ellen is our hometown. I'm just not sure where Perella is whereas. Click on Griffith me. That's her birthplace. That's the place to New South Wales but if you click on Hirsch from his tongue burrell in it's in the NCAA. Yvonne born and raised in Berlin. Its Yvonne Goolagong. Okay anyhow national. I just think that it's really messed up. I mean because we we've been talking a lot in the last Few weeks about whether or not the young players or whatever know anything about tennis history and know anything about these great that that that have paved the way for them in a lot of ways like like my take on it. Is that younger? Players know the players who are on TV As commentators because that's significant to them. Oh you're on TV like whatever so they know them and maybe if you're lucky they know you if you have a a venue name few accord named after you. But even that's not a guarantee like I'm sure they're young players were you're like who Suzanne Long Long. They're like Oh that's a court in Paris who she is. You know so it's just like I mean like with Evonne Goolagong Cawley like people who are accorded people know who rob Labor is people know who pat rafter is but only people really like the younger people know who Evonne Goolagong Cawley is and they absolutely should. She's a fricken legend. Nobody love it and beloved like nothing like no one has anything bad to say about her name. Something after her like like significant like it's a little bit frustrating that way also do on the drawing Martina Front that like. It's a little awkward that like I don't think Yvonne wants to be part of this protest. No I don't think they did not I believe her either. Dragging your into it that she does not need to be part of it so I think just change your name. And then like yeah. I have different thoughts on how that could happen Yvonne. I'm sure once excluded from this narrative. Surely it's not called for this to be renamed after herself consented or endorsed any of this. So it's not clunky that part of it on the other closing shine up in thoughts anything that you know number N- anything other whimsical dog here. I mean going into the tournament. One of the biggest talking points was just concerned about air quality that ended up not being an issue on ralliers. After after that initial Dane qualies. It was really lovely. It was unseasonably cool to be quite honest and then obviously ramped up and heated up for about three days towards the end. But you know I think that's the lesson to a lot of people like just I don't know like had the term earlier would have been a big deal but I don't know I still kind of felt like a lot was a lot of panic was made of it when we had the forecast. And you knew that it was going to like dissipate. All the forecasts were saying it was like. Oh I don't know there's there's a little bit of out of there was like kind of Not Truthful in my opinion about the reporting about it So there was that but otherwise. Yeah no I mean I Grand Slam. Twenty twenty the decade interesting one. I mean and it's kind of a lot of ways. The tours in their own ways kept up what they do. I mean it was a it was a woman who had some reason to be believed in monopoly favorite coming and rising to the occasion and dude from the Big Three ad into his count in a way he's done before so we'll keep on keeping on. We have a lot of different stuff we recorded actually for NPR. During this January month that will bring rollout during parts of February an interview couple with a coach player and interview with photographer an interview with a commentator and interview with a former communications official on the WTI who wrote a book. And she's a lot of fun she's a who when you get to hear her so that will be a whole lot of we'll do more stuff for you normal episodes as well coming through the month of February and until we next to each other corny probably March sometime one of the places. Yeah I guess that's true in your walls. Yeah if if that if not Miami but in the meantime definitely check out our petri on that's been set up during the Australian Open and no obligation will still be podcasting. We'll still be doing what we do. And and stuff like that but it never hurts to have a little bit of incentive during those those crunch times where I'm tired and But I know people the People WanNa hear hear what what's up so i WanNa hear you. Now they want to hear they definitely want now. You have the hundred days I guess I do you do Patriots. You've voice. I know your voice. Oh great it's great. It's really good for radio to really get. I know that we know that. Yeah every go and with that. Thanks for following along with our voices when we're not listening. Listen to the show on twitter at NC are underscore tennis. Follow on twitter for the time being although I really think that. She should relocate because you were just happy and lethal her account is for. Us twits follow it now while you can because I will continue to encourage her to re lock this account because it just makes her life happier. I think APP Rothenberg on remobilize. Who is our studio audience? Still for this show at ream. Lael there and Yeah if Allah Patriots Patriot Dot com slash challenges remaining our emails. No challenges remaining HMO DOT COM. We with reviews wherever you can remember podcast network and stuff you use and we are out of here. We will see you guys soon goodbye from Australia. Hanging their mates and kiss you on the on the flip is saying.

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