Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast 29: Rob & Akiva Solve a Murder


If you're interested in following along with the police procedural mentioned in today's episode of Robin. Akiva need a podcast you could do. So at rob has a website dot com slash CSI. New York is definitely not mandatory or necessary for your hopeful enjoyment of this podcast. Huge all wheel almost half the wheel of season episode seven is it coming up. It's so close, but it is not as loud away. It's robin. Akiva, solve a murder. Okay. We're watching a TV show and no guest. Okay. So this is one of the very first things they got put on the wheel. No veto, right? Not enough doing. Okay. We're watching season three episodes said than of CSI New York if I recall. Yes. Oh, so does this season three percents up? But it was one of the show. Gesture we've we've got us twenty eight times we will. We will. We are going to do. It's going to be a little tricky in terms of timing. But we're going to watch the show. We will come back after each act break and drive the action. And then give our predictions about what's going on after each it'd be basically like six segments. Yeah. Maybe we'll have a listener sort of send us like the Timestamps before. And so we know how long we have. Okay. All right. They go. All right. Robert, Akiva, solve a murder. Key. A cave murder. New york. The Big Apple Frank Sinatra said if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. It's a concrete jungle. But beneath tall towers and bright lights LIZA world that many know nothing about it's a world where elicit underground raves take place on board, otherwise normal subway train lines. Violinist perform and glow sticks dance akimbo underneath the city streets. This is the story of one woman and for the sake of her story. We'll call her nail. Jane doe. She boarded that elicit subway rave. And she was there for a good time. But she had the most unpleasant experience, even by the standards of New York City. Mass transit. Hi, I'm rob sister. Nino an along with my co-host Akiba Winokur, we're going to be solving the mystery of the murder of this woman here on rob Makita, Salva murder Tiba below. How are you? I'm great today. Rob what's going on? I am doing. Okay. We have uncovered a lot of evidence. We've been reviewing the case of Jane Doe who boarded that New York City subway line. And we have a lot to discuss with you over this either five or six part series discussing the murder of this woman. Yeah. I do think by the end of this. We will this is not like Syria. We will get to the end of it. And actually, you know who did it. It is a big mystery. And we are going to get to the bottom of this. And we will also meet the people that were the crime scene. Investigators investigating this New York City murder from some years ago. Do you know when the murder took place? I do not know do you know when the murder took place. No. But I feel like that's part of our quest is the forget when the murder Wayne the murder took place who the woman is. And who did it that? Is the aim of this podcast series that we will try to uncover in the next five to six episodes. Akiva, I guess we should begin discussing the man who is at the center of the crime scene. Investigators who were brought in to look at the murder of this young woman, and the Mur the man who is the chief investigator is a man who goes by the name of MAC Taylor MAC is a detective first grade and director of the New York police department crime lab in the first decade of the two thousands. Yeah. Mac famously was serving in the in the Marine Corp during the eighty three Beirut bombing. And and he's a veteran of operation Desert Storm. Yeah, sadly, MAC had a personal tragedy. His wife was killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center, but does. That does not stop him from currently dating occasionally. Yes. And we will certainly investigate the name of who is dating right now. Okay. All right. So on the night in question of this murder. It happened to be the birthday of MAC Taylor. And his his his date took him out to go. See a Japanese opera, Akiva. Yes. Yes. And I will I will say his is they'd is a very attractive woman. There is no woman tract if enough to be worth it for it to go to the opera on your birthday. But just as MAC and his date. We're watching the opera's climactic suk-kyu sometimes referred to as Harry Carey, the ritualistic Japanese suicide in the opera that he was called away from his birthday festivities to go investigate the murder, which took place on board a subway train. Now, Akiva, it appears that on the New York City subway lines late at night. There are wild raves that happen. A whole unseemly environment going on down there of people who have raves on moving. Subway train cars in New York City. Did you know about this? When you lived in New York City, I was never invited to any of them. I do we don't know what subway line this is. But we do know. No that this was probably it could be said the most lit and lease lit subway. Carve all time lease late in the sense that it appears to be completely dark. I do not know how the shut the lights up mostly in the sense that there are like actual violin players and not like the types that come on a New York City subway and ask for money. They seem to be really playing with the music that other people are playing. Yep. It seems very crowded sweaty. I would guess it's at least one hundred and seven degrees Fahrenheit in the subway car. It was all part of the party and Jane Doe was having the time of her life. She was drinking something which appeared to be whiskey from some sort of a very fancy decanters, which is being passed out. This was I class party aboard the New York City subway line only the best for each. And the party was jumping. But it looks as though there was something extra in this drink that Jane Doe did not order. We think we're not sure if it was the drink or was she poisoned, we you know, she she may have fallen on glass. It's not totally clear yet. Yes. And so Jane Doe was left a bloodied deceased mess on the New York City subway, and all traces of the party were then gone by the time crime scene. Investigators arrived which seems suspicious it's almost like we're the people through the Artie covering up a murder just because they didn't want the party to be sort of found out about or were they involved in the murder. I do think we have to put them on her suspect list. Yeah. It's unclear whether at one of these elicit raves at once. Somebody dies that they say, oh gr-. Great cleanup everybody. Hi, all the got here. Quick transfers good praise. Yeah. It's good practice for the underground raves. And there are probably can't or the cameras on on on New York City. Subway cars here at this time that there were subway and the horrible things those cameras have seen if they are imagine the person whose job it is to watch this Cam. Yes. So crime scene. Investigators arrived at the scene and debriefed MAC Taylor upon his arrival. So there is some thought perhaps this could be a biological agent. Now for some reason the CDC has mad. Nobody seems to be that concerned about some sort of chemical attack here. I would think this would shut down the entire subway thing. So they apparently they made a phone call to the CDC. They said now it looks. Okay. I would I would probably double check that. I would double check because you would think that they would wear at least a gas. Mask, but some sort of like a surgical mask at the very least. But no there was no no cause for concern. Even though Jane Doe was bleeding from every mucous membrane on her body. Yeah. I do you know, how many mucous membranes a person have because I didn't know there war mucous membranes. They'll about like five. Okay. That's bad. It's probably good. Guess it's either five or like thousand it'd be thousand. Yes. So police were alerted to this gruesome murder, which took place on the subway line by a caller to nine one one. And we have a recording of what the police received at the nine one one call reporting this murder. Okay. An interesting piece of evidence here, Akiva, what do you feel like that? This could mean, do you think that maybe the perpetrator for the attack was the person that called in the Bobby Vinton song blue velvet to the nine one one dispatch could be was the deceased wearing blue velvet was that her dress. I do not know that Jane Doe was wearing blue. But it is still unknown. What type of material she was wearing in terms of? We're going to have to wait for the report from the autopsy in a later part of rob mckeever Salva murder. Okay. I'm looking forward to that. Okay. They also found at the scene of the crime a couple of other things a glow stick was found near the body of Jane Doe. I mean there were many glow sticks on the train. So that could mean something or nothing, right. Yes. It seems like that. There was one glow stick that the people who did this amazing cleanup on the subway. Forgot do you think that that was intentional? I mean, they were probably rushing. I think you know, it seems like this could have been a premeditated act, especially because of you know, we the evidence we have like the automated. A phone message, which seems to be planned. But I don't know. I don't know they they definitely could have been sloppy and made some mistakes. There was also a fingerprint found on the poll in this subway car. Do you think that this is a fingerprint that will help solve this murder, or do you think that this is a fingerprint of one of the millions of people who have recently ridden? The subway car does seem a little suspicious that there would be a fingerprint on a subway Paul of subway that probably rise. Yes. Hundreds of thousands of people a day. But you know, mactavish seems to think that this could be a big clue in the case if anyone is going to be able to solve the murder of Jane Doe. It would be MAC Taylor. A man who will stop at nothing to solve New York City's many murders at the scene of the crime. He had some thoughts about what may have transpired. Glow. Stick near the body could be a souvenir from hardy or club. Didn't come from the party. Party was here. Training. Murder was the last. Make sure you get off before murder if you've hit murder. You've gone too far. This detective reminds me of another detective, I used to know in Miami would say, you know, very sort of like dramatic things, and then sort of the walk away that would be it. Akiva, we on this many part series. Will learn more about what happened with Jane Doe and the people investigating her murder and hopefully by the end of this podcast series. The murderer of Jane Doe will be brought to Justice here as Robin. Akiva, Salva murder continues. Liberty. Welcome back to episode number two of Robin, Akiva, Salva murder. I'm rob sister. Nino here with my co host Akiba Winokur kiva. I wanna talk to you about the curious case of grant, Jordan. Yeah. We we really started this podcast thinking, we get to the bottom of a murder, but I think we almost have to call this now, Robin, Akiva solve tumor. It was a murderous spree in New York City and the case of grant, Jordan, only complicates the mystery. Akiva, grant, Jordan was a man who some thought had it all considered to be New York City's most prolific in eligible bachelor. He was a triple threat. He was a triathlete. He was a philanthropist. And he was a ladies, man. Akiva. And he like many ladies men at picture of himself on the cover of magazine hanging from his apartment and grant Jordan lived in a two million dollar Manhattan, high rise apartment with a gorgeous view, which was to die for. Grant, Jordan was found dead in an Infinity pool which was part of his apartment as an incredible athlete. He had like a pool treadmill in his bedroom where he could swim miles and miles without leaving his room. Akiva, similar to the one that you have set up in your office. Who amongst us in Manhattan does not have a pool treadmill in their bedroom. Now grant Jordan for being a wealthy playboy. Also had some interesting things about him. Grant, Jordan, had an arrangement with many women where they would become something of a roommate slash made. They would call them roommate's room maids. Now, keep a what would be the benefit of having a room made as opposed to as a millionaire playboy just hiring a maid to come in and clean your apartment. Why go to the trouble of then having a maid who lives with you who lives with you for free in exchange for cleaning and vacuuming the house, it seems very impracticable to have someone live with you when you could very easily right as you say the same services, but not have them actually. Live in your house and grits grandeur and had some interesting things about viz requirements for this position. He only wanted women who were blonde with blue eyes to be his roommates slash made. But in exchange for being his made, they also got access to the Infinity pool. Yeah grant, it should be said was not just a regular, ladies, man. It was said that he had a different woman in his parliament every single night and his neighbors were not pleased about it. His neighbors hated him as much as the women of Manhattan loved him. They said he would not invite them to any parties and one pervert down the hall took a quick break from eating giant chocolate bar to say he had sex every night, and she would often listen is it I would ask you suspicious that frequently when people are discussing murders with New York City detectives I'd say ear. Witnesses. I witnesses always say the be so nonplussed by the fact that a murderer is taking place, maybe five minutes five five seconds from their door. And this is probably the most interesting thing that happened to them that year, but they seem extremely disinterested. With speaking to the police detective, yes, it's almost as if they seem somewhat amuse that grant Jordan is dead. I mean, we really have to put together suspect list or two different suspect lists for Jane Doe and for grand, Jordan. And I would say everyone who lives on grinned Jordan's floor who was not invited to his epic parties that broke the noise sound barrier. I think they will have to be on suspect list. The thing about grand Jordan's apartment paper thin walls, where not only can you hear all the parties and all the sex and all of the endless pools running you can hear almost anything that happens. So we'll see just if if anything interesting was over her now grant Jordan was found. And by his latest room made who she claimed that she was on the first day on the job as she used the internal vacuum. The HVAC set up in this Manhattan sky rise, and she vacuumed all the floor as she slipped. Into lingerie. I'm not sure if that was part of a grant Jordan's mandatory house cleaning rules, and then as she was vacuuming away. She opened the endless pool to discover grant Jordan's body. Do you think that she could be a suspect? She's definitely on the need to speak to again list. I think if really was not a first the job we could figure that pretty quickly. That's that's going to be pretty simple to figure out. We should also maybe discuss a little bit. Because since MAC Taylor is is dealing with Jane Doe or discuss the find the tech those who are working on this case. Yes. Who are the people who are investigating the murder of grant, Jordan? Well, we have the great Danny Messer was a third grade detective, and he's a CSI investigator. That's probably redundant. But he's a crime scene investigator. And Danny is driven by ethics and he hopes to one day run the New York crime crime lab, you should dream beg. Yeah. And he seems like he's on track for promotion. Alright. Start with just solving this case. Okay. Yeah. I well. I think this could be the big break Danny masters been waiting for it. Okay. All right. Who else is there? Well, we have Stella bonus, Sara. Yes. Who who you know is one of the greats of the New York police department, but she often thinks speaks before she thinks leading to many complaints about her from people being suspected of crimes the body of grant Jordan was taken back to the lab for an autopsy and something very unusual was found inside of the lungs of grant, Jordan. It was the top to some sort of wedding cake where a ceramic brides head was found inside the lungs of grand, Jordan, what could possibly mean, Akiva. Well, it seemed that Stella seem to think that that meant that. There was a bride in his apartment, which seems maybe off base. I think on the nose a little on the nose. But I also think you could say just straight wrong. I think that perhaps one. Of his many jilted lovers. Was thinking that they would be missing, Jordan, Jordan. And that they perhaps that's what we should be looking at the problem is if you were I had committed the murder, we would have very few suspects you suspect. But with with Mr. Jordan here, there are literally hundreds so they're really gonna have to canvas, you know, basically, the entire lower side of Manhattan, so many women in and out of the bedroom of grant, Jordan. The autopsy also revealed some fingerprints on the forehead of grant Jordan, which seemed to indicate that perhaps his head was held under the water now as a triathlete and experts swimmer who goes in the endless pool every single night. Akiva, it would seem as though someone with a great deal of strength would need to be the person holding grand Jordan's head under the water. Would you say that this means that perhaps there was a second? Nd accomplice was there could there need to need it to be a male in the room. Also could be a very strong woman. Yes. Certainly or or could be two people holding him down possibly very possible another clue which was found at the crime scene was a nother blue contact lens. Now, the newest room made of grand Jordan. She was also got grandchildren. I guess it doesn't care if you wear a blond wig or use blue contacts. It seems like that maybe a lot of these maids showed up with blue contacts on. And there was a contact blue contact lens found in the filter of Mr. grant Jordan's pool. Yes. So this could be a second fake blonde haired, blue eyed brew made okay and more to come in the case of grant, Jordan. Do you feel like that? There is a connection between the two murders or. Or is it possible that there is an eight murder and be murder in this podcast. We I really do not know yet. Can I ask you a question? This is our blue dress. Jane doe. Did she have blonde hair and blue I had Brown hair and blue dress? But bloom does seem to be the one the color blue seems to connect these two things. Yes, I am leaning towards connected. But I don't know what that could be back to the case of Jane Doe. We have some new evidence to report on the podcast this week that are crime scene. Investigators MAC Taylor ended up getting some other leads on what was going on. We have some confirmation no, biological attack on the subway car, the entire city of New York, which was unaware of this now breathe easily knowing that they're not chemical weapons on the subway. And I think of an important update from. The corrections department for episode one till now is we thought this was could have been the train wasn't fact the FBI ATF Trang okay for forensics. Yes. At the autopsy of Jane Doe. Some interesting discoveries were made first and foremost, an origami paper crane was found on the body of Jane Doe now kiva in Japanese culture, a thousand paper cranes in origami. Normally brings good luck. Yes. Affect so famous that any sort of person, you know, doing topsy would know that off the top of their head. That's right. In addition. The autopsy revealed some findings in terms of the cause of death where it looks as though there have been chemical burns in the throat of Jane Doe along the Asaf ical lining crystalline traces around her body. It seems as though she drew. Rank something which may have killed her. Did she drink it on purpose or was or was sort of forced down her throat? We don't you think that perhaps the murder of or maybe no murder at all you feel like that as perhaps maybe intercut with the Japanese opera, the Hari Kari ritualistic suicide, you think perhaps maybe Jane Doe boarded this train, perhaps even leaving the apartment of grand Jordan that she came to the train to commit horrific ritualistic suicide that is certainly possible. I thought of that. But that's really something to keep track of episode three a lot to discuss here as MAC Taylor and the crime scene. Investigators went and met up with the man who was putting together the nightly elicit train, raves key. But what are what do we know about this, man? We know that he sells flyers one hundred dollars on the street. If you want to know when the rave is I feel like, you know, one of the problems with that as opposed to selling tickets is you really just need to sell one. And then they could just posted on the internet, and everyone would know, but this guy maybe doesn't know about the internet yet. We don't know exactly what year this murder took place, and the we're still trying to figure that out. This guy seems the exact level of shadiness for someone who's giving something away on a New York City street, if I had to guess, I believe this murder took place sometime in the fall of two thousand six okay checks out. So it seems per hundred dollars you get the flyer. So then, you know, which subway car to show up for your b y OB party on the subway. No. Is it be a Yobouet? I don't know about that. Yes. That's what weren't they said that. Okay. Well, that seems like a rip off if it's a real do you get your subway fare covered for the one hundred dollars. I really don't think. So I don't know how the -gistically they would work that out. It just seems able. Now's the subways in on these parties, and they're sort of letting everyone through some sort of gate door like side gate. Maybe somebody on the MTA could potentially also be in on this inside job. It also seems like you could just if you know, it's on the train you could. And you don't, but you don't know when Hanno which trimming in you don't know which night, you don't know which stout thing. If you news, the F, you could sorta wait in the subway station till you see kind of a rave come by your stage, and then you destroy joint. Also, what about the poor people who are just trying to get home from like a quiet night at the bar, and they have run into this rave train? That sounds like a disaster to me, it's really more of a flash mob than a party. Yeah. I do think like anybody who's prone to seizures probably should not go on this subway train. Could you imagine? You're just riding home from work, and then a rave breaks out on the subway car around you it sounds like a nightmare. So the man who organized this party. He was also the person who called nine one one and keep is this the same man who played the blue velvet recording to the police. It seems to be the implication. But I we can't know for sure, but he's not denying that. When the police ask him is he one of our main suspects only because we have so few. We almost have nothing to go on the either is or knows the main suspect, I don't think we usually I feel like the suspect would be better hidden than this. I don't know if we've met the murderer or murderers yet. That's my guess. Yes. This man seems to have no motive to why he would want Jane Doe dead. It seems like it would be not not particularly helpful for future. Parties for business start. Yeah. If people start whispering about murders appling on these subway train. Okay. Akiva. Is there anything else? You wanna talk about in the case of Jane Doe or in the case of grant Jordan for this week. No, other than I've never seen a British woman New York City detective before, but I guess there's a first time for everything first time for everything on the next episode of Robin, Akiva, solve a murder spree. We will have more evidence about the cases of grant, Jordan, and Jane Doe, and perhaps some connections, which may link the murders together next time on Robben, Akiva, solve murders free. Larry welcome back to Robin Kifah solve a murder spree episode. Number three. I'm rob sister, Nina back with my co host, kiva Winokur and kiva. I believe we have some shocking. New revelations about the murder of Jane Doe to talk about with our listeners this week. We'll for starters. I don't think we need to call her Jane Doe anymore. Right. Guess that are Jane Doe has been identified by our crime scene investigation team and her name is Jenny Anders. Yes. And it does seem in a shocking twist that one of the -tective Dr Sheldon, and we call him Dr Sheldon because he used to be a doctor, but you got really sad after a couple of patients died, and it became a crime scene investigator. New Jenny enders for a minute. We don't know what that means. And I'm not sure we ever will. This may have been a flashback to a previous episode of the series is a possible. Well, I don't know. We we're not is Dr Sheldon a suspect at this point. I would say no that would be shocking. I mean, Dr Sheldon famously graduated college eighteen was aboard licensor Jin by the age of twenty four aka ox. Yes. Aka hawks. I do think it would be beyond stunning for him to be the I I would say he's not on our suspect that all okay. Let's talk about some persons of interest in this case. So our autopsy reveals some substances that were involved on the body of miss Anders. And what it appears to be is a combination of the chemical compound MD M A N A male potency, drug a kiva. I know that this is your area of expertise. Sure. What male inputting what you? The crime scene investigators refer to this combination as sex dec-. Sure. Yeah. Famous drugs ecstasy and also in addition, some DNA is found I'm not sure exactly how we the DNA. What exactly the DNA is not really mentioned, but we are able to idea person of interest. And that is none other than the wealthy industrial magnate, Mr James McQueen. Yes, he James McQueen appears to have his own airline and also be involved in the underground New York City subway already seen. He's a bit of Richard Branson type where he is involved in many different industries. I would say like the poor man's Richard breath. Maybe the homeless man's Richard Branson, James McQueen is a name that was very familiar to Mr. MAC Taylor. Because. Because MAC Taylor investigated a previous case of felony conviction that James McQueen worked on. But would you ever believe of who the alibi was when James McQueen was up for that felony conviction? None other than the man who runs the elicit subway rave, Randy Kern. Yes. And we may need to go back and investigate that rhyme from six years ago our records Maktel only go back about three point seven years. But I think the that could be we could end up investigating five different crimes by the end of this podcast series. Yes is a whole crime ring that we have uncovered so on the night in question Jenny Anders with somewhere potentially with James McQueen. Even though we will check in with him later on. And apparently, Mr.. Mcqueen was snorting sexy off miss Anders leg and then sometime after she boarded the blue train, and then was poisoned slight correction to episode two. Also, when I said that they could just have one copy of flyer, and everyone could go I think you need a copy of the flyers to get into the party. I don't know how they enforce that on the subway system. Our lovely detective seem to have gotten past that sort of. But but that appears to be the case, right? You'd need the flyer to get into the party, which is why we now learn it goes for as much as five hundred dollars on EBay. Yes. And while I do not believe refreshments are provided on the party that the acronym. B Y O B. I believe does stand for bring your own blue you need to be wearing blue. The elicit rave, I do think you still need to bring your own alcohol. I do not think that any refreshments are provided. Yes, and people have made their tongues blew everything on them as blow everything is blue. Okay. Meanwhile, that we are still investigating the case of grant Jordan on this week. We uncovered some more evidence as the H vacs system for Mr. Jordan's apartment. The investigators have been going through that and found some interesting pieces of evidence, Akiva what they find in. The fact system used condoms and more pieces of the statue. Yes. More more of the art of the upper a hypothetical wedding cake. We also were going to be following up leads with the previous maids of grant, Jordan, women who were his former room aids. And so. So we're going to go and speak with Victoria, Peres, another person of interest here in this case. She is the most recently dispatched room made of Mr. grant, Jordan. Yes. And when we find when we found this Perez, she was being roommate for another client. Yes, police opened the door to see her. She was extremely unconcerned that she was in her underwear cleaning someone's apartment with the police they're cleaning and while we are crime scene. Investigators investigating murder that I think it is it seems unusual that so many of the suspects and persons of interest in these proceedings are in various states of undress undress and pretty policeman showed up in my office. And I was in my underwear I had at least be like slightly sort of flunks. But these people seem like it happens to them almost every day. No, it seems like that the crime scene. Investigators just seem to stumble upon the new poppet a number of women who are in different states of being in lingerie, and bras, and underwear. Yes. I miss has also points out the second. She finds out that this person who was extensively a good friend of hers died by via her his in room who'll slash treadmill. She points out that he was such a good swimmer. Which is seems like a very normal thing to say right second you find that somebody died in their in their treadmill? Like, how did he drown? He was a great swimmer. And she had also recently been in the pool with him. It seems as though grand Jordan liked to have pool parties with his roommates that these he'd like to have coed swimming. Yes. She also we can really knock her out as a suspect. Rob I I don't know if you agree because she clearly states that she had sex with him, but did not kill him. And you know, if anybody tells a New York City police detective that they did not commit the murder. They did not commit it. We have to take them at their word that seems to be canon is not on her suspect list. Yes, why did grant Jordan fire MS Perez because she claimed that grand Jordan was never happy with her work. Was it the her work as a maid could be both? I mean, we know that you know. There was a lot of noise coming from his room. I mean, it's possible that she Abed's swimmer. It's possible that she was fat swimmer. She might have just been bad at cleaning. I mean, we saw the new cleaning woman who found grant. Yes. Seems to be a very very good cleaners. She was marrying good dancer. Good dancer. Yeah. Now, MS Perez that we've heard that Mr. Jordan has a proclivity for blonde with blue eyes and MS Perez is a brunette with Brown eyes yet she does wear contact lenses. So I guess blue contacts, and she probably had to wear a blond wig for work. Yes. And she did turn over a contact lens to the New York police department. Meanwhile, let's get back to the case of misunders. And as you mentioned that Sheldon Hawkes ox, he did know her. He seemed like that he had gotten. Her phone number. But that is not where the coincidences and here because one of the other crime scene. Investigators working the case recognize is this origami paper crane as something that a man on the subway makes a quote unquote, trash artist that he turns paper trash into origami paper cranes and could be the subject of an upcoming podcast called your art is trash. Yes. I we've also been called trash artists that varies this podcast. Yes. Now is the origami paper crane the same piece of paper that ox gave to this woman Jenny Anders with his phone number. Do we know for sure that that is ox who wrote the thing where that he knows it from a previous time that wasn't clear. Not sure I'm not sure she got a phone number. I think it was him. Why flash back to that moment where she's getting a phone number from somebody like ox? Yeah. No. I guess you're right. The flashback really really locks it, and you're probably right and treasure artist. Probably remembers who he may who he makes those trash art. And so we will see what what is the name of this crime scene investigator that recognizes the trash art from the subway the man or the woman the woman her name is. I think isn't she Lindsay? Okay. We don't know. They're not sure she's Lindsey we think so. And that is the one with the wild hair Lindsay is the one who is into Danny? But I don't think Lindsay in Daniel we're gonna send case on this. So I'm not sure. All right. So she an ox are going to go and try to find the trash artists on the subway. Where's the trash artists today? Can't find him. I feel like what what would be trained for the trash artists. Sure. What's what goes to Yankee Stadium? Oh, that's a good point the six. Maybe see, I don't know. Okay. Akiva, meanwhile, that they can't find the trash artist, but they have somehow maybe by way of paying five hundred dollars. So I figured out which train is the blue train tonight. Well, you think they had to buy a ticket for the blue train? And that's how they got on there. That's probably a good point. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know they figured they figured out how to get on the blue train, and they got their nobody's there. But then all of a sudden, we see the people the B Y O B party breaks out on the train, boom. Yeah. I'd say within a span of two seconds. They train his empty two seconds later. It is absolutely lit. It is lit. It is a rap video people are working on the subway. Poles and. It is a scene. Unlike any that, you could imagine on the New York City transit, and we see onboard this train is a person of interest. The trash artist is on board. The blue train. And they very cleverly show him their badge, which is blue which is blue. We have one other segment to discuss here on Rodney kiva Salva crime spree murder spree here we want to talk about Mr. MAC Taylor who was able to track down Mr James McQueen, the industrial magnate who is having a big party at LaGuardia Airport as people do. Yeah. Sure, I've been to many big LaGuardia Airport party with sexy flight attendants carrying drinks around. Like, it's a madman episode for the future. The future of parties is on board plane. This is not nineteen sixty four. Right. So James McQueen. He knows a good time. He feels like people will instead of hey that Randy is making a killing. No pun intended, having parties on the subway. I'm gonna have parties on airplanes. And so he is sort of out there. Trying to get the ball rolling on sexy airplane parties. But here comes Mr. MAC Taylor. Who is no stranger to Mr James McQueen? That's the tech of Taylor Taylor. And so he wants to know what do, you know about Jenny Anders? She's a woman and she died, and she was on the blue train, and what do you know about her? Yeah. Well, what does he know about her? I think does he admit to a previous relationship with Jenny. I think he does. Right. He says that he doesn't know her. He doesn't forget a face doesn't forget a face. What about a leg? What about a leg? Maktum torts. And Maktel says well, your DNA was oh. All over this woman, and your and your male potency drug was all over this woman. He says, hey, why don't you talk to Randi Kerns about this seems like it's all a coincidence to me and back Taylor points out the first rule of detective nece, which is there are no coincidences and murders. That is a good point. Now, James McQueen for a CEO rich guy. Type he has a injury to his hand. His hand is all bandaged up. What happened to Mr. McQueen? He said he was deep sea diving which I will say is an atrocious excuse when we have a murder committed underwater, and he's he's basically meeting way underwater injury. I would say James Quinn. If he's guilty is very dumb, James McQueen attempt. Say Affleck's on Mr. MAC Taylor. He says, by the way, also do you know, I'm good friends with the mayor. Is that a threat? Yeah. Up just to just a reminder, just reminders interesting tidbit. Mr. McQueen tells six is this mayor, I guess this is Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg. He's good friends with with Bloomberg Bloomberg is friends with all the subway train promoters as most people with this is the industrial magnet. Yeah. Yeah. So that Bloomberg might have to put in a phone call and get MAC Taylor to go investigate someplace else Maktel or has a warning of his own for James McQueen flat thing too, low keep you on my radar. Yeah. If you better not fly that thing too low because you are on my radar now, sir. Akiva, do you feel like we have enough information to piece this murder mystery spree together? Yeah, I think between episode two and three we've really gained a lot of perspective. I think. James McQueen is probably our lead suspect in one or possibly both of the murders. We can rule out Veronica Perez the previous we knew we had to look into the previous ranch. Jordan, potentially looking to launch his own sexy airplane party business, very possible. There could have been dueling. This could have been like, you know, Armageddon. Verse deep impact people come out with the same business plan at the same time. Same business plan. I say the trash artists that want to know more about him before ruling him out. Okay. All right. We will have more information on these murder cases, and some potential leads in this case coming up next week on Robin, Akiva, solve a murder spree. Liberty. Welcome back to Robin, Akiva, solve a mass murder spree. I am rob sister back with my co host, Akiva Winokur, and we have a lot to talk about this week. We have some new leads some new breaks in this case, some potential conflicts of interest as well as we discuss many different aspects of these ongoing cases of the murder of Jenny Anders and grant, Jordan, Akiva. Yeah. In some ways, it feels like we're making progress and in other ways, it's almost like we're no closer to solving the murders than we were, you know, three episodes ago. One step forward two steps back. New information coming to light here as we discuss these cases, Akiva, we're going to take our listeners on a journey into the forensics of a Manhattan high rise, h the. A c system. That's where they wanna go. So they'll like, okay. All right. So in a big apartment high rise there is a high pressure suction system, which allows the people to vacuum without the luggage vacuum run. All you have to do is connect a hose have you ever operated a system like this, Akiva, no? Of course, not we talked about earlier in this episode couple of weeks earlier that we talked about some of the interesting items found in the HVAC system of grand Jordan, including a used condom. I'm surprised to warrant doesn't surprise. Yes. The the use condom we we did not discuss that had some red dots on the used condom. I did not think that that was going to be of any interest. But. It does turn out that that was actually sand sand on the condom. I've never heard that one new one to me as well. And it also was some sand found wells. Any idea where the Sanca becoming from? Yes, it appears to be the type of sand which is used to make Buddhist sand art that was that related to the trash art. We don't know if possible possible, but I don't believe that trash art is Buddhist, although the paper chlorine, maybe there could be some tie-ins. Entre say, we'll have to see ongoing episodes. Let's. Discussed the trash artists that we are following the story of the trash artist on the train leaving the blue party. And we find out that the trash artist who made the origami crane that while the victim Jenny. Anders was burned by the paper crane. It turns out that the trash artists claims. No that paper burned him, Akiva. Yes. And we do we have seen a flashback where that appears to be the case. Yes. And it burned his fingers, but the trash artist that he loves being on these blue parties because after the party is over maybe this is why there's no remains of the party the trash artists. Then collects all of the garbage off the floor of the subway. And I don't know where else in New York City, you could find trash like literally a small knapsack full of it like get why he likes it. You know, the the blue parties as oppose. Just walking on the streets for to said. Yes. And so Randy Kern brings him in because it's such a fertile ground for his trash art. He gets to collect so much trash after the parties and to prove it. He just dumps out his bag of trash in front of the crime scene. Investigators. There's nobody ever ask for a lawyer on these shows and seems like a bad idea. No lawyers have your trash artist. I think you're you're your own lawyer. You don't have a lawyer necessarily on retainer, but maybe just don't speak to the cops without someone. So the crime scene investigators will collect up all the trash and use that for part of their investigation moving forward. We are going to have some interesting updates this week for you as well about the person of interest, Veronica Perez, you remember Veronica Perez, right? Of course, who could forget it Veronica Perez, she was the last room made of Mr. grant, Jordan. And she was it turns out a person who bid one thousand dollars recently to go on a charity date with Mr. grant Jordan as his residence. Roommate now did Veronica Perez also send donuts or pastry to the crime scene investigators. I'm not sure that she it seems as though the crime scene investigators had some sort of cake topper, which was the exact same one. That was. Found inside the lungs of grant Jordan, and it seemed like that they were able to deduce that's somehow related to Veronica interesting to Veronica Perez. And so they also found out that Veronica Perez was interested in getting married to Mr. grant, Jordan. She was registered places all over town. Yeah. As Veronica Perez Jordan, which they weren't even married yet. She was using his name. I mean who would have bought if nobody knew that they were actually couple who would have actually bought them stuff. Registries my question. Yeah. Also, he's very wealthy people. You know, we'll tacky tacky, right? Right. And so we send something, you know. Here's a here's a charity thing, you know, send some money to nonprofit. And so that we are seeing that the crime scene. Investigators are starting to wonder maybe could Veronica Peru. Says indeed be a crazy person with a motive. That's their words. Not mine. Yes. It seems like there's definitely again, we know she cannot be the murder because she's already said she did not murder him. She could be involved, but she cannot be the murder. Yes. But it does seem like she may be a crazy person. Veronica Perez seemed to want to marry grandchildren, and who could blame her as a man who had it all the indoor pool bachelor pad two million dollars spread with the paper thin, walls and New York City's hottest and most eligible bachelor who can blame Veronica Perez for wanting to tie him down. Yeah. That's you know, sounds like what every guy in New York City's dream. Yeah. We'll say Stella our detective Stella just runs circles around. Veronica. Yes. So we get a classic good cop bad cops in area where the other crime scene investigator is starting to badger her a little bit. But here comes Stella bona, Sarah. Who really plays for Ronca Peres like a fiddle? And she says guys, they just don't understand. They don't get it. Do they and she said, but grant did grant got it? He was one of the good ones. She seems like she still loves grandchildren other. She doesn't seem to broken up about his death. Not broken by the death, which maybe that's maybe she was trying to become his heir. Right. May he doesn't it doesn't seem to have any family who's with the investigators. It's possible. She was trying to get that a sweet money and and the money rent. Yes. It's the grand Jordan money. You can't you can't joke around with it. I we also saw her mentioned to grant that the cake topper people look just like them in grant, very rudely. Let's Akiva that we were able to have a audio recording of a flashback to the night in quo or one of the nights leading up to the murder of grand, Jordan. This was where. Ronca? The roommate of grand Jordan seemed to go maybe jump the gun a little bit and bought a cake topper, which was a bride and groom and Veronica was so excited to show grant, Jordan what she had found. Let's flashback to an audio recording of that night. Isn't this cute? Just like you just my Mace. Just my may get a grip. I don't wanna say, rob. But I think the murder may have been justified. That's pretty rude. Look at this cake topper, it looks just like us and grand Jordan says to her. You're just my made get a grip just my made get a grip, and we see he's like throws the cake topper, very recklessly where the top falls into the pool lands in the pool. Yes, very interesting grant at this point if this is how he treats women and is a ploy is. Yeah. I mean, the the the suspect was his endless at this point. Yes. Was this the point in which then Veronica was fired. I think maybe not that second. But yeah, I think there's probably the one she's mentioning hey that looks like us, and we should get married. I think that's it. I think rise terminating is employee. There's been some sort of miscommunication. Where that he looks at her as his maid, and she thinks that they are engaged to be married. So there's been some sort of time. Yeah. Yes. Just the minor -cation. Yes. Okay. But that when we're talking about a Buddhist sand painting, Veronica Perez is no Buddhist. So it seems as though there is another party perhaps in the mix here and evidence is pointing to the neighbors. We knew the neighbors would have to circle back and be involved. Right. Yes. And nothing happens in this world in MAC Taylor's world. That's not connected. They don't just show us things for a reason. Yes. Grandeur grandch- in. Well, this is the greater MAC Taylor universe. Yes. Maktel universe. Like there are no coincidences. We've learned that. Okay. All right. So MAC Taylor that all of this is going on. We mentioned several weeks ago on this podcast that all of this took place around MAC Taylor's birthday, and he selflessly was working the case of Jenny Anders. And he seems driven by the fact that James McQueen is a nemesis. And he would love nothing more than to be able to finally put James McQueen behind bars yet does seem to be the Taylor McQueen feud, maybe has been boiling for six years. And some people think that he is almost too obsessed with it. Now you and I had talked on last week's podcast that ox, aka a Sheldon Hawkes appeared to have met Jenny Anders in flashback, and we did get confirmation of that where Sheldon met Jenny Anders at a party some months ago gave her his phone number. She held onto this phone number for months and months, then gave said phone number to the trash artists who turned it into the origami paper crane who then she put it back on her person. And also this caused a chemical burn on her. And so once MAC Taylor found out about this one of his own. Crime scene. Investigators not only new Jenny Anders not only met her didn't say anything and she also died with his phone number with Sheldon's phone number on her person. Well, MAC Taylor has seen enough. And he is not happy. Akiva, slab does not make compromises. We do not take shortcuts. We follow the evidence. Science is our integrity. You're off the -cation Sheldon's up the case. Well, that's a that's a real shocker. I will say that's Dr Sheldon to him. Let away. I yeah, that's stunning. To me. I'm reeling. I don't know. Like, I now you asked me last episode of Sheldon is is a suspect. I said, no, I still think. No. But I wouldn't rule it out. Can't be. I'd be. I'd be shocked if that was if judgment suspect, I mean, what's the motive what the motive? Yes. He he knew her. He gave her his phone machine. Ghosted him. On fact, Sheldon not an NYPD detective is just to see us. I just to see a psych and so- Sheldon had an interesting take on all of this. He feels like, hey, why taking me off the case? Maybe you're unfinished business with James McQueen is clouding your judgment Mak Taylor. Wow. Double Hameed house air you. How are you, sir? How dare you Sheldon, man? I tensions running high. And I get it. This is this is now a double murder, we got a lot on her plate. We don't even know if they're really connected yet. I we don't know how you know. It's almost over. We don't know how it's going to end up. So it's left to this. Yes. Maybe they don't solve the murders. Maybe we have to retitled this. And it's Robin kiva try to solve them or. Akiva, do you think that you have any evidence that is connecting the case of grand, Jordan and Jenny Anders at this point. It's keeping me up at night. I really don't. I I the other thing keeping me up at night is the trash artist named some, you know, mentioned something called diaper Licey. Yes. That is that is truly keeping me up. And I didn't know what that is. But I also like to announce on that having more chill and throw out the crappy movie typers. Yes. Yeah. No more credit movie that we're putting that in that nineteen ninety seven Akers Broncos. Suitable. I they might not be connected. We've been assuming all along that they're that. They're connected, but perhaps they're just two separate crimes. And that's why we're you know, investigating them both separately. Okay. We will have more updates for you next week as we continue the evidence pours in if you have any tips about these cases, you can't Email us. Need a podcast at rob has a website dot com. Anything you want to say until next time. Akiva, don't get diaper. Lice type relies. Okay. We'll talk to you next week on Robin. Akiva solve of Berber spring. Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the finale of Robin, Akiva, south series of murders. And I rob sister. No here with my co host to keep a Winokur, and we have some huge news in these cases that we're following this week. And I just say one thing, rob. Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, we got him. We have broken both of these cases wide open and can talk about some of the conclusions. That are reporting has produced here in these cases, a, Akiva. I don't want to say that we saw the cases. But we do definitely get all the credit for it. Okay. I guess we should begin. With the case of grant, Jordan that we have been following for some weeks here on the podcast. And so we talked about a big break in the case which came up last week where some Buddhist sand art was found both on a used condom. I'm not really sure exactly how that came to be. And then also on the doormat of grant, Jordan and the crime scene. Investigators interrogated a nearby Buddhist artist. Yeah, I feel like just narrowing down the. The Buddhist artists that play with the red sand art and having one be the next door neighbor. That's a pretty easy solve. Yes. And so the crime scene investigators brought this man, do we know this suspect's name person of interest? No, no, not important to have a name guy next door. Neighbor, handsome, guy, number two neighbor, perhaps not getting a, you know, this was a TV show, perhaps not getting the full like sag apps stra after speaking with a name money, but maybe just like the, you know, the extra type role. Yes. And as a practitioner of the Buddhist sand art he needs complete silence to be able to practice his craft. It was an accident. I mean, he acts. He had no intention. It was not a premeditated murder. I'd say this guy probably gets added fifteen years, but he admitted to the cop that listen, I need quiet to make my art. And we'll have all while. I don't know why it all the time. He wants no about accident. He premeditated premeditated. Just in a fit of rage. As many Buddhist artists often just snap into fits of rage as they practice their Buddhist, meditation, they go quickly into a fit of successful of an artist. Was that he's living next? The great Randy Jordan. Also, I don't know. Maybe he was like a trust fund kid. Yeah. It's very that really checked out. Yeah. And so are artists says look that this guy grit, Jordan, he never quieted down always with the pull always with the sex. I'm trying to make some Buddhist art over here. And really just folded very quickly under the interrogation very much. Did not stick to his story. In fact, just come out come straight out admits that he was the murderer like a cheap suit. He folds didn't mean kill them. Always much. Bookham wanted us to empathize with me. It's like, yeah. That is annoying. When you have a noisy. Neighbor, your neighbors noisy and just go over and murdered him one of those things. Yeah. Every complained every single night except for the night in question when he just went over and killed him. Yeah. Did not exactly tile the loose ends together in his plan. Yes. And we speculated for many weeks on the podcast was this murder connected to the murder of Jenny Anders. And absolutely not just the be murder. Gotta say point. Yeah. We've been tracking this case for several weeks. A lot of time in this. We thought there'd be some connection. Maybe that maybe the art was connected to the with the trash artists that might a work that might have made a lot of sense really separate complicated artists in this in this in this series of murders a lot of red sand herrings in this case. But when you're in the room maids between Veronica Perez between everything else going on turns out, not just a noise complaint. Yeah. I would say Chekhov's red sand. They're calling it. Yeah. So really threw everybody off. And you would think that the killer that he had the presence of mind to close the pool, you would think he would have turned it off or maybe he just didn't even know how to do it. Yeah. I mean, I guess that's a complicated scenario he's never been in in the apartment before. So I don't know how could plug it. I don't know. But you would think this is tricky you'd think it would've still drove him crazy all night. But he went over to go kill the guy because he was running the poll, and then he never ended up turning off. You just put the guy in there and running but closed. Yeah. Yeah. I don't want to dispose of that guy. That's gonna make a lot of noise. Yeah. Okay. All right. So that's one case down one to go. We need to go back to our ongoing case of Jenny Anders the woman who was killed during a elicit rave aboard. The New York City subway, we've had a lot of leads over these last couple of weeks on the podcast. We talked about the crime scene investigators who got into some turmoil during this investigation. It was MAC Taylor who had to come down hard on fellow investigator. Sheldon Hawkes in last week's podcast. We talked about that altercation. What we did not mention was this information that Sheldon knew this woman came by way of mactavish lady friend who was planning his big birthday. Yeah. And we should've mentioned also that she did set up a date at the vending machine at five o'clock. Yes. So a birthday vending machine date is still potentially in the cards for MAC Taylor. But there's still a lot of work to be done. The flask which contained the alcohol that Jenny Anders drank and was poised in from and then collected subsequently by Mr. trash artists was reassembled by the teams of crime scene. Investigators and there were three sets of prints that were found on this flask, Akiva. And who's who's were? They one was MS Anders to was Randy Kerns, the man who runs the B Y O B blue party, and then a third set of prints which have not been able to be analyzed by our system is that because they're so badly burnt perhaps that might be what the issue is. And so we're not able to put this all together. So we need to bring in Mr. Randy we need we need to talk to him about what's going on. Randy. Kern because perhaps maybe Jenny Anders was never the target of this assassination. Maybe it was the runner of the blue party himself. Randy Kern, you think so Randy right at this point. You're thinking maybe Randy was the murder and not and not our buddy. James? Well, he was the target of the target of the murder from our buddy James and not who could have wanted him dead though. Not a genders. Yes. Right. And so Randy Kern comes in for questioning and so- MAC Taylor wants to know one thing from you who gave you the flask. Now Randy gave the flask back to Jenny Anders who she drank from it, and then died, but who gave the flask to Randy? And we we our crack team at Robin accused self murder. We were able to see a flashback where we got the answer to that question. Right now, you, and I were thinking of all of the different potential people who could have potentially had the motive to kill Randy Kern, and you, and I instantly both thought James McQueen. He's gotta be he's the person that he would through Randy under the under the bus under the subway. So quickly earlier in the episode. Yeah. I mean, he was our first suspect. Yeah. And really are only suspects early suspect. Then we was really we can't even think of one of the person other than potentially a crime scene investigator, Sheldon Hawkes that might have even or the garbage the trash band. None of those early. You know, made a lot of sense. So we've been working the case and have felt like that James McQueen the person who owns the airplane party line. That may be. He was very jealous that Randy was making so much money on these elicit blue subway parties, and so the crime scene. Investigators ask him ask Mr. Kern under investigation who gave you the flask. Rainy currencies. Yeah. Remember that old thing the blue party? You don't know who gave you the flask that murdered somebody? Yeah. And so the crime scene investigators do some more research, and they realized that the substance that was in the flask. There was lead. And there was cadmium in the flask outside of the flask and the cadmium that's found on the ocean floor. Now, if you recall several weeks ago, we talked about how James McQueen talked about that. He just got. Done deep sea diving and I wasn't code like we said a terrible excuse he should not especially when we had a water related murdered out there. Although Cedeno that involved in that murder also confusing. Right. We had the the we thought that was an obvious clue that water related murders. And they had nothing do with each other. Yeah. We thought so no Sapir. He did go on an expedition to the ocean floor. But also inside the flask was hydrazine analog, which is used in experimental jet fuel the kind that was used by James mcqueen's fleet of airplanes. Yes, only his airplanes have the special jet fuel experimental fuel. This does seem like this would be if you were going to try to assassinate someone Akiva, and you were some sort of like airline industry magnate. It does seem like poisoning your enemy with. Experimental jet fuel seems like that could be tell. Yeah. Like, if I was murdering someone who probably shouldn't be with, you know, what's what am I famous for for having. I don't know. But whatever like with you, you wouldn't murder someone with the podcast Mike equipment. If I was going to strangle somebody with an excel our cable. A little a little bit of a, you know, odd moves moves trying to frame me. That's what they should do. Oh, sure. Yes. We've all thought of that for sure. Sure. Okay. So crime scene investigation realize hold on a second fine. Randy kern. He was definitely trying to be assassin or these target of an assassination from Mr James McQueen. Somebody find Randy Kern, and luckily the crime scene investigators get out to the airport and fine Randy Kern with a pistol at the airport waiting for James McQueen. Yeah. Very dramatic scenes. We're having here. Yeah. So a big arrest was made where Randy Kern was the subject of an assassination. He is now in police custody for the attempted murder of James McQueen. Yeah. Well, and I mean like, it seems like this would be a very dramatic moment. But I feel like this whole thing. You know, just ends abruptly. Well, then we see James McQueen come down tarmac. Where ironically, MAC Taylor has just saved his life. But also has the bad news. Very bad news. I was charged with the murder and James McGowan says you can't prove thing. I look I I didn't do what we're supposed to say to the police. Right. You can't prove it. You can't prove any. I did it. You just can't prove it. That's what you're supposed to say the police and Maktel says, hey, unwrap that bandage on your hand that's chemical burn from jet fuel the same jet fuel that was used to poison Jenny Anders take him away. And that's it. That's the we sell the murder you're done. You're done. Yeah. Okay. He seems like pretty calm that he's going to jail for the rest of his life. Although this wasn't he tried to murder someone if you tried murder someone beamer someone else's that like premeditated. Or is that more like manslaughter woman slaughter in this? It's not premeditated. I mean that was not what he was trying to do trying to murder he was trying harder somebody. But I don't know if you get less jail time for being inept where I was trying to murder somebody. But I ended up murdering the wrong person another episode. We have like a. LX get our team of legal analysts or Antonia, MS RO Lascher, and and Chester and see can really crack this case that's the dream team. The new supreme court hot bench of coming up. So Akiva that for Jenny enders. This was really a tragic case of really being in the wrong place in the wrong time. Yes, she was an associate a perhaps a room made of James McQueen. She let James McQueen snorts sex to see off of her legs before attending the blue party. And then James McQueen hands off the flask to Randy Kern. Did Randy current open the the carafe and then say. This smells like jet fuel going to give this back to know. He didn't even get it. She grabbed that of his hand before he was going to take a swig. He just didn't get too because she took it. He could have very easily, by the way, James McQueen could have very easily said, hey, that's like my grandma's flask. You need to give that back. He did. Not care. Yeah. So person's gonna die. No biggie. Yeah. So very very sad story. We do have some happy stories to report that MAC Taylor and Sheldon did get back on the same page that Sheldon talked about that. Yes. He did meet Jenny Anders. And he's just wrecked with the thought that what if he would have gotten her phone number and called her? Maybe he could have been the guy that she talked to instead of going and hanging out with James McQueen letting James McQueen snorts sex to see off her legs. Yeah. It could have been his legs could have been his legs that could have been there thing. But no, he's just. You know, he should've called her. She seems like a fun time. And also it really was a coincidence that even met her because she was again, not only should not the intended victim. She was the accidental victim. So he now we just have one of our detectives randomly running into the accident victim even more random also Mack Taylor. He does get to finally finish his birthday celebration. He and his girlfriend. We'll get to the vending machine. Dr pain Driscoll, by the way. I know we have not revealed her name for the first five so yes. Claire for Lonnie. She is going to surprise him with something out of the vending machine. Looks like that they get a set of hostess cupcakes. Akiva, sure that you were trying to hold back vomit from coming up as they ate chocolate cupcakes. Yeah, it looked like, but it also look like they weren't in rappers. Like, they just like there was just out of the package chocolate cupcakes coming out of the vending machine. You might have been a very interesting vending machine. I don't know what what's going on at the NYPD. But maybe they have ready made foods there. Okay. Akiva, you, and I have discussed these two mass murders on our true crime podcast as we've solved these murders any takeaways in our final episode of Robin, Akiva, solve a murder spree. I'm just glad there's not a serial killer on the loose. We solve both of them. I think they'll both be brought to Justice. You don't have to worry about them on the streets for a longtime. Randy Kern, also probably going to go to jail for a little while. Yeah. Yeah. So I think every. All these bad actors are off the street, and I only hope that Veronica press Jordan can find the, you know, another man the trick hoodwink into marrying her guess could somebody pick up the torch of the blue party. Do you think that tra- trash artists could potentially get the ball rolling? I have a feeling that the NYPD, although they didn't stop it after the death. Because I think they needed to interview people. I think they're going to really put this to first of all the main the main obviously already runner is in jail. I have a feeling they're going to put an end to this party. Okay. Maybe a green party will start for hats. And then we'll Michael Bloomberg be able to do anything to help out Mr James McQueen now that he has been charged with these crimes. I think he's gonna pretend you never met him. Okay. All right. Akiva, any other thoughts. Yeah. I think I'm just glad that this is the first time we ever tried to solve a murder, and I'm glad we're we're already experts. We're so good at I'm. I'm also very glad that once upon a time. We had an idea for a podcast where we were going to watch season. Three episode seven of CSI New York every single week on the podcast. God. Hi, thank God and Buddha. Every being that. We did not all the sad ever. Come close to watch. That was supposed to be the podcast. We could have been twenty nine episodes into watching this on an episode. We would be we friends on Facebook. Yeah. All right. Let's get to the wheel. All right achieve. Let's talk about the wheel. We went right into our true crime podcast this week. We didn't really talk about any of the fallout from the TV theme song bracket from last week. Yeah. Would do you think there's a lot of fallout while using that word there was fallout certainly so just the here's the story of the post production on that. So ended up taking a really long time three and a half hour podcast. I believe that is the longest Rene episode that we've done so far, and I guess depending on how this wheel spin goes today. I believe that that should hold. Episode twenty eight let's the wheel brakes, I think we're we're right? So we recorded that late into Sunday night. I had to get the podcast out and Monday's a very busy day with the wand off and everything and I also had to get into the Walking Dead because that sort of I we recorded that podcast and the time. So I thought I would normally the Walking Dead. But I was just I wanted to go to bed before I didn't wanna wake up on Tuesday to a bunch of angry messages from Rene listeners about the podcast and how they didn't get to listen to it yet. And they were they were angry. So I, you know. Stay up late issue for me. To edit the podcast got it out went to sleep and woke up to just a tweet storm of angry messages about how that the audio was terrible to Chester call in from a spaceship, Chester get a new microphone. This is garbage. What is what is wrong with Chester's audio? And that there was a double Chester audio track. In the version that I uploaded and people were very upset. Rightfully so. Yeah. Rightfully so. You really you got up pretty soon after the messages started coming in you fix it right away. I do think there's people out there who probably didn't realize maybe didn't see the post on Facebook or on Twitter, and they listen to the whole thing with double Chester or alternatively. They didn't. And maybe they can go back now if they want to and and listen to a pristine audio version, but yeah, I think because that's what Donald to your phone. I you might be stuck with that. Unless you realize that if you have it deleted, and then you should have the right ones. And then there was a second firestorm. Boy, all of our terrible takes people. Yeah. Killing us people killing Chester for the bracket was bad. Our tasks were bad. And I feel like that. It was almost universal that the the comments that we got were you guys are idiots, Chester. Doesn't know what he's talking about. Everything was horrible. And I really enjoyed it. Yeah. I'd say it was the most feedback. We've got from any epic. Yeah. We got hundreds and hundreds of tweets. Yeah. Right. Nobody was like you guys nailed it your perfect. Maybe people said that but very lets people listened the whole four hours they liked it. They just didn't like our opinions. We were very clear with the chest apart that we had no say and even Chester had no say over what songs got picked that was based on previous lists. If you hated that, Robin. I advanced certain show over another. Although I will think people do think people kind of like the winner, we didn't really get a lot of. About the winner was really the Shirley round of you guys made all terrible decisions. Yeah. And but but I enjoyed it. So. Mixed mixed feedback. So we think that I'll take that yet allowed the loud minority of listeners liked it. I will say. People really people already saying you gotta do this again. And we've said like bracket season is over. It's over not doing a bracket till next March twenty twenty can we say in March twenty twenty that there will be a theme song to with all new songs. Winner faces fresh prints. Okay. The I'm okay with that. That's fine. We can talk about that next. We could get scrubs and Greenacres and Dawson's creek. And all the songs that people say were snubbed Mabel have a listener vote because the listeners complain. But that's fine. A chance maybe do a good job. And they believe that a chance maybe we can get the tabulate or involve the people. Sure that your top five and then the top four four results. Maybe. It's a good idea. We got we got a year for that. And it should be thrifty thirty two. Yeah. Forty four. Person said this is too long. That was it's funny. People can people love one. Tweet about that. Like, I said, hey, I fixed the podcast, and then somebody was like, yeah. Well, the run time is still three hours and thirty minutes so work on I will say they're in the the just an absolute minority because people want quantity that that's what they've definitely made clear. All right, Akiva. So let's talk about mount Renate more. What is going to go onto the wheel this week? I believe next week. It's going to be episode number thirty of rob. Keeping you podcast episode thirty. We haven't really done any episode rings. We said we'd do it after twenty five, but we did we didn't really have a mail bag after that episode. People do want to rate maybe after thirty two. No, that's bracket. Maybe after thirty. We'll have a little we'll have big props to bend. The bend my personal system who found us this episode. Where can we we have to figure out where to why put a link in the opening of the podcast before before the everything I will have a link to if anybody wants to Rob's website, I com slash CSI NY to watch the episode along from that terrible site. Yes. So we have I guess let's get to the let's get to the first suggestion for the actually can I we did not the last couple of episodes get into things that were from ten back to talk about putting them back onto the wheel. I think we last talked about episode seventeen pranking listeners, we have our idea tank or total idea live so people are going to call into us. So we kind of third wheel. I think there's two versions of that already. On the wheel wheel. But that's sort of waiting for the the, Robin. Eva total request live to. Okay. Be coming. Right. After that episode number eighteen was Robin. Akiva needed podcast number eighteen. I can't believe it's just banter should that be back on the wheel eventually but not right now. Okay. And then number nineteen Robin you podcast nineteen was conspiracy. Pod. The time a lot of people wanted more conspiracy pod with Antonia Mazaar should that be back on the wheel conspiracy pod to one of our most popular episodes? Yes, I think we have so many ideas in the hopper. I don't think we need to go back and potentially have it hit the wheel hit next week? And then we're looking at only eleven weeks eleven episodes, maybe three months between odd casts. The problem is that when we say that then it never ends up getting back on the wheel. Yes. I thought about this. I we're gonna put it in. We'll wait and room. I'm gonna make a note, and we're going to discuss in like five or six more episodes. Hey, should we put this back on? And then we'll do that. Because definitely coming back, and we'll come on relatively soon. But I don't I don't think it needs to be this week. But I will make a note, maybe every five episodes. We'll see hey, well, we ready for that. And maybe five episodes from now, we will be ready for that. But it's hard to really keep going back to sequels when we have so many things looked to Oregon trail, let's say that have been waiting their turn patiently for thirty episodes and having come pick it. Well, first things I I do think that we need to get Antonio. It's a sign off on conspiracy to that. I think 'Send Tonio that isn't that? We have it on, you know. Right. If you wanna drive Oregon for conspiracy to and if he if he's on board, then I think we should green light it. Okay. So I can ask Antonio. Yeah. I do think next week we should clear the wheel waiting room instead of the mailbag because we have about twenty things in there for episode number thirty. Okay. All right, okay. Idea number one. Well, it's really related to we haven't done a fishbowl request in a while because a fishbowl is pretty full. And I have a feeling the fishbowl is about to get pick. As it's at over fifty percent of the way Levin spots right now. That that's more than I think everything else combined or very close to it. So Jennifer writes in and says yes under percent, okay? After last week's podcast what about season three episode seven, golden girls. Okay. Robin, Akiva, or the golden guys golden guys. Okay. Well, I like the branding of the golden guys. So I'm good to put that in the fishbowl, but that's fishbowl. Right. Name golden. Retrospective of the golden girls where these three up to seven of golden girls. Yeah. I think I think that makes an where you golden girls fan. I mean, I was not a golden girls stand. But it used to be on Saturday nights on NBC. They used to have a whole block of shoulder. I think I was I don't know the dates on it. But I think I was like late eighties to the early nineties. So I'm somewhere between the ages of eight to twelve have a I was just nervous that you're like in high school, and that was your Saturday night watching the golden. I mean, I don't think it would have not been my Saturday night had golden stop. It was it was a non as you were too busy. Yeah. So it was part of a NBC Saturday night with like empty nest and nurses. I think was another show that was on during that. And so like it was almost like the JV Thursday night blocked NBC had like. Saturday night block like a bunch of sitcoms, and they had a couple times where they did like, oh, it's a hurricane all the shows like had the same thing going on. But yeah, I did I did follow the golden girls. And also that my great grandmother was a big fan of it. Wow. Okay. I could see that. Everyone's great-grandma probably like the golden girls. Yes. She was a bit of a. Stella Getty, and I can't remember her character name off the top of my head. Dorothy. Yeah. I I've seen it. But I don't know the name. So I'm looking forward to watching that right number two of the four mountain net. More ideas for this week. This comes from Tom Palmer on social says oh feel. I will gotten thirty seven angry tweets and the time. It took me to remember that the tweet. Yeah. Rob got it. All right, Robin, Akiva needed drinking game. What's to come up with the official drinking game for a and your some of his suggestions whenever a kiva suggests getting guests that they actually have zero percent chance of ever booking. Okay. Yeah. We'd never did. Get Jerry, Seinfeld Seinfeld podcast or any of the core for another ideas has whenever rob shoots down a good idea for fear of the listeners getting mad. I didn't know what this is podcast. We're coming up with all this a podcast. I think this is just like a drinking game that listeners could play. Oh, okay. So if they want to anytime, I suggest the guest. Hey, we should have got Gary Sinise for this episode, rob. Yeah. He's a lot of like I mean, he has a following on Twitter. He's very big into the troops. That's why they had is pretend character be an ex marine sort of TV stolen, valor. Because he loves the millions. And he does a lot of like, you don't think it's true. Tenant Dan thing. I mean, I think that's why he goes for the roles where he's a former or current troop for sure. Yeah. So I don't know what we're doing with the listeners are making things really a podcast idea. It's just if you want if you're at home, and you want to drink even the less said, no one should ever drink has anybody actually ever played a drinking game that was like anything that was like every time. This happens you drink. I think I think people. Once in the entire history of people. Yes, it definitely has happened. Once I will bet that. Like, here's a drinking game like people play during games with cards or shooting down a good idea for fear of the listeners getting mad right now, and they should be drinking. I don't know who who who came up with this, Gregory this from Tom, Tom. Gregory Gregory suggests who's Gregory that was last week. Gregory was the was the food hot take. Okay update on that. We got some takes. But I don't think enough to do a podcast. So that's right now on hold not even in the waiting room. Okay. If people have aches. They wanna get takes. But none of them were were really spicy. They were kind of lukewarm. Is that about the food? Yes. The food. It was a lot of like I like to put Exxon y and that's weird. Right. It wasn't a lot of the worst food in the world is steak stakes. Can I can I can I throw something out there hearing about food is boring. Yeah. Food. Hearing that food is the most interesting thing. Yeah. Okay. I don't care what people are eating and just had Haley strong, a podcast you guys discussed. We talked. We talked about this. And he talked about how that look I don't think food is that exciting. I bet. Haley was horrified. It's not it's not there's much more exciting things than food. Okay. Speaking of something not as exciting as food keep talking Timothy wrote in with a with an idea for this week's wheel. And he says my ideas for an episode. That's a live episode much like a patron cast. That's that's right. It would live at the Robina kiva our live. No. But that's that's only a small part of his idea. He says my is very similar to one of those dueling piano bars where you pay a dollar to get ano- players play a song instead viewers or listeners can pay pal or van MO or Zillow, I guess you a dollar and tell you what topic to talk about you have to talk about that topic for at least five minutes or until someone outbids the current topic price. So someone says here's a dollar talking about survivor. But then someone says, no. No, no, no. Here's two dollars. You guys need to talk about game of thrones. Well, if we did the money should go to charity. This should be like feels like a cash grab feel like a cash grab. Let's keep talking. Timothy wants the money to go to him that was this planet. We're sort of like webcam guys at this point. Hey, we'll tell sewed, rob. Akiva, you want you're paying. Okay. So I don't think dollars the minimum. I think we gotta make five bucks. Yeah. I don't know what the mechanism is. The sounds like a very technically Amish. So. Look, I think if it was a good cause, and we had a charity, and we and we do this, and it could be fun to podcast the actual podcast. Because again, if especially if this video sounds like it would be on listenable for this episode. It's like us talking about the Mets for thirty seconds. And then somebody's like, no, no, no, no, you guys need to talk about politics comes in with like, fifty bucks. And it's like talk talking about. The wall like, okay, great, bright. Yeah. I so I think the actual podcasts would be unlistenable. It is a fun idea. The seems like very like two thousand twelve rob like something you would have done back in the day. Maybe maybe, but I'm dueling. Are you have been doing piano bar? I have been yes. So and I've never really been anywhere. So I'm shocked up in. But once I went to birthday parties, I like it. But every time they like they play song. I get psyched up and then someone else throws. And by the way, never give a dollar. I'm not too cheap to pay for them. Yes. Someone else outbids with the song. I liked and they play it. And then a met. Okay. What are you gonna do? All right. So that's three out of four. Okay. Here's a here's a complicated. One from the Moines. My suggestion for the wheels, partly inspired by takeoff and partially inspired by Rob's recent inch of the good place. Yes, I'm a total Chidi called Robin, Akiva, enter the good place. Here's how it work listeners would work as architects and after create an afterlife experienced that would appear to be heaven for rob kiva, but is actually eventually revealed to be a torture chamber, for example, someone can replicate a Seinfeld universe. Which would initially seem fun until Robin Akiba realized they're stuck with George and Kramer for as friends for attorney real can send in their suggestions for this fake paradise. And Robert it could judge gestures on how likely would the paradise appeal or fool them out miserable. This is still complicated. It's very complicated really council, and we're having trouble getting people to send us like, hey, what are some weird things you do? Food now. It's lying. All right. Listen are sending afterlife experiences for very creative. But I think it's like, so it's too complicated. It's too complicated. And I think that it would really need a lot of legwork that we're not willing to. Yes. But if frail Mary wanted to write a fan fiction where we were dead and in the afterlife that's that fan fiction. I guess we'll find out when next week we go through the wheel waiting room. Okay. All right. Akiva, anything that that this was we blew through this pretty quick. Yeah. People do on quantity. Should we stall before we he'll get Atty? Let's give it give me another even if they're not good. Give me another couple. Oh, you want another ideal? Trust me. They're not good. We we do need a new sort of soil now. Well, let's just put the call to action. Need a podcast as Rob's website dot com, or Seinfeld Poche. Recaps dot com. Okay. This is from my friend, Ari gold. He says in the air of peak TV, I love you guys to explore some of the earliest popular sitcoms and comedies and see how they hold up my mother-in-law shot up. Mrs Jacobson recently claimed that leave it to beaver was the best show ever made. And though, I value or opinion, deeply I'd love to hear you guys tear that apart or review with early. So his mother thinks that leave it to be a better show than the wire. Let's just say, okay. And he nominates I love Lucy leave it to beaver and dragnet, go decade by decade and pick three three shows from each decade. This is the fifties. Next up would be the sixties. I is anybody wanna hear that? They might want to hear us breakdown. Leave it to leave it to be. No, I just love the fact that it's like she thinks it's the best show ever. That is a scorching. Kyle says the deal for the wheel for me would be Robin. Akiva, take quick shots at America's favorite thing. Or things that rob is called to beloved discussed throw. In addition to the wind and give issues takes on issues like friends office stores. Harry Potter the Beatles or anything else that may make someone upset. So this is episode is called to beloved listeners takes in. And why they ate something that is generally loved to love it to beloved. I think that there's something here. What are we doing? We're just gonna throw out like a talk about this subject. That's two beloved or why we don't like something that people really love, I guess people. Give us a list of twenty things and we rip into them. But we have to rip into them. What if we what if we like what we have to find a flaw in things that are beloved? Okay. I think that. Yeah. So it's like. I mean, I guess we wait until the episode gets picked, and it's sending your things, and then someone maybe we picking them or is there like a sort of third party? Why think that this one requires the third party we need because we can't know what's coming? We've got a riff off the cuff, we need somebody who's going to work on a semblance in the list of the twenty things that are. And then we go for like, two two and a half minutes where we have to talk about, you know, find flaws with things that are almost universally beloved. Okay. So to beloved too, I like that. I like that. I I would say that we it's waiting for somebody to sort of be like the architect of it. Yes. Yeah. We need someone to really steer that ship. Yes. But I'm very much putting it into the waiting room in here in the waiting room. Okay. I like it. All righty. All right. Do you wanna hear one more one more crappy one? Sure, okay, Robin. Akiva, crew create a reverse bucket list. It's called the list list of things they never want to do before they die each bring items through discussion and debate they create the definitive list of the up ten effortless. I mean, just most things. Right. Like things are on our efforts almost everything on her effortless. Yeah. I mean, not a lot of things that I'm really trying to do. Now. I'm trying not to do almost anything most. I don't have we can even fit that into one podcast. Like, my my effortless includes like ever, go to a supermarket again, be LA food. I don't wanna I don't go shopping. First of all, you get delivery now and second of all my wife likes through the shopping anyway. But you don't wanna see what they have. I love food so much. I didn't know what they have at the supermarket. What do you think they got new stuff? They get new stuff. So sometimes she'll be like, hey, she knows what I like show. Like text me like you want this by the time. I answered she's already left the store. Okay. So I don't think there's enough there. Okay. All right. We added a couple of things to the we'll wait and next week. We're cleaning at the wheel. Wait, you're either getting into the room or your or your off the wheel waiting room next week. And we say that. Yes. Okay. All right. So let's talk about what's on the wheel season. Three episode seven an all time high eleven spots on the wheel for the fishbowl. Yeah. On the the wheel list. What's the website for that? Again. Rob has a website dot com slash wheel list of American keeps that up, and you can really there's a visual of of it and through seven is like Godzilla at this point. It's taking over the whole thing. Right. I believe that there will be a visual representation of what the wheel looks like as a vis spin. Okay. It's scary. And you can see what's what's in the fish bowl. I still need to pull some things out of the fishbowl that that got kicked out way back win. But they're still currently in the fishbowl. It could be a scandal that could be a scandal. 'cause he has a remember what shouldn't be in the fishbowl. We've do before. The remember. All right coin flip, boom, rob. Or Akiva will decide what is the subject of the next episode based on the flip of a coin for twenty eight so far. Okay. It used to be Rob's choice choice. But we urge it into one. Okay. Oregon trail still has been picked rise in fall of Jonathan Taylor Thomas. We call them JT around here. MTV shows are trashed that's with Alli Lascher. Can I stop you for a second? Yeah. So Ellie Lascher. I did I mentioned this on the show where she has a MTV's the challenge podcast. Yes. And she wanted me to come on her show. And she mentioned on a podcast. Hey, if you tweeted a kiva, maybe like five people tweeted him, and he'll agree to come on the show, and like sixty five people tweeted me saying, hey, go on alleys show. So I said alley sure I'll go on your show. And then this week I was talking to her. And I said alley whenever you want. I'm willing to come on the show. And she said, no sorry, you're banned you're banned. Why over the minimum over Missy? No. No, geez. I think still mad about that. But that's not why I'm banned. Why are you band? I don't even know if I should say that you have to now. Okay. Why went on a different challenge? Pod. At a wet on. It was a show is this river show. Yeah. I really am for saying this. I'm not sure he'll say, but she I was fair. She doesn't want to get guests who've had their takes used up on another show in the same. I hear that. I hear that. I am end for life. Not just for this season banned for life, by the way, our thing. I think this is more about Missy then it's not it's not our podcast lives rent-free and their podcast heads. We get mentioned a lot on that show. Yes. And I don't know what I can do. So I asked Alice at what can I do to get unbanned for life income on your show? Yeah. And she said if at least five people tweet meet saying unbanned kiva. So you think we could get to five where we're deep into this. So at lash tweets L, A S H tweets and just say unbanned, even if you want me to still be banned than say don't own Bannock, Eva. Okay. But by the way, can I say one more thing related to our about about that show. Sure. So they had an auction on the challenge podcast. And they said we're this went to some university of Michigan law school related charity where one person could bid, you know, about this could bid to be on their podcast this. This. Well, this is a luck going on on the network that you don't know about this is well, you gotta you gotta tighten up. The I don't know. You gotta take something that people guest spots on your network. You don't even know. I don't need to listen to every minute of the podcast. You should know. Hey, we're all listen live me when there's a problem. I hear about it. Anyway, Elliott probably very mad. You know, anyway, so they didn't auction and it was bought for a lot of money. More money than alley spent on buying four place behind four tickets behind home plate at a game. Which would definitely wanted to bid on that. It seems like it was way too cheap. It was I think the two hundred thirty five dollars was the was the price of a spot on the challenge podcast with Alli. How much was it? Two hundred thirty five dollars a win for the crisis. And but here's where this is. All connected. It was bought by one Jeremy Hamilton. Jeremy Hamilton is Charon me Hamilton where his he come in to play on our did he go on one of the dates? He went on a date. He'll yes. Vegan baker. Gluten free bakery Francisco from Oakland from Berkeley. I forget which one and he also was one of our three finalists for our Jeff zone. Right. It was him. My friend Abe who I unfairly as qualified because he. Recorded the episode, and he had a religious obligation, and it probably should have knocked them out. And then Melissa who ended up winning the tiebreaker was on the show. So Jeremy was so close to coming on her show, and he's very excited to be podcast guests, he could taste it. And then he lost it and he wanted to get back. So he bid two hundred thirty five dollars to be on your show. I did tweet at him and say and Brian thirty and brought me Br I should only be mentioning Brian because by didn't ban me Ellie and me, and I told Jeremy that any point for two hundred thirty four dollars. He could probably come on the show. But yes, so he wanted to be on this show. We didn't let him and so people are, you know, they're getting are are sloppy seconds. Like, they're getting you know, are rejected guests, basically, even though we like, Jeremy. Okay. All right. So let's try to get a kiva unbanned from the unbanned kiva at lash tweets. Follow her just tweeted. All right, then we have. Robin, Akiva, need a life. Coach Caitlyn Herman infomercials our trash with Eric. Eric Stein was not happy with us with us the song bracket he felt like that. When really screwed the pooch you'll he could be part of the March twenty twenty bracket if you want. Okay, we'll see so Chester and Eric Stein. We'll figure it out we commit to twenty people on. No one's gonna remember it. So you're okay. That will definitely not come back to bite us more. All right. The Royal rumble is on the wheel the crabby movie diaper slash hat. And we're considering rebranding the crappy movie diaper after hearing about diaper lice from the trash artist. But right now, it is still there. Total ideas live is the Scott total idea. Request live, so the total request live is still in there thrill turtle. Exactly. All right. Millennials killed it. I believe is Dr Mander been with the guest, or is she just putting that together. It's up to her. I think she can be the guests or she could just put it together. Okay. Busy lady. Wind showed up Kim's money is in play this week. Yes. Yes. That is implying. Okay. Now was there any updates from our buds person Issia, Akiva? I don't think. So I think we're good. I don't think we any questions for last week. Okay. All right. Yeah. It was a short wheel segment last week. The first time we haven't had a guest on the wheel segment in a couple of weeks. It's weird not having a guest because we got so used to it. But I will say the majority of the odd cast that are on the wheel have guessed. Okay. All right. So you're ready to spin the wheel. Episode thirty. Can you believe it? Can you believe where you're thirty? He's never get there. Yeah. Thirty and we're we're just getting started here. Imagine if this is the thirtieth episode of watching that same. We would we would have been done that would have been we would've just say, honestly, how many do you think we could? We would I tried to watch it twice and the second time. Like there is nothing. It's not enough that it's funny. Yeah. But it's like, I guess would there have been like little things that we would have picked up New York. Also, this is very like the sort of interstitial between scenes, very, no it. I think we would have picked up on different things like on the train party different thing. Yeah. We're like like, hey, did you see what was in the garbage disposal? What was going on like in the forensic lab? So things were not made to be analyzed. It's like a night. It's like you shouldn't do podcast every episode of late night with Jimmy Fallon. They weren't made to really held up the hand. They don't hold up. Okay. All right here, we go. Here's the wheel episode number thirty of Rene up while will it be. Here we go round and round. And it is coming up. It is not season. Three episodes seven every little bit of a photo finish year zoom in and it is Robin. Akiva, need a life. Coach. Ooh. That is with Caitlin Herman that could be a bitty scheduling Tricia Esther. So next step is I will shy text Kaelin Herman now and see if you do the life coach podcast this week. Yes. You shook. Let's let's see if we can do anything that we could banter about while. I'm waiting to hear back from her. Yeah. We'll figure something that's about to be to know. Okay. So kudos there to the Mets. Okay. All right. So text Caitlyn Herman. Are you available to do the? Life advice podcast sometime. In the next week. Okay. Let's see. And hopefully, we get an answer to she's not we wait another week or do we scrap her or I don't know what happens. So we're having before if she's not available. Let's see if she is not avail. I'd love to just stay on until we can get an answer on this. But if she says that she's not available then I think we have to spin again. Right. Another chance if it comes up next time. Yes. Or or she's I can do it next week. I guess we can then spin the wheel and then not have a wheelspin next time. I don't like that idea. Well, what what way I mean, we have these things with guests that are dependent. Then we shouldn't have things it'd be at the whim of our need should be. But I'm like, this is a great honor. And. Out of your hound for a week. I mean, do they have the internet where she is? Like is she in a remote island with no internet wouldn't want her in person. Oh, I do wonder. Well, I'm not in my jeez. Welcome to me. But I feel like you're person. Yeah. It was at the plan died. That's the plan to have her here in person. But if she doesn't answer for four hours, so we just going to keep this going. Can we commit to just keep we'll like give it five minutes. Yeah. Five minutes. That's what she's got. Okay. Five minutes. And then we'll then we'll sure we just record two different ends to the podcast like a choose your own adventure like one where she says. Yes. And the next one where we just do adult a spin. Okay. All right. Let's then so you wanna record an alternate ending where? She is where she says she can't do it. Okay. So this'll be the ending of that. She can't do it. And then we'll talk through. Okay. Like, all right. Akiva, bad news looks like Caitlin is not available to do the podcast was where do we go from here? We got a respond that wheel re spin the wheel. And so sadly, we did not get Caitlyn Herman. So this is what we're going to do instead. Correct. Okay. All right here, we go. We'll spinning what if it's Kaelin Herman again. Then this like fate really wants us to ever season three episode seven. Yeah. Well, that's not a big shock. Okay. So are you ready to go to the fishbowl? I mean, do we need to we do need to go to the fishbowl? Yes. Okay. This is golden girls fishbowl have a one week just stationed period like the wheel does I say, no. The odds are against it. So yeah. The odds are about one in twenty one. All right. I haven't heard that sound in. Then we reach you in. Is closed. Well, people ever hear this if Caitlyn Herman just text back and says I'm in. Yeah. Okay. Okay. All right. So here we go kiva. This is in my hand. I have SNL. SNL season. Three episode seven almost got kicked out of the fishbowl was not kicked out of the fish. It was not. Okay. All right. So we are going to talk about is that just the two of us. Yeah. We have a guest. Okay. That's fine. What about Lauren? Do you think we get lowered Lorne Michaels? Yeah. Well, I just want people to drink or Lauren from survivor know, Lauren with any aiding guy. I was friends with more than short. Yeah. Michael's really thinks. I ninety nine percent, sure. That the show has to end when he's done. You know, what I mean, you think so I think in his mind that the show cannot continue without even though I'm sure NBC is going to fight tooth and nail for that. That's that's my impression. I don't I don't think I've ever heard that. No. This is just my take. Yeah. I think it's a cold take. No, I'm pretty sure that he has said things like. Listen, we used to get lower this. Yeah. We'll ask him when we come when he's on the pod. And he's onyx week who was the host of SNL. Season's episode seven. I think it was like someone we'd never heard of some ridiculous person. It wasn't Candace Bergen. No. It was neither the actress Candice Bergen Northey raises politician. Okay. SNL season. Three episode seven. Yes. It was Mary Kay place. With musical guest Willie Nelson. Okay, Willie Nelson we deal with so real watch freaking episode real bummer. Caitlyn? Herman was not available to the I tried to kick the S and L out of the fishbowl. But the listeners knew better than make. Yes, what they wrought. Look. I think we'll have fun. I think it'll be good. It'll be good bad is good and good is good. But mediocre. Yes. Fleas? Also this on Hulu where we watching these. I feel I guess it bounces around every year. It was on hopefully, not the same side. We watched CSI New York. No, no, this and L is actually on one of the streams this just bounced around because it was like Yahoo had its own thing. But then like that went boss think. And if Caitlyn is available, and this is back in the fishbowl or we burning this. This is. I'd like to burn it. But it doesn't get burned because of this. You know what? I mean. It's like we can we can next week say, hey, we were not excited for that. Let's boot it. But it doesn't give it shouldn't get punished. Like it's already punched enough that it doesn't happen. Okay. I've never wanted Keeton Kaelin Herman to respond to you more than I do right now. Okay. All right. So let's record the ending where that Caitlin has responded that she is going to be on test. We also keep this in like is this whole thing in. Yeah. Okay. Fine. We don't have to add it. Okay. Alright Akiva next week. Caitlyn Herman will discuss question that we need people to send us their questions of their life advice question. So this is going to be one that this could be a quick podcast or a long one. Yeah, we need a so. Yeah. Put RA any p at new at rubs as rob as website dot com. That's right or need a podcast rubs website signing social, recaps dot com. I feel yes. If you're still an old school. The original your your life question. But he'll try to keep like a paragraph because I it's really interesting. Yeah. The most like, I know everybody feels like their life is the most interesting thing. But really when you're doing these dating advice shows or anything like paragraph is really a lot like five hundred words is like wait who is this again, what is going on so paragraph? Try to try to be sustained and in keep your wife already not a huge fan of the show of RAI keeping you the podcast, right? She is one of her least favorite shows and not a big fan. Probably. I think this is her least favorite of all the podcasts afford a freaking hater is she's in the silent majority. Yes. I can't even mention rob Makita podcast without like, and I roll from hell not it's not because listen, we're putting her kids through college. Of course, she doesn't care about that. But now having I think she looks at this podcast as like, okay, I understand the function of the survivor coverage. This is you're just messing around with kiva. This is not a integral part of the rob. As a podcast experience, Tuesday f. Suze f that one dozen news AFC, but these af is shorter. And I think she's like she likes Tyson more than you fair. And it doesn't really like impact that much. I'm in my wife hates it. Also. So record this weekend's she has to he knew more about this. Like, nobody's Nicole. Did you hear what happened on news? Af. No, yeah. Listen, we got we make headlines though. That's what we do. Right. Rob. Yeah. So I think she's going to be extra mad because I think kaylin come into the studio for a Robin, Akiva pot. She's just not going to like that. No. It'll be fine Nicole Caitlyn routinely. Caitlyn works out at a like she goes to the gym next to where my wife goes to go boxing. She's well, it's gonna be you up. I think she's training to like you. The trial. I think I'm still faster than her. I would guess you're faster. Yeah. Much longer limbs than she does. Like, they're they're not afraid of read some podcasts reviews while we're still waiting fruitlessly for Kaylynn through sponsor tax. Okay. All right. So let's go ahead. And let's look this up seen. Anybody gave us any reviews in the apple podcasts store. You can go to rob has a website dot com slash NAP to go ahead and go directly to our page in the apple podcasts store, and we're going to go ahead and bring up, Robin. Akiva need a podcast with one hundred seventy four ratings in the I tunes. Apple podcasts store. Okay. Oh, here's a one of our most recent ones. And this comes to us from a listener looks like we got a lot of feedback from the TV theme song bracket from people. This is from Karen by the bay says kiss my grits. The theme song to Alice was snubbed used to be. Said used to be shy. Don't all the rest of the words come from there. Even if you can barely remember show. Why don't even know what she's talking about? I don't even know what show she's fucking about. All right. The deal with this week, rob. All right people saying how was my show snubbed. And we've never even heard of the show that are talking about. All right, then here comes somebody named pure coin. Pure coin says a warning to those yet to listen first off, I'm not I tunes user and setting up their services a frustrating. Ordeal. But it was vital that I leave this review. It literally took me an hour to get to this point. And I only tell you this. So you can appreciate the severity of what follows avoid this podcast at all costs. Rob sister. Nino of the scorn fame and his young ward kiva Winokur are on a mission to create the longest podcast possible. It started out instantly enough with a couple of music videos and enjoying the company perfect strangers and it since devolved into a non stop barrage. Of musical interludes sleeping listener updates. And sometimes even forget that they have a show and just banter for the whole episode. They don't even speak English anymore. It's all Yeats and ups, I fear in the not to distant future episodes won't be measured in hours. But in days, there's one saving grace at the start of every episode, rob explained the entire podcast down to the small detail. So newcomers we've lost. So he this warning. And don't fall into the trap that myself in almost a dozen listeners before me have the trap. That is Robin. Keeping you to podcast love it. Okay. We nuts. Five stars five stars. Yes. Then also a couple other quick ones. This is one enraged incensed angered and infuriated is the headline here by invisible terror. There are some of the emotions that I went through listening to the latest podcast advocate ranked TV theme songs created by a list from the Cheetos mascot, Chester shot at Chester their criteria for which songs made it through was inconsistent and seemed to hinge on whether kiva kind of burst of energy or falling asleep. I think that he had a stroke in the middle hours of the podcast where he was making a weasing noise for a while. This was by far and away the best episodes of our. So I would give it a go. Can I can I say, by the way made a prediction after last week's episode? Yes, I thought that someone would write in and say they got new car accident during the different strokes. Bunch of like a gotten a bunch of like almost got we have gotten those emails before. Right. Like, I almost got in a car accident. I got hit by a car. We got I thought like because I listen back to it. I know I never listen to my podcast just to hear what it sounded like and my laughter was so infectious it made me laugh, again, just I have never heard you make a noise like that. It was five in the morning. I was the legal. What is what's happening to kiva? Like I made the joke. I I think it was funny. But it might not have been like the funniest thing ever been uttered five in the morning when I hadn't slept like two days. I was delirious. Yeah. I couldn't stop laughing. But I listen, I think that I think it's going to be tough to beat that to make the best of our ASAP for next when the clip show comes back on the wheel and a couple of clip show, the P clip show. Okay. Are entrant into that. Yet might be tough to be. Yeah. The only thing working against it is, you know, I don't know if if in general stroke humor is. You know, widely loved I didn't get one complaint. We got we got a hundred people saying that was funny clear audience. That's listening three hours to a podcast. I don't I don't know if the if the general buried at the end of the of the best stuff that's going in. Yeah. We'd better have some good moments at the very least I need to pull your laugh to the soundboard there. Okay. All right. So a little bit of a cliffhanger this week. Yeah. I don't know. Maybe you could record the you know, what the answer is by yourself if she expec. All right. We will see we're going to wrap things up next time. It will be rob McEwen. You to podcast episode number thirty, Akiva, what's going on over on the thirty two fans podcast. It was the end brackets season, Chester. And I. You guys had one. Yeah. It was crazy. We finished March by ranking by doing a bracket of our thirty two favorite listeners, and we pick the favorite listener. Okay. It was regret are a winner. I regret picking that person to win. Okay. So is your favorite listener, not the best listener. Yeah. Sorry. The how we choose. I guess is subjective. It's up to each a host, Chester. But yeah, we we narrowed it down it was really activity in the Facebook group. Do we if you listened or not that was a big one? Because if you don't listen it would be hard to make the thirty two. But we weren't sure, you know, is there something wacky about you that we could make fun of because there's people who listen, but they're kind of straightforward. And then it's like, all right. We got nothing to say are they like a little goofy. We know them, you know, that that helped you, okay? You are in the bracket. I was. Listen to this one. Yeah. You were in that one. But you don't listen to the non-football stuff a lot of time. So you didn't if the podcast was every week kiva in Chester fight that I would never miss an episode. Yeah. You one more fighting you one more fine. Yeah. Are like weird couple where we'd go through like they'll be like six weeks in a row where like we're in the podcast, and we're getting divorced. I'm never gonna speak to him again. But then we'll go like a year where? You know, we're like fine. And we're sort of good term. Yeah. It's like right now, we're in we're in where to go. Yeah. It's a lot. Like, we're in a good spot right now probably won't last too much longer. But it's not I guess it's more fun to hear us fight. Okay. All right. We will see what happens next week. If we don't have update in the podcast watch for Twitter for the update on what's happening next time. A true cliffhanger kief. Yeah. We even we don't know the answer. And what if cable says guests, but like she needs ten days time or something like you, and I can talk off line, and we'll figure it out. Okay. Fine. Okay. So you think that if she needs more time, let's not race in with another episode. And then just two weeks we could do the other episode. And then that's fine. That's why we have a contingency. Okay. All right, everybody. Thanks for listening. You guys are the best. Hope you enjoyed our solving murders murders here today. Take care. Bye.

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