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The lease. Is that game misconduct podcast with Don league-record and welcome to the Wednesday. They should have game. It's conduct. I'm Don league-record, and who was floating around the studio that I wanted to put on former great goaltender for the out. Now, you can hear them on Humpty Canty and Rothenberg a ninety eight seventy SPN New York between the hours of ten and one is Ricky Piatra. What's up man was gone Donny you're hanging around 'cause you're founder went to go see frozen. I just liked the just hang around for that. I was hanging on to be on this podcast. They go ask listen, I gotta take advantage islanders. They said by the wildcard were in third place in the metro feeling good big win last night. You gotta love it. Because Saint Louis is starting to play better under Craig Baru be and they started winning some games surprises to people. They beat the capitals the other night capital's kind of lose a couple of tough games here. One thing lose to Nashville, but to lose to Saint Louis that was a little disturbing. But I wanted to throw it out. And I throw it out on Twitter earlier this morning. You know, one recap the games pre the games coming up tonight. But I I want I wanted to ask everyone the question, and I'll ask you who's got the best chance to be Tampa. Because it's been a long time. Rick since we've seen a team this much better than everybody else. I think I saw the stat that when they had a twelve point lead on Toronto in like December. That was like the earliest team had that kind of a lead since the original six era. I mean, this is no joke. Now, I'm not guaranteeing any kind of win. But whose beat them who's beat him in the east? I think the team that you would point to in the east is maybe Washington, right? Because I mean, they've they've been able to do it. I just think with Tampa. And if that team stays healthy as deep as they are as. Counted as they are. I mean, the the additions that they made last year at the deadline. I mean, it's funny how mcdonagh here. He's your captain, you decide to par ways. And all of a sudden now he's in Tampa surrounded by that much talent. And now he's in the conversation for the north twenty talent does. But I mean as far as top the bottom, I love as less. I think it was a blessing in disguise actually that he missed some time because last season the they played them too much. And you know, I think the teams that I would point would probably be in the east the Washington team. And then as far as the west, I really like national I really like Winnipeg. Albery? I dunno Calgary yet. I mean, I'm not sold on their on their goaltending situation. I'm not I mean, I think listen the fact that I was in locker rooms with Keith kachuck watching this little kids run around play mini sticks. And now they're doing what they're doing in the NHL. I know right. It's amazing to me. But I just think when you look at a team like nationally look at a team like Winnipeg, and you see what they're capable of doing. They have the talent they have the grid. You know, when they've done a, you know, this you watched enough hockey that when you hit the playoffs and you start adding that element game slows down a little bit element the size the physicality those. I mean, those are two teams I listen I thought Winnipeg last year was geared up and ready to to get to the Stanley Cup finals. And they got they ran into Vegas Vegas. And I think also hurt them that they had such a difficult opponent second round in Nashville because of the stupid convoluted where the NHL does their playoff system. They can have two teams that good plane in the second round. And then Vegas. I had an easier path and credit to them, but they only just ran through everybody. With Los Angeles, and San Jose and Winnipeg had to go at it with against what I thought at the time is the best team in the NHL beat them. And then they didn't have very much left. So really depends on how it's gonna work itself out. So we could talk about western teams Calgary Winnipeg Nashville, but the team where they can get picked off. I think it'd be in the east because of the way it situated here. And the scary thing about why teams are playing now. Oh, I love Toronto. They score a lot of goals. They're struggling now. All of a sudden they've kinda hit a little bit of wall. Anderson not healthy. They've got to defend better. I mean all of the defensemen or all or offensive guys. Boston's creeping up their dangerous Tronto could fall right out of the playoffs. The way the Anders are playing right now the way Montreal is playing. So I think Washington's got a shock as they did it last year they can be feisty with Wilson. They've got Ovechkin that can dominate and they've got a goaltender that's been there. And they've done that outside of that. I don't believe in Pittsburgh. I think they got exposed on this western trip. I don't think there's very d. On the blue line enough to make a serious run to the cop outside of that Boston healthy. Do you like they're young defense minute. Big spotlight Carlo like McEvoy is that their achilles heel. Is it Rask? I don't think it's Rask. I'm when I look at it in Hawass been great for them for me for my money. I mean, you can say what you want about to grasp. He's one of my favorite goal is to watch the NFL. I think he's rock-solid. I think when you look at a team like Boston. I mean that that's an interesting team because that's another team in in. I always say this people, and they ask me, you know, which teams do you feel good about I like teams that can be versatile. I like teams that if you wanna play an uptempo fast speed game with skill. I can play that. If we want to slow this thing down at some physicality. We wanna scrap it up a little bit. Yeah. We do that too in Boston's one of those teams that can do that. And you're right about Toronto. I mean, they have all the talent in the world offense. But if they don't figure out a way in their defensive zone to figure it out because you're right when when Aniston's not healthy that team struggles, and we have David quit on our show. We try to get him on once a week when we come on. He said the biggest thing that he's noticed about the Joe is is how close these games are all every night. It's unbelievable. And it just puts an emphasis on you know, what you do defensively. How good your special teams are in more importantly, and I think you saw this with the Rangers. I. Hand when Henrik was the top of his game. I mean that can compete when he's not if there's one goal a game where he says themself. I probably should have had that one. You got no chance there, and they got young depend can get exposed. So who's the Ron Haines -i who's the guy that you can trade for at the deadline that can help Toronto with the blue line. See I think the Rangers are an interesting team like that further name mcquaid that defenseman like that the grit that that he can you step in and just be just be a presence be solved. The a good good solid offensively put them, you know, with one of those guys is going to go up there kind of joined the play more often than not that kind of solidify that position. I mean, that's that's kind of what you're looking for. If you turn with this point. Yeah. Because I'm not looking for because you look at the the teams that aren't gonna make the playoffs like the ackman. Larson's aren't the guys they need. They need a stay at home defenceman. They can give you thirty minutes at a big playoff spot. Shut down the opposition stand in front of the net cleared out on carry scores. A point as long as he's his plus minus plus ten the end of the series. Look at these teams. Right. I mean look at the Washington Capitals last year. I mean, you got a guy like Brooks orbit, and he's not gonna do anything. He's not gonna while you offense. But that's that's right. That's kinda got you need. I mean, this Stroman that was one of the biggest losses. I think in my opinion for the Rangers was Anton Stroman because that guy is just I mean, he's just a solid defensive defensemen. Will you know, what killed them not to get off the beaten path here, but the not resigning Stroman force them to trade for Yandell. So it was like a domino effect. And then you would end up losing you lose declare who beat him the other night with a nice individual effort with Columbus. Columbus is a team. Let's throw them out there. All right. Very well coached. Okay. Panara n- if he gets hot aci- having a great year little worried about Broschi in a big spot. You like their blue line is is data team that maybe we need to pay more attention to the east. It's a well coached team. I do like Brodsky a lot. That's another one of those situations though. I mean, I listen I love John Tortorella. But he's not the easiest co sometimes get along with on fact that I mean, you talked to a lot of people I have never heard one bad word above Rossi. They said hardest working on the team always shows up solid. Guys, one Venice like he's he's the real deal and for them that kind of problem the contract. That's what it is. I get it. When I was there earlier in the year, they said the pan-arab rob ski contract negotiations are a major problem for this team. And if they stink they trade him. Problem solved. You can't trade him. If you're gonna finish the second or third in the division. Maybe they'd never made a run. They've never been out of the first round U Penn there. It's a great building. It's a fan base starting to grow. How do you have a chance to make the playoffs to trade those two guys away? You can't going to. I mean, those are. I mean, those are two vital pieces. I if you're gonna make run on their forget this and you'll love the story. So, you know, speaking of torts knit, and it's funny. These having this kind of problem with with Roszke, so we're planning the world championships. Nice the buses shops, though times they hate towards you know, my my wife's family's from Tampa me. And you America. Guys, put us together. Win a Stanley Cup. Kept pestering was that a pizza place made of a pizza? Finally, practic- Grozny goes this. What's your problem? I said what do you mean? What's my problem? He goes I a goalie in Tampa hobby Boone that won't talk to me, and you won't shut the bleep up. No, he can't Stangl. Those doesn't get it. They speak a different language to him. It's amazing. He that's why he loved to be in New York you'd have to worry about hang can coach himself. You know, let them while layer deal with he doesn't like the deal with goaltender. So you're probably Apas asked. He couldn't take couldn't take him. He had enough. He's like, okay. Let's just you just do your thing. I'm gonna do my thing and leave me alone. We're kind of all over the place here. But I just love talking hockey within throw anything at you. And you're prepared for it. But it's it's fun. Just talking about the conference and then the west is to kind of open as well. Like who's the best team in the west right now is it is it Calgary? Is it Nashville like you said you love Winnipeg? But one of those two teams are going to be out in the second round. And I hate that that doesn't eight niece it what you want. I mean, the you you want the at the end of it you want. What you think is going to be the best team? You're right. I think the Winnipeg like when I watched Winnipeg in because I thought national was gonna be was my pick to get out of the west last year. And then all of a sudden Winnipeg did to Nashville. And I'm like met Nashville. I mean, national was my favorite team. All of a sudden Winnipeg does what they do. There's no way Winnipeg's Vegas and all of a sudden. Vegas was going to go down in every series. I'm like well the kings. They got experience they're going to beat them. All San Jose's finally going to beat them. Whole Winnipeg is so much better than Washington. Eventually did it, and, you know, Vegas starting to get back into the conversation again, they're flurries. Been healthy Carlson starting to score goals for them. He got back all of a sudden things amazing. Right. It is amazing in Florida. I mean what floor has been able to do. I mean, you wanna talk about a perfect fit new team what he's done so far. I mean solidified that position that's a good team. And you're right. I mean that team starting to kinda hit their stride and figure it back out. But I mean Calgary's one of those those weird teams where again, you're not I'm not in love with that team. But every time I watched them play. I'm impressed by the team. Like, I'm a little hesitant to be all in with them. Just because we haven't I don't feel like I've seen enough yet. But I mean between Johnny hockey woke Chuck is doing they're actually getting. I mean, they're actually getting solid goaltending at the moment. And that's that's a fun fast team to watch play hockey while the the deals they made to solidify the blue line. I thought they underachieve defensively. And now, I think they've got a solid core. Six guys. And now you said good DRO is taking advantage of the new NHL. He couldn't played twenty years ago you killed. But here he's he he's third league scoring last time. I checked Monaghan quietly. Got twenty five goals. So I think Calgary's in the conversation about this. I wanna get your opinion on this San Jose underachieve so far this year, everything you could say about San Jose up to now. Now they've gotten they've warmed up. They'd be Pittsburgh last night is what you said about Washington if that team gets hot they've got the talent they do. I don't know if you're Jones fan, but they can score they can defend now, maybe this team will figure it out. But we're having a conversation December what's wrong with the Washington Capitals. They won the Cup. You know, San Jose has gone to the playoffs. Do you like them? No, I like, San Jose. When you look what they've done. I mean, especially over the last ten they're not one over the last ten for me a lot of what I look at as far as how I judge teams is the lot of its goal differential. You know, what I mean like how good you are with your goal differential in a team like that. And I mean, just just look at their blue line. I mean with Carlson in burns. I didn't realize how good burns shot was like I'm watching some of these games. He's got an absolute howitzer. I think with with that team if they can if. They can come to grips with the fact we're salt in the defensive zone. We give up less second and third chances one in Duns the offense will take care of itself if we can lock it down a little bit just a little bit defensively. We got enough talent we can move the park. We've got a great powerplay. We'll be able to figure that out. I think I think Jones for me is he solid, but if you're going to ask him to start I don't put him, and I know people love Jones, they reminds me a lot of carry price. That's that's overstating it a little bit. But there's guys like Vazza Leschi Brodsky guys like that that, you know, Hank when he's at his best. They can make Jonathan quick second third force as they can steal your game. If US Jones, okay. I can see it save it. We're gonna take care of the robot. It's about second third opportunities. Yeah. That's a really good team. I just are they doing that? That's the real question. Now you said goal differential. San Jose's fifty plus twenty nine. Okay, winnipeg. You love 'em plus thirty one up fourth. All right Toronto despite their holes, plus thirty three that's. Third Calgary's plus forty Tempus plus fifty eight crazy eighteen more than the second place team. Neil Smith brought it up to me when I did any chill out with him. When we came out of a lockout he said with this with this new point system, we get a point for a loss in overtime in the whole shootout and everything the true indicator goal differential, and you're right. Look at the teams Negga Tampa Calgary Toronto, Winnipeg San Jose Nashville. Pittsburgh Washington nut the top eight the islanders the islanders. Our ninth plus a goal differential plus sixteen or eighteen Vegas is a plus sixteen the that's the indicator right there. Now Toronto I think is doing it because they're outscoring their mistakes that scary. The other teams I think are doing it because they're good on both sides of the puck. You have to be. I mean at this point with all this kind of speed that you have in the it really for me. It comes down to. I think you start to see this the further we get along in the season is is good solid defensive zone. Structure taken advantage of your special teams. Having a good penalty kill taking advantage of the opportunity to have on the power play. And getting Saul goaltending in you bring up you know, Tampa goal differential. I mean when you look at that team. I mean, I I think sometimes you overlook how good because kucherov has been that good. How good Steven stamkos? Steven stamkos one of the best goal score. And you know, he's not one hundred percent. He's not hundred percent. But I I mean, Brayden point stamkos he got. I mean Yanni Gord who I love go top to bottom Polat. I mean, that's an unbelievable that that is a in was surprising to vitamin step away. Now when it seems like they're on the cusp of finally getting over that hurdle face they healthy. I mean, that's a well put together team you wanna take so much. We hear whatever you want Darnall says he has to questions do you think the devils do the right thing giving Hines a contract extension and of the owners make the playoffs to you think? They're game should be at the Coliseum while they should be at the Coliseum. What I heard is Louis really pushing it for it to be at the Coliseum. But the Hines thing was interesting. I think he's a good coach. I think the devils wanted to. Have that stability giving the contract extension, and I don't blame him Shiro didn't do anything during the off season to improve this team. But did you think the timing was right? No. I think they I think they needed to reassure the team that, you know, highs. He was going to be around. I had a chance to work with the US program. I like him a lot. I think they wanna put him in a spot to kind of grow with this young team. When you look at that, you know that situation now, you're right. I mean, they didn't make any any big moves in the offseason to make this team better. I mean, you had the MVP Taylor hall. I mean, I don't wanna say shocked, but the I mean the way he played last year was was I mean, the reason the boy was a whole different level. And on top of that. I mean, the biggest moment for me has been has been Cory Schneider. Yeah. He's not a they don't have a number one goal. No. They don't I in people don't understand this as good as Keith Kincaid played last year. There's a big difference between being the guy and being the backup. Right. When you're asked to fill in occasionally, or if you get hurt, and you gotta fill in for a couple of weeks you can deal with that. But the reason why they're starting goalies in backup goalies, and you're paying. To be that guy that difference maker. And with the injuries everything else. He has been them. I'll no I need to see more Blackwood to determine that. He's a number one goaltender to forever t h ask the question if the lightning fail to win this season. Would you consider this? A major disappointment also Tampa go all in an ad rental. Like Panara n-. I think the low at this point. I think they'll do whatever takes I think when you look at this team. I mean, how well this teams played this is and like you mentioned it. I mean, you ask the question how many teams in these can beat them in the only I mean really team that you feel good about saying could beat them as maybe Washington 'cause I mean the Stanley Cup champions. But I mean outside of that. I I don't feel good about both the other teams in the east having a great chance to beat this team. Now, they've been abroad made for too long here. They won that four. But losing the Stanley Cup final and fifteen even go back to twenty seven lost in the conference. Final lost in the conference final last year. I think John Cooper's heck of a coach. But you're right at some point. And I brought up the word point. Ironically, that's a guy they're gonna have to deal with they're gonna that's gonna be another knee Lander Monir situation. They're going to have to fork over money too. Him. I'm gonna go get sixty one points. And that's it's it's it's sick irreligious. He's twenty nine goals. Donnie pucks and pugs says Tuesday, you talked about the jackass which I do have a vote for what you thought on Travis green. He's got the Cox playing better than anyone. I think he's done a terrific job. I wouldn't have him in my top three. Because I think Bill Peters right now is the favourite the head coach of the Calgary Flames. But at screens denigrate job with Canucks. Yeah. He has a and that was the guy who I mean, that's that's not an easy situation. I mean, we kind of joked before the season with you know, that was the team the story came out that you know, they had to say no more night. But I mean, that's I mean, that's you're talking about a guy who's dealing with a lot of young players. And that's not. I mean, that's not easy to do. He's got an old school mentality. And all of a sudden adapt that to to these young kids as easy, so yeah, you're right. But I would lean towards what you said too. I mean, what Peters is done with Calgary's been has been I didn't expect it. It's been you know, really spectacular. So he favorite in Barry trot test to be in the top three as well. I mean, how are easily win because you could actually. We see it. Rick. Right. I mean, no offense to anybody. That's ever coached there. But I've covered that team and watch that team are far for a long time. And he's the best coach they've had Cintel Arbor. And you can actually see the way they play the coaching effect. It's not even a question. I mean, it was amazing. I was doing some pre-game self with the the blues last night before that game in going through some of the stats and everything else. They give up a full goal less this year than they give them last year. And it's not like, they added talent. I mean, you got rid of your best player. I mean bars L stepped up you lost errors, you really add anything, and this is a complete different team. You watch them in the defensive zone. And you always hear the catchphrase for all these coaches you wash the post game post game press conferences structure structure structure in like a casual offensive. Well, what the hell does he mean structure and watch the play defense zone. And you kind of get an idea with structure means it's a five man unit. And I mean, listen anyone expect Robin Leonard have the the best stats in the NHL right now. No, no, no idea. And he's been unbelievable for them. So that's a testament to him in. I think it was you know, coming from that team being around that team law. It was like I got to the point where you know, what we don't know. You don't know what it takes the win. We gotta bring someone in that does and Lula emerald came in completely changed everything. And you get a Stanley Cup champion head coach Christina says with quick sadly, most likely on the trade bloc which teams would benefit most for him. And what could the kings get return? Let me just say this when I was out in LA a couple of months ago legitimate conversation. That quick is done. He's had major catastrophic injuries to his lower body over the last couple of years. Listen to time Stanley Cup champion and as much as learners played. Well, I'd love to be able to add quick to the islanders. But what quicker? My getting Rick because I'm not sure that maybe he can't stand up to the rigors of along playoff series playing every other day trying to make a run because he's been so banged up. Yeah. Here's what I will say they'll about him is in you're right. I mean, we talk when he talked about someone that plays the position as athletically plays in. I mean, he is he he's all over the place. He needs to be physically hundred percent back all the things that he's dealt with. I would be a little bit concerned about that. But when you watch the way the islanders play in the defensive zone. I mean, you could make the argument that not gonna ask him to be the guy to steal all these games. So maybe he would hold up. But that would definitely be upgrade at that position. Would you do that? If you were the honors I would consider his lives in Connecticut. I mean, I would consider it. It couldn't hurt anything. The biggest thing for the islanders is I do think on the back end if they're going to go for this thing, I think they'll be a playoff team. But if they're gonna make you know start upgrading this team. The back end you could use some help on on the defensive side of it down. And but that everybody's looking for that. Maybe the best teams we're looking for that Phil says listen to Monday's podcast and someone asked about Jack Adams award pens fan so on bias. But how come Mike Sullivan is never mentioned for that award? Is it because he has sit in Gino, not everyone can coach them just ask my Johnston. It's true. I think it's it's the same thing that Mike Babcock always went through the expectations are always high. So when they win they're supposed to when they lose to tremendous disappointment. But I remember Mike is the assistant Terrell with the Rangers. He's a heck of a coach plays a great coach. I mean, he's an absolutely fantastic coach. And you're right. I think he's hurt by the fact that he's got all that talent. I mean when you have Sidney Crosby getting Malcolm in Phil kessel la- tangle the point Murray. I mean, the fact that he's. Been able to do what he's done. I mean, you're expected to win. Chris big flyer. Fan says, hey, Don, he didn't know you were on some sure he'll say hi to Reagan's. Well as a follow up to your common yesterday about Toronto needing defensemen. Do you think they could trade at least cabin to the flyers for Simmons or good as good as having a solid season? And will keep players heads up with his heart hits. I'm not a good est fan. I think he gets way too much trouble. Sometimes those hits Simmons would be a nice ad. I I don't know how that helps Toronto though minute enough physical. If I probably would take goods over Simmons. But I don't think that answers your question to keep in the puck out of that. No. That's the biggest thing for me to. I mean you like the physicality of both players. I think Simmons definitely when you add the grit what he's able to do on the power play especially in front of that. I mean Jonah there's is kind of incorporated some of that and to his game this season. They don't have a skilled efficiency the problem with Gouda is I mean, he does he does. He's a risky. He's a risk taker. Right. So he does. I mean, big hit whatever it is. He does get caught up is any less of that. I just need. Gimme. Cincy. You know what I mean back there? Good. I pass pucks in pucks. Oh, like, it's not rocket science here. It's a lost. Art Reeves helps the the biggest Golden Knights with that. We know what Wilson can do. But here's the difference with Wilson and guy. Like goodness. We'll play on the top line. He has skill. You know, so I can give him twenty minutes in a big game. Now, he might get suspended. That's a problem. But I'm not sacrificing anything by putting him on the ice. The those days are over now agai like McLeod with the Rangers. I mean, I like them he adds a little physicality, but if they were playing a best seven series, like how many how many teams would you face that you felt like you needed to have Cody McLeod out there. It was only like four of them in the league. Yeah. I mean, it would be situational. I mean, that's would be. That's what makes Wilson special as much as he drives me crazy and he plays in the first line. Right. But most of these guys play on the fourth line. And do you want your fourth line out there? You know when you look into score goal. No. You don't on top that especially when you're situation. I mean, how much how much time is your spending on the ice unless the line, which is mean, it's more of an energy than in the else plan. I mean, you're absolutely right. I clearly took advantage of today. But I wanna keep you just for couple more quick hits. Okay. You played Nestle. It's january. We're in the middle of the year. You see Toronto lose. I mean, you see Washington lose a couple of games in a row. Pittsburgh looks like they're kind of days is there that dog days of a season? Where don't look at the losses so much now because they might not be completely engaged in what's going on. Yeah. I think there's some of that. I mean, you know, it feels like as soon as you hit Christmas you start getting towards especially the by week. Now you start getting towards the all star break. This is when it becomes a grind. And. The unfortunate thing in the NHL with eighty two games in. How the schedules constructed? I mean, you experience it with the with the Rangers when you look at their schedule. It's every other night, you're playing I mean road trips you lent at seven o'clock in the morning, and then two days later, you're playing a game is there's really no time to get better. Right. Like the things that you need to work on in fixing correct? To to help you during a game. It's it's more about than anything else. I think is are mentally less physically physically tired. But mentally, you're just at this point drained a little bit. You know, what I understand that? Especially for the time that you played take a look at this league, Washington putz around there five hundred they just lost first place. All right. They could fall there. Only three points ahead of the Allders in the game in hand, you might have to play on the road because the games you lost in January. We're talking about Toronto Toronto's got fifty eight points there in second place in the Atlantic Division. Do you realize the only six points more than buffalo who's on the outside looking in? So you you you lose a couple of games here. You can not only lose home-ice advantage. You drop. Out of the playoffs not Tampa. But teams like Toronto Colorado to the same thing. But that's for me. I mean as a player that stuff to deal with because you know, every night, you have to show up in in give it whatever it takes to win that game because it's that important, but as a fan you love it, you love the fact that outside of Tampa who's got seventy four points, which is insane. Now, everyone else is still in this thing for the most part. You know, what I mean like, you still have a real chance if you put together, you know, three four five game winning streak where all of a sudden, you know, back in the mexic- seen Louis has been terrible. Like for the most part. I mean since Ruby's taken over they've been better. But that's been a disappointing team looked then they forty five points. Yeah. Look at that. Minnesota's the last wildcard in the west with forty nine points. Abington's got forty seven Vancouver. Forty seven Anaheim forty-seven Anaheim has not won a game in their last eleven and their two points out of ploughs by Saint Louis is four points out of a playoff spot, and they fired their coach. That's how crazy is man is not like the old days. I get so aggravated when I hear non hockey fan say, why would I? Watch the regular season. Everybody makes the playoffs. Well, first of all they expanded the thirty one teams almost half the teams don't make the playoffs and you see sometimes good teams. Look a Florida last year that one of the best teams in the NHL at the end of the year and the missed the playoffs in the the one thing I have noticed a lot especially now in. Back when I played there was there was definitely more of a veteran presence on our teams. So you'd see less of less of the mistakes that you see now, but because the league is so geared towards speed and young players. You see a lot of mistakes. So I think a lot of a lot of reason why these games close is because it's so predicated on youth and speed that you see a lot of. I mean mistakes lead the goals. You know what I mean? Like, you never know. So it makes it fun to me. I listen, I could talk all I could watch hockey all day every day. That's how I feel about it. But you can't have kids on the blue line earn goal. You notice that you can't have a nineteen year old at forward because you can you can move around. You can draw them to the fourth line. You can hide them. You know, what you got six defenseman where you hide in your defense. And where you hide your goal goaltender. So you're not seeing kids on the blue line and the goal. No. I mean as far as defense so defensemen you'd like to have that element of veteran leadership guys that know how to make the smart decisions goalie one hundred percent, and then you're centers. I mean, those are only God. Yeah. I mean, look some of these defensive zone. Some of these centers that just have no idea what the hell they're doing. That's that's why if I'm a ranger fan. I want them the trade. Kevin Hayes right is a free agent. You can try to get them back. Are maybe run the risk that he likes wherever he goes. And he stays there. But you know, you can get back for him a guy that scoring goals, and he's got to be healthy. Smith seven gains the upper body injury. He can play wing play center. You drop him into a team like Nashville, right, Colorado. He's been actually he has been. And I said, it's the David Cohen is on all the time. He one of the pleasant surprises me like he's been. He's been really good from this year. Very good. Really good. You see the college guys all of them are playing better. Under quinn. Kreider has played better as well. He was a beast last night. You didn't notice because he didn't really show up for sheep. But I thought he was terrific last night. He was good zuccarello was really good. You don't you don't really like about the Rangers team in. I really like David Cohen coach the BU, really good guy. Is that very rarely do you have coaches, especially coaches that that come from the college level haven't had like this long track. Like, you're gonna say my Barry Trost, seven success. He just wanted. The Cup whatever he says you're gonna buy into. But the fact that he's benching guys the fact that he calls his team out in the media. They always respond. Certainly did respond like he called them out. We got our asses handed to us and what happens last night completely completely different team. And you know, why I think they respond to it? Because I don't think he's telling media anything that. He didn't tell the team five minutes before. Exactly. Right. You know? I mean, that's for me. That's the big thing is that when you have a coach like like David Quinn. All you ask for as a player is just just like, I'm a big boy, I'm going to grow up. Just just tell me where I'm at. You'll have to lie to me don't say one thing to my face than in the media results. That's it. And I got a lot of coaches in this league. Really? That's why when I when I have to vote with Jack Adams, it's so difficult because there are so many good coaches, then when you got a bad coach, you can just see it, and it doesn't work out. But you know, Barry trots Bill Peters doing a terrific job. I think towards doing a good job in Columbus with some of the injuries that they've had. And you see what guys like Babcock do Toronto team that was like nowhere forever? Bring back Hitchcock in Edmonton. What he's done for them. Yeah. They've spotted but still I mean the instantly they looked like a better team. Now, they just have some talents use their way to top-heavy same Colorado. Got so much talent top. But do you have the balance depth? That's what wins you games. That's what when she games. And that's what will sustain success. The thing with Edmonson was as good as Tabah wasn't your one has not been had a bad year. Last year hasn't been great this year on a great defensive team. That wasn't a great pickup. He had a nice you at the Rangers. But the Rangers were, you know, presidents trophy winning team and he's gotten exposed low by like him. He's a really good kid. But I just don't know if he's a goaltenders can take it to the prom. You know, what's going to be interesting in is with the Dallas Stars doing. I mean, you had you had a good place as to it. But you see what comes with the other day that the the worst thing that ever happened to the franchise was spent in the Roth because then at the sign them, captain. I know I mean. On the comments from the owner, just but they're still hanging in there. That's a disappointing team though. Let's be serious. Well, they're disappointing. Because Ben and Sagan have been disappointments, though, their numbers are not bad terrible. But they should be much better than they are. But they're kind of hanging around. But then again, we just outlined. Everybody's hanging around is hanging around for God's sakes, the way this league is those three point games just show. You can you can hang around. But it's tough to make the jump because you chase. After a team. They lose in overtime. Or are you you lose overtime. And you lose that point this team gained the point. It's it's it's crazy. It really is. But it's fun. It's fun follow. Why? While we beg people. You we love hockey bub. I beg people. Like, they listen just folly chill for a minute. He followed for me to watch couple of games wash. How competitive this thing is which is go to one game you'll be unit for life. Get over the preconceived notions of of Bill the regular season. Doesn't mean anything. Everybody makes the playoffs. It's a goon league fighting. I've called twenty games. This year. I think I've I think I've called two fights and the twenty games that I've had now some people don't like that. But by the lack of physicality, you're seeing these kids fly I mean, just to see the skating see Seekonk David play like God. No, he's he's the fastest player that I've ever seen the can do things with speed. But let's Carl Haglund probably faster than mcdavid but mcdavid can do things while he's doing it fast. He can shoot he can pass going one hundred miles an hour. And you've seen firsthand if you're Rangers fan, I mean, I've never played with anyone that I've played with guys that fast. But as far as just crazy, upper echelon speed Michael Grabner was one of the guys ever seen in my entire life. And he gets stuck on a stick moving fast. You see him on breakaways? There's there's a disconnect. He's almost going too fast too fast for himself see mcdavid. I mean, he hits I three strides in its see later. I think that's the problem with Edmonton. Like how the wingers can't catch up with the speed of their centers. So there's a there's a disconnect there they can't find people to play with mcdavid. Well, nugent-hopkins is good. Dry Seidel is good. But I mean loses done nothing was shot. Four goals house. He keep up with those kids. That's the problem though. And that's the kind of guy that giving realistically if you wanna spend some time in the offensive zone, and you wanna create what you need to create in front of that. You've got a guy like what you need. But you're right. If you can't keep up what good is there's a but hit you'll figure it out. I Lama big Ken Hitchcock fan. What? I mean. Listen for him to do what he's done for as long as he's done it. He steps into a situation and things changed the way that they change. I mean, that's a testament to his knowledge of the game. I'm unauthorized your time. I couldn't apologize more. But this is awesome. Thank you, so much pleasure. Patrick DP tro against here on game is conduct. We had a lot of fun. We'll have more fun tomorrow. At Donald Gregg tag game is conduct is way to get in touch. With me comments criticisms, it's all there. It's this. This is for the fans this is for you to to get in touch with me at Donald racket, hashtag games conduct. Thanks, rick. Again, we'll talk to you tomorrow. This was the Wednesday vision of game has conduct. Listening to gain misconduct podcast looking for more dumb. Mcgrath. Hear him on the Michael can show weekdays from three to seven pm on ninety eight point seven ESPN, a New York and worldwide on the ESPN app. Don't forget to subscribe to the game misconduct podcast on the ESPN app. Google play music apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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