Amanda Cerny and Johannes Bartl are Couple Goals


<music> hey guys my name is rare. Carmona and i host was that good for you. A podcast all about sex and relationships we cover everything from kinks too long distance dating aiding and everything in between podcast right now. If you're interested in mind subscribe for more antics we have words of the day we talk all things sacks and if you wanna be on my podcast is to call four two four two four five five one zero two and leave me a voicemail with question or a story or basically anything you want okay now you can jump back in and when you finish up checkout was could you listen to real stories about today's most popular celebrities and influencers. I have your the number one source and it's our hollywood podcast behind the fame. What's going on everyone. I'm tony morris creator host in c._e._o. Hollywood's woods most talked about celebrity news outlet of all time holly wire hollywood's behind the fame podcast reveals juicy celebrity relationship stories stories tips and advice on how a true influence in the positives and negatives of being in the limelight. I've introduced stars like post malone billy eyelash solution arianna grinder before anyone else even knew who they were. My co-host jenner rosenberg and i pride ourselves on knowing who the next big household name mm-hmm is before anyone else does once you listened to behind the fame you'll laugh. You'll cry and you'll even feel like you're actually part of the conversation hollywood behind behind the theme catch new episodes every week available anywhere you download your podcast when i first saw the gym on and i saw you at the gym you weren't the stairmaster and i looked over and sawyers no 'cause i. If i'm when i'm working out i'm focused and it was funny because i saw your ex boyfriend and because he saw me looking at you aw welcome into oh honey podcast you get this sticky in the suite with summer amanda you hana's bottle babble battle donal water bottle close yohannes as a celebrity thirty trainers on just the random person yes <hes> but very amazing random person we love because he is a personal trainer fitness instructor. You have body by bartle dot com dot com spelled b. a. a. r. t. l. Welcome and yeah. You're coming out with new app correct yeah. She's super exciting. My already be out who knows who's to say. Check that links below the yet. Thank you guessed works hard yeah. That's what i do. Adam is yeah the the website now where you can find like different workout plans and stuff and the app is my baby right now because i put a lot of energy much much work into it so much time and like i really thought everything will work out and yell. I'm really excited about it. Yeah building your own. Damn yeah no excited thrill us all the time so i don't know how we'd have role player yeah so we're here to talk about love life relationships and oh honey honey honey honey. Everybody has to say that right honey. Oh that's how you say. Oh honey honey honey on this is my boyfriend for those who don't over a registered. He's amazing. I'm so proud of him. I'll let you ask the questions on this one summer. Okay me ask questions. <hes> we go right coming back. You know what's it like being a foreigner to l._a. We're all kind of foreigners to allay but to the saints yeah so basically <hes> everybody who doesn't know oh. I'm from austria. I moved to the u._s. In two thousand fourteen went to acting school for a year and i wasn't my student visa which which is basically yeah. You have to go to school otherwise you have to go back to your exactly after the one year got my p._t. Which is <hes> an optional optional practical training which is a work permit for one year but you only allow to work in that field of studies so for me was acting so was allowed to act or at least try industry yeah. It's a rough industry so i was aware of that. I knew it's going to be tough especially especially for me because my english wasn't perfect at that time still working on it but accent reduction classes and yes oh so back then i went on additions every single day <hes> or at least like five six times times a week and yeah and i got a lot of knows like every day. Nope nope nope <hes>. I was lying knows. Though 'cause you suck at acting or i don't know i was just like a general yeah. No i think you i think it was because i didn't have any credentials. I didn't have any credits so people will like okay. What are you just go anti dishes too and it's like they have this thing in mind. They're like all right. We want six put for long blond hair. Laurie davidson better actor than another guy but he had brown eyes and they blew is they wanna brown yeah exactly sometimes i thought like one role there was i thought okay that's mine because he was for german soldier and that was like yeah. Here's here's the funny thing so. I took accident arching classes for like a year three times a week and i really wanted to get rid of my accent and then i yeah but i wanted to like you know. I knew if i wanna live here. I need to be able to speak the language and i wanna be you know part of the community leg of everybody so i don't wanna be like that one guy who doesn't speak english especially if i want to move here anyways i went to two that audition the super confident. I was like german soldier. Come on like. I do these good austria. Other people say things like these. He's in <hes> you would say that editor yawn germany. He's going to be saying this in addition and i did my accent like i just i. I tried to do my accent that i used to have and she was like. Can you do a little more. I'm like then. I got nervous. I'm like what do you mean more like your. Your english is is fine. We need more german accent in this and i'm like i forgot how to do it and i didn't get the role because accident accent reduction action paid off so forget how with an accent you wanted to get rid of and that's a good listen sometimes especially which watts it worked was like no you don't even speak the language. I don't care like i just do it right. That's crazy. It's like oh. I guess it makes it stand out. I guess too from everybody else. That's going in. Keep your accents. People exactly like a another podcast. We just talked about like you know like people are insecure about some features and then they go get it fixed and that it's like if you didn't get that thinks it'd probably would have opened more doors. I just wanna break. You totally agree. What's yeah but it's great and i think it was. It was meant to be because that was another no for me and some point on like i got so frustrated that i was like what should i do and then that was exactly the time when i met you in like everybody else and and you guys especially you introduced me to social media that this is like a whole new world basically your student. I was like guac on all kinds of sixteen hundred other ryobi going over relationship goals relationship issues. You will be enact tour because i have a boyfriend. I'm yeah yeah so so well. He's kinda cute but <hes> yeah i you that showed you absolutely that's i don't i. I don't want to switch to many stores than forget but yeah so yeah. No there was one thing like when. I saw you at the gym on and i saw you at the gym. You you win the stairmaster. What was she wearing on. The short shorts the turquoise turquoise shorts yeah dan my favorite one opponent pretty high and i looked over and as a okay you know 'cause i. If i'm when i'm working out you were focused okay and it was funny because i saw your ex boyfriend and because he saw me looking at you and he looked at music oopsy that must be the boyfriend <music>. Julian oversee him all right nope. That's when i first saw you and i was like well. I need to talk to you at some point. Yeah which we did at the party wasn't at logan's birthday party. Yeah i mean we we met before that yeah. It was so i was i was outside a plane. I had this mission to learn how to juggle a soccer ball and so it was like okay i was outside like every day. Just like kick the soccer ball just trying to juggle it as suck at it and my boyfriend was with me at the time because trying to teach me how to juggle a soccer ball and then you'll honda's watts walks george shinco and always george george george loss margin jordan me. Oh yeah i i think it was stopped by later because he saw us but it was just georgia and then you're honest walks up. I was like oh hi nice to meet. You and you had a little a bit more of an oxygen to as like oh. Where are you from sweden and then yeah like australia. I'm like okay i wish sweden and and and then he started he's like oh. You're playing soccer to i play soccer. Let me teach you how to do this yeah and then that was that nothing really happened but it was just is cool because then i i talked to you it'd be cool. It's the first step night. I really liked you at that point. I was like okay cool. She has a boyfriend is fine but i just want to get to know oh you better which i did rap song. It's like a new you gotta go ooh and then fun hearing this year. From then on i think we <hes> started working together so no back to the initial like you thought process like i got here and they were started shooting more videos together and i learned a lot from your leg immediately like editing and business how fascinates to be <hes> because it's so different from acting schools like social media. It's like completely completely the opposite and not opposite but so different <hes> because in acting school acting seen on social media the orders follow delete blah everything and and yeah we we started shooting more and that was basically my thanks to you my <hes> my way into social media which opened so many doors for me for everybody who's out there like from outside the u._s. This was my door to get a permit my o-on talend and be so just in case someone's wondering which is by the way a huge process. It's it's not easy to go through that and i i. I was thanksgiving exactly yeah. I remember that <hes> that was. I think the hardest thing for me ever because there's i was scared because i didn't know like if social media's gonna ever going to help me achieve my goal to just stay in the country. It's not not even like you know money or this or that. It's just being able to live in the country that you love and that you wanna live in <hes> so i had that constant constant. I don't wanna say fear but ahead in headed in the back of my head like always that thought like whenever someone <hes> i remember when mark was like hey. Let's do <music> this. Let's do that and i'm like. No i gotta work in this thing and you can ask him today that he's really go. He was the most annoying guy ever because everything i said was talking to mark downer yeah oh mark dantonio good <hes> and so yeah it was constantly working on that and when when i finally got it i was with them and i started crying because it was so happy. It was added video of you. Yeah we were dating thoughts. I'm what you've got that. It's a video of him like he sleeps freely so it's like a video gets the call and i want to record the moment and then he like jumps jumps out of eddie so happy. He's on the phone. He's like sitting on the couch. I'm like i'm like oh. You are naked in this video not share this with you. You're you're with your mama guest sina. She doesn't care that was there was a beautiful beautiful moment and always still happy that i just bought it out and tears because i didn't expect it that i will get the call because it was like three the days or three days before thanksgiving and i was like okay. I think it was a friday at no. I don't know what it was stressed out over. I was just stressed anyways and and then i was like okay. I'm not going to get a yes or no because you're the holidays blah blah blah and then they called me and they didn't say anything they they said hey you want us. <hes> this is africa. Whatever the lawyer. I have someone else on the line and i'm like your eyes are watering. He's like i'm like so nervous. My heart stopped. I got up. I was like on the moon yup and i walked away and i think that's when you knew that must the lawyer runny hundred recording then yeah so this is whatever the other person on the line and i'm like okay we have good news and i'm like you got your one scream dick. Ah shut for the green card league for the green then. I'll do it you in what i love about it. It's all a lot of hard work like every single day. That's all on his mind just working so hard every day and just not doing it the easy way you know and it's like or the i think you have a lot of strong morals than i think you work really hard in your visa and you're gonna earn that green card. A hundred percent not amazed not their me. No that was yeah. Everybody knows that you know. Some people come to the to the u._s. Stitches marry someone and then they immediately get a green card within a month or two. That's the easy way but i've never by the way no shame on them because socks system sucks with how hard it is for people to come to this country like absolutely you. You don't even realize how blessed we are to be this yeah because me i have no idea i've never had to witness anyone going through that so it was like we don't even realize how lucky he realized that's that's insane. Yeah like you said no shame on anybody who says i met my girlfriend your boyfriend or whatever and then they get married and they do that that <hes> that's totally fine for me like you mentioned. It's just for me. I just wanted to prove myself that i'm worthy and i'm talented enough to work hard and actually get it. Get it by myself without. I don't wanna say without help because i got a lot of help but you know what i mean. Mainly yes and with opportunity comes a lot of work that you have to put in to take advantage of it so and they also like there's something to say about what gets you to the door of opportunity to. It's all about timing in preparation so and that's like a super inspiring message because i'm sure a lot of people who want to move move here follow you and that so inspiring. It's like gives them hope that they can because there's i'm sure there's kids at home and austria being like how do i get to the u._s. 'cause i am no idea so just moved to l._a. And you go to the gym beautiful little girl as do it has little blue turquoise shores stairmaster. That's probably like climbing the burj khalifa or something in there was a steps flights deflates flights fleiss. Yes steps will be to his boss and then we're thinking about getting doggy. Kansas can take your relationship to the next level have a child together. Basically that's what it is no. We'll keep you to seek secret yeah. Summer already has three dogs so she has three babies already because i'm a busy mother yard. We are working mom at home. She doesn't bring him. I would literally die. We're talking about that. I said that earlier yesterday. I had a little drink like a little shy. Tumor eric and i guess humor exit yeah. That's what he word tumor. There's there's i guess i dropped some really into no okay so the first thing that happen was unlike that's where new like fabulous robes and <hes> <hes> then i look at some respect because you know and then and then there was a big yellow mark on it. I was like what happened there and then she's like doc. Oh i it was there when i put it on because i was like look and then there's three mir's up in her hallway and i when i put it on right away i walked out and i looked into this. Oh sure wasn't her right. Yeah what i've had time to do that. When did you have it blows my mind and then she's like women. I have time to do that okay. You didn't say that you're like it wasn't me it definitely was it was on the road when i was like oh. That's interesting their head. She's like this little lineup. I told you i was like that sounds interesting interesting story but i don't fully believe you but okay okay yeah. We'll we'll go with that. There's not any oh honey there's no other prove and then and then i was walking upstairs to my meeting gene and i saw lil trail of yellow and i'm like oh let me just get this off really easily and it's like stained into the staircase and i'm like yellow on the staircase and then yohannes comes up and i of course she alford yohannes vers comes up officers yep and then like there's yellow on the staircase howard happen. He's like summer mike. Oh it really right under the bus just like i'm not gonna take the blame for it wasn't me. It was summer a chatty yellow drink. I was like she had a yellow drink back and then they went downstairs like a summer. Put all the pieces together an aha moment. That's summer alone that summer every day whether whether she knows it yet or not but it's growing i'm really messy. Oh honey. It's time for our sweet sponsor bomba's. How how often do you think about your socks if you're like. 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That's a bomba's and b. O. n. b. a. s. s. dot com slash honey for twenty percent off bomba's dot com slash honey. I'm highly and i'm cap and we create beating us so a._p._d. News is a podcast where we discussed new release makeup and beauty products but we do it with a twist we like to feel like was sitting down. Hanging out with friends have chit chat about what's new. Maybe sneaky one so every week. We liked to bring you. All the information on the past. Week's releases minus the marketing v._s. Yes that's a big guan for us. We are a little bit critical but we also try to be quite lighthearted and bring a little bit of humor to the table so whether you're a fellow beauty junkie or you just i wanna keep up to date with what's new come on aiba join us. You can find us wherever you get your podcasts. Let's have a good time. You didn't use union news year all right. Let's dive into the honeypot so this is a in the <hes> letters from fans right. Yes diary l. Honey diarrhea dot com and we read them and give them advice core our best advice. We're not experts. Disclaimer always definitely not ex- roads on any of this but we're your friends and we're helping you out the best weekend. Okay we'll train nine trying for effort. <hes> never understood that saying thank you get gray for grade a. for effort but it should be like any effort lever effort e for effort anyway. I always think about that too. I should be for folks confusing as what we should say. Effort misspelled okay but i get it. It's like you get in a sudden f effort failed like whatever task it was basically failed at it but you get an a for your effort trying doing it okay but we're we're thinking of like yeah yeah all right question the number one raise for effort okay. Hi saw voices going hi. Hi i am in my mid twenty s and i started dating someone who is a few years older and his supporters and has a child. I really liked the guy. I never dated someone with lack for a better word baggage. Do you think it's a good idea to pursue the relationship or to end it just because he has a kid head. What if we end up staying together and then. I have to raise a kid. I'm not sure if i'm ready for that. My friends so go to clubs and we like to do fun young do things that also he's the first guy i've met who i really connected with help. That's a really good question. <hes> first of all of wow that's tough because she said that she has a really good connection with them. Rate which is i think really hard on and and mid twenties and he is a little bit older as a child yeah <hes> divorce. I think that that doesn't say anything think about it because they you know he was not happy or whatever wasn't happy in the marriage anymore and then it was like okay we have to separate and find new love but like to answer that question on she also said her friends are partying. Alanine sounds sounds like she wants to party to which is not an obstacle like he shouldn't be an obstacle if she wants to go party with her friends and do so called young things if she has a really connection with him. I think there's no problem with ad like gentlemen and be like okay that might it be something for the future but i just addressed us like bush it if you if you if you can handle this and be like okay he already already has a child. That's something you have to ask yourself because nobody can answer that for you because there are some people will be like no. I'd rather have a family you know you. You know it's my child or whatever then there's people again annoy totally accept that and i can handle that the there is a child from another woman in the family or whatever right right makes sense. I don't know if that makes sense yeah but you know i feel like good. Humans is like except kids. Normally right like i was thinking is when you're in your mid twenty. You might not want a kid. You know like so a lot of responsibility disability but it shouldn't be her responsibility. No that's the thing it's like yes. He has a head that is shared custody. I'm sure with his wife. I'm assuming <hes> but i would say it's not her sole responsibility to raise this child yeah she's gonna be the child is going to be a part of her life but she doesn't doesn't have to take the full responsibility of everything she can take on tasks and being a good role model. I think that's the only concern there but if if it's share custody when the child is with other family go out and do your own thing and then come back and be a good role model for the kid when you're around and child thoroughly agree. I don't see a problem in like with having both like this you know adult whatever relationship and then still being a young and just going out and having fun with also think timing is super important so if you're still wanting to i think sometimes when going out going to the clubs and partying going wild like that comes with also like sometimes being in a relationship isn't the best thing i'm sure he's not gonna wanna be worth going out doing that all the time and maybe she is just doing it for having fun but sometimes you know when you're young. You're not that in control troll sometimes timing. I think just get that. I would say if i was her sister. I would just be like hey go out. Happy young be free half fun like right because the way she said we like to do. Young thing started calling old. He has a kid. A young is really not that much older and the fact that he has a kid. I'm sure he's still fun. People kids and i have friends that have kids that they go out when they want to. They just get a sitter and they go instill live their own life because child shouldn't make it so you have no life anymore of us would like the world we live. It's like brainwash. People think oh. I have a kid or i'm older now. I can never have fun. It's like what there's no. There's no time limit on fun. You can always have a good time you know to me. Having a good time isn't going to cloud partying like the best time. I'm what i'm not doing that kind of stuff yeah. That's doesn't determine having a good time going to the club and party and that's actually the worst time you don't even have a conversation. Recissions loud music to have fun so many other ways. That's not even a wave. Sometimes into the club is fun because you're like hey. Let's go. Let's yeah. He's about anything in life for me funnest thing ever but if you're not in good company is often most important importance company so far. I'm like really good friends. We're all going out and we're having that could be fun but the club could be fun to come good company. I feel like there's like like mother advice to this and i feel like their sister by this so mother advice would be like. He has a child clubs. Aren't the best sling for you anyway sweetheart. Maybe a little bit. I think it's great that she connected with them. Be friends with them. You can have a friendship connected connection. Get that find along that party. Out of your life are out of your own if you don't you're going to read it later and you know going to never be happy to lash zero ruin it because you're gonna be out partying stuff and he's going to be way even if you're not planning on cooking up with people or whatever it's just commitment lies like he's at a different probably mindset and you'd probably wants to raise raise the child together. Maybe that's her concern. She feels that seriousness of that from him to like. We don't know that but might be that. Hey i would love for you to moving to be the mother. She's like no no no no. I'm still a kid. I don't wanna do that. So when it comes is down to it's also it's just like a personal to her <unk> like do you want to still be kidding party with your friends and have no responsibilities or do you want to be with a guy who's obviously older so you've been married so he's already. He wants a commitment and he has a kid and he's obviously even if he's not a lot older. He's mindset because he's been through war. He's going to be mentally more in different places probably done with partying league. He's older. You know like i mean i feel it too late. When i was younger i loved partying. I think we answered that one guys what's up. I'm killing in this coffee. Talk a cozy podcast pocket that you can sink in slip into unusual fulltime youtuber prime podcasters free time writer. I talk a lot lot for an introvert. My coziness is coming to you live from sean -tario bringing everything that i've grown to know about wellness self-discovery mental health and all all things related number castration morning your teens finding your confidence to expressing yourself. We're finding the comfort in stepping outside of the comfort zone but like i said it's still from the the comfort of this podcast pocket on the interweb so don't worry so if you two are an extroverted introvert a coffee lover by any means or someone that's just trying to navigate the ins and outs of this world old while wanting to just be open and raw honest about the authentic vulnerability that comes from just being a person in today's age than favorite follower subscribe to come sit in sip zip with me every single monday and we'll just see what life has to brew up for us next guys. My name is carmen. I host that good for you. A podcast cast all about sex and relationships we cover everything from kinks too long distance dating and everything in between the podcast right now. If you're interested in mind subscribe for more antics we word of the day we talk all things sacks and if you wanna be on my podcast call four two four two four five five one zero two and leave me a voicemail with a question or story story or basically anything you want okay now. You can jump back in when he finished up checkout. Was that good for you. Listen to real stories about today's most popular celebrities and influencers. I have your number one source and it's our hollywood podcast behind the fame. What's going on everyone everyone. I'm tony morris creator host in c._e._o. Hollywood's most talked about celebrity news outlet of all time holly wire hollywood's behind kind fame podcast reveals juicy celebrity relationship stories tips and advice on how to be a true influenced her in the positives and negatives of oh being in the limelight identity stars like post malone billy eyelash arianna grind day before anyone else even knew who they were. My co-host jenna rosenberg organiz pride ourselves on knowing who the next big household name is before anyone else does once you listen to behind the fame you'll laugh. You'll cry and you'll uh even feel like you're actually part of the conversation holly wire behind the fame catch new episodes every week available anywhere you download your podcasts. Let's do a number two l. Honey honey honey. Hey guys i'm seeing this chicken is really awesome but the problem is that she comes from a really wealthy family and i come from a really poor family. I am still trying to pay off student loans in debt and she lives a really luxurious lifestyle. Is this relation going to work long term. I don't know how i can keep up with their lifestyle and pain really nice meals at restaurants etc. Should i just give up trying to keep up what stop china. I just give up trying. That's what it says i should. I just give up trying to keep up in. I was it really self conscious reading. I read up before mike. Is there any words that i won't be able to pronounce took over now. Okay so first of all like no don't know. Don't don't stop if you really love her. Do your best to make you're happy but not even an. I'm pretty shift. She loves you. She's not going to you know if she's used to the wealthy lifestyle and she chose you. You and i'm pretty sure she knows that he has like student. Loans to pay back doesn't probably he probably knows he doesn't actually probably knows that so so don't worry too much about it but keep you know keep working hard to make yourself. You know not. I don't wanna say same level but like work yourself up there so inspiring yeah use it as a motivation to be like okay. I want to be able to take care of her. I wanna be able to pay for those. Meals neels those expensive meals those give whatever it is like work. You're you're way up. There and i'm pretty sure she will see that an acknowledged that and it's going to mean way more more when she sees how hard you work then make her happy instead of you already have the money. It's easy here. Yeah you want that yeah here boom. Yeah because you're mantech is like i felt this for you exactly yeah yeah. Maybe she's the type of girl like where she already has. Everything and she's not looking for a guy that can give herself like maybe she's looking for love like because a girl who comes from a wealthy family already has nice things. She already has everything so if she wants to go. Go ask her dad probably for it so maybe she wants to be with someone because she really loves him. Thank you in las to be with him. Money improve <unk>. She is with you for for other reasons than money like what it sounds like. <hes> said don't stress too much but like you said in a in a beautiful way. Let it inspire you motivate you you to work harder and even more to get to the point where you're going to be like no problem. Got it understand the pressure. I'm sure because you probably want to not change your lifestyle and they probably gonna vice places and he's the man he wants to pay for it but then he's like oh crap like this is not on my don't not not do anything still just do really sweet. Things do really like creative things like thoughtful mike. That's what's really going the stand out to her yeah because like what i was saying. She already has all the nice meals and all the nicest things like what she probably wants. Us heartfelt like a guy commu you that card mark sending a card carter expensive nowadays yes she piece of paper either fold in half right on it none of those things for thanksgiving you destroy your hand. Cut it out of the paper brian. You just like draw this and then you credit in his heart. Yeah that's a good one creative gone ten dress just as over there so so so many like i don't wanna let's see easy ways but if if your budget doesn't allow like big gifts yet wind up by beautiful flowers or candle or from neighbors the neighbors is always the thought that counts go to the corner store and buy like a little lollipop and i love you on. It like look a little thing. That was so keep your dick. We'll maybe it will be okay. This might be because this is really. I think also just date nights and suffer a q. Going places can literally be used to make a little four omega the cutest thing in libya if you make four and then you're like watching a movie or something all i i think the salary is like the amount of time that's put into the gifted versus. The amount of money that's put in guest time is worth way more than money right. She's a girl who was like oh. I don't want you don't want that girl. Anyways you know so it's like if she enjoys that and she's happy with that since she's zookeeper fillmore days. It's split half and half like a lot of couples that i've come across with. It's not like oh. The guy's only pays like it's like more like 'cause everything's so expensive and stuff nowadays and a lot of young kids can't even afford their own stuff now. Look guys are like kinda like i'll pay for them. Like women are getting you like better opportunities now just because of like the whole woman empowerment movement which you love but women are making more money to to where they can pay their part so it's like they're not so reliant on guys and that makes them feel good of like being independent taking care of themselves and also and you still don't have those old school people who want guys to pay and it's all it's all preference right. I always leave. L._a.'s offer for girls right now. Offer and guys is and the beautiful thing about life is that you can choose what you want so if you're with a guy and he's not paying for you and you want to pay for you guys. If you're not happy. Don't be awesome. If you want a guy who you guys split stuff with that guy it's like we're not locked into anything like the fuzzier married to them. I mean that's kind of that's something you you figure out. That's not something you can get a divorce over crazy and oh well you paying for me. I'm john unless unless the person is just super lazy and mooching like the whole life then that's another situation. There's there's so many like rule exception. Yeah you could literally bust your brain all day thinking about all the what if you're i'm sure a lot of guys from you to is like how to have that that confidence with like his your balls right and you rocket and you look so good all volatile followed by bottle table buy bottled gas shine or something yeah do that when you're ready lincoln via the time bet like a lot of guys are self conscious about that. Yeah i get that allotted. I share that with you all the time because i think it's so limited. It's overwhelming whelming to see how many guys don't have the confidence when they lose hair and i won and i don't think i ever showed you that message. I got one message it was it's a little aggressive but <hes> but still in my mind is like that's people's perspective. Sometimes he's like. How can you have such beautiful girlfriend and i said that in a nice where he said in a little different way. How can you have such a beautiful girlfriend. You were f- in bald am. I'm like well like i. I'm like adding notes while the people you really think that is a guy that sent it to yeah. It was a guy like he was pro. I don't know would i didn't check out his profile but i was like maybe he's balding. Maybe they care and he doesn't have essentially beautiful girlfriend now. He's jealous because he's like. I have thick hair. Why don't i lot but for me. It's crazy the so many guys have issues with that because when you think about it it's just hair and it doesn't define who you are. We're at protein. Just bodies shave concert on some parts parts of here so for me like i couldn't change it. I just embraced it and for some reason <hes> when i was younger i had a feeling i don't. I don't know why and i said to myself because i saw guys with like you know when they tried to hide. It and i was like that looks so bad like why don't you rock it. You look look at look at the rock yet. Superpowerful jason state than bald bald vin diesel hauled. Uh those are all. I have her picture like the baldness with herod. Look weird to me. I don't the media has like. I seen him with hair. I shaved his head for the first time video. Can you picture here now all misuse humidity it would be yeah. I think it looks like you. I didn't even know who i thought you wanted to be bolted. I didn't know that you've been like shave your head. I thought you were like shaving. You're bald. I don't know you grow then he now little bit hundred percent then. I'm like that's the reason why did it because i <hes> sa- back in the days i five six seven years ago. I did it just because i wanted it so just shaved my head and i was like awesome. I like this is a cool feeling ailing. Nachos wanted to see how it looks and then i had for some reason i don't know why i wanted long hair so i had like really really long hair and it was thick too and i was like cool so i had that in my head you know everybody has like checklists kind of like this. You know jumped out of an airplane. Check and i was. I was like i wanted long hair and i'm glad i did it. Because now i would be able to be right here. Look long hair. One likes me then yeah. Then then i saw saw and i felt in otsego kim thin mayors receding and i'm like okay. I don't wanna try to hide it because i'm aware of it wears a hat <hes> <hes> so so i saw it was like you know what i'll just shave it because it's not getting better they and trying to hide it. It's kinda like oh. I want to hold onto being young care and i was like nah. Let's just do it and then i asked i was thinking shoot a video which she's the as they would love your health. Can you shave my head. Is this when you guys were not friends. Boyfriend back then with that was like the part. Where are we started shooting together and that was like one of the first videos so long like when you guys like renounce sounds like i 'cause. I've seen a while l. before we announced it to. That's what i'm saying like. I would see guys together all the time like they have to be living together like something like get together. Every would i love me. I know what i love about. This whole journey was that we started as friends in like we got to know each other for like a very long time like very long time so you knew about stuff that not everybody knows that i didn't share with too too many people <hes> i learned about you and then we've been together for so long lake just shooting content and just you know working together. <hes> put yeah then after a while. I think it just evolved into more like hey this is great is more than just friendship and that's why i love our relationship so much because it's not just physical attraction. I mean obviously there was a i mean for me the beginning but it did the relationship is based on more than just oh. She's hot. Oh he taught league. It's more important that what made me most attractive not you was how kind you were how sweet you are and how much respect you have for people and how hard working compassionate you are like that's it just is so important like i could never be with somebody who is just like not motivated and the fact that you car care so much like that's the first thing when people ask me about you. I'm like he's the sweetest guy he's like. He says sweet but when you meet them you see like oh. He's like well yeah so genuine. You know there's a lot of nice guys. You're not really nice actually business you see it in his eyes. He just wanted to that and he really cares like yeah. There's a lot of passion yeah and it's like an i know it's like someone that i can link thank fully trust with everything and and this is the thing of like it's always about respect and it's like the fact that we could be friends before we dated just shows that we truly do like each other like it's like we know so much about each other and then were that comfortable and we respect each other as friends and we <unk> are able to keep a friendship because of that and then what brings me comfort there is like you never know what the future holds but like you know i i see a very bright future for us but like i always going to be my life no matter what if you guys wanted his workout plans w._w._w. Dot body bottle the dot com and he has amazing plans at all that check it out. We'll put the links below for you guys to get super easy and make sure you subscribe. I said oh honey podcast. We have a bunch of links below and thumbs up this video. If you're watching it yes do that too and diarrhea. At oh honey diarrhea dot com to put in your submission also listen to us on spotify and i tend so on the road with you listen jan dan. I always want to bring in the jingles body by vauxhall at the gym at least two us. I love it. That's awesome you guys. We love you so so much and thank you for listening and watching my little king and queen bees along you guys.

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