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Do You Neglect Your Salvation?


November five do you neglect your salvation. HOW SHALL WE ESCAPE. If we neglect such a great salvation allegation Hebrews two three is their sense of greatness in your mind about your salvation or do you neglect it. Do you respond to the greatness of your salvation or do you treat. Read it the way you treat your last will and testament or the title to your car or the deed on your house you signed at once and it is in a file drawer somewhere but it is not a really great thing in your mind. You really think about it. It has no daily effect on you. Basically you neglected but when you neglect your great salvation. What are you really neglecting. Here's what he's saying when he says don't neglect your great salvation. Don't neglect blacked being loved by God. Don't neglect being forgiven and accepted and protected and strengthened and guided by Almighty. God don't neglect the sacrifice of Christ's life on the cross don't neglect the Free Gift of righteousness imputed feuded by faith. Don't neglect the removal of God's rats and the reconciled smile of God don't neglect the in dwelling the Holy Spirit and the fellowship and friendship of the living. Christ don't neglect the radiance. Of God's glory in the face of Jesus don't neglect the free access to the throne of grace don't neglect the inexhaustible treasure of God's promises this this is indeed a great salvation neglecting. It is very easy default. Don't neglect so great a salvation. Because if you do will there be an escape from judgment. That's what the writer asks. How shall we escape if we neglect neglect. Such a great salvation. So being a Christian is a very serious business not a sour business but a serious business. We should be blood ernest about being happy. Be In our great salvation. We will not be deflected by this world into the fleeting and suicidal pleasures cheers of sin. We will not neglect our eternal joy. In God which is what the goal of this salvation is. We we will gouge out our is rather than be lured away from such a great selfish

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