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hello i'm not calling in this is the p pro podcast this week on her show arts third party are never ending series better know anelle pm this week paulie i'm speaking with on lou pete pros man in singapore to discuss the benefits of paulie andrew what this payment method is on what you do in singapore i know 'em so i'm part of the payment networks team based out of singapore and i look after a payment schemes andy apec region i at nyu payments games for our customers and i looked to grow together without payments partners in in region excellent so the reason we're talking today is because of where you're based in in asia there and so we're gonna be talking about paulie today in pauley is a bank transfers system in australia new zealand and what else can you tell me about paulie so so it's a pony payments is the company a end you know polly is the brand basically a poly is amy 'em bank transfer method a and not obeying transfer method of a made the same way ride a so holly is what you would call her screens scraping orient interface a payment method a which basically means it's built on top of traditional banking pages okay there are a variety different kind of bank transfers scheme so some of them could take up to a week some of them happened more less instantaneously where it's paulie following this wrench yeah it's it's somewhat instantaneously in the sense that you know because that's a screen scraping came in mets at a the success of the payment is known to the motion as well as to the consumer by wholesome payment i only thing that is not instantaneous is is the funds transfer but basically they play at the point a the payment is complete a much incan already the none of this of is a all the good to good to the consumer so paulie is a fairly secure form of bank transformative for the merchant because they already have indication of the money that they're going to be receiving tight end in terms of popularity so this is in in australia and new zealand 'em quite closely related in terms of culture cultural background i suppose what is the importance of a bank transfers scheme in those two markets e commerce yeah so it's quite a substantial part is it takes fame transfer takes about fifteen send all of the entire payments landscape obviously a car payments is still the number one but a fifteen percent is a is a very important part to cover in terms of conversion rates for the much in that also being able to seven this additional option for for consumers prefer to pay with bank transfer yeah i was surprised to see the both australia and new zealand spend so much money online it's a two thousand almost five hundred in australia and nearly three thousand 'em in new zealand that's a that's a fairly sizable number four the population would be spending online yeah yeah in columbus markets in general i mean it it takes a thirty eight billion a trillion dollars in energy and it's it's it's obviously it's mona as six billion by a that's a substantial homeless market steady growing at ten percent a rate year by year so on what kind of market segments is polly most popular where polly covers a wide range of industries but i'd have to pick one that's really popular folly as it's the travel industry is being offered by some of the larger emerges as a jetstar much in australia and new zealand 'em just to name a few examples interesting anes we mentioned obviously we already that bank transfers about fifteen percent of the market a free concert purchases online but what is the potential consumer base for pauli pauli supports a all all the things basically in in australia new and it's a it's a part seventeen bands in in australia and a six bangs in new zealand so basically every consumer there a that the has a bank account with one of these banks can use paulie to to pay for their goods and services that that see potential reach of this payments every different kind of local paper about that has its own way of a its own consumer for the way the consumer interaction makes the payment how does polly actually work the consumer basically shops on the web page place an order and proceeds to the merchant checkout right on on the payment page a he can choose a holy as one of the payment methods of also by the merchant 'em once you select the policy he gets redirect pitch to the public payment page where as a car stopped a consumer can choose the bank which whom he has his bank account and would like to use to pay 'em afterwards he gets prompted to a insert hits a bank account details and a go through the vegetation patient process of office online banking and receives a code to his phone by sms he can indicate that into a public forum and confirms the payment and yup then gets redirected to the payment combination page where there's a summary of office a payment and a an indication that the payment was successful you can clinton dan on that boston to get redirected to the shop why shouldn't merchants be looking out they australian and new zealand e commerce markets across the whole it's it's it's it's a huge market i mean it's home to about thirty million people and a population everybody is basically online a it's one of their countries with the highest bank population as well and everybody has internet a access an e commerce market therefore is huge right now it's so australia is about thirty eight a billion australian dollar in terms of sizing 'em new land is six billion zone in total it's it's a forty four billion a dollar you almost a market and growing at a steady rate of about ten percent right so paulie might being born here because everyone is banked everyone has an administration anes this is obviously one of the lpn's news there for this right right to the point very cool on thank you very much for joining me today i really appreciate it thank you for having me all right an ongoing work and people find you on twitter on linked in keeping him i'm definitely on an excellent while will put a link in the footnotes would be looking at you and linked in if they have any further questions about eightpack

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