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What The Tech Ep. 418 - The New 2018 MacBook Air


This episode of what the tech is brought to you by casper. Now is the perfect time to give casper try yourself or to gift casper to someone you care about for black Friday or cyber Monday deal. Head over to casper dot com slash savings to save ten percent off on your entire order with any casper masses. For a limited time only this offer expires on November twenty seventh terms and conditions apply. And by a way way makes first-class luxury coach prices that allow you to charge your phone on the go for twenty dollars off a suitcase good away travel dot com slash Andrew and use the promo code Andrew. That's way travel dot com slash Andrew promo code enter. Everybody. Welcome to what the take I'm engineering, of course, I'm joined by my favorite person on the face of planet. Paul throttle. Your volume just went down pretty dramatically. It did I was in the interim music like the volume came down. And then your voice you sound kind of distant do. I still sound this to you or it'll mean emotionally distant I mean. Well, he don't like sometimes it sounds like you're in the wrong microphone kind of sounds like that. I mean, I don't think you are. I think it's the whole the whole sound level. I don't know if everyone else does not notice it that we don't have to worry about it. I think it'll be fine for everybody else. But I can have sunk Catholic into this wall. We're doing this because he's always listened. He's always watching. It's actually starting to sound a little better. Okay. What for everybody? This is what the tech I'm interested, Aaron I'm joined by my favorite person is I told you Paul the rot. Boy. I have a lot of stuff to talk about today because I got a lot of goodies this week. I'm almost done with my review for the glass thermostat that right? Ever told you this? I also got one of those. Oh nice. Did you hook it up? I have still not installed it. Okay. Well, mine's been installed, and I've been using it in re- like it's my real thermostat now. So I've done it hasn't been you know, like if you saw. Test heat a room to see if it works. No. I thought it was really interesting because like the nest right? That's the one that everybody talks about or now this right? This is absolutely a beautiful device. It's something out of minority report. You know, where I it just glass displaying is projected on the glass, and it has Cortana support. It has all this stuff. It's actually awesome. It also has a lot of issues, but I've been using it for the last two months. I just can't do a review because the room that it's in is in shambles because of all the construction so today, they're painting the wall that it's on. So I'm almost done with I review, I have to tell you. This is the beginning of something really cool. How these smart thermostats are probably going to end up being the central hub. We're go. I think we may be looking at this wrong way with you. We have the Alexa boxes we have the echo. We have the Google home stuff means book is now in the game. Everybody's involved in this. I think maybe incorporating a lot of those features into thermostat and lay having that as your smart display could be where we're headed with this. Because if you think about it, there's no reason why Google the new Google displayed. They released can't incorporate Ness support in it somehow if you already have a nest, right? There's a lot that you can do with this. I do want to talk about that. But I also got the HP specter x x three sixty thirteen inch. And I I've been using that for since sat since Friday, so not a lot of long term stuff. But I do want to do compares compared to this one that I have here. And this is the this is not the the previous one. Yeah. It is a previous shin. This is the elitebook though, not not the not the this elitebook line up with the seven gen processor. But it's very very similar to this. But I do want to do a comparison because this is a pretty oh that's weird. When I touched it something happened. Magnets, connectors. I think something happened here. I do want to do a comparison of these two because this is a very close in form factor and functionality the vice, but there's show many improvements over the John versus a seven, John chips and listening. So I do want to talk about that. And a very interesting article that Paul wrote about what was it a couple of days ago how the macbook air. The new macbook airs the best thing that could have possibly happened to surface laptop. Obviously a lot to talk about today and a whole lot more. Whatever Paul wants to talk about whatever you wanna talk about whatever that other Russia. Mobile four. We continue. I want to thank our great sponsor, and that's a way travel. This is my suitcase for life. 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We both praised it in a lot of ways, we criticize it in a long ways. I think I think more praise than negatively with this device goal. Andrew let me let me should talk about. What's happened since? Then let's go tell me because I have one now. Okay. Really nice, which gen Intel is it. Can you remember? Well, eighth the macbook air. Yeah. It's intel. But it's why series. Why series? Yes. But she's another. But but it's seven watts five watts like most wives why series parts, so there's actually a single fan. It never comes on normal use. But if you do something intensive encoded a big video it was crank and the whole time. So performance wise. I don't have the numbers right in front of me. But obviously, it's not it's not as it doesn't do as well. Especially multi core. Sure. As an eighth gen quad core processor, right? But it's probably at about two thirds of that somewhere and that ranch it's not bad at all. Interesting. What don't you like about it? I mean, honestly. By the way. I'm like what? Honestly, there's not a lot. I don't like excuse me. For my cat. She's not welcome. I'm nervous about the keyboard. Right. And by nervous. I mean, the reliability of the keyboard because there have been issues with these butterfly keyboards. And I know this is the third gen, but I also know that some people have had problem with jed butterfly keywords. So there is that scary possibility I would be out in the world with this device in one of the keys will stop working, or in some extreme cases. Keyboard itself might stop working. So I've not experienced this. But it's a it's a worry. And I think it's a normal worry that anyone should have for these keyboards. But you know, the display is beautiful. I actually okay, but the keyboard as far as the typing experience, it's a very short throw. But as we've moved to the shorter throw keyboards, I kind of prefer them and some classic keyboards that I once considered to be excellent like the keyboards you see on modern thing pads. I actually think there a little too. Loose like, they're they're the long throws. You know, you can kind of equate it to if you've ever driven a stick shift like a sporty car. Good sporty car will a very short throws on the stickshift. Yes. And. I know these aren't completely analogous, but it's a little bit like that. I've come to appreciate shorter throw keys. So I'm okay with that track. Pat is fantastic. I think the expansion stuff is fine. I wish one of the ports was on the other side of the machine, and it would support a little more versatile usage there. You know? But they do have two USB ports both which thunder poll three enabled. It's fantastic. I really liked the touch ID. I prefer fingerprint readers to facial recognition. They brought it to this machine. It's great. Yeah. The reader is actually functions. One of the best that I've seen on on a on a on a laptop. I have it on my macbook pro. And it's it's really good testing. Yeah. It works. Great. So actually, I should answer your I can't answer your original question because there is one thing I really don't like. And it's the price, you know. And there's always been sort of an apple tax on these products. I get that. It's not new, but they literally kinda jacked the price two hundred bucks on this particular machine. They basically gone up in price about twenty percent on everything they've released this year. So when you compare the new version of a of a product, whatever it might be the MAC book air, the ipad pro the iphone whatever twenty percent up. It's a tough pill swallow, I think that this machine at nine ninety nine would have made it a no brainer. And we'd be having a completely different conversation at twelve or eleven ninety nine twelve hundred bucks. And of course, the one I bought was almost seventeen hundred bucks after taxes and everything I graded the ram to sixteen gig upgraded. The storage to fifty six and I did that for a variety of reasons. But whatever. That's that's that's super premium PC. Price range. You know, that's a pretty high end surface. It's a pretty high end excellent carbon. It's a really high end h have we have we seen? Obviously twenty percent is is a significant bump. Or year over year for for pricing for the new product. But have we seen a change as far as the overall market has gone? Have we seen a price increase amongst competitive OEM's? No, yeah. No. In fact, if anything, you know with the recent generation of surface devices, actually. The prices are going down really and more to the point. Even when you kind of when you hold the price on something, you know, one of the expectations. You can have is that the capabilities is gonna get better, you know, one of the really neat things about what happened last year when Intel went to the eighth generation ships is that the use series chips, which are the ones that are all laptops, basically, unless it's a super high in machine or a super low end machine. Went from two to four cores in day to day use using word or browsing the web or sending emails or whatever you're not really going to see a big difference. But for those times when you doing something like Photoshop or excel with a big spreadsheet or even playing a game, or whatever, it might be video editing. Whatever that stuff is going to make a big difference. And it comes at no cost literal costs as far as the price of the processor. There's no cost of battery life, and I think at future proofs the machine in a really nice way. Because a quad core processor is going to be a viable thing for years and years to come. Yeah. The long you're the device seeds. What you normally used by the way, we'll talk about this a few but part of your upgrade. Yep. This is here we go. This here. I believe I suspect it out at twelve hundred dollars right, actually. So very quick. Let's let's I when apple announced the back book air, I use that as an example because that computers two point seven five pounds the same weight as the MAC book air, it's a lot more versatile. The screens swings around you can use it like a tablet, you can put it in tent mode supports a smart pen and multi touch. It is way more ports you could kinda rattle rattled off. If you want to look at it. But in way, more expansion, it has a good mix of modern and legacy ports. Screen is great typing experiences. Great the track pad is great. I believe it has a fingerprint reader if I remember correctly. So it kind of lines up there. But also, it's windows glow. With the camera. Yep. No, this is not a fingerprint reader. Are you? Sure. I don't see it. Where would it be? It would it would be it would. Well, the elitebook has the fingerprint reader, what are you looking at now, I was that's a specter. So the elitebook by the way here has oh, I'm sorry. I thought I I'm referring to the elitebook. So you know, I I just. But you know, what everything we just described? This is like the types of specs and benchmark type comparisons that people make in our world, right? The truth. Is somebody's going to walk into an apple store? They've had a MAC book air for some years is probably covered with stickers or something. And they want a new one and they're going to look at this new MAC book air, and they're going to say my God. This thing is like smaller. It's lighter. It's it's it looks like a MAC book air, it has a beautiful screen that thing I've been waiting for, you know, small battles, and yeah, it's expensive. But you know, again, I don't this is not of rationalize it. Well, it is a rationalization. It's not a justification. But you can kind of make the excuse yourself going to hold onto this thing for some number of years. I I think in that world, it doesn't matter and. Apple plays in the premium part of the PC market. This is the only part of the PC market that makes any money, and when you can charge extra for something like this and keep making money, you know, that's a viable business. So yeah, anyone could compare this to anything? I compared it today to the surface book. We can talk about that later too from a pure specs perspective the surface book, I would say alternately comes out on top and because of that process of the series processor. It's in some ways is probably more future proof. If that means if that means anything, but. I don't think a lot of people looking at macbook airs looking at service, laptops, to be honest. So that's the truth. So okay. Let's let's check in into your your throat dot com premium article guys, if you have not signed up for premium I highly highly recommend you do I've been I think I'm number twenty three the rot member. Good number. Michael Jordan's basketball jersey. So you wrote an article and it's the macbook pros. The best thing to ever happen to surface laptop, tell me why. Because this is very interesting, by the way, then new surface laptop, again, beautiful device. Great device. So when when surface laptop I launched a year to half ago it came into market at a time when apple had been ignoring the MAC book pro sorry, the MAC book air by that point for years, some several years, whatever was everyone for years now, the topic has been here's what apple needs to upgrade this, computer. It's obvious. They can do it right now. Why aren't they doing it time has gone by? And so there's. There's a there was a good argument to be made at the time in this still is that. Laptops, kind of a me too product. Right. I'm sure I joked at the time, it's like, Microsoft, just invented the laptop. It's like twenty five years after the first laptop or whatever the time frame is Microsoft, finally conflict the last PC maker on earth ship, a laptop like what is this thing? And the other thing that's notable about the surface laptop. And this is really important is that it's the only surface device, so far, although I guess you could throw surface go into this category little bit. But that isn't trying to invent a new market, right? It's not the tablet that can become your laptop. It's not the laptop of the tangible screen. It's not the all in one computer where it comes down, and you can draw on it. You know, it's a laptop right? And the only thing differentiating it from other, laptops, is that it has this al-qatar covering which a lot of people don't like, frankly. So there's something to be said for that. But the thing that's really interesting to me about surface laptop. And this is true. The first version as well. As a second version is just it has that kind of special. Something it is the closest we've ever gotten on the window side of the fence to the macbook air. It's this perfect combination of size, and shape and portability and power in typing quality and great track. Padded gorgeous screen like it's it kind of built on what apple did with the macro care, and then left hanging there and improved in on it in every way. And I think for a little while their role for the past year. I think there were people out there who are like like, I don't want to buy a MAC pro the the little MAC looks too small actually service, laptops. Right there. You know, it's perfect pipe. The price is great. You know? Obviously, some people prefer the MAC, but apple eventually, of course, does release a MAC book air, right? And I argued I I will argue that I think it's a great. Upgrade for MAC book, air users and pretty much. That's it. Right. I mean, the thing that's interesting about it is they didn't make it a no brainer. Right. The new MAC book air is not this amazing world changing thing. Like, it wasn't twenty ten when this many of them. On the formula. Yeah. So they delivered something competent. It's in style with the types of things they put out today, it has curious processor choice, which you know. I think real world is probably not gonna be a problem for most people by macbook airs. But what they didn't do is blow surface laptop out of the water. Right. And they priced at two hundred dollars more expensive inexplicably. Right. As if to sort of prove to themselves into the world that they are above the normal market forces that shape, the strategies of every other company that competes in this market. And so that's what I mean. Like in other words, what apple did was they released the right upgrade for its existing users who was held on and are waiting. And that's going to serve that audience. Well, but with the haven't done is what the previous MAC book air did which was opened up the MAC to all new users like the Switzers to people were like, holy crap. Look at this thing, it's so much better than anything. We have on the PC side. I'm willing to take the risk and the time and the effort and the expense to switch platforms because that thing is so good, and Microsoft, you know, when they released surface laptop to a month or so ago. I think it's fair to say there was some disappointment. Because it's the same exact body. It just says a quad core processor in it and one new color, which you have to spend extra for you can't get into the low end version of the product. So. If you haven't bought a surface laptop to yet. It's it's nice. It's still nice. It's always been nice. But has a legacy port legacy expansion. You know when you was a port. One mini display. Mini display port on a laptop. These days is like having a serial port. It's kind of a weird old fashioned thing to have they didn't even put a USB port on there. It's crazy. And so at the time, it looked kind of stilted, and you know. Problematic. But then you see what apple did with the MAC book air and you like, oh, it's fine. Because there's nothing there to take. If you're thinking about a surface laptop. And then the macbook air comes you like, I don't even think about that. You know, it's too expensive. It's you know, it's a pitch. I mean, you know, this is the. It's an interesting discussion to have about this. Because when the MAC book air came out in two thousand ten yeah. Forget about the first one, but the second gen one that was the one in that really. That was a that was a game changer for for a lot of reasons. Right. Statically stunning performance was up the par with actually there was nobody else in the class because the PC market in two thousand and ten two thousand eleven we're very different. It was it was ugly. You know, these these, laptops or simply reasons why that computer was so impressive. But you have to kind of compare it to the first one, right? The second one is a little lighter. But let's say they're about the same weight. And yet it has a much better processor, more ram all SSD storage. The other one actually had a hard drive in it. Yeah. Yeah. The other one had one USB port that was under a little door. Click open to get to it and kinda hung out there. This one is to the the twenty ten version two USB ports. A full-size Esotique slot. Retain the magazine which was like the one big thing from the first one market was still going nuts over net books at that point. Right. Yeah. I mean you want to. You want was impressive. The second one. So yeah, it's a different market today. And I guess we could still kind of question with Microsoft come into market with a laptop whatever. Okay. So if Microsoft came to market when the air was coming to market if that was the direction, obviously, this was not the concept of this company. Right. They weren't thinking in this capacity. There were never going to put this product out. You got to sit like this was never going to happen. Listen, this is the only product we show on TV shows with the Microsoft laptop ten years later was it was something they rejected because it was just a laptop right internally. And it sat in the back burner for many years. Microsoft surface might never have taken off the first generation was a disaster. The second generation didn't really go anywhere. RT was a nightmare. Yeah. The third one where they did surface pro three they finally hit on a formula that had to do with foreign factor and display and the keyboard got was vastly improved. And they came up with this notion of this is the tablet that can replace your laptop. And. Of people it could and does still it's still the most popular surface form factor by far. It's not even close. They've had a lot less success in subsequent years trying to push these other form factors, and they will have no success next year when they released a stupid little mobile thing that everyone's so excited about for some reason, but. Because of a variety of factors. Some Intel processor delays reliability problems. They have with a certain generation of surface PC's, which we shall never speak of again, they had kind of a hole in their product schedule. And they were like we gotta get something out. What do we have, you know, it's like well this designed Becker from eight years ago, but a laptop when we do that. And I think the Elkin Tara thing was just an attempt to like, look, okay, we're going to do this. But we have to we have to differentiate it somehow, by the way, I was just reminded in the chat room that the specter specter extra sixty thirteen does have a fingerprint reader, it's on the savage on the side. Yeah. That's what it is. Totally forgot about that. I actually I thought you gotta hold. Yeah. I kind of like that. So is the thing, you know, we we are now in a very competitive market when you're aesthetics. Everybody has a beautiful product on the market right now. Microsoft is producing a great laptop HP's doing the same Lenovo still. I mean amazing products out there. Everybody's very competitive. What is but for the MAC side. Listen that twenty percent booth. They know that a ten-year fifteen year MAC user is not going to say, you know, what I'm just going to go buy a surface laptop to I don't even think they're aware because at the bubble that therein, listen me, I've been using a MAC for the longest time. If I'm using an I use it because it's convenient for me at this point not because it's the best product on the market. These HP Specter's are great the surface laptop to phenomenal. Which I absolutely love the surface lineup is great. I use it. Because this is what I know. And I feel the most comfortable with this. And I kind of don't want to relearn anything. And I'm thinking as a consumer right now, not as someone that's involved in technology. Right. That that's my thought process. Apple not you're not going to care. You're replacing a twenty thirteen MAC book air like you said you've been using it for five years. Six years you go into apple store because you know, you drop date or you spilled water on it. And now you have to buy one you're not even thinking, it's one dollars more. You know? That's actually, it's interesting. That's the other big thing that changed between gen one and gen to the macbook air the first MAC book air costs seventeen hundred ninety nine dollars. So there was a real premium to get this thing that was really constrained. It's a little bit. Like the little MAC book. They have same thing that I think that when has always started at twelve ninety nine but for that kind of machine it's like what is this? Like, it's kind of a weird thing. The second gen MAC book if I'm not mistaken started at twelve ninety nine when it first came out, and then it got quickly down to nine ninety nine for a bass version, and it's been there ever since. And so I think part of the strangest of this new version is they've kind of gone back up and price. Of course, apple is apple, and I mean, you justified in this way, right? And somebody wrote this while the the previous one that was on the market was three and a half years old. So now, you're up to date, and you paying more you weren't getting a bargain before you were getting an outdated piece of hardware that they were price pointing under a thousand dollars. Right, right. It's interesting. I do want to ask you another thing the keyboard like, you said have you because I've been using the new style MAC keyboards for while on the fifteen I feel like I actually I don't know if there's any difference, and I should find this out if there's any difference in the row or anything or the spacing compatible with thirteen inch because I have of miserable time typing on a thirteen inch MAC book pro with that new keyboard, like, my wife's end, the keys are all screwed up the shift. He no longer works. The return key no longer works. The lead tell the Kochta I use on the fifteen inch. However, I've had no keyboard problems whatsoever. Okay. I don't know that. I don't know. I. You know, it's not a newsflash that. These keyboards are kinda loud, really cliquey sound hind kind. Yeah. It's not as bad as it was. Right. You know, the new version has this kind of they have these little. I don't know what they a little plastic pillows or whatever they go into the key. So I think that has improved the sound a little bit. It obviously helps with the dirt getting not getting their Paul my culture and the other day she was into kitchen. She had a laptop out, right? I walked into the kitchen. I thought she had she was playing van Halen teacher. Yeah. And I'm like what I'm like got you hooked up. The you hooked up the Google the Google home. Trying to measure this. I'd like to add like to sound like a decibel rating. I have really big hands. I'm a heavy typist. I, you know, people have commented on this. It'll be an oppress room, and I'm like going to town. Hey, you wanna laptop? I have let's see let's picked up. I'm gonna turn all my processing off on my audio. Uh-huh. So processing is all off. Had. That's barely. Okay. Let me let me see if I could pot this up, and I'm going to do a comparison with this HP and this one let's see. Well, I mean, there's not going to be a comparison. The the other the other. You can't really hear it. You can't I think on the recording. You could definitely hear it. But it is. There's no audio when you I gotta lower this. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. There's absolutely. There's absolutely no sound when you typing on any other keyboard when you're typing on this. I mean, it's so obscenely loud. I I. When I got it the dumbest thing, I thought was oh, it has to be some sort of software feature where I could actually dampen the sound like actually no wonder, I wonder if the new version. If it's not some software element to what they're doing. Because I I I don't find this to be objectionable. On this machine. And I you know, I had a fifteen inch briefly. I had know the first one one of the ones you got. I used it redolent. I'm that time. And it was like you said, it's like a machine gun. It's like, you know, it's crazy. But I'm this is fine. Like, I don't think. This is this is a total anecdotal nonsense test. But I mean. It is absolutely louder than the surface slapped up to in this case, very very absolutely low. But it's not. It's almost not much your loudness is the right turn. It's almost like a timber or Raton to the sound. It has a sharp people. I don't know. Somebody message me once that we were talking about this. And they said, well how how why does it? It's like she goes. I don't see a problem with some you know, what the problem, I'm like if I'm sleeping my wife is doing some work on her laptop. And that's all I hear. It's so loud where I have my twenty fifteen macbook macbook pro that I have in my bedroom because this is so disruptive. Keyboard. And by the way, this is actual bedroom. Mac, I do have a bedroom. Mac I have a bedroom moments. If those quiet moments he's at twenty fifteen for those loud and aggressive moments, the twenty seventeen will do I I don't listen, it's a very nitpicky complaint at the end of the day. But I am primarily in the MAC ecosystem because of the keyboard a plays tremendous part for me because I type so much. I which by the way that is a knock at the specter. I have to talk about that. I'm not adapting to this keyboard as well as I did to the elitebook, which the friend a friend over at HP, you'll find that interesting because they pride themselves. I don't know. You know, he I hadn't heard him talk about this for the new generation. But when the previous versions he was saying that. He felt like the elitebook. I don't know if this is the ten thirty or ten forty whichever one it was at the time the previous Jen was like the very best typing experience he had ever had. And I gotta say there is something about the elite books. I don't know if it's the materials there are if you compare the keyboards they are different right? The elite books have kind of like a black island style key sitting inside of the aluminum body and on the specter. I believe it's I don't think he's are actually they're probably plastic to but their silver, and the, you know, the kind of match the color of the device, I I do want to do a click Beatty YouTube video where I look at the camera with my hat backwards. And I'm like, hey, guys, you know, the top three keyboards of all time number one. Now, it's like, let's should never buy this laptop. Yeah. Number one, the old school thing pads had the best old best keyboard that I had used at the time the MAC books for a very long time where the best keyboard? This elitebook comes in very close to. A two thousand fifteen macbook pro it's it's right there. I think if I spent a week more with this thing that I did when I first got it. I would have adjusted very easily. I am having a difficult time adjusting adjusting to the specter. But that's I wonder if that's because so used to the new MAC book style for the keyboard, the specter sixty for a couple of jen's air at least was in the top one or three of all the keyboards for sure. And there are there are a lot of machines that are kind of right there the Aleve books are in there. The. Surface laptop surface book or absolutely in there. But, but I think are, you know, the typing experience has evolved over time. And so that kind of vaunted ThinkPad keyboard with the full keys and all that. I mean, these days, I don't know. I think there are a lot of people who. You may not even like that kind of thing anymore. And when the apple started coming up with these apple these islands, Sal keyboards, not that they originated it. I know they weren't the first, but they sort of popularized this design. I mean, the whole market rotates around everything apple does is copy everything apple does. So I wasn't that impressed with it at first over time. I've come to really appreciate it. I I liked that style of keyboard? And then if you kind of accepted, this MAC book slash MAC, book, air, whatever it is. Butterfly. Keyboard is the next. Progression. I don't know. I mean, this might be one. Too far for some. But I like I said like the one that's in this MAC book air. I could like use us. I wrote I wrote a two thousand word article with it with no. Sense of additional errors or whatever. That's an also majority of majority for typing is coming on on a glass screen, you know, five and a half inch six inch glass screen now. So anything is an improvement. Okay. The low for your typing experience most this is what you're doing. Now. This is that most people are typing. So when you go to a laptop I when I get those emails saying, I don't understand a big deal about keyboards keyboards a keyboard? Now, it's not no it's not remember when the surface, I came out one of the things Microsoft, tried something called a touch cover and a touch cover was a protective cover you put over your surface when he opened it up had kind of a keyboard drawn on it. But it wasn't the weren't any moving parts. It was just using haptic feedback or something whatever was to, you know, sense the typing and the idea there was this thing this is genius idea as to. Primary uses eight covers the screen. So you've got that protection you carrying it around. But it's it's better than writing on the screen like with typing on the screen, and the reason it's better is because you're covering anything up on the screen. Right. Kind of like, oh that makes sense. But the truth is it was terrible. And but it had a little bit of a throw, right? No. There was no throat on his all imagined. It was just like typing on glass. Well, it was typing on fabric or whatever that material was. But. Yeah. I mean, it only lasted I think they did it for the two generations, and they got rid of it and the type covers have evolved into wonderful typing experiences. I mean, you're always going to get a little bit of flex because of the things kind of you know. Not flat on the surface. You know, there's going to be a little you can push it a little more easily because it's a cover, but honestly, the typing experience on a surface. Pro I would say dating back to surface. Pro three is an excellent much better. It's improved. Honestly. Paul. I want to remind everybody if you enjoy the show. I don't know if you guys are aware, but I recently quit my job. And I'm back at this full-time Andrews back baby. No, I left my job. And I will be we're going to be again. We're back on Tuesdays. Long more consistent schedule. We're doing a lot more stuff. More stuff on patriot. Obviously all the extra stuff. And if you want to help us, you want to help this show from continuing you want to you wanna you wanna help me continue on as podcasting fulltime like I did for many years. And then I went and took a job for about twenty something months. I was I was very disconnected from this podcasting world. But I now I'm totally back. And it's actually it's it's liberating Paul Paul would see me regularly literally every time he would come to New York him and Mary Jo was sit down and at one point of the night. It would be an intervention, and it would say angel. What are you doing to yourself? You're killing yourself and Mary. Joe we went I was at right on by the way right on Homer's shutting down. I don't know if you know this. No this. You did not or you did. I do. I'm trying to avoid the reality of it. Yeah. Joe lean from rattling texted me last week when we were doing the show when he told me that they are shutting down the rent has skyrocketed to something obscene, the landlord wants something thing like forty fifty thousand a month from them for that bar. And it's it's so sad to see go. They just celebrated ten years. We think are you gonna come. Are you gonna come down for one last trip? Yeah. I think I probably have to right. I don't know when they're shutting. Let me see when she said pretty sooner actually, I think end of the month. I'm going to look at my message right now because she message me last week and. November twenty fifth rattle homage shutting down. So I wanna remind everybody maybe we could do something, you know, one. Last thing you Mary Joe. And Brad, maybe we could do a show from there or something because I those that would spend our home for so long every time you come here. So we need to find a new bar. That's the reality of this Paul, and I need a new bar when he's in New York. But you know, if you want if you enjoy the show, and you want us to continue doing this. I'm going at at one hundred and fifty percent, and I have a lot of cool stuff in two thousand nineteen coming up. You could fund us by going patriot dot com slash what the techique Fundus as little as one dollar fund us as much as whatever you wanna fund us. And it it keeps the bills getting paid here. Because son cast is on he's going on strike soon. And he's demanding a new contract. I got the union representatives the Goshi aiding with it's it's bad. You know, he he claims that he does everything here. Paul. Can you believe that? Can you believe that he's he said that e key edits everything? And he does actually that a lot of that goes. Well, I can't believe that. Yeah. He he really is the backbone here. And he's one of the most loyal people I've ever met in my life. So also, if you wanna hire him to edit something for you, you could you could hire him because he's phenomenal. Go to patriot patriotic com slice what the techique Fundus there. So Paul let's talk about this spectre for a little bit. Okay. I got it. So I'm the comparison I'm doing with this is the elitebook that I had from year and a half ago. I'd like the leap book keyboard way, better. But man, this is come a long way from that generation specter, the keyboard and another that thing. Yeah. I wish God I'd always wished that. They this is the new spectra actually sixty. Yeah. Because it's funny that looks like an elite book, it does it looks Jessica book, they should do the black key thing. I think that's a nice contrast. So this is a first of all it superlight, super durable. I'm looking at this. So I think it's a two through twenty six are drive. I don't know. But the processor on this. What do they do it messes up? I headed open the whole time about where's about this, west, build info. Here we go. So this is a quad core. I seven in this thing, it's an eight fifty five years. So it's a it's a one point eight gigahertz processor. I think it peaks at whatever like what is it four? Turbo boost whatever, but it's a true quad core. And I was doing some video stuff on here. I hooked up one of my cameras with the capture card to this thing. And the CPU was not budging. I was very impressed. By the fact, that it wasn't budging considering the fact that on my MAC, and a lot of this could be could do with driver support and things like that. But you know, my twenty seventeen macbook pro that's a two point eight gigahertz Intel, I seven I don't know what John is it seven Chen. Maybe this one seven, Jen. I don't know what gender put in this thing. But this thing at times a hiccup. So if you I'm going to be doing more live stuff on the go, and I kind of want to see how this does it hasn't. Thunderbolt ports on this side and one USB port on this side headphone, Jack. Fingerprint sensor volume toggle here, which I don't know. It's. Well, you know, they do that. Because it's a can be a Talbot could be a tablet. So right. So the idea is you don't necessarily. It's just an easier to the track. Pat is really good. Here's my gripe though. Okay. Coming from the from the MAC side things are a little bit more uniformed on the MAC side. Right. And here's a question for you in chrome. You're are you on a laptop right now? Paul. No. But I could I can up. Okay. If you open up chrome and he do pensions zoom. It's like that. Cock the weird like it zooms in. But it's not fluid, right? Like, it would be on an interim trying to some MAC book air, and it's not working. What am I doing wrong? Not on the MAC, you're not enough love. That's that's what you you got to caress it. You gotta talk to it. You got to you got to love it. I don't understand why chrome on the PC. He doesn't do pinch and zoom properly. So I mean, I would never touch my screen of pensions. No, no, no. I'm saying on the track pad. Oh, right. Like, I got very use to on the MAC to do that. Where if I need to see something a little bit. I I'll zoom in good actually pinch to zoom in on the track ped-. Yeah. On the track. Pat, I'm talking about not on the screen. I would just you know, control plus control plus yet. So you don't have to do that. PC using a PC but on do that right on edge? It actually does pinch zoom very nicely on the track pet, but I'm a normal person. I don't use it people. Don't well. I don't understand why it has not been incorporated in chrome for this. Czar? I think that's a very bizarre thing for them to do. And I'm curious if this is some sort of like f you to Microsoft on the on the on the chrome side? You don't think? So this is some sort of great doubt. I don't know. I don't think that. It could very well. Be that the because of the way the MAC is they have this. You know this system available to developers where they can do custom. Gestures. Whatever I don't know. Let's see let me download fire FOX on this thing. I just never I just don't personally ever pensions them. I think this is not as on the nag. They've kind of trained you to pensions zoom everything because it was a big thing this ten access pedals. They know touch windows ten is great multi touch gestures on the track bed. Like, you know, you can do three fingers down to minimize everything. Three fingers up to you know, to bring it back three fingers up again to go to task few like, there are those things exist. I just don't it would never occur to me an app to. To pensions because I'm curious about it. But I never I would never know. It doesn't it's terrible. Give it a terrible. It's not it's not fluid on. Sure. Okay. It works it works. But it it's a little it's a little off. I mean that was that was like a little bit of adjustment. Oh, that's weird. I'm surprised. They don't do that. But everything I mean, essentially, it's the same thing. It's the same exact thing. This is a beautiful device. If you're in the PC market, I highly suggest checking these out if you are a MAC user, you're never going to be happy going to a PC. Reality of it. You know, it's going to be that. None of no just in general. They're not. I don't believe that that transition is happening. People are abandoning their MAC books because it's twenty percent. More to go. Get a PC. I finding a lower. And I I think Microsoft had a little window in the sun. You know, where that kind of stuff was happening. I think since then we've seen I think about it. What have you seen over the past year? Major macbook pro upgrade twice right? Twenty seventeen in two thousand eighteen which is unprecedented, by the way, and then mount care which merely updated, right? I mean, this is going to stop the the flow of people from the MAC, I think they've done what they had to do to keep people there. There's some stuff that doesn't make sense like the low and MAC book doesn't make a lot of sense right now. But I think they've done what they need to do. Let's see those pensions and work. And no it's crappy on fire. Fox also, this is my new this is my new vessel. But why pensions zoom? That's the world is finally going to small vessels you found. I found housing, by the way, the Bethel's not that small on this laptop the top and bottom does oil. Yeah. Well, right HP insists on these sixteen by nine displays or whatever. They are. Yeah. So that I mean that that's that's okay. But the displays beautiful it's a great device. I do need more time with it though. I can't I can't make a determination how how much I like this thing. You know in three days, I would say at this point. I would choose the leap book over a spec. Book extra sixty over a spectrum three sixty. But the only concern I would have as an individual is that HP puts a lot of corporate software on there. So there's a lot of additional security stuff, which you know, on one level, you could kind of say, well, why would I complain about that? But there's a bunch of additional utilities that are kind of baggage with those machines. So I think a lot of if you're going to buy that as an individual. I bet a lot of people would want to. Let me see disabled some of that stuff. I'll tell you what HP does really well compared to some other OEM's, they so they're HP support assistant that software that they give you where it tells you, you know, your your warranty and messages from HP, it is is is nonsense. But they have you download updates for drivers through there. And it's actually supported like it's not forgotten about and the elitebook that I have here. It's two years old. But this thing is still I mean, there's this driver updates constantly it compared to how would used to be or for some other. Oh, EM's out there. Like, I'm just I'm gonna name like Dell Lenovo where they won't support it. This this often with updates. We live of has a similar utility. We've done, and it's it's kind of it's kind of wonky. I actually like the HP one better. But that that's that's I think the HP one is kind of weird. It's kind of an anachronistic old fashioned kind of thing. But. But yeah. But whatever having that thing on the PC is huge Fisher to there's no updates on this. I wonder why I wonder if they did everything beforehand. Interesting. You want to do to prefer performance tuneup. Check. I find those really weird those tune-ups. What is it gonna tell me it only registry? Yeah. It does. It does a system file check it deletes temporary files. And that's about it includes the cookies don't clean my man. Don't clear my cookies. Clean. My don't you dare. No. I think is cooking for me. Yeah. So there was another story. Here you ran and I'm curious about this. So we haven't spoken about by the way. Have you noticed something? No beep today. Right. What happened gone? It's gone. I killed it. What was it? It was the Phya. So when teeth fell into the wall it fell into the wall. So I- retrieved it, and I there's been no beep. Yeah. I kind of miss it. I kind of miss it. While you probably still have the echo beep in your head. Oh, it's been hoping every twenty minutes in my head. That's been something that's been going on. You. There was an article on dot com. I don't think he wrote this one, but they were talking about a lower tier net flicks plan and was recently on court killers last week. And we were, you know, obviously, always it's a nice reminder to me on how much I'm I'm spending now on streaming services now that I've cut cable, so it's actually becoming so inflated for so many people where it's not eight I don't know how much cheaper this is for me at this point that I cut cable, right because we all have Netflix. I have Hulu I have. I don't think that's the point. Right. The problem with cable is that the price escalates over time. But you're also kind of locked into this thing. And once you go to services, even if it's identical cost-wise you can turn off a service at anytime and switch to something new electronically like at any time. And to me that freedom is is the real point of it. You know, I'll tell you what I mean, I I went to a friend's house couple of weeks ago, and we were watching football game on Sunday. And he has his beautiful new TV and he had cable, and I go. Oh my God. I forgot what it's like watching sports on real TV. It's so much better. It looks way better. You don't you? Don't have this weird jittery nece like you do on the internet. And some people are gonna argue with me, tell me it's great on their service, whatever they watch on the internet YouTube TV's, the only thing that you could tolerate sports because it actually does sixty frames per second. So where watching sports in thirty frames per second is miserable. I mean, you could obviously see the difference. And I totally forgot how how good it looks on network TV. And I'm and I'm thinking, you know, what? Listen, I notice these things, but do anybody else can is anybody else can notice this that there's a it's weird looking. I mean, maybe that's what that's why people are still hanging onto their cable subscriptions because it just works. Yeah. That's definitely part of it. I thought it was interesting. But you know, we're getting so inflated like what? Subscriptions do you have right now. Obviously, which we never watch. There. It's a waste of forty bucks on. Netflix is the one we use primarily we just watch. We started watching a series last night on Amazon prime, but honestly, we very rarely use it, and then we had been watching. The Handmaid's tale on Hulu, and I don't think I've turned hula one since then, but I pay for that every month to like a dope, you know. I have. No, you sign up for all this stuff. And you just keep paying for it. You know stupid because you know, what it is. It's ten dollars here. Ten dollars there. It's not coming. Yeah. So actually YouTube TV. We watch we watch the playoffs the World Series. Yeah. And I haven't done this. He too much yet. But we, you know, the football will go on, you know, on Sundays, whatever. So there is that I guess, but as far as like shows go, you know, the one big change. That's happened. Peschiera guess is that we don't like shows have come back, and we just don't watch them. Now like like the Walking Dead came back. I was like like, I don't even care anymore. I I don't know. I think it's getting someone floated I gotta cut something. I have nothing. I have who have YouTube TV I have. You know, I I had the right TV. Now what I cancelled it. But I I should check my credit card sif. I'm still getting Bill for this stuff w w w network. I have the MLB network. It's it's so much at this point does so much the pick. Yeah. It's how much TV and my watching. I watched the news in the morning, and that's about it. We watched a couple of hours each night. We watched we watched thirty minutes at lunch every day. You know, we watched episodes whatever that show was last night. Which is like thirty minutes long, actually. But I don't know. I've watched a lot I watch more YouTube like real YouTube yet my wife. I wanted to just tell you just that makes her lose her mind. The fact that that's all I watch is YouTube videos on on the TV every night. That's literally I got my glass of wine, and that's all I do know a lot of this stuff is shorter. But like last night, for example, my wife was on. I watched an entire Queen concert from two from nine hundred six rather. Was probably two hours long. You know, like, I just left it on, and I was kind of tooling around with their laptops and doing stuff, but. It was excellent. I mean, I watch a lot of that stuff. I watch a lot of the little device type reviews. And I have my own stupid stuff that I like the nobody cares about like conspiracy theories. Like, me know, you end up down the on Inaki rabbit hole where the, you know, no planet line and planet acts. No it. Nope. No. I have the stupid like, so I'm just going to just turn I brought up YouTube. So you can kind of see the types of stuff that here. Like, I go down these things where I've watched like like video after video of like normal. Donald Rodney Dangerfield or. Client, kind of classic comedians. Like that like, I will I will lose days to that. So I have a lot of those things coming up. I watched Queen last night. So there's a Queen Live Aid thing recommending today, I watched car reviews, but the guy these to do the New York Times car reviews. Tom volka is great driven. I strongly recommended it. Lots of apple stuff. Lots of Star Wars stuff. You know, tech stuff in general some music stuff. And there, you know, you know, just because you know, the problem is like when you watch you have to do something like so you click on something by mistake. And now you screwed. Now, they think you air about this stuff. Yeah. Well, that's I bring that up all the time. My YouTube recommended list is all you a way to be like, no, don't don't, you know, maybe we could talk about the show because we're running out of time here. But I do want to give a little thing something I stumbled upon was alternate the alternative history hub on YouTube. And it's a great job. And I, you know, Paul you might actually enjoy this. And he does a great job at doing. What if history like one of it is what if operation on thinkable happened, right? Yeah. That's done. No. That's it's the British and the Americans going to war with the Soviets. So this is something Winston Churchill at the end of World War Two World War Two Germany now we're gonna move over and start to fight communism. So some of it is like what if the Roman empire never existed? It's a lot of cool stuff. You can look him up alternative history. How they do. I mean, they have millions of us on some of these videos. Cool. We'll talk about that on the Poche. Oh, guys. If you're watching live, stay tuned. We're going to do what the talk coming right up. If you're listened to the podcast, go fund us and get access to these shows. It patriots com slash what. The tech you go there. I don't know why I'm not able to switch the cameras today. That's patriot com slash what to take you could go and fund us as little as one dollar per episode, and you can do it right there. All things Paul got a throat dot com. Subscribe to throw premium you get articles like we discussed today. What if not what if jeez, I'm losing my mind what if Paul? The great article about if how the new I. But Jesus I can't even think the new ipad macbook had MAC book air is the best thing to happen to the surface laptop. I thought that was a cool headline there anything else? Paul anything coming up. No, nothing major. I've got a bunch of devices that I still need to get reviews out. So I'm gonna try to crank through those over the next thirty years of my life. I don't know. It's it's. That's always trying to catch up. You know? Yeah. All right, guys. That's it for this week. You follow me on Twitter at Andrews Air, and you can follow Paul at the rot. And we'll see you all next time. Take care.

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