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The Chad breakthrough show is sponsored by express. Vpn protect your online privacy. Today's at express VPN DOT com slash. Watch Chad Party mom welcome to another episode of the show I partied all weekend. Long Steve but it to yeah nonstop from Friday on Big Party at the House for for Brunch. You can't use a microphone and being APU. Why not because you get electrocuted? No I did not. I was this Far Away. Did do you remember that Young pasture. They got electrocuted. A couple of years ago he was in the Baptismal Pool and he reached out to grab the microphone and he died right there. I mean I could have. You could came that close. Yeah we at ground fault protection. We were good. You were in the pool with an electrical engineer. Yeah sure we did everything safe and put the board up out of the work. Couldn't get on you know what and all that stuff candy. Did you see this picture? Did you see the picture of what they did? I have not seen. It was Memorial Day. Special Your Miracle Steve. It's an article that you're sitting there today. I'm a miracle I've lived this long as well and I say that giving him a hard time but I was also deeply concerned because Because I know these stories. And they're sitting there in the pool him. Big Mouth Matt and Uncle Dan. And you're sitting there and In the with the microphones there and I'm like Oh dear God food. God doesn't surprise me whatsoever. No now this is not my brilliant idea. I the one that I went along with it though. I didn't know I didn't protest. I said beer always goes good with some electrocution. Another is funny. Folks need to be watching beer for brunch listening in. Whatever it's a lot of annex is a lot of antics just I don't know that means I don't either. It's just fun They still need to watch it. Yeah Yeah they do you. Why did you say no no? I didn't say no don't watch it. I'm the yeah. Come Watch it just like. I'm trying to figure out this marketing plan. If I tell you don't do it. You might do some reverse psychology going on right there. We're out west. Texas Lutheran Truscott Texas the drive in Music Festival. That was out there It was good You know it was are rednecks with paychecks crowd. They don't social distance too well. None of my friends social distance they. We did Friday night with it. Crawfish bowl at the house and nobody distance. No No neighbors called the police. No Neighborhood Watch Write ups I looked for a month waiting forum. I'm I'm I'm everybody knows I'm beyond tired of the whole thing right. I mean I'm just tired of you. Don't like people. Well the thing is. That's what I'm tired of. I'm tired of this. Whatever switch got flipped and people's brains to in? We're going to talk about that a little bit today. Because I'm really sick of talking about corona virus but I like talking about people's behavior because I've never seen anything where people just all of a sudden. The switch got flipped. I don't know another way to describe it and they're just you're either doing all this stuff or you just hate human beings. Yes and I'm like what in the world is wrong with you? People to to just throw commonsense out the window where sheep were all sheep. We are in some fashion some form or sheet an and back to your hating people. There are some people human beings I hate so but it's the mask. People is the people who are supposedly doing all this social distance. He stuff they keep telling me they hope I die. That's what I don't understand or or the lady in the supermarket that walks by. She's wearing her mask but when she goes to talk to you she goes off the Mat. You can you can talk to the mask so I'm headed back into the recording studio tomorrow. We've got a new song we're GONNA do a new parity that'll be fun and then tomorrow night. I'm at wishbone. In Flint. Myself Steve Helms Ben McPherson Rob Red wine and I WANNA say all those tables are sold out. I'm not sure but there in Fort. Worth our buddy Stephan Rochelle. He's the shift their great restaurant just off a main street in Fort Worth two. We're going there and doing that and I'm like I just refuse to stop. I'm not going to. I mean it people like well. What are you GonNa do if you get sick? I guess I'll be sick. Yeah you might die. And I've read some stuff on this corona virus of how people die and it doesn't sound fun right it doesn't and my heart goes out to anybody who has a family member or anything like that that's dealt with it but let me just tell you when you have ninety nine percent of the people recovering sixty six percent of the people in New York City were sheltering in place when they got sick. The numbers just don't lie on a deal like that so I am not the healthiest specimen on the planet at forty seven years old. But I still think I can weather the storm right now. You Know No. I feel the same way and I'll be fair. Maybe maybe as if we had not distant star self because let's face it we all have. It could have been worse okay and so I agree with that to a degree. But when you start getting to the point where it's the masks versus the unmasked and we're at war with each other. It's too far. We're GONNA talk about that. Hey Dreams we all have small ones. They're easy to talk about the big ones ones. We really won't not so much like if we say them out loud they have no chance of coming true. Well I say when it comes to your future dream big the bigger the better and the dream of a better tomorrow starts with a degree from Ashford University. Asher universities online bachelor's and master's degree programs that will allow you to learn on a convenient and flexible schedule at Ashford. You can expect faculty that teaches you. Real world skills from real world experience in online classes built for life's twists and turns. You can learn from home or wherever you feel comfortable. 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Normally what we call the think tank which is where all the writers and the producers and everybody has a desk in there and their computer and they're always hard at work spinning empty for what two months now feels like a year. I mean there's so many people around here we haven't seen. Do you think they'll ever come back? They're gonNA come back but I'm not real happy about it but I mean think about it. They're doing all this work from home. We haven't stopped plays on style. I don't know how scarfing she'll getting written. I don't know what it's affecting but because that is not my department but I I kinda don't want him to come back. This is our place now. Yeah we kind of own it. We sorry sorry me Sara Gonzalez and stupor gear the only talent that comes in here. I think Glenn came in on Wednesday night. I come in. He snuck. Yeah but you don't have to show. He snuck in under cover of night. I mean our crews shown up. Kansas is shown up mark shown up Natalie shown up. You've shown up news. What matters in Stews crew? I mean they show up and do the thing. There's been a lot of juggling this going on but I don't know I'm like y'all just stay gone stay gone. I'm just kidding anxious to see everybody. I Love Them I made the Catholics Mad. This morning wasn't really one didn't really care to wasn't really trying to make anybody mad. But that's what happens will send me you say the picture and it was a mean. It was a funny me. It was like everything I do. It was you know it's a mean that what it was a mean but I'm making a making fun of it but I'm making a point to but it was a picture of the priest to was. Where was HE DETROIT? Squirting holy water on the church goers they were driving really holy water. I thought he was just jacking with the kids. No I pretty sure it was real holy water right and so they drive by and he just squirt the parishioners in deal. That's funny. Yeah if it works though. It works well people. I put the thing on there and I said the the what the issue was not that he was squirting the holy water which you know. Hey that's your tradition. Do your tradition. I could just see this priest it in their dip in the squirt gun in the holy water to fill it up right got hauled it. They're a little bubbles coming up then I'm thinking here's this guy's got his hat. He's got his goggles. He's got his mask. He got his row. He's got a cover on his robe but he's got cover on and he's got gloves and just wrapped up and I'm like. Is this really little like this guys? You know. Believe in any journal live for the power of Christ and I know you guys are thinking. Well just he's trying to protect everybody else. I'm like but they're getting squirted with holy water. Well I've got a question you know they're doing. The online services are not all night but the well not services the drive up in the parking lot services all cool but like in Catholic Church. You know yet to stand up. Sit Down Stand up sit down stand up. Are they able to do that? Yeah no are they. GonNa get their exercise. Everybody says you're mocking rely. Somebody's religion now. You do that too. I mean let's face it. You do it with Muslims. You do it with all kinds of folks I mean so don't don't don't come off all holy and righteous you'd think were mocking your religion and we're not. We're just making fun of the picture. I mean it's a funny picture it is. I mean this guy had to know it was funny. He that they're squirting people with a green squirt gun and I got all these people. And I'm like well and everybody's defending it right people on a and I'm like Oh so liberal loved guns. Yeah right but DR shootings. I mean the the priest is a drive by shooting. What's happening here? I have friends that have kids. That don't let their kids point guns at each other. Might even play guns including waterguns Mike. Why even have a man? And he's doing it. Yeah are NERF GUNS. You know Me and one of your kids. We have some annals. Yeah we have some NERF GUN. Battles are insane people. That's what comfortable to me. I don't like that I mean. Even apple changed their emoji from a gun to a squirt gun or a laser gun or whatever it was. You know the little green thing. And that's it. He's out there doing that and have been people who've been triggered over all that stuff so anyway I mean that's Matt you now and they all love me now. Well I don't know about you loving you but I just thought it was funny so I posted it on there. My funniest mark the funniest comment somebody said was. I would be glad to let a priest squirt on me. Oh did you just say yeah anyway? And they had no idea what was coming out of their mouth. Yeah so I'm going to save this story. Took candace gets back in here in a little while but this. Let's talk about it so New Yorkers Kansas if you got in your hair done at all or a haircut in the last few months now I mean I cut my own hair and it turned out decently thank God. This is a gopro camera and not a high definition camera Texas so a lot of the salons are now open again. Jade went and got her hair. Touched UP COLORED. Whatever the other day So but a lot of places are still a lot down New York especially I mean. New York is the is the hotbed we know that right. New York's bet so New Yorkers are paying a lot of money for illicit haircuts manicures IMBO talks. It's an underground business now. It is completely underground that and to do what they gotta do. You know what I mean. I feel like that would have happened in Texas had it been in Texas but but my Neil. There is if that's what you're going to do if you're in the worst place of the pandemic and that's what you're going to you're going to violate the rules and you're going to go out to some underground plays and get needles stuck in your face. Get some cement poured in. You're going to go get your haircut. Your they're doing body waxes. They're doing massages. There's all kinds of stuff going on then. Then screw all the rules. Because if you're going to do that then you screw all the rules because you're you are the problem. Well they'll let you know. Our economy is not near as bad as you think it is not. I mean agree because you have. Now you got all the steam with stimulus checks. You have unemployment. People are staying at home drawn. Eleven hundred dollars a week on unemployment till July and taking vacations and stuff like that while they have no job and of course they're going to go get their hair done well in New York. They're going to do that so they're going in and they're paying a lot of extra money to get stuff done One Lady said I would look in the mirror. Thank omg. I can't do this anymore. So so that's the thing to me it. Just Kinda makes a joke out the whole deal. You know you don't mean it doesn't mean anything to you. You expect everybody else to abide by the rules. But you're not abiding by the rules. You're sneaking off under the cover of night you know so nobody will find you risking going to jail. I think there's more people like that. And they just don't say anything that he's going to do what they WANNA do. Anyway is handful of people that they've got to talk about. You know how horrible you are but there's a lot of people that are talking about how horrible you are. That's why I said. I think it's the masks. I is the unmasked at this point That's that's the new divide you know. That's the new divide and I. I don't care everywhere mask I can. I think like what Stephen saying. They go underground a of these celebrities. I mean they're still their nails done. They're they're people are just coming to their house. It's no different. But they have to go in line with the status quo which is stay home. Or you're going to kill people and just tell you guys from my perspective. This is how I think about it. We've talked about your mother taught about my mother and my mother is you know she's immuno-compromised. She went out the other day for the first time her into over friends went out to a restaurant and She went and she went and had Mexican food. I said of all the things you know you went out. She said Yep and enjoyed it they went out and they had a deal and she said you know little bit by little bit. I'm going to start getting out more. The battery was dead in her vehicle. That's how much she she hasn't been out. She has not just sitting there for two months or batteries was dead in a vehicle. She went to crank it up. Do nothing there so you know I told her I said. Just be careful you know. Just be mindful of where you are and how you act in people that are around you because as we've said the entire time Dr Wilcox was in here it's real it's infectious but remember. The mortality rate is not what you we expected it to be. It could have been. Maybe possibly we don't know but but you know my thing is are we? Are we waiting because this is going to be like a two week flat in the curve and now it's let's wait until the whole things gone? Yeah we're never going to be gone. I would. I think I would rather we could already been over this. If we'd stayed open I think so I think people would adot yup people would have got it and people to live and I don't think the numbers would be any different. How dire you. I think it would happen in a shorter amount of time versus a longer amount of time. Just here agan or deaths out now. I can't believe somebody jumped. I'm not a scientist. Are Dr Though. Well there's no question more people would have died especially in a place like New York. Which is the perfect storm. But I was I I got that. Take six feet chauvet song out and it finally jumped over a million a million and a half views slight forty thousand shares or something which is great but again you either love it or you hate it no inbetween. It's it's just a humorous song. It's meant to be funny. You know and so we talk about the you know talking about the Cova deaths and stuff like that and I think in that point in the video which we kinda shot out at random. Cj Kinda smiles or whatever. They're like she's psychotic. Oh my God. She's a sociopath she's smiling about. Somebody's death it's like. Oh my Lord I mean I don't watch don't watch movies. I'm GonNa say we kind of joke about death. I mean that's one of the ways we get awards you know the dumb ways people kill themselves. I mean don't don't we've always talked about those kinds of things and it doesn't where nobody wants anybody else to die but everybody's going to. I don't know how many different times I can say that. Everybody's going to. I hope you live to be one hundred twenty five years old one hundred ninety five and boom. You're out to take me out. Give me some covert. They're done so new Hampshire. They got a high school. They're going to have a graduation ceremony and I saw somebody. Who's doing a graduation ceremony? This weekend it was a drive through the parking lot which would just skip it. And I've told a lot of people who are like well. We're kind of having a hard time because we can't do the graduation ceremony. I said I promise you thirty years. E Won't matter. You'll have a story to tell that nobody else can tell so. Just accept your accomplishment. Congratulations now go build a future. I get that you missed the ceremony. I understand but as how far Cova how far apart are ski lifts their way over six feet and they're going to do. They're going to do a ski lift. They're GONNA do the graduation ceremony Be a thirty minute deal you ride to the top of the mountain. They take a picture of you. Get your diploma. You ride to the bottom of the mountain and you take another picture. Us kind of cool. I lived up in New Hampshire for three months during the winter. I don't live there again. I lived in Berlin Hampshire by the Canadian border. Nope NOT GONNA do that again. Yeah sounds cold but I mean that is. I'll give it to them. That's a creative way to have their ceremony right. I mean they. They have the luxury of being able to do that because they've got to do you see what happens to people on ski lifts. Oh Yeah I know people in danger in that regard you have to sign some kind of waiver before you graduate. That is that is the crux of the matter with any topic. You talk about right now is it's all dangerous. Okay I have in my truck right now if you go out there and open up the console you know what's in their punch of John Deadly cash cash money that has been spent that has changed hands that has been stuck places stepped on. You know it's got spittle on it. It's got germs on it. People have talked around it. They have I mean think about it. I mean think about it and it's out there and I'm GONNA use it. I'm going to touch it. No one stopped cash. No money's dirty. Everybody knows already so I mean that's dangerous. So what are you going to do everything? You do has an element of danger to it. We get more. If you'll send your dirty money to me I'll clean it for you won't get it back. Hey unless you plan on self isolating forever. You're going to need to get around other people again. Yes you are yes you are. You're going to have to one of the best ways to avoid. Getting sick is a healthy immune system. Come on folks all year round. You GotTa do it. 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I've come out in very strong terms and said that Democrats can't win an election unless they cheat on that seems to be true and they say that about the right as well okay. last thing we need is a mel imbalance ballot. Yeah that's right. So why would you advocate for it if we are cheating then? Why would you advocate for that Texas? Ken Paxton our attorney. General Texas is has blocked the plan to allow mail in ballots. I mean first of all. They don't have any proof of residency in a lot of places. I mean I I I still get stuff that you know. Get sent to old addresses where I used to live in there. So many places across the country where the proof of residence like right now in our neighborhood jay talking about it last night. We don't get a lot of other peoples mail but we have A. We got one of those boxes with the key in the whole thing and are male lady. She very studious and stuff like that. So you know but then some places you go and you get. Somebody's mail all the time couple of times a week. I get somebody that used to live at address. I get their mail so I don't know if they're forwarding this. Let's say I look at it. Let's say sure you do. Of course YOU CHECK. Maybe they think cash in the birthday car navy so If if they knew the mail ballots coming in and people wanted to they could just start robbing mailboxes. They go around there and check them out. Pull the ballots out of their film out. Send sentiment in you. Want to talk about a cluster F. I mean that's going to be a mess. Yeah I've told you before. If Grandma's got her ballot sitting there on the kitchen table and say hey grandma. Oh Yeah I need to fill that out. Nowhere wearing fill it out for you. I mean that's a small one but but yeah just the idea of St. There's too many things. There's no way this male actor you know and the Democrat sir. Not as they're looking at it from the aspect of any way we can get people to vote. Yes vote voter turnouts. Low Anyway okay. So so when. It comes to absentee ballots. I think that whole system needs to be revamped revised and made better. I voted the absentee ballot. It requires you to get that ballot. Right you gotta get that ballot you got to use it but this is idea sticking it in your mail and I mean I I instead of doing that. Let's open up the voting polls a longer period of time. Kinda like they. You know they do it now. They do early voting. You have a week or so. I can go there every day. Why not make it three weeks to vote and you go there when the lines not long. I don't know what the solution is there. I mean I early vote pretty much every election. I early vote. I just encourage everybody to get out vote. I'm it's a great privilege It's it's a great privilege to do it. It's not an obligation But what a great thing. We should run for something should we? Yeah party foul ticket. Yeah we'RE GONNA do appraiser party foul twenty election. Sure something we'll just do twenty twenty. You know pray third party foul election shirt. I'll design that. I think that like we should come up with that. I don't know there's so many ideas and we still gotta do. I gotTa Talk to Alexander. Something we gotta do a Mark Powell. I mean Mark Tate. Sorry Amara Pal we gotta do. Mark Tate Make America pretty good. A lot of people have been sending me messages about that. I think it's a pretty good idea. Make America pretty good. Remember good map juicy. These guys in Virginia that shoplifted They were wearing watermelons under head in the convenience store. I just wonder how bell these are pretty big water on your head or my head pinhead. They cut out holes out and went in there. I mean when ski mask just won't do you know that's interesting. Seems like be hard to run with a Watermelon Ryan on your head? I mean. That's a lot of work. Goes INTO CLEANING OUT? A watermelon man. They hollowed out the watermelons and went in the convenience store there in Virginia and wake up that morning. And come up with this idea into do this drugs you gotta be. That's what I was thinking. Were they day drinking and it turned into. Hey let's go. Get some not very inconspicuous walking around with watermelon on your head right. So that's an idea. I mean you know that's something you could do. Did you see that. One in Maryland mark. Did you see the one? The restaurant and these people are in the middle. It looks like they cut a hole in the middle of a Big Table. A folding table. And it's got this big inner tube all the way around the edge and it's got wheels on the legs on the bottom and they're walking into the restaurant and it guarantees that they're socially distanced because basically what that does is. They can just put a chair on numerous stool and they squat down right in the middle of their table. That's a brilliant marketing idea. Because we're talking about it. They're either making money off of it. People are going to show up so they could wear that stupid table. I guess I mean people are more desperate than me to get out in public. Yeah I wanted to go put a table on. I went out Saturday night and I actually. We went nate. And then we went right down the street to another bar and man that's places to pack so we went back to the restaurant. Well J. J. Watt. She's having lunch today with one of her old college friends and they're at the patio Over there in Cali Bill and eight. And I'm like you know I don't like I don't need to go out to eat that bad. I mean I'm happy to cook at home. I mean there's no question I've gained weight but Just don't feel the need to go out backdrop and wait. I've I've lost half a pound a week have seven days. Well moving on. I think I lost a pound. Yeah put my favorite shorts on last week and I didn't need to put my belt on. Because they stayed they stayed. I'm like no 'cause I used to wear them for like a year because down. I bought a new pair of shorts. That were my size. They came from Australia and they don't wear a belt their fallen down on me. They have different size system in Australia that I would have thought they would have been smaller. They weren't they can even look in your shoe. Let me see this they do in UK and Australia. They do have a system but typically it smaller so I don't have glasses on. I can't see that. I don't think anybody was caring the We have Australia listeners. That are gonNA tell us what the difference is true. Well we just told them they know they Florida. And that's the thing Sorry my mother. Yesterday she's course in Georgia where I grew up in Georgia. They opened the state up. Rhonda Santa's there in Florida. The Governor of Florida he opened the state up. And you're seeing the death rates. Go down there. A big risk for somebody like Brian. Kemp there in Georgia to open the state up and just turn it loose. But you're seeing the death rates that are going down and you know somebody said that the cases of testing positive in Texas. Now that we've opened up we're going higher. But that's because we have more widespread testing right and there's less hospitalizations there's less death rates all you gotta look at the right numbers. I told you the numbers. Don't lie. GotTa look at the right numbers we gotta get out. We gotta get around each other. We gotta be you know. I mean like I told you what within a week of everything shutting down. We're out there shaking hands with thousands of people on the road in an airplane in an airport. I mean you and I spend our live around a lot of people hanging from people. You'll save money. I help you right now. Is the perfect time to rearrange. Some things in your life right now is when you need to do it. When's the last time you look at how much you're spending every month on? 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He's a Democrat governor of Illinois says Business Owners would be charged with a class A. Misdemeanor for violating the States Corona virus. Stay at home order. Restaurants bars barbershops. Salons gyms could face a fine up to twenty five hundred dollars in one year in jail for operating in defiance the shutdown. I don't get it if they all defied and they all opened up would he do then. Yeah nothing I don't know man I just think the whole thing is just crazy crazy crazy. you're right. I mean what happens if everybody just left the house and was like forget it. We're we're going. I think that's what's going to happen. I think we're coming to that where people are just GonNa do what they want to do. Well I mean how long you GonNa go At this stage in the game. How long are you going to go as of today? The auto workers are back to work. The assembly lines are back open. Of course they're using social distance but you know. Gm Ford those guys. They've opened their plants. Backup and brought people back to work. So that's a positive step in the right direction I think but even on an assembly line I mean you know you're touching it and then it's going down the line and somebody else's touching it and yeah and you're pretty far. I think you're pretty far apart on those anyway from US time. I don't think you're mechanics. Don't like people close to him anyway when they're working on Michael Way back away I mean I mean you. You People Starve to death. I mean you can't go another month like this can't go another month like this people have nothing. They have nothing some people I mean they. They live check to check in. And even that's not enough to get them where they need to be. Now you just GonNa take everything away so anyway Florida Rhonda scientists the governor there. He's he's kind of opening up the vacation rentals again. But Not for New Yorkers. If you're from New York City he said and probably not gonNA prove that So they tell where they stop. Are they stopping you at the border driving in a rent a place if you're going to do a vacation rental like airbnb or Vr B O or whatever? Then you you've got you know you fill out where you're from because you've got to put your card in and things like that since xenophobic or something like that. No in that racist LLORCA phobic. Let's find out. There's somebody also fit over that well you know. I don't know we've got friends in New York we've got friends from the blaze here. Who are now living in Manhattan and move up there and they shut the whole city down. You Know Sam Sullivan. She moved up there and her husband Chris. They moved up there and boom. They shut the thing down within days and moving up there so they locked in their apartment. Yeah ooh right downtown. And so it's a weird thing Japan is in a recession. This first time in five years there but they're in a recession France they've been. They're closing down because a kid tested positive. Some see people are living in fear Steve. They are are you afraid no me either and I you know for the most part the kids in my neighborhood still running up and down the streets. They're all playing and stuff. There was a lady that wrote on the little next door out. I think I said this that She was telling on kids gathering at the park and she was going to call the police. And you know what the funny thing about? The whole thing was her name was Karen Karen Karen thing is really taken off. That's kind of been the deal where everybody talks about. You know the person that that complaints to the manager is a Karen. Yeah and I feel bad for people named Karen. Chad has always been. Oh you're such a Chad or you're such a brad kind of derogatory thing and now there's no such Karen thing to do for the Cairns of the world and our friends that made the sign for the party foul pub. Her name's Karen. I give her a hard time about that funding. She takes care. Yeah I mean it's fun in that regard I mean I've had to hear that on twitter forever. You're such of course. Your name is Chad. I'm right to Stevie Steve Only note to chats and my life. I think like both of them. There's some Chad they're giving everybody else. A bad name right yes. I've read an article the other day mark about why the name Chad or Brad Gets a hard time and the person was really reaching on the deal they said because it from Chadwick and of course wick was city or like Zevon Ville at the end of something so it was it was owning property the Chadwick's in England. And then they then they of course that Chadwick became a first name because that was their name then they came to America and they were still thought of as these wealthy landowners and the people who look down on everybody else. And I'm like you guys are really reaching the go with it. Yeah I mean you know. That's that's me. I'm a landowner. What are you going to do? I'm a Chadwick. Emma Chadwick. Everybody in his mustache. This starting to grow in starting to Mellow Handlebars Handlebar Steve. Were you doing one of those on the pillow? Talk or something you still doing that. Pillow Talk I talk every other day. Okay I'll pill it out on instagram people always come in there like I have missed the pilly talks and I'm like I'm doing every other day. What about did you do Chad? Church on Sunday. Outta town okay of town and we were around some music artists and stuff like that. And they were all about their social distancing and making sure that the crowd stayed back at least two hundred feet or something like that might come on Gaza. You're you're in the middle of sixty thousand acres in West Texas. The thing about is some of those guys. It'd be really good for their career. If they got a little publicity by being too close to end so people could be happy. Be outraged over. That might help her music career. Well it's funny and Sam Riggs. Our Buddy Sam Riggs. He was out there and he. He was one of the performers. He wasn't one of the ones me like calling me. Close now he. Sam Wasn't one of the ones. I asked him for distancing but Sam came flying and he made his interest entrance on one of the helicopters. They flew him on on a helicopter. And I'm like I rather take my chances with somebody breathing near me than getting on there with one of those cowboys. Flying one of those helicopters and slinging it in there. You know what I'm saying. Yeah those are some of those helicopters. I fly like that. And they they're like they hunt the cody's and the wild hogs been hogging that was going to say they wildflowers crazy. They're like they're like crop dusters and helicopters. I like it that's cool. I'M NOT GONNA go flying helicopters. They're like you won't go hog and I was like you know I don't get on helicopters. Don't do it. That's my thing. Been plenty of them. Don't do it. I'd rather have covert I don't know I mean if it was get covert or take a helicopter ride. I'M GONNA take the helicopter rod but either way you'll hang we are back you know if you were a priest with a water gun and they were driving buying your squirting them with holy water. You'd be aiming for their eye or something like that and if you knew that you were going to church with a priest Water Gun. I take now super soaker getting back. Yeah think the Vatican could afford super soaker a dose of it. You have a good water. Gunfight freeze I went back over the weekend or the last week really and I was watching little clips from our old show on the blaze in watching our clips of reverend swindle. I Miss Reverend swindle. Funniest tell you to bring him back. We gotta do more Reverend. Swear you gotta give you gotTa give and then Sean text textile awhile ago and he booze you like we gotta do some more reverend swindle. We need to those swindles. Funny Dude I loved it that used to Piss people off to people like okay really down. Yeah it was funny. I loved it. Watch Chad Dot. Com is the place where all the fun stuff happens and I encourage people to go to blaze. Tv DOT COM sign up for your annual subscription and join us. There's a whole lot of really good programming on their even. I'll jump on there every you know. When when I'm watching it flipping through there. I see a lot of stuff that you're not getting on Youtube. You're not getting it on Facebook or social media and stuff. There's some good programming out there and not the least of which of course have been Glenn. Beck's Wednesday night specials. He's been very revealing on a lot of different things that are going on across the country. And it's good stuff good stuff. Unlike us they do a lot of research. They do a lot of research to one for Kansas. We wouldn't have anything talked about now. We just sit up here and talk back and forth new podcast day be fired. We wouldn't have a job at the blaze who didn't have anything going on. Maybe like now you're out. You're out but I think people enjoy that. I think you enjoy that. I think you enjoy the banter. I think you enjoy talking We make jokes. There's nothing sacred and we're just GonNa make fun of everything that's what we're GONNA do. That's our commitment to you. We're GonNa Make Fun of you. We're GONNA make fun of ourselves name in and that's what we're all about and I say Amen after you shoot. I'm going to scorch you right in the I squirt right near is there goes Yeah so there. It is to watch DOT COM cortana blaze. Tv get argue stuff man and came keep hanging out with us. Go over a need. You need you to go over to apple podcasts. And leave us a rating and review. I've done it do it do it again. I don't like dropping in the rankings and are are. Are we doing so far? People watching people listen for the most part we got. We got a little crowd. Yeah loyal crowd. Yeah but I'M GONNA catch come up. I'm I want you to catch me. I can't stand it next time.

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