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Jackie Hoffman & Teddi Mellencamp


Welcome to the Bravo. Clubhouse for the podcast division of watch. What happens live with me? Andy cohen. She's doing a play completely and yet issue and the name John blizzard still makes her a bit skittish. It's watch. What happens live with Jackie military, Vallon crap. Now. Dr something. Hey, everybody won't go to watch live. I'm heroes. The Cohen live in the rubble club outside Beverly Hills night with one woman who sear for Bravo. Fixing it others John hearing about his certain Chihuahua mix earlier today. My first guest tweeted, waking up knowing you're doing watching up. Xiv is like waking up to your wedding day with Andy like when nuns Mary Jesus here to have a religious experience. It sounds super van Jackie off in Asia. Is currently starring in the off Broadway version of fiddler on the roof muzzles off to you. Beverly Hills teddy Mellencamp in hot. See you you brought something. Yes. I bought a friend. This is Louie Louie. Apple julie. I got her at a unleavened, no kill shelter. And then I took her home and had her killed and stuff. Oh, God over the bar from city harvest and organization on admission and hunger in New York City. It's a great organization. It's our friend, Dan Churchill. Hey, dan. City harvest is hosting its annual gala next Tuesday in New York. I guess we're going to be there. Yeah. Yeah. Looking forward to excellent. Well, if you want to see Dan go there now Doreen things Denise will be more sensitive with L VP because Denise has experienced dealing with a similar personality. I e her ex Charlie Sheen. Do you guys see similarities like that seemed like a week? I'm gonna let you take this one. Yeah. Me between Lisa Vander pump. And Charlie she Denise. Yeah. They're they're savagery. Ridha had a hilarious moment in tonight's episode. And then inspired are impressionable confessional moment. How was your night hide behind British humor? No. I'm just an asshole with icon of care and big lips enjoyed that. Kyle was not exactly thrilled by Camille choice of the cap sleeved bridesmaid's, dress. And this leads us to our first of all, then I go to WWAFL dot TV. Okay. Is it shady of Camille to make her bridesmaids wear cap sleeves. That's our question is it. I didn't know that was the thing. If I don't is is this this is this is a cap sleeve cuts the meat off at the white. You say that shape? It's very Charlie Sheen. Okay. You guys are going with no on this one. That's a landslide. Jackie and teddy came for your questions. But before we get to those. Here's what three things I am obsessed with tonight I on tonight's Beverly Hills Denise attempted to play mediator between Vandross pump and the rest of the women. But like the porcelain vase LV, gifted Denise, she proved to be a little fragile for the situation watch. I feel so bad that ladies are on the outs with Lisa Vander palm. And I want her to know these women still really care about her feel Dake your. Under attack those women still love you scream people letting go to bed in tears, if you love them, you know, what I'm happy without them. I had a lot of press has been embarrassing humiliating com thing why I feel the I'ma space for I wanted to retreat if she can't even explain it. Then I think she would want to repair that and not just throw it away. And at least defend herself if these are things that she really didn't do. All right. Here's what go to WWAFL dot TV and tell us if you were L VP, would you want to talk it out with the ladies? Yes, or no, I guess that's the question of how much she wants to be with this group of people, right? What do you feel? I can't imagine her without them. I mean, she does have like what she has a few spin off series a dog business and five restaurants. It looks like you guys are split on. This one interesting is tonight, the women went to see Boy, George and culture club, which was followed by Kyle and PK with his famous British sense of humor having a culture clash take a look different feel vulnerable. Like, I'm scared. Someone would discipline to me you can't even get on with your best friend. So you could have issues you're in the same imposition joke. In English, not American jug dot talking to you. Well, we'll say Kenny Stephanie turnabouts tune for nail independent, you know, these women as well as I don't need to know them. I made a joke. It's disrespectful to his own wife. And by the way, good luck having sex with your wife tonight. I'm pissed off UP K that's British humor. Okay. Go back to WWAFL dot TV to tell us. Who's side? Are you on Kyle or PK was it British humor or a low building? It was actually yet issue was where. What did you you were there? I think it, you know, I was kind of right on with what I said later when I was like, yeah. There was a reason behind it. Right. And what did you think the reason mind it was because he had the convoy with Ken, okay? Looks like you guys are on Kyle side on this one. We'll here's what later Doritos attempt to smooth things over with Kyle. We're quickly interrupted when another wife went all in on their conversation. Watch very comfortable with you. It was not an insult. And it did not come from at that place is then he goes, we're good me and Kiner good me and Vanna pumper. Let me have a conversation with file for two second. Why are you yelling at me? How we all presented. What just I'm happy? I'm sure it was. Good point. I know can you give me thirty seconds. Don't have to use napped. I'm sorry. If it was a little aggressive. Okay. That's it. It's beyond the whole thing is beyond. Okay. Go back to the polls again to tell us who's side are you on teddy or door reads? You felt like you were making a good point. She felt like she just wanted to hash it out with. It was the end of the night. And I was like, maybe if I make a really good point. We can go home. Oh, you are. That's good. Looks like you guys are on teddy side of this one. I know perceptive. I was like is that a word. It wasn't. It wasn't gonna work, but it did come to work with them. Yeah. Maybe new perceptive. I we'll finally went Jackie's not starring in fiddler on the roof as yen to the matchmaker. She's watching groups of women who at times get so combustible, I wouldn't trust them around matches. Here's what Jackie it's time for you to weigh in on the real housewives with another round of who going check me feud tell you housewives dispute you tell me who is your undisputed winner. Okay. LV versus everyone else who side you on here. Well. LV P didn't start the dog incident. But she did fight PK in the children's. So that's why her teeth. Oh, that's murky Ridha versus Camille about the whole Brett Kavanagh issue. Oh, well, once Camille was married to kilson grammar. So I think in Paris in Brett cabin seems like a really good guy. Oh, okay. Didn't these versus her sweaty wedding gas, a laid back to knees had no qualms about being late bride, and they were all out in the heat. Yeah. Well, then she can have no qualms about paying for everybody's melanoma by oh my gosh. The versus everyone else at the reunion. What was your what was your Amini has built the wall and Atlanta is paying for? Okay. I'm Lou N versus to render and her fish room. Oh, God because she woke up with a head over in the fish. I couldn't stay in every room. I woke up with a hangover street up there to hey, Terendak versus Barbara Arinda was Barbara to but out of her friendship. Blue an Barbara's in construction she likes to build relationship. Yes. She does Sonia versus Tinsley. Sonia doesn't think Tinsley is affable. Oh because she has mannered. Yes. Yeah. I've combined manners with six to because I always have to say, please. Motive versus Bethany. Ramona's made some low blows to Bethany this season. I. Body. Thank you very much. Jedi number one question for you tonight. A KiKi seven seven b what is your proof or the proof not hearsay? That makes you believe that you know, who dropped the story to radar online for me. That wasn't really the issue for me. It was it was a dog in that. I didn't care. I was like at this point. I am so over this. I know what I know. And I'm really like, okay. Okay. So you may issue is about what happened before the radar online story and the TMZ and the Daily Mail and the poor creature and all those things I was like, by the way brianna wants to know is it is it true that your brother is dating an employee from Vander pump dogs. Yes. Which happened after? Wow. Yes. That's on those text messages towards the end was she thinks he's cute. Oh my God. You're kidding. Is it one of the employees that we've heard of? I don't think she spoke in that. But I thought oh, that's amazing. Okay. Teddy a Facebook does on our walkabout. You said you never told a lie in your life and then admitted to lying so how do you justify that? Well, okay. So here's the thing. I had already shown Kyle all the text messages, and I had told to read that I had had negative things about her in my mind. Those were the bad things to have the dog there. That's obvious. Like in my mind, if I was going to bring something up, I couldn't just do it out of thin air. Okay. Amanda p wants to know Jackie what was your reaction to Ramona stealing those lobsters. Did you enjoy that made me feel better about stealing splendor? Julius email. Jackie of you ever had an awkward encounter with a real housewife in the wild. Like out in New York City. Have you ever? In the while have you ever run into a house in New York any yes, I run into luanne openings of envelopes. Okay. What is your dad? I know that you watch with your dodge. He's gonna love that rendition. That's great. What is his reaction to the show this season last season? He was kind of watching with my he was like, this is cool. You know, whatever. Like, she called you a be right. And I'm like, yeah. She did probably going to get worse. Right. Like, you know, at least anything I said, I said to her face. Doreen davita texted Jackie do you think Meany overreacted to the whole closet drama? I think she's going through a rough patch, and it just was the straw, set her off. She felt violated. Yeah. We'll next week Beverly Hills. Lisa Ken, PK endure eat meat for their first lunch together since the radar online article broke, and what might be their last lunch together period. You have to understand this very difficult for me to believe that you had nothing to do with that. I'm sorry. Go to draw a line in the sand. If you believe I gave us choice. We don't have a friendship. It hurts me. What do you want me to when we took a lie detector tests by this? Detector, we place Radici rising and move forward. If she doesn't believe no friendship. Friendship that I know it has to based on a state so much like I believe you had something to do with the initial story friend of mine ongoing. Wow. All right. Let's go to sham borough from Texas say what your question. Hey, Howdy, everybody. How you all great. What's up? How did he? I just had a question for teddy. Did she really feel like extending that techs olive branch out to Lisa? She was going to accept it. And did she ever turn the text to her? No, she didn't ever return. And I you know, I'm fine with that. If she doesn't wanna talk to me, she doesn't need to talk to me. I don't need to talk to her. But I wanted her to know that like because of me shouldn't be a reason to not show up. Okay. Let's go to Trish from Nashville for Jackie. What's your question? Trish, high eighty Jackie a Gloria Steinem recent statement about the housewives and Senate feminism I'd love to know what your thoughts are. Oh, well, so basically, we'll glorious item said on this show while back that that it was the show is bad for women. And then Roxane gay was on the other night and said, no, I actually think it's a great example of feminism. I mean. Do you have any what the housewife com? Yeah. I we have the right to be brainless shrews. Present company excepted, of course. It's game time you guys. A know it all which got us thinking is Camille corrector, she just being pernicious. Let's find out with does. Teddy. I'm gonna ask you a Beverly Hills trivia question if you're wrong Jackie is going to stay you with a Beverly Hills. Zinger? Okay. So here are the Beverly Hills zingers, okay? What kind of sex toy did Camille gift Dorri bog act? Yes of all what was erica's here would she and Reynaud went to the geisha house pink. Yes. Okay. Back in season eight what time was supposed to meet you for drinks for clock. Yes. We're. On. Which former housewife once slapped L VP brandy. Yes. Harry M Linden. Joyce baking what delicious dessert high? Wow. Good listener. Okay. 'cause I purchased nearly eighteen thousand dollars worth of ERM as dishes dorito or Kyle three. I was going. Okay. These questions are very easy. Unseating control Rupe? Kim Richards has an affinity for what kind of animal. Dogs. Donald. Okay. Jackie. Gimme one. Great change. Your depends because you're so full of crap. Very good said that that was brandy Renna. Okay. How long was erica's Bahamas ponytail sixty inches or seventy inches sixty inches. Seventy okay. Give her another ballot sheet pernicious just pernicious. Her behavior was just pernicious. We those. Okay. Jackie. Josh w wants to know, please. Describe what the process was like being a friend in the countess's cabaret show. Wow. That was an intense experience that was an encounter in the wild. Yeah. It just it was it was going there and the audience was like crazy drunk housewives. It was just doing my number say just like who directed. This new Morgan. It was. It was just a hoot and a half bedlow Ross. I love that. He calls process out of there alive. Let's go to Nellie from DC Nellie. What's your question? Andy, you Moscow my questions for Teddy's Alder than you who is your dad's favorite healthwise. Oh, he's a big fan. He calls Kyle the little one. So he's he's a big fan of Kyle. And he loves Erica. Oh, let's go to chip from Virginia. Hey, chip what your question? Hi, my questions for the wonderful must be Jackie Hoffman. Yup. Jackie I wondered if there was anything special that you learned about. Joan crawford. Are what women of that era went through? Oh, making feud anything special about Trump? That they're going through just what women are going through now, but they had to wear girdles. In the face work. Wasn't as good. Yes. It's time for my hustle of the day. It goes to the news that Freddie, mercury's handwritten set lists from queens nineteen Seventy-eight concert in Copenhagen is available for a cool thirty five thousand dollars, which to me is a perfectly reasonable price. If the set list also blows you. Jackal goes to the news that Houston will debut, a new musical based on the songs of Destiny's Child. But will be told from the perspective of Matthew Knowles. Now. I don't know if the show as title yet. But I think it's working title should be my daughter's coattails, the musical. That's so mean. That's mean, I didn't say that. Meanwhile, I've already seen gypsy. So I think I'm gonna pass I wanna thank Jacki teddy. Teddy and Dan city artist. Okay. Let's go back into it. Teddy. So-calle crafty gal wants to know if you think you've changed since joining the show, and if so how I don't think I've changed I think I've kind of always been a no at all. But at the beginning, I didn't know anybody. So I couldn't really state my opinions as strongly as I do now where I actually have opinions ac-. Allay ac- wants to know Jackie. If you could spend one night with any house husband who would it be? Ooh. Why am I thinking PK? Teddy. Sorry. Go ahead. Maybe it stands for pretty kosher. Kayla aids. Wants to know the wildest thing you read or Kyle dude while at Coachella. The wildest thing. I we were like in movement at every moment like you can't do anywhere with Rin without a swarm of people hair stands out. You're like walking people are like. Like, we're like we gotta keep moving right erica's party. Let's go to Jessica from Connecticut. Jessica which question. Hi. My question is fourth heady. Do you think that jury is so quick to dismiss you? Because she just does not respect, you know, you know, I think last year I took it very personally. And I realized that when it comes to her, and I disagree on things were such different communicators. But now, I really just kind of let it like wash over me. And I'm like, we're in a good place. I don't need to fight with you about British humor. Joe like, let's just keep it moving. Let's go to AB from Florida, Amy. What's your question? Hey, y'all. Hey, Andy, how are you? All great. Were you not great? I have actually two questions. My first question is for teddy last night. Roxane gay was on and without hesitation when she asked who her housewives nemesis would be she said without a blink. It would be heavy Mellon cash. Yeah. I I heard that. That's okay. She's welcomed her opinion in my mind. I'm like, well, you know, like, I have my own business. I'm, you know, I'm a working mom I empower women for a living. But feeling like me, it is what it is. What's your second question? Well, my second question was for Jackie Judd. And if she was asked that same question if she had to answer who her house, I emphasise would who would that be my housewife nemesis your on any show just the house that you can't with? Oh, I would say someone from New Jersey, but I'm too afraid. Thank you for your question. We had a good season jersey. This real good. Right. Your husband's in the pool. Yeah. Let's go to Kim. From Brooklyn, Kim what your question. Hey, how are you? This question is actually for teddy. Teddy's seem to be a lot more assertive this season than last season, which I think is great yet. You laughed when Camille was attacking Lisa vans upon with her teeth and whatnot. And you know, what it feels like to be ganged up based on last season. So what would make you sick that? It's okay to actually sit and watch somebody else begins up on. I think in that moment, we were all very uncomfortable. And that was that uncomfortable laugh when you if you like zoom in at my face. My face is bright red I start chugging. My drank like, it was one of those awkward less. Yes. In hindsight. I could have been like that isn't nice. But yeah, I did sit there, and I took it uncomfortably go. Let's go to Maya from New Jersey. Hey, my, oh what your question? Hi, andy. Hey. Love you. I think you should give Chris weilding their chance. That's not gonna happen. I said he and Jackie. My question is do you guys including you, Andy, do you guys really think that Neath Richards is having as much sex as she claims she mentioned that? I do I think so. Yeah, I think she's busy. If I was either one of them, I would be jumping all over the other one. That bad to say I'd say, please. I wanna thank Jackie. Thanks for listening to the podcast everybody. Hope you enjoyed the show. Remember, new episodes? Go live Monday through Friday at four PM eastern time. Make sure you're subscribed to have a great rest of your night.

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