Episode 476 - A Bunch of Dads (2018) - 11/22/18


This episode of this is only a test is made possible by mail chimp. Male chimp is an easy use marketing platform with a name that might make it sound like they only do Email, but they do just about everything that help businesses. Grow like ads postcards landing pages. Audience management, tools automations reports and more you could say mail chimp grew so much they outgrew their name and their marketing tools can help you do the same go to mail dot com. Sign up for free and see how can help grow your business mail chimp. They do more than Email for Thursday, actually so much. They start show. It's been awhile since I've done this. Hey, let's start the show for Thursday, November twenty second happy thanksgiving, everyone twenty eighteen welcome to this. Only efficient podcasts of tested dot com. Ro. Writer. Brown. All right. It's been a hot I'm norm everyone. If you're if you're listening to the audio not watching the video you made her the voices already. We have to original this only test co host on the show this an OG cast. Also, he original. Yeah. Came in episode five he came. Well, if you're called will, of course is on you wouldn't know it ends dub step. I listen to the episode that you did with Jeremy and can shore. And it's okay. I'm frankly insult I expected better view, norm. I like that you guys thought that you thought that was the theme the whole time the dubs scheme. It wasn't special for you know, I knew that that was special for you. But then the other thing that Jerry played this mad new madness. Yeah. Yeah. That's not the theme. That's the new thing. We like the same. That's a good thing. And we have Gary everywhere. Hi, welcome back. You you were on like two weeks ago on a few weeks ago. Yeah. With. Jeremy, you know, that was here to you. Both were here that was the week of the apple vent. And I listened that podcast in the hospital and good use of your time. Well, we're labor Las long time. And. Hey, Honey was your area. When we listen to this. Listen to that podcast and listening to you guys talk about the apple new. So bad. You guys were googling different about the MAC books and. I think I mentioned at one point this is the least informed well podcast. I've ever even heard loan bean on you might have really saying something recorded. I think the day after the event so people are still jesting the news and to be fair. The event was a little confusing. Is there was there was some some things that are confusing. There were some there were a lot of weird product now sements from. That was cheaper than the Matt book. Yeah. And we're that lines up how they're different expensive for one of seemed, right? So. I think it was a sign of good podcast. That was my point. Because all I wanna do listening to it was engaged. I wanted to chime in your screaming at the radio screaming after correctly replicated, the confusion that consumers a feeling right? All right. Here's the interesting thing about this year's apple. And this is I think the first time in probably a decade since the iphone three three g came out that I didn't give apple any money this year. Like I haven't bought any apple harbor that didn't by phone probably not gonna buy an ipad, maybe next year. But not right now. No, new laptop no watch. No air pods last year. I'm good. They're like they're getting none of my money this year. I was on that same train until I bought the new ipad. Pro I've had pros. And that was maybe a moment of weakness because I was in the hospital, and I was looking at the fancy new stuff. And again, there's there's a lot of nothing do where you got that. And then kind of delivered to the hospital. No, I I went home to pick it up. I need to get some fresh air. Labor's it was right off. Right. After the baby was born. And maybe it was moaning weakness. But there was nice, and shiny, and my parents both got I've had pros. Well, my mom's on actually shoes, you know, her ipad. She's on. She's on the first retina one had three. That's what Gina has an unusable useable. So that would actually be a good upgrade upgrade. But that the pro isn't for normal people know, the pro I mean, they have. It's a pro. She's probably listening. She's a professional all computing, computer user, perfect for the screen. The screens. Nice really nice. The same gamut and stuff as the I ten right? Yes. It is. And it has a true tone and has won twenty hurts. Smooth scrolling. I think that really really, and you know, the the way that might use computers, ipads, leave like all the tabs open the open safari on the on the computers, tablets, and it's every tablet ever opened is there. And so the medium memory management is better close all tabs trick. I just found this out the other day, and it's fucking magic. If you press in. If you press in hold the tab button. Yes, affari then it says close this tab close all twenty three tabs new. That's it. That's I. On tablets mobile devices uses the versus on desktop tabs done differently because on your mobile device. The taps aren't actually using memory in real time. It's just cash it's like a bookmark. Yeah. People use them like bookmarks on your desktop chrome. If you have thirty tabs open. That's why Chroma sucks then your computers running a crawl do better with that. Now, they unload stuff that's on close tabs and has an unusual. But it's still each one is a process which was a that was a selling point when they launch chrome. They're look if one tab crashes talking to crush your whole browser there's going to be great thirty two gigs of memory later. Yeah. I must be on the podcast guys. I'm talking and talking without a podcast, if you'd have a podcast, you're nobody these days, so it works. Yeah. It was it was a glimpse on the other side. How both of you guys. Stop doing this podcast. Great. I was fine. I didn't have to start. I stop reading tech news. It was terrific. Kind of funny gig now. So yes me that keeps me into public fear. You want to talk about all informed podcasts. You should listen to great on kind of funny sometimes 'cause I didn't know anything. I have no idea what I'm talking about. And you're not even kind of funny. You're like moderately funny. Even kinda and I don't study or learn about anything that's happening in the news. They must go co present the news show. Yeah. Like set you up when you when you go in for the teleprompter give you a hand here. You're here. You're ten topics talk about this week and an intern type three second briefs or three cents per I show up giving a piece of paper that has the day's news on it. Right. And then five minutes later, I'm sitting down reading the news critical zingers hits like LeBron Mott's you can drop in there to come up with all those right that your cell phone. That's twice a lawn. Twins. They have a really neat screen behind their. They have very nice. It has. Getting combined behind mom waters. And they still have quite a love that. Hey, will you talk about when Gary Gary remember your first time being a regular on this podcast was with an apple product. He was with the iphone four four. Yeah. It was the iphone four because you got it was when apple actually shipped them out early. Yes. Talking about like. That was the former cover cast the first thing I've had I've had was the first thing we had life would have been in that fall. I had was the first thing we had, but Gary you did get the iphone four early. And we had you come in. Because you're the only one we knew who had the iphone wearing overcast a retina display and then came during the show, I barely remember this. Well, of course, you have a kid. Percent of your to lose memory points dated by day over the eight years of podcast. All three of us have children. Yeah. And that's barely because our top story this week is congratulations, dad. Oh, I thought it was gonna be thanksgiving. Oh, well, happy thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving. This. On on thanksgiving days should begin on thanksgiving and back when American thanksgiving. Yes. Canadian thanks sometime else. Some of the Jews maybe some ridiculous feel like September October. I remember telling you happy thanksgiving maybe three weeks ago month ago. I dunno Gary you had your kid. I. Yes. It's true. Six months before. I was the first one. Yeah group. I gotta go back and listen to podcasts because I'm really curious. He was already showing up for this podcast by then when when you're just go back to July two thousand twelve and then about January, February twenty thirteen January twenty thirteen. Yeah. Was when you had your kids. Yeah. Or your wife had your kid? Had a I mean, if you're looking for pointers or advice, my vices don't do that. Anything of value from either of us. I'm still speak. Really funny of the dad cast. I get a lot of emails a bunch of will you bring a bunch of dad's back. I want the this. Let's let's bring them back. Right now. Here's what I've been thinking about bunch of dad's. Yeah, I think we should bring them back as acuity show to people because the panel was too many people to get together like getting four five busy people together way too hard. And I think you talked about it as having one person they're potentially not being a dad or impending dad and scaring them with all the it's neither of new dad. You won't have a new you'd have a medium you to have an old. Okay. Yeah. What we've got. Yeah. We're both the same essentially mediums or feel so old though. I mean, you look it's been does you're gonna you wouldn't you know into into dad stroke presidential years. Yeah. Like six years. I think you perfectly set up for the grey headed come in here. Harian white in the chin of gear gets plucking. Yeah. Just going to be it's going to become unplug. -able? No, don't tell me. You won't be able to pluck big bald spots are going to be. But the five years since five and six years since you guys had your kids. Yeah. I don't think I fully appreciated. No fucks you up, man. What it was like 'cause I would hear your stories. Yeah. Think intellectually will extra tired this morning or will wills forgetting ten fifteen percent of his brain is really stupid. All of a sudden now is this happens with age didn't get it until and I've had it for two weeks. Now, this is and particularly the exiled in distress in the exhaustion that comes with it is like the matrix. No, one can be told what it is. You have to see it for yourself. Brennan frazier. Learn baseball in Boston the past. So there was a moment when our kid was maybe three months old when Gina looked at me. And she's like we're never going to catch up on sleep. Again, are we 'cause like when you're when you're when you don't have a kid, you think oh, man, I totally work without sleep for a long time. I can work I can sleep. I'm gonna stay up and play red dead too until three o'clock in the morning. I'm gonna get up on a roll into work. I'm going to be a zombie all day and go to bed at six o'clock tomorrow night, and I'll be good. You can do that. When you're young. You could never do that. When you have a kid because the kid gets whatever the fucking kid gets up. This is the thing that I was not prepared. No, I told you I was I could do the first like three nights. No problem like two or three hours of sleep. And it just felt like a late then you leave the hospital. And then there was moment. I think over maybe this past weekend when I look at the other. And it's like, yeah. We've got this. We got this. But then you realize you don't get catch up day. Well, I mean you can. But some of the other one is going to take the hit for it like you have to trade off and she's bone because she's responsible for food right now. It's she can't sleep. So it's much worse for your wife because slow burn. Ads on builds up and builds up, and do you remember the first trip we took after my daughter was born when we got to Houston with Dave Chang, and trade you've done. Yep. And we got there and you enjoy like, hey, let's go out. And we're going to go out and get some beers. I was like guys later I'm going to sleep at five o'clock in the number that which was really two o'clock our time, I'm really looking forward to going on Trump. Yeah. You need to find. It took a trip fast, man. Don't don't listen. If you're listening to this. I'm so sorry. So it's hard. Give a little bit of a primer on our birth story. I guess that's what people call it. Right. What happened? Yeah. It's the thing to hear about. Well, it's what I lifted. This is. Thing. But yeah, so audience wants to hear this. No, no, some did you build a scoop to catch? No. Well, the baby was due October thirty first Halloween. We really wanted a Halloween baby. Yeah. And so be cool because down the road when you go out trick or treating the both exactly. And actually, my housemate. His birthday is on Halloween. We had first hand experience. And he's enjoyed it. Okay. We know some people who they say, it sucks share birth the other people, but then you're forced address up for your birthday, and we really liked the idea. And if you're watching that Sabrina show athletes. Athletes birthdays on Halloween girl from max, madman madman. It is Mad Max from. Edmund sally. Draper, draper. Yeah. She's awesome. And and so we were all planning for a Halloween birthday. That was our forty weeks. I started taking time off about like half a week before that there's a bold choice, by the way. Well, I want to be prepared. Yeah. You have known. I mean, I know that you had a pretty good. Expectations. It was going to be on that day. But at the same time, it's very read the baby comes on the actual days expected. Percent five babies arrive on their day, and they can track track the size of the belly. They track all sorts of medical things at the obese do and our baby was actually tracking early. So we were freaked out like a week and half before we were like. No, October hold hold it till the whole the till Halloween. And so we were doing things to try to be active. See a ton of movies. Maxed out our our AMC MC pass, which so many movies that we leading up to Halloween and then as we crept closer Halloween. Nothing's happening. There were no signs of labor. No, no, water breaking. And we had a doctor's appointment Monday before Halloween while he was on a Wednesday. And the doctor told us you're not gonna get Halloween. And so can we discussed could we do that Apollo thirteen moment like the doctor's like well, norm? Danika we have a problem. They they lost. We've lost the thing on the on the stuff on the table and say, how do you baby through here this shape? So we had the resign ourselves. The fact that you know, we would probably the wait for after hauling and that week waiting from forty weeks forty one weeks was was probably the toughest part because the uncertainty of like baby could come any minute on Denic. Horrifically uncomfortable so uncomfortable. I can't even imagine what it's like to have the extra the way in front of you balance being stressed out. And we're ever go to bed, and like worry that we'd have to wake up to 'em and water break or something where the hospital because we she makes garbage bag or anything. No, no. Okay. Nice. But we're worried that it would be we'd be caught off guard. Yeah. Sensually we were on edge for a whole week. It's edging. And it's pretty extreme. It got to the next week. We had another doctor appointment and at that point. It was November fourth and we're like, no, we don't we want this baby. Now, we don't wanna wait in longer. So we we induced and the baby came out November sixth. Which is thirty our labor. Yes. When you induce this. They they give you medication oral medication. And then something through an issue that just which is just the the the hormone that. It's the brand name for oxytocin and your body's naturally generate oxytocin with hugs and stuff. So didn't hug your wife enough is what we were saying when we thought the baby was coming out early. I'll can't hug we get. No oxytocin. I don't know where else would come early. So the the give you Potosi they give you some other all medication, and that's supposed to induce labor ads like twelve hours, so the whole process, and so even if we had induced on October thirtieth it could have been November first baby like, there's no guaranteed, and sometimes even worse, the go home, and and wait it out because the baby's ready. After the after the fact when the baby is born is you don't really care. What day it was just happy to have the bo-? Yeah. Fingers and ten toes, man. Yeah. And so the whole process got the medication was it was in the hospital for over a day. And we ended up having a C section and that happened because I think I was texting with you guys keeping you guys up date with what was going on. And that happened fairy quickly. It went from you know, Labor's start. And now the the pushing will begin to doctor saying we should have a C section. And then I you guys see sections happening. Fifteen minutes later was born and that was insane. Well, once the actually get into the business of doing C-section, there's no messing around in high gear and the taking operating room put on the scrubs. You're not supposed to touch anything. Anesthesiologists Evelyn damn freaking out, of course. And there's a bunch of people. In their bunch of people, nurses in there and becomes out baby gets handed over to like team of three, nurses, and they. A pit crew this I had video I have the video of the nurses, basically flipping the baby around the super. Hear the cry cry cry was the best I've ever heard because the cry longer than I felt like it should take and we were natural Abadula birth. Right. But it was it was like, it was probably thirty seconds. Yeah. But it was the longest thirty seconds of my life. Right. What were you guys thinking? When you first saw your your baby will really curious. So so for me, honestly, I was thinking we were induced because gene ahead blood pressure issues, and they were worried about it. So they induced her and we went to Saint time you'd have done o'clock the night before she was born. And they started the oral medicine they started the petition drip about two o'clock in the morning. And then the baby was there ten o'clock and all I was thinking holy shit. There's only one nurse and the doctor in here because that's that's the doctor barely made. It we yell. He hauled across down to get there and dime, and he came in and looked was like, oh, I gotta put my clothes on and he just pulled a gun on right over top of what he was wearing and jumped right in and the. Whole time. I was thinking it was us and Roxanne the delivery nurse who like she scooped up the doctor handed me the baby headed the baby Gina and then like ten seconds later. She grabbed the baby I cut the cord. They went over to the scrub in the weighing and all I mean, it was more than ten seconds seem really fast. All I was thinking was holy. I can't believe people in here that are that know what they're doing. That's the whole system in Gary, Hoppy? How did I feel the moment? You saw your baby for really longtime fifty two I always has tight to say we because I mean, I was there as well. But Leah did ninety nine point nine percent of the of the work. Fifty two hours of labor and then a c section serves rough. And you know, the the epidurals didn't take so Lia was in a lot of discomfort use that to very mildly for a lot of it. And it was rough like the babies the baby's head was like so close to two coming out. And it just we had a similar situation to you that every time it was close the baby's right would drop that. And they would say, oh, we don't like that. Either. I actually learned to cut a read the heart rate monitor. I could tell when it was normal. And when something was was not quite right and. And for a long time. I was very nervous about that. And then they around midnight or rent 'em on. I guess what would have been now the third dykes fifty two hours in they said, well, we can try a couple of things you could try we could try forceps delivery. They literally grab the baby's head with a with a Clarence hongs. Yeah. Janki out, but we don't like to do that. Troy can go for a scheduled like a c section now, and you can go in and and dad can be in there as well. All you can try pushing again. But if you push again, it doesn't go great. We have to rush you intra section and then Dad Khan come in. So we decided that we would just do the C-section wasn't. You know, wasn't anyone's first choice three hours. I mean, some people do decide to have C-section schedule it, but that wasn't what we had planned to me, we were hung birth. We we plan to be a homeboy and ended up in the most surgical from the least hospital type situation to the most hospital clubs from one to the other. And to you question is funny. Because when we'll said he cut the cord, my I was did I I think I did. Yeah. Okay. If I said, I did that. I did it's truly chewy the point the point being that I my memory of is very hazy because you know, what I am knowledge is it to there's a great book called into thin air written by Joan crack, our about people climb Everest. And it was about people that died climbing Everest, and he actually did get to the summit and climbed it and people say to you know, what he says he climbed Everest. It must be so amazing like the feeling of standing top. Everest must be like the most amazing feeling of triumph into wood. And he's like, no, it's really not because you're so exhausted and you walk surgeon deprived because there's no oxygen there. And you also have to worry about getting back down a lot of people on the way back down that you that you can only you're only there for a few moments. You don't have long to go her Ray. We did it. Exhausted any way that you don't really get you just like. You don't get up there and crack a cold one. Was just so anxious personal memoria for fifty two hours fifty two hours. No sleep everyone's exhausted. When the baby finally came out, I remember it was really just a feeling of relief more than anything the babies out. You know, thank God. Because it was did not want to come out. Operating room and how he like all remember in the operating room from before the baby came out was peeking over the curtain. I didn't wanna look at the the incision. But all remember seeing a big trays of knives. Essentially, scissors big trays of fill dozens of those. I'm like, this is serious. I remember them telling when you go into the room, you know, because you have to scrub up just like a real doctor, and they put the the the what do they call? It happened down the cap and gown on you graduate, the scrubs the scrubs on you and the and they say once you're in there. Just don't touch anything that's blue because anything that's blue has been sterilized, and you touch it. And you go in there and everything's blue and they yelled out immediately forgot it immediately. Because where am I supposed to be where am I supposed to be in when we were preparing for the natural birth? Well, I brought my Solaar bought like three D camera three sixty cameras had the room all wants out of three sixty camera. And then. Once the C-section decision was having all your plants. With the mercy, let the let the nurses tell me exactly what it'd be where to stand and thinking, this is my phone in my pocket underneath the scrubs. So I could take some pictures of the baby and video as the baby was coming out. 'cause I can't even imagine from like danika s- perspective. She can't see a thing because there's a Shiels doped up up just like in pain freaking out, and she she would have to sit up and lean. Muscle. Cut open. Hi, says like like like a magician assistant being cut Nath except for like, right? And I can't even imagine all your plans, go out the window. And you're trusting the doctors also found out is that like the doctors and the nurses in the hospital. They don't always agree with each other and the nurses have their own way of doing things and the doctors they throw constant shaded each other like when we were waiting into labor, and I was looking at the heartbeat monitor. That thing's amazing. We saved the papers to lines one for the contractions and one for the baby's heart rate, and is like the only tangible thing you have of that experience. Right. Like, your baby could feel the you kill you. The labor papers kind of cool, but the baby goes from this like Bolger the uterus valley to kicks it's kind of still like distance thing. But you have when you see the heartbe you have this real. Timeline of labor of what it's like. Will you guys about that ultrasound thing? Let's you hear the heartbeat. We one of those home ultrasound. And we borrowed it for a little bit toward the end there. And it was like it was one of the things that like at the end of the day. You put it on. You're listening to the sounds good. It's still it's the trickiest thing for me. Even now almost two weeks later looking at the baby looking at him when saying two weeks ago, he was on the other side of this this person, he was inside her alien, and he was as almost fully developed and could hear many things he's hearing out for the last month and a half and been okay. I remember I got in trouble for peaking over that cut in too many times the trust me to sit down because I was so fast. I remember being on the one hand because I don't like viscera and gore and stuff like that. I'm quite squeamish. I've a low tolerance for that. But something about it being my wife. And my baby. A switch that flips. And you just kind of get on with it. You just deal with it. I was I was like up close to all the blood and guts, and gore and was. To Hobbs of me. There was the half of me that was anxious and worried and Novus and empathizing with Leo and everything she was going through and moat, but mostly just anxious and nervous, and I really really hope this works out. Okay. The babies out in health that you just you know us. But then there was another part of me that was just kind of intellectually fascinated by it all. And that kind of the two pots bifurcated, and I remember thinking. This is amazing like that. We can do these things like just for these doctors, nurses, doing several of these a day this this is completely routine. But for years once in a lifetime experience that was the other thing that tough to reconcile because after spending four days of the hospital, you have a rotation of nurses, and for you. It's the most important moment for me most of our lives, right? And everything says, we're like we're hang on by threatened ever paid attention. Exactly. Yeah. And the day were checked out. They'd even say goodbye. It's. Five eight five new babies every day more. Another another satisfied customer number seven one six three. The thing that so if you're about to have a kid, and you're listening to this fast forward to minutes 'cause I'm gonna fight you. Fai you there were two things that I realized when we were driving like to the to the to the deuce birth. I told you this the other day, but I as I was driving my wife sitting next me everything's fine like pressure slope. But it wasn't dangerous up just enough that they didn't want to keep the baby anymore. I was thinking, oh, this is one of the as a as a modern human. That's not faced with the threat of predators, or or anything like this is what of you when you say predators. Do you mean like animals, I thought you meant like the predator? Also the predator. I mean that would be if we had predators. Chase played the if Danny Glover's LA and the predators hanging out and this has been hot lately with these five is true. Okay. So predator aside, we aren't faced with the threat of death on a daily basis. I mean, we are in an effort when you get into car when you cross the street every time you cross the street. Yeah. But but but that's. That's not something that's scheduled a higher than normal. I guess the point is it's not often you get in the car and drive to something that might kill you good at getting the car and driving might kill you. But like going and having a kid is a dangerous thing like Tivoli causing danger. And and and that was at the other thing that somebody told me that was really helpful one of one of our friends who is a dad said, look, I 'cause I asked him a question about the birth plan. And he was like, look here's the deal with the birth plan. This is all shit you do to make you feel better going into it. Make you feel like you have some control over situation where you have absolutely no control. And the moment you're in the room, and the doctor nurse says, okay, we need to do this because the baby or your wife's health is in is in jeopardy. You're going to say yes, fuck the birth plan. Here's what we're going to do. And that's the right thing to do every single time. Not on fifty two. I remember the one thing. I do remember that fifty to our conversation. A little the doctors we're kind of in the room with us. And we tried every pushing scenario that we that we could try and nothing worked and. Remember the tone in the room being not not grave, but very serious. They weren't kidding around anymore. They will let you have a decision to make. And you know, the baby the baby was gonna come out one way or another. But you know, we go to figure this out. And like it wasn't. It wasn't fun or joyous at that point. It was just like please let this baby come out alive and my wife stay alive as well. Everybody needs to live, please. That's you know, after fifty two hours and still not going, right? Well, you're. If you're an actress warrior like me, I I was worried I remember Liam wanted to have a home birth. Remember this and she and we watched this movie called the business of being born about how hospital is a racket. It's a scam. And how there's a growing movement towards home birth because it's more natural, and blah, blah, blah. You still feel this way? No, I never I was always skeptical about it. Yeah. I mean, they have they have some compelling numbers about the number. They want you to have a C section because there's more profit, and blah, blah, it sounded very cynical to me, not the the racket Paul. But the point of view of the of the documentarian seemed to be that they convinced that it was a racket and it was a scam. And they show you all these wonderful videos of. Perfect home bus because they don't show you the one that goes wrong. Look in the morning, they show you the ones that are perfect and lovely and soft focus and stuff, and we had a douleur in amid wife and all this kind of stuff. And I remember saying what what's the percentage of of home births that have to end up transferring to the hospital, and then end up being a C section, and will, oh, it's very very ram. Congratulations, very rare. You don't have to worry about that. Don't worry. And of course, it's exactly what happened to ask. And I don't feel like the doctor definitely I totally understand where that documentary coming from terms of doctors maybe pushing toward see sections. I don't think it's for the money. It's for like the success rate. They know that there's section is basically going to work. It's gonna literally cutting a hole in the belly just yank the baby variables are limited. Yeah. If there's any kind of complication there's cords in a weird spot or the babies upside down, or whatever whatever the problem, you can't diagnose yourself from the outside the C-section. Let's see what the. A problem isn't fixed. And every key. You have doesn't work. You can always just blow a hole in the door. That's going to work. Yeah. But, but I mean, the the thing for me for us because we had that conversation with you guys because we were like, my my wife, we were six months behind Joe. So we were we were starting as you. We were a little bit ahead as early access period was very helpful. But but we don't talk about that kind of stuff. And like there is a compelling to not be in the sterile terrifying. Hospital environment. But on the other hand, you're like, okay, the risk assessment here is that this is a safer. See I sterile to me is not a bad thing. It means things clean. Oh, being no one. No one likes being in a hospital because it generally means something's going wrong in your life. Let someone you someone that you know, is sick or injured. Yeah. Right. So that's not good. They're like, you even have even have that thing like the smell of hospitals as soon as you you associated with a bad feeling because something's not right in your life. Something bad has happened, except when you having a baby that's the that's the one good reason you can go to a hospital. And so I felt like I felt more comfortable. I was really really nervous the whole time that the home both of the of the of the process was happening. Once we got to the hospital though ended. Up then being really still a really long time. When I was very nervous. I felt better. Because at least I knew the this is the best place to be surrounded by doctors and experts people do this all the time. I mean, it's it's like if you're having if you're having a panic attack, and you think you're having a stroke or something you go to the hospital soon as you're sitting in the waiting room at the emergency room, we feel better because at least if you're going to have the stroke. This is the place that you wanna do it in the waiting room at the emergency room laws. But I've literally is I'm such a warrior. I've literally had that we're what I'm lucky at the hospital for no good reason for no particular reason, I might be visiting someone. I remember thinking like if I'm gonna have a heart attack must we'll have. I mean, the best place they can they can get. Preregister and have all your info on the forms. So okay. So the baby's born you guys the other big difference. The other thing going for us in the hospital birth the birth the place of the norm. Norman I had the kid. They give you a steak on the night before you, check steak dinner. Get can stay went to the public. Went to the steak dinner. Now, very one of my friends, some shade on this and said, it was not a good steak, and I didn't expect a hospital states would be great not it's not like a prime rib. It's not it's not your it's better airplane, food and better than all the other food. We had there. They put some real effort into it. And at the end. Dame's stike delightful fell special treatment, the most expensive steak dinner you've ever had. Well. That free Jack and coke the blackjack table is actually the most Jack and coke watered down. Show. Long story short for thanksgiving, very thankful that. Everyone's oh, yes. Have to be thanking. Yeah. That danika and the baby or healthy and thankful for you guys for all your support that you and your families have been hadn't given us in guiding us than tire way. How you feeling like now today? Oh, you feeling sleep deprived or you feel areas? Maybe that's a conversation for another time because we can do a whole other podcasts poop because I've seen things. I've. Stories of poops placentas and stuff like that. But again, you just get on with it. Don't you do you just have to do it because no one else including who's going to do it in the morning? Yep. Only person that's going to do it as you saw on the baby. And that baby poop that Makoni umn that is some gross shit pass Makoni. I mean, it's like it's like chocolate flavored Gumy's, it's it was just like I took a picture. We're at the phase now where it's like, you have a giant VAT of French's muster. That hasn't been used in three weeks old watery part goes hop Cam push it so settled. Yeah. And then someone's hit that the Spencer real I've seen the poop. Come right out of the? But while looking at the, but yeah, don't shake it. Oh, I didn't get that. Quite good as well. That you went to the wrong hospital. We went to UCS penny office the one of the best children's trae. They give you a steak. No. Yeah. You got fucked. You. You know, what I'm gonna do six years later. I'm gonna go to the store today. I'm going to buy a stake. I'm going to have that fucking state. There you go. It's not gonna be the same. You didn't earn? It. The hard way. I did. I did just getting the benefit and to sixty. There's a picture I've been waiting to show norm show this when it might be too much. Okay. Never mind. What was that show? I was gonna show the placenta picture, but it's a little revealing. I told you this six years ago. Showed you picture of and you through. See the placenta. No. I did not see the placenta. Why not we didn't keep any of it? The only thing that we kept was the bell cord the six out of the baby's belly button. Yeah. And not just fell off. So we have that in a little vial. Yeah. So that's reliquary. Yeah. Exactly. Dr come over after the baby had been cleaned up and everything and cut the cold. And then they rushed the baby off to the nursery Lee gets to see it briefly. But then you know, it goes off, and then the doctors called me over to the table where the baby had been and said you should come over here. And look at this. What's that? Look, it's really interesting. This is what happens when you pique over the curtain to knows that. You're come look. And it was the placenta the placenta was bifurcated. It was basically to you could see how there would there had been placentas at one point. But they were kind of fused into one on what set all about. And they said, well, we think that one point that might have been twins. But one didn't make it all. Or eaten by the other ones? Here is who knows. I don't know if the davita schwarzen- have some real hill house stuff. Yeah. Wow. Okay. And we think that we think that what you see here is the leftover of what might have been the second placenta. So that was pictures of that as well. Pretty good. I showed it to try and freaky. I did. Not wanna see the sensitive selective entirely. You've been you've been doing good you've been okay? I mean up to the toss every day is different. And I think we'll revisit this topic. 'cause it's only two weeks. How how many times are you up in the night to two times a night hours four thousand six hours? How many times how many times you have to get up in the night two times about an hour each time? Okay. That's not so bad. That's not so bad. How did the first bath go at home Gina, and I had the biggest fight of our marriage during the first bath. I mean, very gently my advice as your attorney is in this goes for you at home too is when you're going to do something like a first bath converse about the strategy for that before you just jump into it like have a game plan that everybody agrees on. 'cause I jumped into the first bath in the same way that the nurse did. Right. After our daughter was born lots of scrub fast, get her get her in get her out January. It's cold, drafty oust. I was trying to get in and out as we could. And that was not that we had a really core disagreement about the speed and and intensity, which we should we should handle the bath. The be the baby's atomic Sherie. Now, there's there's only four states of being right? There's sleeping there's. There's eating. Sleeping, hungry, pooping or casts. Yeah. And those are the four signs and so right now, it's just deciphering. Are you tired retire swallow? Your sleep are you hungry gas and a different cries you? Can you can differentiate we've learned that the feeder moving it's gas A hands are moving a lot arms are moving hungry. Your baby does a good rooting face to those. We're figuring out right now a lot of baby talk, and I'm sure they'll be more of it. But one of the things I did in that week leading up to baby being born while waiting played a fuck ton of read-end thing. Everybody should do right before the baby's all my God. If you want to do something really boring gonna prepare you for days and days of not sleeping read that will get you sleepy. And ready. I haven't been we'll talk to anyone about redemption to I hear you both been playing it a little bit. Let's talk about red dead. Okay. That's one opinion. I love this game. Okay. Why do you love the game? Well, one I love I went to the game loving the Westworld TV show. Okay. Is that your first entree to westerns, really? Or did you earned? I've seen seen him. But like anything play the first. That's probably best. It like is. It was a good game at the time. It has not age. Well, and I went to the game knowing that I wanted something like a Westworld experience where you were put into this kind of open world western and you could engage and pick up a very adventure game. But very RPG light in terms of like meeting people and going into a couple of bars. And I'm getting that more are you role playing like your guy who went to us world to go on vacation. No because that would be killing everyone. And you can't you can't you don't have that amount of freedom. You can kill everyone. You can be hard work. Yeah. Yeah. The game is massive. And I just not a space landscape, which is gorgeous playing on the Xbox One. X four K with HD arts was beautiful games. I've ever seen and I know people complain about how slow this really like how slowed is mind. The speed the number one tip. I got from reading a review was turning off the mini map. And I just use the compass, and listen the people tell me and trying to remember where when I wanna have the mini map on the bottom left him corner. It's almost GPS, and I'm looking I'm looking that more than I'm looking at the landscape. Well, even if you have them any always hit down or up on the. And the compass actually has your path and has tells you what direction you're supposed move into your minimal option, or is very minimal the one that I do and so walk in and it's taking listening. What people are saying reading the road signs and take my time getting I actually want the world be bigger. I want to take longer because it still feels like a rock star game where everything's low compressed because it's the game world. So when you're traveling from the furthest west west city to the first east easternmost city, it's only fifteen minutes of horseback riding when you're supposed to be traveling across United States that point. I can't get enough. So I there's there've been moments that I feel like I'm playing a movie, but also I'm watching a movie, but also have agency is the main character which are magic like really, really good. There's a there's a scene where you get dry. You have to go to town and get really loaded and stuff happens. And like, those some of those missions are amazing some of the Royal missions are really good where you go out, and you go somebody goes on teaches you how to fish short. How to hunt or whatever. And honestly that whole opening sequence in the snow the hateful eight that is is standing it's really really neat for me. It's the parts where the game gets real rock story where like I had to make a bunch of changes to the controls to make the shooting work to make the steering and shooting stuff work really found out turn off celebration on the sticks. That helps a ton floaty so easy, but I'm talking about stuff like steering your horse. Yeah. I've run into trees a lot. Like, I've I killed a horse by running into a tree that was in great. I ran I jumped off I was bending over to going to pick something up that was on the edge of a cliff, and I just ran off the cliff like I feel like that happens once or twice it's maybe on me. But when it's consistently happening, and I'm not touching anything that seems like kind of bad design. I, and then the thing that makes me crazy is the narrow chutes on some of the story missions where like if you get ten feet off the trail to the right or the left, and it just fails you out and have to start the whole damn thing over again. This is bad. Yeah. Gorgeous gets you far behind someone or like their main story missions there is this big store that takes longtime just rush the story. You could do it in twenty thirty hours. Yeah. I'm finding myself joining the stranger encounters there are over one hundred random encounters that can happen. And these like the guy under the horse or something like that. Donald side of the road. Someone yelling at you. And I love though, that's the stuff that feels the most Westworld about it when I'm watching. Long country and side quests pop up you hear someone young distance where you see stranger exactly or plu smoke. A then distance such thing the plume of smoke, and you need you've had on a camp of bandits or house of an every one of those counters is designed to have a full story, and you can you can approach them. However you want and they're inconsequential because was strange. I mean, the thing that they did that's really need is they made a game that feels like a pathetic game pathetic RPG like your fallout. Remember, whatever without having the massive. Of game state, like Bethesda games, the reason because games are often buggies that they have essentially infinite game state, right? Like if somebody wants to they can go collect one of the three hundred thousand wheels of cheese and sky, REM and pile them all up in one building. And the game has to know how to deal with that. That's really hard to do. And in that sense. This is more like Westworld because I can go into town. I can kill everyone in this room. But if I come back half hourly repopulated because the loops will just recycle. I mean, that's one of the things. Like, one of the first things I did was shoot one of the shopkeepers in the head just to see what would happen, then I made the bounty. And when I came back to town the next time he was there, but he had ipad and abandon overs. I where I where popped him. And that's that's magic. That's amazing things. One bit of not even really spoilt one thing that the first town you go to there's a. Time in Valentine day. There's a shopkeeper I think it's the doctor, but there's one shop if you walk around because you're trying to buildings you can enter and one of the things always frustrated me about GTE is that when you have city like New York City looks crate, but everything's facades. Are you condemn anything? Now, there are plenty of billions you can't enter in red yet. But because it's the wild west because it's open world because fewer buildings are many buildings that have interiors that you can enter and you can actually see through windows peek inside so one of the buildings in the main town the first town, you go look in the back of the window, and there's a guy counting money and locked door. And you realize the shopkeepers running some Lissette operation the back, and then because you spot of that you can go in the front, and you can hold them up and open backdoor, you can rob them in the back so uncovered things like that. You pull back the veil between and people have these back stories that you can you can uncover. Yeah, they've done an amazing amount of well building. And I would say, you know. As an exercise will building it's a tremendous achievement. I don't know if it's an I'm not gonna say if it's a good game or bad game. Because that's gonna very subject from my point of view. I have struggled to enjoy the game of struggle to enjoy as a game the sluggish pace of it. And that's a deliberate choice that they made. They don't wanna they don't wanna make an assassin's creed game where you're running around, and you can scale buildings you can do whatever you wear superpowers. You basically have superpowers or even GTI where there's a lot of running around and craziness this is there's a lot of kind of even the sprint is relatively slow. When you in the camp, slow down, even more. And there is it feels like you're moving through molasses a lot of the time and movement is slow and everything in the game. I think it was. The click or someone vice way point who said the the best word to describe the game as friction there's a lot of free games constantly pushing back and giving you a lot of friction anything you want to do that you need to do is hard. Even even somebody like this fos, traveling the game, you even go to earn that let you go to go to the train station and buy ticket. It's not just I'm gonna press extra FOSS travel. So everything it makes you work for everything. And I think if you're willing to meet the game on its own terms and play it that way, you can find real satisfaction. Because it really does feel it west vote. It really does for you'll living in that world. I didn't encounter a couple of nights ago where I saw a campfire I was just Mosey and down the trail one one evening on my horse. And there was a little campfire off in the distance. I'll go see what that lights all about. You know, maybe for me to do over there. Sometimes you go up to camps, and they just tell you to fuck off. Yeah. Let's just get out of here. This is camp. And there's nothing for me to do here. And you just you could kill him. I suppose kill them rob him. But I just decided to leave. Malone. And then there was one. There was a guy sitting there, and he's he's drunk. He's just sit next to be stranger. All tell your story. And you sit down extra many tells us. You have a choice to give me give me some whiskey, and I'll tell you about my troubles. And you have a choice to give him to wisco- gave a bunch of whiskey. So I gave him some some of my bourbon, and he goes on to the whole story about how he used to do this for the government like clearing Indian Cam Indian reservations about how then government boys, they pay well, but the money runs out, but the regrets remain this kind of stuff, and it's sad story. He tells you and then he passes out. So rubbed him alluded to lose your money back. He fell asleep. He just collapsed over and he's chase. So I took his money and left, and that was that was just something that was just like an incidental moment that happened in the game. When the game is doing that. So thing it feels really really good. Those are the best moment like foreign those are the joy joy, those moments better than the actual mission saying those random stranger encounters, those random counters, those are the things I remember the most and your character a has a journal and all those encounters. Yeah, they all go. And the order in which you do them. So really the game. He writes down in that journal. It's your experience is right in his penny. Penny penny book. Yeah. And he he draws crimes if he ever gets caught unfortunate. Sketches to cause a little bit of an artist. Yeah, he draws. Sometimes I found myself just going through the journal and reliving what I've done in the game. Because everything's I've done that really feel like they were years every few encounters. Every few encounters. I review the via the journal and it's like memories and the deliberateness of the game the slow pacing if it wasn't populated with those encounters of there are those that it does feel very plotting. When it's when it's an experience. It's great when it's a game. That's when I feel like it's lacking the gun play is not brilliant the controls. Great. And again, it's just so I think part of the reason why I've struggled with it. Because I've had this point of comparison along my wife has been playing assassin's creed odyssey and now she's on origins. He's been playing the assassin's creed guys similar games on a base level. I guess you know, you walk you. Go around towns this side quests you wish for your whole. She holds comes gets comes and gets you. But in a sessions creed everything is pretty easy. It's gay me. And it's and it's catch in the world of game systems. Like, if you wanted, for example, bound in odyssey, I'll give it a couple of examples in sessions creed odyssey. You have bounty hunters that come off to you. And that's true in red dead as well to pay off your bounds, and you can pay off your balance to get them off your back in both games to pay off the bouncy in ashes creed odyssey. You go to the map screen hit X to pay off the bouncy to go to pay off the bounty in red dead. You have to ride to the nearest post office probably through territory where you're wanted by bounty hunters, and then you pay off once you get to the postmaster station. So that's like an. Stra chore that you've got to do. It's just a button press when you whistle for your horse in assassin's creed odyssey. It just immediately shows up, and it's all your sod when you wish for you hoes in red dead is, you know. Maybe it's a round, someway, maybe it's fucked off somewhere, and it takes over it the Mosey on Bank to you. Now, you go get it. There was a mission. I did this deliberately and again, I think they wanted to experience the world of the game. I stole a stage. Coach I wrote out to the middle of no way where I had to leave the stage coach to stage it for Aleida train robbery. I was gonna do. And then of course, I don't have my horse. I tried Wesley HOGAN says your horse his out of whistling range. That's the breath of the Wild Thing breath. So the so the horse is not coming and it says returned to the Kemp. Yup. I am miles from the camp. Well. Take. You'll hor they'll get a horse. Yeah. So I wonder wonder up to some horses, and they they they scatter. You could always rob someone you can always had to do. I had to stand on in the road white for some pool. Boss to come on a whole shot him and took in GT, you'd have no problem yanking someone out of their car and taking their you don't even think twice about the fact that you're thinking the fact that you feel for these NPC's down the trail, these you say hi to them every time. Yeah. That that's immersion. I was gonna say I have a hard time playing like plunge EJ five Trevor Phillips. I have no problem murdering everybody. Yeah. I mean, it doesn't care but even even like Michael's ship. I can't remember the kid's name. But the the kid was the good guy in dry five. I still didn't have any compunction about murdering people with reckless abandon that. Because there's a lot of them would this when they all feel much more realize I didn't want I didn't wanna shoot some of the horse. So he buddy choice him off just dragging buying. This is another example where rockstar doesn't Ukraine job telling you what you can or can't do because sometimes if you have no horse, you could stand edge a road, and you could kinda hitchhike and get a stagecoach to take you nearest town. But they don't tell you that because there's no to'real because that's how rockstar designed if you if you're standing there on the side of the road, a hit straight who come by. You could just take a stagecoach stagecoach. A lot of the somebody somebody. Put it this out on Twitter that was a good distance. And they said Brooks dot tells you how to play the game they tell you the controls, but they don't teach the control they show you they show you how you can play the game discovering. I mean, it's one of the it's one of those games that like many many hours in you still doing Tourelles because it's so much the game to show you like when it was the second chapter. There's still tutorials the third chapter. And we did we did in the third chapter. You learn how to fish on a boat. Oh, wow. I haven't done that. Oh, yeah. You'll you'll you'll go out in Dutch. We'll take you out on a fishing trip on about some of my favorite moments are like the poker. I played poker for two hours the other day and the poker game. I like it the poker. Unlike most video game poker games. It's actually a good poker engine like NBC's, play smart. They don't bluff like with reckless abandon well to the most part. They have tells super because they have avatars in better than any IOS phone poker game because they're a little bit of stakes two dollars out of your. Whatever your cash is you feel like you can actually lose money, you can gain money. You feel like if you clear out a table you've done even though took four hours and you can play play the game with the with the knife. Yes. On a play some dominos. Yeah. The the hunting stuff like the hunting big game, those little side missions are are really tencent. Compelling because you know, you're gonna die. You're gonna lose something. It's a pain in the butt. It's interesting is is what I'm doing the missions at the game shows the most game and the most rockstar. It's okay chases. This guy's run running away. You got to chase them. Now, I get now code him. Now going to bring him back to cabinet just feel very much. Like these chores you've got to do. It's when you decided I used to do this. I remember I used to do yoga GTA, and I would just it wasn't. I enjoyed doing the yoga of the game. Let me do anything. I wanted. Right. And I can just do whatever. It wants you decide today. I'm going to do this mission. White for me, you know, it's not going anyway stories don't going to progress without me today. Today's play session instead of doing a mission. I'm gonna go hunting or I'm gonna go fishing gonna go just wonder facade quests. I mean, honestly, if the if the part of a vast majority of my problem with the game the challenge of the game is that it uses the control scheme, which if feels arbitrary and incoherent in this twenty eighteen when we have a million really really tight control schemes. And like, we know what a well. What a what a what a tight game control feels like we don't. Yeah. That that's a game that controls. Well. The cameras responsive the character stops on it. I mean, he is Spiderman so he's fast. Like, this doesn't feel it doesn't it? What I was paying Spiderman, and I'm fighting tombstone, and I'm swinging around the rafters, and I'm and I'm like, I feel like Spiderman it feels so good to swing around him and yell at me and be like come down from there. I'm going to need to punch you. And then you come down to you punch in the back swing away. Again, you feel like Spiderman in a way that video games are doing something amazing. I feel like a degenerate in the west country. You are degenerate in the west, but I don't feel like I'm really good at shooting. Like, I feel like if you're if you've been a game if you've been a outlaw gang for twenty years, you should be fucking good at shooting people pretty good shooting. Okay. Yes. But you ought to all that. I just feel like it's not it's it's I do think it suffered going from Spiderman was the last game. I played all the way through to completion. I played it for many many hours, and then I didn't play anything else for a bit. And then I played red dead. And I think it suffered coming up the Becca Spiderman because they really are very very different game Spider-Man, sir responsive and so fast and easy to get into play and red dead is none of those things and they're both open world game, some extent and spider-man's Manhattan is massive, but I got bored because of how fast I could move around and just took the train after a while. It's interesting going from, you know, going from midtown up to up to the Bronx. None of that felt interesting in red dead. When I go from the city that I haven't been in a week of play Valentine or strawberry from to a new really feels like trekking back and going back to an old place. Like, I'm making more memories in this game than than I didn't Spiderman. I mean, I feel like Spiderman they tried. To fill those by adding a bunch of collectibles and stuff to do along the way the black hat missions. And the and the fighting the the checkpoints and all that stuff photos and taking photos all all that stuff is the solution to that problem. I agree. It's not as compelling solutions actually making the world. Really interesting phone into the game. I'm in chapter four. Two three judges showed up in Rhode Newtown. You'll love that one the store. Emissions are really good. A lot of personality of say d say decides to come to the fore. That's I think this is the aspect of the game. That's maybe I feel like Ciller underdeveloped twenty two other people in your camp that you travel with each -sposed overtime reveal the personalities, and yes, I know, I know Lenny, I know Zia, and I know Dutch, of course, but like when they were promoting this game. And when they were promoting this game there, they had these like big like, you know, these these character cards telling you all the personalities of these people you'd be living with your family, and it really takes a long time before you really start getting some affinity for some of the characters you don't interact with the lobby should like you've been living with these people for twenty years some of them, you should know them, and it shouldn't like. But like I don't care about MRs Grimshaw in the first two chapters three chapters of the game on till chapter four when stuff happens everyone has their day in that something hopefully by the end of the game really feel a connection to all these. So the parallel for me on that is I don't know if you've watched orange is the new black, but in order, the new black each of the episodes and larger seasons kind of has an arc around one of the characters and each of the episodes usually reveal some back story lost yet. Why this person is here and what what happened to them previously and all that. And and I feel like each of the missions going with one of those people gives you those hints, but with twenty of them it takes a while. Yeah. Yeah. I could talk about red dead for days. It's what I've been playing when the baby goes to bed at night. Sleep. I should probably go to sleep. You should really be catching up. Yeah. Your job your job now is to keep your wife and your child alive. That's all you have to do read that can wait. It'll still be there. Murder people on your own time later. All right. I wanna before move on the next segment, we're talking about some pop culture news. I want to other sponsor makes this episode possible. And that's lutron, Caserta smart lighting system. 'cause Saito by lutron takes your smart speaker like Alexa, cool home your apple home pod. And makes it more powerful by letting you control lights with your voice because Sita's most connected smart lighting, brand, and it works with more smart home devices than any other smart lighting brand. Letting you pair lights with other things like security devices, thermostats and music systems like Nestle and more and because from lutron can rest, easy knowing ill work, you know, we're raising a baby right now, we have no hands free to hands on the baby's legs. Two hands wiping, the diapers. We wanna use voice attorney on and off lights when it's four m. So this is it's to that. So get smart lighting, the smart way with ca Seda by lutron search Cossiga that C A S E, T, A or checkout lutron. Dot com to learn more casino. Lutron? Welcome your home your piece of mine. All right. Let's talk about some pop culture to jump through this week. We'll get the technique. Pop culture. Really don't listen to the punk house much. I mean, I when I was on it used to be we'll about tech. Now, it's about babies and video games and popular coach. It turns out. That's stuff that excites. Us more, right? Podcast your true crime bullshit. So over this past weekend. Disney and Disneyland released a first behind the scenes video of the upcoming stores land. I know they're not calling that galaxy's edge. Is that what it's called the Bill something that they're building in Disneyland parks right now. And it shows a lot of the stuff under construction time lapses of walkers being built, and it's all set to the new score the John Williams made for this land have yet seen the video. No, look so both Disneyland on he has never been what never been to Disneyland. Wow. Yeah. Clinton going. You're you've some point your kid. No about Disneyland. Look, man. If you let them watch any. Here's a pro from somebody who made the wrong choice like four years ago. Don't put the Disney app on your TV don't put an ipad don't have anywhere near it. Because a lot of ads for Disneyland's ads for toys or anything usually but ads for Disneyland. Hey, look, you can two hundred fifty bucks a person today. You know, a lot of money to Disneyland and she loved it. You should definitely do it. We should. I'm really curious. Is this new store sleep land gonna be for kids? There was more for you. And me for us. I think it's kids don't like Star Wars kids like Sarah, the things they like about Star Wars or maybe more droids jars of of the of the kids of the five year olds that I know like Minecraft more night. Night land for Nightline Goto that would be three next year. Right. The. All the Princess stuff. Obviously, the the your PJ masks, very popular with the kids these days, the incredible very popular with kids. Yeah. It's going to be a good after they opened this thing before I go because lines crazy. It's going to be it's going to be suffocatingly miserable. When they first open it. I mean, it's just like when the open cars land hole about one member. Terry Potter land was universal. Yeah. And it was it was like a mush pit still still rough. Yeah. Well, I'm really curious because this video doesn't reveal any of the interesting new like Imagineering technologies that filter. We've heard rumblings of all the droid stuff. You'll tournaments and how they're going to get people through millennium. Falcon ride, right. How are you going to put thousands of people through this every hour? Robinson tree house since they got rid of to put in there. No, it's gonna be a ride over to star tours. But in the falcon, how are they gonna do that? Nobody gets their own cockpit. They'll shove that would in the in the cockpit of the falcon what if they do it like the up cot rides where they have the four four seats in the falcon cockpit. I don't know. Get aboard the next and okay. Yeah. Really looking forward to that. But in addition to that dizzy announces the plus that's the name of their new subscription service. That's coming out next year. It's gonna cost less than net flicks. Bob's costs club books. Do you know how much looks? It depends on the tier if you have the if you have the four K, I think it's like twelve twelve four K, I know flexes planning to experiment in a mobile only to your who uses mobile only necklace. Enzi five dollars or six seven dollars a mobile only, if you want that's not a way to watch if they're spending hundreds of millions on blockbuster movies, outlaw, king and belt of BUSTER Scruggs. Like, that's do you watch on your phone. You remember do you? Remember the old man complaint ozone? What would it be video on the quality is really bad YouTube sucks is bad? The on the job. Yeah. Yeah. That's all you'll see Chris Nolan. Sign up for Netflix exclusive watch movies in theaters he wants film, but Disney plus come in actually, I know they've confirmed LOKI TV show for for LOKI with Tom hilson and on the store side. They have this winter soldier falcons. That's right. That's right. A buddy buddy thing. So as to show up in there. For stores. You have the mental orien- for sending out casting for mental orien-. This is after they killed the Boba fett movie. Yes. What partly it was. This is the John Falvo thing that's been involvement sent okay before concurrently. I don't know is this set in real is a prequel is this old the old Republic Reno anything about it. 'cause it's after rebels. I think after ten of the jet. I okay, I thought so in the old. The no longer counts. I think the man delorean's were mostly wiped out right at some point in the past. The there's some sort of big war between like old Republican the core era and the coach ROY area. Going back thousands of years. Because the meddlers were big were there was a lot of Mandal or business. Plo noise or style was rebels. There's a lot of mandatory and storylines a lot of Mandal law like that. I would I would have gone with men Lawrence Mandola law Pedro, PASCAL whose in game of thrones. And he was also in the Kingsman sequel, he's play them into Laurean. I think it's a good choices been sequel. He he was the guy at the whip Hugh was one one of one that wasn't Channing in a commercial for socks and he was doing a Fred Astaire dance routine. It was pretty good. It's pretty good somebody who can dance good variety. And they also I think I don't know if this official announcements on BB page Gina carano who is she was. She was in haywire. Right. Yes wire and she was in the fast fast six I wanna say fast six she was she was the one who end up being bad won't the airplane forty mile long runway. She. The enemy fighter over was American gladiator and is now TV star movie star. So so hold on. But they're doing they're doing the the Kassian Star Wars also announced that there will be a Kassian and door series. That's exciting. So presumably it's going to be a prequel to rogue one. I mean, you couldn't really do anything after they could. But it would maybe be a little unknown. What do you think? Gary. What do you think should be in a casting and door story? I've got no idea. I honestly have no thoughts on the matter. I, you know, here's the thing. I spent five years working inside the style was universe. I won't roquan. Install was rebels. I worked on some of the books, and I worked on the last Jedi coming at it. So that's all right. That's all out. Really good. I enjoyed are their character bibles for these characters going into those or even for a show like rebels, right? I mean, yeah. I mean. Not necessarily written down. But like right is. No, you know, who the characters when we when we would sit in the rebels, right? As we do a story on like saw Guerrero, or whatever we would know who that character was because he'd already been established in rogue one or some of the man Laurean characters, but a love enough -ly left open ended. So that a lot of the stuff could be filled in for presumably things like this. Yeah. Yeah. I'm excited about it. You know as someone who worked on rogue one. I'm intrigue I thought Kassian was a cool character. So I'm interested to see what they do with it. My hope that Ketu is in there as well. As an opportunity for them to show. How them came together that has been told I believe in comic books and things that whether or not they'll differentiate from the I don't know that's a really interesting thing. But it's, you know, the idea of show about rebel spies is perfectly. Tailored for television. I mean, do different missions each week and so forth. I have no idea. I guess my point is this having. My time install is as far as I know. Let's call me for something else. At some point down. The road is done. I'm back to being a consumer. And the last the last projects that I had any kind of inside track on you've seen them. All so episode nine manned Laurean. You know, cashier, and or and things like that. I know little teeny tiny bits and pieces, but I'm really no more educated or I don't have any more than the next person. I'm back to being just a consumer again. So I'm excited. Definitely subscribe to Disney. Plus, I'm going to be interested to see on the wide level. What Disney plus is. I hope it's not just all this new stuff. I really hope that they put all the Disney vote in their bed. Broomsticks steamboat Willie in every short. They have made his knee. I don't think it is. Yes. Stark agency. I want. I want the nineties cartoons dark wing duck. Yeah. I will. If they wanted to do different tea is I would pay whatever the top tier is to have access to like the full Disney vault. See? Yeah. I think they're going to do like Netflix because they know that people will subscribe to services, even if you don't want everything on demand all once they do season over leases, and those Netflix think the thing to think about is the Disney has of st- vast library of content when you think about de live action kid stuff every that's been on ABC ABC owns. Yeah. Full house all of all family matters. Yeah. They never know who owns it because it could have been production company. But even just the stuff that's under the Disney brand Disney family channel. I don't think all became. And I think on Tanner and everyone of those shows they put the entire run of those shows on Disney, and they should not in initially. I think it's gonna be a roll out. I think they're going to do their market research. No that noth- people. Subscribe in the first wave for these new shows, maybe for all the marvel movies. Maybe we're all the Pixar movies, and then they can say coming twenty thousand nine now, we've process it all Disney. Plus now, you have all your hand Montana and get another wave right scribe. Honestly, the thing that would make me I'm gonna sign up regardless because every kid, but I feel like the thing that I would like to have more than anything else is all like all the shorts because all the Mickey Mouse shorts. All the Don electrodes all the Chippendale shorts all the Pluto shorts. You can't get them. They're not available to watch. And it'd been stuff that was more episodic like more game shows stuff. You know, Nickelodeon launch. There's and I was trying to find old old legends hidden temple YouTube. None of it's because only on this loaning service. And jeopardy was just pro Netflix and people are binging the fairly. I think they'll do different tees, and I think that, you know, you'll get your main to you'll get you manned Laurean, and you'll get your winning soldier show and all of the kind of band pieces of content, but I would pay an extra tier to get full access to the vote and chip and Dale rescue Rangers and had a Montana, and you know, and that's how. Syria, and Mickey Mouse, clubhouse, everything they've ever done. I don't think they have the right? That's that's that's twentieth. Century sauce, the rights in that stuff? I don't think twenty cents FOX is under the Disney umbrella. That's how they'll get you. Because if you'll pay the extra tier you'll pay an extra five dollars you'll bench stuff in the first couple of months, but you'll probably not cancel and you'll probably pay over lifetime. Dizzy plus subscription. You'll pay fifty percent more than you would have paid as well. The real Disney collectors, the Twenty-three, Diane's, mother fuckers. You see him at Disneyland that covered with all the pins and everything, and they know every Disney trivia and the bench ac-, every Disney movie fifty times spectacle, people they I mean falling people falling to on Twitter. If you've come those are the people, I mean, they've already collected them as well. But a lot of things you're talking about the only get them at Disneyland kind of medal those collectors tens of the black and white shorts and things like that. And things that are very very hard to find the on YouTube. Disney is keeps them in the not on Netflix. You can't you can't buy you can't buy DVD or Blu Ray collection of a lot of that stuff. Like get. Get. For them to make available some kind of premium tier I think that I think that the collect the collector diodes de Twenty-three crowd would be totally into that. Look the other way to look at this is that right now like we have YouTube. So we can get Disney now. Right. We have we have Hulu. So we can get Disney. Now, remember when you went, but wonderful world of Disney. They have that. Yes. Yeah. That was great. Saturday night. Michael Eisner, hosted Walt Disney originally hosted like collection of entertainment. Oh, yeah, brilliant. Yeah. Yeah. We there was a science fiction thing on when I was a kid that they did a generation ship that was going to a nearby star as an arc situation, and they screwed it with one adult and a bunch of teenagers. It was an amazing thing. I don't remember. It was called berries for the adult. Yeah. I mean, it was I'm sure it was awful with a bunch of hormonal teens. But if you know what that's called. I'd love him. It was like post battle star problems. So it sounds like we're all on board a subscribing his name. Plus the question of what's your limit? How many of these services we subscribe to is there a hard number or all out? Oh singing about this the other day, how many different if you if you look at my apple TV that has a more laid out in a gallery. So let's think about it. So I subscribe to net flix saying I was on prime, although that's a broad. Amazon's Trojan horse getting you to pay for it amortizing within prime. Yeah. Prime even before they added the video now, nevertheless, it's a service. I probably okay Netflix Amazon prime Hulu HBO now. Brit box. Okay. Gotta what's shudder shudder old Hora. Yeah. Okay. Fantastic. Okay. Ninety nine a month for all the horror. You can imagine that's more than I need. Hallmark movies nail. All my my home Christmas movies WWE. No, don't pay for WWE. Okay. And I'll pay for this criterion channel when that shows up. Did you pay for film struck in a manner of speaking? What I don't understand. I have access to film struck. Okay. I'm part of the problem. Okay. I love films films struck his great. So so I do Netflix. We have Hulu and Hulu TV. So that's that's where our cable channels come from. Yes. And I think we pay for HBO now here. Let me rephrase flushing s what would you cut? I have a hierarchy of CBA access all goes immediately. Wow. Well, wasn't that Picacho right up up by tunes? So you have the discipline to subscribe for three months while new shows out, and then cancel this is the beautiful thing about subscribing through I tunes through a web interface is if you subscribe through tunes or Google play. You just mash the button that says don't renew this and it works out. You don't have to talk to anybody or any bullshit like that. I shouldn't forget because it's actually the most expensive one YouTube TV because that's how I get my TV cut the cable. That's how I get my TV. I have a hierarchy, and I think Amazon's on the bottom of the list, but I don't think I can cancel that. Because I prime. Yeah. Because you're gonna there's gonna be a mobile your shit. We only have three you say that's the one that you kinda spend the least time watching. Yeah. If we're paying for half a dozen these services dizzy, plus comes along we're probably going to add it on at some point. We're going to reach the point where you're paying whatever your Comcast. So you gotta you gotta rank them. So what use the most? So would you do if you could only have one net flicks. I. Well, I didn't even counts you Norma's. It's another Alacon. Does the thing that Amazon does really well is kids stuff. They have like Daniel tiger and Sesame Street kids really into Pete. The cat cats. Good. Yeah. The cat fancy Nancy. Pretty good too. Okay. There's another one that she really likes to watch dot. Yeah. But Amazon on Netflix is the best Hilda's my daughter bounce on that. But I really loved it. Yeah. So you this earlier, but everyone's very sad that films truck scoring away. There's a lot of. And a lot of Simeon's from from filmmakers, even who want to make sure that film. I think what one hundred thousand subscribers if that, but one sustainable from their perspective, but criterion channel which was a partner had film struck. He had access to the criterion collection which used to be on Hulu just to be clear used to be on Hulu. Yeah. Criterion. Channels gonna launch their own streaming service in two thousand nineteen and this will be in partnership with Warner media. So hopefully, we'll have if not all of much of at least all the credit. Armageddon. Successfully film struck wasn't because it's the same thing, isn't it. I think that. Film. She'll spend a lot of extra money on additional programming that they thought very cute one of the things I liked films truckers. It's very curated. It was like. The maker of the month. It's John Wayne weeks as much John Wayne movies, and they have behind the scenes content criterion criterion. Did do that thing where even though they had the rights to the huge library movies? They would window them. You'd have a certain, you know, certain months certain movies would be on this on film truck, and then certain months they would fade away. So you'd have to have tune in regularly to get the programming. I think that's one of the ways that they're gonna get around having pay a lot of money for the licensing is doing these windows, which makes sense, which which makes sense, and I'm happy to pay for it. If it's costs as film truck. I I want Ryan Johnson Krino along just to do a like, hey, here's what you should watch this week. Just that's all I need a channel. It's one movie a week. And just like, here's here's the thing. You should watch. This is going to teach you about film history. And you're gonna learn some new shit because the list of movies that like Ryan Johnson had folks watch it Lucasfilm before episode eight I guess, yeah. I remember I remember watching them is standing and is in. Yeah. Introduced through that by my favorite one of that was twelve o'clock high. That's that's the the Greg grand peck in the two bombers on Netflix. And it's fantastic. The best movies I've ever seen. It's like I never for some reason. I'd never seen it. And I was blown away by it. I know we don't count Utah. As part of this service, isn't there's no one better the but YouTube did have their own pay to watch stuff on YouTube red was called really, and now YouTube is on a roll out some movies, and based movies because a lot of people just watch wanna watch movies on YouTube YouTube is what they have on their phones, you're in the they're in the system. Great made for you in like and YouTube star role. I think starting with the Terminator you can watch full length movies on YouTube with adv breaks great on without any monthly cost just like TV. But now it's on the internet the quietly rolled it out last month. But they're gonna see if they'll be advertisers sponsor films, like Johnson Johnson wants a sponsor three. He's talking. Right. So the fifties. Then then they can sponsor for everyone who wants to stream thou get all Johnson Johnson ads. It's smart to make money, and I know a lot of people on YouTube don't wanna do subscriptions. So they can just watch the ads like I've subscribed to YouTube red for a month about two years ago whenever they rolled it out. And now every time I log into YouTube it, basically like, hey, man, you're watching right now. But you didn't have to watch what you could watch this pay us, and we'll give you three months free. You can try I think eventually they'll get twenty four month free trial. If I keep waiting to to take the offer Google needs. They have so much money. They got. That cash. Yeah. These services Bank on TV shows original programming as as their hooks, right Disney. Obviously. Yeah, netflix. It's only the only one really the only one that's investing in movies. Trying to bring that tune half hour cinema experience at home to get you on Friday night to watch Netflix as opposed to go to movie theaters. And I think they've not had a lot of success. Obviously, they had a lot of things it feels like the the junk pow cycling pile for studios. They couldn't put in theaters put Cloverfield paradox on Netflix got much money to pay for the cost. Like did you guys like bright? They're big. I didn't watch bright because Wilson, but. Okay. I like mutilate the Duncan Duncan Jones his fourth movie, I guess after war. We thought it was. I thought it was charming and interesting and thoughtful, top provoking, none of these movies have been really critically acclaimed there on Netflix. That's the problem the association, I think the first one actually to translate to movies though, because on television, they do great. They won more Emmys than any other any other place. Expectation. I think the type of storytelling you doing two hour movie like with bright, you had all AAA casts. Great director, and for one reason or other maybe movie would have done well in theaters, but on Netflix, the hell them to different standard. So I think clover to that are bad that that I'm gonna give annihilated his one everywhere, but the United States that was a Netflix release initially. And then was not maybe simultaneously, Admiral. Here they did a theatrical release in the staggered by six months before hitting that flex and that movies fantastic. Yup. It's really good. And that movie was really made the director. Garden island garland wanted that to be seen in theaters. Yeah. Like, a huge climactic gorgeous gorgeous film, like I imagine better in theaters. I saw it on Netflix. The other one is I think Cloverfield paradox is is the kind of John reform that often doesn't get made anymore. Right. Like, it's it's it's I thought I I quite enjoyed it. I like the hill movies. I loved the one with the bunker, and John Goodman, and and. Oh god. What's her name from Scott pilgrim? Ten Cloverfield lane yet ten covert real. Yeah. Winstar? Thank you. Yeah. I mean, I think I think that this. If you look at those Cloverfield movies. The first one was found was supposed to be a found footage movie. Right. The second one was a found footage movie where Jj Abrams went out and found a movie that was maybe could get jammed into the Cloverfield universe and then dead and this game. Yeah. I love that conceptually. It's such a fucking awesome weird high-concept thing. Yeah. I I'm really on the overlord is in Cloverfield movie. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Over there. Yeah. Banging amount today. Man, this free ideas. You shouldn't be dropping these simple. Patch Email to yourself real quick to movies out this week on that flicks. I think when maybe elevate the original movie programs level once outlaw king. This is the Chris pine brave things about that. The had a long cut did read about screen at Tribeca screened film festival. It was well received because it was it was considered to be too long and too much fat. Is this Robert the Bruce is that the Robert the Bruce Chris pine playing at the Bruce? So this is in if you only know the story through not history books, but through Braveheart, this is the guy that betrayed William Wallace at the end, then turn and he's the one who leads a rebellion at the end. So they had a they had a really interesting piece much long cut. It showed it at a film festival. A lukewarm response. The direct to said let me go back in and fix it. And I think about twenty thirty minutes out of it. And that's the version that you'll now. See on Netflix, which is which is the editor down supposedly much better version. Yeah. I mean, Trey good. Oh, watch Chris movie. I would've seen in theaters. And I'm just glad it's part of the Netflix. I was gonna say is this is this a situation like all the president's men and the post where they're like spiritual successors teach other. Yes. So like watch Braveheart and then go watch the Bruce EMMY, historically. They are chronologically. Okay. One after the other. There was a scene in the early cut of outlaw king where the Bruce and William Wallace met scene. Netflix. They don't they actually didn't paint their faces blue. And you have seen ballot. A bus to the other movie that one this is I think is the movie can win net flicks. Maybe movie award. Like is paying. So it is an Thalji movie, which I don't think those typically do. Well, in theaters specially original stories theology film rooms like eight people saw that in the theater. So this is six stories we'll put room exactly it's a western. It's stylistically very different. Every story is different. I think they get better as you get to the end of rate casts from. Very much red Dennis. We gotta wait for hours to get to the good part. And you know, what playing read debt, and then watching movie go, really great hidden hand. Okay. I won't spoil the stories both the framing mechanism is that a book the open a book about of BUSTER swags and just like an old Tommy books. You would get color plates. Every every so page, you get a painting. Right. And so they opened up every story with a painting from the story with a caption the bottom, but you'd have no idea what it means until you watch the story. And then that painting has extra meaning big fish does that too right? Or is it just the guy telling the story? I'll have to check that out. I love the coins Weston's a western mood frame of mind right now because red dead. Yeah. And I like short story. So it's. Perfectly tailored for me. And they've been a lot of westerns where they've been from true grit. No countries, I guess, a western and. Oh, brother where Brian kind of send the south felt like western exactly this has a mixture of Tonelli of all of them. Totally. It's like it's little little bit of the wacky little the the black humor lot of the bleak. So if you're prepared to be hit hard with some of these check in one of the things I've enjoyed about red data's. Finding fight noticing the references like obviously opens with with a hateful eight type situation. I haven't seen a liberty Valance setup yet this kind of story where this isn't riffing on anything else. This is these are stories that will get riffed on in in red. A+? Yeah. And finally Wilno even playing hitman tell us about the play into which is the sequel to hitmen, I think twenty sixteen maybe I can't remember it came out a few years ago is an episode of games. It's actually like the fifteenth hitman. It's it's the second one in the current lineage. I think the last one petered out with blood money, which was maybe three sixty game. This one is is a new engine the hitman one missions. They released epizotic Lii. And it was the first one the kind of treat it as a live game. So in addition to rolling out a new episode every month or two a New York New mission. They would also roll out contracts and esscalation and things to do in between. So basically the difference here is that on the old games. You could play them like any other game where you like sneak around with a knife and jab people the back of the skull and kill them died their bodies. But the secret of the hitman games is always something doing something ridicu-. Listened and absurd in this otherwise serious world. So you're this assassin guy you can creep around. Unlike most other stealth games like dishonored, or you're the cer- whatever you can change clothes. So your your stealth is not like creeping crawling in the shadows. It's just pretending pretending to be a waiter to get in the position you need to do the things. So for example, so hitman to continues the story from hitman one, which is the least important part of the game. If you have hitman one on the platform by hitman to play all the old missions in the new engine with all sorts of new mechanics that they added into kinda round out the first go round, which is what I've been doing even played I played a little bit of one of the new missions, so far, but there's there's a mastery levels for each of the world's so in order to get the whole mastery level unlock all the weapons and gadgets, and the cool things that you want the noisemakers, and the remote that nation bombs in the remote donation rubber Duckie's, and all that stuff you have to kind of engage with the world in in in the way that it's designed to be engaged with. So instead of just Niki around stabbing in the back of the head. You have to figure out how to trigger the fire alarm and get the two people that you need to kill in the right place. You can drop chandelier on them get the two people to be standing in the right location. So that you can sneak up on the balcony and push one of them over the edge. And that person falls on the other person three stories down and kills both of them or so they should. Guys, bolster right place costuming systems AI systems. It's and just thought out all the myriad possibilities that you could kill someone as early in the mission as possible or as lane mish. So it's it's it's not about speed often. It's pretty it's. Yeah. It's much more like they build a clockwork world and their triggers that cause events to happen. So in one of the this is a spoiler for him and one, but in one of the missions, you have you have to you have to kill people who are scientists working on a bio weapon and destroy the sample of the bio weapon, right? It's it's one of the best video game levels of all time. I think and as you explore the world you find out things about the characters. So you find out that the guy who's the mad scientists developing this bioweapon has real mommy issues and his mom recently died she lived with him in the house. He doesn't like leaving the house because it's where he grew up in a he is a great attachment to it, and you can put the sequence of events in place. That makes him think his dead mother is still alive and dry. Him over the edge. So that then you can get it in position to Chuck him into a mulcher, right and and bleak. Yeah. It's it's it's it is. The new one in the previous that's from the previous. Okay. If you're going to do if you buy it, and you don't have the old one I would strongly recommend this pain, the fifteen bucks, twenty bucks. Whatever it is to get all the new levels in the in the new game. You can do the mastery progressions which unlocks like, I said new weapons new costumes new starting locations in the levels and stuff like that. And as you get further along you'll like you'll go from one of them is a fashion show, and you start with as a as a guest the fashion show, you'll eventually get to the point that you can be a security guy on the top floor of the fashion show. So you already have access to a lot of the areas. And a lot of the game is figuring out. How how do I get into this area without without trespassing or whatever if you haven't played these before your cares about a giant bomb thing? The for the game of the year the year that they the lash ever came out, which I think was twenty sixteen called hits Mus H I T S AS and just watch a couple of videos and you'll see the magic of these games is figuring out how to do the absurd. Not not playing them like a like a traditional self game where you're sneaking around and the game having somebody having the foresight. Let you do those things. So the difference between this hitman the this generation of men in the previous ones is before you. You may be figured that out the game didn't kind of lead you to it to your to do it. Now, they have things called mission stories, which are explicitly pop up. You I elements strike, hey, you just had a mission story. Do you wanna see what this is? And you menu and says. Bob's Bob has mommy issues that it's it's good for when you're starting. So you know, what to listen for got it. But like read you have to listen to the incidental dialogue, and you have to like you'll find out. Oh, he has a lot of videotape old VHS tapes. He wanted them all destroyed. I must have forgotten one. There was one up in the observatory or whatever it's a little bit of hand holding for people who don't listen it's breadcrumbs to get people started looking in the right direction if you play like a traditional sulky. And you're going to be born all right man to already that's for pop culture. Let's move on some tech news. I don't have any music insurance. I want to give a quick shout out to tetris effect. Oh, yes. Goodness. Now. It's divisive in my household what? Because maybe doesn't like it. The screen right now danika is not a fan of tetris burning man. Which she's call, and it just want straight up tetris the colors on the blocks, the standard colors, and it's also kind of expensive. It's forty dollars for tetris game two really good tetris. You've you could buy tetris on is not on putt forms. Get. Touch switch and you get the Tetra experience. Here really your what you get more. Is that you get the music, and you get design that lets you. Amp amused because you play if your wife doesn't like games by MS I don't know if we could be friends anymore. That's it's the it's the MS factor. Res- you're not gonna like first of all I understand people that say, well, it still just tetris saying it's still it's still just moats up or or which is great. But I've bought Moser couple times before the London philharmonic of the NFL hallmark does the best one is I would say I've been playing tetris games. Now for almost thirty years. I I experienced purchase tetris in nine hundred ninety nine when it came on the game. Boy, Nintendo Game Boy. And I still have that that cartridge in that game. Boy, I the number of hours I put into that thing the serial play and everything got at some point. Well, just been tetris machine. I've ever was that contres practically fused into the game. I never put another cartridge in. It was just a GameBoy head. It was just a tetris hand held probably tetris. Ah dozen times since then tetris splash on the XBox three sixty tetris ultimate on the Xbox One. Pull you tetris on Nintendo. Switch many many times over the years. I would say that centers is the best version of I've I've played. Even without a multiplayer component, which on a normal circumstances unforgivable. So I feel like it's the best ones that saying the T spin. I still like the snus version best. I think do you bullshit do use the technical term is. But the saving the peace on the corner. The whole hold okay? Holds vital. I in the Nintendo sixty four version. I believe. Version because it was any recent tetris township in ships gym. But it wasn't in the hardcore touches players is there's a bit of a division about whether or not holding a piece is considered like tetris when that was first brought in some high level touches plays sneered as kind of like, you know, to tetris for babies, but it's, but it's been it's been popular. And it stuck around the hold pace. I love the windows ninety five or ninety eight version tetris that's a pretty good one. It's a game. That's exclusive right now to PS four. And of course, works PS VR, JIRA talk more later, pretty good and B E R. And it's one wish was on a device Oculus goal on mobile VR game bed. I do have to try. No. But I have to get a game pad bluetooth influence, even the XBox. Really? Okay. Yeah. So hopefully, it's not it's just a time exclusive, and hopefully we'll be on other platforms because it's a game that I wish I could just it's a perfect five minute game. It's game. While you're better tetris. It's like thirty five forty for me. Too much. I feel that you playing some playing the scores many points you can in three minutes. Great mode. I it's unclear how much Sony paid for that. So it may be forever exclusive. We'll see all right res- infant never came on XBox. Yes. Really count. Five. Well, that's true. Quickly. Tek news. Black Friday will include that cyber Monday. Are you guys looking to buy anything? I'm not in the market. But you never know what my pop-up I just replaced. A TV or anything. I mean is there any early would on on deals with field? Started sorely now. Black Friday starts in the beginning of November. And so really the whole event on Friday, especially going to a store who does that anymore. Many people don't some people Singley on the phones, and I will be on my phone come Thursday night or Friday looking for things. But nothing I'm not in the market for keep an eye on my Twitter feed for whatever. Article pops up here the ten best, you know, cyber Monday deals or whatever. But I'm not I remember a few years ago. It wasn't again. I wasn't in the market. But there was a deal on some really good headphones, and I could use some headphones, and he was super cheap. I love those headphones noise canceling headphones, I may be in the market for those because I got a tip that using noise cancelling headphones. Middle night really helps when changing a baby's diaper. You cross. You don't wake up or you? Don't doesn't hit that point word crazy. Morio sixty four on Twitter is good for game and tech deals. Black Friday or ceremony. It's always a great time to buy last year's. Hi in products years TV, if you wanna get TV we saw big fans of the g the b six series of the or b seven c seven those are fantastic. I don't think you need or the eight series ones or last year's laptop surface Proser going really, cheap pro six. Great computer updates this year. That's a big lab. Great laptop dive recommend black Friday. Gary. Did you talk about the your model model X time you're here? I don't remember using it differently this week because handy this week because I paid extra for the premium package which included something called bio has a defense mode again. Sounds like a ridiculous Elon Musk silly Easter egg type thing it came as part of it was the premium package includes a better sound system. And I really liked to listen to music in the call, of course. So I paid for a better sound system. But it also included this thing by as defense mode, which is essentially fill to an F L to the it's supposed to be able to protect you in the event of nuclear will maybe not nuclear biological. And one hundred very high end filter and with the equality being as poor as it has been lately, we've actually used it quite a bit as we've been driving around. Chris Chris the button, and it blasts, the the AC, and yeah, you're breathing very very clean fresh type air, which is anyone else particularly in northern California right now, we'll know just how bad the the lives feels like you're living in the middle of a massive bonfire. What happens when you open the door? Does it like cranking up really high deposit pressure, your anything or get the bad air back in you, just get the bad it back in? Oh, I mean, really opened the door. That's when hominid exit the call. But yeah, it's been you know. It's one of those features. I never thought I would have any seemed like, oh, yeah. How silly throw Nissen just for lock autopilot haw, but it's actually autopilots good. Well, we talked about this while you weren't here. But yeah, the if you don't have it doesn't matter if have tesla tesla, but if you're in California, you should drive with the recycled air setting on. Yeah. Definitely. We always have that. And don't take the outside. Aaron if you run max fan recycled air, you'll run the air through filters, and that will be significant difference. The thing in quality. I mean, the the interesting thing about the fires. California's department of air quality posted a thing a couple of days ago. It was like, hey, if you wanna use a mask to not breathe bad air needs to be the kind with two straps and probably respirator. It has to be an an ninety five or better higher numbers are better. And yeah, it's if you're if you're wearing the kind that looks like a surgical mask with the flaps around the cheeks and not doing anything. Yep. Yep. That doesn't actually filter anything. Will you came in today with an your Android phone and showed us nightmare on your Android? Night-sight nightsights night-sight and your experience with it works. Really? Well, this is Google's new got. It lets you. They finally released it for pixel phones it let's use machine learning to combine. Multiple exposures information for multiple exposures to get a what I would describe as a shockingly clear image in. What would you say practically? No, we're you able to see my face when that picture with my I it's practically very low light practically black not quite black like Gina, and I took a picture of Gina on the front porch of the house earlier this week. And the only light that we were getting was like reflected from across the across the street off of a street light. And like a couple of twinkly lights. Somebody bushes. Flash. Which gives you the list. I think I've taken a flash photograph in years. I don't know why they even bothering cluding on the on the phones flashlight. That's the only reason you use it. Now, you don't use it for flash photography 'cause it sucks wish. It's a flashlight they can change a temperature on especially on those phones with two different color LED's. Yeah. Well, this one this one I couldn't see her face at all. And I got a picture that was. Yeah. Grainy, but but usable useable online, you're not going to print it out. But it's better than much nothing. Like if it's like a birthday party. It's blowing out the candles or your kid's birthday. You might use it on. I can see I can see that being good. Yeah. Old still might my need have your child. Hold still. Well, an interesting thing is if you put on a tripod or rest, your hands not moving so use accelerometer and gyroscope to if you're if you're hands not moving it changes the exposure times dramatically, and it seems like it uses one or two pictures to get the edges and then fills in color information over the multiple exposures and uses the machine learning to figure out how to combine them. It's really neat. Alexa devices Amazon devices. Yeah. I have the corporate spy in my house. If you have Skype Microsoft's ailing Skype calls on Ray says just wanted more Skype in my life. Nothing better than Scott of people use Skype pay wanna use Skype you need to update it. Yeah. Sign back in and then it's never gonna sign out or never turn off when you want it to turn off Skype Skype, so many people use it and let me know when it uses zoom. What's that, man? What's get that get that next gen propaganda channel. Yeah. Apple sales will rumors venture beat as a story. Actually, Wall Street Journal story that apple is cutting orders on all their three new iphones with the ten are up to half of its production thirty percent of the Prussian cut from because of lower-than-expected sales. So they consider making the phones better. While they did make them better. Well, then better we mean as good as they had been charging them. Here's a thousand dollar phone last year. And I didn't regret it at all. It was very good. This one did not look better enough to spend another thousand dollars. So I'm happy keeping the thousand dollar phone from last year, you read these apple poll, just blogs. Let's say yes, the phone is thirty percent more expensive last year. When charge searching thousand over six hundred but it's more than thirty percent better. Will we had been expecting that your year for the same price? That's why they're new phones every year or don't release a new phone this year. The apple the iphone four was thirty percent better than three g in the five was over thirty percent better on the four, but they kept at the same price. That's how new products are supposed to work, right? And the point of the ten was, hey, we're going to put some new technology and here, it's more expensive. And we can't scale as much as we want. But then they sold a billion of the iphone tens and they kept a price high. That's an interesting model. It turns out that they've that price. Elasticity is a problem for them that people are really willing. To pay this much because commune Weller because a lot of money out there. But also hurt the ten are which in many ways a lot like five scene. It's better than the foot. The five c was because they didn't skip out on the processor has their best eight processors, just though right? And it's just the one camera, but how they have cortra- mode with one camera, and they have the LCD versus the older, you know, it's a different size for slightly different form factor. Bigger bustles, whatever. But looks good all review says this is probably the best iphone bang for buck during a get and yet people care. No, one cares because they just want the most expensive thing and apples trapped in that market were a lot of the consumers just want procedure. Having the latest and greatest that has offer. I mean part of their magic for a long time was that, you know, you go to the car dealer, you go to BMW by car, and they have the thirty thousand dollar the car with one number on it. And then they have a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar supercar. And if you look at the difference between those two you can tell this is the this is the bad one in this is the good one with the iphone. If you buy the the sixteen gig iphone ten making sixteen guys ten, but if you bought the sixteen gig iphone five five as then you still had a phone that looked like the sixteen. Looks like the expensive ass five. Not like they were visually identical. So you were getting the nice phone where you bought the five hundred dollar one or the thousand dollar one. Yup. And now they've jacked up and the ten hours the only one that you get the good capacity without paying too much for the hundred twenty gigs. You don't have to pay. It's eleven hundred bucks for the ton or twenty gig. For the tennis tennis tennis. There's only to sixty from sixty four they screw you. And they they. Yeah. Okay. That's unfortunate. Yup. So it just shows that the thing that help them last year in terms of people willing to pay a thousand dollars for phone is also hurting them this year because people don't wanna pay less for something that seems in fear. I mean, the other thing about this gear you actually bought one, right? Well, I'm on the upgrade plan. Okay. So. Yes. But you know, we just pay the same fifty bucks pain before. Yeah. Basically. So you send the phone back to apple? Yeah. So so I mean, the thing to me is that up until this point. There's been a compelling reason to upgrade more or less every year like had I not been working at tested. I probably wouldn't have gotten success, right? I would've kept the six plus and been happy with it. I wouldn't have gotten the five the four s for sure this eerie one 'cause who fucking cares about Siri. But but at the same time, most of the rest of the upgrades provided a compelling reason. Either cameras been markedly better the the battery life is better something changes and makes the phone better. And this one seems like it's kinda Matt to worse. The worst. It's been the worst s perhaps the worst year on year upgrade they've done. I mean, again if I were on the upgrade plan. There's no way I would have done it. So speed three g or three GS s. Right speed Serey. And the camera was way better on the three s than speeding speeding camera. Great, great, upgrade, Syria. I think it was questionable upgrade. Yeah. As an S. Yeah. Battery life was better on that one though the five five touch touch ID that was a great upgrade six s for press tactic feedback which really touch a bit is the biggest waste of an upgrade. The other thing. That's interesting is having the face ID phone and then going back to the pixel two with the fingerprint sensor when you wearing a mask all the time. Face ide-, turns out his useless. Sure. I'm typing my code in. And that delay between when face ID tries to do its thing. And then realize it's gonna fail real bummer with the mask on. I mean, this is a problem for three weeks year like small part of the. Country. But it's an annoyance. If you're wearing a scarf in the winter in Chicago. I'm sure. I think that does it for this. We've gone really long and thank you both for coming in thanksgiving plans making thanksgiving. He's coming nice. I'm sorry. If people who. Tentative plan. I think. Okay. Yeah. We'll we'll we'll do something. People wanna see the baby you won't be left out to hang out at home. We'll just put up on Skype on the TV the red dead. I don't think that's true. I think if you're in red dead, you're going to have probably spousal problems. You spent? Tell them my family, family Dutch, and. Twenty of autumn. Never name for joining this week. Hope you up there have a great thanksgiving, and we'll be back next week. When other episode, I don't have any Tra music, maybe put something in in the post editing until men will see next time. All right.

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