Coronavirus cases in King County still rising. Highest numbers since April


This is Komo w camel. Kim We are heading into another summer weekend with some sunshine for a change and with cases of the coronavirus on the rise, public health officials are again urging people to mask up and keep their distance from others for the latest on what's happening in our region, K. U. O. W. News Anchor Page Browning. Is here page? Hi, Hey, Kim, and Kim, do you know it's been nineteen weeks now since the first cases were detected in King County. We've been talking about this for nineteen weeks now page. You know I feel like I'm in such a time warp. If you said nineteen years I wouldn't be surprised right exactly. Long and short. Time well, we have been watching this for awhile. We know cases are now heading back upwards around the state. So what is the latest here in King County and Seattle? Well like you said are cases are going up here, so here's some numbers I. Want to break down the seven day average for the week. That just ended a couple of days ago was about one hundred twenty cases per day. That was the average the seven day average for the week one. One hundred twenty cases compare that to the middle of June on June twelve. The seven day average was just over thirty five cases. These are the cases per day, and that is just a stark contrast thirty five, then one hundred twenty cases per day now on average. That's where we're at and to further explain where we are I'm going to defer to Dr Jeff, do, Chin, who's with public health, Seattle, and King County and he spoke with journalists earlier today. The disease is. Ever in the risk isn't going away in the foreseeable future. Are Challenge together is to manage covid nineteen over the long term in the zone between total show town and leading the virus run wild. And Kim. We're still in phase. Two of the safes start plan in King County. The rest of the states somewhere between phase one and three, but things are getting worse as far as the number of people diagnosed and people going to the hospital with covid nineteen. We haven't seen these numbers since back in April. What do we know about who is getting sick now and how it's spreading? Was We've been hearing for a few weeks. Young people make up the majority of cases now, so nearly three out of every four new cases is a person underage. Forty part of the rise in King County is due to college students. We've heard about people living side-by-side in fraternities at U. DUB getting sick. There's an outbreak there, but it is broader than that do chin. Says the people getting sick now are mostly essential workers or people getting sick from their own friends and family. This is in households and. And with people who are gathering. We've just had the fourth of July, a lot of people getting together. Yeah, absolutely and page. I can't help, but thank you know ahead to the fall. What is this going to mean for schools and they're supposed to reopen at that time. You know this is what really is worrisome to me. Especially Listening to Dr Chin today we never got over the first wave of this virus were still in it and do Chin said when it gets colder and people are inside. Yep the cases are going to grow a lot. I don't think we ever suppressed our first wave. Either locally or nationally I'm very confident that we'll see a much higher levels of transmission in the fall and winter, and that's a reason why people really need to take the opportunity now to make the changes, and that will really decrease decrease. Transmission is because the threat is going to be much higher soon. That that temptations really there now Kim to go outside. It's nice to get together with people, but he's saying. We've gotTA wear masks. We've got a social have social distancing, or it's just gonNA. Get worse in the fall. K. U. A. W. Page Browning sober words, but thank you for the update. Thanks, Kim, and for more on the coronavirus just head to the homepage. Our website is K. U. O.. W. Dot Org.

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