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The Veiled Monarch 019 - "Welcome to this Side"


The following hey it's jolly entertainment. Production is recommended for listeners. Seventeen over due to adult language adult situations violence silence and subject matter that could be sensitive to some listeners. If you enjoyed the show please leave us a rating on your favorite podcast APP. We'd really appreciate it Hey how's nightshift. I Miss Working with you working together now getting situated. It's actually not too bad just the feeding thing. That's still a little weird. You Bet I was was just getting ready to look through the security footage. Lewis gave to me. This could be bad then took a night alone at home. which isn't something out of the ordinary for him? But I think someone knew he was alone and they knew where to get his key card but get this the same day. Leo's bike was stolen and found total near Kendal. On the side side of the road the bike could be related. It could be. Let's take a look at the footage. Maybe that will help. Are you seeing this. Are we all being screwed with good. The hell am I looking at. Is that an iron oath officer. It is seven. Oh God don't look Rena Eh. This doesn't make sense. That's clearly not Vince. Its iron oath. I don't get this at all. The the footage makes this an opening close case. Why is someone going through the trouble to frame Vince? We shouldn't release this yet. No we shouldn't talk to Vince. It's Yup the I know has nothing to gain from this. In fact this is what they normally cover up. They would relish in being able to frame me for a murder They had their chance. Why bother with any of this when the security footage is plain as day because someone is playing two sides of this fence? It's the only explanation faulkner. I would bet on it. What I have to ask is why Um Folk knows and usually the ones take care of this sort of thing. They have other people for that people as talented as Lewis full. Oh CNA would have come up with the plan. He would have been happy to frame me but folks would follow through make certain the footage either showed me or didn't exist list. The isn't sloppy or careless. He wanted this to happen. But why do you want us to release this footage. Yes we have nothing to lose from it and the iron owes has nothing to gain from. It released the footage. Then I want to speak to Isaac Ronin and Annika Annika Ronin. Step Down with Kevin Gone. He's he's not good he needs some time. Yes I can understand stand. I'm sorry for his loss who is taking his place. Hi Well that certainly makes things easier. How Chris Tomorrow Night Work for you? Fine for me excellent. I'll be in touch. We're closed I. Yeah I know. Holy Shit don't move. Isaac I not here to fight with you. What's the warning then? None I ever request all shit I wanted to meet with you and the druids no one else certainly know vampires why where will know how to keep quiet and drew its knew how to be insular. Vampires well they they fucking despise is me wonder why make some phone calls now. Stay right here I want others here my own for protection Russian and Raina brings who she wants Rena she's taking over for ruining Lis- certainly made things easier. Hey thanks for listening to the veiled monarch. We're going to interrupt the show for just a minute and bring you a message from our friends if you live audio dramas like we. Do you probably have a million ideas swimming around in your head. Why not get your idea going here at? Hey it's jolly entertainment. We use buzz sprout. Sprout is one of the easiest ways as to start your audio drama or podcast. In minutes bus sprout. List your show with every major podcasting directory and gives you a free highly customizable website for your show it. If you click the bus sprout link in the show notes. You'll receive a twenty dollars Amazon Gift Card. After the second paid invoice join us on buds sprout. Welcome to the world of the world very much. Unlike you world where Ventura Magic Rate Let brave Knights Mejia's ages and warriors fight epic. Is he losing to a field. Might I think so I was I was a maybe we should make some more gold coins. We'll want to buy stuff in the city. That's sort of what what you do. Chances Are we'll stumble upon story while were there to Good point more quests I worry about you lose my is I know it didn't. You're in my stealth cloak. It's just dark. Give your is a minute to adjust. Oh is is the day back dead date and I have. The herbs was nothing good Madam them all in a day's work for hero of the people join the adventure visit us at Crunchy Dragon. Reagan treats DOT COM or. Hey it's jelly dot com. What the hell though you have to be kidding me? He's actually here. No Cyrus I recall Isaac. I said no vampires. We're on the clock honesty. Things used used to be so simple when we were segregated. Well if we most released hello again Catherine. You are looking wonderful as ever turning suits. You can't believe this guy. I want protection from all of you. what I knew that would be the reaction. Listen To me before you make a decision I already have a plan in place to dismantle the iron north. But I can't undo alone. I need help. You should have thought of that before you became their attack dog. Maybe Vince will help you. That won't work. We have a past. I heard of this. Exactly what did you do. I'm responsible for the death of his wife and a few of his close friends. It's his wife that he has the largest issue. Wish I see what he doesn't like you. The IRA north is Louis in their crip. You all know this by now especially the two of you. Their News Trust with everyone all over the world. Private security early companies are popping up that are actual non-human law enforcement. People are beginning to see the I. R. Naught Does Not do the same job as these companies that their usefulness analyst is ruin and tin which means that minors as well then we let them kill you. Why is this our problem? Because because you don't know what I know. Isaac Jacob Stewart was. Stop at nothing to grab me. The moment that footage from the veiled monarch hits the Evening News Yes. I know you've released detectives. I hoped he would the moment that happens. Jacob Annoy turned him. Did you kill Kevin. The agent on the cameras did that was my job to watch Vince. And then come up with a suitable explanation to frame him. Then send a message through a sore so you arranged Phileo's bike to get totaled to be fair lookie I was supposed to arrange a hit and run. Oh you are so nice. Can I please kill him. You can try for no uh-huh though we need to work together there is no we. What can I do to convince you give us something we can use? Show good faith GRANA. He's dead. Worry stands may as well make use of them so little faith in me fight. The friend Kevin was murdered by officer. James Old Acre James is currently in the courtyard near Fort Lauderdale beach. I'll make a phone call all. This is detective claiming I need to confirm the whereabouts of a possible suspect. James Old Acre in Fort Lauderdale beach at the courtyard guard. Yes loitered L.. Needs to pick him up for us. Thank you well key didn't lie. There is much more where that came from. We could kill you right now. You could try but you won't orange because you know that I can help you. Why what's in it for you self-preservation Isaac that's what it is? Oh it was big survive at my age by care about anyone but yourself. Don't look at me like that. You are not to be true in the past area north protected me from others. Now that they're the ones making mistakes. I need to blend in with everyone else to be protected from the iron ore. In order to be protected we must band together and we need Vince to Jewish. So that's what this is. You want Vince. But he'll never ever say yes to you why Vince. When Vince moved to South Florida the Orlando Office went into overdrive? They're afraid of A. They have been afraid of because there are four vampires in this world that can fight them. One of them is me another is Vince. The other two are in Europe grip on getting close to move in the North Sea. You want us to convince him to work with us so you can both bring them down yes he really. It deserves to kill you. She can get in line. Why do you care about this? Because it doesn't preserve me in the long run. I believe we just discussed this that we so. How do we all feel about this arrangement? I can't make this decision decision without dense as I can't either shit that's enough for me. Do enjoy talking to Vincenzo. We are not meeting until tomorrow night and to Nice. Where do I stay with misclaiming? Maybe now Isaac Hale no I got a date. Oh come on it. Nope nope absolutely not no. I will kill him. I said I have a date. You never go on dates absolutely absolutely wonderful. I know exactly where you live to be there soon enough if I have to be the one to tell Vince this oh I think you are why. I'm not even going to be there so I'm out who probably kill me for as I hate you both. No you don't. Have you gone mad. Am I being betrayed. Need I knew this would happen. Kill the Messenger. Thanks a lot. Isaac this you were right there. Both of you use spoke to him. You entertained his ideas. His that rain is home than let's simply kill him you know we can't and he knows it can't believe it's come to this. He knows I'm forced to take his side. So you're not mad at US yes well a little then we will get what we want from him. Turn him to ash by the time he gives us what we want he will be long gone. You don't live this long without knowing every possible outcome. I'm trapped no we attract. He's staying in my house. I'm the one trapped well. Well that's the first time a guy stayed with you in a long time pace off is This isn't funny. None of this is funny. Do you realize what is happening here. The vampire who has been the guard dog of the Iron Oath for centuries has betrayed them and he is in our backyard we are bringing hellfire down on every non human group in south Florida if we have a him and if we don't then we still bring the same hellfire with new bargaining chip history. Repeats Itself Annika. Now what do I do. You fight them like your tip before Iran amount of Virginia. Yes the cost of my wife and my child. My entire family died because of me. How many of my own head do I want to see ton to ash how many more of you will be murdered before? It's over ver. I have enough blood on my hands. Raina I do not need anymore. This isn't on your hands events. It's some folk nurse. I cannot bear to watch this happen again. So can he stay here or not. Absolutely not not. He is not staying with me I think he is just great. You can stay here. Let folk nurse stay at your home alone. What about birdies is e house trained? Of course then bring him along. James has been arrested. Falcons did not destroy the footage Vincenzo. Moretti isn't even a suspect what we've been betrayed need call the regional offices. Are you serious Mr Stewart. We I said set the plan into action. Call another offices as if you need to. This situation needs to be handled and quickly Mr Stewart. The regional offices are all handling their own issues right now. I don't know if they can spare anyone. How many do we have A few with James Arrested most are staying very quiet until you give out orders. Orders waters quarters damage. Faulkner he and Vincenzo Moretti gets together we are finished through my head on the block. Well then what do we do sir. We pay a visit to some friends in the Miami area quickly quietly we draw him out. I'll start making the calls. Then and then he said well. That's Fine Leo. But what about the vampire. I just said that I should go ahead. Had An Leonardo Khloe. Who Your son is your one weakness Kness Vincenzo do my research Low them up. Who's there Brian that you? Although I know someone's here Isaac Us Carrillo is secured now for the DRUID. Hi this is Taylor Fair. Her Voice of Catherine Klayman. Thanks for listening to the veiled monarch to subscribe to the audio drama or find out more. Please visit us at the veiled monarch DOT COM

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