Megan Gailey


something in a way. He moved looks my way of scenes leave. Troubled fanzine down double game always seems to make me change guys. Welcome to the show. We're attempting to do this in a unique way to continue bringing guys content. Obviously the sports world has please shut down including snooker which I know that hurts. A lot of people Snooker tournaments down guys so it's almost over but We are. We're GONNA attempt to do this podcast every single week. A while socially distancing. We're GONNA get a guest on the phone via the ringer APP. And we're just going to try and do this. I hope we can provide you guys some relief. We're GONNA start to do a daily podcast. Jason is check that out to called Scarborough country virus episodes thirty minutes. A day does take on the world. They'll be a little bit of sports in there but I think we WanNa do our top take the day. We have a great guest today. By the way Mega Gailey who worked for the NFL network is married to a great comedian? He's a great comedian and married to a great guy. Cj told Donahue is NBA Guy so her love sports she tells one of the greatest hat McAfee stories ever on this episode. So you definitely want to stick around for that But top TAKE J. Let's let's take it away wall Yeah the top take the day is obviously you know the sports world in games have ceased but I think you know when we look at the larger picture of what this virus has done and how it has deprived us of this thing. This this distraction this thing that we would need that otherwise used to get us through a tough situation like this when you think about you know what do I need right now when I'm sequestered in my House. It's to watch sports That is the distraction that keeps you away from the terror and the disastrous and now without that were stock so we're forced to soil and the and the truth of it is j people to watch the Games without fans I give you would have said the march madness was gonna continue and we'd have this tournament of games without fans people would people would have gladly accepted that but that's not even happening. I am finding myself watching my son play. Nba Two K. And getting really into the Games. That's how desperate I am for sports like I'm arguing with like you know. A virtual doc rivers like why is I'm like why is Paul. George. Aren't we all? Aren't we all arguing with a virtual doc rivers on a daily basis? I mean I'm watching old old Michigan on Youtube like full mich- like nine thousand nine hundred eighty nine Michigan Versus Illinois in the NC Double A.'s. Semi finals you know. I'm watching these old full games because you can get him on the TV. They look like Real Games. And you're watching the old playing style versus the way that is today. I watched the old Michigan. Nineteen ninety one against Ohio states to get to the final four in the elite eight and by the way both teams were like three for ten from three point. Range like took more than like ten three point shots. Do you know how to have that Guy Chris Gent or something like that the Levy Gent? Yeah it was awful. Yeah I mean I watched nineteen seventy-nine cubs versus Phillies the twenty three to twenty two game at Wrigley with the phillies. One spoiler alert Bruce suitor on the hill. I mean it was and the cubs came back from twenty to twenty in the bottom of the eighth too tight. Twenty two twenty two. Everyone was out of shape. Berry FOOT BERRY FLOORS UP BERRY FOOTS. The number on his uniform to small like in my mind all the whole time and watching. I'm like I need go. Rhino has to recreate. Every one of these guys. Baddies dances so you gotta make them do a Berry foot. The truth is like who is happy about. Is Anyone happy about this? This stoppage or the shortage. I mean some athletes might be happy that they can spend time with their families which they normally can't but is anyone happy. That's the question the answer that no I think there is one group of people who are happy about the corona virus and they won't admit it publicly but it is the Houston Astros. Because when you think about a group of people a team that was more maligned. A team. That was under the microscope. A team that everyone was gunning for with hatred in there is no. I'm not saying that that's sort of hatred won't come back if we get through this and a few months and we're back and we're back on the season but I think right now the Houston. Astros are breathing a sigh of relief. Because when baseball comes back people will just be grateful to have the Games again and the anger and the Venom and the air out of that balloon. That was heading straight for the. Astros head on probably two or three pitches provider. I'm saying that air has been let out. And we're now in his relation where they don't have to face that kind of scrutiny. Because we're just grateful. They're big they're going to be coming back with everyone else. It's petty to throw it. Someone's head if you're out there. Just appreciate the trout playing the game that you love getting paid to do it. That's what you're saying. I still think they should throw their heads but I do think I do. Think will that conversation would be picked up again. I think we don't have a baseball season. And if we don't have sports for a year you'll never hear about that thing again. I think a few slide by and they even start playing games without fans. You will still have that conversation again. But it will be muted because this virus and this pandemic and this absolute like explosion into our societal traditions in our norms in my opinion gave them a pass and solar. Dd in mind. They're thanking it. They're being in the interesting thing. Is that guys like Clayton Kershaw. I think about. I've been thinking a lot about Clayton. Kershaw maybe I. Maybe I'm thinking about him more than I should think about. Clayton Kershaw more than some of his family members. Think about it. I just not as immediate family but maybe like a cousin like a third cousin of Clayton Kershaw Cow. I highly doubt that but okay I just I think he is one of the best pictures of our time and deserve the ring and the truth of the matter is the fact that if the sign stealing was one thing that kept him from getting his ring. That's number one number two now. This global pandemic steps in the middle. Not that he cares about it makes it impossible for him to complain about it because there are people in their lives or people losing their jobs. He can never complain about again. He set for life for money. He's had a wonderful career. He's a first ballot hall of Famer but something was taken from him and in the grand scheme of things more long. Pass this pandemic which. I'm praying for the time that we are in life returns back to some level of normalcy that and that may be two years from now or three years now four five six year even when he's in the hall of fame he's GonNa think to himself. God I wish I would have that opportunity at least to throw it. Someone's head and not be let called petty for doing that agree with you. One hundred percent. Let's take a break on the other side of this break. We're GONNA TALK TO MEG meg. She has a great podcast called the greatest with her husband hilarious. Cj Donna. They are both funny comics. 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Post your job today at indeed dot com slash cheap seats and get a free sponsor job upgrade on your first posting that's indeed dot com slash cheap seats terms conditions and exclusions apply offer valid through March thirty. First Two thousand twenty. Hey guys welcome back to the show. This is the future of technology and the current state of affairs. We're doing a podcast via ringer As we mentioned in our guests on the show is hilarious. Comedian who we've hung with in Montreal. We know she knows her sports. You've always been a fan of hers and we're so glad to have on the show. She's been very hard to get to throughout this crime by. She's the busiest person in the world. Megan gale thank you for joining us. I'm truly truly honored. I just told one of my corona threads of gals that I needed to stop talking to them because I was going on the sklar brothers podcast and they they're alive. They're excited nice. It's lit I love the truth. The truth is that we love to talk to comedian. Who really know their sports? And so like your your dream for us because not only are you funny. We just saw you do the funniest set at the belly room up at the comedy store but I think you even strangled some great sports references throughout that set just phenomenal. Thank you thank you know I used to work for the NFL worked for the NFL and ESPN. So you can be anything so so obviously we love that you love. Sports is rainy. Said this is the question. That's on my mind because I WANNA know. If other people have good ways of coping with no sports how are you dealing with the fact that there are no sports right now? It's so interesting because I feel like sports in this crisis was really a signifier to me that it was real like once the NBA got. Shut DOWN I was like. Oh okay now. It's real more so than anything else. My husband works for a basketball based company. We are huge fans I mean. Nfl Free Agency is really getting me through. But I'm a colts fan. And I. I hate Philip Rivers so much so I was like. Oh watching it to this is bad. I mean I went into my room and just screaming. No at the top of my lungs and my husband was like what happened. Who HAS IT? Who has it and I was like no? We Have Philip rivers like. It's worse off this data traffic in my life right. I mean when you think about it. Philip Philip Rivers. What do you think about Philip Rivers? He is multiplying like the corona virus. He has like nine kids bashing it's like you. Your key. Like makes too much sense in Indianapolis like he has so many children he so white like he is top ten whitest people on Earth and loves the Lord and that is something that Indianapolis is going to embrace in a way. That almost makes me sick. Like she is going to get there and see how many applebees there are and be like I don't know why ever lived in San Diego Right San Diego's far to progressive for him. Well I mean the Phil rivers rule is if he wins more games. He has kids your good. That's it you get He may be good for you guys you never know what if he like has just crazy. Resurgence You don't have to worry about Tom Brady anymore right or is still no no? I think the bucks NFC? I guess. I get them confused because I like Joe. Nobody does the. Nfl fell one. I Hate Jay Winston. So even that like like everyone's moves had made me so happy but my own teams and so that has been difficult. But I like this new defensive linemen that we got like. I do think there's some positives. I Love Jacoby Burr set. I think he's such a good guy and seemed like the locker room really loved him and he also had a better year than Philip rivers. Last year like Philip rivers had a catastrophic year. The colts actually had a good year. We were cursed by Adam. Venit Terry who I do love I have so much love for is the greatest of all time. He cost us our entire season last year. Though I think this panic to be like we need a quarterback is a little like ill based Gould. I agree with them. I mean we need to kick her and the interesting thing for me is that the colts lost Andrew Luck last year. And this happen sports all the time. Isn't it amazing? How sometimes you think you lose the biggest thing ever and you become addition by subtraction so the nationals Bryce Harper and then and then they win the world series. You know what I mean. You guys lose Andrew Luck and then you go on a crazy run. I think the Celtics are a lot better this year. I think there I think this I mean the raptors are that we're better I guess I I'm not even to the point where I'm able to talk about the NBA and past tense yet. Because it still feels like like it still feels like it's like when you're father leaves abandoned your family like unlike. Lebron's going to walk through the door any minute. He's coming back right right and do a tick. Tock dance Yeah I mean I feel I. I feel like you know my son's eleven and he just this year got super the NBA to the point where we were watching like an NBA game per night or maybe two and Taking that away from US feels like a disaster like that was the time we were sharing and getting into together. And that's been put on hold outs ups absolutely I think the NBA more than any other leagues also really is the Voice of sort of social change. And you know all of those athletes individually so much better than you do with any of the other sports and for them to be sick and for it to be shut down and for it to feel like. They don't really have anything they can do. Right now almost hurts. More to yeah. Yeah yes in. I mean the crazy thing was that we all realize we all knew Rudy Gobert suck and then you saw with Mike von Your Life Thanking Kid for the dentist. The dentist Green Moment. He is who we thought you was around his ass. What a tough tough video to live on. Jr Smith has finally. I can be at peace. There is a stupider. Nba Player than took. His shirt off took his shirt off and said I can finally breathe so so. Let's let's talk about so there is no sports. Are you going back and watching? What I'm doing. It's going back and watching. Old University of Michigan Basketball Games from the nineteen eighty S. That is giving for it in some an Michigan football. That's giving me comfort in some way. Do you have a team beyond the cultures? Are you going to go back and watch old peyton Manning Colts Games and for sure GONNA go back and watch that Colts Patriots? Afc Championship Game. Where we come came back from like twenty eight down. I've already requested that day. One of the quarantine. My husband has not agreed yet and then I think we're probably going to go back and why I well he just. He doesn't care for colts at all. He doesn't care so it's Gonna I'M GONNA have to sell him on. That and I was at that game and I was so drunk so I really want to recreate the entire. You know I want to feel like I'm back in the Dome and then I think the cavs Warriors That down three one came back to win it. Block block you. You're so drunk at the colts game. They missed took you for the colts. Kicker Pat McAfee Jayantha McAfee. Mcafee is like the guy who got drunk ran away from the cops in dove into a river. I have a tough story about that too. I was with Patton McAfee that night. Please okay so tell us read them. I was performing at crackers in broad ripple rest in peace closed now in my dream and my entire life was to be performing stand up and then colts players. Are there like I was just like if coal plant? Cb stand up. I will wind up on the colts. So I'm doing I have. I don't know what's who's in the audience. Whatever at the end of the show. I realized that Payton's backup. Curtis painter was in the crowd and then along with these two other guys one of them was pat. Mcafee another guy was this guy who was like an all American in College Oklahoma. But then wasn't good in the NFL and so they waited for me and my two friends after the show. We're like do WANNA go drink with us and I'm like this is my moment is what I've been waiting for so we go to. This is how I get on the colts. Yeah I mean literally literally literally. This is how I get on couple of we go. We go to a around the corner and it was there by week. So this was the Tuesday of their upcoming Sunday. They had off so they are raging like it is like they had the line up like eighty different shots of Jamison and we're just giving them to people in the bar. And so God mega mega raising like it's spring break in Florida today. Which is yes. They are coughing on each other and then playing tug of war for no reason up shots. And what are you doing? I mean. I'm getting drunk at this. I was like a young woman. I'm like this is a thrill for me with a puncture. Oh my God and so. We got very very drunk. I had a boyfriend at the time and so I went into the bathroom to call him and he later was like you sounded incoherent. And then I remember who a car to go home and then I remember there being police lights and then the very next thing I remember I woke up in my parents dining room and I I had fifteen minutes halls. Five zero missed calls and like the very first heck's message I open said turn on the news and I'm like all wrong. This is this. Is this like your own? This is like your own personal hunter Momento. You have to figure out what happened. Yes yes and so I turn on the news. And the sin tightly slips along was like eleven am so like the local news was back on and it was the lead story. They were showing him being released from prison. One of the girls that I was with she had actually gone home with one of the guy one of the other players and she said they got a call and six. Am and they had to go down and bail him out so she was there when he failed out. But then my two friends and I were referred to as unidentified women on Z. Come on the way. That's probably you still use that as a credit when credit that's an incredible credit or identified men on TMZ. We are amazing amazing. I can't believe you a part of it. Did you know that he was going over the edge to like in literally and figuratively or? Were you dislike? I'm out of control myself now. The last photo I was I think at one point. We all took photos together. I had a photo on my phone from that night. And he was. Someone had tim so he was like down on his knees. Chugging smirnoff ice and that was kind of like the last moment that I that I have any recollection or that. I have any record of what was happening. How did you get to your parents dining? Did anyone ever explain that to you so I took a car and I do remember the cops speaking to the driver and I remember saying just take her home so so so cops were on the scene. I got the cops for taking care of you. Own A gun. I love it. The cops are like she's going to be too embarrassed to be found with the punter. Anyway get out of here. Yeah they probably were just like she doesn't look ahead. I can tell you pretty girl and his term make you a better colts fan. Can you say my colts fan of before and after that story? I think so. My Phantom before was pretty high and then I remember people telling me like you should sell that photo. You should call in and give your story. I would never I would never betray the horseshoe I would never in so I think my phantom probably like stayed the same but I was tested and I realized that I was more loyal pulse fan than I even understood did. That's unimpressed now. Here's my here's my thing and this is what we tell people who think that they're real fans of sports. I say you're not a true fan of sports unless your team losing on your particular day when it's football you only get one a week and you only get sixteen or seventeen or in college. You only get twelve so when your team loses in it ruins your next four or five days ruins it absolutely that deep your that because it gets to the. I remember so that this year the Colts. It was sort of like whatever happens as a positive. You know you're playing on house money just because luckily being so close so I did have highs and lows fully. I've invited people over for the chiefs colts Sunday night game and I kept being like I'm going to be chill. I'm going to be cool and then I was a full blown psychopath of all of my friends but if the colts news I'm I can't watch. Espn for the next. Like two days won't even turn the TV zone where the where the same early we got so we get so mad we get mad and we get so angry and it's like why did you do this to us. You're ruining our lives. Yeah absolutely alto all right so do you think we have an NFL season? Let me ask you that like obviously we can't look into a crystal ball but like do you think we'll have an NFL season this fall. You know I was talking to someone. Yesterday who works in sports end is a lot more connected and knows a lot more than I do and he was talking to me about river like he was talking about free agency and then offhandedly he was like look like a real season anyways so that makes me think maybe there will be but there won't be fans maybe they push it like. It is so crazy to think like in August in September like still won't be resolved but I guess it's less that and more well at some point as start and then training camp and if all of that can't happen because of the numbers and the close proximity that people have to be with each other than it's actually not safe enough for them to be playing football right. That's right. Yeah so you almost have. You must have to back time. Yeah Yeah you gotTa get to answer your question. I mean I almost hope that Like now that I'd hate teams quarterback. I'm like I'm fine if we missed the season but the NFL is just so greedy. And I need that with all due respect that I just can't imagine them letting go a full seats and I think it will be modified in some way but I do think we will have a season and there will be like a super bowl champion in twenty twenty one again. I love how much we we talk about this a lot. How much you love sports. And how how big a part of your life it is. Is it the same way for you that you know when we're so focused on the business as it were doing stand up trying to write TV shows and all that stuff that sports provides for you this escape where you can just turn off for like a few hours? Just not even think about that stuff. Oh one hundred percent. I think imus get frustrated living in La that. I don't have more friends who are as insane as I am. Here you go to. I mean that's like it's like I'm constantly like screaming about things but it is really nice. My husband obviously cares a lot. I also find works to be a really Nice escape from the terrors of the world. I like whoever? Has the most points wins. That's just what it is and whether you hate them or not like there isn't any no one really ever gets a fast one hold on them. It's just a most playing the Astros Nicer Master. But that's why people were so mad about that has there. There is order in sports unlike politics. You're like well. That guy lost the popular vote. But now he's our president or these people doing this thing and it's keeping these people from getting a Meghan Meghan. You're right. There's this notion that like people won't concede elections anymore. They're like no even when you lose your like now I WANNA recount. And it's like nope the game. You lost by seven points in this basketball game. Walk-off shake everybody's hand and walk off the court and try and get on that I mean it happens. Even in a word shows the things that win all the movies actors. Who can we see the stats on this? Because that seems crazy to me like you watch it you know when things are stop when the saints get screwed. It's like okay. Well they got screwed. But this score is the score and now it's over and I do love that simple and classic to me that I cling to rib same. They've gotTa love. It will so much so that you are doing a sports podcast yourself. Please let our listeners know so that they can jump on that train. What it is what you I'm your host it with my husband. Cj Toledano and we are huge sports fans he works for House of highlights. Currently we've both worked for the NFL and the greatest. I know that's like a very intense name to have her podcast. That has nine episodes sickly we go back and we we have a guest on and we look at we've done greatest coaches of all time greatest WNBA WNBA players of all time. Greatest sneakers of all time. So it's kind of a really great one for right now because we're talking about everything that's in the sports time capsule and lexicon and we really don't need anything to be happening because we're we're looking back to the past. That's so I love that idea. I love that idea so I was watching on. Nba TV hardwood classics. The other night. Because I like I need to see sports and they were showing the Lebron. Mcdonald's all American game with Chris Paul and it and it was just so great to hear what people were saying about him and projecting his future at that point and they were saying he's going to be the next Magic Johnson or he's going to be most same as Johnson then. Last night I watched the Michael Jordan Bulls Bulls cavs Michael Jordan. Sixty nine point game and I was trying to watch Michael in the context of Lebron. 'cause we hear the debate but it's been awhile since. I've watched a full start to finish not edited down full every single play game of Michael Jordan. I watched Jordan play against the cavs. And yes you know. Craigie low would be like the ninth guy off the off the bench on any NBA team right now. But he was like they're starting guy and mark is like five five four but like but Michael Jordan was so dominant in a way that like it was wanted in my eyes to watch him and and having watched Lebron this year with the Lakers. I'm like you know what you know what Michael was better and I am not ashamed to say it and and look I love the Brandon. I think he could do the world but there were moments in that game where Michael scored fourteen straight points and all of them were contested. Shots and the he was he was so dominant and when he wanted to go to the rack he scored or got fouled made his foul shots. He was lying. It's great because an argument. This is why they're podcast is great. Because you're like this is the best part about sports. The A is Mike. Trout is is Mike Trout Mickey Mantle. Let's get into it right now. I mean is. He resume better is he. Willie mays who is and and we have yet to even get to those really in. Ken select an individual player competitions. And some of that is because the fight it would cause between us by I am. I'm a known Jordan Hater. I'm an Indianapolis Pacers Fan Michael Jordan. I have the same birthday. He's been shoved down my throat. Since I was born and an but in my core I do know that he is the greatest player will time but it pains me so much in front of these shops that I even said that on record all of his all of Cj's Jordan shoes in his closet just lit up when you said that. I now Lake Road. God He's yeah and it's it's hard to call them the Indianapolis Pacers. I do like that. Because they were the market square arena markets. There has to be from like you guys are obviously huge Michigan. Fans in Indiana Purdue and U. Basketball is probably bigger than the Pacers on any given the area. Just feel like it's not I don't want to be I know that. They're the Indiana Pacers. The rest of the state has done nothing for us. Okay we are carrying this piece of shit place across the finish line on a second. Hey wait a minute be. You're saying Tara Hoedt is in pulling its weight Meghan Evansville Evansville Purple Aces Evans Villes in Illinois College within the Purple Aces. Only college team to ever have sleeves on the man's sleeve with a religious thing. Oh Job Sure. They can show a shoulder. I know they're trying to be very you know all right. So the gray. It's your podcast is called the greatest and people can get on I tunes or wherever. But it's a for for those who loved the sports debate Which is Great? I mean because you guys are so knowledgeable because you guys are passionate and his guests. I take a we. Have you thought you would be a huge for us? We will do it absolutely because we have so many opinions growing up in Saint Louis Saint Louis Cardinals fans. I'm in baseball cardinals fans. We grew our grew up in the eighties when they went to the world series. Three times once in got screwed once. And it's like it's just a fascinating wonderful thing to be a part of to love team. That has that sort of tradition and again like the Pacers of the nineties. That's when you kind of. Were assuming kind of those. Those teams were so fun to watch like the one of the greatest players of all time on there. Like you've games and you were into a flying. Dutchman that's crazy MIDAS donating Dutchman my F- my favorite one of my favorite chief seeds jokes was. It's it's Indiana Pacers centric. It was go go doing double Dutch going. Double Dutch is taking out Ritz Mitt. Rick Smits and his wife going eight data yourself and everybody everybody paying for them. Look I did not know Rick. Smits was from a different country until like ten years into his. I was like Oh Hema v from French. Lick as well like. They're so soon his name either either. He hated shaving so much or he could only grow what we grew it. Our Bar Mitzvah. But that's that trash stash that he sports like that like that probably got him kicked out of Amsterdam well and then there was that season. It was like a playoff run where they all shaved their heads. And you Jermaine O'Neal and you're like well. That's not good and then you saw rick smits and it was like. Oh my God sick. All it's like you need an in-between yes. I'm so sorry about your non Lymphoma Rick Ari. Let's let's take a break and when we come back we'll do some quick it's with the Great Meghan. Gaily of the greatest podcast. We'll be right back with the chiefs right after Kris. If you were to guess on average how many days people United States have to wait to see a doctor and nowadays it's even more. What would you say a week? Maybe action on average people have to wait around twenty nine days. 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You'll ever do something dumb because of your anxiety and we got so many great stories. One Guy Literally commando crawled out the back of a coffee shop to avoid talking to ex. They'd broken up four years before and I completely relate. We have worst stories from ourselves. So listen to the PODCAST and relate. Y'All ever get it wherever you get your podcasts. Hey guys welcome back to the show We're so happy to have megan gale with this. Follow her on twitter. She is nagging. Gaily Janai G. A. L. E. Y. Follow her and follow us on twitter and follow us on Instagram Are you the same on Instagram? By the way and actually better nagging gala Leon instagram because there was a Meghan gaily and I needed to send her a message is better than your as better than Ezra better than no. It's called better than Meghan. Gaily L. E. Y. Follow her on Instagram And we tell this to all of our right now. While there aren't a lot of live show there are no live shows happening and whatnot. Go back in the archives and watch. I'm sure you have clips of your stand up online. She is so good. You guys I'm just GonNa say this out there to our fans like we said we were running. Our cone inset a couple of weeks ago and we zipped up to the you'll love this because. I don't know if you saw us you sauce right as you're about to go onstage. But warmer run it. We ran our cone inset probably sixteen times the week before we de we ran at two times at the Improv and it was great and then we came up to the store and followed Joe Rogan in the main room showed was running thirty minutes late and we got onstage around ten fifty five at night and everyone basically was done after he got killed goes and we went up there trying to run the set and then do the rest of other material and it was one of the hardest sets we've ever had and we were just like why are we doing comedy should we have. We cannot leave this comedy store on this note so we went upstairs and they were doing comedians. You should know which was the show that you're on and Jane were so mad you didn't see it like how can I was like? I can't believe I'm watching both of you guys this down. I've never seen you both this upset. And then the thing that started to bring us out of it was. We watched your set and you made us laugh. We were dying in the up in the balcony off to the left and the belly room. We were laughing so hard. And we're like okay. Okay we're going to be we'RE GOING TO BE WE'RE GONNA be okay and then we went up and did our said and it was great but it was like all that was what we needed but my point is you hugh. I've I bombed in the belly room like three weeks ago. So intense way people were looking at me like I was a woman who had stumbled on stage and not just mouth agape like what is bitch talk and I had to talk about in therapy to my core. That's comedy if you're not if you're not if you're not staring into the abyss of your own career at least once every couple of months then I can't relate to. I can't relate to you as an artist I can't sort but I do. I have a cone. Inset that your listeners to go check out and then a tonight show sat for. I'm just a few months ago. Check that out so far. Let's get into some crickets. Shall we say yes all right so look the good news? I guess we still get stories of people. Being Dick's this is kind of from from back in September and Asaka man apparently for the Japanese Nippon League reserved and then canceled eighteen hundred and seventy three seats at two baseball games just to get more space for himself so he wanted to and this is in his words. He said he wanted to. I mean I wanted to watch the game comfortably with no people around. What are you free karate? Maybe maybe new okay or and I wanted to stand out on TV okay. So now. You're now you're dead out and it said that the the amount let's see if you can guess in in dollars like we're GONNA put little town into this in. Us dollar how much we're the canceled seats valued at and you can understand why then the team would be very angry that all of a sudden seats would never be used. Meghan in your estimation how much with eighteen thousand seats eighteen hundred hundred eight hundred eighteen hundred young. I guess I'm giving them a lot of credit. And if they've a fan base allow twenty thousand feet. I'M GONNA get in the US dollars. Oh God when a presidential candidate is like asked. How much a gallon of milk unlike forty eight dollars? I'M GONNA save fifty thousand dollars fifty thousand. That's smart I'm GonNa say one hundred thousand dollars. This is randy jumping a well. Get your answers if you're listening because the answer is what one hundred five thousand dollars been there and they're mad. You cannot do that. That is like the most selfish stupid. They need to be getting a credit card number. When like if I go to ticketmaster I can't just be like yeah. Forty friends are coming to be on say with me. It's like five forty tickets that's right. You're saying that the dog he bought he bought them on then. He canceled them all the day before so he gets the money back. Yeah you got all the guys kiss. I feel like I'm back on his side now. I like him to our. Now we're mad. At the Japanese. Ticketmaster Javanese ticketing system. Is THE PROBLEM HERE. I mean it is it A. He may have known about corona ahead of time. So let's give him credit if he is clairvoyant. In that way be. I don't think Japanese baseball has been this mad since Tom Selleck made that move. Okay so it's he also had the cash to pull it off. He he had to spend one hundred and five thousand dollars for his little fun game. These still went to sleep in a drawer every all right. Let's let's move on to this story WRESTLEMAINIA. I don't know if you've read about this decides to yeah no fans allowed will livestream from a training facility Does this seem smart or is this just another example of Vince McMahon being a psycho pat? I think the ladder because I mean the main concern and the reason you've seen this uptick in MBA players is because they're in such close proximity and there's sweat and spit and even though even though wrestling is orchestrated and scripted. You're still going to be like they could still get it from each other. They're going to be sashaying faces. I think there's there's sweat and spit and that's just between Charles Oakley and James still extolling gets corona virus. Yes it is does one do you know are are nice way of getting him out of the next and I think is that someone should pose as a record executive and tell James Dolan that his blues band like jd and the shots are so good that he's going to have to give up in the next and tour whole time and then Knicks fans if you did a kick start Knicks fans a quiet kicks and the Knicks Fans. Just all supported it to get him out. How great would that be incredible right and then we just do it in a nice way where he thinks he's too around. We're be like man. You're mazing an like touring in the most remote parts of the world like dude. You have a huge following in Guam. I also think that James Dolan could see what's happening in the world right now and go. I could be president and that he would have to sell the neck to pursue his political dreams. So Charles Oakley I mean. We've always said either that or six of the twelve security guards that stop Charles Oakley just decide to go on a smoke break and just let him go either. Let it happen again and you and your Pacers Fan so for you to want the Knicks to be good. You're saying if for the good of the game like you want it for the good of basketball I'm against abuse and what J. Zolin does is abuse so it's like completely fan best. He's abused you saw the video when he made the players via part of his God. That's that's worse than the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal. It's so bad I mean it's true plantation owner psycho shed it and have you heard dead insult to injury. They had to listen to his band. I- Latrell Sprewell was on a triangle. Like what has happened to me. It's like it's like I was. I was joking. He's literally choking. Pj CARLESIMO six months ago. Yeah it was choking. The wrong guy is what he said. Anybody got and put it in Wisconsin all right so let me let me get to this last story and then we'll wrap it up and move on and replacement but So Todd Gurley. It's talking about getting released from the rams rainy nine saying are running backs like supermodels. Like after they turned twenty eight. They become persona non grata. Like get him Outta here. Forget about like Todd Gurley was and still is an enormous part of the rams. Yeah sure and yes. He was hurt a little bit but come on man. The guy was a huge reason why you went to the Super Bowl and a huge reason. Why you as the rams say you because I know you're not part of the Rams Organization Megan but I'm saying why the Rams like this is an insane choice to to to drop this guy. What the Hell is going? They lost their goddamn minds is what I'm asking. I had a fantasy football team. Three years ago name girly girls trademark. I always loved him. I do think and I I remember like becoming aware of this in the Mike. Shanahan ears where it was like he would just plugged someone into that Bronco System and I guess you see it more and more I wonder if girlies issue is that he's not one of those like sake guys like they seem the stocky guys ten to hold up a little bit better but if I found out todd Gurley was coming to the colts I would. I would be pretty. I mean Frank Gore was still valuable last year and he's forty five years of course seventy five years mark. Ingram is a guy that kind of fits that mold. He's like a little grey frank. Frank Frank Gore fought in Korea. You need to know that nobody. He is a veteran. Give him the respect. He deserved to break does he? Yell does another team pick him up. Do you think somebody else. I think absolutely I think this is the time of year where you just buy a bunch of stuff and then you let it play out at training camp. I mean that's how I feel about Philip Rivers. I think Koby per second still beat Philip rivers out training camp. Yeah that's true. I mean you should treat running backs like toilet paper at Costco just by DOT com. And you'll use them at some point. Let's start with seven and you end the season with half of one right. Stop now you start with seven and you end. The season with a bad day. Date ran days the equivalent of an empty backfield. Okay your head. That's an exactly we'll see. We're not even using it anymore. We're being so efficient. Well Megan Kelly. You are the greatest your podcast with your husband's C. J. Tola Donahue. We have to get on this podcast. Maybe you can figure out some way to get to. Him is the greatest dodgers people. It's called the greatest everybody on this. If you're looking for another awesome podcast to check out especially in this time or they can keep putting these things out. Great Em. We'll have you back. You have an open invite. We Love Talking Sports with you in just love hanging with us the bad stuff. I hope fatherhood is going okay for you right now. I mean you know we're like yeah I've been thinking you've been in my acid fares thoughts and prayers. I'd Mag thank you so much. We'll talk to you soon. Okay thank God hi guys. Welcome to the show. That was amazing. Meghan gaily her hatred of Philip rivers to me is hilarious. I mean I mean to come may be their savior. She's a she's a hundred percent on top of Jacoby. She's like US I. It is so refreshing to hear someone else. Who is that psycho when they watch a game and avid like she has literal hatred in her heart? For Philip Rivers has never met the guy and again he may be great but she's probably right in her heart of hearts. She knows sport. She knows that team she will be. Let down like the rest of called fat by Philip Rivers. I mean I've been a fan of. I've always been a fan of her comedy. But now I'm like okay. We're kindred sports spirits which lead. Watch the colts. I WANNA watch a colts game with her and see how crazy I act and then I wanNA make her watch Michigan game with US and see see. How unbelievable crazy we are all right. Thank you guys for bearing with us in this show we're We got one more voice mail that we got from Bill Walton. We're taking advice from anywhere on how to make it through this quarantine life which gotta know how long my so called quarantine life. I don't know how long it's going to be. But we need advice from everybody and of course the big man in the Middle Bill Walled. Who spent a lot of time with his own thoughts Is going to give us a little bit of advice. Electives voicemail. Check it out sklar. It's your old friend. Bill Walton checking in making sure that you guys are taking good care of yourself. It's a difficult time people cooped up inside whether or not you're surrounded by those you love or surrounded by cans of corn beans and rice. It's all about mind over matter baby and we all know that whether it's on the basketball court or out at a show. No one knows better than I that it is mind over matter. You have to throw it down big man as the grateful dead often saying in here comes sunshine wake of the flood laughing. Water forty nine get out the pans. Don't just stand there dreaming. Get OUT OF THE WAY. Get Out of the way here comes. The sunshine here comes sunshine. Also if I can pass along randy and Jason Some Indica Sativa to help you pass the days and maybe some reality television like moon shiners. One of my favorite shows that shows industry in West Virginia Kentucky Tennessee. These are men not afraid to go into the woods to literally create a good time. Randy Jason I feel terrible for my son. Luke found himself without the end of an NBA season justice his young Sacramento Kings team was rallying vibe being around him. Like the pulsing beats of now. Thea at Deer Creek Randy Jason. I'm doing just fine with my jacker. Rare roll tight in my lazy boy kicked up for my synthetic knees to relax. Stay IN TOUCH BE. Well take care and let the sun the moon and the stars guide you. I'm not gonNA say that's a bad advice Jay. I'm you know set. He knows how to get through stuff and he's giving you a roadmap he's given road map and Sometimes you gotta get accepted. I WANNA thank our producer. Land Romo. Who is helping? Put this thing together. Jason Smith at star Burns and everybody there who is like tirelessly working and figuring out solutions for us to be able to continue to give you guys content. It may be a little bumpy at first but wants to be really figure it out. We're going to just keep giving you stuff every week. I know there's no sports going on but there are no sports going on but we're going to figure out a way to continue to give you are take also if you want something a little bit more. You got more time daily. Listen TO S- clever country the virus pas you check it out drop one in this fee just you can hear it and that subscribed to it and it'll be a youtube page to check it out on Youtube. We love you guys punch waterfalls in do it in peace in singularly you can still out and punch waterfall. If you're feeling prostrated it's just you and nature And try and stay sane love each other listen to everybody when they say stay sequestered in. Quarantine. We've got your view and we are out of great week. We'll see next week lane shot. That would hang wig gang. Thank Morecambe Chris. Breaking the fake. We go both a matter of fact like yours. Bring into gives us like when along a podcast network.

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