Uncovering UFO Podcast Mysteries | An Interview With Martin Willis


Either everyone and welcome back to verbal voices. I'm your host. Paul lumley the head of partnerships admirable on this episode. Iv invited justin rivers verbals talented head of design to join me for a few reasons. Justin is interested in hosting a few episodes in the future. So you'll be hearing from him very soon but he's also very interested in the topic. Our guest today has been podcasting about for over. Four hundred episodes. joining us. is martin willis host of podcasts. Ufo a weekly livestream radio show and podcast. Martin brings years of experience producing audio content in a category. That is incredibly vast and has a ravenous audience all over the world. Ufo's paranormal activities government cover ups and generation defining conspiracy. Theories are all topics that do extremely well in the podcast format and so we want to talk to creators to find out what makes these genres so entertaining. An aging martin talks to us about how to approach the topic of ufo's interesting sightings through the years interviewing guests as hosts and the early days of this podcast and livestreaming experience. Ready learn more. Let's jump right in with martin. Martin how are you doing today I'm doing great thank you. it's my pleasure were. We're excited to have some conversation with you but we do. Let's let's dive into the rep for questions and get to know ya bit more about that. All right what's your favorite type of audio. Besides podcasts I would have to say music. What else yep music. Who would be your your go-to artists. If you're looking to to relax or drive in the car. Oh well i have So and i'm an old guy. You know i'm sixty four years old. So so. I like a lot of the classics earlier. Music from the safe from the sixties. Well not so much from the sixties from the seventies leads up when moody blues. Sleep with max out. I was a fan of fleetwood mac. Before they they were even popular in Had a whole different sound at one time right all right. What's your favorite audio clip of all time. I would have to say when when president kennedy said we we choose to go to the moon and other things not because of their easy the hard because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills to. I love that clip. That's great with say that's it all right. What's your favorite sound ca jane on. That's great note. actually. I really like I like live violin music from some. That's very talented. It's absolutely beautiful. And the i was thinking about this the other day i was on my boat in ours relaxing reading on a lake under under the and i was hearing children like playing laughing and the other side of the lake and i wanna beautiful sound models so i'd have to say now that's great. That's great and what's what's your least favorite sound. i would have to say an animal distrust. we covered but covered it. But what do you listen to in the in the car. I'm not driving anymore. Rise driving I would have these daily program set up in. It's a mixture of of for artists. I like a lot of my never even have heard of an and believe it or not. Johnny cash is in there. I thought was great storyteller. I listened when my dad liked him years ago so i i still like to hear his music. I think he is a fun storyteller. If you could secretly recorded anything what would it be. Oh well because you know we're talking how ufo's here. I would love to hear what was recorded back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven You know a fly on the wall. When they were discussing what to do about the roswell situation they were said to be in the range of three and a half to fourteen tall spindly looking with very oversized it And huge is nothing of the sort Resembles a one of these crash diets dummy and you know the cover up a cover up started very early on that whatever it was. I'm not saying entrepreneurs extraterrestrial but the cover up started immediately Story changed many times. Yeah and finally what would be your walkup song odd about that. I think it's two thousand one space odyssey. What else could be better right. That's great that's own. Yeah all right so thank you so much for letting us get to know you little bit more on the audio side. What you're into but Let's dive into the conversation here way. We kind of framed this early on was. I'm a bit of a skeptic or at least i'm on the fence i'm very uneducated in this genre but it's fascinating to me but Justinlabar rivers here is will self professed. He's into this Topic and justin. How did you first get into it too. So we have a little a little background shirt so super super nice meeting you. Zoom air martin Yeah i i wouldn't. I would definitely not say that. I'm self acclaimed expert by no means. I'm i'm i'm very much i Creative nine an artist so i And also very Spiritual i i. More day mindset of anything out. There is awesome right like i mean within certain strains within certain guardrails right like it is possible. I think that we are the only ones that have evolved to this type of intelligence in the universe remain doesn't seem it's very unlikely i feel like there's Endless possibilities on what can be out there. And so i'm more in that camp. I would say percent more than anything and i'm excited to iran. Shula excited talk you today. Well actually when you frame it like that justin. I think i'm very similar then. So maybe maybe. This isn't the automated. We're looking for. But but arm your four hundred over four hundred episodes into the the into this topic into your podcasts into your experience in audio the audio world. How often do you come across. People like us. We're we're just like we're interested. We don't know where to start and and actually Where do you recommend. Individuals like us get started to learn a little bit more about You have a hunting and paranormal activity. That sort of thing while. I think it's i think that's a great question that's rarely asked not really Asked by anyone and I would say first of all. Youtube is not not a good place to go. A lot of people will go on youtube. And there's so much Cgi and fraud hoaxers There's a good ten channels out there of people that are making a living You know one of them Friend of mine figured out there making over thousand dollars Said a day something like that. It was a lot whatever they're making but it's all it's all fake videos and every once in a while they'll mix a real video in their of someone you know that that something on film or whatever but i would say the best place to get started is to look at credible people talking about it. I i try to keep that going on my show for one Ala hundred rojo's over open minds dot tv. He also is very careful than there's a number of people that are as far as getting whatever information we have out there you know that you can trust And i have you know. I have called out guests many times that i think are going down the wrong road in also. Do not pay attention to anyone who says they know what's going on because you know the further. I dive into this topic. The less ice seem to know about it but but also getting all the opinions and hearing the stories. Just become so fascinating. So i would say there are some really good books to read. There's a one by roop halt I can't remember i name. It's an early book by rupaul. He was involved in a project. Blue book early on There is a really good book by leslie. Kean called I don't have it up in front of me but major's Pilots go on the record. Something like generals all go on the record about your fellows. That's a really really good book because it's The story ten really good stories directly from the eyewitnesses So we just say careful. If you're looking into the topic and make sure you check your sources. I mean i was working with a former. Dod up person that had a high interest in ufo and he was on a youtube on a cgi. Saying what do you think of this great video on now. No and this is you know. And now he's involved in to the stars academy and there I don't know if you've heard about anything about that. But tom delonge has got involved with a you. Know trying to get the story out there so but anyway i would just say be careful and You know just tried to focus on people that are a really solid out there. It's it's hard thing for me to say. Because i i don't wanna say publicly to stay away from the but there there are many to stay away from and I can just tell you you know there are some also some really good people out there. That are doing a lot of a really good research. Will you can plug some episodes at at the end but but of the four hundred plus interviews. That you've done. Who would you say justin. I should start with. Who was the most credible or even well known that we should Dive into right away. While i would say Dave david marla is. He's top-shelf david. Marr is known mostly for his his work on the triangle. Ufo's people have seen Over the years. But he's i would say that of all the people i interviewed. He was extremely impressive. and there there are there are some a lot of really good ones You know but he comes to mind right off the bat. Stanton friedman last year. He was a nuclear physicist. He did a lot of work he he made an error on one thing that i know of but other than that he was very careful There are a lot of people you know the people that believe in the story of bob. Lazar have you ever heard of bob lesser. I've heard the name. yeah Take that he actually worked on. Ufo's in idol by historic. I don't care how many times people try to convince me. I still don't buy a story for What about his story is unbelievable to you. Well first of all he. He doubts his mit You know graduating from mit in physics. And all that. He was asked publicly. Then this is good example. This is just one example. So he's at. He was asked in a public forum. Hey bob so you went to mit. What's the square right out. Front of the mit and bob Oh i forget and everybody knows you walk out of mit in kendall square in boston. I mean anyone that ever ever went there. Even today's knows that's where it empties out too. So right off the bat. I mean he. He has his academics are are false. I mean there's no record of them ever being an mit. There's no record of him. Ever being at caltech and then You know the conspiracy theorists wiped his records. No one remembers him it either place and And in in high school and he was subpar down toward the lower half of his glass. I'm not saying he's not highly intelligent. He's very intelligent. And some people do kind of filter down that way You know But there's a lot in his story that people say well look you knew what element one fifteen was But that was statistically out there that that was that it existed for many many years. So you know. It's not like he pulled a rabbit out of the hat. it was it. Was you know it was a known element that was had just not been discovered completely yet on your website. You do claim that you had a ufo experience yourself. Could you explain briefly what that experience was. Sure you know it was kind of i actually had a fireball experience In a hot tub many years ago that was unbelievable and much more exciting than my your experience but anyway i was again in a hot tub in two thousand six. I was in carmel valley at a neighbor owned a ranch there and they had a guest house they they said you're welcome to stay up guest. Also i was in. I was all alone and in a in a hot tub again. Second time And all of a sudden something caught my eye overhead. And i just looked up thinking it was a bird or whatever it was dusk and it was a blue glow disc. Best way i can put. It was like a disk. It looked like the size of a quarter say at arm's length. So i don't know how high was up in the air but it was perfectly round and it had like a blue like a cold blue glow around it. That's all. I can describe no lights or anything like that And it it stopped I would say You know an angle above me and just plain stopped and then just started going on an angle toward car Carmel monterey. I mean so i. I was completely baffled by one thing. I didn't have the hot tub. Honor anything's just hot water. There was absolutely no sound and it just baffled me how something could move like that and stop and then start again and have no sound. I got out of the hot tub. I didn't know what to do. I call the police department. And said i saw you wanna know of anyone over. Monterey is seeing it should be over there right now and the woman was sarcastic dispatcher. Sarcastic put me on hold for about twenty minutes and hung up so that was it so when you think back to your own experience but also interview other people that have had experiences themselves. What's mental framework. Do you put both your experience and their experience through To have that sort of healthy skepticism. I guess and my question is more along the lines of as as an interviewer as a podcast host. You know how do you approach these types of conversations where a healthy amount of skepticism is necessary and people that are certain as you said we should stay away from people that are absolutely certain of So how do you approach that as a as a podcast host while i generally just let people tell their story and ask them questions. You know a lot of times there. Are you know there was one guy that had this fantastic story in the desert in. Sometimes i think the more bizarre stories are the better ones. Because it's almost like if if someone was going to tell a ufo story. No maybe they'll get standard standardized kind of like my story you know saw this discussion over. But when they say something really really weird and bizarre to me sometimes that makes it even more credible. What's been the most bizarre that you've heard l. Like for instance Someone like looking up at this craft and looking and seeing all these pipes and and it looked like a muffler shop inside of it in and you know people with like some type of humanoids that were walking around in in one piece suits that they could see through a window. That didn't see them. And just wacko stuff than someone you know. Just saying like for instance it was an assiting where this guy said that he went up on like an elevator under crow sitting inside this craft. You know. I mean just really weird weird stuff sometimes like how. Could you make something like that although the pipes in the muffler that sounds like the millennium falcon to me. Yes yeah and that was from You know that was an old old citing two gotcha. Gotcha let's talk about the community itself of of skeptics of ufo hunters paranormal. This category and genre is so big in podcasting there. It really isn't any other medium that does justice in my does these teams in an stories. Justice Why do you think that is. Why do you think people are drawn to podcasts. As this this this forum this medium well i think for one thing the listener can choose what they wanna listen to to begin with so if they have an interest in something unusual You know you're gonna find it as a podcast and so that kinda narrows that down in weeds that out to You know. I mean when i started this ufo podcast and had done other podcasts. I don't know if you wanna talk about that at all. But so. When i started this i just started it and it just seemed right off the bat i have listeners in this is back before i get it live or anything like that. I get a regular podcast when things really difficult to set up They weren't so bad in two thousand eleven. But when i very first started podcasting things were very difficult to set up to get on i tunes and everything else so Can you rephrase the question again. Yeah the genre of appointing paranormal. It draws a big audience that ravaging audience ravenous audience. Excuse me for audio specifically. Yes i you said. Youtube does well and people find hoax. See stuff on on youtube but But why why do you think people are just drawn to podcasts or or live shows around this topic. Yeah i think a lot of people curious and it's like you know i've done this show for coming on nine years i believe and it's still fascinating to me and so i think it's still fascinating to the listener the because you know even though you may have the attitude that This probably has to do with other paranormal things too. I did a show for a short time. That i talked about Everything that's called the everything else show and so it talked about. You know ghosts experiences and all that and i think you know. There's a lot of things that happen. That actually do happen. We do experience in life. That are very very unusual and we try to find the answers for you know that something is really happening. You know and whatever it is we may not know what it is but it's still a very curious thing and makes you wonder you know how much of the real world we actually can see and take in around us and you know maybe the explanation to some of these things is something that is not in our spectrum that we can see or feel or whatever that brings up an interesting point about discovery. And if if you experience something you're almost forced to find other people that have experienced something similar or are and i think that community aspect is one big feature about this genre that goes on on talked about absolutely right and a lot of times people wanna tell the story just to get it out you know i mean i can't give you a quick example. Yeah absolutely i was out in phoenix and i was up that a conference out there. Ufo conference and next door to it was a casino and this casino worker. A woman was outside on a smoke break. And i was walking my dog. She said what's going on next door anyway. And i said well you f oh conference going on. She said well. Jeez i should go check that out. Because i had an experience i said really so. Tell me about your experience in. She said she was driving along. The road with her friend was driving. Not her may had a sunroof and they saw off the top. This plateau this big like triangle. Object like come down and then she could see it just above their car and it was following them so her friend hit the gas and they were doing near one hundred miles an hour to like the next town and then they didn't see it anymore and then all of a sudden she said in the strangest thing happened said all of a sudden this huge the biggest thing i've biggest al you could ever imagine just flew right out our windshield and then away man and it was such a baffling strange thing right. Yeah you don't know how many times als or associated with this topic really. Why does the guy wrote a book on it. Mal's and ufo's yeah and the speculation is that it's not really now that it could be something else and not i. It would seem kind of fringy if i get into that topic but i will tell you. That's not an uncommon thing. Okay okay justin. What type of question did you have specifically on. I think you brought up some ideas that we wanted to dive into. Yeah yeah for sure Never heard the altar before you know. Maybe they aren't messengers from somewhere else. Yeah messengers is actually the name. I think of the book that michael mcclellan i believe. That's his name road on it. Yeah so those start with tom. The big i think when it comes to skepticism around. Ufo's people always like how could you know were so far away from any other type of for fourteen hundred light years away from the nearest you know mass object earth like how could any intelligence ever gets to where we are at and so the the theory that i have her that i think could be plausible. It are around wormholes right like a lot of the stories that i hear around you. Those even abductions or whatnot is people kind of black out or or they're or they're in a car. One place. A uso comes down two hours later the car somewhere else. And they're like confused happen and rattled kind of stops right. And so do you. Do you think like do you think holes in those you think. There's some correlation right do you think or potentially exists and that's how you f os or potentially coming into our sort of planet or atmosphere because they've actually bound how wormholes work throughout our galaxy and and and and it's just kind of like spitting around in different areas kind of a thing or which kind of around were votes while i think that's a very good point. Now thanks bringing it up and just to give the listener out there. An idea of how far away the nearest star is. I had an astrophysicist. Explain this to me. If if this the sun were the size of a grapefruit and We would basically be the size of a ball on top of the ballpoint pen. Take that and you put that in washington. Dc that little ballpoint pen ball the nearest star would be in seven cisco so that will give you some type of idea. How far the it's very hard visualized distance in big numbers. So they have to kind of break it down like that now. There are there. Are you know i've I've interviewed people. Like seth shostak from the seti institute and you know other astrophysicists a lot of astrophysicists physicists. Think is very plausible that we can be visited by extraterrestrials. Only because There is possibly a lot of physics that we have not discovered yet There are different theories. Wormhole is one of them There is some Scientists that came up with his idea of how space time could be basically folded somehow some type of propulsion. You know there's it. It's really hard to understand. How the the if they are coming from you know Another star or galaxy even how they how they get here and that that is something. We absolutely have no idea at this time about if that's happening how they're doing But they obviously do. I mean take a look at our technology in how much we've gained in the last fifty years. I mean it's like if you through a cellphone backup to the civil war and say okay figure this out you know. They would have no clue and we are very as far as a civilization. We are very young as far as a plant. Our planet you know were this this This solar system is extremely young compared to a lot of them out there. So it's possible that there are civilizations that are you know millions of years of advanced of us. however we don't know how long civilization can last you know we obviously can wipe our selves out pretty easily. So it's hard to know. But did i answer that enough Yeah yeah no for sure for sure. I always kind of like wonder what the what sort of top u up the experts. Feel about. Just wormholes as it is is just over as an overall yeah. It's one of the theories now. The job and i think that's could be essentially Yet alive paul's earn being. Looked like you said with were very early on are sort of existence indefinitely as like intelligent human beings so you think about earth's in other galaxies that are billions of years potentially over the nas and potentially billions years older with intelligence than it seems like it could be something that's possible but possible maybe even probable with large numbers. Right i have a great quote from geoffrey bennett. Who is Visiting scientists at nasa. He's an astrophysicist. Astrobiologists his. He said to me that primarily between his colleagues at nasa and himself their conversation basically came to this Theory that if intelligence can get through the bottle neck of technology without blowing themselves up they will be traveling the stars. i thought that was a really great quote. The bottleneck of technology if they can get through the bottleneck technology without blowing themselves up. That's interesting to think about. What are what causes. The bottleneck of technologies. I all our are no no human Developments yeah look at us with nuclear bombs for one you know look at us with climate change probabilities You know are are we heading our own demise. I mean ninety ninety seven or ninety eight percent of everything that lived on this earth when extinct. Are we heading that way. He you know and the closer get more to more technology if we don't behave We can't be responsible and ways. I mean you know. The threat of nuclear annihilation is is still with us right now and and by the way Mulata are seen around Nuclear weapons deactivated. There's there was some that were even. Dvr deactivated a ufo visit. So it's That's another fascinating topic. Yeah that's interesting. I was gonna i was gonna to occur coutel into the into the energy thing. I think a lot of you. See a lot of unusual activity from what i've read in watched around like remote areas and power plants and all this stuff Know i think I think the most relevant topic even right now based on kind of like news and whatnot. Obviously we've got congressmen came out. And it's finally reveals release videos but something even more. Entertainment friendly is on unsolved mysteries on they just rooted on the net flicks if you've seen cd at large. I did yes so you probably watch the one that was on berkshire down to nine hundred sixty nine and i thought that was really compelling right because you asked not one but twelve people in the same night reporting on the same incident in like a half a dozen of that actually had these physical these counters in like. We watch these things as optimistic skepticism. Like all these people are crazy or alka dislocating now where he was at. And there's just something you know. There's something about their stories are something about. I don't know maybe just outlay. La described the incident. And you've seen you mentioned that before your interviews like when people tell a story in its outlandish like sometimes it's like how can somebody make that up the last third of slight basha crazy or they're just really imaginative or whatever it may be right So just curious to know like what. What do you think like that incident happened at the that particular incident or shire mass nightly six nine in like. Do you find those accounts awesome Accommodate you hear of dad Zoom bit end up into a aircraft. It look around at the table. Like that's like super wild. Not head goes back with fire in the sky and the early days earlier out. Persecutor your take on well. First of all. I had known about that case and Let's get back. i'm just gonna take jag quickly. Back to bob lazar. Mom i watched recently where there were these four Body language experts from different parts of the world. All going over. All bob was ours interviews in his body language and they were all convinced that it's a story many so well versed in saying That he has all these cues that They showed actually some discrepancies from israeli interviews. You know some things messed up a little bit. The second time or third time told up so anyway they were pretty much convinced. Bob lazar is not telling the truth. And this is what i thought for a very long time but anyway They also talked about the berkshires incident in. They said you know they were talking about watching that episode. You're talking about and they all agreed that the Eighty six year old woman however old. She was that woman. I don't care what anyone thinks. That woman is telling the truth no her experience everything about what she said. In that in that interview was one hundred percent right on as an honest account in all her body. Language cues I know tom reed tom reed. He was the person that would speak about this incident now. I've heard tom tell the story a number of times. He's been on my show and i never knew there were that many other witnesses until i watched that episode and i think that is a really fascinating. There's so many things that these people say that other people are saying to you. Mention fire in the sky outs on travis walden And travis stories very compelling. He's an intelligent guy of talk to him on many many times. historically is You know when we talk about the abduction part of it. I've always been a little bit on the fence but some of these deductions stories are just so incredible. They're hard to deny that something didn't happen. The question i have it really is. Why isn't there a framework. To discredit our qualify. A real claim the example. I have is actually from. There's an episode on solve mysteries about a waterfall slash bath in. I think it's like spain france. There's a kid that bathe they're like generations ago and he was cured of cancer or some type of sickness and that catholic church actually sent a bishop or a priest to go verify this claim of divine intervention and so ever since the catholic church has actually had a presence at this bath to actually verify and track all of the claims of divine intervention or becoming cured of sickness. And the reason i bring it up is because on episode. The priests that they interviewed had a set of ten frameworks that a credible claim has to go through and be verified for it to be deemed credible by the catholic church as a real miracle. Is there something similar in the paranormal activity or youthful citing genre or research that something has to go through is there a framework that these sightings have to go through in your eyes. Well there's no one to really set that up. You know. I will tell you this though Back in december sixteenth. Two thousand seventeen. There was an article that came out in the front page of the new york. Times about the pentagon Looking into the into ufo's researching ufo's and They call it you. Ap's and And actually yesterday. Another major article came out about the possibility in the new york times. Also about the possibility of a crash. Retrieval materials So that that's another fascinating thing that came out but why i'm bringing this up in the first place. Ever since that article came out there's been a slew of scientists that are finally saying. Hey look you know if this coming out in the new york times in the navy really. Is you know researching. Ufo's the air force and all that if the government pentagon is really researching ufo's and that program that used to be in the pentagon pentagon has now a navy intelligence and they're still looking into ufo says mostly as a threat but also trying to identify what is flying in our skies So all these scientists now have really decided that it's kosher to let's look into the topic. The giggle factors going down the more this gets exposed so people are trying to come up with you. Know what makes A ufo a more credible sighting and luella zondo He's on the. He is a retired from the pentagon program. In he's the one that actually exposed that existed in the first place and he has these five elements that have to come up with what there is a credible ufo And i can try to look for those online quickly. Because i don't have them memorized We linked to other if you can pull him Shirt yeah propulsion is a one of them Because a lot of them will display on very unusual propulsion techniques of for instance. You know going at save fifteen thousand miles an hour and then turning on a dime right angle if there was any type of being as far as we know the physics Would that being would be turned into jello and that type of a g force and so there's a different displays. I'm just going to see if i can find that while while moving ahead here but if you wanna go ahead and ask me To yeah i'm i'm interested in. I'm trying to look at what's his name again. Blue ellison dole. That's eat al high zero in d. Okay yeah but if you wanna look up lob to the stars academy. That's another one that tom delonge is involved. And that's where louisville zone though is working now but ellison dojo if you just say five characteristics of ufo's. I think that's how you might find that. I mean i think we're literally i think. Were very much on at least in my lifetime. So far on my feeling aren't cusp of some sort of breakthrough at least from government level on the release of not coming out and saying hey look. There's you know we found alien than we very well may have recovered a body roswell. I'm i'm a little. I could go either way on of led to your your opinion on if we actually have physical evidence of an et. A lot for what. I'm saying with congress what i'm saying. Some of the coming out is that they. They have address that we have found. We have found a crash or parts of a craft that is not from earth like the metals that they've found in it objects that have been found. And maybe that goes back to one of the five points. You're saying well but we have our congress government or government right now others to the public like yes we we have found. We found a they called. Martin took an unearth like craft materials meta material. Snap at aren't from here that just that just came out yesterday. That there You know the time. Yup so i found the five. Let me just go over them. Real quickly Anti gravity lift now A lot of times people are reporting seeing triangle. ufo's sometimes up two miles wide You know there's one experience Called the phoenix lights. That happened back in march of nineteen ninety seven and that was seen by thousands of people that were outside looking at a comment And this went over phoenix and actually another was seen in other states and right away the calls were coming into the sing was up to eight miles wide Acted like it was floating and just going real slow With no apparent pulse are going over the valley. There are pictures online of the phoenix lights. And there's only one picture that is real in a lot of them. It's crazy thing that after all the calls were coming in they I forget what was there. A what group it was that went out but they did flares. They shot flares out in the phoenix valley. And so a lot of people took pictures of that thinking. It was the the triangle. But i think that was just to defer some of the panic. That was going on so anyway. That's an anti gravity. Lift these are the things that the That people see that can kind of classify moore's unknown object sudden and instantaneous acceleration. There's so many there's so many times that that is People say that. I've heard accounts going all the way back to the nineteen seventy were actually was someone. I know In the business. That i'm in She was talking about a triangle. Ufo over their cards just shot off instantly and so many people say that Over and over again. That's one of the things you hear all the time hypersonic velocities without signatures of. That's right a lot of times under alter violet or are they see absolutely no heat signature or any type of propulsion wings or anything like that. A low observability or cloaking a lot of times people will see a ufo go in and out in front of them other witnesses. That will say you know. I don't think it moved just vanished now And trans medium travel out. There have been New no one has ever reported ufl no matter how fast it's moved first of all with a sonic boom which doesn't make any sense at all. People have seen them on radar tracked on radar going a twenty thousand miles an hour and come to a sudden. Stop a no sonic boom. No disturbances One stopped a few feet above the water at that speed with something like fifteen hundred gs and made no Movement on top of the surface. Water nothing a trance medium. Travel means that it can actually go hover over the ocean and all of a sudden divert in the ocean no apparent waves or anything. Like that. I've talked to a guy that was on a at the time not into ufo's or anything like that. He was on a submarine and all of a sudden. This thing underwater was going over two hundred knots and Everyone acted like no big deal. It's a fast mover or something like that and they won't talk about it so The sink they can move through water. and air and go in between at whatever speed they choose. It's it's really bizarre as crazy. I like the criteria. If i'm coming at something. I'm skeptical on. I need some type of a framework and it's nice to to see that there's some thought going towards these criterias and obviously it's nice to see that the government's taking deciding serious and the industry or the kind of cottage industry of of paranormal activity. Serious to give some hampton weight behind these claims. A lot of people will say. Ufo's are not paranormal. Because there are so many witnesses that have seen things and there's so much other evidences tons of radar evidence of this record data There's some trace evidence of landings and things like that. I don't know what they are still not claiming that they're from another world. I have no idea but it's up. It's definitely a fascinating topic. I had absolutely no idea that was going to get into this much information when i started. Either right i will. You've you've done other podcasts. As well so you know a ton of experience under your belt. What have you learned about hosting a podcast interviewing guests. Well i think know one of the most important things is try to find someone really good in. Try to vet your your guests if you can have a conversation with him before. I think that's a really good thing. Because i i've had an. I'm sure anyone that does a podcast is going to relate to this. Have a one answer. guest so when's the last time you like. I mean a one word answer and then you have to try to get information out of them. you know a starting podcast. Today is like a set so much easier. You know. The first time i started a podcast was in two thousand nine. I did one on fine. Arts and antiques Still going under and eighty seven percent episodes. They are And then i did someone comedy of but again you know getting started getting going that that is probably the hardest part getting your first guest of whatever topic. You're going to do that's that's a difficult thing. And i i still think mike first guest on the ufo show you know for for taking the time to come on. Do you remember that that first episode that i interviewed it was terrible and it was terrible because i didn't really know much about the ufo part of it. I had been doing interviews with people on the antiques in also in comedy and so that was a that was a lot of fun but yeah i didn't know the topic will was very good. So after four hundred episodes of not knowing the topic would you. Would you call yourself. well-versed enough to obviously you know people keep coming back so you gotta be but how do you how do you. I guess you're an expert. Now i mean i wouldn't. I wouldn't say that. I would say that people trust my show because i don't know if i'll call people out if they go over fringe end up so people trust income to me because of that i saw that i don't know how many years it has been three or four years ahead over ten million downloads mino- total. So that's that makes me happy that enough people listening to it. again. I wouldn't call myself an expert. But i know how to ask the questions. I guess that's the best way to put it on. That just comes from doing the work and the experience to. That's what i've learned just What eleven episodes into A little bit more once this goes live but Yeah what you mentioned before was vetting your guest But also doing your due diligence ahead of time is is so helpful when you bring on it now you also broadcast live and you said that that wasn't what you did early on what. What has the live broadcasting brought to your show. Is that something you recommend for other podcasters. While i have to say the first episode i did live was Horrific as far as you know that was live. And i was just used to editing everything sir night. I do have to say this. I'm lazy so one of the things that i get out of doing a live show. I don't edit anything. I just put it. Put it up here. it is But it also keeps you right on edge the whole entire time. You're not gonna be making notes off on the side or something that now i will tell you i. I also have a lot of people in chat. So occasionally i did. Have it happened. One time that. I was trying to read a question in than the gifts. Gather guests said something like so. What do you think about that. No idea what they just said out. That can be distracting. So now i have someone that'll look at chat a lot of times for me and tell me there's a good good question up there But i love doing why Because it's it's kind of a rush in it's also Like i said it keeps you on edge a lot of time. Some crazy things will happen. I had lightning strike With the guests his transformer blew and he was gone and so i started taking calls. I've i've had you know situations like that happen Were guests absolutely. Does it show up. And all of a sudden it's a call in show and bright net can be tricky and nerve wracking but I will never go back to doing our prerecorded. I still do. Some you know from my antiques podcast recorded but for the most part of really really enjoy. I like and so on a radio station as well live and as well as simulcasts to to go when you had to pivot or your guests you're doing your shows live now was more difficult to get them to agree for a lot of guests. It's comforting knowing that we can edit things out you know if they don't like the question or Didn't like their response to it. They can just ask. Lives much different. So was it difficult to get guests to convince them to come on a live show. No i think a lot of the people that i interview are used to doing. Live like on coast to coast or something like that so no. I don't the only time i have. Trouble is time constraints of interferes with someone's work schedule or right now really wanna interview someone in australia and when i go live. It's the next day in the morning. Virtually and You know some. Like i'm dealing with right now. He said. I'm sorry. I just can't do it. I i have my kids during those hours. I just can't do it so i will opry record. So it's a little bit restrictive as far as you know when you want to do an interview with someone in europe and it's in the middle of the night for them That's that's the hardest part about life now that your ten million downloads. In four hundred plus episodes what what has been monetization. Like for the brand for for you as a host and producer Is this your full-time gig. Oh no no it's not. It's not that easy it to to i. I believe maybe it's a category man but it it's a little tough to monetize. End was kind of like a last thought When i was getting having to pay for bandwidth than you know The show is costing me money. That's when i decided to monetize I i actually don't do any commercials or anything like that. I did have a complete subscription program that was through is called digital access pass and you know people could subscribe in that way i would give the first hour of the show freed everybody in ago editing again i would and then give the full show too subscribers. That's how i did that for all. I don't know maybe five. Five years something like that comedy subscribers. It wasn't it wasn't enough i started out at the like the dollar among thing get on but you know i went through pay pal and pay pal. Two thirty seven thirty seven cents out of that dollar and you know so. It wasn't like you'd make a huge amount of money but it would pay that nine hundred dollars expenses And then there'd be some leftover from that. And so i i got hacked back in may and severely hacked and there's some conspiracy guy that connected to me. I had someone that's on my show. That's now on tv and everything a lot in He was on my show in two thousand thirteen and he said while unlike other people in the ufo field. I never had any type of experience by the line. He said that. And then he's out there now talking about childhood citing everywhere this this citing. Now he's on. Tv all over the place. He talks about the citing and everything. I called them on it and some someone is speculating. He was he got involved in hacking. Take that site from episode down. I don't know if that's i don't i doubt that's true but anyway i got hacked got hacked really really good and even the copies in everything all gone so i lost fifteen hundred pages and and so i started. I decided i'm not gonna do this. Subscription service anymore if someone wants to support my show. I'm gonna offer full full two hours to anyone who wants to listen to it as wants to support the go to patriotic and support me joe. I'm not your ideal person to talk to. About monetize ing podcast. It's not really Have another life on fine arts appraiser and then right now. I'm not working so felt this does help out a little bit. But it's i'm not that ideal person to talk to about monetize their podcast. Because that was secondary from me. Gotcha gotcha will. Let's talk about other challenges. You faced As a as a host of producer d- an editor livestream. Now if i were getting it or a listener were getting into podcasting or live streaming. What are the big hurdles that they have to overcome and maybe some recommendations to to overcome them. Well i think I think you know trying to get through all the little technical glitches like for instance. I was using a software called. It's an open software for For streaming my Youtube videos so many settings in that so many problems. I had problems over and over and over again so i decided Is it okay. If i talk about another company okay I decided through talking with other people to try this service For streaming called stream yard dot com. And it's absolutely wonderful. I don't use oh bs anymore. i don't have to use it anymore. So i don't have a secondary software. people don't have to sign up Income through skype anymore actually goes to send out a link directly to the stream yard studio so to speak. They go into the green room. You pull them in when you need to have all types of graphics you can use on that site. So i use that i actually and then you have this option to download the audio afterwards. And that's what i do and that's my podcast go so it's very simple compared to starting new. You know i used when i started. No this is how i started. I had In two thousand eleven. I started a ufo podcasts. I had a recorder in our set. It up to a speakerphone. And i've record the guests. That one is horrible so lots changed. Since then i remember the good old quartered off skype. It was like wow. This is a miracle yet. I mean we've come so far in in the last what nine ten years alone that Oh yeah now. Anyone can produce or record. Publish and distribute a podcast. You know with their iphone or the push of a button so It's amazing. And can i go for that. What are used to be like in two thousand eight two thousand and early. Two thousand nine started my antiques. Podcast and there was absolutely no information on how to start a podcast back. Then you couldn't. i barely got it. Figured out in In this this guy helped me in the comedy world. That had up podcast and you know about it took so long to get approved by tunes. You had every think they didn't give you any direction how to do anything you just had to kinda wing it and then they'd come back and say you're not approved and you had to figure out what it was couldn't communicate with anyone And now everything is you can set up a podcast and five minutes acing and verbal. We're gonna make it even easier so hopefully Showcase that in the very near future but to close out. Justin had a question. Let's go back to the ufo's but he wants to know about the credible piece of the most credible piece of video that you've come across And can we. Can we share it can we. Can we can see it. Yeah sure. I can't pull it up for you right now it's You know the the one set the three videos that released by the pentagon You know they formerly the knitter tornadoes. Now the nimitz video. There's what's called the kimble video which was taken off the coast of florida in two thousand fourteen. Two thousand fifteen. By the way a very strange thing happened about that particular Citing that was going on with the uss theodore roosevelt. I believe it was something like that that went to overseas and To set up and forget what bay. it it was in the middle east but a win over there And the thing followed them over there you know. They started seeing it again over there. So i mean that's just so bizarre and so the strikeforce the nimitz strikeforce off of san diego in two thousand four. There's video of that. I'd love to see the original video because it exists but they're ju just see little clips but those are very compelling videos to watch those three the gamble the nimitz and the go fast. Some people saying the go fast is You know a drone or something like that. But i don't. I don't think anyone has a still unidentified at this point. And those are the ones that fit within those five criteria. We talked about earlier rights. Those are the except you only see it for a short. You don't see do the other things that was reported that they did okay so they're just no video of of to make four of the other like going into the water anything there's video of that and they they really There there's they've only releasing this part of the video because saying that there's nothing classified about it in saying about that doesn't mean anything about the video itself. It means anything that would spill. You know some type of weaponry on the on the right off jet or something like that interesting. Yeah well this is a really fascinating topic and we really appreciate your time. I'm sure we'll have you on again but to close it out once you give some recommendations on where listeners can start listening to seafo and where they find you online. Well it's Cut cast ufo dot com and we are the blog up their weekend. Every tuesday night. The show is live at six to eight. Pm eastern standard time. We have a facebook page with thick thousand people. That's pretty active and that's really it broadcast. Ufo dot com. And i'm also have a youtube channel can watch it live there. And it's basically martin willis live shows. I do other shows you know for antics and things like that. That's all fantastic. Will we really appreciate your time. And we'll have you on again in the near future. Well thank you both. Thank you all right. thanks a lot. Hey i want to thank you so much for listening to verbal voices. If you're struggling to discover new audio content go to our website verbal dot com. That's the u. r. b. l. dot com to read hundreds of podcasts and audio reviews. If you're an audio creator with stories to tell or advice to give reach out to me directly at paul at verbal dot com that's p. l. at b. u. r. b. l. dot com or tweet at us at get verbal until next time

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