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Boom shake the room fire nation and J. L. D. here with an audio masterclass on the billion dollar core marketing marketing method. That will drastically. Grow Your Business. Reduce Risk Nag netflix attract if little loyal new customers. We're talking this year fire nation. And today we're GONNA talking with. Aj Rosie. He is an Aussie Entrepreneur and global marketing insider who has taken multiple brands from zero to a billion dollars in annual revenue in in fire nation. You can learn all about. Aj at Asia Rosie Dot com today. We'll be talking about the core. Marketing method the results from a thousand thousand persons. Small Business Owners. Study as well as the steps. You need to take to succeed this year. Fire nation and so much more when we get back from thinking our sponsors my buddy Russell. Brunson founder of click funnels has a podcast called the marketing secrets show. And he's on a mission to help get entrepreneurs unstuck so they can get back to changing the world. The Marketing Secrets show is waiting for you. Visit Marketing Secrets Dot Com and subscribe. Today hid day looking for a place you can go. We're hiring is simple fast and smart. That place is ziprecruiter. And right now you can try ziprecruiter for free at ZIPRECRUITER BOODER DOT com slash fire. That's ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash fire. Zip Recruiter the smartest way to hire a J. CEO what's up the to fire nation and the interesting by yourself that most people don't know find. I shouldn't tell the I'm so excited Saturday on your show or is something that my close friends know but maybe not many other people do. I am crazy about Trivia in Australia. Pub Trivia is a big AAC thing right so I actually went on. TV gang shows and one of those back in Australia. Any of the fire nation base over there will know this show called sale of the century and I went on I loved it and then more recently on. Who wants to be a millionaire a little bit on those but Yeah I have come on because we can research what you make on. Who wants to be niner? I made twenty thousand dollars. Twenty th Audi usually lifeline. No you know. This is a special edition. This was in Australia and we have six dates in Australia and This was a week long event. Where every night of the week each state was represented by one person from New South Wales where Sudanese and and I represented them so each night it was an ongoing competition so I want one of those nights and I was pretty happy with that on sale of the century I the carryover Chat Shit for four nights which is my claim? This time. That's awesome. Well not trying to one up. I'm just trying to resonate with you but I did win a car and the price is right so we kind of have that uncommon is fun on my about me page fired Asian. If you ever want to go watch the video I do win a car on the prices of rice so not really as cool as winning. Twenty thousand one dollars on who wants to be millionaire but It was a lot of fun fo- Xiao but as I was teasing in the intro fire nation. We're going to learn all about the billion dollar core marketing method. That will drastically grow your business reduce risk and attract a flood of new customers. We're talking this year this year. Fire nation plus stick around for VIP tickets to Aj's tour which is happening. He's actually in Hawaii right now. Just super cool but edgy. Let's just break. This is down because you've launched brands. You grown them to multi millions of dollars. What can we fire nation? Learn from your success. SASS that's a great question. Let me start by saying though that I'm the so many things that I'm not right at but I think one skill that I'm proud of is that I'm constantly curious obvious and I really like to observe in lung thing so I decided early on that I'm going to learn from all of my business mistakes and successes and also from what I've witnessed in my life as a as as a global marketing inside of his some of these enormous are global companies. And I say that the critical thing is that there are principles. That are true whether you're in business with fifty thousand employees and many billions of dollars in revenue or whether you're a solo entrepreneurial part of a small startup team or even if you're in a family business principles can be true true in any of those business settings and I know this because in my life I've lived in both well tried so I started and have grown several of my businesses intact. I was just talking about Sydney Australia when I was a twelve year. Old Kid. Like many people inclined entrepreneurships in my denies that kid I couldn't Of this planning -ployees a little icicle illustrate and businesses. Pretty much ever since and so I love business so I've learned through successive And in the world of business business a lot as well but you know at some point I found myself as a young market or the culprit will just as a quick side. God you know. I think there's one thing that your listeners today anywhere in the world but especially in the US will appreciate is. There's never been a time like this to be an entrepreneur business on. Can I say that because when I was a kid particularly Australia to say that. You're an entrepreneur was not always met with positive responses right where there was a lot of social pressure psychomotor predictable a typical path and probably succumb to some of that. I always ran business on the side but for some reason I I went through the process of landing a job in attended without the. Maybe some of that Entrepreneurship in deny anyhow is helpful to become a mock EDSA and as time progressed. I showed some success in that outfield and in fact what ended up happening was that I became a specialist in launch marketing for brands for these global enterprises and being successful over the two years for the most part. And I've been lucky to have a fairly steady stream of invitation from these corporations even though I don't really look like the typical core person when I'm in there. I'm always surprised that how we're going around me looks rather than Nila Kinda stand out to be a little differently. I think but you know it's been good to me. I've had a chance to travel places in liberal world trump deeply. You're a small business. Small Business Entrepreneur in you're speaking to fire nation. Aj who are small business entrepreneurs entrepreneurs watch Moore's side hustlers making things happen and one thing that Ryan is doing right now aj that I'm obsessed with is they're studying greatness like they're studying leading the greatness that you've created they studied the greatness that the past two thousand four hundred and eleven episodes of entrepreneurs on fire where we brought on people who have created weeded greatness in success in all these different diverse fields. And that's I loved during my research of you you've conducted a study of over a thousand thousands small business owners around the world so you put in the work you've put in the research. Tell US fire nation. What you found? I'd love to you. I love there's this started out as just something that was for me. I wanted to understand something better and a recently on your show. I would collapse people. If folks haven't had a chance has to listen to these episodes I festival to pull out a very recent episode the ad with adding Grassy. OC He's just a brilliant guy and then also a friend of mine near out altitude just recently published a book. I great episodes in fact on my website if they want to see the conversation I had with near in his house in New York. You'll you'll see him elaborate a little bit on that topic that he spoke to you but the thing I loved about. Dean's talk as well was that he said that people can have resources but not resourcefulness and one thing that I noticed. Is that in these big corporations that I worked for the full of resource At like a tank to ship as illustration I point out a very predictable they they tend to be a little slow and boring in my opinion in some ways by the countless decades. Evelyn how to bring in just a little bit molden old last year to keep shareholders happy and to religiously avoid unnecessary risk. And I sort of inched forward so this huge tanker on the ocean contrast contrast that with the small business entrepreneur who is full of passionate agility and creativity and that resourceful innovation. That Dangerous Yosi speaks about. This is the Kinda stuff that fire. Nation has in limbless Supply ride but if the big corporations like but Tanka the small business entrepreneurs jet ski and I can in good I can go to malls and now unfortunately I sometimes get knocked over. And I don't even have a clear destination in mind. So that's the background picture that I painted myself and the two main lessons before he can get into what the study was about. There's two main lessons that I actually take away from big business which helped to inform the study of small business in the first one. If I can just give you to who actually so the first one is that in small business we have a very different view of the concept of risk than big business. Big Big business. I'd want less less than I need to understand. That contain risk to better bits. Let me put it this way. Every business is actually in the risk business. Where all making bits and that means? We're exposed the some risk but with probably betting money along with things like time and energy and focus while the resources Making bets if it's a bit like a casino and in most cases these small business entrepreneurs a gambler who walks in the front dole has full of excitement. I'm some I don't go to the Casino. Often talk a bit like this. I got passionate. I woke up to the Roulette table and I throw some chips down on a pipe but unfortunately huge aged failure and stagnation right that we went around the world and small business sort of proves that this analogy with a spin of the roulette wheel. It's a very reliable beck. And no matter how keen the Gambler is Kentucky. No I was with my chips even if I'm very willing to hustle the odds on favor the someone else in this story. That's making a bit too. And that's the half the casinos also making a bit of that Rowett Roulette Table jail and the differences that dino with complete confidence the odds are stacked in their favor and they've got these reliable liling sites if I keep playing. They'RE GONNA win the end right so this was. This was the idea of risk being different and a psychological phenomena entrepreneurs where Wyatt a bit differently. It works through cyber in many ways. But we don't always have a good concept of risk where exposed to sound like a bit of good here by season cognitive blind spots that are vice upon a lot of that You know where hardwired to be full of all those wonderful traits that I mentioned before about results creativity so that's one thing the other thing that big business does really well which is helpful is to make a really well-defined plan. which goal setting? I know you've got some great resources on that as well. Jd the Freedom Journal the Mastery Journal so goal setting but big business has become brilliant at setting out road maps that guy the steps so in this study which which. Which I'll tell you about now? I can tell you that most of the businesses that I spoke to a very poorly articulated go or they did have a goal. They didn't have a roadmap not to get them. There is more dislike dream that hung out there in the Isa without a roadmap into steps if you know what I mean. So the background of the study is like this You know in two thousand twelve as living in the UK at the time one of these global companies have their own businesses. And I was just intrigued by the fact that like many other people as entrepreneur. I I was willing to ignore. All the statistics. Just plow into business knowing that so many of them fail a stag night. I thought mine would be different right and so I jumped into business and as I undertook this I was reading at the time. A lot of these fields of psychology and behavioral economics and it really was a revelation to me just how much we make a lot about decisions and now how choices based on kind of autopilot or temperament and data and habits that we might have. That's great and it serves out lot perfectly ethically in many ways but it also provides blind spots in business and so I ended up this big study to say what is it about an entrepreneur that allows them to look luke passed. So much of what's going on and determining hot but they got to run a business so I spoke to more than up the business owners around the English speaking world and also some amazing things I can tell you though what was particularly interesting to me. was that there were at some common worries and and some common success factors as well so you know if the question I often get asked is what was the takeaway from the study and I do cover that him on a new book. The drowning entrepreneur which which anyone is able to grab my website Jay Rosie Dot Com. But I can tell you what the summary of of really was working and what was not working looking in the small businesses. If you want me to fly away fire lay brother when it comes down to it. I was looking at this psychology of risk but I stumbled into some really interesting things. It was compelling for me and that is the idea of the entrepreneurs happiness as a factor for the success. I can tell you the opposite of course is at unhappiness. Worry Larry and they will fool. Common Worries Business Owners and I bet that if anyone right now is driving Listening to Entrepreneur Flyer on my conversation with the J L. D.. They're in business. I'm certain they're going to be able to identify with some of this right. So the first one is money worries and this is kind of like the umbrella term for Feast and famine cycles. Dell's chasing invoices cash-flow drama. That kind of stuff. I remember one business owner in the UK actually is was a case where he had plenty of revenue coming in but he just hated having having to speak to people about light invoices. It was the worst part of this week. And he had to do it anyway. So for him. There was this money. Worry stole the Joy day-to-day so money wires was one the second one is time Larry's and this is where an entrepreneur business did they just don't have enough of it and often chasing tail to put out spot fires and and I feel like there's not enough time in the day to do all of the tasks that are required back in Australia. I know the owner of the small real estate firm who had drained to build his business business but he just felt that it was always busy doing busy work and wasn't really propelling him forward. You know I mentioned the talk you had the other day with neo and his latest book indestructible. The belief is so good for this. It helps to be deliberate in designed in the way that we spend outside but nevertheless time Larry's was a super common worry for business and now the last two. The wine was an interesting one. It was it was sort of the the stress of being in charge and this things like Pasta These it's about the buck stopping with me as the owner feeling precarious or unprepared. I can tell you one of the businesses I on myself John is it exists in a highly regulated industry supplies healthcare. And I can tell you in this industry. I occasionally get played with this stress myself because it's so regulated. I'm always wondering. Do I have all the galaxies in the compliance issues up to scratch. I feel like I do but I don't always know for sure and this sort of stress of being the the man of the woman where the buck stops with them can be a stressful stressful thing that steals joy in both point. This was intriguing. Kamei's well this is where you have a business owner who by nature is is aspirational and dreams of something big. But they have a lack of a clear possible would so. There's a gap between having a dream of success but then no action plan glanton. Get them there and this is really common for entrepreneurial people because we find that typically find it easy to drink big right. There's a lawyer in fact down in Florida. Who wants to grow her thumb and she actually? She had this big goal of has written down on paper but every time she looked at it it was not inspirational. Conagra too because you looked at it and she just never knew what the first step was too tight so she had the dream but no clear popsicle would those are the four common worries. There's good news though man where this fuller is. There's also some success in the study and I love it fire nation and go back over a couple of things. AJ's talking about big businesses are good at a few things. They're good at risk because they're making big bats they think about the house. They're making bets with coffins. Because a little rule of large numbers. They know that over time that roulette wheel is GonNa work out for them they over time that craps table is GonNa work out for them like math. Math is in their favor just like think of insurance companies. Like math is in their favor is the rule of large numbers and of course businesses are good at creating roadmaps to who success in fire damaged. I can tell you that startups and small business owners and a lot of you. Listening right now are not great at creating romance to success. A lot of people have goals but she. We don't have plans to accomplish that goal. And what's the plan with. What's the goal without a plan as a wish fire nation as just a wish? Now we have a lot of things we're going to talk about. I want to quickly go over. Fire nation the four common worries. We were talking about money worries. We're talking about time worries. We're talking about got to stress of being in charge. That imposter syndrome like are you were the and then of course would. Aj talked about last in-depth as well is super important. But we have source where I want to talk about because one thing I keep getting over and over again. Asia is happiness and happiness equal to success in Arlos lose two interchangeable. Are they both attainable at the same time. So are you trying to help us. Fire nation become happier or you just helping trying to help us floor. Businesses like is a one or the other above. I'm so glad you asked. And I was so gratified when the data comeback on this study because the good news jail damn fine nation is is that if you're a business owner you're more likely to be successful as your business is so it is good news. You know they were three factors that really will common amongst happy a business owners so let's set aside for a moment to say that we looked at the businesses that were most likely achieving the milestones who are reaching those goals. There was this big population of of those most successful business owners. They had a monster them. They had a greater probability of being happy. But also if the happier and had a greater chance of influencing this success the three things they had in common the first one and really took the first one that is directly associated with money the first one is about predictability and misses. Having a sense of you know what's coming you're ready for the ebbs and flows in business. You've sort of PAP skin in the game long enough that you know what's around the corner and you don't get caught by a shocking surprises surprises right. So that predictability was a big pace the next to a really great number two is a social element. And that's about enjoying the time spent with you'll stop or your supplies your customers. It's a social element. It may even mean that if you're in business you had a significant other in your life. Who Supportive of what you do? If you've got these elements in place. You're more more likely to be happier. And the third one and as as the son of religious ministers this wine county hit hunts. it was about delivering social good so the business owners small if they had a goal of delivering something of benefit to someone other than themselves. They reported having a few times of wearing stress overall a much more Happiness you know. There's plenty of examples you can look up The first one that comes to my mind. Is Tom Shoes. But there's dozens of these right so if you've got in fact I'll give you one specific. The city Example Jail D. There was a business owner that ran a China dry cleaners and he said to me that the biggest joy he extracted from his business was knowing that his staff there he really wanted to leave employment with him he treated them super well and that will like family to him that made him feel happy. Even when business was absolutely slow Harold Tundra otherwise stuff knowing that he was helping someone else was really gratifying and it seems seems to sustain an entrepreneur through the inevitable ups and downs of business. I love all these things that predictability being social and then just the overall social good and when actually spent four days with twenty rooms in the molly just this past August like. That's the thing I asked him was. Hey how can I keep people. We're on my team happy because I spent so much time training them. How do I keep them happy and he said listen? You have to incentivize individually. You're going to sit down with one person and one at a time and ask them look him in the eye and say what is the one thing that would make this a dream job for you and for some people might be coming in at ten. Am because they want to spend time with their newborn baby or for some people. It might be getting every Friday off because they want to go on vacation. I love to travel so got to figure out. What is that dream job that one individual individual because that can be a great way to correctly incentivize? The people know that you're doing good is now. You're just like you're happy as a business owner that you're making your employees happy because you're giving them that one dream thing fire nation. There is so much more. We're going to be covering. I'm going to be breaking down the core marketing method. And by me I I mean. Aj will be breaking that town. 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You'll also learn more about Russell's personal journey in seekers I growing a business from zero dollars to one hundred million dollars in just three years without any capital. The marketing secret show is waiting for you. All you have to do is visit marketing. Secrets Dot Com and subscribe today. That's marketing secrets. Dot Com. So as you were back in. Sat's not before the break you've developed this core marketing methods. It's in your book but I want to talk about right now. What is the core marketing methods? And why should we care about it. Yeah Thanks J. L. D. I'm so excited to share this with fire nation. You know up until literally today. I've only shared this with direct referrals. Occasionally I've been invited to attend things like startup incubators to speak with with entrepreneurs but I'd never really spoken to the world at large show. I'm so pleased to be sharing this with flying nation Asian. I'm a citizen of fly nice to be shared with everyone else right. So the core marketing method is a system of small medium size enterprise that I created over the last six years and it extracts the best elements of large enterprise with the Kumba and combines that with the dynamic nine namic and energizing world of entrepreneurship so it helps the entrepreneurs set out. Goals develop path to get there and a guide Today so they aren't wasting time chasing. Spotlights is but purposefully engineering business towards success. And it's based on World Class Marketing and draws from empirical evidence. So it's really hard for me to describe it all in in just a couple of seconds but I'll tell you what the core stands for the allied jail date. It's an acronym. CEO ARE A. I love acronyms. Break it down for dummies. He's likely MEME check so the CO marketing method is an acronym with seat and an o something that exists in the mind of the customer. An iron a exist in the mind of the entrepreneur see is credibility and oh is for originality the irony E. R. Research an execution and what this does when we achieve credibility in business and the weather we market to our ideal customers. We get Pasta sub-conscious Barrio area that most customers have all the money that sits in our pocket fire nation and John Whistled of trained to not WanNa pot with that because it caused us a little pain to get in the first place. You have to work for a typical right. So we have a sub-conscious resistance to spending but the answer to that is credibility now big business typically. Have that already if you WANNA to get something from Amazon. You've probably used it a thousand times and they already have a sort of credibility in your mind but the small business entrepreneur that has to be some other techniques that use to build credibility to cop top story that sub-conscious barrier originality which is the. Oh in cool. This is all about causing your ideal customer to create a new narrative. Do you have to notice you to snap out of fast autopilot thinking and create a narrative in their mind about who you are and what fading narrative really does is. It helps twin. I'm in bed. You'll business in the memory and bring in front of mind. It makes you stand out so that your marketing efforts much more efficient and you can reach your ideal customer to lead them to a specific action. Now the irony is this sits in the mind of you and me at John Brown fire nation. This is what we have to do as entrepreneurs we have to use research to base all about business on insights rather than assumption because assumption is actually where risk lives and All of that riskiness. If you read any of the bureau statistics around the world about small business successful value. They tend to point at things like cash flow problem. Problems or or other issues caused a business to fail but really only are long further upstream from that was psychology. That wasn't quite right for the entrepreneur. And that's what you base things on assumption rather than inside so the offer research I tell entrepreneurs in the cool marketing method. What this is about? And it's very simple and elegant way to embedded in your business that cost next to nothing and becomes potty businesses really enjoy Bible Do Business actually and then finally the execution this is the stuff you do sometimes when people talk about marketing. It's the thing they notice it's the advertisement all your Digital campaign or whatever it might be that of course that marketings of the ice these are the execution tactics and in the coal marketing method with designed to way to to deliver tactics that are based on great research that have deep credibility and a so original that your customers can't help but notice and think of your business favorably. That's the marketing methods about. I've been so excited to share it. With a number of small businesses around the world and the outcome so fi has been remarkable. I'm a little bit different to some mouths John in that. I only want this program to be used by businesses in a way that will achieve success. Because I'm putting myself on the line here actually on my website as of the start of February I'm GonNa be including a little record for businesses that use the cool marketing methods and go on to achieve milestones because outperforms performs. Anything else that I've seen I'm super proud of it. That is smart. And I'm sure fire nation going to log in and check that out because this is going to be going live after you start that up so so fire nation definitely check out the record. And what's going on with the core marketing method credibility originality research execution. This is age. Aj's life work to date. Fire nation. So definitely set up take notice and execute yourself and one thing that I personally love highlighting. Aj Our commonalities. All of these of success like I love when themes develop and when interviews happen and we can really pull all these different things that are working for different people in diverse industries businesses and segments. What's success stories do corporates and startups have in common from your experience? The things that really jumped out some maeve for those commonalities as a success. Is that the best big businesses that I've been involved with Greg Branson billions of dollars in annual revenue and small businesses that success that a meeting goals of the of the Small Business Entrepreneur. They want to over deliver to their ideal customer and they do that in a way that really touches upon that psychology college and achieved remarkable value for a specific type of person. Not for everybody but just someone for whom this business makes perfect Santa to meet the needs like nobody else can and you know it. It's really about prompting somebody to take advantage of the value that you present and there are different ways. You can do that. Let let me. Can I do a little slowing experiment. Well defined now all right so you know. I know if anybody's listening to this podcast. And whenever I listened to entrepreneur on fly I'm a I'm typically commuting commuting somewhere on either on a plane or on my car or something like that and I love listening to other people's stories and hearing from all of these experts but the way I listen podcast is often on a change of speed. I don't know if you do this job. But you know you can toggle despite the needle so as I say this this is a little trick I guarantee that people listening to you and I talking now. And they're looking at their phone looking at the speed of this podcast replay and maybe some of them are now attempted. I'm to pick it up and maybe changed to one point five times two times the minute I caused somebody to create a narrative. It's impossible not to create a little mental picture to think about the process and picture yourself doing it and when you do that you actually drag somebody out of autopilot thinking and you really calls was them to To Move to action. Now I'm going to ask a favor while everybody's got their looking into other speed of this replied. I wanted to do something. Well that phones in your hand go to AJ AJ ROSIE DOT com forward slash tour. Because I know we gotta talk a little bit about this tour in a minute but this is where you'll find information John about where I'm going to be visiting fifty two cities around the US. And I really WANNA Nation but The psychology that used to over deliver value to ideal customer customer is a real common thing between big business and small businesses that are reaching success and the other common factor that comes to my mind. Is that as you said at the very start of this show. Big Business knows how to approach risk in the right kind of way. They know the statistics in the numbers. They know how to make bold bets within the parameters that are set set so that they are much more likely to survive flurries and succeed and the best small businesses that I've been involved with do exactly the same thing now we don't necessarily in a smaller all or enterprise have the ability to make huge bets to the same scale You know in two thousand sixteen one of the brands is working on spent fifty five million dollars on TV ads. Now I'm not gonNA that personally Emma small business but you can apply the same principles and that is that if you use a good understanding of risk and use use the Iranian research at Union Corps appropriately than you set nice parameters that you can be the True Entrepreneur Mike. These ball bets to trying unattractive ideal customer so it's about managing risk and then that earlier one was about really over delivering value to the ideal customer. Now you said over delivering value to the customer and just like with social social good. You mentioned how Tom Shoes does social. Good by giving shoes you know to developing countries etc.. Can you give one or two examples of companies that you've seen Over deliver and really cool and unique ways. Yeah that's a great question. A general statement about that is that the best way to achieve originality. John is actually through this the element of surprise. I worked with a coffee company recently in in Princeton New Jersey shout sacred these guys awesome. They make a cup of coffee. Federal Visiting Princeton in New Jersey. But this business they have a coffee wholesaling business pretty big and they have these local cafes as as well but really what they have approached is is wanting to find surprise in the marketplace. And this is where you can actually deliver value value because if anyone will pass the cafe and looked inside you would imagine that they make good coffee they have a Barista they have a hipster looking guy behind there and you you sort of think they got like a good coffee but actually that alone is not surprising. That's not actually delivering value for many businesses. We think would giving value. But actually what would giving is the the minimum cost of business. What people expect from US other delivering value is surprised? Lives and surprise is what causes somebody to create a new mental narrative artist. So one example would be that in a cafe if you go in people speak to you know your name so I took about two forms of surprise. One is surprising with value. The other is surprisingly service and they really linked but surprisingly service is just the intimate personal touch and it doesn't cost a step to do doing a little bit more even is expected and going the extra mile. That's surprising service. Surprising value would be an example. I know of a bookshop in the UK. That after you've bought a book in your on their a membership they get in touch with you to ask the books going because a lot of people. Don't actually you know the Bible necessarily pick it up and read it so they little extra steps so surprising with value doesn't necessarily have to a lot when it would start up incubators John. I had a team of about twenty people marketing people in Europe out to Zurich to sit sit in a into a lesson that I was hosting and I thought what can I do for this client companies. I really wanted to do something special. So this wanted custody of money but for these individuals myself and my partners were running this. We bought everybody an IPAD mini. which is brand new? At the time nobody was expecting this. We had addressed with some content. We left the hotel room so that when they came down for session. That had this cool new little gadget and Everybody was gobsmacked because they weren't expecting it and surprise is extremely dreamily valuable. I would say that every small business person listening right now. Don't do the minimum. Don't do what's expected find a way to surprise that person that you're really trying orig- I just wanted to point out that I think gobsmacked is underutilized word. We need to bring that back together. Aj I love it for so many reasons fire nation. You can join UNISOM this caused by the way so one thing that I wanted to bring up to as I remember hearing the story when I was reading the book delivering happiness by Tony. Shay about Zepos is every now and then just like when they heloc a good customer experience that customer relationship person could literally just like throw an extra pair of shoes into that in this or hey like I noticed that you had a kid you know I hope they. Maybe they like these shoes sort of pair. And they're still like you would get this package from a shoe company's apples and they would just like go above and beyond and they were just like have an extra thing there and it was surprise and delight. And let's talk specifically about success. Aj because it's kind of been a little bit of a common theme team force like obviously the core marketing method is having a lot of success with the small and large businesses that are implementing it. You're going around the world like literally with your heart. What's in your passion on your sleeve sharing this in implementing this you can be showing records of this etc etc but for fire nation? Who's listening right now? Uneven hearing you talk about the core method and they're determined to succeed this year. What should they do right now as I steps towards is there success especially good question? I love I this so the one thing that I would ask somebody to take away is to look whether or not you've got a bold plan. Dan That's based on a proven system. Don't just do more of the sign. Have a bold plan have a big. Oh and have a proven system of weekly steps that get you that. That's the biggest Komo than anything else. I hope folks. What are you know John you talking about? An example of surprising value one kind of mind. Can I quickly share with you as well. Yeah play one of my small businesses says that I had when I was. I'm showing my age now. But this is really in the days before e by Iran if these giant classifies I started of the business. Where if you had a second hand car that you wanted to sell? I kind of arranges a twenty something. You're almost twenty years old. At the time I ranged with a big commercial shopping mall to take some of their parking space and I had promoted the idea that once a month people could come along and sell their own vehicles fee and we packed it out. It was amazing I had a whole bunch of my friends who are who are temporary employees in uniform. It was but one thing that I did is I everyone a little funny pack and there was twenty boxing there and the whole purpose of this is when people were setting up. There was literally anything by team could do to make their experience more pleasurable every member that was empowered to spend twenty dollars. which back in those days you know? I don't know maybe launch shows. I'm like you could do something for customer. Who just needs an extra attention and I tell you more than anything else that we he did? People remembered that little gesture and it didn't cost me that much you know but it had such a lasting impact. It's just one example of surprise but these are the sorts of investments that entrepreneurs us can make anisette conic creativity and innovation that big company. CEOS wish they could bottle opens sprinkle around their global enterprises. But it's the fine nation that can really do this sort of thing. So if they've got a bold plan a proven system I should really go out there and and use all of this passionate and entrepreneurial spirit to make twenty twenty the best that can be. Aj Aj with the help of this episode. The value that you're dropping and all this awesomeness is definitely going to go a long way in helping fire nation. Do just that. And we've had an amazing interview Nervi today but I want you to take the Mike now and give us the one overarching theme the one big takeaway that you WanNa make sure. All of our listeners really gets from our conversation today give us a call to action where we can find out more about you anything that you want to share their and then we'll say goodbye all right thanks John. I've loved of being with you guys. So here's the thing in my businesses. I generally discount things but I wanna make a simple action just in the same way I told you to pick up the phone and maybe look at. Aj Rosie Dot. What comforts last tour? I want you to also have a real reason to act. I WanNa meet some of you guys. So they'll be fifty two cities you can let me know if you're nearby but not one dollars fifty two. Maybe we add an extra step on the way but I don't discount normally John I want to instead create a package just for the fire nation so tickets to this to this event in these local cities are sixty dollars agent. But what I want to offer is a package that includes a ticket for you. Enter France bring someone along a preorder of of my new book the drowning entrepreneur and a workbook full of amazing resources. There were really really get you started and I want to offer that for one dollar I just want I put it out there. That people make a bold step. That is no reason not to do it. Come and listen to what we have to say. It'll be two and a half hours will also be a local panel of experts talking about things like digital marketing and taxation issues and stuff like that local panel of experts and myself covering the core marketing method with some immediate steps. So that again at website John is AJ roles e that's R. O. L. L. S. Y.. Dot Com full slash tour. And you can take a ticket for one. Buck doc not sixty. I've also got a little thing. People want to do something special. I also have VIP tickets but each of these fifty two cities. And this is where I'm going to invite half a dozen people people out so I have a policy John than I never ate alone. When I'm when I'm touring around the place and so I'm GONNA have a meal at every city Goto at the six people that welcome to come out so I'm GonNa offer for something special Tickets justify nation I that really limited and when I go and promote this tour. It's going to be. They'RE GONNA go pretty quick but it. I want you to come along to this. Didn't mention one thing John if I may really quickly my reason for doing this tour of the billion dollar base camp. And that's because I'm looking for a thousand fired up entrepreneurs who are ready to unlock a million dollars in non tap property nail local business to leave the happiest most successful successful entrepreneurial life because successful entrepreneurs the good things for themselves that family in their communities and we have the ability with a thousand new million dollar entrepreneurs to really change the landscape and do something right so. I'm hoping that all those thousand entrepreneurs that I know I'm going to unlock. I really hope. A bunch of them come from confine. Wow that is a massive goal. Let me ask you one. Question is San Juan Puerto Rico. One of those fifty two cents. Here's the thing I've never been to Puerto Rico and I'm desperate to get there but John I tell you what if you invite me to come down. I'll be there my wow okay. Well let's think about that. I No of course have you down here. It's an amazing island is actually called Entrepreneur Island for a reason. It's it's a really great amazing place to be so we can talk about that on the flip side for sheriff but fire nation. I really really hope that you're going to take action on this. I mean we're talking a sixty dollar ticket for one dollar. AJ RULES ROSIE DOT com slash. Tour T. O.. U. R. A. J. R. O. L. L. S. Y.. Dot Com slash. Tour gets that one dollar ticket go go and see. Aj in the other panelists are going to be talking at this. Event is he's touring around fifty two different cities. Maybe fifty three of we can slap San Juan on on that list as well and I want to say thank you brother for sharing your voice your message mission with fire nation with the world because fire nation they know oh this is the average of the five people spend the most time with in financial human hanging out with AJ in J. L. D. Today so keep up that heat and I wanna I wanna see you fire nation and listen to this episode. Go check out if one of the fifty two maybe fifty three places eighty and stopping is close enough for you to go take that bold stap take that action make that happen in May two thousand twenty year the you know it can be so. Aj One last word of guidance. Before we say goodbye my my final would is for everybody to live your biggest bowl self in twenty to make some bold choices you know. Don't take unnecessary risks but take calculated. It landed bold steps and really be your best self this year. I hope it's a happy twenty twenty. It's GONNA be familiar. I hope it will be for you to jail and I've been just so excited to be on your show show. Today is one more thing that I want to illustrate for you before I go. I totally all right. I believe that one thing we can do is entrepreneur is really we understand the people that were trying to reach to over deliver value as I said and some of this is just about knowing the people trying to reach and then going the extra mile right so it happened to notice something about you and I that we have in common and that is that we both like a single malt whisky right. It's Ruth I love it so if he don't Hawaii I've have a discount through one bottle of whisky of forty two days on this amazing vacation. I've had been anyhow. I know you like Obama. And that's a great whiskey to when I knew I was going to be on your show. I want to have a bit of a shout out to my home country Australia because a lot of people may not realize that there's a tiny little distillery by world standards down in. Tasmania has mania where we have a bit of a burgeoning distillery seen starting to emerge and a few years back Sullivans cove. Whiskey actually was nine single single malt whisky of the year. And it's an amazing drop. I've been fortunate to have a little dram once or twice before it's a real standout whiskey incredibly hard to get hold up all these days. They did tell me when I reached out to them. That if you if you google you should be able to buy them in New York or actually by delivery out of La if people want to know about this. I'll make some notes on my website as well because I'm going to follow up from our interview today with that but I just wanted to give something to you and I got in touch with Sullivans cove and I said I'm going to be entrepreneurs depends on fire and speaking to jail. D is a single malt fan. You show him a little love and send him a bottle away to Puerto Rico and I said we would love to do that. So that'll be on. Its Way to you. You GotTa get this amazing bottle man. I hope you love it. It's a special dropped her. Well I can't thank you enough. I'm looking forward to that fire nation. Make sure you follow me on instagram. Ram because when that comes in I'll be doing a nice little instagram story to make that happen `perfect AJ myself fire nation. We salute you. And we'll catch you on the flip side. Hey fire nation. Today's value bomb cauthen was brought to you by AJ. And if you've had your big idea will then you'd be ready a to ignite but if you haven't guessed what I've got a free sixty minutes course. View is less than an hour. It's free your big idea dot. Io I will get you not your big idea. In less than an hour you'll be prepared to go and go your big idea. Dot Io see their fire nation my buddy a russell. Brunson founder of click funnels has a podcast called the marketing secrets show. And he's on a mission to help get entrepreneurs unstuck so they can get back to changing the world. The marketing secret show is waiting for you. Visit Marketing Secrets Dot Com and subscribe ibe today growing businesses. That need qualified candidates in qualify candidates can be a challenge to find lucky for us. 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