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Martin drew ex junior survives a wild one at Charlotte to capture his second Coca Cola six hundred. I don't know how we did it that reference early hit fence off for a man, not good. That's tonight's top story. Plus we'll hear from the race winner. And we've got Pat Patterson and Alexis Erickson, the PR in right here on this edition of fast. It's fast talk on the performance racing network. Presented by Toyota for the latest Toyota racing information. Visit Toyota racing dot com. Wicks with over sixteen thousand filters find the correct wicks filter for any vehicle. Go to wicks filters dot com. And by advance auto parts. Think ahead think advance now here's your host for fast talk. Doug rice. Welcome to our post Coca Cola six hundred dishes of fast talk, Masudi oes of the performance racing network here at Charlotte speedway. Later on this show. We will hear from race winner. Martin true ex junior after he concludes his champagne toast in the speedway club with c o of SM. I Marcus Smith, I'm Doug rice, joined by Alexis Ericsson, and Pat Patterson Alexis. We never know what to expect from the Coca Cola six hundred but I think it may be over delivered this year. It definitely gave us a lot of action. This year was the perfect way in my opinion to, to cap off. What is considered the greatest day in motor sports. You had a lot of different storylines. You had comers and goers. You had close racing. You had a crazy restart at the end of the race and a bond move to take lead. I think if you were a fan watching on television or here in the stands you had to be impressed with what you saw. No question about it. Doug thought that it was a great Memorial Day for a change. The weather wasn't any kind of factor. It was hot. It was it was a beautiful day to be out at the racetrack. The crowd here. Think you know, said it earlier was probably more than I've seen in the last couple of three six hundreds and then you had the race and all the cautions that went with it. And it was very competitive all night long. And we had storylines with things to talk about all night. The race had a late race caution that I thought was going to set up to hand back to Kyle Busch because usually when he's given that second chance he capitalizes the six hundred traditionally goes to veterans because you gotta get to that last hundred labs, and that's where things got really interesting. Mark tricks. We remember a couple of years ago how he just completely dominated this race cow Bush has been great here in won the race last year. So I mean you looked at the players that were involved in this race from start to finish. And it always kind of went back. Chase Elliott was a he was a factor in this race. No question about that. And Joa Gano was ride in it to win it as well towards the end. But it favored, the guys who have done this before. Yeah. You know, when we get to talk to Martin later on in the show, I wanna ask him when he was lining up for that, last restart on the inside behind Ryan Newman, did he feel like he was, you know that that position probably was not the most favorable position to be in. And what was the feeling at that point, because, you know, on the inside line? And he like I said, earlier, made a bonsai move to make it around, you know, three cars and get back to the lead. And you would think how Bush was in the most favorable position and true. I think it was just meant to be. He had a great night when you when you get six laps to go and suddenly Ryan Newman and David Ragan. Getting that point everybody got out of their seats. All I got to see how this is gonna play. I do think part of the factor was, though, that at the end of this race Martin tricks junior had the best car. Yeah. No question. He had the best car and I don't think he I mean, I don't know what he's going to say later on in the program, but I think what he's going to say is he knew you know with that many laps left. He should be able to draw drive around those guys, but also saw crew cheap coal permanent checkers win the caution flag came out and he looked like he was about to fall off the pit box Alexis. I'm going to hate myself for saying this. But now we have got Martin treks junior three wins. Brad Tesla's theory. We know you're going Kyle Busch with three wins. Big three of we back to the I don't wanna say felt like we've wore that outlast your but after thirteen races three players dominate the landscape. I mean, there's no question that those three drivers reign supreme. Right now, when you look at the winds category, and just domination. And you know, it's hard to deny what they've done in the fact that they, you know, threes threes abound, you know, three. The winds for each of them the big three. Yeah. I mean, I, I would say in Doug, you said it during the broadcast tonight marked the thirteenth race of the regular season. You know that's halfway. And we always say, I'll tell you what, I think, and we get to Charlotte, right? So I mean walking away from this one tonight, you have to look at those three guys and you have to say, you know, it is the big three and the big question that goes with that I think, again, in my mind is Chevrolet was in it tonight from time to time and, and certainly call Larson last weekend. Gets the all-star win and so forth. But I still didn't see the ability for any of those cars to get in there and be a factor in the wind with only one points paying race under their belt the season. Yeah, you have to kind of look at that we're going to station or that, you know, manufacturer and say, they still have a lot of today. I feel like there have been lot of people that want this to be a three horse race in the manufacture good for business. Busiest good business that so every time there's a little spark from Chevrolet though, the bow ties are bad can hinder motor sports is back on top. That's, that's not exactly where we are right now. You know what we didn't see tonight. And this is another question that will carry forward is where Stewart Haas racing and all when it all gets said and done. Kevin Harvick looked as bad at this race track that I can ever remember him looking tonight in that number four car Clint Boyer got caught up in an accident. So he wasn't any kind of a factor in, in the deal. You know, Eric Merola had is hot and cold parts of the racetrack. And Daniel sore is who you know, I thought he was solid, you know, going to be a top ten player tonight could lead laps. Never never happened. Yeah. I mean Kevin Harvick last week was my wicks pick to to win the race this weekend. So I was surprised as anybody to see that they weren't really up to par where they normally are when we race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I'm not a stats person. But look at the raw number. Of where we are after thirteen races. Joe Gibbs has one eight Penske has won four and there's one lone win for hindred. So that tells me the strength in this garage right now belongs squarely Joe Gibbs the no I don't think there's any question about that. And I think that true X is suddenly, shoring, everything up for them with what he's done. Denny Hamlin had his moments tonight with when he looked good. All of those Toyota's out stu- outside of tricks. You know, had issues with right front tires and bounced off the walls and still manage to try. Let's try the down. He hid it. He hid early in thankfully, probably didn't hit it nearly as hard as, as some of the other guys did and came back and had a head of car to win. But I think what it all said and done, you perfectly set up the what going into the summer swing. It's, it's the guys you're talking about. I mean you have to look at true x the fact that he's won three out of the past five races is he'd now the one that's that's rising up even above Kyle bushes. He now the top driver at at Gibbs. I mean that's a question. You've got ask seems to be trending in that direction. And I, I don't even I don't know who the top Chevrolet drivers. I guess it's called Bush. Toil toyota. Yeah, I, I honestly I think that what Martin tricks junior brings with him with coal Pearn and they've, they've gotten right where they wanted to get inside that Gibbs organization, and I think this year goes by you're gonna find Kyle Busch and Martin tricks junior are going to go door to door with each other at quite a few races. Maybe not for wins, but they're going to be battling for top fives. And I fully expect as we go to Pocono, next week off the Michigan. And then out to sonoma's for the road course you know, every single week we're going to talk about those two cars somewhere in that top five or six cars continued for winds coming up on our post Coca Cola six hundred addition of fast talk here from the PR in studios in our next segment. We'll do good times, bad times, Pat, Patterson and Alexis Erickson later on tonight. We will hear from the winner of the Coca Cola six hundred March extra. You're by the way, this show is brought to you in part by Toyota. For more information. Visit Toyota racing dot com. The name says luck, I'm Kyle all be taking your order, when you meet someone named Kyle Kyle as in Kyle Busch as in rowdy as in eight wins last season, and more than fifty career wins as in donuts for days. So if the humble name, Kyle doesn't sound so humble to you, your family. Now, the summer seating, follow it could be the Toyota racing families. Best season ever Toyota racing dot com. Toyota, let's go places. 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That's pretty cool for the station near you. Check us out at go PRN dot com. Pledge. I pledge I pledge to treat everyone with respect respect and dignity. I will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. I will speak, speak up, whenever I know discrimination is happening, and I will stand up. Rise four victims. Take the pledge at rise to win dot org. Welcome back fast talk. You're on PR foams, racy network. Coca Cola six hundred sixtieth running is now on the record books. In the Victor is Martin true junior, I'm Doug rice, joined by Pat Patterson. Call the action turns three and four tonight and Lexus Ericsson our usual co host here on fast guys. It's time for a little good times and bad times. Pat patterson. I'll start with you first. Give me your too good times that you're breaking down from this race. Well, normally would would try to focus in on, on a driver or somebody that needed something really good to happen to them tonight. But, but I want to stay a little bit more on the broader side of things. And I want to say that tonight to good things happen. Number one, we sit a lot of people out of this place at Charlotte Motor Speedway tonight with a smile on their face as I walked down here to do the show after the race. I always listen to hear what people. Are saying, and I must have heard it six or seven times as I was coming out with the crowd as they said great race tonight. Good race tonight. Man. I liked that race tonight. You know this is a sport that needs its fans to walk out on a on a race night and and be excited about what they saw. I didn't bother to ask them what got him excited. But the fact that they were excited and a lot of smiles that makes me feel good, number one. And number two still staying on the very broad side of things NASCAR has had a great amount of momentum ever since we left, basically Talladega going to Kansas. We had a good race in Kansas. We had a good race in Dover. The all star race was a good race. And then we come into this one, which we all know can go either way when it comes to excitement one way or the other with the longest race of the year and NASCAR got a really good boost of energy going into the summer swing. So those, those to me are two of the really good stories in to the good things that I. Think came out of this weekend. All right. Can't argue with that Alexis Erickson, you're up next to good things coming out of this race. Yeah, I'm gonna go with your fifth and your six place driver Ricky Stenhouse, junior brings home a top five. I think that is fantastic. Rash by racing. And then Chris Bush, sure got into the wall once maybe twice. I'm not sure and finish ends up finishing six and had a fantastic night as well. So I think for those two drivers to finish in the top six and have a great showing here at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Those were good nights for them both so those are both of your good times. Yes. All right now, let's go the other side of the spectrum, too, bad times, Alexis will stay with you here. I'm gonna go kind of in the same vein. I'm gonna pick two drivers that are back to back in the finishing order, and that's the Matt Debenham detto who finished thirty ninth in air Jones, who finished fortieth, both had a tire issues and pancake, the wall, in just had a rough night finishing thirty ninth and fortieth. You. I certainly don't want to have, you know, a showing that in front of a hometown crowd here at Charlotte. And unfortunately that's what happened to both. Those guys fours bad things happening in, in the race. Tonight. I certainly talked with you guys earlier about this Stewart Haas cars were completely non-competitive tonight. I didn't see a lot out of them that got me excited, particularly Kevin Harvick. I just, you know, I just don't think they understood the car, they were working with tonight like they normally do at this racetrack. So that's probably, you know that whole group to me was a bad story in Eric Jones early in the race. Here's a guy that I I really think is a great race car driver. And just got bit by the bad luck bug tonight like a lot of the toilet like a lot of the Gibbs cars did. So those two things that I would I would offer up his bad stories. I think whatever advantage. The Stewart Haas cars had last year. Some of that's been evened out with the rules package. And other things because this time last year Kevin Harvick already had four wins. Yeah, I can't put my finger on specific things, but, but, you know, NASCAR obviously has changed. You know the five fifty package, the seven fifty package, the package that we're going to run on this, this race or that race. And I salute them for for trying all that. But I think one of the big things that we don't talk much about is the fact that, that track bar is not available for that driver in that car anymore, and I can't help but think somewhere in the back of my mind, and I'm not a crew chief that, that not having that track bar for a select few guys is a big deal whether it's Kevin harvests big deal or not. I don't know. I don't usually inject good times on this. I this the panelists but I I'm, I'm going to go ahead and do it. Go ahead. A couple of good time things they're both kind of tied together. One is the wonderful pre-race military things show that Charlotte Motor Speedway does for the Coca Cola six hundred. If you the least bit of patriotism, in your body, this, this is a good thing for him. I mean with, with all of the pieces that they tied together, it's very, very special very moving and then tonight after the end of stage two pausing on the pit road for thirty second moment of remembrance to honor fallen troops, and, and they asked this place. Get silent Alexis. You didn't hear a noise. Yeah. I don't know how that many people just, you know, can all be in unison and be silent together. But it was really moving in an emotional, and it was just something that you look at. And it's something that our sport does really, really well. And I'm proud of them. Usually, there's some drunken Yahoo path to all of this. And I think had they done that tonight they might not left the arena in good shape. Well, you think? About this day and I saw a tweet where a guy has named this day race Mus kinda like. Race mus. And, you know, when it was, Monaco this morning, Indiana barn burner of finish over there, then, and then we, you know, topped it all off with, with an exciting coke six hundred. It was a great race Mus today, you know, by the way, I watched my first Monaco today, it ever watched it before just net. Oh. And I woke up in the nearby hotels. I'm gonna try this out and it was the it was the Lewis Hamilton, but it was still pretty exciting. That'll is in it towards the jersey in there a little bit. But I've heard that it's a lot better in person. I mean just watching that. Yes. You know, even when Hamilton gets out in the one, quote that it hasn't victory lane is I hope it wasn't too boring. You kind of get the picture of what the race was, but just the, the beauty that is, Monaco, and the pictures that you see at that race. I mean it's I, I watch it every year. I, I enjoy. Right, Pat, Patterson, great job tonight. Call in the action and three and four the next time we see will be out in northern California, Tacoma know that crushes you to go to wine. This is just so bad. That'll be a different race because they'll be running the carousel and we'll have Doug Turnbull up. They're calling. Yeah, it'll be it'll be a lot of fun. I'm glad I was here on the sixtieth running of the Coca Cola six hundred my first job in this business was right up on the hill here working for this race track. And probably one of the first big races I was involved in was the Coca Cola six hundred. So for me, this was a really cool night to be here and be part of all right. Pat will see down the road coming up here on this edition of fast talk. We're going to let you listen to the highlights. And there were a lot of them of this year's running the Coca Cola six hundred. Attention business owners. We know that owning a business means getting things done right now. 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Oh, nine that's eight hundred three nine eight eighty three own. Nine. I'm joy Lugano. And you're listening to fast. Talk on the performance race in that work. Turnham loose. Green flag is in the eighteen on the inside McMurray. Trust slam the door side-by-side turn ten twenty open here. Joe smoking hard going in all Kyle Busch goes super Hodie entrance a turnover. One junior lost control. We've got a car in the wall gave us his third one five six cars. Directs this to the rear bumper to the crowd. Is Jerry Jimmy Johnson to the bumper? He's gonna turn. Spent? They're here. The monster energy NASCAR Cup series races in Atlanta. Plus. Biggess Hristo, Texas, Charlotte's him Chucky New Hampshire and sonoma's. You hear it here on PR in. Coming up on our show. We'll have a full length interview with Brayshaw winner, Martin junior and see what all he went through tonight in route to his second victory in the Coca Cola six hundred special. Thanks, Pat, Patterson propping by for a couple of segments tonight here on fast talk time now for the Toyota performance report surprising. Linda brought to you by Toyota. You can find out more at Toyota racing dot com. Can you tell us how the Toyotas perform tonight? Obviously, one of them performed really. Well, yeah, they had they had a decent night, ending up in victory lane with Martin tricks junior coming home in your first position, Kabua's finished third. Denny Hamlin had a vicious wreck there on the last lap. He came in seventeenth. And then you had Joey geese, who was also in a Toyota thirty second and who am I missing air? Joe hair. Right. He's all the way down on the bottom of the board. That's why couldn't exactly sorry Eric. Yeah. He finished fortieth. So that's our Toyota performance report. Coming up now there was a lot of action in the Coca Cola six hundred. We will bring you the highlights of the sixtieth running of nascar's longest race. Start. The crowd stands for the sixtieth running of the Coca Cola six hundred were about to get to four hundred laps in nascar's longest race. And the green flag is waving William fire in the youngest pole sitter ever Charlet Motor Speedway history will lead the field to turn what Eric Jones got up into the fence. A lot of right side damage to the Twitty machina their Jones that printout the first yellow here on left. Twenty two pre race. Brad Kelly said to Kyle Busch inside or outside for restarts and Kyle just told him simply, yes. Well, he picked the inside and that will be good enough to give him. The ring speed off to Harvard challenges for the race lead. He wrestled away from Kabul, put Bush runs. The crossover move halfway down the backstretch Kyle Busch goes from the inside up to the top, the block heaven. Harvick. Barbeque did not like that one pit. And here's William Byron. It's now a three man fight for the top spot. Kevin Harvick down below group. He will slide up in front of Kyle Busch and take the leap. Tricks to the inside Kyle Busch side by side there they go. Here comes the nineteen truck shooter the race track. Harvick moves up the racetrack. That's going to open it up new leader. The pressure you go Ricky Stenhouse junior. He slides food is the role full here. Charlotte Motor Speedway across the big logo in the infield. And now he will rejoin back on the race track here on the front stretch. Daniel Hamrick is hit by another car slams the outside wall. And again, we're under yellow Henrik's wounded machine. Now, intern number one Bush makes one heck of a move and he's going to drive to get the kiss. Now skis super one lap to go here in stage, one we legitimately have three way battle for I it's his last Harvick. Kyle Busch Denny ham red Kazlauskas guarded this race twenty first. But he's going to finish burst in stage, number one field, coming back to green. You're on lap one seven kids Laskey Hamlin to his outside the next rope Kyle Busch. And Kevin Harvick three one headed deter three Ryan played the racetrack and he'll. Both those cars. His last inch ahead of William Byron, and take the lead in the Cote six hundred rotting third. It's to be Ryan blamed, then it's Alex Bowman the battles really for the fifth spot. Now, the yellow lights are to Ryan freeze. Car Ryan has gotten up into the outside wall in turn to significant damage to the right side of that car. His lousy he's got the fastest car right now. But canny, catch the leader, the number eight Bowman out in front last now looks to the low side of Bowman heavy charges hard into turn what he's going to have the lead coming off of turn to his last dive onto the bottom of the race track. That'll be good enough to hold off the charge of Alex Bowman. His Brad Laskey capture states, number two, ninety two apps left, for stage number three file Bush. It's a huge jump at the green flag hill lead. This Harling pack into turn watch trouble off turn to Martin. Tricks junior gets into the back of the machine Bailey Currie sentence fitting, Begley pounds, the inside wall Bush had a three Secondly to moment ago. He try. Is to get it back side by side with tricks. And it looks like Kyle Busch will take the point here. True extract in off the sudden accomplish their down the backstretch here. He'll try to take advantage to going to four Martin true ex junior. Easy outta turn four. Back to the start finish line. He will claim stage number three here. The Coca Cola six hundred now the green flag is waving case. Elliott gets a good restart but true. X now right up his door as they work. Their way to turn one at a slight advantage on the outside at Elliot battles back to the insight brand. Blaney est peninsula, breakaway in third, it's still side-by-side lead into one one course. Kurt Busch outta control feel to check up right in front of him to thought that joy Lagawe would be a factor. In the end of this racist pores that car wasn't the first half the fan. Backhand of the Alex. Spread between file once in Austin Dillon's, now looks to the inside of Elliott intern number one bulls along the side of two Elliot will battle down the Baxter. Wow. What a battle and tricks is not giving up. Neither is chase Elliott. But now true ex to lead before. Lasky sideways going into the interest of road gathers the car up. But that's going to bring out the caution flag one more time Bush. We'll try to make it three white and one or two, he'll do that successfully. He may be leading this race on the back straightaway. Spread away to the bottom of the rings track made it four he wrestles away the lead. But here comes joining the gun, literally pushing true down the front straight look on who is gaining ground. But he's running out of time down to the stripe one left lift in the Coca Cola six hundred how can what Gano catch Martin trips junior, interns. One two doesn't look like he will Martin once again at bottom line, you'll come up to the poor car link plead this is it for all the marbles Martin true junior last time down the stretch for the Coca Cola six hundred win. Look Okola to Carlex nail. Here goes through gone. To the high side of the racetrack will not be enough for the second time in his career Martin true. Ex junior wins the Coca Cola six hundred and capturing the sixtieth running up nascar's longest rates had a hole in the bottom to get into three. And I knew that was my only shot. So just barely cleared to twenty two four sideways he is all my bumper had me. Sideways hung onto luckily finish it in there. The highlights of the race brought to you by Coca-Cola joy Coca-Cola and make this summer. The most memorable ever. 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Doug rice along with Alexis Ericsson soon to be joined by the Coca Cola winner Martin true junior who is busy right now doing. Champagne toast in speedway. Club was the CEO of speedway motorsports Inc, Marcus Smith. But when he gets here Alexis, it'll be a little different toast. Yeah, we're excited today. I segment with Cabela's brewing. Cheers with beers. Let me first say cheers to a fantastic two weeks of racing here at Charlotte Motor Speedway and a great greatest day in motor sports. Capped off with a fantastic. Coca Cola six hundred and a win by Martin tricks junior, just really exciting day. And if you don't know anything about it, Cabela's brewing is located about six and a half miles here from Charlotte Motor Speedway. They have established themselves as one of the leading. Craft beer brewers in the state. They use all North Carolina products. We visit up there couple of times. And of course, what we have on the table. Here is there Cabrera's cotton blonde is an excellent microbrews. I think you'll enjoy it and I'm enjoying it. There you go. It's Cabrera's cotton blonde. It's the local beer for everyone where not only it is brew, but the grains are grown right here in North Carolina. So cheers with beers will have art to X junior here shortly Alexis. We saw a dramatic race tonight. Sixteen yellow flags had includes three for stage breaks so thirteen four actual incidence on the track plus eighty laps of yellow which kept the field compress. Yeah. I mean I, I don't know if I would've expected that going into the night, I mean, I knew based off of what we saw in Kansas racing this configuration at night, we were going to see some some awesome racing and I knew that the restarts. We're going to be really close. I was not expecting sixteen cautions for eighty laps. But it made for a fantastic finish to the race. We had one, right? At the end. I think we had what four laps to go. I think in the last restart it felt to me, like there was a lot of drama building in this race. But also at the end of the day, the very best car won the race. He was dominant during the second half, but with the number of cautions that we were having so quickly kept the field, compressed. Yeah. I mean as is usually the case with this race. You have comers and goers. You start in the day you end in the night. It seemed like Brad Keselowski kind of had, you know, the race on lock in the first and second stage where he came home, the Victor in those stages. But once the sun went down and things cooled off a bit. There's no doubt about it was Martin true juniors race to lose as we've said before race fans in the race media are really quick to judge a race. Was it a good race? Was it a bad race? Here are couple of metrics from this race, as we said, earlier six. Eighteen yellow flags thirteen for on track incidents and thirty league changes that Lee changes at the start finish line, and those didn't come because we had a bunch of green flag pit stops with people coming in. They came because we had that many passes for the league. I mean, I'm looking, you know, at the the list of, of leaders here that we had we had Martin trucks junior who who led the most laps at one hundred sixteen but she also had Kabua's lead Seventy-nine Brad Keselowski lead seventy six chase Elliott forty three. I mean it was not a dominating performance. Like we saw Martin do in two thousand sixteen where he led almost every single lap. But still, he flexed a lot of muscle tonight how to change just a moment ago. Ran into Joe Gibbs up in the speedway club, and I said coach one eight out of thirteen races this season. I said, that's that's pretty good. It's gonna let everybody anybody else in onto. He goes, absolutely not. Don't remind me of the numbers. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know why you would. I mean his team has been dominant. I mean, that's really the only term that you can use to, to talk about it. You know, obviously Kabua's has three wins marked tricks junior has three rents. Any Hamlin has a few wins. You think is there a big three coming back with Kazlauskiene true, ex and Kabushiki? But I think there's just a big one and it's Joe Gibbs racing. I do too. I mean, the numbers don't lie at one eight out of the first thirteen races this season would any Hamlin getting a couple of wins. And of course Kyle Busch three wins. And now Martin tricks junior three wins they distance themselves in the pack and I know Pinski team Penske's done pretty well. But for right now I can see a place easily. Where Joe Gibbs racing might have to the four of not going to go crazy right now. But two of the four in the fine. Four could easily be out of the job stable. Yeah. No doubt. I mean, in the summer stretch that's coming up as a lot of good races for that team. You know, I think about Martin tricks juniors record at sonoma's. Think about all these different things. It's very easy that they could have ten twelve wins just within the next couple months. And here's a couple of other things to no one else seems to be really pressuring them at the moment, the point, I just feel like that they, they own the space they rolled the racetrack. And you'd think okay, it's either going to be true X or it's going to be called Bush, but there's no way to dismissed any kind of feel bad. A little bit for Eric Jones slow out of the box. He's not gaining any ground with the last place finish the. Bad night tonight. Unfortunately, he had a tire go there a lot of tire issues here tonight that plagued a lot of cars him. I in in the first opening laps of the race and got him fortieth place finish which is not great for that team. But I agree with you. I mean when you look at the teams specifically Joe Gibbs racing and they have eight wins. But you think about the teams that can challenge them. And you think okay, we'll Pinski obviously is one of the teams that is maybe nipping at their heels and you think about Stewart Haas who was very dominant last year. But look at where they are now. Kevin Harvick wasn't anywhere near where I thought he would be in the race tonight. We're gonna take a quick time out when we come back, we will be talking with the winner of the Coca Cola six hundred Martin true junior travelers. Do you want to save money on your next flight since the phone and call? That's right, call because the best prices are not online. They're with smartfares. See smartfares has special deals with the airlines when they have unsold seats. They use Mark. I fill them, so you get airline tickets at ridiculously low prices. 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We cover the short-track dirt tracks is at cart racing from the world about Las Lucas oil series all star circuit of champions, Usak, car store, pass ultimate Super League bottle series, fasttrack need Smith. Power and more. That's PR ends at the track every week broadcast radio, the free PRN app, and I tunes. Kathy Martin del and Paul Shad unseen. Max racing country classes, I go back a long time listing deterrently pride that grew up in was sippy, right below Memphis. I saw singing in clubs in Richard. I read bully came there for she'll do songs on the show. Tons of country music this weekend on racing country classics. Thanks for joining us, here on our posts Coca Cola six hundred addition of fast, talk, Doug rice, along with the Lexus Ericsson, and as tradition handed over the last few years, the winning driver, Charlotte, Motor Speedway goes up to the six floor in the speedway club and Jones, Marcus Smith for champagne toast. And then they make a way down here to the studios foam tracing network. And joining us right now here on fast talk. Now a two time winner of the Coca Cola six hundred Martin to X junior Martin. We are thrilled you were able to make your way down here and join us on fast talk, y'all doing, we're doing fantastic. Probably not as good as you doing pretty good, so congratulations, man. Thank you very much. What a night man. Definitely a lot different than our last win here. Well, I guess that was a couple years ago, but sixteen the last time you one here. Yeah. And the phone that long ago. What six hundred one six one the six hundred it was, it was just smooth. Sailing all night tonight was a he was a battle. It was, you know, the first part of the race we really good. And we, you know, of course we're leading laps. I don't know seventy five or somewhere around there. And we'd do that, right. Front tire coming off four and hit the fence. And I thought at that point that we were done. I thought it was going to be a okay. We'll can we salvage? You know what can we we're gonna run fifteenth to twentieth. You know how I don't I didn't know how bad it was. But I just know hitting the wall that hard, it wasn't going to be good. And so to be sitting here after all that I'm like, whoa, that's pretty awesome. You put yourself in the position to be where you were on the final restart some would say that, maybe that wasn't the most favorable position on the inside behind Newman just talk about that. How intense that restart was because you. Made a bonds. I move to get out to the lead. It was it was incredible to why you know, I think that, you know you get in those situations and you just don't wanna let your team down. I mean we had the strongest car at that point in a race, you know we had the race we were in command of the race. And we had a caution, and it's like, oh man, you know, these this, this, this package on these model has it's all about restarts. Pit stops and restarts. You know, you gotta hope you're in the right lane. You've gotta hope the gun Fernie doesn't screw up. It's all momentum right? So I knew we're on the second or we're in the second row. A new all I can do is try to get Newman going as fast as I could. So I was shoving him. You know I hit him at the start finish line. He sideways and I'm just staying you just pretty much put the thing on the floor and trying to try to find a place to put it. So that's what I did. I just pushed new all the way into one all the way through the middle of the corner, and then they got three wide off to the front row. And when they did that they just when you get to wide, you slow down when you get three wide, you slow down more. And so I had just I felt this little jolt of momentum when they got cyber three wide, and I was like this is my this is my time I got. So I just cranked, it left seen whole in like hope I can get turned three before. That's all you're thinking through in there on the floor straight into them. And it's like a hope it sticks. Hope is an stuff and, you know, when you're shoving him his car is not as good as you. He's out there with two tires hadn't had that fast car. I guarantee he, he loved every, every second KOMO push me. But you know what I mean because he wants to he knows that's his best chance to finish kids, too. So, and we're good, buddy. So it was cool to, to see him up there at the at the front at the end when you rolled in here tonight. Did you think man, I got shot this our cars? Good enough. I felt actually I did I felt pretty good. We had a good. We've had just a solid weekend, you know, for the model half package. We've kinda struggled a little bit little bit lately with it. I felt like we had a really strong car last week and he also race. And we kinda got. Putting a bad spot. But I knew this week we worked really hard on getting better from there. And we had a solid weekend, qua- practice qualifying. I thought was pretty good fourteenth not great. But for us where we thought about coming here, and we had to go out fourth which definitely hurt us. We felt pretty good about that. But just generally the car had better feel to this week in that we've had for a while at the mall half, and it's stuff we've been working on so, yeah, I felt pretty good role in here today that we were going to be really competitive, I didn't know it was going to be as good as it was. But I knew it was going to be be pretty good three wins in the last five race. What does this mean for you and your team heading into the summer stretch? Nothing nothing. I mean, it's just means we just Measor cars are good. And we have a great team. We're making good decisions right now. And we've got momentum which in this sport at the it's just it's like you don't know where to, you don't know where it comes from. You don't know where it goes. But you just hope, like hell, you have it, and we have it. So. Yeah. I, I mean I feel good about where we're at. But this sport changes so fast, you just you you're never you're never satisfied. You're always looking for more, and we'll be the same way. Okay. We can ask this question now because you've gotten really good success. You're tied with Kyle Busch. Brad kiss last for the most wins the season was there ever any little sliver of, doubt of man, I this move were going to be in huntersville. And it's all going to be different than by a bit of struggle. No mean I think we answered that pretty quick second race of the year. And we run second probably should want. So you know the good part about the firm. Ro alliance with Jay GR and through Toyota in two to your d-. How they had that had us all put together, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into like I knew everybody there. I knew how I knew what to expect them. They knew knew what to expect. That a me we had a great relationship already. So all those things that and I said this earlier was that all the things that you have, you know, you're apprehensive about going to a new team. You know, it's like, how do they, what do they expect to me? Like what do they want me to do? They want me to be, you know, how do they treat your drivers? What are you know it? Just all these little things. I already knew those. So I felt that's what made me feel so good about the move and the transition, that's why it was like soon as I got the opportunity pulled the trigger. It wasn't even I didn't even think about it. You know what I'm saying because I was comfortable with those people. And I knew that they were going to give me everything I needed to win races, because we had that relationship already had that mutual respect, so, yeah, the answer's no easy tomorrow's Memorial Day. Talk about what it meant to win for sergeant knoll and have him ride along with you tonight to victory lane. It's hard to excuse me. It's, it's hard to put it into words. Got to meet his family today before the race before before driver introductions that came by the motorhome and got to meet him and just sue, just a super nice family, really, really cool people, and we talked about a lot of different things we talked about Nick, and, you know, the things he did. And what kind of guy was, and then they brought a big giant picture of mounts of the car to take a picture with it was just really, really cool to get to. Meet them in here story. But just to hear you know their passion and, and you got to think it was twenty seven when he passed, and they're just so passionate about him in the kind of person he was, and what he meant to them. And, you know, just to think the impact he made on on those folks that kind of tells you what kinda guy was and see the story of the things he did the medals. He won the situations. He got unders actually I got some inside information about him that he did. I mean, this is just a super bad guy like this is a guy like for real this guy did stuff that we can't even talk about, like I can't even tell you. Yeah. I mean just one of those super just just super bad guys. That's like in a movie. You know what I mean? So I'm just I'm really honored. I mean, honestly, this whole weekend is so special to be at a win this race. We wouldn't even be here. It wasn't for gas and, and it's so special what NASCAR all the teams due to put. All this together in and just pay respect to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. That's what this weekend is all about. But for them to just go the extra mile with this race and put those NASA's cars, you have no idea how much it means that those families, it was so special to, to enjoy today with him and bring him in victory lane, and all that, it was they basically told me that, you know, we won because Nick was on there, and he's, he's just looking down smile in that made me. So happy. Let's got I feel great. I know you go through a lot of pre race ceremonies in every track does something special. But the setup for the start of the Coca Cola six hundred. It least for me is particularly emotional. Do you let yourself even though you're getting ready to go battled for six hundred miles soak that in? Absolutely. I mean, I don't get into race mode till I get in the car. So I completely enjoy watching those and being part of that, and it on it gives you chills it makes the hair on the back. Your next stand up to see those things to see those soldiers, and those helicopters fly over, I mean, you name it, I get into I love pre-race, and especially at a big race like this Daytona five hundred special for. But this tonight this race. I mean it's just it's first class, it's first class all the way. So you're going to go home tonight, and go to bed. I am. And crack more. I really don't know. It's, it's already. I know it's to clock in the morning, the two but yeah, I'm hey I'm a night person anyway. So I'm I'm still doing good. I don't know. We'll see what the guys want to do. Well, you might be a morning person kidding. Leave here. Your boss. Coach Gibbs has got voted into the NASCAR hall of fame. Tell me about your reaction to that. Well, it's not surprising. I mean it's, it's obviously that was coming in, you know, pretty cool for him. Tony, and Bobby all to get voted in, you know because because of the connection Aaron Tony and Bobby both winning winning races and championships for for, for Joe Gibbs, but pretty cool. I mean, how could you imagine being in the pro football hall of fame? And I know that'll never happen again. Like he's the only guy who who is into hall of fame. You know that's insane. So pretty cool, but yes, super impressive, but he such an awesome guy like I mean, I knew how much he put into the team in the sport and just what it meant to him before. But now working for him in this team that guys there all the time like his whole life is racing. If he's not at the shop, I guaranteed meeting with the sponsor, you know. So, like he just man. He's all in. He does a great job, and it's really an honor to work for him. All right before you came down here to visit with us. We're up speedway club for the shampoo. Toast with Markelle Smith and cool goodies. Well, I got a I got a lot of bling saying that we're. Yeah. Watch with lots of diamonds in the times, even right? And the upgraded the rings from last year. Coach showed me his from last year because kala one last year. And he's like Marcus what the heck why my ring? So. Compared to mine so coaches after a minute to getting when I guess, or whatever, so you just got your second jacket. I got a jacket to. Yeah, I don't have that with me. But so what, what will you do with that? We display. It will you, you know, usually those those kind of things I like the frame. So I'd like to keep memorabilia, I like to keep those kind of things. So I don't know. I might frame it or hanging. I got a special clause up like that I put like championship coats, and things like that. I don't like to wear that stuff. I just like to say that. So it'll probably go in there, but I got a really cool old. One of those old school coke machines. I. Oh, very cool. There's real old refrigerator. Very cool. So that's, that's my second one. So now, I've, I've I found a place to take it off your hands. Take it off your hands for I grew up with those back when what we used to call pop was die. Anyway, we'll, thanks so much for spending time. You're heading off to Pocono next. Stop your thoughts about the tricky triangle, it's going to be a lot different than what we've seen the past few years. You know, this, this downforce package. What we had here, the five fifty drafting ducks and all that. I mean I don't know. I mean it's again it's everywhere we go. It's new. So it's like I don't know. But hopefully we can get enough draft on the straightaway. To make make those big moves we want, basically, we want it to look like you know, the Indy five hundred today where we can get enough draft on the straightaway to hang back in the corner, because we've talked about all year. Right. It's really hard to run behind somebody in a corner at high speed track like here tonight, it was really difficult to kind of find a spot where he gets married, your car, the thought for Pocono in Indianapolis is that we can be far enough back through the corner that we can try to get that run draft up on the straightaway. Do the slingshot the old? So that's what we were hoping we can do, but I can guarantee the restarts are going to be insane. Poconos usually five wide. It's like eight wide. It's going to be. Announcer standpoint in speaking for fans, they had to be entertained tonight of, well, I hope so. I mean that's ultimately that was the goal. Right. So you know, there's things about I think there's things about the package, we can make better. But at the end of the day is like they asked me to meet, or I thought I was like, I don't get paid to get paid to drought. Pretty good at that tonight. Thank you. Time winter, total six hundred man. That's pretty cool. Very cool. Unbelievable. All right. Thanks a lot for your time. Thanks for staying up so late time winner. The Coca Cola six hundred here with us on fast talk. It's road trip season in advance auto parts, helping you get ready now through may twenty ninth, it's Memorial Day sale in, you have a chance to win a yeti Rhody fifty dollar gas card or one hundred dollars Vance gift card. Plus, get Castro conventional oil for only three ninety nine a court or five quarts of Castrol valvoline or Pennzoil conventional oil with a pure liter l l-series oil filter for just twenty five ninety nine. Think ahead thinking Vance advance auto parts and participating carquest locations. See store for details. You wash the outside fleeing the inside and make sure maintenance up today, pamper your car's engine and you'll system by adding Z max by Kerr, lubricant using the fluid as a carrier reach internal parts Z backs. Literally soaps in metal dispersing harmful carbon buildup health, improve performance extend engine life at reduce emissions Cemex today at Zemach dot com or your local auto parts store. I'm just an older. And you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network. This is Bill host the PRN's O'Reilly auto parts. Pit reporter to each week. The top insiders in the garage. Join me for an unfiltered Brown. Table discussion of the week's hottest top cars could make move. They could get runs drivers could come through the field. They can hold back to field. It's really hard to find something wrong with what happened Sunday. It was tremendous every one of the accidents that we've seen where car got airborne. The impact has been different. So they'll go back and they'll look at it and just make sure this was an isolated incident. It's not something that we need to make wholesale changes to all the cars across the board fix. We had the big three last year. Right. And this year we're talking about the big too, in terms of organizations. I still believe Stewart Haas racing are going to be really strong force this weekend. I'm fascinated to see how the Pocono doubleheaders June work in. I predict if that works. You know, I could see them noon that at other tracks. Your Reilly auto parts pit reporters on PR in the performance racing network. Putting the ramps on this dish in fast, talk, Doug rice, and Alexis Eric's. And by the way, our auto trader sweepstakes going on right now, whether it's at the dealership at the gas pump auto trader is always looking for ways to make your automative experienced better. You get internet, a win free gas for a year from auto trader in PR in Visco, PR dot com forward slash auto trader for your chance to win now. Here comes the disclaimer, no purchase necessary to enter to win open to legal US residents over the age of eighteen ends November four twenty nineteen Ford were prohibited. An exciting Coca Cola six hundred Alexis, you never know what you're going to get. It's like Forrest Gump box. Got a good one two did we absolutely? Got a good one. I'd say we got a we got a caramel one. Those are my favorite chocolates, but yeah, I mean it was exciting. I personally think from start to finish. There are a lot of storylines throughout the race. There was a lot of folks. Unfortunately the had bad luck Martin tricks junior head great look and wound up in victory lane. Nice crowd at Charlotte Motor Speedway to see the Coca Cola six hundred a popular winner, Martin trail. He may not be chase Elliott. Ron Blaney popular but he's way up there. The fans love them smarten tricks shooter. And I don't know how they couldn't. I mean, we just out here and talk to him, and he smiled and, and, and was super friendly, the whole time. I mean he's just like you said earlier in an every man, and I think a lot of people relate to him and, and he used a great winner. I I'm very pleased. And we talk a lot about the state of the union in the sport of Howard, trending were coming off a series of good races. Hopefully Pocono can deliver. At an maybe we start seeing some sunshine at the end of the tunnel in the NASCAR universe. I sure hope so I, I would agree with you. I think we're we're on an upward trend. Kansas was a fantastic race. We had a fantastic race here. The all star race last weekend was a thriller. I thought, so I really hope that Pocono continues on that trend and delivers for the fans to big rations today in the United States of America. The Indianapolis five hundred I think they'll be buzzing for that one for a long time with Simon passionate popular well-known driver capturing their biggest race and then here in Charlotte. Sixteen caution flags for eighty land. Relapse nearly twenty five percent of the racialist random to the yellow. Yeah. I mean we had four stages. Each one hundred laps that yeah, that's, that's an impressive when you think about the number of caution. All right. Quickly your wicks pick for Pocono. Ooh. That's a great one. You know, I'm gonna say, monitor ex junior. There you go. One going two in a row. Oh for Alexis Ericsson and the rest of our team. I'm Doug rice. We'll be back Monday. What with a whole bunch more fast talk. Bass talk was presented by Toyota for the latest Toyota racing information. Visit Toyota racing dot com. Advance auto parts. Think ahead. Think advance. And by wicks find the wicks distributor nearest you. Go to wicks filters dot com. This is P R in the performance racing network.

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