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Where In The World Is Anthony Davis Going?


Oh, it's the McMahon up out. It's up. Not a whole lot has has the Super Bowl. I hate it. Do not like. Not. Why too much stuff? Now, it's fine. Just doing some just just stuff after stuff after stuff. What kind of stops? I think today stuff. I I did a blog stuff, then I blog. Oh, yeah. Did a blog stuff came here to do a recording stuff. And then as soon as I get off here. I'm leaving to go do a sunny digital stuff. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh, yes. Is this a lot of I don't don't give anything away. Okay. Yeah. I'll I'll just leave it there. Yeah. That could mean any anything. So yeah, lots of lots of stuff trail, stuff's Anthony. Davis stuff's lots of stuff. I'm not even at the trail stops is that a non story. Correct. That's like, oh this the sun rose again. Yeah. That's what the now. My thing is I have to go. I'm going one by one to members of team Portnoy, just explaining Dana actions. And I'm like is this who you want in your trenches? And so far it's been y p I've got smoked there'd be like, no. I don't want this guy watching my bet. Like, so you understand why I'm not distraught. Yeah. I mean, Dana it doesn't do a lot of thinking ahead or thinking all. Well for that matter. So. Yeah, him not seeing how that would backfire almost instantaneously unsurprising out argue. No, it's it's fine. I'll. I'm doing day by day recap. So it'll by the time people here still be able to read my my recap of betrayal Tuesday is we do. Known around the barstool offices. Yeah. And and the home how how the houses only seen one the one I've seen amazing. The other ones the other ones several hours away. Right. Correct. So. Nice. Brett. When when the all the booking and stuff happened. Brett was like, yeah. It's ten minutes away. I was like there's absolutely nothing in Atlanta that that would qualify ten minutes. I don't even know if they're I think they're more than ten miles away. So that can't be true. He did like a Google search at like what in the morning and was like, yeah. If you don't hit any lights, and you go thousand miles an hour. You can get there. Pretty quick. Half an hour. No problem. What has? I was how is the pizza community Ben affected by by Dave varietal? I've heard so far I won't give too much away. I know a couple of places that I told Franken ago, they said, Ron, listen, they enjoyed the two places I mentioned, so okay. I don't know where there was. There was a debacle today. I'm sure people. Yeah. We'll have heard about it because the pizza reviewed by the time they hear this. I won't I won't step on that. Either. As long as as the police weren't involved. Think everything's gonna be okay. No promises. Yeah. No, no. You never know. What's what's the word of north? I'm currently building a shelf of some sort sounds like it. Yeah. Bagging up dope or something. We'll yeah. That's what we call. That's the slang up here for it. These days. Gotcha. No trying to think I just watched like a whole heap of media day stuff. And I thought it was very funny that after they arrested PF t they went onto us like multiple of his questions in the official NFL video. I told him I was like you should too man. That's your intellectual property. Yeah. I so lawsuit penny. Yeah. I mean lawsuit distract both pending. Yeah. No, it's wild as wild that. A they have the the absolute worst security ever of all time that we continue to thwart time and time again, not what goes after they get back. I'll song like datum PF tells like man, it really should not be that easy to get as close to like this is a world event. These are the actors in this world of it. You could literally just Ray and in touch them pretty much. Very so Dave Dave was talking. Very spicy too dumb. It consumes from like inches away. Oh, yeah. To shot him a look that killed us. All right. Yeah. And it was like, you everyone here knows I could murder you. But I'm not going to pull the mustache off. And then murdering many way Goodell's like, yeah, we'll we'll door. But. Door, but it was attacked with crazed fan. Oh, man. Yeah. No, just the mustache was killing me the. Just I don't know. Like, we've said it before on this. If you walk into a place like you're supposed to be there. You can get into most places just about all feel like. I feel like media. They should be a slightly more stringent. I dunno David like win. If so many like white guys that look like they should be there. How do you know who shouldn't? That's the thing. It's a good point again. Go to put your credit. Critic Dave and PMT for using that to their credit for content. Dave big gap that he couldn't come because the jumps jumps. It would blow their covers maybe the funniest thing of. Listen when he's right. He's right. The mustache. He was in there. Nobody had any. I do. We was. I will say like the we do get thrown out as far as the content to. But like if we just sat on the videos and posted them after I feel like it might be more effective. Like like the next day after day how long after what you're out of the building. And you've already gotten like as much as you can get. Yeah. But I don't know kind of the the guns omission. I think that's what attracts people to. Well. You can see it live in the flip Dom consumed might beat up. Dave right now. Not not an hour ago. He's whooping and right now. Yeah. But it would be also very funny came out that endowment ensue beat someone, and they didn't have the footage jet, and that we just released it like a day later like day from the hospital not team, you know, teams. He's getting footage. I through very true Dave sales at the PMT era tells it too. We we pull out we just a company pull the wool over TMZ last week. I can't say anything about it. Because I don't know when it's coming out, but TMZ they'd get hoodwinked bamboozled. Let us stray no more. Yeah. It was pretty it was pretty funny watching it like, I didn't even watch it unfolded and already been on on spelled. By the time. It had happened. I was like classic classic move by by when it when it comes out. It will be like, oh, of course, not to it was typical Levin. But yeah, Anthony Davis. Doesn't want to be in New Orleans anymore. Word you'll never hear me say New Orleans. So if you're looking for like a star play you would never hear truly whisker say, I no longer want to be in New Orleans. I. I mean, this is to me this is a massive non story because it's already been a story. I mean like making it a issue like the first day of Super Bowl week 'cause it's like people talking in beyond the Super Bowl. Yeah. Like this was by design. That's exactly why you're going to hear about the game all week that part's funny. And it also I mean, if you're a saints pelicans fan like what a what a shit week, not great. And the New Orleans baseball teams not looking Grady now. Now, they are not. But. There's no like what what's the percentage you put it. It gets traded by the deadline. What is if the pelicans are smart zero? I don't know if they're the case though. So correct. I've fifty percent. I don't know. He might be traded. Traded. You might just be a Milwaukee. Buck right now. Did you say Gregg Popovich told del damn space way to not be a pussy and just wait. No, good advice, though, it was like don't just fold to the Lakers which is blatant tampering. Like the other way leg, you definitely can't do. I'm on pop side. Right. The Lakers contam- walk in. I was gonna call it. They got they got fined like what once for all the tampering. They've done in the past like five years. Yeah. No tampering. MBA doesn't give a shit about tampering. They really don't. And they don't know what tampering is it's one of those things trope like that row Tampa. Oh, yeah. They do that all the time. That's bad. Lebron? Lebron's attire career would be different without a little tampering. Man. He's given his great. He's gotta played out perfectly. He's like, man. There's just me talking about a friend a Rich, Paul. That's that's just my business associate. Yeah. The billions of dollars and start of care. I don't know where they got that from. That's just my posse. And yeah, you ask Mavericks this anymore. So it's no way raided by the deadline, right? I would like you can't possibly I just don't. But it just opens up so much more wait till at least wait to see who has I on. You know what I mean? Like, wait till say who has that one pay because as laughable as the next typically hot if you can get Zay on and maybe even porzingus or not that's something. I think worth looking into. Maybe I wanna trade porzingas. Maybe I want Zayn in AD. Maybe that's my thought. Yeah. I don't think that law. I that at all either. It's just like there's just no good. That can come from rushing a deal over these next where it's like a week. It's not even like to. It's like a week, right? The trade deadline some it just seems to me like one of those. Like the owners like like, he's staging me up get him outta here. And it's like, oh, wait, wait. What? No like, no. No, no. Like, if we wait three months like the Celtics will be in. Whoever is the number one pick will be in other teams will will get everybody's like last and final offer. And now he's showing me up. I want him out. And yeah. And yeah, that's how he ends up in Portland for like mohawk. Listen a first round pick. Just cut him. I don't even want to. I don't want anything back for just cut up. Yeah. No. He's he's making me look bad be failing him as an owner the past seven years was career. That's no dies. But what he said him telling all his teammates respectfully, and then going to the proper channels to request a trade enough. I wanna make this very clear very clear boy, if you're a Celtics fan, and you wouldn't try Jason Tatum for Anthony Davis. Go fuck yourself. They're going to yell at you. I'm fine with that. They always yell at me. I'm currently getting yellow that reporting out that Gordon Hayward, fucking stinks a basketball. That's what I've been currently getting yelled at boy. And you just won't quit. I won't I won't quit. I certainly will. I would also like to make this abundantly clear. I will not trade for everyday Davis of Marcus smart is in the deal. That's where I'm at. That's a bad date, while do it Tyler won't can't do it isn't that Jerry West bay? But that's pretty. No, it's it's one of those things where like we could find the money from different player. I don't think like the pelicans are like we need smart. So the only way I think he's in the that deal to begin with is to make money match using just young players find the money from somewhere else. But they say, you know, it's Marcus mortar bust you say. No, thanks. It's Marcus Martin who else. Okay. So mortgage mortgage is available. That's really, you know, what I'm saying. Like who are the other two players. Or assets. The I don't I mean, what's the what's the proposed trait. Like, I don't know what the proposed trade. I just keep seeing like four first round picks. And I know they all stink. They don't all stink. Most of them stank. What's the top with the highest one? Like the grizzlies pet keeps getting better since it's not coming this year. Thick. There's another good one like the kings ones this year that one doesn't look all that great. But with a lottery, that's why it's like wait till the lottery because of what if that came back is to over on then now any day was showing up. The the Benson family river. My thing is like if it's. Like Tatum to me. So feels like a pretty good chip. He's not like a Anthony Davis. Good. So at like, you said it best just you said it best yesterday. All of these traits are bad since Anthony Davis was going in the other direction. Correct. Yeah. Like any trade people like with they're getting hose. Yeah. That's how this works. Was like like you say, it's no I think Zach Lowe wrote this column like six weeks ago, basically like, okay. When this does happen. He's I just run this part. But he's like this is maybe the most sought after guy ever for like what he does on both ends of the court the position his age. It's like basically like when Korean was leaving the video. And then he was like I want Los Angeles. So that wasn't even really like free agency. Right. I mean, this one might also not be it might not. But I don't know. He's apparent Boston's outright because he's like carries not signing. Yeah. I don't know where that came from. That was a weird. That feels like LeBron still feels like I feel like. I don't know if it's like something like kyri Toda, Anthony Davis. Hold on. I signed. I ain't but hold fire. Right. No. I think it's like, hey, if we can get done, I think they wanna play together. I don't know if it matters where and I don't I think Boston's as much of an option is like the clippers. You know, what I mean, I don't know man because by option, you know, where I'm going. Whiskers stood of Boston. A few times. You love boss listens. Liked love LA. Also, if they go to LA, they're going to the Lakers, right? If Kyrie Andy Davis play together in Los Angeles. It's going to be with LeBron James. I can't see them doing it for the clippers. I would assume. So yes. Man. I think it's well sounds like I've never seen. There's no player that comes to mind that once they've been traded to Boston were like mad. I hate it here. There were players have signed their out. Right. And it just didn't work out. They share fucking hated. But like Isaiah Thomas. I mean, even Gary Payton who outright refuse the trade, the boss and after a few weeks, he was like all right? I get it. So if we tried for everyday Davis, which we can't do now because of fucking Derrick rose gift the keeps on giving. That guy that guy is a true angel. I would argue. But if we trade for Dave have is I don't think is going to be like, well, I'm signing with the Knicks. Now, I think he just comes back to Boston and sciences max, and and all this is forgotten about. But but would if he was like, no I'm going in eighties coming with me. That's also a possibility that wouldn't surprise me at all. That's also I've been a huge advocate for not trading Terry specifically for that is Teri ever going to be as good as kyri. No, no is not is. He a a very strong backup plan if Kyrie just walks. Yeah. I think so the last two games he started. He's averaged twenty six and a half and five and a half. That's a good player. It is he's yeah. He he hasn't had a good year by by any stretch. Good. Yeah. Like, they feel like they have to be holding off with it re they could if they wanted just the asset he'd be in Orlando or Phoenix or somewhere right now. So I agree. They're holding them for something. Which makes me think that it probably like if Anthony Davis is thinking, maybe I won't in their holding onto it. Then it probably really is fifty. Fifty if carries coming back. Two people. Right. Which is what I said when he announced that he was staying in Boston for the rest of his life. I was like, I don't I don't believe you at all. No. I'll get. No. Yeah. Soon as he said that Blake Griffin cod. And it was like, listen they. It's the same shit to me. So. Yeah, by biggest thing is. Yes, you I would try Tatum. It would hurt me much more to trade. Jalen, just because that's my boy. But like if if the if it's like Jalen in Tatum for a D like, yeah, you do that too. And we'll obviously you have to keep kyri too. If you just trade for a and then Kyrie's still walks. That's the worst team than the fucking pelicans have right now. They both walked back New Orleans, right, man. Oh, man. Julio. Oh. Kyri? Wow. Would it got quite a setup going on down, man? Marcus smart off the bench while Robert Williams backing up AD. Unreal. Yeah. I will say I've seen Robert Williams turned a lot of these traits. That upsets me greatly don't say so like make. Make me an offer. Like, what's your offer? What would you offer days? Yeah. Yeah. That'd be Tatum. Jalen, whatever the kings pick ends up being the grizzlies pick. And then I don't know what kind of I think the money to make it work is like Horford, which would would kill me. But. I mean, I would love to put Hayward in there. But no one in there fucking right mind with trade for that piece of shit. Pelicans might know is there. Only. Really have like, the smart, Marcus smarts. Like the only like middle money right everybody, the rookie year max. Honestly, I don't know if it's like, it's basically for like Tatum. That's that's what I'm hearing. If I'm the pelicans. So it's all a how much value Tatum? Who is still a very good trade shoop? I don't think he's a blue Chipper like elite of the elite, but it's still a very guy. Well, let me would you rather have Tatum or Ingram? Tatum. Okay. And would you say anger or Lonzo is L as big as like chip? Mandated article today, I like scouts or saying it's like Kuzina, which I still don't like that's why I'm like, man. Oh, man. I would I would like I would take Tatum over either Lonzo or Ingram. But I'm not out on Lonzo and Ingram. So if I can get both of those guys verse Tate, I have to think about it. Like, I might stay hoteliers just because he's. I don't have to wait for them to gained forty pounds. And he doesn't shoot like he's shooting a medicine ball. Correct. But Lonzo Anna, I would have to think about it. You'd rather have Lonzo Ingram rather than juice and Tatum? I gotta be honest with you daddy, juices scaring me this year, you know, his last twenty game. So we've been incredible whatever the first ones. Yeah. I mean, his hand was like half broken. And that's not me making excuses that if he was still playing like shit after his hand was like healed. I would be like this is a huge problem the ever since his hand healed. He's been like he's been shooting forty percent from three again, I think it's like thirty nine point three or something. If people want to get technical, I think he's had nine twenty point games in his last fifteen or something like that. And this is all still coming off the bench, the he's he came out. And he was like, yeah. I didn't understand my bench role at first plus the injury. So yeah. The first half of the air was not good. You're not gonna hear me find any him. He's saying he differently. The past. I think it's fifteen or twenty games or so it really whenever Marcus smart entered the starting lineup. The Celtics started playing like the Celtics again, and that's really all I need to build. His MVP case bore. Shipped New Orleans cut. He was just use there to make the cat for make the money where I'd be furious. I the Bacchus is like as shooting threes now, it's just the wrong time to be trading. Marcus smart like this is just not the tie was. He that's like I like, I haven't heard Tatum and Brown. But like, yeah. If you're getting into those then it's like like, okay. Like, that's it made me like can I get been Simmons? Because I take Ben Simmons over any of these. But it's okay. If you're going to be both of those ants and pics, then yet what else you got Lakers. Kusano moves untouchable. So right. Yeah. The trade. I've seen has been like Ingram zubec- heart, and like a first round pick and honest to God would not trade that for drew holiday. No, like people are like, you know, you're trolling. Absolutely. Not no. Yeah. No, not trae this holiday. These are the facts on the matter. There's the facts of life right here. Not because if it's honestly like I know how in the past you've been like Boston has to pay more. I think this is a case where like the Lakers are going to have to pay more just because they are the Lakers. And again like this is kind of the game. It's like, no I want Lonzo and Ingram, and I want heart, and I want Suba. Suba, and I want some I and I want you to take back solemn hill, like if we're gonna force your hand like we're 'cause you like you need him more than he needs you direct. Maybe they can go anywhere and still be all NBA talent. If you whiff on him and the pike sake. Hawas stays in Toronto Butler stays in Philly. Then it's like wha-. Okay. The bronze like who am I getting like Draymond green? Like that's gonna be my number two. I just take the guys the warriors. Let go to keep Kevin Durant. That's one building with Flo. I I do agree with what you just said though. I do think the Lakers are in that that Celtics position of old where yeah, they do have to pay more of a premium right now. And I'm just happy that not of this is happening without big VAR climbing out of his whole that LeBron enrich Paul shoved him into to to get his takes off. Because if you thought Lonzo is just gonna get shipped to to New Orleans without hearing from lavar ball, you're out of your goddamn mind. Was do you think he's like in the country right now, he has got him like in Guantanamo just under lenders under wraps? You're not saying being until he was able he was able to get a kite out or something because he he made it known that. If if this is going to go down Lonzo Lonzo needs to be on on on a different team entirely. He's not going to know New Orleans. What I like, I know what small-market ali-ba, man. Oh, man. I don't New Orleans is getting the shit rep. Like, I know it's football town on. No, all I get all it. But you've had Chris Paul Anthony Davis passed through in the past ten years. And they're just like, we're good. Yeah. No at people. I mean, I think that's the problem. Both of them are wanted to be out. I think everyone else sees that. They're like, yeah. Well, fuck when I wanna go there. But if they do I think they should trade everyb- like, let's people I eight teams not that bad. Let's see they're going to trade there. But let's see what they get. We'll see how everybody values each while more mirror to Julius Randle since ADS playing with this this great team. Why aren't they better? So you when you put these pieces up for who wants to offer Payton. Who's gonna give me a lottery pick for Elfriede Peyton? I've got your little Okeafor who's gonna give me a young player and a pick for that. Jalil Okafor to his credit has been playing really well as of late night, Ivanhoe. It. Aasen? I know we we both hated his guts coming into the draft. But I'm happy. I never wanna see anyone outright fail unless they've done me wrong personally. And he never did not yet. At least I'm sure there's plenty of time. And I'm happy that he's like 'cause when he got hurt the beginning of the is like fuck, it's like this is what he needed. He's come back in missed all this Jalil logo. All this. Anthony Davis shit. He's been playing really well. No. Yeah. He's cooking. Like this is like maybe this is what he needs. I man. Oh, man needed a new started. Amanda trade. So I can put up some garbage numbers and get back into shape back in the game. Thanks the. Yeah. Now shadow Jalil because it was looking real scary for him for a long time there. But. Gonna say, yeah. New Orleans knock great Lakers. I mean, the Lakers like need to hit on this straight. They're getting into like Yankees territory where where no one really wants to play like they haven't developed anyone. Like any of these young players? They would be good trade chips if they had developed fucking literally any of them the best player, they develops. They traded away just to get MAs Goth's contract of will you they needed that to have like extra money to not pay anybody because nobody wants to play LeBron. And now like imagine like the dander looks like he's had a he's been coming on lately to speaking. Jalen Brown guys playing better lately like his game with LeBron like that just seems like a better fit than Lonzo. But now, you gotta get off MAs gov. Money, man. And the answer is going to be a free agent this like this summer, and because they have like I don't he could he could move realistically move. But now there's Lonzo ball gets to the free throw line twice a month. It's tough. It's tough to be a Lakers fan. I've always said it you hate to see it. I don't like seeing guys bad like this. They don't deserve it. Now after all they've had gone wrong in their history. Just no notable names. No, nothing marketable about that your organization. No, no. And it's just a shame. It's real sheets now you'd get a lot done. Now. I'm looking for my dip, which let's go. Oh, yeah. This is going to be the next thirty minutes of May-like flipping over the log in was still sitting on it again. Now that time I had a whole log of it. And it was just staring at me. But it was like so much of it that I was looking pass it every time missing the forest for the dip. You know was a tough one. That was almost like I was like tearing my own gums off during that. And then I was like, oh, there's so much of it. Right there staring at me face this one. I mean, this one could be anywhere though. It sounds like no such luck. This one could be absolutely anywhere. I'm just broke my ankle that would have been good didn't sound. No, no, sure wasn't. Trying to think what else this Anthony Davis shit 'cause a lot. I just know him. Look it right now though in the western standings, pelicans are thirteenth at a fifteen bad point differential plus point one, plus one point five skews me, which is better than like the clippers who were in the play offs, which is about the same as the rockets who the five c so it's by it's like both sides of rice. Like, I don't think Andy Davis teams bad. They're not they're just not healthy by team. Just hasn't been healthy all year. None of them. Which is bad in kind of the problem with Anthony Davis teens his whole like nuance career. I feeling I feel like before the book was like at. I don't want him to be healthy. They're bad either way. I don't. I didn't even see twenty minutes ago. Pelicans Davis fine fifty thousand dollars for trade demand. Is that a thing you can do no Orleans? Four anti Davis has been five fifty thousand dollars by the NBA after his agent. Rich. Paul towed wodel money is client wants to be traded to a team that allows them a chance to consistently and compete for a championship the collective bargaining agreement. Prohibits players or their ages from publicly requesting a trade. But he my Rich Paul didn't tweet it though by Hedin public requested. No, Rich, Paul, right? Rich, Paul and his clutch. They do a good job of like really skirting the rules like really just like skating right up benches, which I mean, that's at listen. I'm a patriot fan. That's how you do. That's the game right there. So I have no problem with it. I just didn't realize that wasn't a thing. You could do same. Yeah. Again. I don't know what makes for. Public right? Like the second. He said that it was going to be public news within the hour. So yeah. So I don't I guess, and I don't know how he will get a go fund me for any. That was good. This fifty K. I just say I mean, this guy you're talking about downtrodden. He just turned down five years to forty million, man. He's down on his luck. Yeah. Now, this is a guy. I mean thoughts and prayers to Anthony Davis. Let's hope he can eat tonight doubt. Could he he just push that plate of Gumbo? Just right off the table. Yeah. No. I what like let's try, and let's try and handicap this now who's the who's the Toronto of this deal is a Toronto. Again, it might just be Toronto. Like, I. So my show me those like why why wouldn't they just go all in as like, I don't know. They might sit. Again, they really didn't give up a whole lot for like asset wise for derozen. Now, they showed it was like, okay, we just package. But I don't have to be some like, oh, gee him like van Wli far for money. And I'm sure they own most or all of their picks. Yeah. I don't know. What picks they wouldn't have. So. Yeah. I mean already like Siaka alone. Put them ahead of the Lakers. Right. Who've ano- man, you talk about like, that's a true thing. But if you just said that I don't know but before this season, you'd be laughed at it here, and it might not have been wrong before the season. Like, that's the funny. Just death threats. You know, they they definitely have your life. I've been trying to think of like the I've been trying to sell a big cat on like just like wait till you guys. Get the one pick. And then like that basically what our Jimmy Butler and the number one overall pit. Just flip it right on. Yeah. But you share like would you rather have Zay on you like absolutely have control over for five years or maybe a day leaves in a year, which I'm sure he would Chicago, and they do things very poorly there, that's home, man. He's going to do that. He ate it forever. Again. You put the onus on him. All right. I don't hate that. That's number one pick him. Would it took a maybe wind? Like I'd like I'm keeping one of a probably wanna keep Markkanen honestly to put around eighty. But if they want Martin in the keeping window Carter. I still think Philly can and would win this if they wanted to would just Simmons. Yes sevens. In like like, I just wanna keep him beat. I've just been trying to stir shit. I was just trying to get round two males. Embiid for Davis makes a lot of sense. He's like, I'm not even gonna entertain this. Just saying basically, the same player only better at everything. Well. But I I don't think they would again probably should. I don't think they will. That would be the thing that got me afraid of Philly. Finally, if they just did Simmons for eighty. Yeah. I I try to sell them on Butler. But hey, you want this guy that hates everybody. No orleans. I keep going you can get attention. I'm like I'm trying to think of it's mostly going to have to be. Somebody suggested like Denver to me. I thought Denver was very interesting. Very interesting like Millsaps for the money. Throw it like Gary hairs or Jamal Murray appeal like a Mani Morris or like Puerto junior like this. If you like really betting on a lottery pit, right? So yet Denver was very interesting to me. I would love to see yolk in a day together. Yeah. That'd be like horrifying horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. I've been trying to pitch. I don't think they can make a tray day just don't have the assets. But again, if I'm eighty and I'm thinking long long term. Lebron's thirty four dodger because nineteen. I'm just saying like he's fifteen years younger than LeBron James eighties twenty-five eighties. Like, I'm thirty three. I'm getting longer to two. So it's I don't want to be blamed for everything in LA, which again, still pretty good life. I don't know how you feel about taking it. Backseat to a nineteen year old but Dallas is going to have like a lot of cap space. They're big city. I don't feel. I don't feel like people in the NBA hate Cuban. Maybe they should. But I don't feel like he's hated. No. I probably the same about Carlisle to. Yeah. I don't know if you would do I think that what might have to be after the season just to see where their pick ends because right now there. We've been I mean there literally it's a good pick. It's going to the hawks. Excuse me. You have it's a bad pick in there. I don't think they're like, they're not top five bad. I think they're already pretty much edited mix troops playing. I did forget about that. So yeah. Because I was thinking like Harrison Barnes for the money, and that's already a sad way to start. I guess Dennis Smith junior just could seek like he would be there other chip. But like, I don't. That's it has to be like the number six and a one player dry. So yeah. Yeah. It'd be the number six pick. And then just like I mean, you would have dodge a day. So you'd have to just be like, we'll give you the rest of our picks moving forward. We just like if we have these guys will figure it out from there. But it's just like I that's the best. I could do it on the Dennis Smith and this number seven pigging, drip, right? Yeah. No. It's not a good trade at all. I would love for. I think I'm trying to treat everybody to the Pacers. I just want to have people. I think the clippers could make a very good offer like their team, I feel they just want to kind of jump the gun like get him to L A. And hope he got. You gotta be a crew bitch. If they bring them to the clippers and he size with the Lakers, that'd be tough. Maybe he's a crew bitch. But I I find out like you get like Al Nour's playing really well this year, he's healthy help. He's been playing. Great to buy his hairs heralds been great shea. Of course untouchable. But. But I like they can make a decent offer. But I don't I still want Milwaukee. But I don't I don't I don't think they got the horses. Either. No, that'd be tough. Although thown did announce he'd like to be traded. So I mean, there's one there's will fifty K down the drain. All right. Donny. Yeah. You see Markey's Chris. The same day is the the Anthony Davis news came out was also like I to demand a trait. Everyone's like, yeah. Cool. I'm also unhappy here. I mean, the most interesting teams, I think like, I think Portland would be really interesting. I just don't think they have lower taxes. Yeah. I don't know. I think that's why like right now. I know the Lakers are the odds on favourite in the Celtics are two per Vegas. But yeah, I three. Let me see if I can find it. Because I'm looking like it really is like I kind of think the wrapped like anything that doesn't involve a number one pick or like a. Been Symon like a blue chip affect the raptors can get in the mix. Okay. So odd Shaq tweeted this out five hours ago the updated odds for what team Anthony Davis will be on for the first game of twenty nineteen twenty twenty. Now, the Celtics are now the favourite at plus one fifty. Raptors Lakers tied plus three hundred. Pelicans are plus five hundred that's though money away. Bigtime the Knicks are plus thousand. Okay, seventy Sixers are plus twelve hundred. And the team that would make keel over just laughing for hours on end, the Golden State Warriors are plus sixteen hundred. Man. Let me go on little something down on that. Sixteen hundred you say man, I I got hours for that. I can that's what I mean. Yeah. Like. Like clay. Yeah. That'd be Klay enduring. That's already like the best deal. The only man. Oh, man. Like, I the only I'd be terrified of paying those next deals clay, not so much. But like Draymond. Well, I mean, both those guys like you're paying their next deals and not knowing what they're gonna do away from Golden State. Right. But I mean, there was a to all all star all MBA guys. Like that seems like the deal they would trouble. Yeah. We're going to will make the playoffs before LeBron. He's not gonna make a fool out of us. We're gonna make several shortsighted move. That'll teach you Davis. Yeah. I mean, I guess the move there would be to to like trick. Like if that's the trade. They were to make the trade those guys on trade them each individually elsewhere for more assets if you're like a smart Dame. But if you're a smart team, you wouldn't have Anthony Davis demanding a trade away from you. So you don't get that New Orleans. Correct. The team like the one that I think has assets he would just never stay with this Phoenix. Definitely. That's why I said that yesterday. I said Phoenix has much better assets in the Lakers if they wanted to do something like this. They they wouldn't be they probably shouldn't. Because again, he wouldn't say I mean. I mean, I I would just like I don't know how close he Booker not close enough for him to do now being wilbon forty is fine. This is great. But like if they like and alone, if you just say like, okay. Eight on the table TJ warn for money, right? Like in the worms was really good. Right. It's what I'm saying. Like, he's a piece then like viewing take a flour and like Josh Jackson or bridges or Yubari like or Melton aura Kobo like we've got our own place. And they might stink because we're the sons. Yeah, they're the if they wanted to get to the mix and alone that athlete, I feel like that's better than everything. But maybe Simmons like eight and I told him I'd have to consider. But I think I could see either side of it. Correct Akkad as well. But you're right. He would never stay. So there's and Phoenix isn't smart enough to be like, hey, wait a minute. We could we could trade. They destroyed the wrong way. We want to get in on three team deal. We want the shitty part of the deal. Plays back. Yes. We would like to end up with a each one more and give up. Our unprotected first round pick this year. I would. Outside of Boston. Obviously the place. I hope he ends up. Most is Denver. Yeah. That'd be see mines is. I just want him in Milwaukee. Mayor. They just like with DJ Wilson who they trading here. No, I'm like Middleton brogden, Don, they've got all their own picks. It really has like brothers back to get paid bribes. Good middleton's. Good. I don't know what you want to pay those guys. That's a. That's your thing. And will they stay if you're paying I think they will. Would with brogden. He's restricted. So he's kinda doesn't hook say. But Middleton, I like, I don't think he's never been paid paid. So if they're just they just put the four or five year or just a lot of money in front of him and say here like here's a chance to be diga. By Middleton, brogden thown. Trayvon Duval and a pig now. I don't I would just want and they Davis and Janas. Together to do will. Yeah. That that'd be properly horrifying. I agree. I'm really trying like I know Miami is always listed just like the assets that I would want if I'm Anthony Davis. I'm like, no way. Because those are the guys I wanna play with. It'd be like, Josh Richardson. Bam Justice for anti Davis. And he's like, we'll we'll yeah. Now. I gotta play with Rodney mcgruder and Dwayne Wade. Stating orleans. Yeah. Yeah. They're like Miami's and such a good like they've been a great spot if they had cap space, which I don't know what their cap looks like this summer. But in thinks it's thing if many years, well, then that's tough because it's crazy giving Kelly Olympic that much money. Didn't isn't gonna work out in the long run. But getting laid not platelet on like that's the exact type of anti Davis is not gonna make a fool Etta me. He's getting traded flight James Johnson, Dion waiters and like two first round picks. Yeah. Because I've ever since like point Justice has been dominant. I would argue, but yeah, man, this is just a. If this is the most eight seed for the next five years as roster I've ever seen. That's what I'm saying. It's like next year. Knicks year kept space starts to appear. But like next year alone. Whites ads got an option for twenty seven million opt in definitely Johnson's got option for nineteen million opt in drugs. Why why does he have that up? She it was it was a crazy deal the net. Son them to it was like his like five years five years earthly, five nil. Yeah. Yeah. Not James Welby. It was like five meal. Five mil. Twenty mil twenty mil right in the heat Ray. Like, yes, we'll keep it. Just got an option for nineteen. I I could see him opting out if he just wants but longer like he's thirty two he might just want the three thirty five deal. So he might leave. But after that, you get James Johnson, Olen waiters. For at least three more seasons before lease two more seasons. All three of those guys. No, thanks. No. Big. No, thanks, so yeah. I would say objectively not as a Celtics fan like Toronto with with him in him and Kawai would be super interesting. And I think like New Orleans doesn't getting a fair deal back from whoever they trade from. But like Siaka OJ, even though he hasn't looked great this year. I'm still very high on him Ciocci. I'm an OG it with whatever else. They get isn't a terrible package Philly if they can get Simmons back. I know he's gonna have to get paid soon. But they can get Simmons back and just be like, look, this is your team whatever the fuck you want. If you want shooters if you want whoever this is your team, right? You do it like if you don't wanna shoot ever fine. We'll build it. So you don't have to like you. Right. You're the. That would be very and then on the other side of that like Embiid and Davis would be as horrifying Jonathan Davis. Man. I think I think John is a that's the most terrifying to in the league potential to me, I grabbed like Embiid up there for sure. But like if those two I think that's one and two man what about all? Right. So what about Kawai AD? I have Janas eighty above them. Okay. Like, I feel like there's just lock arms at half court. You'd never get a shot off kind of difference or you brook Lopez under the rim to clean up. And what are you doing? I mean, Boston would be weird because if their trading Tatum in Brown and like, Terry walks. You're going to be your four for gone for the money which your lineup if he stays like eighty pay word inquiry. Hopefully like and smart forty six thirty six. It's a it's strange like, I'm I'm completely content with like if eighty goes to like a team that absolutely can't sign kyri. I think he's still stays like, I don't think like they're like, no. We're absolutely teaming up one of those kinds of things like Chris Bosh LeBron type deal we'd like to. Yeah. We're gonna plan. Yeah. Right. So I like part of me is completely. Okay. With missing on a day. I would rather. I'd love to have him, of course. But as you talk about like, all right? So it's carry in a d or a dis your one Kyrie's you two very strong, Marcus smart. Your three still pretty good. Not like the best number three of our V. Margaret's smart. Like my nine we championship contender. Listen, listen. The Brooklyn Netflix. We played the Brooklyn. That's three times. I feel like this past week. For some reason, the Brooklyn nets bent starts Chirpin, Marcus smart in the first quarter that he can't shoot which would have been a fine chirp any other year this year. He just starts. Torching them from three. And they keep doing it. Like, it's the worst idea I've ever seen. They keep doing it and keeps not working in their favor. Not oh, hey is gonna run out. Sometimes I eat, man. We gotta play this guy with ten times a year for the next four. He's not gonna hit all those three markets. Like, I I would have thought it would have burnt out by now it just hasn't. That's what they thought to. He's like, no just keep doing this. I there the slot machine. Now, you can't stop now somebody else's warm up to slow or somebody else hits your Jack. But. Marcus smart last night had twenty one. How many assisted they have? He had one of those like very crazy stat lines. He had twenty one seven five steals, two blocks. The only other Celtics that have done that are Larry Bird in Paul Pierce. Like, I don't know how Paul Pierce ended up on that yet. Oh, I don't know. I don't know the night he was dishing out like nine assists. But. At the hot hand. Must've, but Marcus Smart's been legitimately just very good this year. No, I just asked high again, I make my jokes about him. But like when he signed the deals like no that's more than fair and this year, he's been good. It. What's let's is three point at right now, the thirty six and a half like that's up list on. On four attempts game. Like, I'm gonna take that every day of the week for Marcus smart with our question like that again, that's a win. That's why Brooklyn's like, you know, what he'll miss one of these maybe. Actually, I was looking at that before you said it, I kind of think like Brooklyn's got some pieces like I don't think they don't have any like Trump piece. But it's like if you wanted like Dangelo playing really will life. You wanted to take him like, lavar is I would just wait for you to rehab like like Levin last year, like take your time. We're no rush. Right. Like. I wanna keep Joe Harris to shoot around AD. But Joe Harris has a piece. R h j I don't know the Karoo cts like the foreign. Yeah. Yeah. But he wasn't he something. I don't know what he is. But he's something listen may may and Mikey podcast were watching one of these net Celtics games from a few weeks ago. He was cooking. This dude Karoo. Hooks. He's he's the best player in the league. Listen, he did it against the he'd like four or five. He did it against the Pacers too. Because I was randomly watching the like LA's. That's Joe Ayers, Wales. It. Listen. The nets had us down real bad lack game. They took to root out which we run a like the likes. You haven't seen unless you're a warriors game. It was insane. It was like who is this fucking guy. Why is he having so much sway on this game? So I'm looking like, he's he's twenty was a second round pick this year last year is the thing he's been one of those guys one of those foreign guys who's bet on draft express for like the last eight years. So he's been in every draft. I think and finally someone was like, oh, yeah. This guy. Let's give them a world. That's the thing that he's twenty and he wouldn't have stick around. And everybody's known about them for us. He would if he's yoke it, right? Like like, not all star town was like, oh, no, no, no. The guy was good. You go back. Why didn't anybody pick him? Farner. Yeah. I thought he was like twenty six like by Donna vich like those guys are good. But by twenty six right now, he's twenty. So if you told me like, I'm the pelicans, and I'm taking like a really big swing like give me Dangelo. Gimme liberte. Gimme karoo. Gimme Jared Allen in a pick. And I'm just betting on all those lottery tickets. Someone broke down the how much a fifty thousand dollar fine is to Anthony Davis. If you make forty if you make forty K that's the equivalent of paying seventy eight dollars. I've made forty K seventy dollars seventy eight dollars is no small fine. Yeah. That's like if you if you got like, a seventy dollar parking ticket, it'd be pissed so that's one of those like it'd be like if he paid three dollars and fourteen cents seventy as rice and piece of change. So that'd be pissed. If may Davis. Yeah. That Rich Paul what the hell? Yes. Coming at you as your commission boy. I'm trying to like the nets. I know they don't own any more picks. I don't know if I think they just have all their own pigs. Don't have any other. Oh, no. They've got the they got extra pick for taking off read if I'm not mistaken that sounds right. So again it like it's the nuggets pixel won't be a great pick. But it's a pick. Let's ensure is okay. Yeah. They have a this year. They have a top twelve. So they're getting that pick. They will have to first round picks this year lesson. That's that's PASCAL Siaka territory where that picks going to be. Yuck. Rudy gobert? You can't get anything. Go. Yeah. They've got all their own. I plus that extra one. So. Yeah, I'll be like. And around eighty to have like Dinwiddie you still have like Joe hairs. And shitload cap space that was going to say cap space. That's a team where it'd be like all right now, I'm terrified like if they do that at the trade deadline. I'm terrified kyri goes there in the summer. Yeah. Because. Yeah, that's exactly the move. It's like, okay. Like, we got the first guy. The first guy is always going to get the second guy. And then Carl hey, Jimmy Butler. Do you like Brooklyn? They're here. Here. He's like yell at you say. Did you see that? I think it was with Chris Haynes? He did a podcast Butler too. Yeah. Oh, he was like, do you think he was like Dave confrontational? And hangs was like sometimes he was like, no doubt. Yes. Or no, do you think I'm confrontational? Hanes is just like if it's yes, or no I'd have to lane with. Yes. And Butler Blake before he even gets to be like done saying. Yes, he's like, of course, I'm confrontational. He's like I asked towns that he said, no losses respect. Couldn't trust them. A news laterite my faith. It was just I was a so privately. Jimmy. It's like, yeah. Dude. Why if you know this you can then you to do it, right? Right now. I kind of I kind of want the. Like fleas by the Celtics, but even like leading up to this. It was like, okay. The Celtics are keeping their picks there by making smart decisions. Like you. Don't get your first free agent signing till you get it. Right. Like it was Horford then it was Hayward. Now like, then kyri now, they're just a destination. Maybe that's just the nets now. Yes. Made eighty in the door, and he brings out Kyrie. Maybe they add like Klay Nick summer like. Right before fun. And if I'm New Orleans like, okay, like Levert was if he didn't get hurt he'd be borderline all star this year in the in the east thousand percent, but probably thousand or sent Russell's again having a great year. Jared Allen again randomly just does a thing. Once a week that only Jared Allen can do and like maybe this crus- kid at the very least. He's a piece he might be a star. But he's a P E something. And picks. Gropes droops is definitely something. Yeah. No. I think Brooklyn's interesting. And again that would terrify me as someone who is worried about Kaya relieving. It'd be terrifying thing or get like, maybe they get Kimba of something, right? So. Yeah, I mean, Anthony Davis. He is going. I like there's no chances on on New Orleans next year. Just no chance now. Like th that's why like the timing of this is so weird to me. It. Well, it's LeBron. It's Rich Paul those guys have no question was what are you talking about? Correct. My apologies. Come on. Now. You know, the timing. That's what makes me think as Lakers. But I I feel like we've said that like something happened with like, Paul George outlets. Gotta be he's walking to the Lakers now. So yes, no less than the Lakers. Keep not signing players that everyone on the world's like. Oh, yeah. That guy's going there. So the fact that they're they're this desperate is makes me very happy. I got another big trade. I'm trying to push through. Let's hear it. Oh boy dog. He can't believe it. I want to I'm trying to get I just want. This James harden run to last as long as possible. So I've been trying to get that old man. Chris Paul's cap space just out of the way. And so I think it should be like a team that's not going to spend it else. Like, otherwise like in the Indian of my suggestion, like they're not going to be able to spend that money any better in free agency. You just send them back there. Couple of wings and hard and just keeps the he gets to keep doing what he's doing. And Chris Paul gets to be out of our respective hair. Yeah. He's just never in basketball's like mind ever. Again. You will. It's like he goes the like they love their basketball, Indiana. And like, they're good team old depot get back, and he'll he'll still be able to compete maybe make a Eastern Conference finals. But it's like, we don't mind paying you forty million. Because like it's either that or we gotta pay Kim bays more forty million by we have to overpay regardless. I'd rather be for an all star ish talent, even on the downside. But I can also see them just not wanting to do anything because they're the third seed. For now for like, it's they're six and four of their last ten and Vic wouldn't planet. Damn well, but when he got hurt so like that like the Pacers are just good. Yeah. I feel like Myles Turner has been slightly more consistent this year. Especially on the defensive end. He is he's he's been good. It's a bonus does not miss shots. The guy's shooting a hundred percent from the field of never seen his Shaun Livingston to me. I've never seen a MRs jet. Nogi hairs. I've just never seen it. Right. Yeah. It's just like you assume it's like you look at his numbers. It's had to have happened. Right. Sean Louison shooting. Fifty one percent on mid-range jumpers. I'm like what? When did he miss what forty nine percent? Did. He miss. Yeah. No. Like, the the biggest the biggest straight. That's gonna happen at the deadline is going to be so disappointing. Not yet. His Soden bays. More for Wesley Matthews. Hey, listen, if a contender wants to add Wesley Matthews, listen every time, I watched Alice he's doing his fucking bowed arrow celebration because he said it was like seven three in the night. He's doing Tamala Murray's Boehner celebration. He's been you've been taken old, man. You had your chance. You're out of here or what poor Wesley Matthews fucked up is he had a real bad injury. Oh, yeah. That was he he was a bad injury at the worst possible time, but he's still got pending. So he's. But I was saying like this is similar it feels to me similar to when boogie went down last year. Like, they just developed a style that just works better. Without Chris, Paul. It doesn't make him a bad player. It doesn't mean. Like he's washed up or done at they can't win with without him. But like when they put eighty at the five and just started running when boogie got hurt it unlocked, something new for them. And that's exactly what's happened to a hard. It's unlocked something that hasn't been done before. So I was saying I was like like they're better without him and people like gave me their eleven. I think ten without Chris Paul which is misleading because two of those games were in October back to back when they still stunt lost. Both those three of those Ryan December with I still stunk lost all three of those back to back to back. And then this latest dent he missed I think eighteen games in a row, and they won. Let's see one two three four five six seven eight ten eleven twelve. They went twelve and five. So that to me feels more Representative than. Like two games in October and three in December. Right. And also, I agree with you like among those twelve they beat the raptors they beat the nuggets, they beat the warriors Celtics ten thought had beat the Celtics. They beat the thunder. They beat the Spurs. All these in that run and people like will will there on pace for fifty six. It was a close personal friend Chris towers. He was like their on page six. Yeah. And I was like whether eleven and five in the sixteen without him, which is also on pace for fifty six wins the woods. So would I congratulate I can play with numbers too. But. Yeah. I can read. Like, they're not better with that. Okay. But when I said this last year with DeMarcus cousins, it's like, oh, no the numbers clearly show their better without right? And I'm like. Even if you want to point to the pace thing, they're not worse without him either. Right. Well, like, okay. What can okay, maybe they can have the counterpoint of. Okay. You have boogieing ahead. Both know this is the they're better without him this way. I was like, okay. That's how we run our team now. So Chris Paul you're fucking out of here. Aren't my rules? Right. I wanted to bring boogie back last year still would've. I would have liked. Okay. Let Chris bog healthy. But again, I don't make the rules, man. Like when they'll just all in BA. We don't pay attention to games. No more noted guard. Defense counts outta here noted. So if you go out for. I was like again, it's been a a sizable bid. That's why wouldn't they went on a five game winning streak crate trae, Chris Paul? Nobody James harden is doing things we haven't seen before. And they beat what all of the top five teams in the NBA over the course of the rich also with cappella out. And also what I'm saying is like your trading. Chris Paul you're getting just wings. Let's just you're feeling his money would just like regular by trade them to Indiana for like tyreek Evans McDermott and bogdonovich. But that doesn't matter just three wings that will provide more value than this old, man. Chris Paul dribbling the era bond shooting forty two percent from the field. He's the one making the rockets on a fifth pays for fifty six win team. You know? Also, I'm sure that contract will age very will. Oh, yeah. If I know one thing about aging players, they keep getting better as time goes personally, the tiny ones like the ones that are really tiny. Like, they are the ones that throw their bodies around. Yeah. Like rely on quickness the agent. So again, Chris Baugh? I I'm sorry man laughs have some harsh things over the years. I think you're great player in this happened last year are blatant. Now, let him get back and get healthy. But that the internet is spoken man better without you again, we're pushing up like he just came back. They once I can't wait for this to Blake, man. Oh, man that's done on fifty seven win pays now. But you get Chris Paul of there. Just let hard and do everything and swap him out for just a couple of three and d guys and really have to be all that good. And I think the rockets are. I don't more fun for me to watch. And that's really what this is all about. Or maybe he's not. Yeah. I was muted I can tell if I was muted or not. Yeah. No. I mean, Chris Paul bid on the pace. It would be very funny. I mean heaven timid Darren collison played together before haven't they didn't have some was the protege, man. I was like debt or send you a Chris Potter, Memphis, man. They'll love him there sim, Mike Conley back. Get some value for Chris Paul. He likes barbecue love. Jaren Jackson juniors. Nice kid. That's tour Manson to Orlando for like imagine what hard and would do if he just had like Terrence Ross Aaron Gordon Jonathan Simmons. Instead of Chris Paul. What do you do percent from the field? It would never work weather's, you're right. Never mind. So, yeah, this is a say that to say this if you were a once they stuff you're a star Jason player like a one b to somebody. Don't get hurt. Who were the who were the captains for the all star game? Do we know that yet? It was it just based on the votes. Guess it's a brawny on us. Oh, so Baronne is one of them. So when he takes AD number one overall, I can't wait. It'll be great ki has to pass them. Once like he'll pass them once, but he just has a gun like mave Carter as a gun to Yang back like you. Don't take aviator. Listen, you honestly, the troop. I don't know if that's going to end up. Well for math garter. I don't know man, you want to cross this agency that clearly has nothing to do with LeBron James. No. Now that would be great just takes eighty and Kyrie. I don't even want anymore picks. Yeah. So I just I don't know foreshadowing air. He just hands them like real estate information. He's like, I don't know what you guys are talking about. He's like live in Beverly Hills, a good era area, good area, Brentwood. We'll talk later. Man. So. Yeah, that's. That's what I mean. They Anthony Davis thing is I'm dying anytime soon. So we'll have a million more things to say about it. Let me say one more thing. Let's. Kenneth re couldn't have been helping nobody. The second. They got bought out like whoever gets this is gonna work out. So so well, this is because I again due to to suck our own little bit. I just know. He's a guy we've talked he something. Oh, yeah. But he like if you put him on a court, he will do lays a great rebound understand understand the flaws. He's not a perfect player by any means. But if they just tried to like a first round pick to get rid of him. The nets have no use for them. And yes, I four games in Houston. Twenty three minutes thirteen and six next night. Twenty six minutes eleven eight with three blocks and three steals for good measure the next night. Thirty eight minutes twenty one and fourteen two blocks next night, thirty six minutes, twelve ten and five assists. Like he's showing he showing it all off and both the nuggets and nets playoff teams with two two different styles to different conferences with both like, no, thanks Guinea. Yeah. I mean, I know the nuggets like he had been wanting to get out of there for a long while. Get out of there for other key was fine. But they were like you. We don't want to play you. I think I should play. And they were like, no, yeah. Disagree. The nets like I get they just wanted to pick out of all that. But no for sure. Yeah. Unless he was causing a ruckus and the in the locker room that we don't like he's Jimmy Butler with with dreads that we don't know about that. I guess, but right now if a rim runner who just grabs boards and can catch lobs. I don't know. I like Houston. I can't I'm shocked. He's working out there. Mike. I'm like, I don't even know who. Now, I was thinking I was like who's the net backup center. So it's eh. Davis is fine. Oh, yeah. So like, I I get that. But man, oh, man. He's just like, oh, yeah. No. I've got a lot of energy. He's like I've been sitting for four years. Like, I'm ready to get everybody rebound in the world. Like his man. Oh, man. His minutes. Played his went down every year since twenty twelve. By just consistently went down. And it's like he's twenty nine now. And. A contender. Now, I'll say they're they're contender. They're fake there occasions as much as anybody else's 'cause nobody's being the word. Yes. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And it's like man, oh man, like a backup center that hustles gets boards. So like, I'm yelling. Thank you. It's like know he's not a defender, but he's not a rim protector. Like, I know like it was a time. We thought Tristan Thompson wouldn't a defender. And then in the finals he's fucking switching on everybody. And they don't win that finals without him. So not saying that for read like has that ability. But it's like do we know? Like, do it. Like, maybe if he just backs up Capelle after Capellas back as we know at the very least for the ten minutes. Compels on the bench were dominating the boards. And maybe like maybe you can switch us feel moves feet a little bit on defense. If not would put back in Trinka Pella. Right. But I'm just amazement. It's like nobody Koi brewer close personal just signed and just immediately killing. Now literally like taking out James harden, literally killing Odie kicking the back of the head. He's I'm literally killing people, you know, he'd like tackle James harden to the ground. I can't remember we kicked in the head. There was a Tory Craig from Denver. He played a game. Didn't play coupled in thirty three minutes, eleven points and three boards next night. Twenty points. Be twenty eight minutes nine points to assist two steals. Then it gets Denver thirty two minutes twenty point six boards, two assists, four steals. And it's just like this guy. He was just out there. Like just in anybody could have had. No, thanks. Yeah. And if the warriors got him, it's like all how how do they keep doing this? Can you bring anybody any? Wow. You're not teams are bad like. Nobody expects us to last like all year into the playoffs. But again over eighty two games if you get like a couple of random guys that can bring energy in win you a couple of games over the course of eighty like. No, thanks. Do do. Not. Right. That's that's why when the warriors cited you Repco, even just like, well, that's annoying. Fuck like is even high is he gonna score thirty and a playoff game. No in the middle of February. When no one else wants to play. So you're gonna put up like fifteen yet. Yeah. You will. So I've I don't know. I just I just continue to think the NBA can't be this hard. Well, it is clearly and again, these are literally twelve men gas signed off the street and Kenneth reads like now, I've just got twenty eight and fourteen just backlogged. I'm I'm amazed man someday. They'll figure it out. Obviously today is not that day not a chance. But you've got a you've got to go record. Another platinum hit. Yes. So recipes, Tom. Yes. Recipes poetry, yes, recipes bow. Yes. Hashtag car hashtag W P M O Y. It's it's getting down to the nitty gritty also. Yeah. This is this is the home stretch. Sure is we want the one I got to be recognized and more importantly, we want that that prize money to go. Where it belongs to the good people are actually. Yeah. Not that will be going to bad places. If someone else wins, just write these. Was his hometown booth. Is you Uganda p you you won't get my vote. Yeah. We'll see you guys later this week with a much longer episode made the I can't tell the future, neither can you. But we'll see you guys later this week. Yeah. You keep enjoying the old. A Super Bowl week Paulos. Those those those transplants will be out of there soon enough counting the days buddy, counting the day. You a fun of the studio like what? So you're not going to a studio. But enjoy the way you don't know what I'm doing today. It's true. Well, if you go to the studio have fun if you don't still have fun. All right. All right. Right.

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