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Maximus the Confessor


Welcome to five minutes in churches hosted by Dr Stephen Nicholson where we take a little break from the presence to go exploring the asked traveled back in time as we look the people events and even the places that have shaped the story of Christianity this is our story family history let's get started it is this the apathetic tradition the apple fattest tradition comes to us from these early church fathers and it means this us the theologian and it was his theology and his defense of Theology Orthodox theology that is that led to his suffering sus was truly human and truly divine he was those two true natures conjoined and one person the oh he started out as an aide to the Byzantine emperor that's a cool job but he left that and entered the monastery and began studying this view that Jesus had one will not a separate divine will not a separate human separate and distinct human will but one will in positive about him we can only say what God is not he dwells in light inaccessible as so how can we fully understand it and to affirm once again fully and truly the Caledonian creed well are you ready for one more big word that is associated with Maximus the confessor philosophy and studying theology and became a very gifted philosopher and theologian he is known as Maximus the confessor and the Greek Orthodox a council vindicated maximum as-as position and the church was able to pull back from that heresy of the Mono phthalates news they did damage to both his right hand and even to his tongue and so he is known as Maximus the confessor eventually oh he was defending orthodoxy and to keep him from writing and to keep him from speaking his so called heretical views at the only things we can say about God are negative statements that God is so immense that he is beyond measure and so we can't say anything authorites affirmed that that he was two natures in one person but they quickly said he had one will and of course that is we knox church a confessor is one who was persecuted and suffered for the faith but not a martyr he is also known as maximum and in one way what the monophyletic controversy was doing was weakening the creed that came down to the church from counsel Don that g his dates are five eighty two six sixty two he's considered one of the fathers of the eastern church he didn't start out as a theologian the joining the doctrine of the person of Christ and maximus jumped right in there to defend the Diageo fell light view that is that Jesus auto phthalate position in so maximus the confessor was on the outs and so he was tried at a council he was found to be a heretic even though head to wills the problem is that Constantinople both the emperor and the Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church had adopted the mall.

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