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Oh my goodness. Good morning. Good afternoon. Whatever it is for you. I hope you're having a fantastic day. My name is Zach Shawn alert. This is strong opinion Sports episode 3 months and 14 and it's Saturday. And I I wanted to say I don't I don't know that I'm not going to apologize for this week, but I do feel weird and bad. I had a bad week this week as a creepy. I know that a lot of people out there that make their own content and want to make content or out there and I I had a week that I feel weird cuz like I can't have a week like last week but it happened where I kept writing stuff and like for example, I watched the Bears game and I I thought he played kind of like, okay and I didn't really want to make a topic about the Bears Lions game. Just like I have no desire to shred too risky to Pieces. He also didn't really deserve it. He played okay, and I'm like, I don't there's nothing there dead and I watched the Saints Falcons game and I don't really like taysom Hill. I think he's pretty like there's a a play where he had a guy wide open over the middle for example, and he checks it down for no reason like dude you got to hang in there. There's a guy wide open over the middle or there's a couple of times were taysom Hill's checking the ball down too early and I saw a lot of stories as weekend. I watched every game and I There was a lot of stuff that spoke to me and I I really had a lot of writer's block is the word but I kept writing stuff and then throwing it away and scrapping it where I didn't feel good about it and I felt like no matter what I was no matter what Tom like came up with them. I don't feel good about any of this stuff and like I wasted two days just writing and preparing and then literally scrapping everything going this sucks. I don't like this. I don't I don't know. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I admit that but I also I don't want to make crappy stuff and I never want to make a podcast that I don't feel good about and so I feel good about this episode. I'm sorry. It's taken, you know, my heart of hearts to make a Daily Show. I mean, I really I'm one person by myself. But if I could ever do that I want to do that. I just don't I don't know. I really had a weird week and I am sorry if you were out there going. Where is she? Where is the episode where is the episode but I'll say I feel good about today's episode. I hope you're doing very well. Just had a hard week as a Creator and I I want to share that Journey cuz I try to be off. And open and I feel good about next week. I got a lot of stuff. But today we're going to talk about what are we talking about? Today? We're going to talk about the bills the 49ers. We're going to talk about Washington the steam to do some predictions, but I do want to start with this because last week I was kind of off-the-cuff riffing I was doing it was a topic about the Giants and Seattle game talking about how man Russell Wilson really has just kind of fallen off the wagon in the MVP race where Russell Wilson's knocking win the MVP this year and Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. There are six and six Kyler Murray is not gonna win the MVP and I was kind of spitballing going like I don't know who's going to win the MVP Now, is it going to be maybe Patrick Mahomes and I was trying to think like who is the person that could win MVP and I don't know why this name didn't come to mind. But it as I thought about it more I realized oh, there's a knock sensor and it's a guy who's won MVP before I think the guy who's going to win the NFL MVP this year. Is the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and look man currently has got 36 touchdowns four interceptions. Those numbers are just going to get farther apart. He's got some more touchdowns. Probably. I don't think he's going to throw many more interceptions this year and it's not just the numbers that are impressive about Aaron Rodgers. It's it's playing some of the best football in the NFL. I mean if I look at all the best quarterbacks around the legal get like Patrick Mahomes has been really almost complacent and had some weird moments where I think he's kind of bored just waiting for the playoffs and Tom Brady's had some bad games Russell Wilson's had some really ugly games Philip Rivers and phone numbers. And I mean what quarterbacks stands out this year is having the best performance all year. It's Aaron Rodgers. I mean, he's the guy who of all the good quarterbacks and now he's playing the best and the most consistently playing the best of me. You'll see the Sean Watson. Have a great game or big banner Russell Wilson, but I feel like every single game or everything every single time. I talked about the Packers I go home. And Aaron Rodgers had another game for touchdowns this and that and m&a I kind of one of my personal flaws. I get bored with success a really for example, the Browns are so interesting where I love to talk about Cleveland because it's been a mess for years and I've been waiting and waiting and hoping Cleveland would get better and I think Baker Mayfield's really interesting where he'll have a bad game a good game and I like the the roller coaster and the drama and I'll be honest. There's not really been any drama. There's not really been any roller coaster in Green Bay. It's just been Aaron Rodgers putting in work every single week. Just having game after game after game. If you're trying to kind of predict who other people would choose to win the NFL MVP, I would say that guy is going to be Aaron Rodgers and I think it's well deserved. He's playing at a very high level, you know, Davante Adams has been hurt at times this year and errands done. Well without him even Allen Lazard Michael are sorry Marcos all the scaling equanimeous St. Brown These are guys who are they're really not Marquis receivers in the NFL app. Aaron Rodgers is still making them work and doing very well with them. I mean go watch the the Eagles Packers game last week. Aaron Rodgers had just some ridiculous throws that are like they're just I park really really wow off his back foot or that's a dime into a really tiny location just throw after throw. And so I also gotta admit. It'd be really cool to watch Aaron Rodgers won the NFL MVP in the same year that his team drafted a quarterback Jordan love in the first round. Hoping to maybe eventually replace him to be like a good kind of sticky if your organization. Oh you want to get rid of me. Hey, I'm still here I can still play and I know I've been critical of Aaron Rodgers in the past. I I I'm not shy of that. I would love to be ten rods or someday and say look I have this problem and that problem would be fun conversation off, but I try to always be extremely fair and I try to recognize people when I'm wrong or I don't I try not to be biased where even if I don't like something in Rogers does or I've been critical of them in the past. Please plan phenomenal all acknowledge that and Aaron Rodgers is playing phenomenal this year. I just think of all the quarterbacks and if you look around the league, he's been the most consistently with great performing quarterback all year. And I look at the Packers and go man. There's so much better this year than they were last year, which is hard to believe. I mean there were thirteen and three last year, but there were a couple of moments where the phone number the the Chargers game against Green Bay last year where the Packers got blown out and was ugly and I had a game similar to that this year actually against Tampa Bay but not Tampa Bay just had maybe the best game they've played all year round a mile and I look at the Packers this year. They're way more comfortable. Everybody looks more comfortable. Aaron Rodgers looks more comfortable their play-calling. They're calling certain place to set of other places are like we're going on here and make it look exactly like this other play and they're using place to set up other place and I just walk away very very impressed and you know at the center of the Packers. Phenomenal offense in Green Bay is the NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers. And so I want to come out now. It's what week 14 and say I already think he's going to win the award. I think he deserves he's playing very very well and not to say that I know that I've been critical of him, but I I do recognize and respect people who are phenomenal and Aaron Rodgers is playing at a very very deep level. If you win the NFL MVP this year, I would not be surprised. He's my favorite to win the award and if he does win that award, it's very very well deserving in my opinion. He's playing at a very high level playing phenomenal. And in my opinion. Again, Aaron Rodgers is the favorite to win the NFL m v p Don't want to talk about the Buffalo Bills. I want to talk about the Buffalo Bills Josh Allen. The Bills quarterback is playing Souls. So well, I mean, I really it's interesting to look back at the the 2018 NFL draft. That's the draft class of Baker Mayfield Sam. Darnold Josh Rosen Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. And in my opinion Josh Allen is the best quarterback from the 2018 NFL draft class and I did not believe I would be saying that three years later, but that's exactly what we're seeing dead. And I know that's even more controversial because Lamar Jackson won the NFL MVP last year you go. Well, Josh Allen, where's Josh Allen's MVP award? I understand that I think awards are great and I think tomorrow amazing last year, but I'll tell you what if I look at how Lamar is playing right now and how Josh Allen's playing right now, I would rather have Josh Allen but it is also very close. I mean clearly I think the two best quarterbacks of them draft from 2018 World Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen and I think it was really more interesting. Is that somehow Josh Rosen was drafted ahead of Lamar Jackson. Now took them are Jackson to go to a good team where the has Joe Flacco we could sit for wild go to a good roster. I don't know how the more would have done on the Cardinals. I'm sure it would have done better than Josh Rosen did I met so Josh Rosen was dropped wage. Cardinals like tenth overall and it's crazy that he was drafted has done terrible and nothing in his career and Lamar Jackson win the NFL MVP last year. So again, Josh Allen and buffalo and Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. There are two quarterbacks from that draft class, but I would take Josh Allen and buffalo over everybody else from that draft class and there are three reasons why this has happened. I know it's confusing. There's a lot of Josh's I just said, I don't know why everyone named their kid Josh. I don't know. There's a joke in there somewhere. I'm not going to say it. There are three reasons though why Josh Allen has become the best quarterback in the from the 2018 draft class. Number one is just he's very very talented. He's got a huge arm. He's very accurate but along with that really natural Talent, he's massive. He can run people over he can escape sax where it's fun to watch and play literally he'll like you see Russell Wilson avoid a sack by being evasive and quick and small and Joe Allen just goes now. I'm going to throw you off me. You're not going to take me down. But along with the natural Talent the Josh Allen has is a clear and obvious work. Ethic is mechanics or better off. He's gotten more accurate in the NFL. He's reading defenses better. I am so very impressed with Josh Allen. I watch the Forty Niners game from I guess Monday night and woke. Oh my gosh. I mean he that's a good defense and good scheme and he just lit them up. I mean he was phenomenal. It's really I walked away going mad. Can you believe how well Josh Allen's playing this year. And so he's very talented. He works very very hard. But the third reason why Josh Allen I have to admit this why he succeeded is because I was given a great situation. He's got a wonderful offensive coordinator Brian table. He's developed in very very, well. He went to a good team and then also part of it is that you went to a team that believed in him and supported him from day one on there was belief that Josh Allen would become their franchise quarterback in Buffalo was never wavered. I know that Tyrod Taylor started at first, but the whole time off this is our guy and they've never wavered even through struggles. He had some moments where he wasn't great early on and he had some struggles and buffalo was still like no, this is our guy we are ride or die for Josh Allen and having that kind of support and that kind of belief and having an organization and a fanbase have that much confidence in you certainly makes your job easier. I mean You have to compare compare the situation of Josh Rosen who was replaced after one year very similar numbers to Josh Allen in your one or watching Sam darnold get the tar beat out of him every single week on the Jets. You have to acknowledge that some of why Josh Allen has developed into what he is and because of the situation around him but a large part at most of it is just this work ethic and his talent wage. Its work ethics would on very very impressed. We've seen so much growth from Josh Allen this year and I love it man. I just go man. I'm so very impressed. Now the next kind of story line coming up for our bills is Whether or not they're offensive coordinator Brian table is going to stay after this year. If I am Buffalo, I'm going to page Brian table, whatever he wants give him head coach money keeping their pay him anything because he's developed You're Young quarterback. He's part of why your offense is great. And I think here's the key though. It's not just that they developed. I mean, I'm sure that Josh Allen could get another coach an eventually do well but here's what I would be concerned about. Buffalo has a very brief window right now where there are a very very good football team. There are nine and three and even if Buffalo doesn't need a Superbowl this year in 2020 their windows open for a little while where they've got a really good young group of core players. And I mean even after the window will close eventually they'll still be very good. Josh. Allen is going to be good for it. Looks like a long long time. Right. Now you have this Foundation, of course young players who are very talented and I would be really anxious to capitalize on that where again a Superbowl window was open very briefly and we'll close very quickly. Look at the Cowboys a couple of years ago. They're they're most opportune moment to win a Superbowl was Dak Prescott rookie year the window was open and Bam it closed and I don't know that it's they're going to be open that window to win a Superbowl again for a long long time. And so if you're the Buffalo Bills, you have to recognize you got an opportunity here to do something incredibly special and Brian table is part of that your Offensive Coordinator would pay him whatever he wants. He wanted their keep him around and keep this group of people together so they can go on a mission and win a Superbowl. I can't stress it enough that Brian table is critical to the success of Buffy that he might leave and take a head coaching job. And I think they'll recover they'll be okay long-term. But if I'm them I'm saying I don't want to mess up his Mojo at all. I want to keep it going. Let's keep this guy around dead. Now right now, I think the biggest problem in Buffalo is their run defense. I really think they need to probably add another linebacker to help to pair with Tremaine Tremaine Burns inside to help them. Stop the run. I they got their demons align is okay, but the linebacker positions really I think they need to work on there a couple of guys at Buffalo could draft will see Micah Parsons out of Penn State or Dylan Moses out of Alabama. Maybe Jihad Woods at a Washington state or chest Surat out of UNC or Patty Fisher on a Northwestern a guy who I really like Paddy Fields. It's kind of a I think an under-the-radar guy, but I got playing very very well Northwestern and and I really feel like Buffalo was about a linebacker away for winning a Superbowl. They they give up waiting a rushing yards. It's kind of their the flaw with their team. But if they can fix their run defense and keep playing the way they were I mean, there are fences fine. They're offensive figured it out. I like some of the guys name. Secondary, I want the Buffalo to add another linebacker if they can do that, maybe free agency or in the draft if Buffalo cannot another linebacker. I really think this is a team that can win a Superbowl and they're already very very close. So can they keep Brian table there? Can they add someone to help their run defense and Josh. He keep being Josh Allen. He's phenomenal. So I walk away. Buffalo man is in a really good spot right now and Josh Allen is by far my four. I don't think he's dead way better than the March activities definitely better than Lamar Jackson in my opinion and Josh Allen is the best quarterback from the 2018 draft class, and that's to me pretty obvious in pretty clear. Let's talk about the San Francisco 49ers. I going to start by saying one of my favorite players in the NFL. I really two of them are on the San Francisco. Roster. Number one. I love their back up. Nick Mullens. He is we say Bank kind of a fun word because he's been there starting quarterback recently for quite a while. Nick Mullens is my maybe my one of my favorite players because he's not very physically talented. He's got an average arm. He's never really going to be able to push the ball vertically very much but it also doesn't really need to in this Forty Niners offense. He's kid throw the ball very well at the intermediate level. He makes good decisions. I know that Forty Niners fans will call me crazy and be angry when I say this. I think he's better than Jimmy Garoppolo. He's more consistent. He's got problems laws for sure. But I think he's kind of the epitome of a perfect document. I would call Nick Mullens and people say well, what about Carson Wentz or Tyrod Taylor the probably starting quarterbacks in my opinion a guy. Who I I would call Nick Mullens the best back up in the NFL because he's a guy that I would never make my starting quarterback. I would never build my franchise around Nick Mullens, You can come in he can win some games. He runs the offense very very, well. He makes very good decisions. He's limited. He's not good enough to ever make your Venture franchise quarterback. And I think that San Francisco this year will be in the market for a new guy at that position, but it's critical. You keep Nick Mullens around for example, if if the 49ers drafted Zach Wilson BYU then hey Zack will not come in and if he's not ready week one you have Nick Mullens. He's a good backup and knows the system. Nick Mullens can play week 1 and there's no pressure there and then exact Wilson two years from now is they're starting quarterback doing very, well. He gets her boss. Ankle injury. He's going to go out for three weeks. Guess what? You still got Nick Mullens, you can come in for three games cheaper season alive, and that's the epitome of a good back of a good backup as a guy who can come off the bench. Yep. Dim to make good decisions. He's not going to screw up massively and he can win you a game or two in a three or four game stretch if you're starting quarterback is out. That's exactly what you need from a backup. Nick Mullen is kind of the NFL's most perfect back up where he's never going to be big money. He's never going to be a threat in your starting quarterback. He's not talented enough, but he really can come in and when you a game or two in a brief stretch of games wage, and I think that Nick Mullens is the best backup quarterback in the entire NFL and I love him for it. He knows this role. He does very very well. I also love Deebo Samuel. He's a guy out of and he played his South Carolina for the Gamecocks. He doesn't have huge numbers. I know Deebo Samuel the guy around the NFL where I think fans don't really know him or respect him unless you're like a 49ers fan, you know him very well but players around the NFL who have played against Deebo Samuel, they know Deebo Samuel and they are very very impressed with him again doesn't have huge numbers, but he's very underrated he's dead. Receiver who runs the ball like a running back. I mean he really does he fights incredibly hard. He's got great effort and he's an important piece of this Forty Niners offense. It's been unfortunate part where he had told there was covid-19 serns this year mystical games cuz of that but I am telling you man that Deebo Samuel is a Workhorse who fights very hard and it's a guy who is a vital important piece of this Forty Niners offense and a guy that I would be so happy to have on my team. Now, it seems like the 49ers defensive coordinator. Robert. Saleh is planning to leave the team after this year. The assumption is that he's going to go be a head coach somewhere. And I want to repeat something. I've said before number one. I hope that the 49ers can recognize Robert Solace value. He's a he's a good scheme designs the scheme very well on defense. He's got great understanding in anticipation of what our fences are doing. He makes great play calls and I am hoping that the 49ers pay Robert Saleh to stay in San Francisco. I think that you know, first of all, he's he's again vital Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh the offensive coordinator slash head coach and the defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. They're better together. They are a much better unit when they combine their forces and play together and Coach together and then I would number two I would warn Robert Saleh. Men, I I don't know that Robert Saleh should be in any hurry to leave San Francisco. I mean, for example when you play with when when a coach with Kyle Shannon yours defensive coordinator, you know that Kyle Shanahan is always going to have a quarterback who's competitive. It's never a problem. It's never a concern. This is the coach who Kyle Shanahan made Matt Schaub phenomenal. He he had Matt Schaub throat for 5000 yards in one season. Boom. That's ridiculous That's The Power of Kyle Shanahan. He made RG3 the Rookie of the Year. RG3 was never seen again after birth and he made Ryan an MVP. He made Nick Mullens win games. They beat a playoff team the LA Rams with Nick Mullens at quarterback because of Kyle Shanahan's play-calling and his boss sign and his ability to coach quarterbacks if I am Robert Saleh, I'm in no hurry to leave that guy. Cuz here's the problem what let's say Robert solid goes to the Jets. Now. You need a coach you can coach quarterbacks and you can make your quarterback good and whether you drop Trevor Lawrence or keep Sam darnold, you might be a great defensive coordinator. I've seen a lot of brilliant defensive coaches fail because they couldn't figure out the quarterback position. I would hate to see that happen to Robert solid and then guess what he can't even go back to his old job cuz they're going to replace him with somebody in San Francisco. I really hope that both sides recognize the value of each other. I hope that the 49ers recognized the value of Robert Saleh. They gave him a raise pay him to stay and hope that Robert Saleh can recognize. Look. I'm worth a couple more million a couple of million a year. Give me more money, but my life is better off and off San Francisco in California. I don't think I would want to live there, but I do know that what he's got in an organization. The coach the quarterback great defensive players and incredible defense of line. They it definitely helps to be the coach of the 49ers where they got good players and a good quarterback. Most of the time I really would not be in any hurry to leave the 49ers if I was Robert Saleh and it would just issue him a warning Robert Saleh. I know you you probably wants recognition. He probably wants his own thing. Probably wants to be a run his own name. But if I'm him I'm in no hurry to leave and I'm I would be very careful find the right situation. Maybe it's the Houston Texans you go to the Houston Texans DeShaun Watson. Hey, Robert Saleh take that job. I love that but the Jets or the Lions or I mean who else has failed? I don't even know what jobs are available right now. I'm spitballing here, but I do I know that. I would be very hesitant and careful if I was Robert Saleh leaving the 49ers. I would only leave if I found the absolute right scenario. I wouldn't just go to Jay SRI Kong more money or chase and coaching job cuz you may only ever get one chance. I seem to head coaches there. I've seen coaches I guess in general take a bad job that they probably shouldn't have cuz it wasn't the right scenario to take that job and it's going well and then I seen High School coaches get their football program closed or I've seen college coaches get you know, they they had problems. So the administration was fatter and the NFL they couldn't get a quarterback. I mean, there's a lot of stuff you can't control see if you're Robert solid. You're in a good position. Don't leave a good position for a bad one. Only leave a good position for another good job, and I would be very careful. If I was Robert Saleh considering leaving the San Francisco 49ers. I want to talk about Washington. as I as I look at the Washington football team this year one thing stands out to me is that you know, Alex Smith is absolutely kind of the perfect quarterback for their head coach Ron Rivera home. He's not very flashy but he's safe and he's consistent and I trust him and Ron Rivera knowing how he will kind of quarterback who would want how Ron R does quarterback math. He's a defensive-minded coach. He wants to take care of the football. He wants a good veteran leader. I think Alex Smith is likely the guy in Washington for another year or two after this year where I just don't think washing the quarterback yet. People are going to say are they going to draft a guy they're going to get this Alex Smith is great. He's kind of he's playing very very well. He's rallied the team. They like him they respect him. He takes care of the ball. He allows our events of a very very well and I think part of why I mean Washington right now is on a three-game winning streak reason why is because they don't make mistakes. They play very very clean football. If you beat them. You gotta beat them. They're not going to beat themselves and part of that is Alex. He sets the tempo is the towing. He's the veteran leader and if I look around the NFL and go hm What quarterback do I trust to not make decisions do not make huge mistakes? Right? If I like what I take Alex Smith or Jared Goff. I take Alex Smith when I take Alex Smith or Kirk Cousins. If I if I need a guy and I'm saying my one situation is I don't want the guy to make a big mistake that will make a big interception or this or that the guy I trust to not screw up is Alex Smith over Baker Mayfield Kirk Cousins John Jared Goff Carson Wentz. I mean, there's Philip Rivers. I I trust Alex Smith more than a lot of other quarterbacks around the league and he's a very consistent safe quarterback who I think is exactly Rhonda various looking for a guy who can control the game be in charge and again not have nasty really bad turnovers and it's been really fun to watch Alex Smith as a year has gone on. When he first started playing, I think he played like he came off the bench in one game. I think it was a Rams game. And I remember going Alex Smith does not look comfortable in the pocket at all. And I went I don't know. I'm not ready for this where Alex Smith was darting around looked very uncomfortable didn't like bodies around him. And as a year has gone on Alex Smith has gotten more and more and more comfortable in a messy pocket with bodies around his feet and his ankles and I mean last week he was bleeding cuz he got cleated and I just think Alex met this really as Years Gone gotten more and more comfortable playing at a very high level. I would be first of all surprised if the Washington football team decided to replace him, but also, I don't think it'd be the right move. I think Alex Smith is your guy now for the next two or three years in Washington and that's okay. He's kind of exactly what you need and some day down the road. You can get another quarterback who can sit behind Alex Smith and learn and grow and maybe that guy is Dwayne Haskins right now dead. Dwayne Haskins is already he's talented. We saw that a while State we saw that a little bit at times last year and this year and either Dwayne Haskins can sit behind Alex Smith or someone else eventually can sit by gnome with right now Alex Smith is the best quarterback on that roster. He should be there Guy moving forward for the next however, whoever knows how long and it's kind of perfect wash and Ron Rivera got exactly the quarterback. He could have bought it could have hoped for and I think that's awesome. Now, I want to give a shout out to a couple of other people in Washington. Number one was Sarah Logan Thomas, they're tight end. Logan Thomas was a quarterback in college at Virginia Tech. He's really made the transition from quarterback too tight and very well. He's twenty-nine years old and he bought into that change. He's you know, he's been in the NFL for a while. Now. It's this is his sixth two team. He was been on the was on the Cardinals the Dolphins the Giants the Detroit Pistons not once but twice he was on the bills and now we're seeing Logan Thomas in Washington and he's really found a home there Logan Thomas is playing very well. He's having a career year and every category where he's got 43 catches for 426 yards five touchdowns. I give out an award every I'm going to get you know, I do the strong opinion Sports Awards and I thought my own NFL awards and one of the awards I'm I think my dad this year is the like newcomer of the year or breakout player or it's a guy who isn't a rookie home. Even even necessarily a star but who in their like second third fourth is randomly out of nowhere had a breakout year and became a great player. The guy who's probably going to win that award is JC Jackson an undrafted player for the patriots who is like second the NFL in interceptions right now. He's playing it's really kind of remarkable. This guy came out of nowhere and having a great year, but thier guy in the running would be a Logan Thomas the guy who I I think it's having a breakout year playing very well and I love watching him. And so I just shout out to Logan Thomas. It's a cool story used them back bought in at tight end playing very well and then another fun kind of storyline going on in, Washington. Is the have a receiver named can since who had one of the best games of his entire NFL career against Pittsburgh last week? We're really he was a backup quarterback at Alabama quarterback. No, sorry backup receiver Alabama was in the rotation very minimally tell his Junior and Senior year even as even his Junior Junior and Senior year and really didn't have a life-saving yards and get like 400 combined receiving yards and two years and on last week against Pittsburgh. He had five catches for 92 yards had a huge one-handed catch. I just think it deserves a little bit of respect and kind of a shout out where it's a testament to Ron Rivera how good he is at getting the most out of his players. I look at Ron Rivera I go man. I'm so impressed with the way he's doing this year. He's a great coach. And again, the reason why Washington has a three-game winning streak right now is because they're not making mental mistakes. They're not beating themselves. They're forcing other teams to play better and beat them and they're not going to beat themselves. I love it. I love what's going on in Washington and deserves a lot of respect. They're playing very very well and it's cool to see I love again. Shout out to Ron Rivera. Shout out to Logan Thomas Alex Smith. Ron Rivera had cancer Alex Smith fought back from that injury. Cam Sims Terry McLaurin. He's like a third-round pick. I mean, this team is full of people who have overcome and have turned themselves into what they are through hard work and grinding and I just think it's very very cool. What's going on in Washington? It deserves a lot of respect. And I've had a blast watching and following and covering Washington this year in 2020. All right, guys, I'm going to take a short break whenever turn we'll talk about Pittsburgh. Talk about Coastal Carolina. Actually, we'll talk about BYU. We'll talk about the Rams Patriots game later will do predictions will do ask Zack at the end of the show. My name is Akshay omlor. I'm going to take a short break. I will be right back. All right, we are back over doing very very, well. I I want to Circle back to something. I kind of talked about to open the show. I was ripping and sharing my heart. I don't really have the heart to make a video just tearing down taysom hill he's a decent quarterback, and I also thought I'm going to keep giving him an opportunity like he it's been three games by the Falcons twice. He put another team some team. That was not very good either and I I'm blanking on that team right now doesn't really matter. I haven't been not impressed with taysom Hill yet this year, but I'm going to keep giving them an opportunity playing the Eagles this week. We'll see how he does there. I guess. I want to see more before I met like the video output up on taysom Hill's. Basically I'm saying he's fine. He's not going to set the world on fire. I think he's more of a backup than a starter. I wouldn't build my franchise around him. But I I maybe I think what I'll do is a film analysis eventually, but right now I don't it feels mean-spirited and I don't have the heart to Make a video like that. I'd feel like I was just staring into the guy and I don't really want to do that. I don't really feel the desire to do that. So just putting that up to the world. That's why I haven't covered taysom Hill song we played last week against Atlanta. I know we had two touchdowns. He finally had his first touchdown pass in the NFL. It's very cool. But I just go I can't I'm hesitant to page him to believe in him and it's not like it's a preconceived notion. It's how he's playing I go he's fine. He's okay. I've learned my lessons about you know, I think arm Talent matters. And right now we're offering a lot of Nick Mullens who is got the ability to run his Nick Mullens, but with the ability to run around, I mean that's kind of like great. He's fine. He's decent. He's nothing terrible. I'm not a lovely guy either way. Let's talk about I want to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers recently the problem in Pittsburgh with that team has been that they've been dropping passes just been happening a ton recently. They dropped a bunch of passes against the Ravens two weeks ago that part of why they lost to Washington was dropped passes. I believe they depending on like the the numbers on drop-off is our it's not really an official stat. Cuz some are controversial like was that a drop was that a good play but a defense it's kind of it's a weird thing all over the place. But some people will say that according to their own statistics Pittsburgh leads the NFL and drops. I kind of believe that supposedly they have 31 We'll see now. They also recently lost you Washington. The Steelers are 11:00 and 1. And everybody had a weird reaction to that game. I feel like most of the NFL world really celebrated. They were like, yeah. I'm so glad Pittsburgh lost the game and You guys know me. I don't have a favorite team. I really don't care who is I don't have a horse a dog and fight. I don't good or bad. Like I just try to call things. Like I see it may have been calling Pittsburgh the word they've been using is they say the Steelers are frauds. You know, they're frauds. What does that mean? What do you mean the Steelers are Frome? They're a good football team there eleven and one and I it's just weird rhetoric. It's been weird conversation. I get a lot of messages saying they're overrated. They're not as good as they could be there this or that and see what does it mean to call Pittsburgh frauds. Does it mean they're going to lose in the playoffs? I mean, they're they're going to go what 12 and 4:13 and 3 and then they will the lose in the playoffs and then people will say, oh see we told you so the Steelers are terrible and I would say well, I don't know how you look at Pittsburgh and not recognize their talent not recognize their the success. They've had this year. It's incredibly hard to win eleven games in a row in the NFL deserves respect. It deserves admiration. They got a ton of good weapons on offense. They've been dealing with drops understandably. So the name Ray Ray McCloud returning punts. They have who I mean, what was that broadcaster last week? You kept calling him Ray McDonald for like the first quarter was kind of weird. They have Juju Smith Schuster James Washington Chase Pool Eric, Ebron to James Conner. They have Benny Snell. They've gotten I think all they have Deonte Johnson. They've got a lot of really impressive receivers in my opinion better than you realize even deal with drops fine, but they still a good offensive line. They got a great defense like a phenomenally good defense. Maybe maybe the best defense in the NFL. They got a hollow Fame coach and a Hall of Fame quarterback. Don't know how you don't look at Pittsburgh and go that's impressive like not just on paper. They've been doing some good stuff this year playing the I watch their games and I go I'm impressed and people are the the criticism everybody has faith. Pittsburgh has to say that their margin of Victory isn't very impressive. They've barely beat this team and this team and this team and they lost to Washington and I by the way predicted the Washington lost because Washington is very well-coached and Washington does not going to make a mistake. You have to beat them. They're not going to eat themselves and I just saw that coming else. Yeah, I think Washington's Better Than People realize off the Record and they go to a bad football team beat Pittsburgh know a good football team beat Pittsburgh because the team that has to five and seven record and Washington is not the same team. They were at the beginning of the year. They are a better team today than they were weak one Washington's gotten way better zeros going on and I guess it's just weird to me like so in the next couple of games, let's say that the song Lose to Buffalo. They lose to the Colts. They lose to the Browns right three good teams. Probably three playoff teams fine, right they so they lost a washing and three good teams. They're dead. Maybe twelve and four. Let's say they go thirteen and three they beat in Cleveland at the end of the year. Is Pittsburgh a good team or a bad team a good team has a 13-3 record of the team is 11 and one. I don't know how you look at what Pittsburgh is done. Look at the Personnel you look at other than playing and go. Well, there are bad for they're they're overrated. They're not they're not really as good as the wreckage of snow does the reason the records call the record. It's a record of how well they've done their exactly as good as the record shows and I just think people love to watch them. I don't know I think people really are jealous of success or they like to hate on people who do well I don't fully understand it and I think Pittsburgh I bet the city is pretty loud about their success their fans on Twitter or something. I know that their players are very they talk that they chirp a lot, right? But I I mean criticizing the margin of victory for Pittsburgh is a bit weird when Kansas City who's also 11:00 and one barely beat Denver last week. How does Thursday to explain that or what about the fact that it took over time for Kansas City to meet Justin Herbert and the LA Chargers. Who by the way the Chargers got beat by the Patriots 45 520. So my point is NFL math doesn't make sense. You can't go this team beat this team. So that a win is a win in the NFL. It doesn't matter how you win as long as you win and I I just think it's kind of weird people are saying all the Steelers overrated I think part of what an impressive things about Pittsburgh this year. Is they've won in a multitude of different ways whether it be with their defense running the football or throwing the footballer with their offense or with this or that their special teams in one? That's just really they have a talent at every facet of their team. And I I just don't really understand the the hatred or hatreds one thing. It's the the desire to tear down a team. That's clearly a good football team and say see, they're not very good and people are like, I don't know. I don't understand it. I don't I don't understand. I'm just I'm gonna have nothing else to say here other than it makes no sense to me why people are so quick to jump on the hate train and attack the Pittsburgh Steelers now, I want to read a question from the audience and where you can write into the show on page around you go to patreon.com forward slash or Jack has a question about Pittsburgh. He says do you think that the Steelers losing to the Washington football team is a blessing in disguise? Now let's dealers can focus more on winning a championship than going sixteen and no I think that it will be good for the Steelers to relax in the regular season so they can make sure everyone is healthy and ready to go out of the playoffs when the Patriots try to go 16-2 know I think Bill Belichick use all his tricks and the regular season which eventually gave the Giants a lot of film to use against them and it backfired out for the Patriots. The Steelers may have avoided that by losing and so Jack I think that's a good interesting direction to go here. You know one thing it's you got to point out about Pittsburgh is that And I don't know directly about Pittsburgh. Yes. So the Steeler so the Patriots couple of years ago. They did everything they could to beat the Giants and they beat the Giants in week 17 last year in a couple of years ago. Then they played that team against the Superbowl and they lost cuz it already tipped their hand and I don't think that going undefeated or having a great regular-season is as important as winning a Superbowl. I think off the city is kind of an autopilot mode when they're eleven and one it's been an ugly 11 and 1 there's a reason for that you look at I mean remember when the what was that 72 and nine or something about the the the Golden State Warriors went 72 and 70 to 9. I believe something crazy as some crazy record 738 the Warriors had an incredible year whatever else. 82 - 73 and 9. I don't really care doesn't matter the Warriors have this great season and the regular season and then as they got to the finals they lost and the Warriors realized we expended all this energy trying to have a great regular season and we still lost the championship. So I guess my point is to say that teams in the NBA have figured out. It doesn't matter regular season to good enough to get the number one seed or do good enough to get near but don't burn everything rest is important. It's okay to your job is to win a championship not to have a great regular season. And so It is possible that this does bring a sense of relief to Pittsburgh Perfection can be distracting and I just it's possible that losing to wash 11:00 and 1 rather than Twelve and O take some of the pressure off and actually does help Pittsburgh. Just an interesting thought by Jack I like the question and worth taking notes. Okay and drink some water real quick first. I want to give a shout out to Coastal Carolina. They're undefeated. They play Troy today. Let me check the score of the Troy game. I watch the BYU Coastal Carolina game and I just loved I loved the the teal Turf there were these shirts that the Mormons versus mullets. I thought that was really fun. Coastal Carolina beat BYU and they're beating Troy right now. Twenty-One to sixty thousand eight twenty-seven left in the third quarter closer than what I thought Coastal Carolina is just a fun program a program that's hard to hate on. You know, their their mascot is a shell Claire which is a it's like a cunning rooster that wins with this brain. It's a smart rooster basically from some story some like book write a fictional novel or something wrong. I I got to say also really like the the the triple-option offense. It's kind of a hybrid like a spread triple-option offense. And I think actually when you play BYU with no preparation, by the way the team with the triple-option offense that runs the ball really well probably has the advantage that definitely helped them beat BYU and the whole game in general felt like a celebration of this fun Coastal Carolina program. I really liked them. I thought the this whole year for Coastal Carolina, they're undefeated. We'll see if they beat Troy. They're they're fun. They're exciting. They are they're 15 minutes from the beach this whole year has been a great recruiting tool to say hey went out front of the beach want to win games when we're black jerseys planned tealtor.com play for the Coastal Carolina chanticleers. And I I never thought that would ever say the word chanticleer. I never heard of it before watching that game. And I thought that man getting to have comb Carolina in the the national Spotlight for a day. They played last week in h BYU. That's awesome. That's fun. And I just want to give them a shout out. I probably won't do a break out for them. They got a freshman quarterback Grace and McCall who I really like. He's more of a runner than a distributor got a question on patreon about it. I'm not going to read it. I think I deleted it by accident just being off but I just shout out to Coastal Carolina. There are fun programmes. They were injured interesting program. I'm probably not going to make a break out for this but for listen to the podcast, I just what a fun little college program. I like them. I I really was endeared to them watching them play BYU. I liked what they got going on down in South Carolina. now I believe that BYU quarterback. Zach Wilson is going to be the most successful quarterback from the 2021 NFL draft class. I mean like so from that Dragon to have Trevor Lawrence will have Kyle Trask we'll have we'll have Justin fields and I think as we watch Justin Fields go probably to the Jaguars number two, and we see trash go to the Jets. Number one. It's going to be really easy to go. What do you mean during the most successful not saying the best quarterback and that's even that's debatable. But the reason why am I believe Zach Wilson would be the most successful quarterback in the NFL overall from this 2021 NFL draft is because number one, he's very talented and I think in a normal year off Zach Wilson might even be the number one quarterback on the board. I mean, he's got Justin fields in Trevor Lawrence ahead of them have been hyped forever who people really love and tackles kind of lay down to the block. He plays for BYU a smaller program. But a normal year without Trevor Lawrence and without Justin Fields, Zach Wilson likely would be the number one quarterback taken in the NFL. So he's talented enough to be the best quarterback in the draft. Even if he's not and then he loves football number two. I mean, I've heard from multiple people now that Zach Wilson say football nerd who watches film and loves it. And what he loves to do is take you watch Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady and pick apart their game and try to take the good parts of everything that he sees on film. He's a nerd he loves football. He's passionate about the game. So what I've heard from people, I believe that when I watch them play and I really like what's that golson's doing he's talented. He works already loves the game and the number three as Zach Wilson. Will fall down to the draft. I mean, we'll see if Kyle Trask gets drafted ahead of him. We'll see what happens there. I think that Zach Wilson should be the number three quarterback drafted in the NFL draft. If you can follow to a team like the San Francisco 49ers or the Patriots or somebody trades up for him. My point is that Zach Willis is going to go to a better team than Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. Justin Fields is going to go to the Jaguars Trevor Lawrence is got a hopeless career ahead of him trying to turn the Jets around. I hope he does. I like Trevor Lawrence, but as he falls in the draft, he's going to be dropping to a better and better team and then you have a mix of a very talented player who could have been the number one quarterback drafted who loves football on a good team. All of that combined is going to make Zach Willis and most likely the most successful quarterback in the 2021 NFL draft very similar actually to Joe Allen Josh Allen member him. He was not the first quarterback taken in the NFL draft in 2018, Sam. Darnold take ahead of him Baker Mayfield was taken ahead of him. But Josh Allen went to the Buffalo Bills where he had good support around him was very talented got better. I think that it's a similar situation here where sack Wilson's go into a good team. That's going to want him. It's got a like him going to have better players around him to support him. Oh, yeah, by the way, Jack Wilson worked really hard those football and he's very talented already. That's a recipe for success in the NFL if you ask me. Now last week BYU lost to Coastal Carolina The Place San Diego State tonight. BYU is 9 in one and I got to say I really respected that BYU. Made the Coastal Carolina game happened. They drove out late. They got their equipment. They're barely in time. They played a game basically on no notice and I walked away going, you know, what respect for taking the game. I think we learned a lot about BYU as a program in 2020 from that game will talk about that in a minute, but I just gotta say it was gutsy to make the game happen and it's also kind of weird people have a nice size exact Wilson for having you not as best game of the year against Coastal Carolina. Do you understand how hard it is to play a game with no preparation. It's like basically going to a high school football Jamboree where you don't know the team there from like some other state you've never heard of nearly for example, we would play when I played High School football years ago. We would go to the Oregon State football camp and our team would be playing teams from like Southern Oregon and Idaho and like we've never heard of this random School in Idaho, but we're going to play them in the scrimmage with no film study and just go off what we know and what time Over three were to throw, you know, we'll take the flat against Cover 3 just doing what we do but not necessarily having enough time to prepare a whole game plan for the game that felt very similar watching Zach Wilson play against Coastal Carolina due to the best they can they probably Cobble together some kind of game plan late and when you don't have preparation, it's hard to get ready for a game. Obviously. I mean even at the NFL you have Thursday night football, but at least you know, the games coming up you feel your schedule you play Sunday and then you play again on Thursday what you have weeks of notice. So people a team of people that do film study can get you a game plan and get some stuff prepared and some notes prepared and to the quarterback come Monday after the game on Sundays like hey, here's you're not coming Thursday night game. He's everything prepared for you ready to go. Zach Wilson had none of that against Coastal Carolina. That hurts him for sure. now Coastal Carolina did expose BYU and really what happened was this game was dominated up front by Coastal Carolina. People are moved on the national headlines. Don't care about Coastal versus BYU, but I do because everyone's going to say be why you got screwed over they should have had a better opportunity getting the college football playoff this and that what we learn from the BYU Coastal kind of game. Is that be why you never should have been in the conversation for the college football playoff from the beginning? They got dominated up front by Coastal Carolina birth and 1/4 down 33 whatever Costa was running all over BYU dominating in the trenches. Oh, yeah, by the way, say my defense BYU was given a ton of pressure inside that a hard time blocking for Zach Wilson against Coastal Carolina, and if you get dominated by Coastal Carolina on the offensive and defensive line, You have no chance competing against Alabama or Ohio State or Clemson or Florida? And so I I think the world should be very glad that we saw BYU lose the Coastal Carolina and the fact whether they want or not. We saw them play that game and the game whether BYU won or lost that game last Saturday we saw what brought you is like. Oh, they're not that great upfront. They're not good enough to compete with the team like Alabama or what? We we knew that like if you're not a BYU fan you already knew that but big fans that were like our team is falafel like I'm excited for you and I know you went to that school you pay the money every year. So you donate to their of course, you're going to be very biased in favor of your own former College. But the game against Coastal confirmed that BYU had no place in the college football playoffs competitively. They they might be a decent brand their faith-based loves them. But they are not a strong enough football team to compete with the best of the best in college football. And so I I would say Coastal Carolina. Thank you very much for making it clear. They beat them so that the argument was over before it even began. But even if BYU had beaten Coastal Carolina, I would walked away saying oh, yeah, by the way, do you see how much be where you got domination third and one or how much pressure was on sack Wilson? Yeah, watch them play. Alabama would have been even worse. So thank you to Coastal Carolina for making it very very clear about BYU. The Rams beat the page where it's 24 to 3 on Thursday Night Football kind of a boring game. Honestly. I I watched the game I was like is this ever going to get better? I'm bored. I'm not having a good time. I the Patriots are struggling there six and seven. I would not blame the Patriots problems on Cam Newton. Remember this is a team with basically no offensive weapons and Tom Brady couldn't win with that roster. So Cam Newton really didn't have a chance in New England from the beginning. Number do the Rams are 9:00. And for the Rams are a team with you had two convincing wins in a row to beat the Cardinals not to beat the Patriots. They're on the ball very well. The Rams played great defense and what I'm seeing from, LA. Is that the rams look hungry to get back where they remember they lost the Super Bowl two years ago to the Patriots and they had a year kind of a a survival year where every every time you lose the Superbowl. You have a year off where you kind of that the year hangover the Super Bowl hangover. Now the Superbowl hangover came and went the Rams are here again. There are nine and four. They got a great defense when Jared Goff play as well. He's phenomenal and my problem with Jared Goff is he's not consistent enough, but I will say that my dream NFC Championship right now in the NFL. I want to see the the Packers play the song. I want to see Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay against Sean McVay and Jared Goff and that fun running game and the Rams. I really think Rams Packers would be a lot of fun in the NFC championship and Probably the Saints will get there. I think no matter what happens the team from the AFC is most likely to win the Superbowl if it's not the pack, it's probably the Packers or the AFC in my opinion. But I I really think that the Rams are have been playing very impressive football. They deserve respect and I want to see them get to the NFC Championship Game want to see Packers vs Rams for the title of the NFC off to get into the Super Bowl be really really fun and I walked away very impressed with the Rams on Thursday. All right. I'm going to take a short break when I returned will do some NFL predictions for week. 14 will answer some ask that questions. I am very excited. I think that this week week 14 wage is going to be a phenomenal week of football. I think that there's four games in particular where I go. Okay, that's going to be fun gotta be interesting and very exciting. My name is Akshay omlor. I'm going to take a break whenever turned NFL predictions are ahead. Oh, right. We are back. Hope we're doing very very well. I am so excited for this weekend. It's going to be phenomenal NFL Week 14 is here and we got some good football head this weekend. It's going to be great. I want to do some predictions. I want to start with what I would believe our before best games of this upcoming weekend number one. I believe the Steelers Bills game might be the very best game will see all weekend to playoff teams. I really like Buffalo here. It's a home game for them at Orchard Park, but I'm picking the Steelers to win. The bills weakness is their run defense and that makes me concerned for this game, but there are a couple of fun things to watch your number when you have Big Bend against Josh who I think I think they're playing style is very very similar. I have said before that. I think that Josh Allen is kind of a younger version of Big Ben. I mean the way they the way they avoid sacks, they throw people off of them. They're these big hulking players who got incredibly strong arms. And as time has gone on Big Ben got more accurate and got more precise and so as Josh and his NFL career And so I think the other thing to watch really is that does Pittsburgh catch the ball. I mean, how does Pittsburgh handle the cold? I think supposed to be like 48 degrees not a terrible weather day and age Pittsburgh has been really struggling to draw passes recently had a bunch of drops against Baltimore a bunch of drops against Washington and they're not going to be able to survive drops against Buffalo this weekend. They have to catch it if they want to win and they have a lot of draw paths that could cost them the game against the Buffalo Bills game number to Monday Night Football the Browns and the Ravens home. I am hoping that this will be a great game. It should be any time the Browns and Ravens play. I guess really not that's not true. But anytime you have a divisional game with teams that know each other very often. I would hope it's interesting and I'm really praying. I mean, these are two quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield. They were drafted in the 2018 NFL draft and really I mean, I've been I've been really ranting and raving about wage. Good, the Browns have been this year recently. This is a prove-it game for them if they are really as good as their record shows. They're what they're eight and three they're doing very well. I guess are nine. And three of them is very very well. The Browns hath is shell progress and do very very well against Baltimore this weekend and they have to win this game. These are two very similar teams. They both run the ball very, well. What I think is interesting about the Ravens is that when you watch them they're in the shotgun a lot watched how they use play-action from the shotgun. I think they're the best team using hard play-action fakes to sell the run and get people open downfield long as the Ravens use play-action from the shotgun because I think better than any other team in the NFL should be fun to watch and I I really am excited for this Browns Ravens game. I hope it's good. Hope it's competitive and interesting and even I'm picking the Browns to win they should win this game. But again, all I really want is a fun interesting competitive game that comes down to the final moments. That'll make me very very happy. Number three Washington against the 49ers. This is Alex Smith against his old team. The 49ers feels like a good matchup. You have the beat up 49ers team should say a rising Washington team was very well-coached again. These are too well-coached football teams. Washington is very very disciplined. They're on a three-game winning streak Washington will not beat themselves. They will force you to beat them. They're not going to make mistakes that's going to cost them the game and I simply believe and hope this will be a very close and interesting game. I really bought my prediction here is that it's going to be closed fun and interesting to watch if it's not a close game then I will be wrong about this prediction. All I'm predicting here is it'll be closed fun and interesting number for them. Colts and Raiders, I'm thinking the Colts to beat Vegas this weekend should be a good one. If the Raiders want to win they have to force the Colts quarterback Philip Rivers in to make a key mistake or two a pick-six or bad interception. My fear though is that the Raiders are going to struggle to run the ball. This Cold's defense is really really good up front. They got divorced near back in their line-up their front seven is awesome. And so this will be a gritty tough hard-fought game two teams that run the ball. They love to run the ball. They run the ball very well and it could go either way. Maybe the player watch is Henry rugg's the rookie receiver with the Raiders. Can he make a gigantic play that I mean, he had the game-winning touchdown last weekend against the Jets. Can you do another place like that where he's so quick and so fast and they run and vertical all the time. I'm curious if Henry drugs can make a big play in this game, but I'm picking the Colts doing they're also they're way more consistent the Colts have been dead. More consistent than the Raiders have been very up-and-down this year and picking the Colts to beat the Raiders Jets at Seattle. I I'll be honest. I don't have the guts to be picked the Jets to beat the Box in this game. But man if any team was ever going to blow a game to the Jets. It would be Seattle. They would do it and the Seahawks should win this game know the better team, of course. I'm going to pick them to win but the Jets are getting better. They almost beat the Raiders last week and I watch that game and it wasn't like the Raiders were terrible. I mean, I really thought that the Jets were just competing and fighting hard and it off hundred yards rushing against Vegas last week. And so I don't really trust Seattle the Jets are trending up surprisingly shockingly. Now, the the best storyline here really is that Seattle safety? Jamal Adams is playing his old team the Jets and I would love to see Jamal Adams have a monster de to sax a fumble recovery an interception something like that. I want to watch Jamal Adams go off and have a really bad game against the Jets this weekend show. Hey, remember when you didn't want me to trade me away that was a mistake. And so I want to see them all out and have a great day. I'm picking the Seahawks but man it does feel like any team is going to blow him to the Jets. It would be this very uneven very inconsistent Seattle Team. Texans Bears, I'm picking the Texans to win the Bears were solid last week trubisky was fine, but I want to remind you guys about the 2017 NFL draft. This is a walk-in where Chicago drafted North Carolina quarterback Mitchell trubisky instead of Clemson quarterback DeShaun Watson, and I believe in this game to Sean Watson. Now with Texans quarterback is going to show Chicago why that was a very very bad decision a couple of years ago in the NFL draft. You should have taken the Sean Watson and I think the Sean Watson's going to show that off on Sunday. Cowboys Bengals, both teams are terrible. I think the Cowboys have more Talent than Cincinnati. I don't really want I'll watch this game at some point. I watch every game every week, but I I don't want to watch the game but I will say it's Andy Dalton against his old team that'll be fun. It'll be interesting. And so I'm picking the Cowboys to win against Andy Dalton's old team. That should be a fun interesting storyline a cowboy should win on Sunday Cardinals Giants. It's a tough one the Giants they've improved every week this East this season the Giants are getting better and better and better and it's tough the Giants win four games straight. So I'm having a hard time betting against the New York Giants this week. I really I like them. I like Joe judge. I'll even admit I am rooting for the Giants in this game. And even though the Giants are playing at home. I'm picking the Cardinals to win this game. I can't I can't bring myself. I mean the Cardinals have they're getting Larry Fitzgerald back at Kia receiver who's a veteran presence. They're getting they have Kyler Murray a great quarterback. I can't pick the Cardinals to lose this game. I just feel like I think the Cardinals are better but I am torn up. I'm very very conflicted. I'm rooting for the Giants. I would be very happy to see the Giants beat the Cardinals on Sunday picking the Cardinals to win, but I feel really conflicted and torn up about it. It's a cold game. It's in New York home game for the Giants walking the Cardinals. I'm not very confident about the the Cardinals should win they're a better team, but we'll see if they do that on Sunday. Vikings Bengals Bengals Vikings Buccaneers, excuse me, if I Kings Buccaneers, this is a must-win game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They're seven and five months and they need to win to stay in the playoff hunt. Now the Vikings are very well-coached on defense Mike Zimmer. Their head coach is a defensive mind that I love and I would hate to play against Mike Zimmer terrifying. He's really smart. He disguises coverage as he runs good blitzes. He calls whatever he wants whatever covers he feels like he's going to work on that scenario wage. They run a lot of different stuff in Minnesota. This will be a very good game. It will be it's going to happen and it could be a really close tough game for the Buccaneers where I think that Tom Brady could have a long time against this Vikings defense. Unfortunately, I I'm picking the Buccaneers to win an ugly game, but I'm picking the Buccaneers because of their defects. Playing Kirk Cousins to I will say Kirk has played very well. I would not be shocked to Minnesota won this game. I think the Buccaneers have to and I'm picking the Buccaneers to win this game, but and I think Tampa wage because of their defense their defense can make some plays and I think Kirk's streak of not having an interception a while my end on Sunday Me Kirk Cousins always played very well recently. I I think Tampa wins again because of their defense but not because of Tom Brady. I'm torn I'm going to be closed and interesting, but I'm picking the Buccaneers to beat the Vikings on Sunday. Broncos Panthers both teams are four and eight point blank. I believe the Panthers are just a better team despite the record Being the same. Both teams are banged up. I don't want to ask really ask yourself this month in a close game. Which quarterback do you trust to win at? The end Drew lock has got you know more interceptions than touchdowns or Teddy Bridgewater. I trust Teddy Bridgewater. I think the Panthers are going to win this game. I think it's interesting though. The Broncos have been getting steadily. More coherent every week and I I don't know. I'm excited to watch this one because I want to see how Denver does they just had a really close game. They almost beat Kansas City last week. They are trending upward wage. I think that Caroline has been solid all year. So it should be an interesting test for the Broncos. I want to say I drew lock plays and I'm picking the Panthers to win should be interesting. I'm definitely going to watch it off and I want to see what happens. Titans Jaguars and picking the Titans to win they should win Derrick Henry. They're running back should have a big day and a tendency wins this game. They're going to be 9 and 4. That's a big deal. It's impressive. Now. The bad news is that Tennessee cannot generate much of a pass rush at all. Their pass rush has been really ineffective than Jadeveon Clowney their defense event that guy they signed hoping you would have a big impact. He got hurt and that makes me even more nervous and so we'll see here how the Jaguars quarterback Mike Glennon does. I think you could have a good day. I think a Jaguar still are going to win but we'll see what happens. I think so, excuse me. I think the Titans are still going to win but we'll see if the Jaguars can challenge the Titans and make it interesting either way. Now Packers Lions, I would be shocked at the Lions beat the Packers this weekend, Aaron Rodgers playing like the NFL MVP. I believe he's going to keep things wrong. I think the Packers beat Detroit in Detroit on Sunday Falcons Chargers. Is it bad that I don't care about this game. I the Falcons are four and eight the LA Chargers are three and nine. I like Justin Herbert. So I'll pick the Chargers to win the game. I guess. It's a it's a weird one for me. It's a rare that I look at a game and just I don't care at all. And I I look at this game. Like even the the Cowboys Bengals game. I went. Oh, I'm excited to watch how Andy Dalton does against his old team this game. Just I didn't have anything emotionally. I didn't feel anything I go. I don't I don't care and I'm not interested. I it's very interesting to me. I just I don't know. I think that we'll see how Raheem Morris does. He's done fairly interesting lie. Well as the Falcons interim head coach, I don't know that it's done. He's done. Well enough to keep his job on the year is over, but we'll find out. I know that if Raheem Morris wants to keep his job as the head coach of the Falcons. He's going to have to win this game. The Charger just got crushed by the Patriots 45 to nothing last week. They need to respond with a positive performance this week and then we'll see what happens. I'm I don't I'm sure that fans of the Falcons and charges are interested. I think otherwise people are going I don't really want to watch a game. I don't really care about that game. We'll see Justin Herbert. I hope Justin does very very well Chiefs and dolphins. I'm picking Kansas City Patrick Mahomes against the Miami defense can be really fun really interesting. Miami's got some odd corners and they're doing some good stuff and I like to uh, I think too is I some sort a lot of timing routes. He's been throwing a lot of quit game. He's been very fine. He's kind of a distributor. He's been very Like I'll be honest comparing Justin Herbert 222 has been underwhelming if you compare those two mean Justin has been way more capable. He's done more physically and I believe that Miami's offense. I know I'm bouncing around. I just too has been like very fine. And I I don't know that Miami's offense can't compete with Kansas City and so case he's gained like 28 17 or 28 to what's a touchdown and three field goals. I don't think Kansas City loses this game. Even if their defense does. Well, I don't I don't know. We'll see. I just I don't I don't have a lot of faith in Miami in this game, but I think they'll fight harder to make it interesting. Saints and Eagles I'm picking New Orleans to win this game, but it should be fun for a couple of reasons. It's Jalen hurts first ever start in the NFL. That'll be awesome. And then it's Jalen hurts against a sandhill crane interesting quarterback. So I personally cannot wait to get my hands on film from this game. I've been waiting for Taste and held to impress me kind of waiting and waiting and taysom Hill hasn't really grabbed my attention and pressed me. It's been very decent no more. No less. He's been very quick. I think to check down quicker than I think you should have been has been a couple of times where he's at Guys open downfield and it's checked it down instead of pulling the trigger. That's kind of weird for me. I think he's really kind of more like more of a back of his Nick Mullens with the ability to run more than taysom Hill has a franchise quarterback. I'm not impressed. But hey, we'll see. I'm waiting. I'm waiting for days until they impressed me and he might do it this week. Certainly the Saints should win this game. The Eagles are not very good and dead. On hurts. I can't wait to see how he does because Jalen hurts really just needs to make good decisions and not have any crippling mistakes. I mean New Orleans is a better team and should win but can Jalen hurts to be smart with the football even if he's losing I don't care if you're losing the game make good decisions the downfall of Carson Wentz was that he tried to play Hero ball and he made things worse by making mistakes. Can Jalen hurts avoid that if things are going poorly they're losing just hey make the right decision with the ball. Take care of the ball do the right thing. Don't try to make some crazy play that isn't there or throw the ball away when it's time to throw the ball away, you know, check it down. You need to beat the blitz with the do the little things right? I want to see if Jalen hurts can do the little things right and simply run the Eagles offense better off Carson Wentz has all year. And so I'm picking Orleans to win, but I really personally cannot wait to watch. Jalen hurts play in NFL Week 14 All right, guys, before we go. Let's do some ask Zach questions questions from the audience to my favorite part of the show in case you don't know how it works you go to patreon.com forward slash Zach Shalom give a dollar a month literally a dollar month. You can't get more if you want to please do it really helps pay my rent. But a dollar a month gives you access to submit questions on patreon. And if you submit a question on patreon, I do not guarantee to answer on the show. But I do guarantee you look at every single question and message and everything. I get with my eyeballs and I picked the top couple I try to read them at the end of every show and again a dollar a month. That's $12 a year. If you can support me on patreon it mean a big deal to me. It would really help the show. And the first question today is from Jeremy. Jeremy says hey Zach. Hope you're doing well in this crazy year. I am now more than ever reminded of the relief and happiness Sports can bring in the midst of all the weird stuff going on in a particular. I had a moment of realization of that while watching the highlights of the Cardinals last game. I got just irrationally happy whenever Larry Fitzgerald caught the ball not even a cards fan, but seeing this ledge and sticking it just let me up like crazy. So my question is are there any particular moments or details in this game that give you this immediate sensation of Joy when they happen during a game keep it up man Germany from Jeremy thinking he's Jeremy from Germany. So are there any moments from football that just give me great joy First of all, I guess I got to say like it's been a weird hard year. I remember when there was no sports for a little while. I was devastated. First of all financially I needed I need Sports to happen. It's my job to cover them also with my sense of escape and my way to get away from The problems of the world and so when when there are no Sports, I have a really hard time. My probably my favorite thing in football. I love when young quarterbacks do well like I watching Justin Herbert dual an awesome watching Jalen hurts too. Well, I hope is going to be really fun this weekend. But even just young guys in general watching people who I mean you you gotta understand that sports are a dream for so many people so my my favorite moments in any sports are for example Sergio Perez one in F1 Grand Prix last weekend the secure Grand Prix dead. He's the first Mexican to win an F1 race in like fifty years and Sergio Perez group his whole life racing and hoping and dreaming of winning an F1 race and he did on Sunday Monday and he raced for a long time for D. Team force India who was not very good and he never left that team and that team got better and better around him and he won a race in his last ever season with this, too. It's unbelievable. I mean when I thought about it that way made me want to cry and so when I look at guys like cam Sims had a great week against the Steelers for the Washington football team this past weekend 5 a.m. At 492 yards. That is so cool. Like he realized his dream. He did very well and when I see guys succeed in the NFL who are maybe not big named Logan Thomas the tight end for Washington or a really a guy who's become a star JC Jackson an undrafted player who's done very very well with the page this year like one of the top one of the top leaders in interceptions this year in the NFL or DeAndre Johnson who's worked really hard and kind of broken onto the scene this year from Pittsburgh. I like watching young guys break onto the scene. It's probably my favorite like story line wise is one of my favorite most compelling things to cover is just like when you watch a guy who's been together for a year or two and finally pops. Oh, that's awesome makes me off. Happy Daniel written see I can pull it up. Daniel says. Hey Zach, love the show. Do you still feel like giving up on Daniel Jones? Yeah, I I want to clarify though. I think people are misunderstanding when I say I'm Giving Up on Daniel Jones. Here's what that means. I don't believe in him. I don't think he's the answer long-term. I think his to physically limited I think is awareness in the pockets of gigantic problem. He's got too many turnovers. So when you asked me about a pick a side, do you think Daniel Jones is going to work or not? I say no. I don't think it is doesn't mean I hate the guy doesn't mean I don't want to see Daniel Jones. Well, I would I want Daniel Jones to prove me wrong that topic is a prediction me saying I don't like I actually don't gain anything from saying Daniel Jones is going to succeed because if I am right to like a few years from now Daniel Jones fails, and I I approved to be right no one's ever thought. Hey great job Zaki you really you were totally right about Daniel Jones. So honestly, all that prediction does is get me hate and anger for two years while people are furiously mad at me. So I don't I don't believe Daniel Jones answer long term, but I hope I'm wrong. I like Daniel Jones nothing against him. I it'd be certainly very convenient for the Giants if he was the right guy and time will tell Tyler writes in says Arts Manning this time maybe scientists. So this guy's been writing in about Arch Manning the the nephew of Peyton Manning the son of Cooper Manning the older brother lived for a long time. He plays High School the old high school Newman High School. I believe in Louisiana where Peyton and Eli and Cooper all played. Here's why I haven't covered Arch Manning at all and and continue will continue to not cover Arch Manning. He's sixteen years old like he's a kid. He's in high school when Archie Manning gets the college football and breaks onto the national scene. Yeah, I'll cover it'll be interesting. It'll be fun but it's a kid. I'm not going to cover kids. It's kind of weird and I'm good. I I want to let kids be kids and when he gets to college, then we can talk about Arts painting until then. I keep getting it's not just kylo. It's like literally so many people have asked me talk about Arts painting talk about Arch man and talk about Arts management. I just yeah, it's a nephew Peyton Manning. He looks fine and we'll see how he does in yet and in college football until then not going to talk about him. Kristen writes in and that'll that'll be it. That's all I'm ever going to say about our commanding like literally until until more news happens and it's more noteworthy. That's all you're ever going to get. Tristan says he's got a lot to say first of all, he writes a very heartfelt message. I'm going to read it on the show. He says Zack just have to tell you how much your show has meant to me this year your passion intelligence humility sense of humor and your openness with your audience has been such a breath of fresh air. I truly do love the podcast and appreciate you greatly. Thank you Christin. Thank you so much. He continues by saying you also make me feel a whole lot smarter when it comes to the game of football and it's all specifically if you like I made some great strides in terms of analyzing the game because your podcast and that has been very rewarding for me personally cannot thank you enough man. Took. I'm so glad you wrote in. I'm glad you're here. I appreciate you listening to the show. Here's question trip Christians. Here's Tristan's question for the show. He says, I am very curious to know your thoughts on my question. How do you feel about movie studios planning to release films digitally shifting further away from theatrical releases. How do you feel about digital vs. Seeing the film on the big screen? I am personally a big screen purists. I'm nervous at covid-19. Look, it has really I mean I the state of movie theaters is really sad and disappointing right now. I I win saw tenant the last movie I saw in theatres was tenant the name Christopher Nolan film. It's phenomenal and I we sat social distance apart when the movies over people came and cleaned the seats. I don't know why we can't do that. I don't know why theaters need to be closed. Can you just do it with social distancing and with spring them down afterwards. It seems like that's a viable solution but I I will say so I there is some magic to watching a movie on the big screen. It's amazing and I I see every movie I can that way and I know it's weird. I just I see almost every movie that comes out in theaters cuz I just I love I love I love movies. I watch even bad movies in theaters cuz I don't care. I just love. I love movies and I love movie theaters. So I'm one of those Nerds II. however I got to be honest. I I love watching stuff at home. I mean, I I love being home and maybe what I'll do is get a giant projector and then I can watch movies on a projected wall so I can get the big screen effect, but I I don't really have any desire to Go out. I don't have a desire like I'm a huge introvert anyway, and then covid-19 it like oh you have an excuse to never leave your house and like I've never leaving. I'm good. I am never ever going anywhere else. Then. I watched a concert this week. My favorite artist is named. Jon Bellion. Jon Bellion is my favorite musician of all time ever. No one came close. He's amazing. He did a concert and I I felt good giving him my money cuz I knew would be quality and not like him and he's giving the money to the people. He's performing this so they can take care of their families during covid-19. Concert I've ever been to and maybe go I want to go to Every concert this way. And so the minute movie start coming out day-and-date digital. I'm going to watch every movie at home. I will I am I went theaters are open again. I'm sure like, I love to see a quiet place 2 in theaters, but if a quiet place to comes out digital, I'm just gotta watch it at home happily. Like I'll pay thirty bucks cuz it's still cheaper to go to a movie theater. That's good for me. So I I don't know man. I there's something about watching stuff at your house, but your drinks and your drugs and your food and just hanging out doing that way. There was something really special and amazing about that. That's what I am torn but I very much lean, I'm cool doing it at home forever. I I in charge me a lot of money like charge me more than you would in a theater because I can invite all my friends and family. I won't cuz I but I could if I wanted to but I won't ever charged bring my friends and family over here cuz I I like my house. I'm a home birth. I'm an introvert me and my girlfriend are both very quiet nerdy people who are very happy. Just being left alone and doing our thing. And so yeah, I'd be I'd be happy if I never had to leave my house for a concert a movie every I'm sure we'll I mean there's something about there is a Irreplaceable experience of being I go into a Khalid concert one time on the floor, and it's just the music so loud and the crowds there and I mean, I just hate the people part if I could have the loud music and Khalid live be honest. I don't need all these other people around me dancing or movie theaters when I watch at home I can pause it off. I don't need to worry about kids crying. I don't need to worry about missing anything going to the bathroom. I don't need to worry about annoying people around me talking or opening their stupid candy or whatever my problem with that stuff. I don't like people so Monday, I'm ranting now. I love you guys so much. I appreciate you. F1 tomorrow I'm going to do what's on tonight. The the Miami game was today or watch that. I'm excited for this next coming week with strong opinion Sports. I am love you guys. Hope I appreciate you talk to you soon, but I'm from bam we are done.

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