Detroit City of Champions Episode 16: Iron Men The Esprit de corps of the first Detroit Lions


The you're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT, network visit www dot podcast, detroit dot com for more information. Nineteen eighty five the lions win the NFL Championship the Detroit Tigers take a world series, the red wings bring home loan standards. Joe Lewis begins his rise to world domination. This transforms the motor city into Detroit city of champion. Detroit city champions the podcast is floating on a cloud. It is It's so cool Yay just fun just low cloud this week. Coming off a good high fund with the Drew Miller last. Through a bunch of love on facebook that was like he was. So that was fun. But we were talking about Posse Clark, in in in the lions and then the you know how that December fifteenth date it just all these things came together one day just the the fans going crazy and share and all that withdrew. That was fun. But the lions I mean, there's a lot to the. Here's the thing. This is what's so interesting is is like where we're at with this show right now, this episode sixteen. And so we mentioned it before the episode withdrew. The very one of the things that kicked off that show was that the lions were the most under like like the most under reported team of the entire year. Yeah and they were really like they were as important as everybody else of course but they were like the fulcrum they were the they were the team that you know the Tiger Jolo does his thing which I can't wait to go to the Joe Louis Joe Louis Guy that's a great. It's going to be great. I'm excited for that. So Joe Louis. Joe Louis, Bourbon podcasts, and this is we're GONNA. It's GonNa be like an actual like emphasis on that nineteen thirty five can be cool. But. But anyways. Yeah. So you know the Joe Louis does this thing the Tigers? Win The championship spoiler alert. But then. In the lions they come into the city in the lions do their thing they win their championship and they it was as we mentioned like on the day, they win their championship the. Know the red wings go into first place in. So all of a sudden the focus becomes now Detroit could win all three championships and so the entire story from just being like tiger, world series to be in like Detroit can change the do something that like no cities ever done this incredible series of achievements but these ironman and the Lions get left out because The. City moved on without the Lions David. The story they want. Now, let's talk about the red wing. And so I kind of ironic is here fast for what does the eighty five years later years of age since nineteen, eighty five. Many. But here we are in the future in the modern day and it's kind of like we were I feel like. We already started getting into the redwings a little bit and I feel like. It's kind kinda. The stage is set to move on to the red wings right now. But at the same time I wanNA do a reversal. Act to the lions. We started getting into the red wings, but there's so much more to talk about the lions. Do. What they didn't do in thirty five, which is go back and say. Hold on a second on the brakes go back and talk about we're we're GONNA, get this, right? Yeah. Saying they have an infinite number of episodes ago. So much much. A lot of time. So take your time and. Throw saying they WANNA move past lines. It was such a great opportunity drew on the show that's was. In saw but I I would say I want to kind of. Put it put it in reverse a little bit in well, here's available. So It was it was great. because. We actually left the previous show talking about the transition from that lines into the red wings and so he was you know it was a great. Episode of have him but I do like say I wanNA. Go back in to go into this because especially since I'm hoping to get a friend of mine on for the next couple shows his name is Tom. Uric and time Europe has got some incredible stories to tell and I I kind of want to talk about some stuff today to kind of t him up on for when he comes on open, we can maybe do two episodes with him at least. He has got some tremendous story having friends others, and that's the thing about the podcast and when matinee do our our other podcasts, the the man cave happy hour, and we well take a second right now before we go too much farther and say, thanks everybody for listening to this. If you're listening to this and you haven't subscribed as of yet. Subscribe it. You know subscribe and leave a common hot comments really help. Compensate where they help us move up to move up the list and plus if you comment during the show. We try to give you a shadow that's it and yeah and then but if you if you like this one, if you like the sound of my voice. And who doesn't really APP Yard as well. The man I do, but the thing is that it's it's all about the stories right and there's so many stories. Yeah and you you are connected in the research that you did for this book you met so many interesting people and there are so many people that helped you in and supported you. As you went through it, I would love to get their stories too. There's a lot of great story like there's their stories I've got that are like off of the city of champions trail. Just, like the making the story like putting it together like you know people that just you know I went through I went to a five six year stretch where it was basically like I was making a living as a traveling storyteller. That's like that's the best way I could equate. Told me there is there is one summer where I slept I bay and bathe in every great lakes surrounding the state of Michigan in the same summer like it was it wasn't like it wasn't camping and going swimming because I was out for the pleasure cruise of it was because I was like on the road, it was cheap to sleep going to live with and. Exactly. A Great Lake when he does like. Saying like I like it was really romantic until you realize just broke living in. You TILA -Tarian. where it was like camping was like you know the. People it or whatever, and they're like Oh. What did you do here I'm like you don't sell and books Donald Stories. There's one guy it was great. I just a quick shot with this there's. I was in Charlevoix and I was sleeping in my art tent a in this really beautiful marina by about down by the river down by the late. Yeah. Something like this why I was sleeping in my art tank because it's just easy because I can drop the tent and sleeping guard my books. Yeah. So anyway is there is there is a security guard some so I'd come out of my tent for something or other and. Some random person walking through this marina spotted me because you're not supposed to sleep. In the marina and. So anyways. Random Person. I believe there's a Hobo. Basically. So anyways I knew that they spotted me, I've made eye contact with him and they kind of gave me this look like what's this guy doing like you know in this tent or whatever? Like ten o'clock at night so anyways. So, anyways. So I knew they were like basically gonNA. Tell me to somebody. So he was out of nowhere. So the security certain office security guard came walking up came came up to me a few minutes later and he says, you know what are you doing here and I was like Ma'am Sleeping on my tat and he's like why go because I can't afford to get a hotel room you know. He's like he goes he goes he all of a sudden his whole demeanor changes. He goes man I've been there. I. was like he goes he goes you know what I'm GonNa do for you. He goes he goes He Goes He goes I'm going to get you the code for the for the Marines. Like how you're gonNA shower in the morning. On goes in he goes I got the cold for the shower. Showers. I was like man you have been there because this is like A. Small thing such a pleasure. You're like a hot shower a cold dip in the lake is a you know at that moment in such a. It's it's means something. So. anyways. He also gave me a tip yells gave me the tip of the tip was the greatest. This is one of the greatest tips you know that I thought that was going a different direction, right? A future tip for another down the road for myself but I'll share the tip now he said. He said, you know you can also, if you ever find yourself in a pinch if you're sleeping in a parking lot somewhere he goes you can. He goes you know goes a lot of people check out early out of their hotels. Shower in somebody's room once they look for resorts open and then go take a shower in this in in A. Hotel Room waiting to be cleaned out by the maze. Oh my gosh, and I was like. Oh thanks for the tip rather than I was like I'm. Not GonNa that that level hopefully ever you know A. Little scary. Yeah. That's what I'm saying like I don't want to get to that point. Probably. preferred. Sleep. Bathe in the lake if it got to that point but it was just funny because he was like man, he switched from being like an enforcer like law enforcement to be in like. I've been there man know I totally understand here's the cold. You got a million stories like that from the road and it's like. Yeah, we can dive into all kinds of different stuff and that's the thing I i. Hope You bring in some of your friends the people you along that journey. Yeah. As you created these three books, Detroit, the city of champions. This is a good one player. He is a dire. He is what if there's anybody that's more bitten by the city champions bug. Then myself it would. It would. It'd be this guy's name is Tom. Uric I'm looking forward to bring I talked to him today I'm hoping that. They'll come in so Yeah. So what do we got where we're doing today? The Iron, the Lions, the IRONMAN upped alliance man you sent me this cool picture of the first picture. They took it at cranbrook. Yup I live right over there I live in the snotty it's Nice I live I live on the troy side of the Snyder is not down we live in we live in the expensive school district but in the in the snotty town cranbrook is as beautiful like art university. Our University. It's just an if anybody that hasn't been to cranbrook I mean it's they. They'd actually like do you can actually like pay for mission and stuff I think to go in? Earlier. coolest place like these always like marble architectural sculptures, the entire building, there's a small community theater. There's. There's an ice rink. You know they rented out to the public and the like some of the schools boy I played. High School Hockey, and they played a bunch of their games there and some of their summer league stuff happened there. So The University to College. College or high school. Because they have dorms. is so that's where the lions when they first came to or that's when the when the Portsmouth spartans were relocated from. Portsmouth Ohio to Detroit, that was their first training ground with amber they stayed in the dorms they they use their outdoor fields for you know for training sharing grounds. and. So that's the that we haven't unscreened. So yeah, we talk about pictures and videos throughout this episode there might be a couple of times. If, you're listening to the audio podcast. You always wanted to go if something that's like video or visual heavy. You'RE GONNA find us on facebook or youtube and see the other things we were talking about as we had these visual representations of it. It's kind of a cool picture. So they stayed at cranbrook when they first got here and started training. Yeah, exactly. So they came to. Basically the lions when I got here. Were there. They're like isn't there some kind of like a like A. A sea creature that goes from one shell to another like to a larger shaller's yeah yeah. That they, they came to Detroit and they They didn't like nowadays if a team comes to a city, they've got like multimillion dollar workout facilities. They get a new stadium. They got all this stop well when the lions came to Detroit in one, thousand, nine, hundred, four, they didn't have any of that. Yeah. They I mean they were just I mean they but they were the team they they're the same players Portsmouth and so. They first step is find a place to train find A to. Of Headquarters in Brooke was such an ideal spot and saw know fairly close to Detroit and. So that's where they ended up training at so. Neil dorms training there and stuff, and then and then their for their first field was university Detroit mercy. University Trait Stadium in Seoul they they use a college football field as their first home. They didn't have their own stadium right and I was actually talking to time here today and he reminded me of something that which was that they initially, of course, you know the first it was back then a Lotta Times, a football team would play baseball stadium. Yes, and so they actually approached the Tigers and the Tigers were like there. This was Tom telling me this kind of refresh my memory bus read before but Thomas. Tiger like no chance. Really well, yeah. Because the Tigers are in the midst of the one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, four. On, and you don't want thousand fans game. Yeah, and you don't want the. Extra lines and Up The road and the Lions third bear hardly anybody who's who's learning that. NFL TO WHAT'S THE NFL NFL? Yeah. Yeah. You know they were like second or third class sporting citizens in this case, and so they'll tigers are like For Good we got thirty thousand fans a game coming here Yeah. We don't need the extra fifty bucks game. Good we're buying. Maybe, down the road sometime. So they played universities, right stadium but in Cranbrook is where they they trained stop. In Seoul the. Title after the episode Iron Man. because. You know talk about from a few episodes ago. This portsmith Spartan team had. This this is a team that stretched all the way back to nineteen thirty one in potsy had this massive radical makeover the team when he first became the coach of the of the of the person's spartans. He gets rid of all these brings in one thousand, nine new guys. All these new players, and as we mentioned I think it was I forgot the I got to look back at my notes but I think it's eleven guys that came with him from Detroit from that original group and it was like maybe I think it was nine and then five ended up being with them in thirty five when they won the championship. So it's Like. This is a core group of guys stuck together in play. You don't play together for years. They go all the way back to nine, hundred, thirty, one, and so one of the Games that we've mentioned to was the one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, two, the Iron Man Game, oh, air the or the eleven, players, eleven, guys, they all played the all the entire. The entire of all four quarters of the game and they beat the packers the day after the packers had beaten or the week after the packers had beaten down and so they called from then on, they were called the iron. Man. All, their player doing it we're doing it with eleven guy eleven, guys guys played both ways the entire game. That's that's incredible. Frazier Pompton and said Goldline. Mike guys. International Mike Fraser's Watson from Scotland Man. Yes. We'll give a shout out to Scotland, favorite places in the world I. Love It. Shadow to the shutout from the HIBS. That's his football team. I wants to shut up for the hibs the Hibernian. The. House we always liked the hibs. Ancient Order of. Yeah. Go. Ahead game out there. As Fun. But but anyways. Yeah. So this this team that. They've been playing together for years they. They knew each other they knew everything in there all on the same mission. You know they were they've gotten a close. Yeah. They're also close in thirty one near they got. You know we talked about how they kind of job by the packers when the packers refuse to play him in the final game because there wasn't like a contract sign. Packers won the championship just by virtue of having the best record and I played the Spartan threats, and so the Spurs finished second that year and then in thirty two, of course, they go to the to the Chicago Stadium and play the first NFL championship game with the bears and then the bears beat him up. So the bears the bears beat him in that thirty two CAM. So they got close in that case again in thirty three, they lost their best player Dutch Clark and so. So they play the so they still finished in second place even without their best player, Dutch Clark, and then they show up in Detroit and thirty four for their first you know to become the Detroit lions in their first season they go they go ten and all they don't lose a game for ten when ten games in their first season Detroit and then they don't give up a single point for seven straight games still still has a record. Day. And so. anyways. So, they do all this and then of course, the nine, hundred, ninety, four, they lose at the end of the season to the bears and packers and they finish second place again. So this is the team that year after year after year they're getting close yet but not they just can't finish. I have no idea what that's like. The win every time. It's like. To finish it off or winning. Okay Does have been a bourbon down yet. That's why we're talking about thirty five. We're looking for the silver linings maybe. Ultimate. Silver lining back in time. So. Yes. So this is a team, this core group of players Potsy Clark's leader, the coach that it brought them on and now they are. Now they are they're on this mission to win a championship whether you know they didn't work out in Portsmouth but now here they are in Detroit with new uniforms. In their in, they're still on that same on that question. So. So. Yes. So today I think we were one of the things I wanted to do is show a couple of videos. Yeah. I know that we're the pot is not gonNA help you on the podcast but at the same time we can send that we can can we embed the links are the linked to the two because there's The Those down. For the yeah absolutely I can you In all smart I gotTa Hidden, reserve of of computer technology. In the show notes people listening. Yeah if you want to see the. Footage, you can either a find us on Youtube or facebook and find the video there as we went through it or just go straight. Was the second video comes from a logger chunk. Seven minute video we don't WanNa do all that so I down into a few pieces and once again, display rudimentary tech skill as you could actually got to see if you're watching, it was like a little see splits right management. All right, which one do you see? We got the? Shift on you edited. Okay. So the various of the first so both videos come from the same Youtuber, his name. Handle on. Youtube is J. Tube thirty six. So we WANNA you know send traffic to that guys to his thing. Really call videos the first were showing. Comes, from November Twenty Sixth Nineteen I'm sorry this is from. What is it? WHAT'S THE DATE YEAR We have a date on that thing is in the nineteen thirties from nineteen thirty to thirty. It is what it is. It's the nineteen thirty, four NFL championship. Nfl Championship, and this is between the bears and the giants and the reason I want to show this. Is because these are two elite teams at the Lions would have to face in most in particular, most particularly By the way, the giants have spoiler guess the giants would would beat the bears in this game, and this is the same bears team that beat the lines in nineteen thirty four to basically knock them out. But what I want to highlight in this video, we watch it it's only a minute and a half long as just watched the awesome power of Bronco Nagorski. This is a man amongst boys and the reason I wanNA show. Brooklyn Gerski is because. This is what the lions had to overcome and also also pay attention to also pay attention just the overall you know the sort of the difference between the two teams, you're gonNA see the giants that have like sort of aerial attack in the bears are just pure power. There's no I mean there's not a bunch of trickery. They don't try to do too much stuff. They just literally get the ball to Brockton Gerski and let him mall people that's. Supposed to work here and Jamie just blew it. All, right we'll get it. We got it. Now you`ve Got Saved by I. Think I think I saw playboy. Playing no, it was playing on my mind machinists not get the Big Square. Up On. The streets. There and then where we at. Stream, you know this is called Charles. This is called the best rehearsal ever. This is Craig. Yes. We got the the shells. Take a look at this. So you you on the screen dame. Now, it's kind of distracting. Take. So the bears are in the darker uniforms. You can see right there through a pass and got picked the giants return it. Yeah That was like a love. The of these uniforms are dark dot com. Giants were known for their aerial assault. There are all the the packers and the giants were both really big passing teams, but there's Bronco right there look at them. Look at this guy. All JEEZ WOW? He takes like three guys that bring him down looking come around the other side. The size, make the corner. He's like. I. CanNot tackle this man. He just malls his way right through the pile. That's how they used to tag. They run into each other was remember attack. Dick wrap up if they had to. But I'm saying like Bronco Look at him he's just ripping through lines it takes it takes five guys to bring this that look at them just gives direct snap bracco. LET THEM SMASH THROUGH Just, he's just Mahler. It's all if that's their, that's their offense in the crazy thing is that he was also equally as good as a blocker he's probably better as a blocker they would give it to little fast guy and let him all people not. Quick back giants the giants aerial assault. Yeah. Wow. You see them making a little bit too but is right there Jeez. Yeah. But you can see these guys are athletes man a lot of times. There's an impression that these guys in the thirties bunch of wimps like. Skinny little, Ron, and these guys are tough. Man Tall and the pads they were much less. Any when they were taking hits they were taking. One of the things I can't bring in Tom Europe because one of the interviews he's guy is with on the lions trainer makes very solid case that the NFL's the leather helmets of back in the day. Were better players safety than the current helmets up today. Really and that's an I'm telling you like it like I actually wrote about it in in my third book and I. Just can't like. Give you just a little brief summary The cats up. Is this actually what the guy says in the video on, we'll listen to is an exact words you know when we bring Tom in here but the lions trainers and they say, well, what is what's the difference between the game today and the game back then and he says while the equipment of the equipment on the players is different. Of course, he says, but I don't mean to those same way you mean it. You look at it as like Oh, we were inferior because of our leather helmets and. But. Actually I. Think it was better for for players back then because think about it. If you have if you're playing if you're playing football which is a collision sport and you have and you have a what's better to get hit by was hit by a soft shell, a leather helmet with hard leather shell with a soft padding in the middle of it or a plastic helmet. Solid plastic helmet with a steel facemask. Yeah. What's better for the opposing player to get hit by right right you know what I mean. I mean. You see what I'm saying like you're wearing like a torpedo on your head. Like a night suit of armor basically with that helmet. Also does for the player that's wearing the helmet is that it gives them a false sense of security that they can just dive into a pile because our faces and getting get mangled. In. So. So you're leading with your head you're leading with your face in some cases but back in the day, if you didn't have a face mask, it prevented you from leading with. Your natural governor switch to keep your face from getting mangled. Yeah. So you would turn your face when you made the tackle. So you wouldn't have these just raucous smashmouth collision. It would be like more wrapping up to avoid your face getting caved-in. So what do we have now on necessary roughness senior now they have to legislate everything in a game they have to say, Oh, you can't do this. You can't do that back then. They had twenty seven man roster roughneck man dragged down by the necks. So you know what? I'm saying like. So so at the very least, it's a comp-. It's it's an interesting. ARGUMENT AN INTERESTING DEBATE TO HAVE I've actually had the debate with modern day fans, and they get actually Kinda pretty upset people get mad about it. They're like how dare you think the Bass is better than today you're like doing an argument we're trying to make a conversation here but at the very least it is a potential you know like all these concussions in the NFL Today on. The answer that question is to go back in you know combat to the past where leather helmets. That'd be beautiful. I mean how? Amazing what? What the evolution of the helmets point on it the evolution of the football helmet you can actually see it when you're reading the history of all these different NFL teams or whatever. You can see like thirty, six, thirty, seven, you start to see players wearing these small little plastic face mask bars is a small it was plastic and they in you're out wearing it because maybe they got their nose broken and a game, and so now they're wearing this place this plastic bar to protect their face. But now when they're wearing this plastic bar of their break and other people's faith. You know and so now they got to wear a bar protect their face from the other bar. As you can see the evolution it didn't Nestle evolve I mean they played without facemask for thirty years and there's a guy we're gonNA see in the next video there's a guy named Bill Hewitt. He didn't wear a helmet at all. He didn't know where you'll see him he's all over the field he's all famer he's a frigging hall of. A helmet at all and it doesn't sound like these guys. A lot of times we look with our modern day is yeah. When we look at the past, we see like like Oh, my God look at that primitive equipment in all look how primitive that stuff is but but maybe it wasn't primitive maybe they had it right maybe we fix something that was never broke maybe the evolution that game took with wearing face masks and stuff wasn't necessarily the the right trajectory you know like it went on wasn't an evolution at all. It was just a the way that it went. It wasn't necessarily the way that. It should've stayed in salt dressing something to think of Alexander when Tom Comes in. We'll. We'll dive even deeper that. Thanks for that. Yeah. So every once in my every once in a while my tangents, they'll pay off a little bit. Off on a tangent every once in a while I'll get a little gem of something to think about these the they were iron man it was just Nicknames Yeah Ally, Oh he had an iron man game. They are the iron man. The same eleven is every play for a game beat the packers. The WHO were the defending? NFL Champions. That's crazy. So yeah. So that's the team that we're talking about. So anyways. So that's why the video was good because it showed. I hope I narrated well enough for the for the podcasters. That's my little sportscasting moment. Digging play by play. So, the next video we're going to this a little bit longer is a six minute video. Okay. This is a great. This comes from nineteen, thirty six. Which is obviously the year after the lions against spoiler won their first championship. And saw. So this is after this season. This is basically the same team. Most of these guys are the same guys. And, the reason I want to show this is because they're actually playing the bears in nineteen, thirty, six game the date, and again, this comes from Jay thirty, six, the full video go look at his thing it's an awesome twenty six minute video but I basically spliced together like six minute the three, my favorite basically a total of six minutes clips and. And saw? So this game comes from to find it if you can't in case we don't embedded right the. November twenty, six, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, six bears versus lions. The lions would end up winning this game thirteen seven. Jamie bumblebees. Okay. Where are you started actually your your friend Mr. Mike Frazier actually did comment and he had the same thought I did from watching that first video it looked a lot like rugby. And even Microsoft Hashtag rugby. Click on this thing to where you're gonNA see a little bit more rugby on this I. Think you're GonNa see another one of those things because it was it was a regular thing for them to lateral the ball and pitch it on airplane they'd get interception and they keep trying to keep the play going as long as possible. All right. So I'M GONNA. Roll this before. She has. So. The right there there's the flag. The flag hanging from the band, you'll see it unfurl their second. Lions nineteen thirty, five world champion. To where they play whereas this pre game being played, this is played at University Troy Oh okay. And so you're going to see just the there's a little bit action going back and forth. So what the first little couple minutes here, what we're going to focus on the reason I play because you're going to see the way the bears handled Bronco Lions, handle, Brooklyn, a Gerski, the broncos got the ball. Now you see how they the first guy clips them, and then they bring him down right there right backfield this how the Lions Handle Bronco broncos going to get the ball again here he is right there. We've got the ball look at wrapped around the ankles. One guy brings them down in the back. Tackle. That's how they handle them here. So here is here's a here's a pitch to this guy to go throats quarterback sack. That's the lion. Tenacious Wow Yeah. There's a defense on them. So they're putting lines are about to get the ball. In this, this is the next thing I want to show is the watch the lions offense works lines offense is just it's it's totally different than bears it's like a machine. Actually going get into your second dot here's The pass by the bears in this next one is going to be an interception by the Chicago quarterback. So, actually, Dutch Clark gets this areas right there. DOT got the interception. Is The quarterback and he's the. Defense is getting intercept. So now the lions the ball Allen's at the ball and watch just watch the wheeling players spinning around in that inside the team you don't even have any idea where the ball's going. Totally different than the bears were an assault offense. These guys are spinning around and going all these different misdirections. The camera can't even follow who has the ball watch. Why is just punted? Yeah. They are three. You'll see there's another section coming up. But like I say, if you go back and watch especially, go back and watch this video, you're going to see they spent around they move around and and you just never know where the ball's GonNa. Fumble just never know where the ball's going. This is a rare this coming up. You're going to see us through the lines in the ball back in this video, you're going to see a really nice drive. The lines are gonNA drive all the way down the field and you're gonNA see pay particular attention to the back play. Yeah. To the to the way back spin around the way the back spin around you're gonNA. See guys come from all over the different directions. Really they're the two guys really pay attention to number one and number seven there seven right there Dutch Clark in about a five year gain. I got gotTA. Tell you the REF looks like he's ready to go play around a golf. Sat. So check the salary. So you see all these spinners and stuff you don't even know where the ball's going. So they were total misdirection team. There are all about coaching. They're all about discipline knowing where to run so. It's like it's just like. You can see all the different spinners and stuff and you can't even follow it. You know what I mean. I wanted to slow this video down so you can see it but they don't. Consider it. There is a little off tackle. That's there's like, but it's all they do is like it's misdirection and like they run it to perfection and when it really clicks a hole opens up, they get massive gains right? Asif gain fat one right there. Yeah, it was a horrible pass. A wounded dot big time. But this is a nice little sweep field stadiums that just have two pieces of rope keeping the. Spectators. At that left then it's got the no helmet on. That's. Yup. Jeez. Let Schmil. So, you can see it. All these spinners. Yeah. So there's basically four back. There's a what that is is three back in the backfield and one wingback he's lined up to the far right. So an every play that wing comes comes running across. That's what creates the confusion. Called a single wing offense. So the wingback comes you'll swear whatever side he starts out on he always always runs to the left and then and then sometimes they give it to them and sometimes they don't. Just it up the middle or go the other direction. There's so many possibilities with this offense I almost wish I. could see this today because it's like when you're watching, you almost need to slow it down with a super slow speed to see who's got it and where it's going because. It's almost like the bears have to just tackle every player. What it comes down to but when you can see when the whole opens up, just it's just A. A massive gain every time. I guess the way I was trying to show these videos. One more great drive in the next section coming up is. Great because the players are actually coming towards the cameras, we might have a much better view of of what where's the second-place university trite. Okay this okay. This is ud. So on. Yeah. So like I say it's the big like, say you notice from that I bears video the bears offense they had their own single wing style to do a little misdirection but the but the, but the bears was just was power. I mean that was the bears mentality was power in in the lions were this you'll welcome incredibly disciplined. This machine. MISDIRECTION and change change of pace, and you can see when they come up to the line they come up quick. You know they come right into formation. There's Dutch right there with about our HR game back. Then there were no audibles that really there were no signals to your receivers, they get up to the line and run. Well, they knew their place they were well coach well disciplined. They knew what they were doing. You can see like especially like these next few plays. Take close is that these wash the different stuff that happens the Lai like they just. You're going to see Dutch here. Do I do like a fake and it's GonNa lateral it to the guy in front of their heels right there south. That's Ernie Cadaver got tackle, but he's going to do another one here and watch this next one's off those. Guys are. For Big game look at this next one. Trouble. Pass. Over the past sorry I missed the yeah. He goes for the pastor and see how close that footage is though cameras radon it. There in the snow. Here this is a great shot. A great shot there s Bailey spent line. That's what they did all the way up to feel they would spin either handed off during the spent or care or keep the ball run the middle. Here's the sweep I was talking about this great sweet earning cadel right there down right in the snow up. Sweep they ran that they could either. So the bears had no idea that here's another. This is a this is a dive of middle. You can see right there Bam Policy That was as scatology that ran the refugees. Ref Game. Fell I. Want to show like the IT's watching it. You know I mean like it's so crazy. You can't even really see what's going on. If, you're watching the screen like anybody that actually clicks on the video twenty, six minutes. It's crazy because. You can't even when you're watching the video, it's almost hard to follow what they're doing the balls. You guys crossing spinning, doing all kinds of stuff and then all of a sudden. Guy, out of nowhere running down the field on the left side of the field there that was their style was misdirection being incredibly well coach. Again the bears were like this. Like here's the ball. Here's Bronco. Try to bring him down. They had had some some passing and they love action but the you know it was the. At one point I said. Broccoli. Gerski. was kind of like the Shaquille. O'Neal of the NFL at the time because like Shaquille was like once you got him the ball he was Dunkin on you but he wasn't GonNa Really Pass or anything is he's got the ball. He's got a body you body you body you turn around and jam it, and if you try to block it, he's probably gonNA break your arm. That was that was Keel. Neal was such a dominant overpowering center. There was no really. He didn't really do any kind of like. razzle dazzle. I gotTa Ball. There's the WHO if you put your arm in front of it, your hand, your arm and the bar going in the hoop. Alpbach. Bronco was just such. I mean he was he was. Hit by that's the other thing is interesting is dodge. Clark was number seven on that video tunnels carries got that interception the Dutch Clark even though he wasn't as big as Bronco he was I mean he he was his equal as far as being a superstar on the field like he interception con interceptions, you know just a stellar defender. He could actually mean he could make dive tackles on Broncos like this. He was just incredibly smart player in there. Yeah. There is right there in that the American football model. And so yes. So even though it was a soul, the lions catered to the superstar that they had, which was speed being elusive being smart you know playing intelligent football that's the style that they had and so So as you know, wanted to really use this episode of to to to to bring that out to show you know we talked about like the genius of Policy Clark but I wanted to kind of talk about what the lions were. Who they were. Yeah and so You know it's kind of t up Tom. Are there. Other individual players because we you know we talked about Dutch a lot Any other interesting characters while the next one that I really wanted to talk about was Glenn Personnel Yeah. So Glenn Soul Are we going to give Glenn a whole episode will eventually sure sure will but right now it's worth just kind of dive in okay Glenn Personnel. So it's actually interesting to talk about Glenn Press now in the. Sort of like the dynamic between him and Dutch because it's a really and that's actually how I wrote it into the screenplay was that's really the character arc of the entire Detroit. Lions you know episodes of the movie. Is. This saw is like this some sort of dual nature there because they're both players were like Dutch was the elite superstar Yeah Okay Glenn Press. Now, he wasn't as good. He was he was just a shame. He wasn't a superstar, but he was a star I mean like he was a star and he was in, he lived basically in Dutch Clark Shadow. In. In in so where These these guys were completely opposite. That's like that's my thing was such a great character for the screenplay because most football movies. In some way or form have something to do with the quarterback of the team, right? Star of the team, always the guy off always one quarterback case. This is a story of two is two quarterbacks in the and because they both played extensively they both were because because potsy they all play it both ways but. You know sometimes Glenn Press now would would be a lot of times. They actually start Glenn Press now and then. And potsy would get a chance to evaluate what the other team was doing and then they wouldn't bring in. All of a sudden Dutch is like feel general like race exploiting although they don't have those you know the ipad with the incident. Eight different views and it while the. You know. So they need to be there watching exactly. That's kind of what it was. So they knew that Glenn Press now would you know get them off to a great star and when they brought in dodge than it would be a game changer and so and then they would they would still use Glenn press they would still get him in the field that you know as a half backer. As you know because you could have something you can have some substitutions you didn't they didn't have to play. They didn't have to play every game there was limited substitute. But anyway. So so it's interesting to talk about really you know the. Talk, about the the dynamics of this team is the first thing to even begin talking about to understand is is how you is the differences between these two guys is Dutch Clark Glenn Press now. So number one, you've got Dutch. Superstar in Glen. Personnel is the star you know just very, equally awesome player so Kobe and Shaq. Fair analogy, sure. Sure. Sure with a little bit different any a little bit like that because Kobe was the kind of check shadow a little bit. Yeah. That's a good analogy I like. Yeah. So like Kobe but so the differences between these two players as far as is the thing is that Donald. was like a reluctant superstar like he just liked to play football. He didn't like really nestle like the adulation that came with it. He didn't like be in the marketing guy where they marketed him as the Taiko football. And so he just he just his interest in football was just playing the game like he just loved the game and so. Whereas press now, like living in shadow of Dutch was something. that. Even. There was an interview with him a few years ago. It was like few years. It was like nine years ago because he was still alive us. I think he was he was at one point. He was the oldest living NFL player he was like ninety something. And I forgot who? Exactly Interview was, but it's for the free press and it was interview can Google it it's an interview with the oldest living player, Glenn Press. Now, and even there he was like talking about Dutch Clark and they're like, oh, just got all the attention I didn't get it. He didn't say it like that but he could see that he was like I was better at kicking field goals I was better at passing I was better. You know he was comparing himself to Dutch all eight years later or whatever he was still talking about how I could do this and Dutch couldn't even do that. You know he could. He could kick a field an extra point, but I could drill fifty four yard field goal, which is what he did. He set the all time record that lasted until nineteen sixty. So. So. anyways. So You have these two guys that? One guy is is no matter no matter what he wants he's going to be in he's in the limelight and the other guy basically wants to be in the line wants the attention that he's do. and. Then it's A little background into the development of that relationship is that as we mentioned in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three, which was the spartans last year in Portsmouth Dutch. Clark wasn't with the team he he got a job coat he retired and he took a coaching job in Colorado. And so while was gone, Glenn, press now became the guy on the team. In Glen Press now led the League in scoring the team finished they finished in second place without Dutch but still the. Glenn personnel was the man and at the nineteen thirty three the team was basically about the fracture break up they weren't getting paid in Portsmouth and it was like press now was one of these guys with alongside potsy Clark that was like Nah Fellas we're gonNA stick and will potsy and all like we're gonNA finish this season we're going to win this we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. We're playing for you know this is where the spartans were not breaking up. We're GONNA play this game even without money. You know he was he was like with Potsy, the glue that kept his team together, and so when the team moved to Detroit nineteen thirty four, the only reason Dutch claim came back not the only reason because he loved playing football of course but but it was because the lions you know paid them a ton of money to come out of retirement they take they made him if he wasn't the highest paid player in the NFL. At that point, he was one of the highest paid. And soul they They in essence they lured Dutch out of retirement with money and so can you? Imagine. Is a little bit of space where we started getting a little speculation. But if you're somebody that was like live in Dutch Clark Shadow for three years. Okay and then you're now all of a sudden, you become the man, you're the leader of the team you kept the team together you were part of the did he actually was Glenn? Press now was one of the guys that pick the colors for the lions uniforms. How in a woven with franchise he is. Like, he was literally like Wind George Richards Office and you know it was one of the guys that pick these Jersey cars and saw how interwoven he is in. Then Dutch comes back and all of a sudden Oh don't use back Oh. My God. We're touches back almost everything changes. Glimpse has now thank God was Glenn. Breast. Coffee. You're going on a starbucks. Yeah A little bit of speculation. But at the same time, you can imagine how a guy that was that was like, where's the credit that I? You know she get The. Deserved in the situation or whatever and. So that's the situation. So every so it became a recurring theme Dutch Clark retires at the at the end of nineteen thirty two DADS Clark retires at the end of one thousand, nine, hundred, four that's Clark retires at the end in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five, touch make your mind well, he retired and then they. gave a ton of money back. So you can see you'll Glenn personnels like I'm not retired. I got another algae for. Brett Farve of the nineteen. So. Right. Yeah. So you get the idea like this is the dynamic between these guys is that you've got you know. There's there's there's history between them and. Others is this close knit group of guys and there's just like any other net group there's there's things that happened between them and stuff so. I've never read anything that said that he was ever. Like didn't like Dutch or anything like this. I never saw anything like that. But you can imagine because you know there's numerous cases in press nells life that he was slighted by during his career like in. College. There was a situation where like he was basically like. He like he won an all American but like the votes didn't get counted right or something and so so like he technically wasn't all American but he just wasn't listed anywhere as all American. You know what I mean like he didn't actually get mentioned anywhere an all American. In College. So it back in the day like being an all American was like everything if you're an all American that was like you know you're a hall of you know that's that's the biggest thing you can get. So he was. Kinda, technically, and all American not exactly. Slide in college, and then he goes I. is I pro is like basically a semi pro team, which is an iron tin just over it's SOM-. It's sort of in a ports report the name Meyerson in. Yes. So he so he's the quarterback for the Enersen tanks, which is man, which is this like legend in their day they're a semi pro team they weren't even like fully pro t shirt had there were never ironed. Yeah that's a great. That's a great team now. But anyways, they weren't even they weren't even part of the NFL and they played I. Think it was, I? Think it was the New York giants because they played the irons and tanks played several different NFL teams and I think I gotta take another look in the book but I think it was the New York giants that irons and tanks beat and Glenn Press. Now was the quarterback of that team and that's what really caught party Clark's attention and they brought him from iron ten to Portsmouth other. Jerusalem. Saying that like situations where he's like, you know, why is he on a semi pro team and not in the NFL? Why didn't you get a why did? No other NFL team called them. After these. You know he meets the giants. You know there's another game where he hung with the with the team with the bears and he's still not getting. Nfl Job you know and it's like speaking of attention Charles Charlotte actually commented for you and she actually sent you a message. He saw a mom. Charles. Some attention for you. Thank you. As always gonNA see she's number one fan. I think we gotta come. We got some good number one fans. We got some south to say one person in other words Mama probably make it pretty good case for. But anyways, so you got these guys. That's the dynamic is you got you know it's Glen Personnel. You couldn't you imagine that there's a guy that would feel somewhat unappreciated for how good he was a great player and that's why is that's the count you know the sort of discussion of you know who these players were and who the team was sort of begins. With that Song Yeah I I just There's the tin tanks. Jersey check thing do that is so sweet I'm so that's going to be a up on wearing funny. PODCASTS JERSEY WITH THE WITH A. Tan T in the middle. And it's got the little towns, their other one just as tanks. That's such a great in the tanks like where's the Dow nobody uses that? That's a great everybody's fighting for. You. Know you know the Redskins the Indians Dump. The dump the racial thing and give me a give me A. Why not fish back in the in the NFL history a little bit and brought bring back some of these. Days. There's another team called the steam rollers. That's called the steelers so or the or the or the yellow jackets, which is kind of a cool name, yellow jackets. Those are all the NFL teams like why not bring some of those named bag they're kind of cool. So we were talking about the the lions coming from Ohio. Starting out as the SPARTANS sport Portsmouth Spartans. Yeah And I was like speculating Michigan State. Spartans I was wondering if correlated at all and actually. been plaguing you for several salts. Resolution I looked. Of course he did. It. Okay. Good. I'm glad I guess why I'm knocking on the door again So Nine, hundred, twenty, five. And Michigan State had changed their name on it became Michigan State. Agricultural something something and their teams were were being called the the aggies. Okay. So they were calling agricultural. Yes. They're calling themselves. They're calling the team, the aggies and they they didn't like it and they it was a year or two after that and they they wanted to kind of get away from that that image and just be more, and so they did a contest to pick the name. And the name that one was missing Michigan staters, and so that was the name they were going one. Yeah. That Michigan at an Er. Michigan Skaters Hey but the reporter at the. Journal. Didn't like it won't. Hold on a second. Let the fans. Excuse me of a circus. Let the fans? What. We just did step in and sway the. He wanted something more heroic and good. So he went through and it was still it was still a fan suggestion but they didn't make note of who suggested it was and they went with the Spartan all they report. nine, hundred, twenty, five. To. Yes. So. Yes. Oh, that's nice. I like. But. I'm glad they didn't just straight up go with the fan while because they're like staters. No. See all the girls with that tattooed around their foot. Yeah. ERS instead. I think there's like three women I teach with an part two's. Say sometimes you just you know that might seem like a good idea. Fan Vote or whatever. I'm glad somebody step in and goes no hold on says pump the brakes on this one real quick because the fans like maybe they don't okay with her heart, they might be having a joke with us. Because that's Not. A good solid choice. But yeah. So we so now we know that the answer the question that has been vaccine you've several weeks now. I wasn't going till I did research. I. Spent Ten years, right. That was. No it's only like five more minutes ago Mike. No. Totally on you, we haven't done enough research. Anymore. Let's. Turn this over to Jamie put this his very capable hands I. got it. I got. All right. So we want to thank everybody for hanging out with us again if you haven't subscribed, please subscribe leave a comment wherever you're listening either youtube or facebook or whatever podcasts downloading site year. Yeah. Let's do us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Charles thanks for all in Amazing Story I. Look forward to. Have it on my schedule now it's like literally scheduled. There's not. I mean, it's like going to church man. Commissioner. Buttons all the time getting this all the help from the booth back there man that runs a tight ship. Pleasure fellas. Thank you for having me. Are we going to do it again next week? It's Detroit. City champions the podcast.

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