Dr. Rachel Levine Is First Openly Trans Federal Official Confirmed by U.S. Senate


Brought to you by a new memoir from jeff. Immelt the former. Ceo of general electric. Raw honest intimate. Hotseat is that. And more as emily recounts what. It's like to be a leader in times of crisis by your copy of hot seat today. Wherever books are sold. Dr rachel levine is the first openly trans federal official confirmed by the us senate by david carey voting mostly along party lines. The us senate on wednesday confirmed former pennsylvania health secretary. Rachel levine to be the nation's assistant secretary for health. She is the first openly transgender federal officials to win senate confirmation. The final vote was fifty. Two to forty eight levine. Had been serving as pennsylvania's top health officials since twenty seventeen and emerged as the public face of the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic. She is expected to oversee health and human services offices and programs across the us president. Joe biden cited levine's experience when he nominated her in january levin will bring the steady leadership and essential expertise. We need to get people through this pandemic no matter their zip code race religion sexual orientation gender identity or disability biden said transgender rights. Activists have hailed levine's appointment as a historic breakthrough. Few trans people have ever held high level offices at the federal or state level however the confirmation vote came at a challenging moment for the transgender rights movement as legislatures across the us primarily those under republican control are considering an unprecedented wave of bills targeting. Trans young people one type of bill introduced in at least twenty. Five states seeks to ban trans girls and young women from participating in female scholastic sports another introduced in at least seventeen states seeks to outlaw or restrict certain types of medical care for transgender youths. None of these measures has yet one final approval senator rand. Paul confronted levine about medical treatments for transgender young people including hormone treatment and puberty blockers during her confirmation hearing february twenty fifth levin replied that transgender medicine is a very complex and nuanced field with robust research and standards of care and said she would welcome discussing the issues with him in the past levin has asserted that hormone therapy and puberty blocking drugs can be valuable medical tools and sparing some transgender youth from mental distress and possible. Suicide risk a pediatrician and former pennsylvania physician general. The wien was appointed as pennsylvania's health secretary by democratic governor. Tom wolf and twenty seventeen. She won confirmation by the republican majority pennsylvania senate however senator pat toomey a pennsylvania. Republican voted against levine's confirmation wednesday and pennsylvania the pandemic struck seniors nursing homes disproportionately hard compared to other states. Timmy said this was due in part to poor decisions and oversight by doctor levin and the wolf administration he also said an extended. Lockdown advocated by. Levine was excessive arbitrary in nature and has led to a slower recovery a graduate of harvard and of tulane medical school levinas president of the association of state and territorial health officials. She's written in the past on the crisis medical marijuana adolescent medicine eating disorders and t q medicine.

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