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I know you're pissed a lot of background noise. We are revolution and <hes> kelvin fixing to start the the true beginning of the podcasting in the winter edition r._j. Buddy welcome to the encouragement ride podcast brought to you with limited or no commercial interruptions live and direct correct from our beautiful home in gluckstein mississippi. Would your hosts those festive fashion forward fully formed friends the holly jelly shop local by golly do hello the quarter ton of writing fund jimbo rallied and kelvin jones taking away boys. Hey jimbo rayleigh. I'm with kelvin jones and we are reviving or pumping air into the girds me ride podcasts. We've been gone a little bit. We'll go into that in just a minute but <hes> calvin what's up in the chilly chilly chilly sound. I'm sorry were you again. I'm jimbo rayleigh podcast. All yes bad yeah. The encouragement right podcast have forgot all about that how you been doing. I've been doing good man doing good yeah. Welcome to the winter edition of the encouragement ride. We're going to encourage you to get through the winter tonight. Well we're going to you know for you. Who likes for for you guys. You'd like to ride in the wintertime or like a ride in the dark now that the time has changed. We're going to go through some helpful hints. Talk a little bit about what you should wear. <hes> maybe some safety features like headlamps and that sort of stuff and just be careful. That's the that's the main thing and that's it. Yeah we are just a couple of days away from christmas this must oh and so i just want to local shat out to the to your local bike shops during the winter months the local bike shops. You do not have a lot of business because most people ride during the summer. They get their bikes done. During the summer and the local bike shops really appreciate as some local purchases for some stocking stuffers i'm looking at a wall of swift wick beautiful socks and shoes over there and various various things that you can buy for your cycling friends because you know we all know that you're not going to get really cool biking thing from your lame o employees who drew you for the secret saying this year. You're probably going to get some kind of thing of like popcorn or something like that. No offense to somebody who owns a popcorn competent well just as a okay thank you we are recording at bicycle revolution revolution at exit one twelve gluckstein mississippi. They're open to six most night and check them out it on their own website in on facebook. They've got some great stuff or the cyclist including new bikes helmets seats <hes> we've got an interesting little <hes> and products spotlight that kelvin's talk about a little while we're to keep your little your little fingers and toes when you're writing now again. You know for those of you that that are are familiar with our podcast. This podcast is for beginners and we are broadcasting from beautiful downtown. Gluck stat mississippi now that mississippi mississippi is in the deep south and so our winters are may not be as harsh where you might be living with twelve feet of snow or something so you might not be wanting wanting to go out and ride in the winter but here we still doing some writing <hes> weary are probably we did have some cold fronts but i think for the most part we're averaging a high in the fifties low sixties <hes> we are eighteen inches over with the amount of precipitation that we normally have this year so it's been a wet all that's rain. Rain is precipitation. Those free sip tastes. Ya you know so we are still writing outside and it may not be. It's something that you can do based upon your severe weather temperatures that you live in but i do know people from all over the world that will ride regardless of what the temperature is outside. <hes> jimbo would what do we got here. Let's say that <hes> we are wanting to still trying to keep our fitness level and are actively level going. We've moved from the summer to the fall. All the cool temperatures are coming in. How do we wanna start dressing to get outside. You know in the wintertime. Most people will slow down a little bit. You're out of the village fast asses you can as long as you came mode so now it's kind of building up. Maybe your speed your strength and just enjoying the rides because you're gonna be a little more bulky this time of year win all the time all the time so with the extra clothes so the writing season really starts in the fall when the sun starts is going down a little bit earlier the first couple of leaves start falling off the trees. It's gonna it's gonna cool off in for us. Cool off is about seventy degrees so when you're doing fifteen eighteen miles an hour in seventy degree weather you gotta take into account. You're creating your own wind chill so you're going to be in the fifty five to fifty see degree weather on your bike so you're gonna start wearing. Maybe warmer hatch. You're gonna wear arm warmers leg warmers. Maybe need warmer. Toe caps show us. She's the first thing is your feet. Get cold your toes. Get code and so and make these little things that you can slide over the ends of your cycling shoes corleto caps. That are really meet if you we'll have coal titties. I've got some that a little thicker and they're not going to keep your feet warm but they'll keep them less cold just like a better term it just kind of keeps. The wind and out of my shoes have a little bit of mash breathable and it just limits the amount of airflow going into the shape and it just maintains a more constant temperature in tom. Also we're learning thicker socks. Yeah i have some good wool socks that i like to wear during the wintertime and then it starts getting a little colder for those of you that may be up north listening to this and already got cold probably in november but for those of you that where it gets a little colder then you wanna start incorporating. Maybe some pants some good jogging pants something. That's not to lose that get caught in the chains. I have a nice pair of running tights that i wear when i used to run and train for marathons i i use those and put those over my bibs or my cycling shorts and they were wonderful tight they'd have very little wind resistance and their warm off aw so good pair of running tight or something like that to wear over your cycling pants would be good and then <hes> one thing that i discovered is jimbo can attest test when you wear it. You gotta be careful and be pretty selective edge as your jacket because one time i was out and i was wearing a jacket and what happened jim though he swelled up like the michelin. There's one man hennessy yellow mission lang going down the road and it was not so much he was buffalo. The michelin man he was a sale. He was a big yellow sale. Yeah and i was struggling. It felt like i was actually you've seen those people training when they run with a parachute. I felt like i was biking parachute and our and i was doing double the work i i literally ride and literally a just a just practice shirted cheered it so if you if you wear jacket and make sure that it is designed for cycling cycling that it is warm fitting that it does not have a lot of given and stuff like that and that you can zip it up all the way even if you're gonna. You're gonna ride. All the way unzip zipped up sway against as you don't want to the extra now. I've actually got a winner writing bill long pants. They're like your regular writing cycle but they've got the the seat cushion the whole nine yards and they have a special coating on the fought over thighs. That helped went also remember larry use light. You're going hiking or doing any physical activity. You're going to sweat in when you're cycling. You're you're gonna sweat all the time so make sure you wear something that wakes up the skin. Maybe something over the top of that and then you start putting your warmer layers over the top over that so so when i ride i usually have just a regular wyking. I told an undershirt and i put a cotton shirt over the top of it. You're gonna put my cycling jersey from they're you're put on my riding jacket or jacket that is designed for winter cycling. It's very thin works great in ridden temperatures as low as thirty thirty degrees and pretty warm and also for your hands. I wear a very thin pair of gloves to protect my hand my fingers and then on top of that i wear a second pair of gloves loves. It has a detachable finger like a mitten. You have these gloves that you can actually peel back in velcro that if you're not having to shift gears with your fingers or anything you can just hop that little mitton dawn cadillac to- cover and protect the ends of your fingers which is always good. Not life is getting me some of those for christmas. Okay and there are plenty. I'm not going to recommend one or another but there are lots of winter riding gloves that right there on the market. If you're going to do some comparison there's pencil it in gortex may not be raining when you start but maybe rain and snow is wet too so those of you that my right in the snow look. I am not one of them but if you ride in the snow snow is made of what wa wa though yeah gortex will be something that would be good in water repellent. Another thing that i like to ride on is is something that kind of sounds greek. I keep wanting to say bach lava desert yeah yeah yeah but i think it's called bala cava. It's one of those hoods food's it kind of looks like if you're ready to rob a bank that you would put on in cover your face with <hes> but those work wonders for your under your helmet and protect your face pretty good as well. I can tell you when you have one of those. Whatever thank rubber masks when you put your cycling glasses on your ever yunos. Stay pretty on added. Protect your ears to protect your ears and your ears your fingers and your toes user probably the the three things the most that's going to be affected by the coldest unit and speaking of your toes in your hands and your fingers <hes> we'll just ease on into product attic spotlight head. I'm sure you have the bulk of our some. People don't like to wear those. If you wear a macabre comma i also have a fan dan little skullcap that aware if it's not super duper cold but i don't want the <hes> the heat released from ahead so make sure you protect your head hands feet nose nose and ears so the other thing that you have to do in the wintertime probably a little more than you do in the summertime is the bike maintenance side of it because it's that's where you're going to be picking up a lot more stuff on your chains and gears and in whatnot that you're going to get a little dirtier believe or not in the wintertime are in the the summertime because of all the moisture and the gunk that builds up jimbo the last right i did i look at my bike and it looked like i had ran it through mud puddles and i really had i was on the road road picked up so much trash that i could not let that go actually take it home and wash it. Even though i just washed i had to wash it again because you don't want all all that stuff to sit through the winner on your bike. Even if you're not going to ride through the winter you definitely need to clean your bike and give it a very thorough inspection for the winter. It's just the same as maintenance. It's anything else like they always tell you like. If you're putting up your lawn mower for the season you want to empty the gas. You want to change the oil. You want to do all this. You want shopping opn ablaze blah blah blah blah blah same thing that he bike. If your bike is an investment it costs money you wanna make sure you get the most out of your investment so you want to look it over with a fine tooth comb home. Make sure that everything's good. It's nice and clean chain is nice and clean and oiled up and you just got to do that more. In the winter months. Now we were talking to the owners of bicycle revolution here in beautiful downtown looks at mississippi and they were talking about mountain bikes and talking about how you need to bring them in during the winter and have your shocks inspected inspected a lot of times and this makes perfect sense. It's almost like when you're going up and down with a shock absorber and you've got all this grit and grime from the road and from the dirt and from the gravel you're you're just wearing away the parts and the seals inside of the front fork so they call it a fork inspection work yourself go for yourself and so when the fork inspection usually about he said usually averages depending on what they need to be done somewhere between maybe sixty to one hundred twenty bucks. I think depending on how how bad the damage is always a good thing to have them. Take that apart look at it off and clearly change the seals everything else that goes with everything else. I mean if you you riding a bike. That's a little older. You put a lot of miles in it. You got you put it. You know you put some chain. Chain wear on handlebar tape is sweating all over the place in the summer. Now's is a good time to give your local bike shop a chance to work on your stuff and help them make it through the winter months because these are very slow time for the bike shops and so if you wanna have your local bike shop remain open you need to visit him purchase things and have them work on your bike and this is now the perfect opportunity and the perfect time for you to have them inspect your bike during the winter and make any changes or repairs that you need for when you get ready for the spring and the summer i wrote as you get a lot of wear and tear and you get a lot of stuff that happens during the summertime but if you're gonna ride in the fall in the winter you have to be more particular abacha mates because it's wetter if you notice your car driver white car. My car is kind of a grayish black because of all the rain the road grime oils coming off and that stuff away at your frames laid off at your finishes so more so than and it will in the summertime because unless right yeah now coming up in our show. We're gonna be talking to a friend of ours named jason share. He's going to be telling you about gravel. Bikes and gravel bikes are a good it alternative ride in the fall in the winter as well. We'll be talking about that in just a few minutes. <hes> another thing that we do that i personally do. Is that <hes> we've had so much rain. I haven't had a chance to get my bike out to ride so i have a local gym. That has spent bikes now. Do i really want to get up at four thirty or five o'clock in the morning to make a spin class. The answer is in. Oh no so another thing that you can look at is you can go to your if you have an iphone or whatever you can go to <hes> ah tunes and you know how you buy an album <hes> say prince or <hes> def leppard. I'm aging aging myself. The beatles yeah you you can actually buy cycling spin class. I have got one called the spin coach it is an hour and five minutes long and basically i just go to the gym and my time at my convenience i poppy and my headsets. I connected to bluetooth or whatever plugged in i pop on the spin coach and i do an hour long long spin class with a guy yelling in my ear and i try to do that about three times a week because you know during the winter your fitness level is going to decline because you're not writing as much and you're like quarter undertone of writing fund with us. You're going to like eat during thanksgiving and christmas and so i'm already knowing that i'm about to go through the gamut. When i go see my mother and my family and my house for christmas eve and then we're gonna drive up and see my family's my wife's family in kentucky for the entire week and my mother-in-law cooks like paula deen so you know i'm gonna come back. Doc about ten pounds fatter plus. My wife been making homemade snicker doodle cookies and homemade fruitcake. That's been soaked in bourbon since thanksgiving. I'll be making chocolate candies over the weekend and smoking turkeys. Yeah yeah see so you know that the calories are going to be coming in eggnog parties christmas parties office parties hardy's the calories are going to be coming in. I don't know why when you have a party that everything is made out of cream cheese base which is very dense in caloric but anyway so you're gonna have all that so. You're gonna need to really if you're not already strict watching your caloric intake and least do like we do and try to do a spin class an hour a day like like i do <hes> i. I try to do it at least three times a week. If the weather is bad and it's an hour long so that's about the equivalent of doing somewhere between eighteen the twenty miles on a road bike go to tunes and just type in spin class and see which one itchy best. I'm right now working on one that is he'll climb time spin class. It's tough but i tell you what when i got back on my road bike. I noticed a big difference on. It was much easier to ride because i've been doing that class and i hadn't been lolly gagging added. I've been doing exactly how he told me to do it. Where i mean i was leaving just puddles of sweat okay well. The next segment is going to be jason sheer. We're going to link all adjacent jason stuff to it and kelvin did the interview with jason in hope you enjoyed <hes> gravel writing something that's new to both calvin and i and if you're you're in the tri state area which is actually five state area mississippi louisiana arkansas tennessee alabama. This might be something that you might be interested and he's gonna talk a little bit about their gravel cup series in they have a beginner segment so it's a little twenty five miles so it's december going into the january so if you're interested in setting some goals this might be something to <hes> to look at so right after this break. We're going to send it today. Okay man so we're coming back here. Bicycle revolution in gluckstein mississippi and we got a special guest with us right now jason sheer jason. Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself. Listen if i know that you've got a background in sales but you also have a passion for gravel biking guys <hes> jason sheer founder of mississippi growl cupper <hes> getting ready to roll into our second year putting on four races so we're pretty excited so tell us a little bit about wine gravel what why grabble if i'm if i'm rand new writer and i'm looking at should i go to mountain bike road bike. Should i go to beach cruisers and then i'm hearing all this stuff about gravel. Oh by it. What would you tell me so. I i've been a cyclist for a while and i have a lot of bikes and my favorite mic drop by okay primarily because i can and do almost anything on that bike not it it you know what is a gravel by <hes>. It looks like a road bike has dropped bars a road bike but it has wider tires tires like a mountain by one thing that one reason i believe gravel cycling is so beginner friendly because is it takes the intimidation out of it. What do you mean by intimidation. Oh i mean everybody anybody who has you know tried to get into cycling has gotten into cycling that first time when you go to a group and everybody looks really fast. They are all wearing spandex a lot better than you are as s s. pretty intimidating in on the flip side you go to a mountain bike ride and you got this biker in the woods. There's all these trees obstacles in roots and that's intimidating road from it from a skill standpoint. I'm so we we believe that gravel is kind of the perfect in between got and now we're down in mississippi and we do have a lot of access to gravel road. Would you say that grab. A rose are busy with cars. How many cars ars on average ride with mine and on an average drive. We're riding outside of town like one of our favorite places to go up in been tonia which is a tiny little blues this town about thirty or forty five minutes north jackson when you're on those gravel roads. It'd be lucky to see two or three cars. What kind of hazards do you. It's the app there and grab a bike rose biggest hazard. You gotta bottles. We live in mississippi so they're models everywhere not even on even on the roads okay all right and then the grabbing one of these things that you can do in the winter as well absolutely. I personally prefer to ride gravel in the winter not much dust. Perhaps not in the dust is knocked down because a little a little more wet <hes> but you're going a lot slower on gravel than you are so kind of cold wind coming. I'm an across a little bit more manageable. When you're going you know ten or twelve miles an hour versus fifteen or sixteen on the road okay and we're talking about road bikes likes you. You're mentioning mountain bikes. You have to have a lot of skill going in and out around stomps and trees and everything like that and then road bikes you have the intimidation factor people go in twenty twenty five miles an hour. Uh what's an average speed for gravel and i'd say you never speed on gravel or a beginner will be around ten to thirteen miles an hour. That's that's pretty good pace. That's a beginner pace right there. Isn't it now i i've always heard and i don't tell me i'm wrong. They save for every mile you ride gravel is the equivalent to two miles on a road bike so so if you ride fifteen miles of gravel it's doing a thirty mile. Ride is at mont right. That's probably about right depending on the conditions. One thing another thing that's nice about riding on gravel in the winner is because the roads are a little more wet all that dust and gravel in so those gravel roads it sometimes really aren't even gravel dirt road ardor at rosedale run on how yesterday packed up a little bit and that sounds like. Is there anything else about gravel all that we need to think about that save. I'm a brand new rider. What what else am i missing. One of the best things about gravel online is the community ascott on almost every gravel ride people show up early. They'll be joking. They'll be having a good time and then afterwards they get in their cars ars and go home. People sit around and talk and get to know each other maybe craft beers and cooler brand new lawn chair exactly they sit down on the porch some sweet team yeah and even in our quote unquote race series <hes> we have competitive distances fifty and one hundred miles which is quite a lot on gravel <hes> but we also have a much more of like a beginner family friendly friendly <hes> twenty-five mile ride that is leading swept so you're not gonna get left behind those of us like the two big ones here the two tons of writing pigs we would be in the twenty five mile right starting out and last year last year. We had an awesome showing the twenty five mile distances and broke probably probably our biggest ambassador of beginner growl riding last year was selena schwarzenegger shout out to salina salina exceeded. All three of the races that we had last year on the twenty five mile distance was a real chance okay so just a couple more things before we let you go you had mentioned that oh you just got through doing a radio talk show done in new orleans. You wanna talk about that and we can <hes> get that link absolutely linked to that show. I went down and interviewed with a janaka who runs a bike talk radio every tuesday night at seven o'clock mon- mondeo h._i._v. We talk for an hour and it was the fastest hour i've ever sat down for just about all things gravel. Okay not interrupt you so if i've got a tune in radio app or something like that i want to look for w. H. i. v. out of new orleans and every tuesday night at what time every tuesday night at seven it's seven o'clock and so you talked about all things what we talked about. All things drought okay all right well good deal and then the final thing i wanted to talk to you about was what kind of upcoming events you kept talking about. The gravel companies races in these long distance things. What have you got coming up. Why off the top of your head just at the turn of the year so starting in january okay we have the beginning of our grabble cup series <hes> so the first race is in oxford on january twelve oxford mississippi mississippi <hes> <hes> second race is january twenty six in hattiesburg mississippi so we go from old miss to southern miss miss southern okay and then back up the starkville the backup to starkville mississippi staying exactly okay if he stayed <hes> and the the first week in february and then the finally is in the historic town of antonia mississippi on february twenty third so if you guys are interested in that <hes> the website is m. s. m._s. gravel cub dot com and we'll posted a link to that in the website fantast jason. It's been a pleasure talking with you today. My friend and oh be sure to be shirt. If anybody has any questions about gravel can are you. Is there a email address or anything. Do you answer that gravel dot com. You can just ping us on facebook or on that website. She is a message and i can answer any question that you have a background perfect. Thank you very very much man. Okay so thanks jason for that wonderful interview and hopefully everybody'll start having a little second thought about gravel bikes. I know i will. I don't have a job i personally but i took the mountain bike tires off my mountain bike input gravel tires on them which does lighten the wait a little bit so he said that would be camonte lightweight to be able to ride gravel so we're gonna take a quick break and then after the quick break kelvin is going to do product spotlight. We'll be right back doc with these two inspectors to pump up some more than i don't do on hand to burn. Uh on this to opt opt okay so we were talking about before i so rudely tried to interrupt <hes> jimbo earlier. We were talking about fingers hands and toes and feet and trying to ride and i tell you if you've ever ridden in cold weather. The most that i can stand is usually around thirty six to thirty eight degrees fahrenheit anything come to the net and i just can't do it because i honestly. I cannot feel my toes so there's been a new thing. I don't know if it's necessarily new but there's been a new thing that's come on the market that people swear by and talking to our local bike shop they carry it. It's called imbros location e. M. b. r. o. c. a. t. i o. N. in rotation so you might want to do we're being searched for that or go to amazon type in invocation and look at some of the products basically it's kind of icy hot you rub it on your toes and your in your hands and your fingers and your calves and your thighs and it's water activated so when you start to sweat a perspire underneath your clothes in actually warming up when it warms up. It's actually something that's helpful a lotta people. Tell me that they when they get through the ride. Everything is freezing except where they applied five this stuff so this is abc yet to try it because it hasn't got cold enough here but i'm i've got a stick of it in my hand. I'm looking at it and it's called enso's imbros stick. It's actually a sticker like a role on that you use instead of a jail but there's various types of applications that you can use but just basically if you're interested in putting some of this stuff on your fingers and toes and your feet in your hands and other places not in not down in the nether region and not near your is obviously but the people that here at the bike shop they swear by it. They love it and this is something new that i'm looking forward to trying jimbo what you think about it well. I'm going to give it a shot. I grew up in the age of atomic gone. Tom icy icy hot. That sort of thing and those are very greasy. <hes> we open this up and take a look at it very greasy and it smells good. It's aluminium type smell kind of smelly pleasant. It's a cross between a worms. Julius and i'll take and ars julius vin gay and i rub it on your legs. The weather in the south is getting older. It's been a little better this year. We've got some and maybe some decent riding weather this weekend. How's it going to be in the forties so with the wind chill will go probably arrived in about the high twenties low thirty so the big time to give stuff stuff a real tribe but we've got great reviews. We've got other cyclists that have used it and said this is a must have during the winter and in our next couple of episodes. We'll do actually a product review of it. We'll tell you how it was absolutely okay so we're gonna finish with r._a._m. Ride encouraging word and today is encouraging. Worry is going to be from mother. Teresa mother teresa's said do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return but because of who you are you're so do things because of for other people because of who you are not what you expect from somebody i tell you. What can you imagine the world if we all took this to heart. If we actually sacrificed did what we did for others <hes> as kind of like the golden rule is under them so let me read that again for mother theresa mother theresa said do things for people not because of who they are what they do in return but because of who you are so take that to heart have a wonderful christmas look for opportunities to bless others less fortunate than you. If you have a lot. Please give out of your bundles. If you have a little give what you can out of your heart and we're going to leave you with that made a christmas happy kwanzaa happy hanukkah happy holidays and the festivus for the rest of us and here's two wonderful and exciting two thousand nineteen in these festivals. It is time for feats of strength. Thanks everybody for tuning in this sure to subscribe for all the latest news updates like us on facebook at the encouragement ride and follow along on twitter at encourage writing remember ride safely and always wear your linke's. We apologize north american balaclava association and their friends. The families companies in the mirror may be closer than you think vonleh club blah blah club from bollock lovely yeah yeah.

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