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Part 1: Steve Gregory Coronavirus Testing Updates, plus The News (ACS Apr 8)


thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show on podcast one in the first half we get an update from a actual news. Man Steve Gregory and keep us abreast of All that's going on in real time in the chronic liar saying and then the news is in the first half and then we're doing long form with Larry the cable guy in the second half I I'll tell you about lifelock. Beware of fake products phony stock deals fabricated emails texts and social media posts playing off the krona virus. Fears trying to steal your money trying to steal your personal information. Scammers could ask for donations for potential victims. So you feel bad. You want to donate the play on that they take your money. Drew said the ultimate work at home people were the identity thieves. They pioneered this whole work at home business or at home trying to rip you off especially during tax season when so much private infos out. There and being exchange lifelock detects a wide range of identity. Threats like your social security number for sale on the dark web protect yourself with lifelock. Right Dawson. Knowing prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. Lifelock can see through my most on your own. Join now and save up to twenty five percent off in your first year call one eight hundred lifelock or head to lifelock. Dot Com use Promo Code. Adam that's Promo Code Adamant Lifelock Dot Com for up to twenty five percent off for madams house in Genus House. And Brian's house this is the Adam Corolla show Adams guest. Today Larry the cable guy with Gina Grad on news bald Bryan on sound effects. Iheartmedia correspondent Steven Gregory drops. By and Dave Damasec is here for good sports and now earlier today. Natalia shouted at him bowel stay home. Adam Corolla so I have to listen all the shows. Yeah get it on got to get on a judgment of them and they get on and thanks for tuning in and sharing your these very interesting times day Gina Grad and Bald Bryan care. You know it's funny I'm looking forward to talking to Steve Gregory from the KFI news. 'cause I've been asking for a long time. What about ages? And what about information? And what about stuff? And why aren't we getting this? Are we missing? Is it a nefarious plan? Or they're not being able to get the ages of people and and other information well. He's a bona fide. News Guy Worked Regina over. Kfi Out here in Los Angeles and we'll get him on the phone now. One of my favorite find the the answer is very satisfying. I'm looking for that the part that I'm not finding satisfying as we keep saying Steve now so he doesn't go by Stephen. He goes by. Steve Steve Right. Which is what what. What is one of his call his when he leaves he's lockout as lockout. Is that called the lockout? Yep Yeah it is right right. But he never says Stephen Gregory now so we keep calling them Stephen Gregory over here. But I'm going with Steve Gregory. That's what he says. And that's his lockout. I don't have his Thing in my pile but we'll see if we can get that to sunny and incorrect. That's a little catches catch can here which is we Email stuff to Sonny Sonny print out and sunny brings it to me. But I. I don't have Steve's bio but the genus knows enough. I know enough also Just just to highlight just because I know you don't have it in front of you. He is crazy stories. He's the one that will go out completely by himself. In a flak jacket you know. He's done stuff with You know for drug cartel stories on the on the border. He's been attacked at protests in Saint Louis. He's he's really he's out there. Well I want to talk to him about all of it and many questions about how the news reporting works. I tell you that I was just talking to Dr Drew. Who's In hiding cowering you know a lot of guys. You're in semi seclusion. He's impulsive glacier. You don't hear about the full but he's full seclusion and he was saying to me what's going on with people and their ability to misread intent and I thought to myself this is a subject. I'm very interested in and then I said to him. I I will give you two extreme examples in my reaction as it pertains to intent. I went in the shop while we're on the break and there was alone. Coffee Mug sitting Four inches from the sink was the one that said dad on it. I should send Max Pat of the. I tweeted the pictures out there. It said Dad on it. Ironically it was from the sink and at the bottom of it was Some spot well the coffee stains that could not and by the way the thing is so deep that good luck getting your hand down there and cleaning it off but I thought eleven years of begging people to Rinse Their Coffee Mug Senate has not worked at all and far so I was so far the jury still I rip Shit pissed. I could not fucking believe that. The people I employ can't cannot execute the simplest this simplest of I don't know what to call it decrees pronouncements. I'm now down to begging. But they can't do it or they won't do it and I was like fuck. I'm so fucking wildly upset over our inability eleven years in to rinse a coffee mug now. The number one answer which always gets me even more angry is when I say to Chris Max Patta. Hey what about the coffee mug and he goes. It's not my coffee Mug and I go. I understand you walk past it nine times. You could never do that. Always doing all you did. That's all. That's all anyone in that place. Does it goes. I'm not oh well took three years to beat that out of them which is throw it in the sink throwing the Singapore watering no number. One answer that's not my coffee mug. That's the number one answer at some point I then decree that you can put it under water anyway but what that's where we're at now. I am so upset over this. I cannot put it into words what the day I came home and my sister. Jay had mangled my Lamborghini. Mira I was not upset one iota. Why well he didn't mean to. That's right intent. One is this guy made a mistake that he wishes never happened. The other is. I can't get people who salaries I pay to put water in a muck okay. So it's all about intent. It's not about the result. It's about the intense so drew is sitting around and he's wrestling with the notion of. I am a good person. I'm a doctor dedicated myself to people. He does so much. Pro Bono. Work and Blah Blah Blah. Why can't people Dan what I'm trying to do? Even if the result was negative. Why don't they understand that I'm a why? Kill the person who was trying to do something now and was misguided or misinformed or misled or made bad decisions versus somebody. Who's actually bad person? Why do we need to put that person's head on a bike yes or trying to do something and those made those things should be made and then it led me into a thought? Which is we can. There's a lot of cross pollenisation here. Which is I was talking to someone yesterday and they said to me. You give out a lot of unsolicited advice. Don't you and I said I do. And they said why and I said well. I've been talking about how to paint for ever. Since I learned how to paint one of the first jobs I had was painting. Commercial Interiors of Commercial Office buildings With a guy named Andy who is a Jehovah's Witness and one of the first things I learned because I'd been seeing commercials my entire life and experiment. My entire life was as is paint trays or never used by professional painters. Anyone who knows how to paint at any level never uses to paint trae you see him in the Home Depot commercials. You see them in the sitcoms. When they're painting the nursery the paint tray but think about the paint tray. The paint trays trae. It's about three inches deep deep. You have to put a court of painting it not too much because when you take the roller and you roll it you'll push the pain out the other side and anyone has ever tried to move a paint. Trae it is you're on a a teetering ship and you're on roller skates like it's just. It's sloppy around. It's really hard the transport it without spilling the pain and Sony so forth the very first thing I learned. Use a five gallon bucket. Put a screen hang a screen in a bucket that paint screens. Hang it in the bucket. Then you get the roller and you go. Well I'm sixty. I can do the roller I can roll all the way up and down the wall. No you're bending all the way to the ground and you're getting up on your tiptoes. Get a six foot extension. Get a six inch. Put it in the roller. Put the roller in the bucket. Put Two gallons of paint in the bucket. Put it in pull it out. Roll it on the screen. Then roll it on the wall from a distance. It's much easier on your back to go all the way all the way down and then when you store it put a little slosh water in the bucket with the paints. Water Soluble now puts them Saran. Wrap over it and just put the leave the whole thing in the bucket walkaway tomorrow you can pick up where you left off. It's so much better than the paint tray. And so I told this person if I was walking through a a mini mall and I saw somebody painting with a tray in their business. They're opening a nail salon. Or something I would poke my head in and go. Hey you should use a bucket and I said that's what I do. That's what I've been doing my whole life. And that's what I've been receiving my whole life. The only reason I know how to paint with a bucket is comes some Jehovah's witness named Andy Said Hey don't use the trae use the bucket and I went Bingo. That makes sense to me and then I thought whether it was playing football or whether it was Painting or whether it was swinging a hammer or whatever it was it was always somebody telling you never read a book on construction. Painting was a Guy Name Rick who is eleven years older than me. It was going to show me how to do a coping joint and why my ninety degree joint on the baseboard was okay but his coping joint was better and I should do it that way. And then he explained proceeded to show me what a coping joint was. And how you get a coping saw out and do it and I thought to myself thank you rick. Thanks for taking time. Thanks for making me a better. Carb YAR at t to your point. Just to kind of broaden it a little bit Working in a newsroom and something that I specifically have never done before. Steve or somebody will say. Ooh I have a suggestion. Do this don't do this and I'll say great. Thanks and that's definitely something I've been crystallized through this job. We'll but I was doing it this way. We get nobody cares. They're giving you a piece of advice. Take it and somebody said to me. you know. You're really good at taking advice and taking criticism. I said because when I hear your suggestion I don't hear criticism. I hear here's a way to keep your job. Would you like a hint or to your life? So it's it's a huge. It's a huge plus for somebody to bestow that gift on me how to keep my job. Look they're stopping and taking time. I mean I don't know. Do you give tips or share knowledge with Hobos in the answer is no you do with your kids. You do with your friends do it with people you care about. So why then do half the people you care about? Look at it as a full frontal assault so I then went from football. That's just a bunch of guys telling you what to do technique what you're doing wrong and how you need to fix it. Which I always took is concerned like. Hey these coaches in pop warner these old guys with beards and windbreakers. They're volunteering. They're not even getting paid. They must care was away looking at it. Then you get out of that. You GET CARPENTRY CARPENTER. You walk on a construction site. You know nothing about carpentry and eventually become a journeyman carpenter because you listen to Tom Johnson. Who was telling you how to do laminate for MS shop and Chatsworth and I appreciated the. Tom was doing that. Also we're going to get him on the We'RE GONNA GET TOM on soon. It's guy worked closely history month. That's right so max. Pat I think is found a connection at Tom but I will share some stories and then later on I'm on the stage at the groundlings and Cynthia's gay and he's sitting in the middle of the bleachers holding court and she goes You know make an entrance and then I make an entrance with my hands and my pocket and she yells stop. What did you bring to the party? You don't walk in empty handed. You got something in your hands. You got some work. Some space work. What are you doing and I go okay and then I can reenter now. I'm holding a salad bowl in my mind and I go. Hey what are you doing and steals? Stop no questions you know doing. Go out come back again and I don't go. Hey Lady you're not the boss of me I go. She's being pretty short and curt and tough but I think she wants me to get better at Improv. And that's the way I shall absorb it and the construct is. You're paying her to give you the advice like you'd be a fool like people are to not take that advice well most most of this transcends all logic but what. I'm saying is is drew subject of intent and or unsolicited advice. What is the intent of unsolicited advice? And I think a lot of people do because you think you're smarter than me and it's taken us a referendum on their abilities has a human being or something which i. Here's the thing. I don't know how insecure you must be to take a look at every. Tie This sheepshanks. Not this way more. Use a five gallon bucket to put paint. Or Hey when you're cooking use olive oil instead of Margarine. It's healthier wise everything a referendum on your parenting or your ability or your or your relationship like you're some high above me or something. Yes let's let's stop that and you're allowed to critique Dr drew for being wrong in his estimates as it pertains to the virus but I don't think you're allowed to ascribe evil nefarious Motivations to what he was doing. Let's please stop it there. It doesn't make sense or undermine his credentials as a doctor. Oh He's just a quack even a real doctor yes doctor. He's the love doctor. That's right. All Right Steve Gregory. Kfi is so in love. What do we call not a now? Tro The lockout. Lockout Steve Gregory they're from K S on KFI. Sorry Matt Span. All right. We'll get him up pumped up pill give us all the official particulars on what's going on in this crazy crazy land. Where Lebanon is Steve? Harrigan came on and he POPs off colleague. Now Hi Steve Adam how are you sir? I'm well I'm a fan of your work. Well that's very kind of you saying to you are you at. Kfi As we speak. Yes I just got off the county. The county's latest updates and figures and numbers and stuff. I've been monitoring that will where we add. La County La County Number of deaths sadly up to one hundred sixty nine Looks like right now in the county we have six thousand nine hundred ten positive cases. Okay and for the First Time Today. We got ethnicity breakdown. Oh very interesting. I'm looking to blame Pacific Islander Indonesia specifically but go ahead. Now I you know. They were able to provide information for ninety three of those who have passed away this far because the information is coming in from various sources coming in from different labs and and I've just found out that the private labs are not taking any kind of ethnic information so it's very hard to get a complete picture but of the ninety three deaths that they do have information for nineteen percent of them are Asian seventeen percent African American twenty eight percent Latin X twenty-seven percent white and nine percent as classified as other ethnicity goals to get to other I now I have an axe on my license when it wants to know a male or female so I'm kind of other in that group but if I could get to the ethnicity as being other. I think I could run the table on this. So Steve Is. I'm sorry the disproportionately Hispanic by twenty percents. That don't be fooled by that. Because based on the population breakdown of ethnicity actually the deaths are higher in the African American community. Yeah they're always way ahead. Yeah 'cause what it is you go you go forty two or twenty seven percent. Hispanic twenty percent African American but you realize. La's half Hispanic and eleven percent African American. That's where the where the RUB is so. I was complaining lamenting and shouting foul and not getting any ages of the deceased people cannot getting this over sixty or over sixty five and to me while this isn't pertinent. Normally in this particular case is really pertinent information. Because I was getting over sixteen now Dr drew is over. Sixty and mark. Garriga's are over sixty and they're good dear friends and talk them on a daily basis and it's scary to think that Mark Garriga's is endanger. Both my parents are in deep eighties and I have no real regard for their safety. So it's a completely different story. I could lose a non family member who I cherish versus. Some Leach was eight and a half and wanting a new trumpet in my dad. So me me I was like. Why are we getting the ages of these people that are dying versus the over sixty? A lot of people were saying. It's a hippo stuff. It didn't sound satisfying to me. I said I could get their age. Don't need their name. Just Gimme the guy was. Eighty nine indicted nursing home. You're right and so here's the breakdown and I'm GonNa show you the stock went off you. Can you know you're making his out? But this is a document that I get from the county that I get It gives me age breakdown but it's still a wide range so right now. Total cases from those aged zero to seventeen total cases fifty nine and then it goes eighteen to forty then forty one sixty five then over sixty five now. The reason they do that only Adam is that they It's the information would be too large to To Digest and to send out on a daily basis. It's just too much information. And frankly they don't have a lot of this information yet Because when you're in a rapid fire scene like this rear triaging patients and you're putting patients in care and then you've got to coordinate. The Morgan always other things. A lot of that. Data is not readily available to do on a daily basis. You're right this is not a hip a situation. It's really more of a a the ability to collect the information situation. Well what about? Let's say let's say in the mortality page. You have if you have one that has the deaths And so two weeks ago when they said three people had died in Orange County over sixty or over sixty five. I was like why. Can't we get the ages of those three people's and do they do it now? Does it take a while for the data to come in like the three people that died weeks ago? Would we have their ages now? Yes and in the beginning when there were only one two or three patients but they were afraid of. There's also reason why you don't find out the hospital that they're in. That becomes a privacy issue because it's easy to track down and trace at information I I know that the L. A. County Fire Department for instance had cases in one of their fire stations. Were they only had two? Firefighters were infected. But they didn't want to say where and how they didn't want people showing them up the doorstep of the fire station or the homes. And so yes our privacy concern issues so they just air on the side of caution but today is sort of a Pivotal point for them because they are starting to give us more detail information. We have been assured by the county health department today on the public call that they are going to start giving us those breakouts in the next week or so so we will start eating information pretty quickly. Do you have a mortality in a zero to eighteen. Eighteen to thirty four. You know how many in each group break did not in each group overall in the county based on the new stats the mortality rate. Just inched up to two point. Four percent two point four percent slightly higher than national average but according to officials. It's pretty much on par given The size of our county and the and the size of the population so two point four percent is mortality versus. The people have contracted. There were aware right. So we have almost ten thousand people have contracted it and about two hundred. Who who've been her well fatalities right so if you look at total cases overall were seven thousand total positive cases but Looking at the total that had been treated in in and out of the hospital and had been tested is like thirty thirty or forty thousand people already been tested and then twenty thousand of those negative so when you put that all together the mortality rate is based strictly on those who have died versus those in the county. It's it's straight it's straight county population or those who've died do are we. How are we doing with testing? And there's a lot of speculation that a lot of people are walking around with this and are unaware of it and I guess the only way to really ascertain that answers to randomly round up five thousand people and test them and see what who who who who don't have them comes and see what what the positivist is on that. Is there any thoughts about that? Yeah and that's why they're asking everyone to stay home as a precaution because they don't know and there is no way to go round in start randomly testing people like that and that's why they don't want to take a chance on anyone who might appear to be a symptomatic out there. Walking around touch and stuff or coughing on people are sneezing on people. That's why they want everyone to stay home. And that's why the doctor said yesterday. She doesn't even want anyone grocery shopping this week. That's how serious it has become so other than showing symptoms. No one really knows if they're a carrier or not. That's why she was talking about. I'm talking about Dr Ferrara. The county health director. That's why she said in the very beginning. Don't get test unless you have symptoms because you could test negative today and be positive tomorrow. So that's why it's so important to just stay home. But shouldn't we figure out a way to test a group of people to see if we can get an understanding of the S- theory about people being positive but not having symptoms but then again we could but you would have to do such up this. The justice statistics alone would be kind of untenable. Because you would have to get these large groups of people altogether to do this and even still you wouldn't have a very accurate counter. Any kind of static or any kind of Stats that would show you what you need. Because again you you would have to just get a bunch like everyone here. My building right now. We got all ten of US together. Started testing it. We're all negative tomorrow. Half of US could be positive right but I still think I could start to paint some sort of picture that if you said we took random hundred people from Orange County and a hundred people from riverside and a random hundred people from Los Angeles County and we tested them if if it was a super high percentage wise who who were ACM dramatic super high percentage of that. Three hundred people came back as positive. If I'd go wow I think this thing is something that people have in the race in dramatic versus another outcome is what I'm saying. I mean it can be proved positive. It would just white. So would this just make you feel better? Well I look I think if you said let's put it to you this way you think your kid has a problem with Lice at school right and my kids got a class of thirty kids and go from one class to the next class at five classes with thirty kids in it. If you said to me would you like them to take five kids or ten kids from their homeroom class and just test them for Lice? I'd go yeah. I think I could get a picture or an idea. Wouldn't be proved positive. It would give you some better clarity on. Whether there was a lice situation in their school you wouldn't be able to test all the kids. You'd only be able to get a small group but I think some information would would help you construct some some answers okay. So based on that Theorem so if you were to test those ten people I just talking about now came up negative but then two or three days later three of them forward became symptomatic and they had already been around spreading disease that that sort of negates that well. I'm not telling them to rub heads together there. Yeah if they don't have lies now that if you're doing hold but if you're being told yeah I understand but if you're being told all of a sudden that that group ten people no one's positive in this group so you guys are good. You're good to go but then come to find out the symptoms have been you know they're dormant just like cancer cells or anything else this viruses dormant and we don't know when it's going to surface if you've been have the virus to begin with or would it's gonNA trigger a win. That symptoms are going to trigger. That's why they want everyone stay home for that now. I'm not. I'm not arguing with stay home. I'm arguing for information. Shot people to change their hazier. I feel like an Adams proposed testing. The people wouldn't even know the results like it was simply be for demographic study like just so we knew what we're dealing with is that you're saying yeah. I well. There's a lot of people say it'd be like your good going your way it would be like. Oh this data. It wouldn't be wouldn't be. Let's open Disneyland. Either I just like the I. I can't I keep hearing people saying half the population has this and doesn't know it and then I hear they know they don't and I'm thinking oh I'd like to know I think basically Adam what we should do is have Arbitron do this because it's something arbitrage and I think they'll book. Yeah Yeah So. Let's do the arbitron no seriously. I understand what you're saying. And in here's the here's a really frustrating part about this. You got a lot of scientists in a room with a lot of charts graphs and maps. And they're all still trying to do all this statistical modeling and they're trying to put this like well if we've got this. You know ten thousand people that have tested positive. In a population of three million. And that means that we've got this. X. Amount and this percentage and the odds are it's GonNa an the the at the rate of spread in at the rate that the positive cases are being detected. That's how they're coming up with all this that I think might also help. I don't know if that'll help satisfy you a bit. But they're they're using this based on statistical modeling that seems to be working and has worked in other outbreaks. Well we're GONNA find out more as it goes You Know I. It's one of those things where I don't think there's any direction where you can go. This positively going to work and that's positively now nowhere for me. It's just whatever information the more information I can get the better going full circle to having three people die above. The age of sixty is fine having three people. I once eighty-one once eighty four and the others. Eighty nine is better. It's more specific to me that specificities when I'm looking for right in some of them were going to get that thing about. Here's the thing you know. You remember the seventeen year old boy from Lancaster who died just a few weeks ago and initially they said he died from Corona virus will then they backtracked and said well you know. We didn't really test him until after he passed away so the test was done post mortem. But they're like okay. Well what what was? This causes death and then they said well as more complex. Now I've been on the phone with the CDC in Atlanta because they turned the case over to them. So everyone's got this this. This kind of A. I want to say morbid curiosity because this is a seventeen year old boy presumably. Who's healthy but Dr Faucher from the from the federal government said that you're going to have what he calls watts. You're going to have these people that have no symptoms seemingly perfectly healthy and they're just going to die from this because that's the way human nature is But two more to your point out We are going to get more details about this. It will eventually come in the form of a breakdown They're just trying to compile as much information because we're also very needy in the media and were demanding a lot of this so in order for them to keep up with demand. They're having to do this in the most expeditious way possible Steve. Thanks for your input. And if you don't mind could you please do your lockout? No I'm sorry I can't I don't I'm not like a monkey. I don't do on you yes you do. The Way I've I've never got a monkey to do a lockout time. Actually actually that doesn't surprise me. Doesn't Conway always try to get you to do it? And you always go and Gina Sweetheart. I have never done that. La County you have. I really I pressed that button a thousand times which I've never done it in front of you know that's Adam. Would you like me to do it for Steve? No no wait a minute no you you and I were in the truck down at Untrendy alley that's that's official name. That was a long time ago. That yeah you did. See me file from down there. That's right shadows you. Are you telling me Steve Gregory? Kfi something that's being fired from a sound machine. It's not actually steen. Just when he's doing his full thirty-second report he's doing his own you know he's giving these stats from the government and then he does lockout. But I'm firing the button. That's doing Steve's report I don't think that's proprietary information that I'm pushing a button. Which recorded Steve. I get if you're talking do Let's see talking to Bruce Buffer and you want him to yell Rumble that that's an issue. That's copy written but I don't know if Div Gregory Kfi's copy written and by the way it was you'd be the only guy who could say it. So I don't i. I don't think there's any reason to get involved with as I think he. Just give the audience a thrill with your lockout and who knows this could go nationwide. You know what I mean. This international party global could be your wares to be for here. Come the judge Sarah Adam Myself. Well he is not a growling. Wow Hardball No. It's just it's just something I'm not a TV guy. There's a reason I'm in radio. I don't do this stuff on camera I will. I will then lock it out for. Thanks Steve You got it out anytime hours by GINA. The working hard boiled newsman. I'm Steve Gregory and I'm passive aggressive. Decided to camera thing sticking when no conway's asked him to do it. A thousand times always turned him down. That's that's one of his things. I- I've seen it before. I totally forgot. Conway's always asking do. You won't do it all right. Let me hit Omaha steaks and we'll Crank up some news in here. Omaha steaks stuck in well stock up. How about get some Omaha steaks? They delivered the world's best aches and a huge variety of family favorites without leaving home. And Right now they limited time you can stock up. Well they're just saying don't go to the supermarket right well. We're going to get your food about Omaha steaks. 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Steaks stock up sale is going on right now. With ready to ship packages save fifty percent or more plus free shipping on orders of sixty nine dollars or more that's almost stakes DOT COM type. Adam in the search bar all right. Let's take a quick break. We'll come Right back when do the news with gene and Baldwin right after that minimums casino breaking all those crazy? Trump's tweet US trunk creating gene gene the news with Gina Grad. So a major league baseball has confirmed that it's considering playing the season at one neutral location. And with no fans in attendance there had been reports that the commissioners considering starting the season in May and playing all the games at various fields around Arizona but looks like they're still trying to work it out but many are getting on this. No crowd train The no crowd train. That's the one from Bakersfield. Yeah that's are super train. Not The one in New Delhi about baseball. I'm trying to think of like I'm trying to think of what sport suffers the most now. The sport of baseball itself doesn't suffer as much as I don't know may be basketball or football does minus the crowd but the reason to go to a baseball game is to drink some beers and eat some hotdogs and it's a little less about the game especially when it's game forty one right there. It's an excuse to get out of the House to get out of work on a Friday to take your kid out there to eat some peanuts and Carnation FROZEN MALL WITH A WOODEN PADDLE. Brax every time like that experience whereas I guess you'd think of it this way. If you think about going to a basketball game the first thing you think about is like who's flying. Who's on that team? Who who the Lakers GonNa play that playing some scrub team? That's you know. Twenty Games under five hundred or they plant a tough team. So you do that. And you're like who's on the court who's playing so Brian in that game see injured in a bubble blah. And it asserts then you might think about parking and a few other things where there's certain point you'd get to food but when you think baseball the I thought you have is like what am I gonNA eat snacks. What did we get locked out this beer? Line get locked off in the seventh inning. When some beer line right I shed bring a flask. You start thinking about food immediately. Which mean you're there for kind of communal experience of eating hot dogs and drink some beer and a judgment free environment on a on a week day at noon. So it's GonNa hurt the fans. That's what I don't know that it'll affect the play but indefinitely not going to be fun for the fans. That's a good point and we talk to a Doctor. Rakish Sherry every night and he. He said if if doctors got to choose which sport got to go back to work I he would absolutely pick baseball. Because there's zero almost zero interaction with the crowd. So you're not sitting courtside. You're not being sweat on. You're not doing. You are separated by barriers and nets and it would probably be the safest to go back to maybe some good come out of this. And it'll put an end to the weird incessant spitting that these guys do and it's like the worst is when they're just standing at home play. Stockard they ever like they just spit in a in a spent and then some of them are chewing seed and spending and others are just doing this weird glick thing and it's like please stop spending all over the place all the time. Maybe maybe we should mask on these guys Brian. Enough and still thing but it used to be a thing. Chris can look it up these a lot of players who would do chewing tobacco mixed with a gum you. I don't know if that would mask the flavor. I don't know why I really can't imagine I just can't believe the sport where you can eat while you're playing a lot of them. Back in the day could smoke while they're sitting on the bench and should smoke that the skipper's smoke these guys. I think eight. Maybe they did away with the tobacco but they replaced it with seeds. Yeah the simplicity and the end up chewing it like it's like what vaping is the smoking cigarettes like. Wow it's not cigarettes but you're still doing something. And then there's a weird spitting and the spitting is like through the center of the teeth. I don't know what it is. It's like it and I don't I don't know y other than your board but let's let's stop that board. I just got a text from the laugh. Factory saying Do you want to do stand up and I said it said. Do you want to do stand up? There's only four people in the room. Is it virtual be like broadcast over the internet or those are four super important people really got to work out and they really got to work immaterial. The guy that books the tonight show. There's a guy from Kimmel. The guy from Conan guy from Foul Guide Auburn loves comedy. That's right so they said You. WanNa come out and do stand out. There's only four people in the room and I said Okay how does it work? And they said well they stream it you know obviously they'll they'll streaming and I thought okay that'll be an experience and then I said what time they said. Italian swatted the phone out of here. They said they said yes. She came around the corner like Charles. Haley just did a full full Lawrence Taylor Tomahawk on my blindside. You have to hire a retired. Weakside tackled the blindside guy or thirty per sally. Yeah it's got to keep an eye out so so. He said they broadcast. I guess. And it's like a two to four in the afternoon so imagine doing stand up at three o'clock in an empty club. Who seems like the opposite of everything you like to do. But I said Yeah I'll give it a shot so we'll work. That out is that I don't know I got the tax moments before we we heated up and went on the air so I just sort of sent him back and said you know he said what day and I said I'll off have to figure it out so watch figured out talk about events that are tough without a crowd. I think we found the the ultimate tough for example. Yeah I think I'M GONNA. I don't think you'd WANNA do material. Think you'd WANNA keep it to corona right. I think if you could. It's a tall order during twenty minutes of new material. But I think we could do it. Yeah but you know. You have all of your. You have all the books to draw from. When you're sort of pontificating and it's funny that seems like that would be a great thing to do for this type of type of thing Judas right. This is a great opportunity to break that rule. Don't tell stories. Tell Jokes fucking tell stories? Man Tell stories you want. I shall sorry all right. We'll tylenol is quickly disappearing from store shelves everywhere. Because there's this debate going on within society some of the medical community that you're not are you or are you not supposed to be using ibuprofen for cove in nineteen symptoms? That sort of a hot debate right now. So everybody's buying tylenol because some in the medical field say there's something about Ibuprofen advil. That's complicating these covert nineteen symptoms. And there's other doctors saying it makes no difference but now that the debates out there the question has been raised. People are supermarket sweeping the Acetaminophen off the shelves. The tylenol All my years. I still don't know the difference between what which is what what did you. Derek is for that never tylenol. Ibuprofen advil and one is a advil is a an anti inflammatory. And the other one's just a fever reducer as far as I understand. Yeah I have no relationship with that that world. What's Jewish mother? Of course I don't know what to do but it'd be nice if people didn't horde and I get the impulse I it's IT'S A. It's a human impulse so there's a lot of human impulses and what we're basically trying to do is to go against your human impulses which is I'm looking at things as my connections unstable but here goes I have an impulse to go to the beach and now that it's empty. I really have an impulse to go to the beach but We should deny that part where you get out of your car and go stand on the beach because we're asking people not to do that. But that's an impulse and you know. Look at the impulse touch your face. Everyone's wrestling with you. Don't know what your it's your impulse your impulse to touch. We're asking you to stop doing it. Your impulse is to get all the food and all the medicine and all the toilet paper and it's all for you okay. It's ingrained were hunter gatherers again of Buffalo for the winter right so eighteen winters so this these things kind of bring out the worst impulse and in many human beings and so what we're asking because essentially that's what a society is. Society is a whole bunch of people ignoring a lot of their impulses. Right your impulses that parking spaces mine yet but there's someone who was waiting for not yours. It's not your so give up on your impulses we'll and now thank God. These these grocery stores and you know pharmacies are finally having to regulate a for us because we can't be trusted and it's a much more pleasant shopping experience you go in and there are things there and people are moving slowly and they're not an attack mode because it says one item per customer or two items per customer. So you don't have to start you. Know freaking out elbowing people out of the way. You're only allowed to take and move on and that's what. Apparently we can't be trusted to do it another way. Yeah well were were. We've proven that under great conditions. We can still be bad and under stressful conditions. It's a full fist. Fight and the electron exile of the Costco during the Black or whatever we can get ourselves into a lather pretty quickly. Yeah spin out pretty pretty fast. You're right about that Oh speaking of all these new rules and Steve. Kinda went over the number. So we'll skip those but New York governor Andrew Cuomo has doubled the maximum fine for breaking social distancing. So now in New York. If you're caught gathering or doing things you're not supposed to be doing. You can get a thousand dollar fine. I hear he's looking for that iconic couple. The one guy who was this sailor the other gal maybe nurse there were kissing in Times Square. I hear he's looking at the thing if they're still alive so he can go back and retroactively fine example out of everybody in that whole Damn Times Square old anxiety group because I think it was right and of course Chris Cuomo's still doing so from the basement and his best. Heidi Sorry John. You were. You were choppy. I think that pictures like they announced the Japanese surrendered or a Louisiana Pastor will that I'm glad you didn't hear a Louisiana Pastor charged for violating Krona virus spans. Held a Palm Sunday Service with twelve hundred and twenty congregations I was just looking at one of the quotes from one of the parishioner's that said like I'm I'm protected because I I'm protected by the blood of Jesus which seems a little Not really what Jesus was going for in terms of looking out for your neighbor also could have had the corona virus. We don't know you're the sick. Yeah he's working with those lepers in Horsley dirty community also as an ex carpenter. I can tell you those guys. They're imperial based at all strike three so God knows what was in his blood is what I'm saying. I'M GONNA argument in talking about Jesus is tainted blood twist for. That's right to pray for. That's right white might be doing somethin'. Kinda crazy you know. We talked about holding all these events and sporting events with no audience. He's going one further. He may have found a way to bring. You have see back. He tells TMZ SPORTS. He's closing a deal to host the fights on a private island. He says he's already locked up the location for UFC two forty nine which starts April eighteenth. But he's keeping secret. He'll run fights there every week for two months afterwards. Who moved the octagon to an undisclosed to the undisclosed island where he'll fly international fighters in private jets? White says that every person involved in the fights from production staff to fighters will be screened thoroughly They have to have you know I think. Below a one hundred point. Four township and Joe Rogan should still be available to call the fights despite him having health concerns. So it's going to a island. Apparently one hundred point four people people run that hot I guess that's the the the the marker. So here's all I want to say I grew up. There's a lot of professional wrestling going on. And there's always is saying which is loser leaves town except for everyone was from out of town though really. Wasn't that top. You know what I mean. I'm leaving anyway if I go to Wisconsin to do stand up and they're like okay Corolla but if you're not funny you're leaving town. I'd be like yeah. I am the West Tomorrow Seven. Am of. I find out leaving town especially when you're the Shitty town we're having these podunk kinda wrestling competitions. You know the smokers Not much of a threat but how about this loser stays on the island. You can't go back home here on that island. Let's let's let's up the ante is what I'm saying. What I'm saying is is Each guy gets paid. You know what I mean you you doing. Let's say big prizefight sake for the sake of argument cubs getting ten million bucks. Tony Ferguson. Getting ten million bucks. You win you get the belt and ten million bucks you get back on the private jet and you go back to wherever you're from You lose you get the ten million Bucks Nobel. Get back on the private jet and go back I. It doesn't seem like enough or losing right now. I want you to stay on that island. You GotTa think about what you did. Wrong real stakes. You could do a full rocky. Montage where he found a black friend run along the beach with and slow motion and and hug in the in the waist deep in water awkward hug. Yeah little castaway style. You don't know what he'll castaway boxers float up with skates in them and volleyball's and stuff like that but you gotta live off the land then we can on this whole show ultimate fighter. This is ultimate survivor. Yeah Every Week. Once we get the critical mass once we get twenty guys on this island all living off. The land growing out beards emaciated. You're missing their loved ones and you get frayed. Afraid then they go back in the octagon and we have elimination fights their way off that island. Who really wants to get home? Who really wants it? This is fantastic. I get out of that. Watch this shit out. Fantastic the only reality show I will host. It would be great. You'd have to fight your way off the island. God says waving a plane ticket standing ever this choker doc. He's got a ticket there. Oh Yeah I'm trying to public titles as fast as I. Can you got the only you guys would know. There's there's there's a musical called once on this island punch on this island. We got we got to think of something you got to pitch it. There's a dandy of a film called Cutthroat Island. Okay at the time the biggest bomb of all time. That's right Gina Davis. I believe Yup and Matthew Modine nothing dean. Yeah so obviously island is good. You know what I mean an end with island in front of it. It's elimination island. Cutthroat island fish fight island combat island. You know that kind of stuff we work it out but nobody's losers getting off that island now. I like this just in from Gary. Because you said could be just. Fyi It's now Ferguson. And Ghaith e could be not leaving rush or whatever there's footage of him at age nine wrestling a air. He doesn't have delicate sensibilities. He literally he grew up in a village where he was like encouraged to wrestle wildlife. They're literally number off. Yes that's him there. He comes from a place whereas a Lad. He was encouraged to wrestle bears. I swear to God there's footage of that. I don't know why this guy can't go on an island with a rigorous screening process and fight for for for mega-bombs one of the limitations of of my setup. Here is I can't listen to drops ahead of time but I think this would be this. I think this would make a good tagline for a reality show. I'll U. F. C. You and HAL DUDE. Oh Yes oh you have. Ceo In hell here's could be wrestling with full grown bear at age nine on on a jerk arm on a rash and dirt filled floor. Nobody is worried about germs. In this scenario he is on a hatch of littered dirt in some something that ends with Stan and he's wrestling a bear that is so adorable and terrifying at the same time age. Six eight off. Yes so let's not worry about him. Being a Germaphobe that guy's immune system first off. He had other men's blood in his mouth since he was nine. You understand look when you're beating on some guy and you open a cut over. That guy is face. I mean you open up you open a guy up. Big Time with is GonNa take twenty eight stitches above his Brown and that guys above you and he's got you you know he's got full guard or position on you just dripping blood onto you. Just those guys get covered in each other's blood and sweat think about what his immune system is like every one hundred men every day he is wrestling with some other sweaty guy who smashing his blood and sweat in. It's getting into his eyes. They don't wrestle with masks on or cockles or anything or is shit. Go on and that guy's face all day long. Every mucous membrane he owns has has been violated and he was raped by a there. You should be tight man. I think you are my point is is. That guy. Couldn't get anything from anybody. Get fucking plane and go to an island. There's something going on it's Russia we don't get any more info. I don't see how there's something why wouldn't that Guy Fight? Everyone's being tested and again you're in a sport or the other the other guys the guys you deal with our. It's a nonstop germ fast. Everyone gyms yes. I mean balls are better than Kyle. Reza's speech terminator can't be reasoned with. You can't be bargained with. He was raped by a bear at age sick. He doesn't feel pity or remorse. That is what I'm saying. So Khabib get on that plane because the whole thing is Khabib is the guy. Ferguson is a guy but the guy is could be right and so when you get rid of Khabib and you replace it with gay cheesy now you have a guy and a guy and the thing about a big fight go back to Muhammad Ali. Well it would be mohammad-ali fights guy you've never heard of but it was still a Mohammed Ali fight and so there was a chance that he could get beat by this guy you never heard of. And that's you tune in these guys. Ferguson engaged are great fighters. But they're not what you've heard of household name he stuff so you need one of those guys. So you're you remove the guy we Kinda WanNa see get beat that could be is relatively unbeatable. And as I've said when he's not being right by bear he's jumping barefoot into the stands and attacking Family MEMBERS OF OF OTHER FIGHTERS. So this guy's not germ germ averse ads. What I'm saying. Yeah hopefully will come out about that. Because I think you're right. There's something going on there. J. K. Rowling. She's fully recovered after experiencing all the symptoms of Corona virus. Even though she'd never been officially tested along with that news she tweeted out this video of a doctor explaining how to relieve respiratory symptoms. She said the technique helped her a lot. I know there's lots of crazy videos going around and one's telling you to stick hairdryers up your nose and doctors as saying. Please don't do that but this is one that she tweeted out. I believe he's a nurse and it's just a couple of breathing exercises either to prepare you for or when you already have these symptoms. I want you guys to start doing this. If you have the infection right from the beginning if you want to you can pick up the infection. Good idea anyway. The way we work is you'll take fifty percent and each time you hold your breath for five seconds on the sixth deep breath you'll take it in and you will do a big cough and covering your mouth. Okay you will do this twice and then you will then lay flat on your bed with a pillow in front of you. Taking slightly deep breaths for the next ten minutes to understand. This is Sasha Baron Cohen. Oh No I was fooled and you buy the pillow call. You didn't let me finish your penetrated by a mop handle film. This put it up on the zoom network with Hashtag Heche. Yeah so basically what he's saying because I I had to watch a couple times to make sure two times you do. Two of this deep breaths or six or whatever on the last one you cough out as much as you can and then you lay on your stomach not on your back because he said people don't really realize this lot of your lung capacities and your back. You Lay on your stomach and do this again with deeper brats just to push out. Whatever I don't know I I don't WanNA put words that push out whatever gunk or shit lies dormant the bottom of your lungs. But that's what J. K. Rowling re tweeted. She said it helped her. So you never know. And it's it's a lot less dangerous than sticking a hairdryer up your nose which we just angry at her for something. She defended some person. Thanks right before this whole thing started feels like Kobe nineteen. She's a winter to a trans. She just missed it because she said something about some transgender thing and then she got taken out to the woodshed and beaten by society and then this thing prop cropped up but maybe now that she got it. She gets some sympathy points. I'm trying to I. She's under fire for defending a woman who lost her job after saying Trans Women. Aren't real women that was That's what she got initially beaten for but I think she she just Mr Window of winner covert nineteen although we did kind of. Forget about about about her in her. Yeah Yeah it happened. Sort of outside the window of the virus but again they're winners. That happened within the window of the virus and then they're winners who we got inundated with so much information. We just flushed out everything that happened a month a month before all right you do one more. I'm GonNa look for something that's at my feet got it. Tori. Spelling has announced. She's doing a virtual meet and greet for twenty fans pretty exciting. The only catch is just twenty fans well hopefully for her ninety five bucks. A pop not spellings venture caused an almost immediate backlash on social media followers. Angry about the steep price during a time when so many don't have jobs and they're struggling and there's a pandemic the reality star and husband Dean. Mcdermott has been plagued by their own financial issues for years. She's been sued twice by American Express for failing to pay her balances of thirty eight thousand on one eight thousand on the other and in two thousand seventeen. The couple sued by city National Bank for failing to make monthly payments on a loan. They have five kids thirteen. Eleven eight seven and three. So you know while everyone's jumping on cameo on cameo by and You know doing it this way. She wanted to do a special meet and greet in charge. Almost one hundred bucks a pop attention Tori spelling's disgruntled fans available for at us for a song. I Love I got. Thoughts are looking for spot. I got a pile of paper and I dropped off but Anyway Tori Spelling I her Dad was unreasonably rest but insanely rich and I mean he had a house in. Holmby hills was across the street from the playboy mansion that had to be. I mean when it sold the head to sulphur. Fifty seven million dollars for penny Then there's candy spelling the MOM and Candy spelling nuts and vindictive and whatever and took the money and got herself a luxury condominium on Wilshire Boulevard and put all the money into that and I guess it's cut off. Tory candy is tores biological mom. I believe now. See this Kinda Shit happening with the Trophy Wife. Who came along when yeah the biological daughter was seventeen and a half and a chicken showed up with thirty one. And there was a lot of daggers arguments and never got on and then the dad passed away. And now she's got all the money and Blah Blah Blah but. I do believe she's the biological mom. I'm not sure what happened with those two but You know my mom doesn't have a pot to Piss in so I can hawk all the Shit. I want if she if if she had a fifty five million dollar house in dad died. I'd be kissing some ass. I don't know we're Tori is. I don't know how this ripped came about but there's no way the family doesn't have money. I mean syndication with all the love boats and all that it's so he he generated so much. Aaron spelling generated so much money over the course of his career and in those check still have to be piling in so what happened and then what about the brother? Yeah well I the first two things that come up showbiz cheat sheet of mercury news both say Tori inherited just eight hundred thousand dollars from her dad and this is both of. The kids just inherited a tiny fraction of their dad's five hundred million dollar fortune. Well of course it would go to candy spelling right right right but well. He could have set up a trust for his kids. Well yeah he coulda well. Here's what's up. Candy Candy has more money than God. And she's seventy seven and a half what's going on and you probably know this is Aj Benza. That's true story pretty well. He allegedly. He doesn't like telling tales out of school. O'brien maybe just this. Once we can squeeze Minto from him he plays it pretty. What if what if you just called him like as though you're just calling for friends but like it's actually recorded like you know. It was being broadcast. Maybe he'd come forth. We'll see if we can coax him out of Shit L. Sorry yes we should talk to. Aj make a note. Max Patta what is to? How old is story? How old is candy? How much handiwork. And why can't candy kicked something down to Tori not the Tory deserves it. But what is the ripped? I think there's a rift there forty hours. I'm looking at very click. Bait headline from two thousand. Fourteen says quote Tori dropped. Sixty Thousand Dollars in one store candy spelling reveals why her daughter only received eight hundred thousand dollars of her famous father's inheritance. But I'm not really seeing an answer. So that's what I'm saying it's a little click beatty But she's but I am seeing as I scan this as Tory. Forty one and this was in two thousand fourteen. She's now and Yeah. She's she's Openly discussed her efforts to tighten her belt in recent months despite reporting having celebrated daughter. Stella's six birthday six thousand dollars I mean this can't come down to candy's belt tightening no all right well. Either WAY BOO. Wait a minute. How would that sound? If God Grad Way Way you know how many people are struggling right now at them. They're a real problems out there. I can't worry about candy and Tori spelling which one got on those two million dollars in which one got almost a billion dollars Focus on my kids got focused on this pandemic. I got focus on my faith. Hey Nancy Grace Nancy Brand Tori spelling and the candy spelling our live Aaron Spelling not alive you know he seemed pretty good health even for an older man and all of a sudden you just comes up dead and this multi million dollar fortune goes right to candy and nobody ever looked into it. I haven't seen an autopsy report have you Adam. I'm so glad you said that you have opened Pandora's box. I have been screaming this to the High Heavens for years. What DID HAPPEN TO AARON SPELLING? And why is candy so happy about it? He was spry eighty nine. He had the world at his fingertips had his whole life. Ahead of them. Everybody knew it. Everybody had designs on them. Everybody wanted they're and he was doing just fine. And all of a sudden he mysteriously disappears. What I'd like to see that I see. I'd like to see that coroner's report. He was cut down in his prime degree more. Here's more proof. He was murdered. He was planning on doing other thing. That's what that's absolutely right. He had business meetings. I have I have the paperwork. I had the receipts. I have the phone calls that he was taking other meetings to do other projects. So you tell me. Is this foul play. Or is this play. He had a project. I happen to know that was already in. Pre production called love shuttle. It was the love boat in outer space and put them on a shuttle. There was a character that was sorta like Elon. Musk I don't want to say too much about it. But he was working on this stuff. He was spry. Eighty nine cut down in his prime and again. I'm not saying there isn't an autopsy report I'm saying I've never seen it. No I haven't and you know I bet you dollars to doughnuts Adam if you were to look out onto the backyard of that beloved Mr Salen. You just see one swing swinging back and forth with nobody on it. That's where Erin was taken and the ad. It's one hundred twenty seven year old grandmother or mother. I should say nightmare is what it is. That's to have your eighty nine year. Old Boy cut down in his prime. That way I say we zoom the body. I say we go to forest lawn and we look into this because I think you know and I think I know that this is foul play and Nancy Grace and devoting a brand new show prime time on the H. L. Network to what the hell happened to Aaron Spelling Friday nights at nine pm. We watch it all right GINA. Let's bring it home. You got it. I'm Gina Grad and. That's the news the news with Gene Grad. Well last not least bad online no NBA NO NHL NO MLB though MLB may get started up. Have something to bet on well. There's all kinds of other sports going on out there stuff. 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