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The Candace Owens Show: Roseanne Barr


Breath. Yes. Actually, thank you. It'd be good water. I think some tissues. Great. When you. Okay. Ready? Hey, everybody. Welcome to the Candice Owen show where you get my unfiltered opinions, and this one is definitely unfiltered and something that I should have said a lot earlier a lot of scandals one that I stayed characterised characteristically silent about and it was the Roseanne Barr scandal. This was not about black America. This was about a positive Trump supporting show which select couldn't stand because it was rating score. And that's the truth and people don't like to admit the truth. I think that. Yeah. I think they handed in for me the whole time, which, you know, all talk to you about as we go. But. At the time of that tweet. I was in the middle of. Conversation about the Iranian people for three months on Twitter. Most of the reason I ever went on Twitter was to defend, you know, Jewish people, and you know, our way of life in our thinking and and also a new way of being in the in the Middle East. And so I was speaking about Iran, and we had an speaking to Iranian people, particularly reporters and journalists from there who are like going, you know, talking about what it's like, and we had already established for quite a while that that the Iran deal by the Obama administration had strengthened and empowered government who who has less than no regard for its women are citizens, of course. And so we had sad. It's like planet of the apes there. Right. And so I was dreaming that and woke up and like I've said a million times. But you know, it was a little impaired. I it was. Memorial day. I had a couple of beers. And I took an Ambien mix. Those I walk up a dead sleep at two AM. And I'm like, I've got it. I've got the words that are going to put the whole thing perspective and save the world and a nice sent that tweet. And now since that time, which was June last year, it's been like why did I put it that way? And I look at it like, I should have reversed it, and it was a total impaired tweet. But and but it disguise what I meant. And what I meant was that, you know, I was talking about the Obama administration and their collusion with Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt into a run and the and the Middle East, and and the United States, and how their Iran deal is the most impressive thing to empower a government who's just Mult Mola's and their oppression of particular. Women and children, but men to right? And so it all got a little jumbled up, but what was horrifying about it to me was the way that it was purposely mischaracterized, and I was not allowed to explain it or apologize. Why? I did apologize. But I I was never allowed to say what it was actually about what I meant. Of course, not your that doesn't. Yeah. That's how it works concerns. Don't get second chances because there was don't get to polish is conservatives don't get to explain in a fuller form on what they were talking about. You should know that those are the rules. And every nobody knew that Valerie Jarrett was even ten percent black. Nobody knew that. Nobody thought she was blocked. They just dug for something and said how we've got her. We can get this show off. We don't want to normalize Trump supporters any regards. Media. I found out after the find out was the most obvious thing in the entire world while you were target. Well, I knew I knew, but I didn't think people are wanting to keep going there. You know? Right. But yeah, it wasn't it. They targeted me from day. One Meghan Kelly gone anything that was offensive. She said when I was a kid growing up used to be able I use people used to wear black face, and they weren't offended it as long as you were truly going the character her entire show has gone wiped gone. She's off off career ho career yet done because she said something that wasn't even offensive. She's telling you about something that happened in the past. Why can't she talk about her experience with that in a non offensive way? They made her apologize. I staunchly disagree with actually been conservative should not apology. No, that's what all my friends said commission of a polish. That's a death knell to the single black person America that was spent by what you said, it was the left using black people as human shields to go after their political opponents. And people that are mainstream. Conservatism, your mainstream conservatism, you got attacked the exact same regard. I gotta talked for a long conversation. I was having about nationalism versus socialism versus globalism. And then they say, I hate Jewish people me who over the embassy opening I use people you hate black people. And yet here we are here. We are. It's it's amazing spun it's amazing, right, right? They run on. Hey, my boyfriend said to me, I still think this the truth thing anyone said to me, as you know, my show killed the hate business. Put a knife in the heart of the hate busy. And they couldn't have that. Because they fundraise on hate, right? And you know, all the networks and all the news things. They're just part of the Democratic Party was ninety percent of everything on TV is is left leaning my eight or eighty five percent. But they're part of the Democratic Party there an arm of the Democratic Party. That's why I don't watch it. I don't turn on the TV because there's nothing there for me. It's it's almost like a mass brainwashing. When your show came it was so refreshing. It's like families are being torn apart over something that means nothing at the end of the day concert conservatism versus liberalism, and then you have the show that humanize it and uses laughter. And that's what by the way comedy is for your comedian last night checked is to heal America through laughter and the death of comedy, and Kevin Hart and all these happening with every everybody that makes a joke. They're going to get all of us one hundred percent income the just the I beg one. But all my friends. I did want to say that when this happened. To me. The only the only people who called me are were black people who are my friends who knew that fighter. I've been for my whole life for civil rights, and I thought well, how come no white people called me a thick? And I thought well because they don't know what I've done. They don't know what I live and what I do. And you know, they put me in a little pen like they put us all in. I say it's human veal. They put some little veal pens, and we walk around as human veal in high heels or whatever a women, particularly and we don't how to fight back. So I thought what a great thing for me to come and talk to you because you're a fighter. I applaud you. And I respect an admire you, your, your views are brilliant. And you know, I thought this would be a good place to start. I totally respect you and everything you're doing and I. What do you call it support blogs it 'cause I know that that really is the linchpin of the whole of the whole thing, which you call it the plantation. I loved that. I call it Egypt because I'm Jewish. It's leaving Egypt. Right. A game free Phero. But I for all the African American people. I know that our blessed ING, I say to them. Please take to Jews with you lease if I've ever caused you to laugh or feel good about anything in the world. Please do me a favor repay me get to deuce go with you. Because I really think that if people are the leaders of of, you know, civil rights and civil discourse in our country. And if they'll go the Jews will follow because Jews wanna do what black people do. And it's funny because I think they know that when I was trying to assess how crazy this trying to smear me in liable me as a Nazi sympathizer. I felt when I sat down critically that they were trying to create drama between the Jewish seen the black community say the Jewish community. You can't see the people that are black sitting you say way from them. They hate Jews, and what a crazy absurd concept. Right. But another sery- way want they want to create. They've wanted to I've been in. I can't think of the word that we are activists on ever. The sixties and. I've seen it from beginning to now I've seen it all the way through I've been there the whole time, and they definitely tried to put a wedge out. I remember I used to be a women's collective in the seventies sixties and seventies in Denver, and we were Jewish women women of color where well on white women to and you know, we were just like a women's collective, and then we started to see the faction that came along and faction I between blacks and Jews and it was because of Angela Davis. I was there when she said Zionism is racism that was the could Jill that broke us interested and. It was on purpose. It was with foreign money to create a divide in this country. So that we can't stick together. And make sure that our children are taken care of. That's right. And and they think that the minority community comes together, they know if the minority community comes together, it's over from them inches, it spells the end for the last because does that we are the slaves. I mean, we are the ones that are mentally enslaved. We are the ones that keep buying into the same narrative and getting no results, and it's actually negatively impacting our communities. We're the ones that are targeted. Right. And so you know, when they when they broke the blacks in the Jews apart. What happened I've seen? This is me saying it. Black people public schools and living conditions and their safety net became less and less and so did the Jews. Right. And then what after they broke those two which was you know, what they sought to do then they got any into each community by each community against itself. You know, a left versus right. You know, these the other. But like, I always say there's really only one party in. It's the money party. Right. So you know, that's how they steal the money. You know, they take public money put in private pockets while we're all fighting each other people that are getting robbed are fighting with each other. That's getting robbed and they're taking all the money. It's a Ponzi scheme. It is. And we have to wake up to that. Because it worse. And I think we're so close were so close to feel it taking it and go now. You work for us as right? If you don't do a good job, you fired their pub, always say this about public servants. As like, you know, what year not very good servant, your not serving me, and I pay you. So you need to get fired. And they can't you campfire. Now. I mean got the governor north scandal. He's not going anywhere. No. It just it's just amazing today, and do whatever they can do whatever they want. And and that doesn't matter as media, and they have the media, and that's their power. Right. That's exactly right immediate. And I thought oh, man I'm gonna get it in there. Do you? I even think in in a weird way sometimes things happen. And you're like, y y but it had to happen to you that way, they had to stake you and do all that to actually wake up a lot of people to the astounding hypocrisy of a left like if it's a conservative everything must go. There's no apology. But if it's someone. That's on the left. There's literally no repercussions. No has been. I mean, Bob my missing a there was repercussions. North is wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood wearing black face. And in his yearbook, nor percussions. Ridiculous. Anyway, was thirty years ago. Like, you said, there's no repentance on the left is. No, no. There's no remorse either. No, snow your whole life every moment. Yes. Yeah. It's a war. I mean, come on. It's a real war. It's a real cultural to cultural war and actually think is something that conservatives are understanding. No, they're not I've been super against. I mean, I've not only fielded attacks a tax from a left. I feel attacks from the right, which is just to me mind boggling because they have this idea. I call puritanical conservatism conservatism, where it's like, this is the way we do conservatism. We don't write MAC like we this is the proper with the left is not fighting proper. Okay. They are this is like trench warfare. That's right. And and if we don't understand that and understand that the battle is cultural the battle is about getting a show like you had and sparking a conversation that's national and defending and calling it what it is. When what happens to you happens and people don't have the courage. They don't have a wanna be capable. They also call them fake maga- fake maga- because you know, as soon as drum turns one way, they're like. We hate Trump. Now, you know, they don't get the big picture at all. They're lost in micro. Right. Do you think that that's what it is like heart? You think that all of the recent attacks on him from people that are on the right? Yeah. I think their loss in the micro. And also, I do think there cowards because if you follow him they go, oh, we'll we're praying it away. Well, come on faith without works is dead. It's about action not prayer. Right. You gotta do both. Right. You gotta be on the spiritual. Battlefield you? You. Don't do that by going. I forgive you know, you're like my son says he goes thank God that the right or whatever we are. Because I don't go left or right him. I don't play their crap. Because it's like they what they've done both of these extremes. Have they have they have a I can't think the word now. But they've demonized the vast middle right, and I'm in the vast middle. And so are you I'm not even going to say any. Left writer nine far, right? Is the crazy. No. I know I'm far, right? We're medal and say that. Yeah. We're middle vast majority. Don't call US Middle in the prostate. They want everyone to think, and but we are the strategy is simply to make sure that other people never get to hear us. I mean idea is to keep Candice off of college campuses. Because what she's saying makes so much sense? And if people show up they might listen, I mean, that's that's what it's about. Right. What the strategy is to make sure that we're constantly demonized. And it's because they don't want people to find us likable, you show was just so likable. Right. So we're going to with her show, we need to demonize, we need to make people know, she hates black people and single person left right or middle believes that for a second. Say I think Roseanne Barr is a valid reason. No one can say the straight face. It really pisses me off at they called me racist. I always say, well, we've all done something racially said something racially insensitive in our lives come on this America. And we've all done it. But that's not racism and put me in with people who want every Jew dead every every black person dead and put me right in that Ken with them that's complete racism as and I just think they're ridiculous. And they make me sick. Right. And I'd like to go around starting a slap people upside. But, but you know, I can't for reasons of insurance, but. So what what was it like in like, you find out this tweet goes viral and things are crazy. What were your next few days? Like, I had a complete nervous breakdown did you complete and I've had a few of them. And I've said I've said I've had so many nervous breakdowns and nobody ever notices because they were so normal for me. But no, this was a complete one. I couldn't walk. I couldn't talk. I couldn't get out of bed. And luckily, I was at my mom's house, and my mother she she took care of me. And that was very something. I really needed my whole life. And I finally got in just great great amounts. It was wonderful. So and then it came out that. You know, I was going to you know, I got a big tattoo of Phoenix up fear. And as this looking at that all time going, okay, you're gonna come up from the ashes again this time, it's going to be what you really want right actually gonna talk about this like complete nervous breakdown because I don't think people understand what we have to go through being on the front lines of just literally for sport people trying to ruin our lives and break, you every second every every second trying to break you, and I had my own like, they weren't nervous breakdowns, and I've had definitely some some rough night's a rough week, and they don't care these people. They laugh at it. They. Yeah, they think it's cool. It's like they come around. Rub. Their boot right near fake, right? And it's evil evil. It's it's like I wanna see if I can ruin your life publicly, and it's not easy to get up every single day knowing that there are just sharks in the water that are out for blood there. Fascist. Yeah. They are. That's exactly right there. They are the real fascist. They perspective and speech, and they enjoy when they can make people suffer people who do that, man. They have no self reflection whatsoever. I'm convinced at when they look in the mirror. They don't see anything except for the mask. They don't see themselves as human, and they're kinda not I think it makes me think about how we need a Redick redefine the word human. And what it means? I think that the journalists I call them like journal sadists like joy, bringing pain to people they do and floating pain. And it makes them feel really good about themselves powerful about themselves. We're in this weird era where we don't have lists anymore. We don't you and far between maybe one or two of people's journalist. Now. We have people who are doing in. The stories. That's right people who are doing the research. Right. And then telling the stories, they're not parroting CIA talking point, right and grateful that we have the house way to get around. Otherwise, how many lives they ruin like you and me woke up there's millions of all cross the world. Then you know, we gotta be glad for that. And say they're putting their lives on the line to write, you know, maybe they don't use their real name or something. But they're fighting our fight. What got you threat? God, I'm a real believer. You know, I'm a believer. And. I've always had that connection and is Matt God. 'cause I was like when I woke up at that time said that tweet I I had that God feeling 'cause I get this God feeling when I write of like all I get it or is a pan, and I never have a pen or paper because I'm a rider. But as I'm like, oh, man, this is it finally came together in mass up here, something I had that feeling in every time when I have had that film my life. I always thank God that he gave me words of power to speak or to write or have someone else. Speak even in the form of jokes. You know, right to move people in I I had that feeling. And then when I woke up in the morning, I mean when I went I wrote it, and then I fell back to sleep as I fell back to sleep. I'm like this gonna fix this really gonna fix things sank you runner fuller, the Iran, and 'cause I was. Obsessed with Iran because last time I was in Israel. I was with all my friends are my good, friends or rabbis because all I ever talked about Torah, and everyone hates me because I make him mad because they're like even my own kids are like give it a rest mother. But, but I I like so most of my friends are rabbis. Right. So I was in Israel, these people and we've got these phone calls on our cellphones from people in Iran. This is three years ago. We don't know how they got our phone numbers or anything, but they called in. Here's what they said. It was still mixed the Hairston up. But it was so exciting they go. Hello. And they were speaking English to us. And they said we want you to know the the people in Iran. Love the Jewish people. We hold nothing bad toward you we want. No trouble with you. We just want to be free. And it was like so that's why I was so upset. With the for all this time 'cause you kept in touch with people and. I just feel. It's a great woman's revolution. Trying so hard to happen. Right. Will. I mean, it did happen. Ron in the seventies. They had the revolution. They went the exact yet way America keeps screwing up with Emaar. I don't know why America screwing with Iran. Like, our parents can't say anything. I'm so used to. Yeah. But I don't know. Why America does what it doesn't run from Iran contra to this Iran deal. It's like, what are they? Why are they why are we why our tax dollars doing this? I I don't like it. But anyway, what we're talking? No, it's fine. You lose your train of thought, you're drinking. It'll come back anytime actually now that we're focusing and then talking about Israel. I want to talk about this current tide of antisemitism. That seems to be creeping up because not enough people are talking about this. And I'm paying Jeremy Corbyn, apple linking arms, Alexandra causing Cortes, both of them hostile towards Israel on the politics, by the way. That's even more alarming is all the jetty. You got ill Illman, Omar. Right. Linking arms with AO. See who also is opened. She just just like Hello. I hate Jews. That's pretty much her plop. Yeah. I know and she's in office, and we have the president who's respectfully saying that she should step down. She shouldn't be on any Ford advisory board. And and we have the three of them coming together and boggles my mind because it's scary. It's scary that we have HMOs in our congress. What's the what's the other one for Shida she'd until? Yeah, she did to leave and these people are openly saying that they support HAMAs. They opened you know, it's an HAMAs openly supports the murder of juice for money. Right. And it's so evil that it's invisible. That's the thing about anti-semitism. It is so evil that it's invisible. But it is racism and so. They're so inextricably bound. And that's why they wanted to separate are two communities because we wouldn't have each other's back. Let's see I believe that. I really do believe that that that is that is the goal, but they found that could Joel, but Jeremy corporate is leading the labor party. Okay. So to me the idea that he's leading the entire party, and he's openly hostile towards Israel. Nobody's talking about it. And we have now we're seeing traces of that or sort of appear on the left ear where do we go? No. It's full blown on the left here. I ran for president as a social soon tourney twelve and I saw how full blown it was at that time, and it was staggering. And I decided then I can't be part of this stuff in any way. And you know, full socialist, my whole life, my father, my grandfather, socialists and never picked up a math book. Not once. My parents know, then a main this is not your father socialism. I always say because back then when I was a kid, and it was about socialism, it was about the safety net. And it wasn't about hating Jews. And it wasn't about hating Israel wasn't about imperialism. It was about. Hey, we we need to be paid fairly for our work and have union protection. And I still don't see anything wrong with I still like that. But it went way too far, and it went straight into communists, a marriage c-h-a-d always does. But I still at that point. I had the idea that there could be, you know, an American a social safety net for American work, if working Americans working class people, and now like, no, we gotta get rid of the whole damn money system. Start over throw it out and start completely. What do you mean? I just I think I'm gonna make a video about how I see a new system that works for people. And you don't think capitalism works for people? I do but I don't like how capitalism doesn't actually figure in the true cost of things. Okay. Okay. By that. Well, I mean, I don't think that there should be a money system based on slavery. I think slavers should be illegal in all its forms. It shouldn't exist. This time on the earth. So give me an example, like you're saying in the United States are you in the world. Okay. And it shouldn't be Kepler's should not be a race to the bottom, which they always call free markets. But I think it needs to be regulated. So they can't have anything to do with slave markets that can't be part of free markets. What's that book? The the book about the honest dot that, you know, that says it right there. We can't use the high seas to move human cargo just put some loss like that in right? Make warrior legal too while you're at it. Right. And let's like let's change capitalism. So that you're actually investing in good things and people's lives and their health because they do just the opposite. But they never figure in the cost. They never figure in the cost of communities are humanity. And that needs to be figured in to the whole free markets. Whatever you're going to lose like are you talking about on a global scale like if America just giving an example here, America's buying sneakers from China and their their kids in factories getting paid three cents an hour. And they're jumped out the window to kill theirself to make apple iphones. No, no, not one other people have four hundred billion dollars mean. It's just commonsense. I would not, you know. I used to say there should be a maximum wage. But and I kinda still think that at a certain point you also something back to humanity. If you're going to get like, you know, what five hundred billion dollars, you sort of something? But I don't I don't think that which attacks anybody. I don't think that socialists way of we must text ninety percent of, you know, no because I'll repair forty six percent of everything I make to taxes, right? And I don't want it to go to Jerry Brown. Right. You don't thinking of moving out of here. Yeah. I mean, I seriously like this. That's what's happening. We're seeing a flight away from California. No, I'm just talking about something really that needs to happen at this in this century when we have this great technology that can actually solve problems. And we need to do that we need to figure out a way to get food to the hungry kids and that should be our priority. And you're saying so do you do you implied like an America first policy me talk about that? Or do you or do you think that we should just be solving all the world problem? No. I'm America first. Okay, right now, I am too because we have to it has to start here or the hope of the world. I think. Oh, absolutely. I mean, I was at a protest yesterday. I like to go to these crazy leftist protest just to see what's going on. Trouble. Yeah. No. I mean, I was wearing my mandate. Are they mean to you? Trouble was wearing my maga- hat and the pussy hats, what could possibly go wrong. But I just I like to see what's going on. And just watch them be hypocritical, tending to champion minority rights. Obviously, there's something striking about these protests. They're always all middle aged white people, and they're talking about issues for minorities will where the hell are the minority talk about issues. They're nowhere near because it was a Monday morning, and it was eight AM, and you this is white privilege right here here in the morning on a Monday yelling in a pussy hat. You might be embodying that mythical white privilege. I always say, well, I shouldn't say, but he should say, well, they're always like really obese people from the mid west that are telling about how Israel should be. It's like. It's like they're going to die striking diet, right? They strove your food and Simet somewhere. I'm you're an obese bitter woman. And you're y and you're from Nebraska, and you don't know crap about people in Israel's to zip it. Right. The democrat demographics of these movements. Always unbelievably interestingly fem, the radical feminist movement. I mean, the women's March it's the same. It's like miserable overweight middle aged women who are just not happy with their lives, and they're making it about men and they're making it like somehow production. That's all Trump's fault because he embodies an alpha male, and maybe the guy that turned them down. And I'm just striking to. I just said that yesterday was because I get in. I can't get into much trouble already gotten over. I know it's fun. You're going to do. Yeah. The hell it's fun. I might as well somebody needs to saying about the metoo movement. They were talking about that. And I shouldn't go there. Oh, you should go. Do you do you know how Michelle I got in for it? You can't be in worse than me for talking about me too. Don't worry. First of all, let me tell you Mike Tyson whose hilarious for in for a longtime. He calls it the YouTube movement the U2. movement, meaning U2. like they're gonna get you ten. It's true. It's true. When I noticed I was the one who said at first I want against them each movement early. Like, right. When it came out of the gates. So I got roundly condemned by both sides, and I was like is if you don't the writing on the wall with this a mechanism for which is gonna mechanism for the Christine blazey four type of ascertain power. And then obviously came a longer easy before. And everyone was like can just was right. Not in having to hurry there. She should be in prison should be improved. How she is. She's not required to file a police report. Right. Anything she collected millions of dollars one privilege that is that really isn't. And I know it reminded me, I'm like if you just want to give women the right to say something happened, and you have to believe them with no evidence, no proof, and they get a million dollars. When let's talk about the civil rights era because that's blocking were hung for hung from trees because. Right, right. That's when Carolyn Bryant's that about Emmett till he sets up to me in a grocery no evidence. No proof. You know, what happened Mattel? It's jarring. I was I was one of the first base persons on Twitter to make that assessment. Really? Yeah. I was ready to go back in our tweet. I want I want ST QUARTER contest. But that was the first thing that one in my head. I'm like Hello. Do you know your own history in young you really want to just give them like unfettered permission to say. Something happened. You're going to believe them. And the somebody asked me it was Washington Post. They're working on a really big piece on me at the moment. The Washington Post. Yeah. There were they do these purposes on me, and I give interviews now. Because I don't care I'm kind of in like post journalists world, no matter what you say people know that you lie and maybe comes out good. Who knows? But she asked me at one point. Do you think that white supremacy exists, and I said the closest thing I've ever seen to it in my life is the fem radicalized feminist movement. I can agree the radical the closest thing to that. I've seen in my lifetime has been this radicalized, Lena Dunham types, going around saying we want this now now now, whatever we say happens, do you remember this scandal with Lena Dunham like saying that some black guy didn't say hi to the met gala, and she was victimized. I mean, I I've been paying attention to the growth Kesse in the back of a courtroom crying. Just believe are the believe women thing has been building up. And I've been like this is getting crazy. It is crazy and women have to be the wanna take down. It's up to us to say something about well. I said it yesterday. I'll tell you what I said, she says something to me about wall. They were there in the room because they thought they were going to get a job fifteen years ago. Yeah. I know it's like his more 'cause they're halls. Have you have you lived have you seen the way that women out the room and go excuse me? You don't talk to me that you don't do that to me excuse me and leave but you stayed around. 'cause you're like while I fill up, maybe he was gonna give me a writing job you Mahal. That's I saw that. When like the Louis C K might have been Louis CK. That happened and I was reading article and we were in his hotel room at three in the morning. My first question what the hell were you doing in his hotel? What what happens as AM in the morning in a man's hotel room business meetings? You he was just going to give me career advice. You know? And I think it's crappy that women are pretending that that some of these people are tending that they didn't go to trade sexual favors for money. And by the way, just happened Hollywood. This happens in life, again say I tried to turn sexual favors. Career, but nobody was buying it. And I'm like, you know, come on there. So you had to work I had to hit on talent and good looks along. It's completely unfair. It is. Yeah. But it's true. And nobody wants to about Harris who I call Kama Sutra. She excuse me, you're your she even what she we all know what she did a pair of scope this morning is like she slept your way to the top. And if we're all attention to her way to the bottom. We're all gonna pretend you didn't do it. Okay. Happy twenty twenty election cycle. There was a time as a feminist when I was you know, way back in that bookstore. Like, no, we don't do that. We have respect for ourselves. We stick together. But that all went to hell to feminism ultimately needs to be about truth telling I'm not into I'm not sure garnering power against men. That's not hauling is. And that some radicalized women's white women as I say, call your the white women's March. That's what I say to now, I have two sons. So this is my of. Wants Twenty-three once forty and I got. Five grand sons. So I have a different view on how women are then a lot of these other touch and right 'cause I know a hall when I see one. They come for my boys. 'cause my voice, you know. I'm their mom in there. We have a little bit money. So I got eagle eye for this thing on I know 'cause like. And they need to be called out. Right. They really really do and that's privileged to hope privilege. And that's what is when when they come out fifty years later, and they were in some mantle Tom three AM, and he made a sexual advance. And nobody asked the question. Hey, what were you doing at three? I've never had a boss eighty me. Hey, Candace because you stop by three m in the morning. My hotel would not send off every red flag in my. Yeah. You go like this. No, right. I'm shocked to find out that men are attracted to women then they made a pass at me in their hotel room at three. That women are pissed because they weren't attracted to the guy that they didn't get the career. So then they thirty years later, they go, you know, what might career actually never did take off? So I'm going to hop on this bandwagon and say that, you know, something horrible happen to me. And it actually the reason why I think that this is what we're talking about. Here is actually real feminism is because what we're protecting our real victims the wheels notes because there are women who actually get raped. There are men that are actually predators, and they are no longer there. There are men who get raped and there are men who get winning. That's that's what broke me off from feminists million years ago when I had my first show was ninety six and I've always been. Pro child victims, you know, sexual abuse victims, and I've done so much south of the years for that in every way possible that I could and they were telling me like, oh, no, we're not going to say two things you can't say Roseanne that they're a boy victims, and that women are predators. That's what they told me. And I'm like, well, then count me out count me out. 'cause it's not true. Hello there. Such a thing called true. And to pretend that women are we're all these victims walking around. We have no idea what we're doing. We just were there at three AM in the hotel room. I can't stand it so dishonest and the it's defined women. And it makes our view of the world. Just like they want us to be though, those veal's want us to be human veal, and they have reduced our view to a tiny microcosm of the world. And. The world is ours. Right. If I could pick every single day, which on the left, you can't you just pick your gender every day. But if I choose every single day to be a woman like I do not want to be a man, the men are out there fighting the wars or the ones falling off groups and dying and nobody let me there's a me on the internet. That says nobody calls a feminist when there's an emergency. And it's true. You know and seeing this. This anti masculinity is bad. No masculinity is great. I love to ensure that just says I love masculinity. I love men. I got a bunch of my family, you know, I gave birth to top of being with. But no, I love men who love women, right? A lot of men. Don't wanna women don't like women either. There's some truth right in there is some truth. But unfortunately, when you when you are starting to complete masculinity with rate, which what's happening. Yeah. Like if you're masculine than you're a predator. No masculinity is is the opposite of feminity, and I like being feminine and mentioned like being masculine masculine and their symbiotic, and it's beautiful, and it's now being corrupted by this whole myth of like the white privilege male predator who's masculine to horrible time to be a white male right now, by the way, bub monitor sitting. Being a white male. Why again is own show. It's about time in one of the first articles. It's time for the truth. You're telling why think I think one of the first competitions that I opened up about this. When I saw this happening is that I actually also feel bad for women that are misreporting there rapes because they don't when I was in school. I learned what rape actually was like this is before the tide of radical feminism. And it was like here's you can date raped. And then you don't remember things in your dried urine alley and rate was a very serious word. Now, it's like I got drunk last night. I slept with someone and I kind of regret it. So I'm going to go to the police, and they're being taught that that's rape. And no, no that's regret sweetheart like somebody that is there's a difference between rape and regret at the. They do this show thing they gotta show going on. But what's behind it is the real story? So while they're doing that show. Here's the fact that real rape victims. They're not even processing the rape kits. Like, I know where I live in Hawaii. They had the backlog of rape kits on our whole island and people who who are really raped and go to the police, they don't even do anything about it any more interested. There's a backlog of like two years worth of rape kits at haven't even been I believe it because it's not that real rape isn't trendy right now is not trying to like, I it's it's social media rape. Like, oh, I remember this guy like a guy touched my middle school, and I didn't give him consent. Like, did you swing around town not touch your because that's what I did middle school. My first time I got slapped. I was in seventh grade in the guy's name is Devon, and I turned around, and I said don't smack my ass. And I think he went on to become a great father. And if we didn't need to ruin his life. I did not scarred me for the rest of mine. And that was what really true is that women are like. Being encouraged to be conniving conniving little wimp. Yeah. And serve going. I told you know, right now, do you want me to bring my brother over here tomorrow? Right. 'cause he's big right? Like do it again. And that was okay. And it was fine. And you and kids are funny. They they go hormone phases and everyone talks getting interesting we're getting their bodies. Everybody lived and survived middle school early high school and everything was fine. And now they're making even that if a man is attracted to a woman, it somehow becoming something that is is dirty and disgusting, my son, just graduated from college, and he called me from there. And he's like man he went to liberal collagen. He couldn't take it. He'd draw these cartoons set of home to me all the time about the people around. They're buddies like, okay. I got it. They've they've educated me everything is right and less she unless she demands that I have sex with her. But even if she demands it that can still be rate because now there's a thing on college campuses about you can revoke consent after you've had sex. Oh my God. I read an article on this. And it was in a stunning now. I just not going to send my kids to to the university. Because I I'm probably going to have a little boy. And I'm just gonna be like, I'm sorry. Like, it just there's just no point sending onto the world. But you do have to feel bad for the women too. Because they're learning. They're learning there. It is it's Raith. So they're not doing it to be conniving. They're being taught that that's not gonna conniving that's normal. It's like they want us back in our pens. And we got out a little bit in the sixty seventies and eighties. Right. And they had to smackdown. Right. Because it wasn't good. And they didn't like it. Yeah. And a little bit of shame is good. So you amend your behavior? So if you wake up, and you regret doing something, and you feel shameful because you drank too much, and you went home it's on that you otherwise wouldn't have gone home with. That's a good remedy for you not doing if the next night, right? And yet now we're handing everybody excuses wasn't your fault. It was this and go out and you drink the same way because what men do should men carry breathalyzers. Like are they not drunk is that not work both ways? Like, and I just don't understand the world that women are comfortable with cr-. Creating for men like they are not dropped off from the store. I'm assuming you had your child men come from women. These this is a society that we have to raise little boys in and it's tough the little boys. It's tough to raise a little Morris too. Because they got it in for them. Right. And you're some schools in my grandsons, they go to school where they have to live with all that whatever we're going to call it left us be dogma. Yeah. About the same stuff. Like, you know, my one grandson was getting bullied and. And so they go they let the bully off the hook nine thousand times due to all the boys, you know, surprised at school. But they just keep letting the boys off the hook. And it makes me really mad. I'm like, do you do I have to go over that school and set the teacher strikes? I'm ready to how old, but instead they were just little like seven eight nine, you know. And it's like well that boy here's what they said. Well, that boy has a lot of problems. Happy home life is. I don't care. He's Mark to touch my grandsons or I'm gonna you know. I mean, I did do some threatening. Then people don't like me. I know that. But I'm like do I have to come over there. I'm not happy. I'd love to slap. Somebody all come. See you. Right. I'm not happy right now either. Yeah. The education system is just it's alarming to me like teaching children that they can pick their genders and. I just don't think my kids go to got to be home school. You do have to home school. I home schooled my son for a couple of years. It was the best thing. And I tell my daughters. You got home school the boys? You don't want him around these girls, the girls are like, I don't know what they've done to the girls. But it's not good. And you can't tell them anything either math three daughters. So I know right. So you guys are backward. I'm sorry. But everything you do is backward. As it is backward. But they're being taught to do it backward. So do you do they are being taught that do you have any liberal fronts? Oh, yeah. Everybody in my family's liberal. You kidding drive? But I just I just I accept what they are. You know, it's like they didn't have an arm or something like this. I just accept them pro forum, and you know, I I listen to their you know, like one Trump won it. I had broke my leg. And I was in this. Oh, tell San Francisco, and it was my birthday on November third. So all my family came. And they were with me when we have the election, you know, sixteen and I tell everybody all he's Trump's gonna win by eighty percent while 'cause I had been all of a country, and I knew and I had been reading. Hello. I didn't watch TV news I read. And so, you know, I told him all you know, he's gonna win. And then came that night, you know, where he won. You know, they're telling me the whole time. There's no way, you know, the whole thing and my one daughter she'll be very angry at me. But she's really liberal. And when Trump once she started crying, I'm not kidding tears. Running down her tears running down her cheeks, and this is what she said. He's getting all the game. That's what she said. I swear to God. So your show actually was was. Yeah, it's my family. Oh, she's like mother of Kirsch conspiracy fairies and all that. It's always like that. Right. But I've just go you guys don't know. Just wait another year every year that passes they have to come to me. And I get a big. But gigabit pleasure. Oh, you're right. All but the best is my grandsons. I took them out, you know, and my grandson, that's thirteen. Now, he says to me granny now, but my parents aren't here. I just wanna say Trump was the better candidate. I agree held it. He's thirteen generation Z. I keep today are so conservative. Yeah. They are. They're the last hope they there might be more ultra because they're not I don't watch the news who people that watch Fox News and CNN are like sixty five plus, you know, so they're all on the internet. So they're paying attention to the mean culture Trump's giving them the one liners, and they say about my son. Let me say my said mom, take heart because the one thing about the right where killer on me. Yeah. We're we're we're winning the internet because we have humor. We're funnier. We're just funny are able to able to take the piss out of ourselves out of other people. And we're just funnier. That really is what it's about it is. And I talk about that why why the world desperately needs comedy without restrictions because it makes people feel. Better. And it makes people come together. And the I two here like you say about, you know, you need to tell them they need to be corrected. And so now I'm very excited because I'm gonna go do stand up comedy. Again. I tell people what in the hell I think of a member till women but hose. I'm gonna tell man why do I know a whole when I see what I do and telling the man, why are you letting women do this to you? You know, everything is so unattractive, by the way, the men with the tail between their legs like a guy wearing shirt, I'm a feminist. It will. No, thank you. Yeah. You know, what that means guide this famine est? I don't know what it means. I do what does it mean? It means. He winds all the damn time. Are you to bring him some? I know I know how they things feminists don't even want they want. They don't even want. That's the whole thing is it's like it's so crazy because they're fighting something that they ultimately don't want. I think Chelsea handler wants the date Trump, actually, I do too. It's it's there's nobody she wouldn't date. Let's be real. I mean, I know another person talk about how she got her show. She was dating. I mean, come on doesn't happen to go after Ted too. But you know, like, I say. You tried it and fail. I had to just go by talent. Yeah. You were bad at being a ho. Yeah. While I was good at being a whole it sometimes of my life. Yeah. You know, you gotta do what you gotta do. But I'm talking about now. I'm telling you, you could've saved your show. You know, sometimes things are just too damn funny for people, right? And I can't take it. If it's got some truth in it. All this hated that. I was for Trump. Right. That was it right away. I was gonna tell you this are we out of time. Right from the jump street. Like when I mean, first of all never how long you work, but Hollywood haired is as soon as somebody I've always known this much as soon as they tell mama genius. That means I'm going to get it. No, greece. And if you know what I mean. Up the shoot with no Greece. The sooner they call me. Right. I've known that for a long time. But the other one now is we got your back. How that unit means the same thing. Really? And that's what they told me. Oh, we got your back this time. We're so there we were gonna protect you go. Let them throw you in the threw me. You know, actually went ask you how to feel when your cast mates. Didn't have your back. If I was if I was like a cast mate for you. I would like this is ridiculous. Everybody knows she's not racist. Let me like come on. They all had issued these statements that were like represent the values of the I remember reading this and being like what coward? You are. You've known this woman. This woman for how long and you're really going to allow this happened her like you guys are basically all eating off of her. Let's Yang if you were the show, and they just they had just no goal. They had no backbone. I think it was all planned, and they I don't even know why they wanted me to come back. I mean, I don't even know why. But they don't want the money. No, no. It doesn't make any sense. They killed a number one show before one sponsor out. Well, you know there. Pulled out before once they killed it in forty minutes. And you know, you know, who their first phone call was to who brace yourself miss Jarrett. No, the president of ABC said he his first call was to miss Jarrett to apologize to her. And then I was gone. Forty minutes. I was gone. But that was just an I think they have the right to fire people who you know, they can far over they want. But it wasn't just about firing. It was about smearing needlessly preventing me from explaining my tweet. They could put me on the byu the next day. I mean, Disney the. You know, people who are all about imagination, but they come up with one way to allow me to speak. You know, they can't imagine any of that crap. But you know, so they went and put me on the job. You know, what they said you sign away all your rights, and then will defend you. And I said all I want is for you to say, I'm not racist. I I asked all the cast members. I asked all the producers of my I go, you know, who I am. And what I've done my life. You know, my family, my family looks like it is the worst thing. Like when you know calling you a Nazi? Oh, man. Not that they've called me that too. They call me anti-blocking Sam races rules anymore. Yeah. But that one really got me because my whole life what I've done in what have cared about and fought for and I just wanted them to stop that. Right. So they said, well, we won't allow you. You can't speak for yourself until you sign away all the rights. To this show. So I said, okay, I'm gonna do. I prayed unlike it's more important to me for my good name, and what I fought for my whole life than even the show. So I signed it, and they go everybody's gonna love you because you gave up the money, you know, so everybody can keep their job. We're going to. Thank you blab LA next day Rosanna racist from ABC answer. Gilbert, an Michael Fishman and answer San burn art and Kathy Griffin and all of them. She's a clown show. Listen, I'm gonna say one thing when I went to bat for Sandra, Kathy and Sarah to get him on TV because I gave them all their TB jobs every network that I had a Cathy was on FOX. I had Sarah on ABC and Sandra ABC, you know, what the people the network's told me those girls are too ugly to go on TV and. I said this is so incredibly sexist look at me. I'm no beauty. You can't take talent. And for a woman, reduce it to her facial flaws me and nowadays. I'm like God. They were right. Yeah. They are to gli right to be on its ugliest. It's in their heart. Honestly. Yeah. That's what I mean. The ugliness inside like Sandra Bernhardt sent my mother's house for sure bought and then made fun of me for being in an abuse having having lived through child abuse. I mean, they just have no decency soul. I think Hollywood is sold us. I really I know what they really are about. And you know, one of these days, I'm gonna tell on right? And I think that it's disgusting. And can I say that the time that I was fired at Disney. And a lot of people. They were they had hired. I I'm going to send you so you can read because I wanna get you in trouble. I would love to see the. Yeah. The hypocrisy of left never astounds me. So nothing seems I have quite imagination when it comes to how critical left can get. And I think Hollywood is just one of these towns where every single person is just up to their neck full of absolutely full of crap. And they also are complicit in the worst crap you've ever heard of near life. Right. They are. Yeah. Yet. They wear blackout and say time's up in need to their their twenty thousand dollar gowns and time's up in me me too. When the whole town and not one of them ended may none of those women. Don't have them won't even have a job. If it wasn't making that door down for them. So they can kiss my good. I'm glad you're saying that because t I. Irc with with people that are loyal now. I mean, that's just my thing going forward and getting trying to smear me as somebody that would be to Hitler Prager. You had my back instantly was like, this is the most ridiculous thing. We've ever I work with prayer. You Dennis Prager is Jewish even though he's been called indecent medicals. Well, so like I said there's no rules. Well, we're all divided against each other. Because that's how they keep sin are low pants, right? The more. We can love include each other the more powerful we're gonna get. And that's what I want. Everybody to know if somebody doesn't think exactly like you love him. Anyway, I love the liberals in my family, even though like I say, they're handicapped. We'd have to do that we have to and seek solutions to actual problems. Not just not just empty rhetoric narrative, but real solutions to actual problems were people that are suffering in our country like the veterans that are living under bridges. Hello, america. First America first. Absolutely it kick ass America first. So here's the thing that we do at the end of every episode, which is really exciting. And you're just going to be a good one. So we allow you to launch two minutes, but puts two minutes on the timer. You look into that camera. And you got to leave one imprint on the world one message that you say to the world cannot go over two minutes. If that you if you wish it could come from your mouth in every single person in the world would hear it. My doing it. Now, you're going to do it in five four three two one. I love you all so much. I love you love you love you. I wish you would love each other more. I wish you would laugh more. And most of all I wish you would listen to the things I say because I'm sixty six years old, and I have lived through more than most be will ever live through. And I know what needs to happen. So I want you to listen to me. I give good advice. And I'm always, right? That's what I want to say. I said that to my kids. I love that. I love that. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you guys are watching the latest episode of the Candice Owen show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did as many of you guys already know preview is a five and one c three nonprofit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.

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