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Young charlie by hollywood and crime contains depictions of violence and is not suitable for everyone. Please be advised on november seventeenth nineteen sixty nine. Ronnie howard was waiting for a bus outside sybil brand detention center in downtown l._a. She was due to to appear in a santa monica court on a forgery charge deciding. She couldn't live with herself. If more people were killed by susan atkins or her friends ronnie they had confided to a deputy that her cellmate was responsible for the tate and law bianca murderers. The deputy passed the information onto her superior who didn't and seem interested when ronnie asked again. The deputy told her to just forget about it. Ronnie pleaded with the woman to call the l. a. p. d. herself or more people would die. The deputy had informed her that making a call on behalf of an inmate was against the rules now as she waited for the bus that would take her to santa monica. Ronnie howard got in line with the other women inmates hoping to use the payphone afraid she wouldn't get to the head of the line before the bus arrive. She paid the two girls in front of her fifty cents to cut ahead when she got the l. a. p. d. on the line a homicide officer said he sent a car over to pick her up immediately. Just then the transport bus arrived ronnie told the officer she'd be in court all day and he should send someone on there. Then she hung up the phone she had forgotten to tell the officer which court getting in shape isn't just about losing weight. It's about learning healthier habits and feeling better. We're about yourself whether that's more stamina to keep up with your busy life or being more in tune with your body's needs. 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M. dot com slash l. a. crime one more time noon dot com slash l. a. crime to start your trial today from from wandering. I'm tracy patent with stephen lang today. Hollywood crime presents young charlie. If you're joining us for the first time we recommend you go back and listen to the previous. Episodes will be waiting for you. Today's episode slip. Here's my co host stephen lang. Everything is contained within charlie's philosophy. It's a circle that completes completes itself because he is. It's beginning and its end when he is gentle. The lesson is love and when he yanks on pats hair or gives mary a smack smack. It's obedience. They are lucky to have found him. Amid there aimless wanderings because above all charlie provides them with direction when when mary quits her job they survive the scrounging techniques they learn from the diggers in haight ashbury or they find wayward hippies willing to share their parents credit cards but san francisco summer of love is quickly descending into chaos with the influx of young people needing to be housed and fed by late nineteen sixty seven seven drug overdoses are increasingly common and clinics fight to contain outbreaks of infectious disease peace and love have devolved into drug wars wars and competing glue rooms charlie decides. It's time to start planning for his triumphal return to l._a. And the launch of his musical career in order to make the proper impression he needs an entourage worthy of his talents he has had no luck bringing men into the fold and they would be needed for muscle and technical no no how his plan to use his women as bait as not panned out to plane girls and a skinny redhead our little enticement in a world where sex he's had with a nod and smile all that changes when he meets a former topless dancer named susan atkins. It's at a small party in the hate and charlie is the center of attention strumming his guitar crooning improvised tunes in his quavering voice she locks onto him with laser focus radiating raw sexuality and a willingness to do anything they have sex that night and he whispers in her ear to think of him as her father author she is amazed at how he can spot the broken parts of her and repair them with a word or touch before the night is over. She knows she she will follow him into hell. If he asks her think of me as your father your lover the alpha and omega of all that is an all that will will be on the same day that ronnie howard made her call to the l._a._p._d. Detectives working the law bianca case were interviewing straight satan biker danny decarlo in addition to identifying a photo of the likely murder weapon. Danny recalled a night light in august. When several family members had bragged about killing five piggies the biker provided another helpful detail he had scene three strand nylon cord at the ranch the same kind that had been hide around the necks of sharon tate and j. c. bring while danny was being question question. Another team had tracked down ronnie howard at sybil brand. They were impressed enough by her testimony to have her immediately removed from the cell. She shared with susan. Susan atkins crazy sadie had provided her cellmate with the detail. Only the killer would know the bloody words scribbled at the law bianca bianca home. When the different teams compared notes there were several discrepancies danny decarlo had maintained that no women had gone along on the murder murder spree while susan had claimed that she and two other girls a katie and linda were at yellow dr atkins had also talked about outstanding gary hinman though bobby beausoleil had boasted to decarlo that he had killed the music teacher the details of who had been at which murder seeing we're still fuzzy but detectives now felt confident. They knew the identity of the killers and at least one other matter was cleared up decarlo told investigators. There was another charles in the family. The detectives had heard of a charles montgomery from kitty loot singer and asked if that might that'd be his last name. Danny said it didn't sound familiar but everyone knew the guy s tax by late nineteen sixty seven mary's overjoyed learn she's pregnant. She may never be able to contain charlie spirit that you will always have this part of him. Charlie tells that babies are the only creatures that pure and and in the new world he has said about creating children will be raised to be the free beings are meant to be with their growing family. They trade the v._w. In for an old school who'll bus and paint hollywood production on the side the street corners and dive clubs of behavior might be a place to hone your craft but if you're we're going to be bigger than the beatles san francisco doesn't cut it band after band is realized this big brother and the holding company the jefferson jefferson airplane even the grateful dead charlie knows his destiny lies four hundred miles to the south and that beckoning oasis between desert and and see armed with the name of a producer universal given to him by a fellow inmate charlie piles his expanding family into the school bus <hes> and departs for l._a. Within days they find lodging at the spiral staircase a sprawling house into panga canyon zone makes it available volta l._a. Hippies and hopeful musicians charlie spends his days playing guitar and spouting philosophy with constantly shifting population of houseguests before meeting one with whom he feels an instant kinship bobby bozo land is everything charlie is not young handsome able to attract attract women with barely a word and he's an excellent musician having taught himself guitar as a boy even singing backup for french apple. Charlie immediately only sees him as an asset perhaps even a musical collaborator and with his looks good beaujolais might be able to lure more women into the group. Bobby makes makes it clear. He's not a joiner but the two agreed to stay in touch before taking off with his latest fling bobby introduces charlie to a friend who lives nearby you buy into panga gary. Hinman is a music teacher who deals drugs on the side and is always generous letting people crash at his place <music> vincent bouillaud see was unimpressed the first time i'm he laid eyes on charles manson the leader of the cult known as the family and purported second coming of christ was just over five feet tall slender and slightly stooped he was barely visible past the bodies of the five detectives escorting him from the inyo county jail to court for his arraignment on the arson. Jason charge bearded long-haired dressed head to toe and buckskins. He seemed little discomfited by the handcuffs. When the young deputy wtma district attorney had been assigned prosecution of the tate homicides on november eighteen the police were confident. They knew who the killers were. Susan in atkins had confessed to ronnie howard in virginia graham her cellmates at civil brand she had implicated herself in the murders of sharon tate and her friends as well as the law bianca's and musician gary hinman. They knew that charles was involved almost certainly cult leader manson still in residence at the inyo county jail on the arson theft charges so bully o._c. Had driven out to independence to interview family members lynette squeaky frahm and and sandra good neither admitted any knowledge of the tate labianca or hinman murders spouting little beyond platitudes about love and karma and the incomprehensibility of time bul. Yosi came away with the disturbing impression that he was getting robotic responses. There was a vacancy behind there is they appeared programmed down to their beatific smiles whenever they referred to charlie but bouillaud see also suspected that fear might be a component of their performance confined in the small jail at independence anything they said would likely be passed passed onto other family members the decision was made to transfer five of the girl civil brand and isolate them from each other and from susan atkins in one of the transferees was a slender attractive young woman who had been booked under the name leslie sangsthan so nothing in charlie's first audition indicates his musical gifts will propel him. I'm to superstar status beyond that of the beatles he shows up at universal and proudly escorts producer gary stromberg around his school bus. We fitted it into a living quarters of sorts. The four girls mary lynette pat and susan are there to ply the executive with donuts and hints of sexual availability. Ability stromberg is intrigued by the diminutive musician sway over his little entourage and the women hang on his every syllable eagerly awaiting his next command but when they get into the recording studio. It's clear charlie's out of his element. He seems put off by the technology. Unable to communicate katie's needs to the engineers or respond to their directives and yet stromberg thinks there might be something in charlie's choose he's raw and far from producible lucido album but the world of music is in flux and you never know who might turn out to be the next female. He recommends that charlie keep working on his material curiel and maybe return at later dates. Charlie is not disheartened by the experience but more convinced than ever he needs to follow his own the path they will be someone out there who will understand what he's trying to do and allow him the freedom to do what charlie needs is a benefactor <music> trying to drink more water liquid. 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There were pointers tacit admission in what she had to say when asked if she'd heard anything about the tate eight murders she joked that she was deaf and couldn't hear anything but at a later point she would say she had a pretty good idea what had gone on cielo drive when sergeant mcgann suggested charlie was one of five killers at the tate residence leslie corrected him claiming she had heard only four people people were there and charlie wasn't one of them. She had also heard that there were probably more girls than men and one of the girls hadn't killed anyone one. When mcgann asked who the girl was lessee set her name was linda though she didn't know the last name this confirmed what detectives had learned from ronnie howard about a linda who had been present at dr but not the law bianca residents mcgann then showed leslie the mugshots taken at the barker ranch raid raid she identified katie who had been booked under the name mardi reefs and released a few days later the same katie had been arrested back in august at the rate on spahn ranch and giving her name as mary sue scott most significantly leslie confirmed that three girls had gone to the tate residence on the night of august ninth sadie katie and linda by the spring of nineteen sixty eight charlie made more headway and building a cult than a music career. We're constantly in flux with new additions or dropouts. His group of followers has grown to around twenty having moved on from the spiral staircase. He crashes in several of the houses that dot the wooded hills of panga canyon making occasional trips into the stark reaches of the mojave desert by now now he has perfected his technique finding potential converts spotting their fragilities an overwhelming them with his vision of a world in which they would emerge whole and fulfilled all they have to do is let go of their egos fourteen year old diane lake already living on wavy gravy hog farm commune joins charlie with her parents blessing ruth ann morehouse rejoins him after a brief marriage to escape or parents control sandy good another a child of a broken home meets charlie on a trip to l. A. and immediately gives herself over to him in hopes of finding true family and paul watkins. It's a good looking and engaging eighteen year old dropout proves himself a valuable asset attracting more young women of great importance in determining suitability ability to join the group is the girls compliance and allowing charlie complete control over their sexual lives those unwilling to submit to any sexual act with anyone anyone at any time charlie commanded are deemed unlikely to let go of the worldly attachments anchoring them to their prior lives. Lose your ego to gain your true identity under give a name is only another attachment to your pass. Charleen struck stem renaming susan atkins sadie mae glutz the others quickly followed suit as mary brunner becomes mother mary diane lake become snake and ruth and more houses renamed wish pat krenwinkel likes kate. She sometimes uses marnie reams for food. The group goes on scavenging expeditions to local supermarkets searching in dumpsters for still edible produce meat. Sometimes the girls panhandle or ask for donations for made up causes one afternoon in late may pat and one of the newest girls nicknamed yeller are hitchhiking on sunset boulevard car pulls over to pick them up. The driver invites him to his house for cookies season milk before driving them home. The girls are impressed with the guys place a mansion built to resemble a log cabin and when they tell charlie surprised by the strength of his reaction but for charlie this is exactly the turning point. He's been waiting for if ever there is a moment moment. He knows that fate is reaching out to him. This is not the old faith that shunned him at every turn broke his dreams tried to bend him into its will but his reimagined fate the one that bent to his he reveals his moment's hesitation gap like christ ice before him. The flesh is weak. Didn't jesus himself ask that his burden be lifted moments from golgotha but there can be no more doubt no more more hesitation. When you discover that you can will your own fate. The gravest sin is to stray from the path he has come to l._a. In search of a patron trim and his girls have stumbled upon a beach boy greg jacobsen had been impressed by charlie manson though his musical gifts might still have been raw. He was a charismatic figure with his own brand of philosophy. The lyrics to his often spontaneously improvise songs were original even compelling. The police were interested in talking to the talent scout because he had been the one to introduce manson to record producer terry melcher who owned the cielo drive property when l._a._p._d. Sergeant didn't frank patchett asked jacobsen if he knew a family member named charles tex montgomery jacobson nodded but texas last name wasn't montgomery gumri. It was watson on november thirtieth deputy d._a. Julio c ran a check and discovered that charles denton watson had been arrested in van is on a drug charge on april twenty third when watson's fingerprints taken at the time of booking matched one of the layton's found at the tate residents. It was the first piece of physical evidence tying a manson family member to the murders. Teams of detectives were sent out to watsons former addresses addresses with no luck but when they checked his hometown of mckinney texas sheriff. Tom montgomery told them watson was living in a small apartment downtown. In fact the sheriff was well acquainted with charles watson. They were second cousins montgomery. Being a family named tex sometimes used rather than sending officers to pick up the murder suspect sheriff montgomery called texas uncle maurice who picked up his nephew and delivered him to the local jail loser that same sunday sergeant patchett interview terry melcher who confirmed greg jacobsen's account both men had met charlie manson the previous summer at the home of beach boys drummer dennis wilson one night charlie had come along for the ride when wilson drove melcher back to his house though he hadn't gotten martin out of the car manson had at least on one occasion ben to ten thousand fifty cielo drive dennis wilson notices the lights on on in his sunset boulevard home he pulls into the driveway after a long night session at the recording studio considering the constant flow of houseguests at the log cabin mansions mansions renting. There's nothing alarming. This is far more disconcerted however when the back door swings open and small scrappy figure emerges gesticulating being flamboyantly as if welcoming long-awaited visitor concern yields confusion as the man suddenly falls to his knees and starts kissing denison speak then charlie rises with a grin ushering dennis into his own home as if it seems the guest and charlie the host loud music zik in the wafting smell of smoke greek the beach boys drummer as he walked into a party in full blossom pat yeller come over to formally introduce charlie to their unwitting benefactor who relaxes into the flow of the evening never one to turn down sex or drugs dennis grabs a joint watches the topless girls gyrate to the teens blaring from hysteria pretty soon. He's romping in bed with one or two of the girls. Pennock turns into a fine right indeed and in the morning dennis fines half dressed young people wandering his halls and rooms uh-huh helping themselves to breakfast or using his shower. Charlie turns out to be a pretty interesting guy with his philosophy of freedom from earthly attachments us especially family considering dennis's frequent rows with brother brian and other bandmates. It's a welcome message. Charlie isn't shy i about describing himself as a singer songwriter in search of a recording contract well if his music is anywhere near as good as as wrap this just might be denis's mrs chance at a creative reverse ever since the beatles toppled the beach boys on the record charts. The brothers have been feuding. Could charlie provide a way out of of dennis's musical doldrums by the end of the morning. Dennis begins to consider the possibility that picking up those two hitchhikers might just be the best thing what's happened to him in a long time. Yes he will try to help. Charlie and maybe charley can help him. Dennis decides to make a call greg. Jacobsen is exactly the guy who could get charlie on track. Uh deputy district attorney bouillaud see felt confident that three of the tate labianca killer's were behind bars though none had as yet been formally charged charged in those crimes to other female suspects were still at large linda whose name detectives had learned was kosabe. Ian was rumored to be living in a commune in new mexico and marnie reeves aka. Mary sue scott aka katie was believed to be on a farm outside mobile alabama on sunday november thirtieth attorney richard cobb. A euro who was representing susan atkins in the gary. Hinman murder trial paid eight the prosecutor of visit. He wanted to know what kind of deal might be in the offing for his client. In the tate and law bianca cases julio c told him that if susan susan agreed to be a witness for the prosecution they would let her plead guilty to second degree murder she would receive a life sentence but avoid the death penalty cub. A euro eero took that offer to his client but susan wavered he presented her with the evidence the state had turned over and discovery advise that she would likely be convicted and sentenced. It's to death. Susan said she might be willing to testify before a grand jury but not at trial against manson and other family members it appeared appeared. She had not lost faith in the man claiming to be the second coming of christ at first talent scout greg jacobsen seems more taken with charlie's female adherents than with his music charlie picks up on and make sure ruth and more houses available anytime greg comes around dennis wilson has lost none of us enthusiasm for his defacto facto house guest and potential musical collaborator. He brings charlie into audition for brother records. The companies formed with the beach boys to discover new talent <music>. Charlie's is not the kind of talent that might impress the team who are as irritated by his attitude odor as they are by his lack of discipline and professionalism. Nobody other than dennis sees anything commercially viable in this unkempt minstrel or his rather primitive tunes dennis. Mike continued to tout his new proteges gifts. As poet philosopher the wizard who is both god and the devil the other beach boys hope dennis will soon lose interest greg jacobsen also see something and charlie though it isn't exactly what charlie has hoped yes there might be some musical ability there to be cultivated by the ripe looser but what impresses greg most about charlie is the new societies constructing in the desert outside l._a. When new recruits sandy good discovered discover the spahn ranch it seems an ideal location for charlie's growing congregation and they began the process of relocating used as a western set that for t._v. Shows like bonanza. Gunsmoke spun was close enough to civilization to provide supplies but isolated enough to clear voices that might conflict flicked charles jacobson this tiny band of nomads leaving freely and spontaneously in the shadow of mercantil excess seems the fulfillment l. filament of a culture intent on redefining itself he approaches his friend record producer terry melcher with the idea of funding documentary three about charlie and his disciples whom he now refers to as the family the movie never goes beyond a few canisters of film shot at the ranch but the name sticks for jacobson and melcher and dennis wilson charlie's desert tried has become the family on december first sheriff. Tom montgomery of mckinney texas told the los angeles d._a.'s office that unless he received an arrest warrant within two <music> hours he would set his cousin tex watson free vincent bouillaud see hurry down to file official charges against watson in the tate murders before before the deadline expired by now it had been learned that joseph krenwinkel had secured the release of marnie reeves following her arrest at the rate on spahn ranch back in august marnie reeves aka mary sue scott aka katie turned out to be patricia krenwinkel of inglewood california. Yeah joseph cooperated with police telling them. His daughter was staying with her aunt in mobile alabama within hours mobile authorities were at the ants door for but we're told patricia wasn't home as the two officers drove away. They noticed a girl in another car quickly. Pull her hat down to hide her face. The car was stopped and patricia. Krenwinkel was arrested for the california homicides by early afternoon december. I the only suspects suspects still at large was linda sapien the following day qossaibi and turned herself into authorities in concord new hampshire. She admitted she'd been present at the tate eight home and had witnessed the murders but claimed she hadn't participated in them. She waive extradition and was flown back to los angeles by the evening evening of december third. Authorities were confident that the five individuals responsible for the tate and law bianca killings were all behind bars. It all seems to be coming together. Charlie the fadi once cursed for its cruelties not has been as benefactor. He now realizes toughening for the road to jerusalem. It's the fool who count his blessings and gives thanks. The wiseman counts his hardships in the knowledge that it's the wounds and obstacles that four german so without prison would never have encountered the pimps and hustlers who gave him the tools to gather his lost tribe without the pain and isolation of his childhood he would never have gained insight on how to transcend both every fall. All step is a lesson every slight a blessed by late nineteen sixty eight charlie splitting time between dennis wilson's log cabin mansion attention and the spahn ranch. He's got squeaky. Attending to old george spawns needs and he's free together as troop of lost children for l._s._d. Fueled fueled blessings on what life will be like in the coming age of charlie and it isn't only these wayward travelers who sense the greatness in him when neil young comes by the log cabin one afternoon. The two of them have an impromptu jam session in young walks away impressed. Charlie has an amazing amazing ability to generate lyric. Spontaneously young later tells a warner brothers producer. Though nothing comes of it denison greg jacobsen keep working on terry melcher to let charlie audition terry like greg before him seems more interested in ruth and more house than in the performer destined to be a bigger than the beatles but greg has come through for charlie looking him session in a van nuys recording studio charlie walks away with some tapes to to pass around to anyone willing to listen dennis thinks charlie's original tune ceased to exist something he can work with the prospect of being of beach boy collaborator peaks charlie sense of hope and expectation. It's not solo career. He's imagine but it's a step in that direction. Attorney richard kobe era had cut a good deal for his client. If susan atkins pins agree to testify before the grand jury the government would not seek the death penalty nor would her testimony used against her any co defendants at trial kobe euro had recorded. Her confession played it for bouillaud see and several of the detectives on the tape. Susan described the two night murder spree with the same aimed. Casualness asked for ice cream with her dinner for the first time investigators learned that manson had not gone to see yellow drive but had sent susan tex watson patricia krenwinkel and linda casse abyan. Susan admitted to stabbing vojtech for cow sqi but claimed it wasn't wasn't self defense. When it came to sharon tate her story had changed from what she told cellmates howard in virginia graham now it was tex ex- watson who'd stab the pregnant sharon while susan held her the following night manson accompanied them as they drove around looking for a suitable target this this time family members leslie van houten and steve grogan came along with kosabe behind the wheel after looking at several potential murder sites. They found themselves himselves at the law bianca residents. The only connection seemed to be next door neighbor. They had met on one or two occasions drug parties. Charlie gained entry to the house and tied the couple up then he returned to the car and told watson krenwinkel and van houten to go inside and kill them and that was it in a two hour tape sadie mae glutz detailed the murderous events of those two nights in her high pitched little girl's voice giggling as she described sharon tate's last moments sharon went through quite a few changes. She laughed quite a few changes so it isn't a greg jacobsen jacobson fails to see the darker side of charlie beyond the fuzzy talk of spiritual awakening and losing one's ego charlie drops hints of the racial chill and political strife. He believes about to engulf america. There are forces loose in the cities and towns that are alien to the peace and love that so enraptured the post post world war two generation charlie disdains the middle class origins of these kids and recoils at the label allowed to be attached to them through popular culture. His people are not hippie. He says but slippy sub population of young people who've slipped through the cracks on wanted and unwashed unwashed foreigners in their own homes as far removed from their peace nick brethren as dark his from he has no use for generation of slumming posers able to return to their comfortable lives whenever they choose they tacitly accept society's values even as they flout them their indulgence indulgence and free sex and drugs is much shock their parents as out of a real understanding that freedom means to give up everything to die that you may live. Isn't that what the bible teaches. Jacobson isn't put off by. Charlie's rance doesn't take them all that seriously in the next instant charlie will slip back into his crooner crooner masking belt out an impromptu tune. You never knew which charlie you're going to get but he always held your interest around those. He feels the need to impress. Charlie can be anything you want him to be on the witness stand before the grand jury susan atkins described the activity known to the family as creepy crawling members would dress in dark clothes and sneak into random houses in the dead of night taking care not to wake the occupants they would move silently through the house sometimes rearranging changing things so in the morning the people would know they're space had been invaded then deputy district attorney vincent bugliosi asked about the night of august ninth. Susan said that charlie had instructed her and the other women to each bring a knife in a change of clothing and do whatever tex watson told them to once in the car tax said they were going to a house that had once belonged to terry melcher they were to take any money they could find and kill who ever was in the house when they got to ten thousand fifty yellow dr techs shimmied up a coal and cut the phone lines then they parked down the street and walked back up the hill concern the gate might have an alarm. They scurried up an inclined to access the property as they started toward the house. A car came down the driveway toward them. Text ordered the driver to stop susan heard four shots and when they passed the car she could see the thing slumped across the front seat. The grand jury caught their breath is bullying o._c. Asked for clarification. When you say thing you are referring to a human being yes said susan atkins a human being. She went on to tell the jurors that linda kosabe remained outside as tex entered the house through an unlocked mocked window then opened the front door for susan and pat krenwinkel vojtech for kaczynski was sleeping on the couch. He opened his eyes as they approached. It seemed to think they were more of sharon's friends until tex pointed the gun at him. Vojtech asked who he was. I'm the devil said tex watson then and i'm here to do the devil's work next next time on young charlie coming down fast. Charlie is convinced that the beatles are speaking to him directly through their lyrics guiding in his every move following the murder of panga canyon music teacher gary hinman charlie decides to initiate helter skelter on friday night august eighth nineteen sixty-nine he sends tex watson and three of the family women to a house on yellow drive in the hollywood hills he leans into the car window and tells them to do something this is hollywood and crime from wondering subscribe to hollywood and crime on apple podcasts tune in stitcher or your favorite podcast app to find out more information formation read our episode notes and contact us if you have any questions or comments if you like what you've heard we'd love you to give us a five star rating and review us and be sure to tell your friends and fans of her crime. We're counting on you to help us. Spread the word young charlie is written and directed by larry brand hollywood in crime is created and produced by rebecca reynolds john ponder and tracy patent and produced by jim carpenter. Young charlie was recorded at the invisible studios. How's west hollywood california and blue room post in manhattan beach california executive producers bennett dare or non lopez four one three.

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