Episode 38 - Prioritise What Matters


And welcome to the transformational coach. Podcast with me. Ruina barton giving you competence with confidence. Hello and welcome to episode fair to eat of the transformational coach thoughts from my sofa. Podcast how are we all doing this week. Where well into twenty twenty one now and. i hope you're january is going quite well for you. How's everybody keeping his everybody taking time to after themselves. Are you running around after everybody else. Whatever it is. you're doing. Thank you for taking a few minutes to stop and listen to this episode. It's much appreciated. We're on episode thirty. Eat this week and we're starting a new topic. Our topic for the next few weeks is going to revolve around how to succeed. And this week we're looking at prioritizing. What matters we'll also look at determination learning from mistakes successful habits as part of this how to succeed topic so let's just jump straight and it's a new year night. Explain to you in last week's episode. That i'm not one for new year's resolutions. Why i do like to do is think about what i want to be. Achieving my priorities if you like my goals and then as ever because it is me like to list them and within lose priorities make decisions and things like what is urgent waters. A nice to have you know what i absolutely can't do without what about you. How do you prioritize things. One thing i am aware of. Is that if i prioritize everything as a high priority odin priority. Then things begin to lose the art gency or lose that importance. You know if everything is important than nothing is most important if you like so when i look at prioritizing my own tasks i first off determine. Fault is high or gent in my priority list. I'm going to let you in on a secret about how i do this. You know me by. No i am one for lists. It helps. just get everything out of my head onto a piece of paper. And then i can look at that start prioritizing and organizing it so for me when i'm looking at prioritizing is this process of determining what is most important to me and what feels like the most important at that point in time and if i just cast an eye over my list then i could be tempted to see. Everything is urgent for me. But as i've said. I then think if everything is urgent nothing the most important thing for me and i can find myself losing a lot of time and potentially a lot of productive tame by constantly scanning up and down my list to see what i'm going to tackle next. So how'd i stop that. Well one of the ways i do. Things is to go down the list and classify if you like each item so i might call an item e because it's vital that gets completed or done i may legal an item with a b because it important but i do have a few days to action it and then i may prioritize as a letter c. Which would be nice to have or an optional activity. You know something that. I do want to get to but if i don't get to it for a couple of months that's all key. And then within those categories. I then number one two three excetera the importance of each item so anything in the eight or vital category will then also be numbered in its priority order one two three four five to ten for example if have ten items like that likewise for category b these items the atom portent should definitely get done but if they do slip by a or two. There's not necessarily a major consequence to that action. I am able to get my be priorities. Done each day And does leave me feeling in quite productive steet and once those as and be priorities have been dealt with. I can then look at the sees the nice to have these optional activities. You know the could be related to projects that have a deadline way ahead in the future so one of those for me Through all of twenty twenty. And i do realize the sound odd. Given the a lot of people were working from home you knew and we had locked owns and things were shut but one of the priorities in nice to have category for me was a revamp of my website. A revamp of my branding. If you like. And i've only just managed to get into it. No it was a goal for all of twenty twenty anti managed to achieve it and twenty twenty one. It was definitely an a nice to have priority for me. Other things took precedence and that did change throughout the year and lately. You've had similar experiences yourselves. But my website had a refresh. It's been rebranded and lose consequences of that. Rebranding will continue to unfold through the lakes of my social media and mike contact me. Pg's so what are your top five priorities in life. Make a list. What matters more to you than anything else. And what areas of your life do you need a bit of a tune-up to realize with your priorities. I you still working within your values and if not what's been getting in the way of you truly living your priorities once you've got that surtee to think about what you could do differently. What could you see not too so that you can build your life around what matters to you. Most and a new. We've discussed this before when you see no to something you're potentially saying yes to a new opportunity. So how are you going to prioritize what matters most to you. I know some people that like to capture everything onto this master does. And if you like this major list of absolute anything and everything the to achieve and then. They began to break those down into monthly weekly daily or even hourly goals where they can separately. What's our jin thrum important tasks and those nice to have and then on a daily basis the rank their tasks by their their. If you like their true priority for that d- they possibly also separate tasks with similar priorities. And then they cutter if you like good enough goals and the stick with fourteen days in and what works best with their overall eam prioritize. Your most important work juding your most productive hours. Are you a nato. do you work best. When if you like everybody else in your household is gone to sleep or if deputies winding down and that's when you really come to life and can focus on your tasks and really get them done undisturbed and just work through them late. The boss that you are or are your mood of an early bird. Are you one of these people who like to be up for the morning. Run at five. Am and have had their showered and breakfast and ready for their d. by six am in which case prioritize your productive time. Perhaps take some time this month. It's january things are after slew star for twenty twenty one. We run another lock down here in the uk so perhaps take some time this month to really think about what you want to prioritize twenty twenty one as ever if you need time and space to really think through and talk through the things that are important to you reach out speak to a friend. Speak to a neighbor. Speak to your boss for example. Do you have a mentor. That you can talk about these things with if not speak to me. You have my contact details as ever. They'll be in the show notes underneath this episode. I would love to hear from you. We'd love to be able to give you the team and the space that you deserve to talk through your priorities for this year. And how you're going to go about tackling them in order to succeed and live the life that you deserve in the meantime as ever. Please stay safe. Please continue to look after yourselves. And i'll speak to you soon bye fano.

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