10-19-20 BK Recaps The Patriots Game


What's super nutritious, super delicious, and a little nutty American becomes the original supernet packed with all the good for you nutrition you need and the flavor that keeps the family coming back for. Recipes and more visit American PECAN DOT com. There will be no death by inches. This is the broncos daily jazzed with Brandon Krisztal. I want everything. I want all the meatballs in the Pasta. That'd be Monday broncos country and it is a happy Monday indeed when your team goes into foxborough after seventeen eighteen days off. and gets the W. against what we think is a good patriots team certainly a good rushing offense coming into the game they were the second best rushing offense and football, and as VIC Fangio points out game, you'll hear coming up pretty soon. that. In the three games at camp played we don't you miss that chiefs game with a positive Kobe nineteen test result, but in the three games at. Camp laid they had. Thirty plus points in all three of those games. So to go in there, hold them to just that one score late to hold them at the end of the game and get off the field to secure the W to get enough from your kicker to prove to be enough offense was really really impressive and then you add to it and everyone's trying to be critical the broncos and I. Understand that they could certainly maybe should have beaten the titans. They were right there with the steelers despite losing drew lock in that game and Cortlandt Sutton and then the bucks just came in and Kinda whip their tail understandably so and you look as the bucks whooped up on the packers. Yesterday. You feel a little better about that loss as well. But the three losses come to three division winners who are combined fourteen and two with two of those teams being undefeated the other one maybe the most complete team in the Tampa Bay Bucks. So while we don't know exactly who the Patriots are in if you're watching the game on TV, we understand that at times Kevin Harlan certainly, Trent Green, we're making excuses for how banged up the pats were and they lose their right tackle in the middle of the game of the Broncos lost their left garden, the middle of the game, and we don't know severity of Dalton risers injury, but you can add to that the long list of. Devastating injuries obviously starting with von Miller and Cortlandt Sutton Andrew okay. See but you got do lock back. He didn't play lights out but he certainly played. Well enough at times and Gotham in position was able to hook up. With his PAL Albert Oh his favorite target at Missouri and then through some darts that should have been touchdowns also through one today Sean Hamilton the probably could have been caught for huge gain was able to take advantage of down the field ends up finishing just ten of twenty four. So I guess that's not the most magical stat hundred and eighty nine yards sacked twice completed that forty one yarder to Tim Patrick but had a twenty-seven seventeen yard our Oh, a sixteen yarder to Jerry Judy taken shots down the field. And then it was balanced by the rushing attack. Philip Lindsey. Now in his career six, one, hundred, yard games one, hundred, one yards on twenty three carries a four point four average the broncos are six know when Philip Lindsay Russia's for one hundred yards so I think there's a formula there and the big thing I thought there were two things one do locks throws you gotta clean them up late make sure you're on the same page Tim Patrick one you'll hear him talk about that Yulia Vic talk about it as well. But. He made it. He made enough plays, and then on the other side of the ball, the Broncos de certainly made enough plays between. The Interceptions Cam Newton the fumble recovery, and then getting the Cam Newton four times knocking passes down. So you had. Shelby Harris doing what he does best knocking passes down Justin Simmons getting his fingertips on a ball that bryce Callahan Pick Justin Simmons his first career fumble recovery. You'll hear me ask him about that as well, and so it really was a team effort. You also have to see what's going on with Dante Spencer. Because he's. Your Best Returner we know that Caja Hammer has returnability became a hamlet is not healthy enough right now to even get on the field toys tyree Cleveland late returning a kick. And had the PATS funded late I'm not sure what the. What the punt return situation would have looked like would they put Jae Judy back there would they may Philip Lindsay back there would they put? tyree Cleveland back there, I don't know one of the corners. So we'll see three GONNA corners. We know the Broncos are getting healthier too. We should see AJ boy instant chiefs they'll certainly him. No offense. Now the idea of he and Albert on the field together at the same time in certain formations has to really excite broncos country has to scare I. Think. Scare opposing defenses so I'll let you hear from the the guys who were in involve the most and that was your coach, your quarterback because you wanna hear what these guys have to say after when of course But I I, I want you to hear. Because we don't always play this in. Every had to grab it but after a win, why don't we get to hear before we hear from vic directly with Dave Logan? Let's hear from. From because he's handed out game balls. With me. You could deliver this to coach. The lead there I say that. The. Played enough offense to be able to kick those field goals I. Probably need spend a little more time on Brandon McManus who will certainly be the Teams Player of the week by the way, listen to that vic kind of a man of few words. But you'd hear him give the game ball to Brandon Madison. The Second Game Ball handed to Philip. To give running backs, Curtis, Motzkin Zoos dealing with covid nineteen right now he is doing well as you'll hear. Talk about post game, but it was. Obviously, they were undermanned with no Melvin Gordon dealing with strep throat pluses off the field stuff. and. So he didn't even travel and then curtis might conceal the running backs had to kind of pick themselves up a little bit also jet Mach in Zoos, a coaching intern that works with the wide receivers. Curtis oldest son lives with Curtis and his wife and his younger son and so. A. And obviously, no Melvin Gordon. Lindsay did the heavy lifting but it really was all about what brand man's able to do banging in those six field goals which. Set A new broncos Franchise Record I. Didn't realize this but Connor Barth twice in two thousand fourteen. Against San Diego and against Kansas City. Knocked in. Five field goals. In both those games, I just didn't remember in the Peyton Manning, Eric Connor, Barth, making that many field goals but that doesn't mean it didn't happen because I'm reading this directly from the broncos. From. The. broncos. Website and so Connor Barth relief of Brandon, man late in the year in two thousand fourteen. was able to not once but twice make five field goals. So I don't know I forgot that but it happened Jason Elam did it. Three times rich Karlis did it once as did gene Mingo? And Brandon comes. The. Number One player along with Justin Tucker to have the most fifty yard field goal multiple fifty yard field goal games in A. In a game. So multiple fifty yard field goals in a game he's done it now six times as Justin Tucker just continuing to show why the Broncos not only have them as. Their defacto special teams captain he goes out there plenty. They don't put a captain's patch on Vic fangio regime, but he's certainly the special teams leader and why they send that four year extension. All right. Before we hear from Vic, Fangio and drew lock in and a cast of thousands. In this case, a handful of guys post game. I WANNA. Remind you about chug water chilly water chilly dot COM use my Promo Code Chug Water Vk to save twenty five percent of all great products. You feel the weather turning you're ready for some Chili go the best Jaguar Chilly Charter Dot Com, the spice of Western life. Water Chile is use. Promo. Code. Chug water bk for twenty five percent off. You can also find your grocer but might as well go online had sent to you save twenty five percent. All right. Here's VIC FANGIO post game with Dave Logan. Then we'll hear zoom call it didn't look like it was gonna be, but it turned into another nail biter down the stretch. Yeah Sure. Did there you know we stopped making first downs? had. A couple of turnovers there and made it hard to finish the game but. I think in the long run maybe that'll be good for us. We have the grind through that defense had to step up a couple of times they did. And I'm proud of the team. Let me ask you this because I'm I'm sure you're going to be asked in the press conference the first interception that the drew through look like a miscommunication back shoulder stop route and Patrick never saw the ball. What was the thinking on throwing on first down when you came out after that first interception Well we actually had. Stopped, having the much success running the ball we had earlier in the game and early in the second half. So You know we just we wanted to start running the place rest can get us a for founded. In on closed that game offensively. Obviously workup. Yeah. Yeah. It didn't work but you gotta be listen. You gotta be proud of your defense I mean when it's all said and done I mean they have one drive that they knock in the end zone You'RE GONNA win a lot of games if you can hold an opponent especially on the road and one the runs the ball as effectively as they do to one score talk a little bit about the defense and sort of what your view from the sideline was. Played great they competed. Played with great defensive mindset, you know New England's a team with a when they had cam newton at quarterback in their first three games I believe they are averaging thirty points, a game and they came within. One Yard, in Seattle of one in all three games that he played. So there aren't offense. But. We're good defense to no doubt about that. Let let me ask you quickly for let you go and again you haven't had a chance to see the tape but just from the sideline, you drew lock back for the first time since early in week two. What did you see from drew in his debut after the injury? I thought there was a lot of. Is showed no effects of his injury. Threw the ball well for the most part. On. Didn't look like he was. So I was pleased with the way played overall. You know obviously. We threw two interceptions and we're going to have to clean that up. That's two games. We've run the last two times out thrown five picks. You know that's not going to have to to Austin but. I was pleased where he was at and we'll go there. Yup Congratulations Vic big wins second consecutive win on the road. Enjoyed it flying back. All right. Thank you. We will. So then vic. Sets the phone down after talking with Dave Logan immediately jumps on zoom call with us in the Bat. He's asked about injury updates to deontay Spencer and Dalton Reisner. They just of told me in the locker room that. Shoulder Clavicle area with Spencer and. I don't have an update on rise. And then a follow up your defense today sacks takeaways how oppressive or where you were their effort today. Thoroughly. impressed. You know from start to finish. was. That's a game that the way that turned out in that fourth quarter. It easily could have. It did get away from us, but it could have gotten away and been fatal. And I think it speaks to the type of players. We have fear type team we have the conviction they have. And those guys out there fought fought fought and they did a great job. That's a good office played. You know they were averaging thirty points a game with. Cam Newton as the quarterback. One. Get. A kind of follow up on that vic is there something the notion that a team has to learn how to win and if so what is the last two games say about where your team is going? I don't think there's any doubt you have to learn how to win, but that's a three-phase. Operation that has to do that. You know we've gotTa do better in the fourth quarter there you know close that out but hey, sometimes it's going to happen that way. You know sometimes they offense GonNa Struggle Defense going to have to continue to go back out there and finish the game. Sometimes you're going to get in a shootout and it it's to. Where the team that has the ball last has the chance to win the game and that's you might have to be some day so. Hopefully, we can learn from this. Two. Games we want on the road know that we're tight games and I'm proud of the guys. More kids. I'm not sure your reputation is as much of a blitz guy, but talk about that blitz on fourth down to. Up the, game there. Yeah well, I'm been ounce to you and everybody else. That one time. I was a leading blitz Krieger in the NFL but I've been a Defense is now for twenty some years. So the last few years. With. James I hadn't San Francisco Chicago. We didn't need to when it's there when it needs to be had, and obviously we needed to have today and then. The final one today was one that we put in for this game. We had never run before I had never run before my career we put it in I called their. Next Klis. Yeah coach critiqued is kind of review the last two weeks I thought. You know the first three quarters. You guys just seem sharper better prepared than we were. You, know the way you handle the whole job in nineteen. It seemed like a paid off for you as far as mental toughness for this game. And then secondly, game balls if you got those. Yeah I mean like I've said before our guys have been fantastic. In handling everything that comes with covert an inch started training camp. But you know it was stressed this past two weeks obviously with the game being. Three different scheduled dates and you know the guys losing their bye week and everything that goes with that and I think they were allowed like me in a way in that. Yeah you're mad you disappointed. You're frustrated. You wonder why? Within five minutes later you take a deep breath and you move on. And I think I've tried to get the guys to think that way. I think have they are a tough minded group of people I think that was on display today. To come here and win that game the way it turned out, it could have been an easy win. You know where we were. Five each other for the last three or four minutes of the game. But as the case, sometimes in the NFL that's not the way it turned out. And it took all that fortitude that we are using the deal with Cova to go win that game. So I do think there's a carryover. Then, the game balls coach. We gave one the McManus he set a record. I was told for Broncos team record six field goals. You know I thought hard about letting him drive for the shoveling. It would have been fifty, seven or fifty eight. You know the admission I didn't want to give a good field position jumpstart their offense there so. I don't regret the decision. And we? We're going to deliver a game ball. The Kurdish marked ins you know in his absence here I'm sure he Thrilled that we want he's feeling great. He has no symptoms, but I know it's tough for him to miss this game we're going to give him. Time for few more after go ahead already. got a couple of four yet number one, the teams that score on their first six drives or now thirty four and one in two thousand but all years were filled goals so. How are you feeling? Did you ever feel comfortable or were you on pins and needles as you guys are kept scoring but but couldn't get into the end zone? Well I mean obviously I'm I'm happy scorn. I'd like some of those to be touchdowns as everybody on this team would and every Bronco Fan would. We're going to have to work harder finishing our dries particularly in the red zone. I don't know how many of those down in the red zone Really, only two of them I guess you know because they were fairly long field goals. But yeah, we'd like to finish them with the. Some touchdowns and usually. They can come back to bite and if and. Held on there it would. Business but. They proved to be a NAS to win the game right now. That's all we need. And secondly, you took a lot of shots at the end zone. and. A couple of times, a receivers just missing it I'm. Wondering. If that was just from the rhythm, not being withdrew the last couple of weeks and how did you think Alberto did in his debut? I don't think it comes down the rust. You know I mean the balls up in the air there's a chance there. You know we gotta find a way to make those plays. Whether it be just another institute farther in the throw going up competing for the ball. We got to be better at those. I think you're not GonNa get them all that I think we could have converted at least one of those, which would have had a major Impact on the game I thought Albert came and he caught two balls. I believe for forty five yards oblique. Both of them were first downs are both good gains. I thought he I thought he did well, you know he had a Lotta practice last two weeks with the NOA ban hurt and he had some practices that were. Just so so in catching the ball and some that were real good and him and I thought I said, he's just got. Play free I thought he was plant practicing a little tense. And it to free himself up, be who can be and go out there with confidence run the routes balls thrown. Go get it. And I just I. Felt a little better body language from during the game plus you jet lag. Wreck can you just expand a little bit on that last blitz on why decided to put something in? You've never run before and just kind of your thought process with all that. Well I just think you know at times during the season there's you have to come up with something new on a week to week basis. and. That's one that I've been looking at and. Just decided, this was the time to do it. You know and I mean this was the week to put it in plus. was the time for us to do it as our package evolves here you know with. With Cam Newton as you guys saw, you know he was their leading rusher. And I don't think many of them were called runs most of them were scrambles. and. We we've got. At guys sometimes to contain a good quarterback. That's good runner. And it's just where we're at right now and so. You know you thought the timing was right for. Air. To you I felt Lindsey Heggie. Thank he looked in his return. I thought at times he looked really really good like Philip. Looked and other times I thought he was a little rusty, but that's to be expected. You know he hadn't played since the first half of our opener. And I think when you consider everything, he played good. But I think he'll look at and think he laughs from yards out there. and. Then how would you evaluate jurors performance and some good plays early, but then the two fourth quarter interceptions. I drew played well. You know he hadn't played since the about the tenth play of the Pittsburgh Game. Didn't practice until this week really I thought he looked good out there when I say that I thought he looked comfortable and he didn't look like a guy who's coming back from injury one tentative it was out there playing football the way we want him to play. Honestly the interceptions you know we don't WanNa have one was I believe a miscommunication? A look at the one, the other one on day but. I think it's a great learning experience for him and the entire team. And hopefully, we'll be better prepared to close out the next time we get a lead like the Alice jumped from Vic. Fangio to the quarterback drew lock. Of course before he hops on zoom calls, he always talks to the voice of the broncos Dave Logan. So here's that brief chat. How did it feel back after almost a month out of action. WHAT'S UP IF? Oh, good. Good I. I was excited to finally get out there and start playing against another team and Actually out there at the guys contemplating the huddle and. You know for majority of the game that was smooth. We is kind kinda shot us to the foot there in the fourth quarter, but you know for us to come out of a win here with not scoring touchdown as an offense. And how you know there's a lot of positive things to take from husbands and offense today with how easy we got down the red zone we needed to score. So there's two sides this I feel like we can look at it, and that game weedon score a touchdown or it's while we were in play to score a touchdown. So many times what we did in the middle of we just gotTA, FINISH IT AND I'm glad we get to learn that lesson as a as a win loss. Yeah. No no doubt about that. It's just said that we came on a hell of a lot easier to learn lessons in great film and Fix mistakes when you win as opposed to. Louis. Losing, let me ask you on the first interception there looked to be. It looked like a back shoulder stop route and and was there miscommunication on the route because it didn't look like Tim actually look for the football at all. Now. It was that was all on me. That was may I I. Felt like I was over top a little bit back was turned to me and. getting to the sideline a little bit to where I thought you know all right. I'M GONNA put a high and on the back of a back Zolder Tim and Sure enough guy turned round fell off. I shouldn't have done that we've been being those guys deep all day. I should have done it again just 'cause. I should've thrown I should've just let it go don't what I've been doing the whole game balls all chuck and and then it would have been fine. And that wouldn't have happened to hopefully ran the ball more the game over I wouldn't even throw in the second pick but. Single. Learn From and we'll see we'll see it on film. I'll probably be slapped myself. Nice to Nice to get your college teammate Albert Okura woon-ahm in action he had a couple of catches in his NFL debut I'm sure he's going to look at the film on two in the end zone that I think even he will say you know what I gotta go up and make that play, but he is a very talented fast big man. Yes. Yes. I'm excited that he got out there today. Super Cool for both bus finally back on the field together again. Just. You know something that when I left Missouri I thought would never happen. You know there's so many other teams in go to. We would have had like we needed to draft tied in you'd have to still be there. Just, there's a Lotta odds to say that we were never gonNA play football together and I love playing football that guy. So for us be able to be back here in Gillette. And get a win in his first game where he gets to play was just super special drew congratulations on the win. Thank you so much. Sandra withdrew finish it up with Dave Logan and immediately Hobson's compressor with assembled Denver media. And it was asked off the top a after that long layoff and get out there and your first game plus at big w how do you? I feel good I. I've kind of always been the guy when you get into a game the ball just. You know comes out better than it doesn't practice or her warm-ups 'cause you don't need to think about anything about your machine anything by stroke by your you just. Rely on the Thousands of APPS you take over your lives. And just comes out and that's how you feel out there on the field. That's todd fell today which I was excited about. There's A. There's no doubt my mind that I was ready to come out and play. And try to lead US tool and I think maybe a week earlier and I'm not one hundred percent sure about. But I would have been ready this week and I was excited that you know there's got to be pushed back, build play this game here to and I got to actually step on the field and secondly after the second interception, how anxious were those last two minutes watching the defense? Berry. Very anxious You know that's just that's our offense of. We're GONNA take shots there. The first one was one hundred percent on me. From the look I saw I, feel like I could try to squeeze it back shoulder. or The defender falls off. Meantime. Or at this week if I just throw it the way I've been throwing the whole game fit into the whole shot against cover to. Match for like I did the first play a Game Sim. Refined. been able to the second pick up ball costly score field goal and. Arm. Sipping gatorade on the sideline relax instead of. There's one intermission. Drew there were deep shots early late throughout the game what went into date to to today's emphasis on being aggressive with those downfield shots. We just felt like we could take those. That's the thing with our offense. That's the reason we drafted the guys who did. The reason that we kept the guys are we did. We feel like we can these shots, take these shots and teams are going to be weary about the other half have guys over the top to help. and then if they do that, we'll run the ball. When it's GonNa take to really really good DB's on each side with good safeties helped with your safety help. Try To stop these guys run by him. We're that confident our athletes so we have to ever. On excited to keep progressing in the offense keep learning. More. About Philip Lindsey not only the yards he gained at the energy I'm sure he brought. Rock them. Them, sock and Bob and Phil. With the hair rolling today he was ready. You is excited on it felt good to finally have him back on the field and he brings in energy that. Is just dotted. Out. Adam back is huge for offense. I'm. Excited to hopefully get everyone back eventually offense. Stephen. Side of the ball and it's really good. This team can be. Colbert. talked about Tim's catch on the first play the game also the thirty two yard or down the sideline kitchen it through the sun to back to back near. Dr. Games Ram what can you just say about Esther. You know we talked to. Or when I talked to. Go Shurmur. Before. He got here before he got to know anybody. I told him. No but one of the guys that you know might not get talked about enough. or You know You might get talking about Louis but not enough in my eyes was listed in Patrick. was always been that guided me in my opinion big strong physical guy loves the game of football. It's hard. It's hard to beat about practice inundation on it really is I. Mean They WanNa be out there they wanna work. So just Danni has them wired every single day and I took a shirt for a guy here. I'm like man this guy's GonNa make a lot of place for this year again it's it's not a media guy owns gonNA freak out about get thirty thousand tweets about ten Patrick this year but he's GonNa make a lot of place for us and I appreciate him being on team excited that is. Still drew you talk about muscle memory or whatever's going out and playing that kind of what it is with Albert out there I know that he didn't come down with those couple but for us it flashbacks near Timing Columbia but. Without a doubt it was. I told them that route that he ran. We've we've put him on that route a couple of times there in Columbia. And, I told him is against. College just a little faster but you know your bigger, you're smarter you're stronger. To Meyer play well and you know I even call one of my buddies last night though is my roommate and no. Albert's really good friend Migrelief good friend Jack How's IT Hey Albert's our Tina Gao. Tomorrow makes plays man they got tune in to watch is I'm excited for him to play nine no. Albert's going to be upset about some of those plays in the red zone and of course. Them to a higher standard than he's probably hoping for. So we'll probably hit. We'll probably hit a couple those after after cracks this week but. I was excited for him on Freud. That might drew I how the body fill you did take a couple of good hits at least a one of those sacks, and secondly, you guys have found a way to win these past two games. Do you feel like? There's a bit of a return to relevance you guys out there turning the corner now. Yeah I mean I I feel like the media much like returned know relevant cer- people that aren't in our building might think that but we knew that we could be a really good team It's hard to come up to Latin went better yet win without scoring a touchdown. We knew we could be a really good team. We just gotTa keep putting these pieces together. And keep. Rollin plan a really really did team. That's week. A big test scores to see who we are. Zebra merely toss physically. Come in there and. Try to get a win but you know I, truly feel like we're extremely good team. We just gotTa, put both sides of the body together. All three actually special teams often in Ethan's. A little bit little bit together tonight. But. I'd say special teams defense carry this without a doubt in dubbing said, we pass it over to the legend himself. He's on Mike and then we've got coming up. Yeah drew on, you move the ball day, but the red zone and the high red zone area You didn't come through. It seemed like guys took a lot of deep shots down field was that kind of game plan you thought in the rents on that's where you could be in them. And you're not. Getting. Complacent Nonni got Brandon McManus behind. You're right. You know. Arts. All's he? Definitely. Allows us to take a deep breath they're. Call feel like all one. That was kind of the game plan we saw her -tunities. To pass the ball on down there. And opportunities. Were there we just gotTa. Kinda come up with that. That's the struggle of it. It's. Just football no, you gotta put those little plays together. They made some we made some but nearing the end, we need to make more than NATO. Guest in in a way we did do on. Offense, a side of the ball off of group we know we got lots work on, we appreciate our defense and our special teams. But it it's. It's very bright for us here without a doubt and I'm excited to keep working with these guys because we can be a special team. A. Government. As you can imagine the man of the Hour Brandon McManus who again will be for the second consecutive game named AFC special teams player of the week that is a foregone conclusion. I guess unless somebody who the chiefs have seven field goals or the bills tonight or if tyree killer McColl Hartman or someone like that or the returner for the bills returns couple touchdowns So barring that brand new. Special teams player of the week. So he was asked him, he sat down with us. Was this right up there with your best game ever. Yeah I got they're. Desperate this up there with the Pittsburgh visual around game conditions in that game are definitely more difficult than today Super Wendy Pittsburgh game when I. Didn't have to I. Don't believe. I had to fifty are can't remember. I had a lot of long kicks in that game but You know this is definitely y'all special especially for me as well. Come back years but seven years since I came back in two thousand fourteen when I You know this Kinda started the Ron I guests when the broncos Comey I hit a forty one yard off the. Upright UN, and then a week or two later after the dolphins game is native cutting me. So this place special for me to kind of come back and perform like that and. It's always difficult to kick. Wendy stating like this? Next one Andrew. How badly did you want to go out there and try that fifty seven yard or in the fourth quarter though in San went out there and was called the point. About, zero percent. A. To me. I've made one kick fifty, seven yards in over to to scores you know, and obviously I'm kicking while I take the last game long long kicks in this game. But I think to me you know I've been a football fan growing up as a kid. You know I I, like the play San just win if I miss that day of the ball midfield in-depth the momentum so. I really wasn't it's. Out there obviously, you know I got the call to go out there I would have. Put My best foot forward to make it but I wasn't niche at all to be honest with Andrew. Joy joint time for few more after going to try to move through as many guys we can't go at Troy. And and you and sly Williams. Only two guys planet either on the Super Bowl fifty team. You know what? Winning looks like you watch these two wins away you close out or you start dissents maybe you guys are turned the corner with this group. I think there's definitely different the the energy on the sideline even after that lasted interception obviously the offense love back. But you know a lot of times has been like this alongside a here we go again disease in Denver. We can't ever play with the lead and finish it. So but there was an energy. There was such a flying around from the defense and you know they kind of took that challenge on themselves out like I did today wanted to step up make lightly were flying around a at the end of the game, obviously as a spectator and that someone on the sideline, it was Austin the see everyone was pretty pumped about the way they were flying around at the end and an helped us win the game. For three four mark earning brandon. Mark. A couple I drew discarded legend while you're waiting the come talk to us, does he call you legend around the practice facilities jurors second year in the League you know he's got lots learn a lot of legends before me so You know now obviously, it's a great comment from him but you know obviously, you know I want to continue. You'll blend well and and taking well and give us a chance to win opposites gate in wherever mouth feel whether it's whatever distance it is wherever a map. My utmost confidence in myself to make the kicks. Obviously, it's great for or due to say that, but I know I know I. Still a lot of work to go in the season left to continue to try to have my best season in my career. And talk a little bit about higher teammates reacted to these what ten days two weeks of uncertainty and what? It's been eighteen days. I think mark along with since we played again and Obviously there was some frustration when the game postponed last time obviously it's to me it's important for the players offices union ramp, a health and safety skied but I've see one i. see what these guys do day in day out I want them to get paid for that and if we don't play these games, even just practice him in. Other. The paychecks for families rely stuff. So obviously I think we did a great job team S. eighteen days that on through it not get too complacent with you know seeing the same game film office you know don't I don't do any film release that's pretty easy for me but at least guys April stay locked in in the in the meetings and another going over the same stuff again yellow says the test them. Off to them. Already Abandoned congratulations on the Big Day I just wanted to piggyback on that last point and I'm wondering what you thought of Vic Fangio's handling of all this. Rona virus craziness in the NFL he seems to have been really the voice of reason. Just, in the way, he's Kinda bought a perspective to it. What did you is? Is One of the leaders of this team is is one of the players who who are. You know in the Union leadership what have you thought of the vix handle that? Agassi good job I, think the whole organization has done a great job. Obviously, it starts from the top. Ten Greek is our ICAO central officer pretty much for running everything and Obviously we're all still learning about doing everything about doing it the right way. And the keys we've been fortunate. You know pretty fortunate so far we've been doing know Andrew back in the mountains I. Think personally might probably do some stuff slow better how we handle that situation but nothing as oranization done pretty well with with Hanley obviously, our first time deal with anything like this and we all get thrown in a ranch and we travel them. Now we have to do virtual meetings here on the road because now we're GONNA, a different protocol than we were before. So obviously all of us are doing it on the fly in whatever team does that the best is definitely the best chance to win on Sunday. So You know obviously, they're always it'd be young. You're saying stairs about certain things and But at the end of the day, the Franck you put on the field, it looked keeps you in the league and you know. So we could control Kinda say what we want about this ad but your product on the field is what keeps you here and get you paid so that's you know obviously my words, wisdom's all these young guys. Brandon. Got Justice Simmons Year and will lead off with burn herstall. Brennan. Are Adjusting to four I and I'm guessing you know this but I didn't realize on people in broncos country didn't this was your first career fumble recovery. So how good that feel to finally get your hands on a ball on the ground, and then secondly, what does drew lock? What kind of confidence is he gives the team that's different from really any of your other offense players, but certainly, just unique to him. Yeah I think I it was great I felt really good. You know getting the ball is getting the ball and so I was interceptions are great on sorry fumble recoveries in still working on forced fumbles getting those up and then but Jews great man I think I i. don't know what it you know. I said it a lot Thank. You know last year when he had that five game stint and then even this off season a little bit now drew has on the explain it, but he has like that. Like swag factor that factor where like you could just believe in a guy like him when he's out there so He was playing great. All Day I thought he made a lot of great throws I know there's a lot of times some you know guys wish they would have held on to the ball for there but I thought he played I thought he played great. You'RE GONNA make some mistakes they think that happen but you know we know we can trust his. So today's Today's game defense had out there You know a couple of times and closed things out you know there may be gaps in the future where we put our office in position in I got close things out for us. So that's just how it was great team win. Heller. Adjusted. Link on Defense here to win the game a couple of times today. But when New England started that lasts drive what was the confidence level in the huddle and did anybody say anything that really resonated? I mean confidence was at all time. There's no reason not to be confident. You know all game long qt we're doing such a great job stopping the run challenging in the past game Gaza, win in their one on ones, and so we were out there. You know you could tell they ran a couple of trick plays to kind of move the ball I. Think it was like three series in a row they ran our downs in that series and rower. They ran like trick plays the kind of get some big junkyards, get him in position, and so we just kept harping like do what we do do what we do and you know attack you could tell guys where little fatigued but we just had to finish the game. We knew it was gonNA come down to that. So I was proud of you know I was really probably the way that we finish as defense. because. It just in Michael had the punch out on on on the ball, and then also have the good cut down on the late as from from. Newton, what's been impressed you most about how he's bounceback back since early erupt in Pittsburgh. Yeah I mean, we knew we knew he had it in them We've been practicing widow and we've seen in a training camp. We see in practice weekend week out the type of capability that he has and so. I think that's just how the league goes. You know one game there's always an overreaction or you know things in that nature and it's the league. You know guys guys have great weeks weekend and week out and so just happened to Oj You know when we talk about the steelers game, they made a couple of plays on it, but he's the. Type of guy that you're going to bounce back and you know we've seen that instant he's always in tight coverage and that's a good thing. You're corner obviously being tie covers make a plays on the football and we see the type of capability that he's had he has and so is you know he's only going to keep growing from here. Proud. Wave late embattled mark. Fourth them play of their last drive double safety blips. Correctly Vick said he had never called that defense before ever. And he put it in last week, what did you think when you put it in and get down to the last minute of game? He hasn't caught it yet. That's very that's very vic ask I remember the Browns game last year at home. Dick called the safety blitz and I'm sure he's called it before but he didn't call it the whole game and we worked on a sunlight throughout the week and so you know he's the type of guy that just has a great feel for the game in terms of play calling. And he just thought it was the right time to call it. We obviously never called for in. You know it's a lot of trust in the players to be able to go out there and executed. So. No cream and I were were sent on the blitz and You know just ex well executed around the board. Next one. Let's go at the interesting. Two Games in a row you get to game saving stops. What does this say about? How not only does defense evolving but the team overall learning how to win? Yeah it's huge like I said man, you know we played the. We played the jets on Thursday night no turnovers for US defensively I think they were they were plus three talking about the jets turnover battle. We found a way to win so that confidence that gives a lot of confidence often start defense I mean we didn't get the ball. We still find a way to win offense we turned over three times still put up thirty seven points found a way to win the football game. So I mean it's all about momentum and Ryan that wave and so even though it's been whatever we can have two weeks since we played come out here foxborough tough environment regardless of no fans are not to win and. Coming out here, defense find a way to get turnovers and offense just moving the ball down the field. You just you just ride those types of momentum's man and I was just really proud of the way that we felt like we were very physical. This game both both sides of running the football, and then like I said, mine are one on one match ups in the past game does to lift over to quarry the Mike. Alike Yourself Shelby Harris is in a second straight contract you're so to speak. I'm wondering what kind of a buzz does he bring to your your units into your locker room as a guy that likes to brag a little bit about his basketball skills and he does have twelve since one, thousand, nine, hundred got twelve pass deflections which leads me. On, man yeah. Man Shelby Shelby's the guy. I think a lot of this defenses made up of a lot of guys where. You never know when your number's going to be called in terms of making a play. But when you're number is called, you can always rely on that person to make Chubby one of those guys man on. Thank. You can never just look at the look at the stat sheet and say like all he was effective. He was ineffective Shelby's a guy like when he's in there, he's effective doesn't matter. You know the numbers don't add up you know or whatever the case may be. I don't even know his numbers this game but I know when he's in there on those stuff, he makes things happening. And that's the guy that you want on your team guy like shelby to lead you guy like Mike. Delete. Raqqa galway across the border. From dealing linebackers to the back in and so on. Shelby Shelby's been A. Really Solid Foundation Preston decent. Yeah just besides last play, it does seem like the Kes- dialed up the blintzes more often here in the last two games you feel like you know he's being more aggressive in those that. You know far as a player do you like that the fact that there's more responsibility more playmaking chances those type of things. Yeah. You know I've come to find that Obviously not. Every. Players have their opinions on coaches. Perfect. But Vic Manny I always feel like he has such a good grasp of the game that. Nine Times out of ten. What he calls as always feels like it's the right call at the right time and so I think he found the rhythm of the game. We call it a little bit more blitz and we found to be effective sometime speeding up the quarterback is a you know is a thing in and of itself where it gets them out of rhythm gets out of the the rhythm of finding their receivers in the passing game in like I said, you know he can cause great the game as he wants guys gotta be with a you know to make the plays in that defense that he calls and I thought you know across the board Oj Bryce. Corinne myself you know the linebackers I thought we were in great coverage all all game, this today and. They did a great job. Doesn't stay this time goes. By for guys. Let's jump from Justin Simmons right into rookie Michael Edge Moody. Seven tackles I think two pass breakups. She forced that fumble at Justin scooped up and when he sat down with us, he was asked as you would expect about the huge bounceback really over the last couple of games. But since that steelers game and the toll, it took on a mentally and how was he able to build on that and turn out a performance like this and continue just to grow here. The mental aspect is just you know listening to your mentors tutors. So taking the coaching. Taking a vice from K. Jack in a Justin, just roll with it. So that gives me confidence every week. Next will run eyler. Cocaine take us for the play where you gave up the catch and then got the fumble. I I was a bad play is back covers by me, but you know when his opportunity you gotta take it. So I've seen his balls in the wrong hands so I just went in for the kill. Next number and crystal. After that steelers game, you said you can be better you will be better. So I guess was that something we're use it as motivation or you have this and that was the anomaly. Yeah. I know I know what I can do I knew I could play better than I played that game. So it's just You know giving myself conference at. which occur on tape that's not you and you can definitely from that. Next what? Am I gonNA wondering what is it like to when you see, brandon? McManus. Trotting out there for a long fell short he'll go what kind of. Confidence or whatnot do you have on the sideline when you see? When you see him coming out? Is. That's the is confidence because. The the fifty we know he's going to put that thing in so. That's three points for us. So you know anywhere else feel like were confident. He's GonNa Player game because he's during practice. Goes. On. The final play. That was a play the to safety board's the could in this week, find the call at the end of the game You know just take through kind of what you're feeling as as you know, that's the planets go and what your responsibilities were and how you kind of were hoping that was an end up. Yeah, it's Kinda. We knew this is it. This is the place. So you know it's all out blitz when we are covered for about one two, three seconds in. nope. Thanks to. Trust us to cover our guys for that long enough in you know as deputation gusts appreciate that call. For the morning swim short. We never not used to seeing. This much Michael, his fears. But these last two weeks we've seen that, can you feel an identity forming with this defense around that aggression? I mean, because today we preach turnovers preaching. Getting the guys on the quarterback in deathly aggressive defense in is one that we appreciate. They want because he's seen it at us from day one, we believe in ourselves. So it's definitely a defense has really aggressively looking to make as many turnovers as possible. Gathers reminder if you've no longer question, please lower your hand. Okay Brandon Business? Michael. A back to the thing about your coaches and your mentor specifically, your your veteran teammates what types of things do they say to you maybe during the weekend certainly in game because everything happens obviously faster on game. The biggest thing. K. Jack tells me is you know be smart play within yourself. Visit Meets Long Game. Be Tough you know like play within the game. The game always move certain way in during the week. Actually big me over. You know just you know. F out there be relaxed fun. The Guy we drafted and. Shows a was some trust in me. And then our final zoom call we'll go to a guy that almost never comes last in anything Philip. Lindsey again, one, hundred, one yards twenty three carries in for the first time we had a mobile zoom call instead of sitting down in front of a laptop or an ipad he he might still been in front of a laptop or an ipad might have just been a salvo. He did it while he was walking to the bus. So you'll watch a video on the DENVER broncos website at Denver broncos dot com. It's probably on twitter feed as well, but Philip Lindsey with this year post game. And he was asked off the top just about as big game getting back on the field. I. Think. Was a shock to my body being out a muster much and a half, and then going in there and get like that. So. I got a lot of things. You know my office a line did a great job. You know they protected me they got me. Outed them and. He's got to you know we as a team now as audience Melik. Away you will. It's embarrassing not to giggle touchdown. You're right there and that's something that we need to go back. Asking suggested. This him. and. Something that will. Be Consistent on you know. We need to go back to work on that. Go, ahead troy. Still you guys got inconvenienced to get your schedule messed around. You deal with all this covert stuff was the response finally like, Hey, just take this personally go plant somebody in the mouth. That's W Kinda Mad. I think that we were kind of like. We just WANNA play moment. We, move on to the game that. Both of us were disadvantaged because of the Kobe. We came good name blank stuck with it and. We got the job then. Brenick hit film I to you. The first is about your coach Curtis Motzkin Game Ball from Vic. So how happy are you for them? Have you talked to him and then what was it like not having him there and I guess not having Melvin Gordon either. For sure he deserves it. Is says he hasn't got to be here. He's gone through a lot of stuff with his family with. No He prepares US every every day every game. The same way you know in the weather is number weather's me what is Royce he out a sign? Discipline about what do off. And He didn't get to come today, but I know definitely he was. A couple times in trying to get US get us. So he deserves it. And then withdrew, he talked about all the the energy that you bring. But what confidence did he give your offense when he's out there? Explosive, you know he has confidence. He has that slager. Contagious and I think. He's either. And he's going to need. To grow with us in. Oliver. So thanks to. Madame broncos PR. He makes plenty of appearances also heard plenty of my media colleagues there postgame happens fast and they really Kinda one after another as I've told, you guys. All right. Let me behind the curtain a little bit off for the next two weeks from Koa, hanging out with my wife and my two year old and our brand new baby girl. But Wednesday and Friday this week we still have a podcast definitely talked Kevin Harlan. He's calling the broncos game in back to back weeks they're playing the chiefs so we decided to wait until. After the chiefs game can voice of the cheese for a long time lives in Kansas. City part-time when he's not in northern Wisconsin out by Green Bay so it'll be good to talk to Kevin Harlan make sure you check out chug water chilly dot com also check out draftkings use Promo Code vk for a chance one, thousand dollar sign up bonus. But I'll still be checking in on twitter on just taking it a little easy because I want to spend time with my new baby girl. So I appreciate listening we will catch you next time on the broncos daily podcast.

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