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Hello word nerds. Welcome to the dictionary. We are at the last section of page 158. So we're going to finish up the brown words about halfway through this episode. First one is brown rice two words. There's little little burp. I just drink some water. Let's see what happens. We're just going to move on break push through this is a noun from 1916 how old but unpolished rice that retains most of the brand layers endosperm and germ germ is not like bad germs. Although there's good germs so it seems based on, you know, brown rice and brown bread things that tend to be Brown at least in food boy. I'm going to probably get a lot of crap for this but in general, I think you could probably say that they tend to be a little bit healthier than the white versions. I'm ninety-nine percent. Sure. Are brown rice healthier than white rice brown bread specifically whole wheat bread is healthier than white bread. When they when it's white they've gotten rid of all the good healthy stuff specifically here in that says, it's unpolished it retains most of the brand layers the endosperm The Germ I think that's all the good stuff. So yeah, if you can choose brown rice over white rice next is brown rot two words noun from 1863 a disease that stone fruits as Peaches caused by a fungus that awful disease of I don't know what I just said, but it is a disease of stone fruits caused by a fungus and the genus name is Mona Linnea, especially scientific name mono linyah rucola. So yeah watch out for brown rot. Next is brown sauce noun from 1723 a sauce consistent job. Quickly of stock thickened with flour browned in fat I know in England they have HP Sauce. You can now finally find it in the states. I think here and their wage but I think they call that a brown sauce. It's not catch up. It's not barbecue sauce. It's something different. It's super tasty and but I don't know if that's this kind of brown sauce or a different kind but it's probably this kind and I'm sure there's other obviously Brands HP is just the big the big one like here in the states. It's Heinz, you know that sort of thing, Okay. Next is brown shirt one word noun from 1932. We have a couple synonyms first one is not seem so I guess not. These are called brownshirts probably cuz they wore brown shirts and then especially the synonym Stormtrooper. I don't think that they're talking about the Stormtroopers in Star Wars. That's cool. Will be where Star Wars got the name Stormtrooper from though. I should know more about history. Next is brown stone one word noun from 18461 a reddish-brown Sandstone used for building a number to a dwelling faced with Brownstone. I hear about these a lot in New York. I guess that's a lot of a lot of buildings called Brownstones cuz they took that reddish brown. Sandstone. Next is brown study two words noun from 1532 a state of serious absorption or abstraction a state of serious absorption or abstractions that must be boy. I'm not entirely sure what's going on here. This does not make sense in my brain. When it says Sirius absorption, I'm thinking of like a sponge maybe when a sponge is able to absorb a lot. They call it. It's a brown study, but the word study is throwing me off. Also, the word every action is throwing me off if you know anything about this. Let me know next is brown sugar two words noun from 1697 soft sugar whose birth. Those are covered by a film with refined dark syrup. I've always sort of wondered what what makes brown sugar brown sugar. What's the difference in why is it so darn good soft sugar who's crystals are covered by a film of her fine dark thoughts. So it sounds like this is not a natural form of sugar. They had to actually add something to it, which I guess I'm not a really big fan of but I do sure love me some brown sugar Palm. Next is Brown Swiss two words capital b capital S noun from 1902 any of a breed of large party Brown dairy cattle originating in Switzerland. It's a brown cow and it's from Switzerland. So it's a brown Swiss. Next is brown tail moth brown tail is hyphenated and then muff noun from 78-82 European tussock moth, that's tussock tussock moth introduced in the US and having larvae which feed unfolding and have hairs irritating to the Skin So if you touch it it's going to irritate you maybe you'll literally get hives or something. I don't know and the scientific name is dead you predict this Chris or Roya Chris Surya. Next we have brown tree snake three words noun from nineteen forty-seven a large venomous arboreal colubrids snake of North Australia New Guinea and the Solomon Islands that has been accidentally introduced into other areas as Guam. So when they describe all of these different plants and animals that have all these adjectives in this case venomous arboreal colubrid or colubrid it helps to be able to figure out this thing is if you actually know what those mean so, you know, obviously I recommend waiting until the end of the dictionary this podcast to go till to learn about those ones colubrids. We're going to learn arboreal. We probably read in the a is if you don't know what venomous is you can wait until the v's, you know, I guess there's maybe other ways that you could look up these words to find out what they mean, but You know, obviously I would recommend that you just listen to them in this podcast. So but yeah, if you don't know what those what those words mean you're not going to really understood this understand what this means, but I could not tell you cuz I'm not entirely sure what color it is. Although I have heard of it or Boreal means that it's in trees. And the scientific name for this is boinga or Bodega irregularis, huh? That's interesting that it's a regularise and let's see. What is the brown tree snake. We are moving on to brown trout two words. And I think this is the last Brown word noun from 1860 to a speckled European trout widely introduced as a game fish and the scientific name is Salmo true Tha Next is brow Ridge one word noun from 1887 a prominence of the frontal bone above the I caused by the projection of the frontal airbag sinuses. Next. We have browse first form of verb from the 15th century starting with transitive 1A too consumed as browse not entirely sure what that means. But I think we're going to learn one be synonym is Grey's to to look over casually synonym is skim 3 to access a network by means of a browser. And that would be I think Google Chrome Safari Firefox Opera was one. I don't know if that's still around but I think it probably is you probably know some other ones by the time you listen to this. Maybe those are all going to be gone and we'll have different browsers or we'll have a whole new system than there are no browsers anymore. Now, we have the intransitive verbs one a to feed on Earth as if on browse. Yes. I think we're going to learn what browse is in the next form cuz that's a noun one be sending them again is Grey's so Grey's is a synonym for both the transitive and intransitive definitions to a to skim through a book reading passages that catch the eye so that's similar to the one in transitive and to be to look over or through an aggregate of things casually, especially in search of something of interest browsable is an adjective. Okay, next form second form of browse is a noun and this is a yeah noun from 15231 tender shoots twigs and leaves of trees and shrubs used by animals for food. I I've never heard of this. I they they call those things browse. So you can you can great news on browse and the number 2 and act or instance of browsing. So let's see. This is probably from anglo-french brout, which means Sprout of Germanic origin akin to the OS is that like old Swedish old Saxon home? Maybe one day I'll remember that. Okay. Now I have to find my place. I came to the old sex and Bruce or Bruce kitchen which means to sprout and perhaps to them. English breakfast which means breast and there's more at the word breast. Next is browser noun from 1845 anytime. I see that word I think of is Mario's a villain Bowser, but that's a little bit different number one one that browses to a computer program used for accessing sites or information on a network as the World Wide Web next. We have brucella brucella noun from nineteen-thirty any of edginess brucella of non motile pleomorphic bacteria that cause disease in humans and domestic animals. And this is from Sir David Bruce. That's why it's called. Bussola Next. We have similar word brucellosis noun from nineteen-thirty infection with or disease caused by Bruce Ally and Bruce is the plural of brucella. Next. We have Bru seen b r u c i n e noun from 1823 a poisonous. Alkaloid see twenty-three twenty-six and 204 found dead with strychnine, especially in nux vomica. What is nux vomica? I do not know and you X next word v o m i c a Let's see. This is probably from the French or the new Latin Busia or brewcadia, which is the genus name of Bruce Saia antidysenterica, which is a shrub. And our last word for this episode is not the last word on this page, which we are going to move into the next episode. But this one is Bruin Bruin noun from the 15th century and we have the number one definition for the word bear bear. This is Middle Dutch. It is the name of the Barrel in Reynard the fox which is probably a book or a poem or something from way back in the day Renard the fox. Who is it is not a walkie Bruins, I think so maybe some sports team has decided to use this as their mascot. So our words were brown rice Brown rot brown sauce. Brown Shirts Brownstone Brown study brown sugar brown Swiss brown tail moth brown brown tree snake brown trout Brownridge browse browser. Brucella brucellosis brucine and Bruin. Well, I'm going to stick with the pattern from yesterday's episode and I'm going to say brown sugar will be the word of the episode. Although I was very fascinated by Brown study. I will firmly admit that when I was a kid and maybe even when I was an adult, I would just take a spoonful of brown sugar and I would just eat it and it was awesome. But if you're a child and you want to do that, you should very much first ask your parents. So I'm going to end this episode are thank you very much for listening as I often say please rate this especially if you're on Apple podcasts, but if you're listening on something else, please read it review it. Tell me what you think wage. Subscribe share it tell the other people that you know about this podcast if you want to get episodes early, if you want to get a few exclusive episodes, you can become a patron all of that information is in the episode description, and now I am going to stop talking for the rest of the day because I have talked a lot today already, and I'm done with it. Thank you. This has been dispensed song. What's my name Spencer dispensing information. Goodbye.

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