REShow: Chris Fowler and Mike Mayock. Hour 3 (09-14-20)


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Biggest Raiders General Manager Might Mail, and now it's rich is Our number three of our program, Chris Fowler, joining us in a matter of moments here he's getting set to call Monday night football between the steelers and the giants, and then the titans and the broncos with Steve Levy on the call with Louis Riddick and Brian Greasy. That's the team. That will be listening to for all the Mondays including next Monday night's game between the New Orleans Saints and the Vegas Raiders. Mike mayock will be joining US coming off of a big time win for him and the raiders in Carolina yesterday our poll question we haven't visited in a bit. Let's visit that at the top of hour number three, what do you have over there? Chris Yeah looking at the biggest shock from Sunday sports action NFL. And around the Sports World Bears Comeback Win. Brady loses his bucks debut the jags Spoil Philip Rivers Indianapolis debut in the Nuggets Force game seven what say you rich Eisen the big shocker. For, me was the nuggets forcing game seven Oh. I'M GONNA be honest with you. As you know on Fridays uncorking of new segment here called Higher Register where we always go appear whenever we say something to Kinda need to be. Made to believe. Because we don't really believe it. And I'm like, Hey, the Jaguars my tank might not be bad. So part of me believed in them. Brady as you know, it's GonNa. Take while for him to to get things going on I thought winning in New Orleans on the going on the road and a pandemic would be tough tough. And then bears coming back. I mean crazy things happen I. I. could not believe is you know I I chose the clippers to win it all and ever since then they did win they did win game four to three one after I said that so I can't be blamed for the Games five and six long. But I to be honest with you I bet you I'm losing on that front because it's an NBA conversation the day after the NFL returns well, I mean nuggets force game seven, second thirty, two, percent Jaguars win thirty, six percent about that. There's twenty five percent brady loses seven percents. So the Clippers in the nuggets game seven will be tomorrow night. As the Lakers Chilin wait I'm looking forward to watching Jack and rose on that boat tomorrow during that game. Playoff. So what? Very. Good. I like that. Now that was randy from long island right s who loves the giants is talking about Yup Yup. So Randy from Long Island will be watching tonight's game as well. Matt. Nagy who is an hour number two, the coach of the bears said Hey I will be tuned to tonight's game because he's playing the giant's neck. And everyone will be gathered around the television set to watch the giants and the steelers and the man who called so many remarkable matches at the US Open including a five set tiebreak. The man who who's a puts the the team if you will. Not, only in the winter of the US, open but the the teen player. Who not only called all that action over the weekend four ESPN but is calling tonight's game along with Kirk herbstreit and Maria Taylor as he always does for college football tonight's NFL game between the giants and the steals my friend Chris Fowler here on the show Harry Chris. I'm starting out the window at metlife stadium across the Turnpike here contemplating what comes next I'm well, it's it's exciting surreal Yup, but it says very twenty twenty. Empty. But Intense Arthur stadium empty but intense metlife stadium the next night. Why not now is going to say to you you're one of the few announcers who were calling A week one NFL game awarding knows what it's like to call an intense affair in front of hardly anybody. I mean what was that like sitting in Arthur ash last couple of weeks certainly over the weekend from overuse the word surreal. Now Bizarre to see someone like Serena on the court with zero fans and see a ghostly empty. Place for the men's final and but I tell you what what I've noticed in the ten this is what I've seen in the NBA playoffs. Certainly, the NHL Playoffs had a huge sample of games the NFL I watched a couple but the on field or on court intensity is not diminish one iota. It's almost easier to put the focus on that I think fans who watch football games. You can get those crowd shots going to get the roar, but you're GONNA get think. More intense focus on the participants and the sounds of it. I'm not trying to sell fan was put by I can't wait till crowds get back in it but in trying to adapt an adjusted and see what's different. Like in tennis, we were able to just really focus in on here the players. On the court, you just very weird but what I noticed was. They competed just as hard they wanted to win just as badly. They didn't get anything back from the crowd, but they didn't need it, and then that case I don't think NFL players are going to need either now espn did not. Pipe in whistles right for bad line calls during the US. Open that they did not do that right Here and stuff for the NFL. I think humans, humans are GonNa be endangered species when it comes to calling lines and a lot of tournaments are gonna go to pure technology right off the bat and and do away with the challenges and just let the machines do it. That's probably the future I mean it's safer Yoka, is on the court to Chris write. Songs it too. Chris. I mean she's recovered thankfully. The Adam's apple my word. I think I did a video afterwards and I don't know I. Don't know how this football season or the rest of the sports counters GonNa play out you guys are talking about some twists and turns in the playoffs right I. Think Buckle up we're gonNA see unpredictable stuff that's it's hard to expect and hard to to explain to people because. It's just twenty, twenty man and nothing is normal I think that you're gonNA have unlikely outcomes and I I think it's going to be a serious mental tests in the NFL is the season goes on guys any sport guys who are opting in now you can still be opting in when you're seems like three and six I mean I hope I hope it's A. Positive statement about the culture of these teams, they can keep guys together because we're all going through stuff in our own way, but it's just it just as it's A. Challenging. Tough year on the planet it's to be the same in the sports land. So let me ask you know Chris. Come on Chris, it's not. Like look we're we're all we're all trying to figure stuff out. You know I'm I'm waking up every day check the air index to see if it's healthy for my kids to go out you know on their p. e. classes that they have a in quotes during their you know online learning I mean it's a crazy world we're living in right now Chris Fowler joining me here getting set to call the Monday night or between the giants and the steelers, and before you get to that, what do you know about your college football schedule as you're currently sitting here right now what do you know about that? Funky I. Mean I think you know we the big ten is going have their their big decision about whether or not? They're going to try to crank things up. It's still possible. They could crank things up much sooner than people expect and try to squeeze season in there that could somehow put them in position to be in the playoffs I mean I it seems crazy given with the onset and they may but that's influx CMU wolverines may yet take the field sooner than you'd expect that's not not breaking a story. This is kind of. that's potentially what could happen but. Besides that the Games we know that are going to happen and just there's a few leagues that are up and running sec gets up Ryan a couple of weeks, but the schedule is very much in the air. So dumb typical. No, that's the reason why look I I know again, you you've had your your head and your voice in the game at US Open tennis and got to turn around and get ready for an NFL game tonight. That's why I asked you about your schedule because yeah. Do you know like what you're next I know that's kind of crazy to. Collapse at your. Weeks, plus in the bubble over there this challenge tonight. But no, WE'RE BACK MIAMI OUT LOUISVILLE Saturday as the game that is the first game, and then then we're sort often running after that it'll be a mixed bag but just glad to be calling games now I bet I know that I know we spoke over the summer and we're like I I don't know NFL, and now here you are coming off of a successful us. Open. Tournament getting set to call Monday night football between the giants and the steelers how how how did you prepare for this doing all that what you've done like walk me through it right down to the I T it'll be. It's a lot man. You know the the amount of information that you're supposed. I thought we got a lot of it in college. It's beyond in the NFL. So you're you're sifting and sorting discarding in figuring out how not the smother a telecast and my tendency probably used to prepare and overplay. So I'll try to guard against that tonight, but it's been a process over the. Month you try to you try to like get ready for then I what I didn't realize rich. There's about half the players on on an NFL board, right? So it should be easier right but the fluidity of the roster right down to the last minute didn't you don't have that in college you don't sign a dude who's on the field five days later starting against the steelers. The giants roster in particular as you probably know very fluid but that so many new faces and so I tried to get ready but it's it's GonNa take every minute I've got and then we're just gonNa have the it's sort of a one off. It's the one game. We'll do this year and It's really cool for me to see guys that I got to know in college and you follow him through that draft night and you're proud of what they did in detached way but you you get to know them and so it's really cool to reconnect with guys like you know t j white and. You Know Dexter, Lawrence and and Jibril peppers and Saquon Barkley I. Mean these are guys that we got a pretty. and. Now he's. He's guys. Talk is a very mature man and veterans of the League. It's crooked. I. Feel the same way and Maria as well. It's just it's fun. We're GONNA enjoy that aspect of it tonight. Yeah I was GONNA. Ask you like did you go back to some of your saquon notes from Penn State Games or even like Your College Game Day maybe Miami of Ohio on the schedule with Big Ben from two thousand three like did you did you go into your archives in prep for with laughing Ben said he was more nervous this game tonight 'cause I always missing last year now wind let teammates down and he has been since the Max Kinship game. which was in college which Kirk was broadcasting. So we're GONNA laugh about. that. No I I think I would be. To sit there and start spinning old tales about dudes what they did in college I mean you guys are pros. Our audience expects us to refer to them as pro football players. I mean it's inevitable that we're going to have an antidote or to because I think it's interesting but we're not gonNA do overdo that for sure did use zoom with Joe Judge in between US Open tennis matches did you do something like that? Day yesterday was resumed with the giant players in the morning before I left for the. Stadium Yeah set up in the booth before the final for the Joe Judge Zoom. Called the final during the match, the steelers zooms were recorded unfortunately, it couldn't be a part of that but then went home at night after the final drive, the decompress and listened to all those zoom calls from Tomlin Dan. Connor all the Pittsburgh player it was quite a day. And of course, as you're trying to prepare for Monday night, Chris, you get the first US Open champion in seventy one years to come from the first two sets down like. You've got that going for. Like two sets low for all. Six points or winning the going to be a crap final going to be remembered as a bad final. But at least I have a few more hours of prep. You can't get quite. This is a pretty damning memorable final I just lost three hours, but you know I listen to you WanNa always call great matches when when the final of a tournament is a dud I, it's just poor punctuation for the event. There's so much went into staging this USO and against all odds actually came off really well, they people did not get infected it. It was the safety record is really good I'm glad they got a final that if not aesthetically pleasing throughout at least was dramatic at the end and two guys who could barely walk or stand up. Emptying the bucket. That's kind of cool. See Chris Fowler couple more minutes left with Chris before he goes into metlife and calls the giants and the steelers fun match up that's going to be and I. I can't wait to sit down and watch it. hoped the giants can hang with frankly I I, have some concerns. But if if we got a great game I'd say that's a bonus again and seeing what Big Ben looks like. Chris. Obviously that is a monster storyline for twenty twenty. If the Big Ben that we've come to know as a first ballot sure. Fire Hall of famers shows up. And start swinging around and Juju Smith Schuster from twenty eighteen show starts materializing on the screen. Then we may have different AFC that we're talking about. That's what we're talking about. Yeah I know there everybody's getting division of a lot of folks that Kirk and others been diving into Pittsburgh if. What you said happens that not only a surefire playoff team. Go. Deep In the playoffs we'll. We'll see be fun to watch tonight for sure certainly and then I guess last one, four year pod that. That dropping soon let's let's talk about that I. I know quite a bit about it since I'm on the first one that you are producing with. Jennifer. Your lovely, fantastic better half I, give you the floor on this Chris you're part of the a very lateran four by one realize a cow Willie geist Maria Taylor you and then Jeremy, chaperoning the anchor leg I I don't know what we were thinking. We had four great storytellers. It's a ton of content. We didn't edit out too much of it, but it is like an hour a double album. so I but it's it's it's really an interesting book. You guys were great. It's about talking to people which the essence of a podcast and and it's not GonNa Sports pod is different topics. It's kind of interest me and I hope others but but you guys were all great and so we we just said, let's just debut double album I. Think People will enjoy the stories and I. Very appreciate you giving us all to. Be Out possibly. Slightly delayed, there's more to this than I thought would be at this thing. By by by certainly by mid week wherever you find your podcast, it should be it should be dropped released or whatever whatever they do at the what's the name of it? What are we? What are we looking for what? Is it. You got we. Virtually found out that every night in the sports context yes. Annoying. Question I'm sure you get that question. John Madden got that question when I first met him I was shadowing him as Eager Young College kid and people are John got and I saw how grumpy he got when he got that question. And you get it all the time, but this is in relation to who we got guests. So every every podcasting name is taken by three other podcasts out there. You didn't know that you try to come up with something that doesn't doesn't mean used, and since seventy, seven percent of Americans have a podcast. Everything is taken. But. I mean. It's just Fowler podcast easy to find out. Okay. All right. So I enjoyed the chat. It is a great idea where you talk to people who talk to people for a living and you you you have a conversation about having a conversation and when things go a little bit awry when they when they shake and I, I know you told the story on Dan show. When you appeared last week right here on peacock but you do have to enlighten my viewers because you enlighten me to this story. That you told about, Burt Reynolds I want to give you the floor here Chris to finish up. Straw the I'll do the the truncated version I WANNA. Tell his great time but no, it's it basically is. It ended up with a seventy something. You're over rentals, hunch my lights out on the field where he used to run around as a seminal player. But it began. We'll see backstage city. At least for me, that's that was my first encounter new on a little bit because he's he's courses roommate. At FSU. So we you you know he's been around a little bit. He's a football fan and booster program the the late legend But Yea, I'm walking backstage to the SP's I finished presenting bullet myself. It was pretty exciting to be on stage Radio City, and I'm walking through the dark. There's the curtains in the police backstage and I feel this sharp punch. To my left shoulder. Out It's Burt Reynolds, Hey Bert to give you don't give me that he's got a finger in my face and It was we we talked on the pot. It's interesting. You Telegraph. Funny. Actually a couple of funny mistaken identity stories. This was mine I said nothing to offend offender I swear I said nothing in my life why would I talk about? Burt Reynolds divorce. Bonnie Anderson. But he was convinced that I had said something. and. Now he was gonNA. Punch me when I wasn't expecting it. And it was started this bizarre few and and you know the reason why it's the pod is because he wouldn't be interviewed by me. So near be that didn't happen because he would not sit on the game they set. So you put them a little side set in leak had kits but yeah, I he was a weird situation I've never been now I'll never know the answer to I I I course please ask your friend why he hates me why he thinks I said something that was the worst thing you've ever heard. Leave just shook his head and smile that's burt I have no idea. So the mystery. will go on forever. PARCHMAN and wanted. He wanted to throw down on the sidelines of doak Campbell Stadium. And you said, you don't want to fight a seventy year old man. Said No. Bird I do not. As I said as I said to you, that's a no win. Of course you either you either punch a legend and your career is over you might go to jail and you might not get out of there alive because they reynolds or. A septuagenarian kicks your ass. Asked Pedro Martinez about. There's no that's not a win. There's no good situation there. So. It's a great plotting back and let him blow off steam and I went to the other side of the field to watch the game. I still have no idea why would Anybody as somebody who's known you for as long as I've known you Chris, you could not care less about the stuff like Burt Reynolds, and Lonnie Anderson and they're divorced like that that. Would've come up on Game Day. Originally I just don't think in between breaking down two days games would've come up but. Chris did I see of all the people out there. That may have said something I don't know who he thought I was as I told you maybe maybe you. Could have been. That you think I don't think. So that might have that. Maybe that's what it costs me my appearance in cannonball run three. I didn't know if that that might have been. Billy Bush. We did it the entertainment show I don't know. Walkabout. Not. Football show, but we now we're talking about it on the foul podcast would dropping later on this week I was thrilled about that and Susie and with the kids could not be more excited to settle into watch the game with you. Tonight I know you're talked out. I really appreciate you spending all this time talking with me on a big day. Thank you got fired up and say I. Good story line up the games good and then then it's back to the. Back to the Saturday night. Battles in the College Gridiron I. Look Forward to a full season on that front to thanks for the call best to Jennifer Take Care Take You Got Chris Fowler. At my wedding. Getting served yeager mice shots by Dan Patrick behind the bar, and he probably looks exactly the same. It's just real real quick. The stories that I told off of that was Ken Wilson Hunt Coming on the set a the super bowl between the cardinals and the steelers at NFL total access staring all hole through me as he was being introduced prior to the break after which he was going to appear live with Adrian Wilson the hard hitting safety of his NFC championship team staring a hole through me the entire commercial break saying I heard what you said about us. You him being. So pissed about being called the worst team in the history of the NFC playoffs. Using it as fire fuel to his fire to get his team to the championship the super bowl staring all through the entire time. Thinking I said it. It was Chris Collins Worth who said at the entire time. Stories like that or just, Greg We'll take a break we'll come back. We'll take a phone call. We will get set for Mike Knox phone call. Talk About Awkward Conversation. And then Chris Bracha than Michael Thomas. Update. On his injury and more in a moment. Visa knows that local businesses are the heartbeat of our communities whether there are corner stores are coffee spots or our favorite shops. Local businesses have always been there for us. They remember our orders, they call us by name always giving back making a difference and going the extra mile to support us and our community and right now more than ever local businesses need our support. So now it's time. 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One Bet online to take advantage of the best bonuses in the Business Center for a free account and make sure to use that Promo Code podcast one for your Senate bonus. Visit Bit Online Dot AG, and don't forget that Promo Code podcast one for your signing bonus bet online, you're unless sportsbook experts. I just want to circle back. I just spent the commercial break looking at a video that Dan Orlovsky of ESPN posted of the big four in three play that I started the show with said that throwing it to a kid rookie who's not running at the sticks a fourth and three, and there's a lot of blame. Orlovsky basically saying good play call. Ranch, just blew it up. Rams defense played the ranch blew up. The rams defense made an excellent play that it was set up to succeed in the rams. Blew it up. So that's why you kick the feel. Sorry. I know that might be twenty twenty hindsight but I was saying watching, why are they not kicking? The field goal? Tie Game. Do Your best from here on out tie the game a time. Then it is an eleven minute game an eleven minute game tie game, they get the ball first. But. Maybe, you're thinking that our defenses all wiped out because they did have. Significant. disadvantage. In time of possession because the rams were just jammed it down their throat thrown out maybe sitting there thinking the defense won't have much left I. Don't want to give the ball back I do have an opportunity with my offense to try and be aggressive and get points. It just to rescue play I. Think I feel like throughout the years. A lot of cowboy fans have been upset with Dallas play calling kept. We don't know how take enough. You know that we don't go forward enough. So I feel like from a fan perspective I'm sure a lot of fans were probably happy to see that they kind of went for that with eleven minutes because we've been so may say, yeah but the the number you haven't been safe is that we're back here on our honor terrestrial radio network we say Hello Ramadi ten, nine, thousand fans here in southern California. Garrett was aggressive to he just didn't frequently didn't know when to be aggressive and when not he would be not. So aggressive sometimes, it would be like this is the time and be aggressive in a moment like last night when it's like, that's not the time. I was thinking I I am not coming on the air today and saying something I wasn't thinking at the moment. Great tackle man it looks like he had a first down to it was great tackle Mike mayock calling in an a bit of Chris. Brockman. I'd like to get some. Injury News Fr- from you before. The raiders calls in because Mike obviously has got some injury news talk about with Henry Rugs who looked pretty damn fast and impressive early on and then and then got hurt. What do you have for me over there? News Update. With a report of the day's news from the world of sports entertainment someone who is not a journalist or news man by any definition of the word whatsoever. Chris. Brockman. Art Christopher Michael. Thomas. Didn't ever game came up Kinda limp at the end there almost got rolled up by teammate. Tampa. Sorrow and Ian from NFL network saying that Michael Thomas suffered the dreaded high ankle injury. It's something he believes he can play through and they have an extra day of rest of course, because they play on Monday nights. So now rolling Thomas Out, of course just yet but keep an eye on new. Orleans add Vegas High Ankle Sprain up by eleven with two minutes to go with the ball and. Lot of starters stay in a little too long. I mean. Maybe, that's twenty twenty hindsight for Sean Payton but. Happens Yeah Henri Bendel look terrific. Paid and running with light pockets even though he was paid. That's dion phrase right there. Yeah. He usually when somebody's looking for contract, he's running with pockets. When he runs well with heavy pockets that's for damn sure. I mentioned the to cowboys injuries earlier waiting vendor going to miss six to eight weeks collarbone broken collarbone undergoing surgery and Blake Darwin Tours Aco he is done for the year. The colts also plays Marlin Mac on IRA. It's going to end his season with a torn Achilles at such a bummer for him. He's in a contract year Adam. Gaze said today that Levy on could miss a couple of weeks with a hamstring issue doesn't WanNa put a timetable on them he says. I mean I can't I he's. Loving on bell is one of the most disappointing. Jet Free Agent. Acquisitions. In the team's history. So far. And maybe can't blame him either. But he's sitting there right now. Monday night football. Do you think he? He'd like to be with the steelers right now? Do you think big Tom. Do you think he regrets sitting out the way he did I don't think he regrets sitting out I. Think he thought he was doing the right thing. But if he's sitting around thinking. You know he's in a better spot than playing in Pittsburgh PA. He should be in that stadium tonight but for the awaiting. He'd be better off Brian for US said. Earlier today that fits magic is going to start against Buffalo and Just yet. The browns are signing cody Parkey and he is GonNa kick Thursday night against the bengals on Thursday football. Is Randy Bullock's cramp stopped by showing. Yeah. The the bengals believe that is an issue that He'll work out this week and he's not expected to miss anytime. You know maybe should drink some more water before those game-tying kicks. That was so weird. We. Talked to my Nigga earlier I I still can't believe that. You actually can't believe that can either I can't what else? About the coaches real quick. So Troy Vincent NFL exact according to Adam schefter sent a sharply worded memo to clubs today reminding coaches on the importance of wearing their face coverings on the sideline. Different coaches have approached mass rules in different ways this has been noticed by the league most notably Sean mcvay. Last night had down around its Jin. If this continues coaches will get fined for not wearing the proper way on the side have the memo in front of me because I worked for the National Football League network. A term, it reads the following a tremendous from. Troy Vincent WHO's in charge of football operations a tremendous first week nearly in the books as the NFL and its partners overcame considerable challenges to achieve what many thought was impossible football in two thousand, twenty congratulations to all of worked. So tirelessly since March to make the season possible that said Oh Good one is here's at that said. We must remain vigilant disciplined in following the processes and protocols put in place by not only the League Union clubs, but also by state and local governments. The NFL NFL PA game protocol which reflects the advice of infectious disease experts, club, medical staffs, and local and state. Governmental Regulation requires all individuals with bench area access including coaches and members of the club medical staff to wear face coverings at all times. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in accountability measures being imposed against offending individuals and clubs. The face covering must be worn is designed so that it securely fits across the whereas nose and mouth to prevent the transmission of the virus. I would like to take that last statement and have it with me on my t shirt when I go into supermarkets. Or when dudes walk do dude due to wear A. Mask like it's a Chinstrap walking past me. And then a fixes it properly once he's passed, the coaches were doing it rich. I was watching a lot I kind of when they were talking on their coach, the comms. I saw a lot of coaches because they're. Doing as a reaction, they were involved like they were doing it just to do. Andy. Reid who looks like he wants to stay away from the Salad Bar, which is exactly what he wants to do any. Oh come on. I mean. He. Looks like. Understand, show the ring get a cheeseburger in would be. My next guest knows what I'm talking about. He knows how I feel about Andy Reid he knows I'm not wrong. He's the Las Vegas Raiders General Manager of the one. Oh Vegas Writers Mike McCurry Mike. Rich Edelman I'm doing fine. Did you do you have that Andy Reid Fe Shield ready you got? Did. Not been for that one now. So. You. Look too serious subject. We're all are smile. Be are on a little bit here, but you gotta be chuckling a little bit seen Andy. Reid is fogged up on Thursday night. And he's one of my favorites on the world I know and You know I did a Bunch Eagle preseason games and lived in Philly and got the nullum and there isn't a better guy out there and I think the whole lay got a little collective chuckle and. Like at halftime, we're going come on man, take the shield all just just come out and ask and he didn't and. You know again it's not a laughing matter but that was the the visual kind of keeps I was Kinda surprised because Andy's the king of holding the menu in front of his mouth nobody reads his lips. Now you've got a mask I mean this actually helps make sure no, one can read your lips and it helps public health and Safety Mike. It's a perfect opportunity. Yeah. I didn't quite big with that way but I guess you're right with all the fog in there. I mean it just makes makes sense at any rate. Let's let's get to your team CONGRATS on that open. When were you there? Did you go to Carolina? You do you travel with the team? I test every day have tested every day since we've been back in July and wouldn't would not miss a game. Okay. So now what what happens now? Is Perfect person to ask because now, this is what I'm holding my breath. We just had vectors cross between teams. We haven't had that yet until games are being played what happens now testing every day, and then you're holding your breath for four five days from now is that what your health officials are telling you when something might start popping? Haven't been technically nobody on that field yesterday that was positive. You know, and that's what you have to believe in and to be honest with you I kind of went into this thing a couple of months ago going I don't know what's going to happen here. You read reports around the country you try and stay current both within the sport and in society in general and you kind of go man don't know if we can do. This, and then I have to give a lot of credit to the doctors and the medical people involved both for the NFL in the NFL PA and kind of coming together and at first you you looked at all these protocols and rich I have a binder that I carry around with me with protocols and I didn't think that was part of the job when I took it. And you know it. It takes you away from the football on one side but the point I'm trying to make is that. If you if you go back to June July and we all kind of these protocols like you gotta be kidding me, how are we going to conduct a training camp? How are we going to have meetings and now in hindsight when you look the thousands and thousands of test and the minimum number of positive tests and you go I guess these guys knew what they were talking about and that's number one and number two, a lot of respect for the players on all thirty two teams for taking it seriously, and you're right the next challenge was kind of okay. We're going to be on the same field together. but technically, we were all clean yesterday and I'm not even even thinking about that a whole lot right now, we're trying to get ready for the New Orleans Saints and and I'm trusting in these protocols because they've been so good to us. That's so great and I'm glad first of all a little bit of a kidding I'm glad you've graduated. To a binder from the scholastic. Fourth Grade Notebook that used to scroll your combine notes into I'm glad giving. The lady lowered the fourth grade. And I will never relinquish that. A place in my world for loose loose papers sitting in a binder. See this is what happens when you go from broadcasting to general managing you have to you have to you have to evolve you have to evolve but. Also I'm glad to hear that you're saying you know what I obviously you are thinking about it when you say you're nothing about, but the fact that you can trust the process that is in place and start thinking about the other aspects of of being general manager that it's great to hear. That's so let's talk if you wouldn't mind about the other medical if you will. How Henry Rugs doing today what's going on with that young then best. Able to finish the game and we you know everybody's going through. The medical part this morning right now Ryan we'll. We'll figure out as the week progresses. Okay but. What what did you glean from his performance when he was out there Mike? I. He he's kind of advertise. You know we He's fast which we all know Derek for a vertical to early in the game which I think helped back off a little bit and then hit him on the forty five yard deep over again which kind of announced his presence in open things up underneath a little bit and they you know he had three catches hit a couple of Kerry's he I just think he's everything we hoped he would be up to this point and what's really cool about it as Nick Sabin told me when I had the conversation with. Nick prior to the draft and Nick said Look Mikey approaches everyday like he's a walk on. And he's tough beyond what you would consider a wide receiver to be and both those things have been very true. And then you just Jacobs I mean my God Mike I know you've you loved him. He he he basically had you at hello when you saw them certainly person. But what he is becoming right now you know I told you last year that he reminded me Zeke. And I didn't want to put any sort of ziggy on them or punch. The clown is a phrase that you always used when we were working together. But my gosh, he runs with a viciousness and he deliver arrives with an intent. He's dynamite man and I'm I'm I'm wondering what you think that after seem he's on the same McCaffrey and he's given as much as you're taking. Yesterday. He had twenty nine clutches for thirty nine yards and three touchdowns and I. Think we've kind of come to take for granted him in the run game I think what he did yesterday. Was Show people how he's evolved as a receiver he caught a choice row over the Middle Against Jack Thompson, and that is good at choice route is I've seen running back Ron and Dan in two steps let later left their free safety in the dust with kind of a dead leg move in picked up twenty eight yards on in on a crucial play for us on a little choice route over the middle and He had four catches yesterday i. think he's a cool blend of short area quickness and incredible power and you know the backstory did a kid you know live with his father and. Siblings and a car for a while when they were in high school and what? I'm most proud about is not just football he he's evolving really cool immensely mature young man's and he. He's just I love being around him and he's is one specifically no question to root for. How is Trent Brown doing? What can you tell me about him? Again it's the same thing he's going for MRI and we're GonNa see what it looks like and we think we're a little bit different when he's in the lineup but you know we need to get them back in the lineup. Okay and The getting us being back in the lineup. Abram. He looked like the kid you drafted. Gessler we're what? Yeah he had a good game I mean I- defensively we need to get a lot better and more detailed. But John Floor rounding at thirteen tackles He's he's a guy we think can be a difference maker and He he really played a good football game yesterday when you say more detailed what? What do you mean by that about your defense me more detailed again without preseason games and with as much youth as we have on our defense, I mean we we might have the. One of the youngest secondaries in the NFL for sure and we just don't have enough live reps yet. So just little things I think there's some talent back there, but we just have to pay attention to the details well now you sitting in your. If you will in black ivory tower of being management the NFL all of us back in the media days that used to be in We're talking right now mike that we don't need preseason football based on how we're seeing week one. What would you say? That are sitting out here saying preseason football should be never returned again, what you say to that couldn't disagree more. And you know you can have the conversation about whether you need four preseason games but but I would say a minimum of two. And I think you Kinda. We learned a lot of lessons I think with the challenges from the draft going forward and I thought the NFL in general and and I think we all embrace the challenges and But but what you don't WanNa do you don't really want to go into the in into the NFL regular season without seeing your young guys tackle on punts? Pump protect special teams. You know we have. Rookies that we cut that we thought were pretty good football players that. Never got a chance to tackle a guy live? And that's not fair. It's not fair to the I mean I understand what you're saying about the fans. But I look at it through a different prism and I, say, it's not fair to the young players who were trying to make a living in this league and it makes it a heck of a lot tougher on the evaluators also you know we're we're trying to. Cut People not cut people and we haven't even seen them. People get tackled yet. So I very much not be in favor of eliminating the entire preseason VEGAS GM Mike Mayor a couple minutes left with him here on the rich Eisen show what's the scoop with Mario to What what what ails him in one can we expect to see him back? To static frequent injury just. And we put them on short-term are which means he'll be back in the next couple of weeks and he should be better than ever and I think we you know when we sign them part of the conversation was he he had had some all season surgery on his ankle and he had to get himself right medically and and that's where we still are trying to get him one hundred percent medically because when he is one hundred percent, he brings a little different dynamic to the table. So getting him in there you think is that what you're saying getting on the field? I'm not saying anything I'm saying we gotta get them right medically. Have you noticed Mike that in this conversation, I've asked you injury news that you definitely don't want to talk about and mixed it in with questions that I thought I could get him on. More. Involved answer from you have you noticed that during this conversation Mike Rich at New Orleans. CIANO I know you see through me. Mike I've you've stared through me before I know I know you see through me. But I just you know I, I'm trying to get information. So you're saying Marcus Mariota it's his ankle that hurts him is that the freak injury? No I. told you all. He's an ankle injury. Okay. So what's the freak injury now but we don't talk about it. Club art so Have you. You know when I worked with Buck showalter, many many moons ago I bring this up because Buck told me he had something specific that he would do when he was the manager and also kind of de facto major Domo of the Arizona diamondbacks about their new stadium. Is there anything you? You put your own finishing touches on that will be seeing next Monday night on the New Stadium Mike Malik. Heck no nothing already designed in in in under construction by the time they hired me so I'm just. Very appreciative I get to work there eventually. So. Is there anything you'd? Like if you told them, I need to have some sort of you know candy sounded like is there anything that you set up for your viewing pleasure in this? Sitting come on. Come on. Really serious. I have no idea I mean we we have an empty stadium. And Open what's not open and to be really honest with you I don't really care what you know. That's not really on my plate. We we got the New Orleans saints who you failed the mentioned so far. Or Monday night football and we're talking about Mike and. Evaluation Process by Mike. Mayock never ceases to amaze art so. So, tell me what challenges did the New Orleans Saints Presents to, your Las Vegas Renders, Mike Look they're one atop the top franchises in this Lake Mickey loomis and Sean Payton it's on an amazing. And everybody wants to talk about drew brees as they should. Alvin. Kamara as they should. But they've got Michael Thomas. They've got weapons on offense I think they're front four. Lead. By Cameron Jordan who probably I don't think he's missed game in nine years and I don't know why people don't talk about him more they. They got four first round defensive linemen and the Mario Davis, would they just paid? is special. This is a challenge for Ross and our young team in our first home game in Vegas. And and I'm really anxious to see whether or not We can stand up to it and and compete. Okay. Are you were Michael. Thomas is officially listed as questionable. High. Ankle sprain injury that he suffered in a freak accident. in the final throes of that game yesterday that while you were flying home, you were that last statement, Colby nothing Monday morning. We have no idea whether or not will be available. Okay. Let it be is and he probably will be special. Where did you put him were used where'd you put him when he came out using us like one of your top receivers coming out of the honesty? ME. Oh you weren't. You didn't have. Are you serious Adam pretty much where the League Adam but obviously, the I had him as a second round pick and that's where he went and He is not. I. Don't think He. He was very happy with I. Think I had them. I could gosh, forty, six or forty, seven, my top one, hundred list that year and I think he went either forty, six or forty, seven, the draft so. All right. So kind of been line with where the League was and we were all way low on them because you know he's he's Incredibly special. All right. So this last one for you because again, obviously, there's no onfield conversations before the game really this year but last year, who is the one that came up to you that remember your evaluation on NFL network as you're on the field for the than Oakland Raiders, general manager who came up to you that you were kind of surprised like this guy action remembered my evaluation from NFL work you remember that one the funny thing is they all do and? And it. It makes for some intriguing conversation and I mean, the guy you know some the older raiders remember my evaluations of them. So it's pretty funny. Mike thanks for the call. How's everything? Life's good. Other West everything. Good. You're settled there in Vegas also my family's health and I have a job and I'm very appreciative of both well be healthy. Be Safe. Congrats in the opener and let's chat down the line. Always a pleasure it right back at Ya you gotta that's MICMAC. Vegas. Raiders. General. Manager, take a break we'll finish up. Set up the rest of the week is will. be saying I told him nothing he didn't tell me anything Dario. This season get football on your time. With NFL game pass. You can catch every snap from game with full game replays in see all of the place in just forty five minutes with condense games you can relive all the gutsy calls, crazy catches, wild comebacks in breakout stars from every game every week, and it's the perfect way to rewatch a game like say chiefs, Texans season, opener, from Thursday, night catching on NFL game pass. It's all the action all the football you can handle all in one place and NFL game pass is really the only place you. Can replay every game all season long you'll also learn from the league's best players over forty NFL game pass film session episodes go inside the game from players perspective as they break down the games concepts and techniques learned from the best like Shawn, Watson Stefan Gilmore by the way, the reigning defensive player of the year devante atoms and many many more NFL game pass also provides access to the entire NFL Films Archive. It's the perfect way to follow NFL SEASON NFL DOT com slash game pass to start your free trial today NFL game pass where football never stops. MIC MAC oven. Allah I by the way. He said based on everybody's telling there was no one had covert on that feel yesterday self there's no one has been covered on the field no one should. And if the if nobody went out and did anything silly then no one should have had it on the field, right? Let's go. I love. Gee. Let's on a week to. I'm glad the NFL's considering to still can still testing everybody on a daily basis including Mike. This? Keep going. That was so great yesterday that was so much fun yesterday by the way Josh Jacobs. Right. Honestly he's on the same field, Christian McCaffrey and he was he was just. As. Dynamic. Yeah Right. Hundred percent. Very, good eight, four, four, two, zero, four, rich number dial will take a call in a second. You're taught running backs Clyde clydes Allaire was the best one of them all in terms of rushing yards. Look at Jacobs. We're welcoming back our radio audience here on the rich Eisen show were showing all the top running backs. Naim hines is going to have a little bit more to do. It. Right. Now can brown. Was the running back of choice last night in the red zone in the red zone. He moster nobody hits his goal posts on the opposing Gopro not hits his head on the opposing goal posts quite like him. He took that pass for eighty yards. I know for sure. So mayock didn't tell us anything injury was now nothing nothing nothing. But. He did say what Matt Nagy said it anybody who sits here and says, we're done with preseason football. We're not gonNA see it anymore that ain't going to happen. Because evaluators like mayock and evaluate is head coaches will be basically saying that we're we're not gonNA do that again. And he's interesting point that sounds like may I always talk about kids having opportunities in the NFL when he was sitting with me on a draft set like you when he would get irate that we would go back to the? Finger pointing had to announce the latest colts pick and he's ready to give the the kid who just gotten picked up in the draft his do. He would always get livid about that. Him basically saying he cut players they kind of liked who he never got to see tackle and a lot game. and. That's not fair as he said. Okay Chris Brockman. The final polls over there that you have if you don't mind what do you got for me yes. We're looking at the biggest shock from the sports Sunday had a couple NFL Games on there and nuggets forcing game seven. jags spoiling Philip Rivers Indianapolis to thirty seven Percent Nuggets Force game seven, thirty, two percent bears huge comeback win twenty five, percent Tom. Brady, says Bucks debut seven percent. There you go. Mike in Washington state I've got about a minute for you. What's up Mike. Hey, what's going on? How are you? Sir, what's up? Hey, I just really really really appreciate your knowledge on football. So I've kind question about the NFC west go forty Hawk like what with the seahawks Jamaa Adams obviously off by wagner saying and stuff like that. But like what did you see Kinda like last year we ran a three linebacker set now run a lot more safeties and we're kind of coming in there. We had a bunch of no names, not necessarily no names but I'm the nickle package just covering. What did you see where you could see were facing a really tough Atlanta teams. God. Bless you. got. To See the all twenty two of the game nor nor do I normally watch y'all twenty two I love that you. You're asking me such XS and Os on what I read and what I saw with my own two eyes when I was trying to keep an eye on that game because I was going against Matt Ryan and fantasy and I have decay metcalf I'm being straight honest with your I love that you call all twenty two and this is the responsibility that that it did look like they were doing a lot different. Stuff with Jamal Adams than anything that they have done in recent years and certainly it caught Atlanta a little bit on its heels because they would know Pete Carroll hasn't really changed his defense for anybody or anything. And you know you had Dan Quinn who knows that team and it did seem to be in. Thank you for the call. It did seem like they were caught a little bit unawares. And we will see you know Falcons had some banged up players and you've got also the fact that Jamal Adams is new there and they're just letting him go. The same way that that caused friction with the jets P. Carols like Atta. Boy. That's cold. What's called? Coach. And you know, Matt Ryan just racked up the arts and that thing was toast. The game is over the jail. Jello if you will was jiggling to use a famous phrase here in Los, Angeles? Nice. There was I say this evening, Sir Yeah what he got. I say the steelers and the Titans with the to Rhode teams though that that's just I. I'm still thinking the Broncos. As you know, the broncos were my where my they were my sleeper team I just cortlandt Sutton and von. Miller are if you had to choose one from each side of the ball, not named the quarterback out, that's who I would choose it would be very difficult for them to win without. It's tough to travel. As you just heard Kenyan saying I want to thank him Matt Nagy Chris Fowler and Mike Mayock Tomorrow Mike, Florio, Erin Andrews, and more as we talk about the Monday night game. Plural. But I really like the steelers tonight. And I need want to go off from my fantasy. Looking forward to drew lock. I'm looking forward to drew lock to. Go. So. I think Denver Winston I. So my final predictions are steelers and Titans. Chris Myers for more than three decades covered some of the biggest events in sports and talk with some of the most fascinating personalities. But now I want to invite you to join me for my new podcast. The Chris Myers interview on podcast one covered a lot of events world series, red sox socks breaking through at their time. The Super Bowl as recently as mahomes in the chiefs coming back against the forty niners was grabbed brady after that tremendous comeback against the Falcons in the Super Bowl of times the eighty nine earthquake world series that rock the bay bridge and I. It's active Oj Simpson live after both of his. Trials and on the air through the one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, six, Atlanta Olympic bombings informing people as best we could at the time we'll go in depth on stories past president future to the effect of the world of sports and everybody in and around it from current athletes hall favors and some people you and I know hope you tune in to see a Chris Myers interview on Apple Podcast podcast one and spotify. Napa know. This month Napa. Got All kinds of motor oil deals that can save you some serious cash like a five court judge of NAPA, full synthetic motor oil for just sixteen, forty, nine with savings. Bet You may start feeling like a VIP but don't let it go to your head. These oil deals are for everyone quality parts helpful people that's NAPA know how? Generous Pricey sales price not include applicable state local taxes recycled these offerings eight, thirty, one to one.

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