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Hello, and welcome to the daily beans for Wednesday August nineteenth twenty twenty today volume five of the Senate Intelligence Committee Russia Investigation Counterintelligence report is out Roger Stone has dropped his appeal the postmaster general suspense changes until after the election but I don't believe him you shouldn't either but he has agreed to testify before the Senate this Friday a private security company is detaining migrant children and keeping them in hotels Mike Bloomberg pledges sixty million dollars to help house. Democrats US states seek two point two, trillion dollars about oxycontin maker, Purdue Pharma and Esperer says twenty two, billion dollar cut to military healthcare is in order I'm your host G. and with me today's Jordan Coburn. Hello Oh. Besides the heat and humidity. How are you? I'm doing very well considering those things in the absence of this good. Yes. Good. Oh me too. Today was a big day for us volume five came out. And That's the counterintelligence report or if you. Will Cover the highlights but if you want to know what the report says, go listen to the entire entire muller she wrote podcast from beginning to end you'll get it off should only take you about two and a half years. How long was I going? That's a thousand pages. But. I'm still poring through it but I haven't really seen anything that. We didn't cover Marco. Rubio of course, is trying to spin it and we'll. We'll talk a little bit about that, and then we have some reactions to the Democratic National Convention from last night, and of course, all the headlines from under the radar and our listeners submitted good news stories, and this week we have our happy hour meet-and-greet but it's been moved from Friday. Four Pacific to Saturday morning at eleven am Pacific Time That's eleven am Pacific time for patrons and then we open it up to the public at noon and the theme is Brunch and we will see you there. I'm excited about it And then we are going to go on vacation for a week, but you will still get content and news and maybe news, but mostly content, and there'll be shows for you to listen to. which were working on putting this together. But gave birth. Yeah. Going on. But we do have a lot of news to get to. So let's dot notes. Pot notes. All right. So lead story big big big big story volume five counterintelligence version Arab. Portion. Of. The. Senate Intel Committee. Report on their investigation into trump Russia. And some of the highlights here first of all. Let's talk about Paul Manafort. the report found that Paul? Manafort began working on influence operations for Oleg Dera Pasta and other pro Russian Ukrainian oligarchs in two thousand and four. Check. manafort hired and worked closely with Russian national constant, Kalinic whom the committee definitively calls a Russian intelligence officer that served as a liaison between him and oleg their. Pasta. And in the Miller report the they say they hint at it but they never said call him directly a Russian. Intelligence officer they do here. On numerous occasions, manafort sought to pass sensitive internal polling data and campaign strategy to Kalinic the committee was unable to determine why or what Kalinic did with that information in part due to the pair's use encrypted messaging. APPs however, we know and we reported that it was downloaded. You know. From person to person on Oleg Deripaska yacht a Nussey RIPKA got a video of it and Navarro name the opposition to. To Putin at the time had released that video. And he went to jail paid for it. Yeah, he sure did. The committee did however obtain some information suggesting may have been connected to Russia's hacking and leaking of democratic emails, and that's that whole section there detailing those findings is like really redacted and very interesting and I i. WanNa know why but the bottom line here according to axios taking a whole manafort's high level access and willingness to share information with individuals closely affiliated with Russian intelligence services. Particularly, Kalinic and Associates Derek Pasta represented a grave counter intelligence threat. The committee wrote. So one conclusion from this report is that trump's campaign chair was eight grave counter intelligence threat cool check. A next Roger Stone. The committee found that trump and senior campaign officials attempted to obtain advanced information about wikileaks released damaging emails from Roger Stone they believed had inside information. It also assessed that trump spoke with stone about wikileaks on multiple occasions despite the fact that the president said he did not recall doing. So in written answers to Special Counsel Muller, we've talked about that a zillion times that's obstruction of justice. In July twenty sixteen stone drafted tweets for trump at his request that attacked Clinton for her adversarial posture towards Russia and mentioned a new peace deal with Putin. And the committee also found significant evidence to suggest it wikileaks was knowingly collaborating with Russian. Government officials, wikileaks founder. Julian, assange has long denied that the source of the hacked e mails was Russia member. He was like Guja for trump was like four hundred pound guy in the basement. That's that whole. So, there's there's that proof. Projecting much. Okay. Yeah. And then the two thousand sixteen trump tower meeting the committee found junior expected to receive derogatory information. It would benefit the campaign from a person he knew was connected to the Russian government but that no information was ultimately transmitted to participants at the meeting Veselnitskaya and not mention had far more extensive and concerning ties to the Russian government than previously known including Russian intelligence. So when you know back in the day when we were like, they're totally connected. Russian intelligence and we were guessing. Right when they retire like back in the Russian adoption talk days and stuff. Yeah we're like Oh Veselnitskaya isn't have connections to the to the the Kremlin. Yes. Yes. She does Rob Goldstone. Yeah. Even said like she was the crown prosecutor whatever the fuck which is not the correct term but direct ties to the Kremlin and and now we've got the proof Y- anybody that's described and self-described. Wash say self described but definitely was being described consistently in the media's like a Kremlin attorney obviously is going to have ties to intelligence because that's how Russia operates. Everybody wants your what's your up in that ring? You're connected to all of the agencies because it's like pseudo authoritarian set up there where everyone that has any sort of powers all connected in on the same page and moving you know the same. Way Yet. Yeah and It was obvious to us, and now here we got here it is check. So check that up next up Michael Cohen Bunch. Of Shit, we already knew the report found that You know that second trump tower Moscow deal that Cohen reached out to the Kremlin directly to the Russian government assistance about building a trump tower in Moscow. Cohen kept trump updated on the progress while these negotiations were going on trump made positive public comments about Putin connected with his presidential campaign. And Cohen made. Contact January twenty sixteen with Dmitry Peskov reported to trump that he had done. So attempts to advance this deal stopped in the summer twenty sixteen. That's the first trump tower. So it meanwhile trump was lying to the public about it. So we we were like Yup that happened in. The Senate agrees with us then. Trump transition Russia took advantage of members of the trump transition teams relative inexperience in government opposition to Obama administration policies and trump's desire to deepen ties with Russia to pursue unofficial channels through which Russia could conduct diplomacy. the transition team repeatedly took action. That had the potential and sometimes the effect of interfering with Obama Administration diplomatic efforts including former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's conversation with the former Russia and Russian ambassador. Oh. Okay. So so flynn light okay. Got It and there was material here it is okay. Cool. Right and they say that they were they were you know exploiting their ignorance basically just as people that had like. No experience in government even if they did have experienced in government, those people wouldn't give shits if they were going through back channels. That's not that that them having no experience only served to give them a like plausible excuse for not having you know in quotes known the law you know when it comes to Dj and Shit like that. It's like they don't fucking care either way. It's just so yeah. Yeah, and this and this blows Sydney Pal in Michael Flynn's mandate argument out of the water completely by by them saying this lie to the FBI wasn't material. This proves that it was. And then together, all like all five volumes of the report represent three years of investigative activity hundreds of witness interviews, engagements, millions of pages of document review, and open close hearings. The committee conducted follow up interviews with Cohen Kushner, Junior Podesta State Department official, Jonathan, winer that's one of the architects of the Iran nuclear deal which were necessary after the committee developed additional information since the initial review that required clarification from these witnesses. So come back in, we need to talk to you and the committee said it was limited in some aspects of its investigation by assertions of executive privilege including members of the trump transition team quote the committee was surprised by these assertions because there were made inconsistently and because they have no basis in law. No. Marco Rubio says, we can say without any hesitation the committee found no evidence that Donald trump or his campaign colluded with the Russian government. What the? Sick of having this same argument over and over and over and over again it's so infuriating. And then. Mark Warner the You know the. co-chair, the did the Democratic Chair says nearly thousand pages volume five stanzas the most comprehensive examination of ties between Russia and the trump campaign to date a breathtaking level of contacts between trump officials and Russian government operatives. That is a very real counter intelligence threat to our elections. This can happen again. So we have two different spins and obviously bar. At the Justice, Department investigated Burr the former chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Republican share. WHO'D May. have. A different view on this he didn't sign off on this report he had to step down because he was being investigated there were several other senators. Who had also made similar odd stockdale's right before a covert hit or as they new covid was gonna hit member with that secret briefing but none of them. None of those investigations continued burr and Burr had to step down and I these are just beans. But Hey, if my entire you know a podcast and your entire everything, we ever talked about Jordan if all that was just beings beings come true and my beans. Are. that. What happened here is that they got burned out of their put Rubio in told Rubio to spin it and say, no collusion look no collusion and and that's the reason they actually put this two page addendum on at the end of the thousand page report where they disputed the findings, Rubio disputed the findings. and. So I think that's why this didn't come out. On time it was supposed to come out before the Senate was took their recess. So that's what I think happened. They shoved him in there got borough output in. Rubio, made them right this two page addendum I don't know what they've got on him. And said, you know added sticking on their spin it put out a video and we'll try to put wink the public like we did with the Miller report you know the restaurant chain Rubio's I'm not kidding I used to frequent that place so much and now I, can't anymore I literally can't even though it's entirely unrelated even just the thought of supporting something. With the name Rubio, I cannot stomach it literally. Poor reviews. I lucky. Lucky for them known is as insane as I am but Yeah Marco Rubio's affected worst he's always I. Can't. I. Always think of Cameron Caskey to when I think of him in that town hall. Any just like. That exchange that they had if I'm remembering correctly on on gun violence that CNN put on your remember that yeah he used to such a horrible job at like navigating answering any of those questions in the wake of just like set of trashy that just fucking sex get him the fuck. Out Yes agreed yes. Agreed Great Recap of all of that. That was a lot. Thank you and there's and there's a lot more. I mean there's a thousand pages of this but you know if everyone's like, please explain it to us. We did for the last two and a half years on that other podcast that we've finished. It's all in there. In fact, our podcast even goes Z.. Steps beyond in some cases where where this report might say, Oh, and they had like individual four and like individual forests Clovis or sin or you know like I, know who the unnamed or you know. People are I can probably take guesses at what's behind the reductions all that's in the Miller she wrote God cast but. It is a day of Day of vindication for those of us who have been listening and following along since the beginning Especially when the entire Republican Party all the trump supporters are trying to gaslight us saying that we were insane. We're not. We were right. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I have a question that I'm sure you've answered at some point over the last three years. But. Now that we are, you know in two, thousand, twenty and Russian interferes is one hundred percent continuing to happen when we're talking about reductions and we know that things get redacted sometimes due to an ongoing investigation. Is it possible in general This is just more general question. If. You. Can it be considered an ongoing investigation of literally doesn't stop because the crime doesn't stop. Or would or would we have to assume that these cases would have to close and then be reopened in the context of same shit? Different Day are you asking? Is that why? There's so many reductions in this report maybe not is that why it necessarily but is that something? That's even like legally do you know if that's that's a reason for keeping an investigation ongoing maybe like in general I was just thinking that. As a as a legal question in general like when it comes to this is. A Senate counterintelligence investigation and not a criminal investigation. and. So No, you wouldn't have to not. End One start another one too to keep it going I. Mean I I I'm assuming the counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference is always ongoing. But I mean there are several reasons that you would. redact certain things right. And for example, like all these people who lied to Congress that we learn about in this report and that we knew about already those made been made as criminal referrals to different US attorneys offices, and then they have to redact that because that's harm to an ongoing investigation. Sure but. I mean as far as. Election or Fahrenheit. Crossfire Hurricane is probably twenty sixteen election interference and twenty twenty election interference probably has a different codename right. Got It. Yeah I guess. They the the Senate's when when they redact things. There's so many so many different reasons that they get to just like ominously half her redacting things Yeah and what I'm guessing in in in these particular cases are either sources methods. For example, like how they collected the information on Kalinic, they don't WanNa tell anybody that because they don't want Russia to know how we knew and then there's probably like I said, they probably made a lot of criminal referrals out of this investigation which are probably sitting somewhere going nowhere. about people who lied to the Committee Like we talked about when we got that information about Bannon and junior and Clovis and everyone the letters from Senate making criminal referrals to the Department of Justice that they lied those came from this investigation right and so you know those would be redacted somewhere redacted in the Miller report their redacted. They would be redacted anywhere that that information came up because those aren't resolved cases. Basically I'm wondering is, are we gonNA have to go through and wait for so much fucking lager for? Them to just like investigate this the exact same behavior but just in a different context or can they just keep the floodgates open and like just keep keep it keep it moving the investigations that are still going the criminal ones are the counterintelligence ones both I don't know I don't know enough about the rules to know what difference either would make. Yeah. No me neither but I mean counterintelligence stuff. No, there's never a crime, right? It's just a determination if there's a threat to national security. And so we've got that here. Yes, metaphor it was a threat to national security that the Democrats believe trump was a threat to national security based on all these contacts. But as far as I mean criminal referrals and stuff like that It's going to be these specific crimes. It's going to be what Roger Stone did in two, thousand, sixteen it's going to be what? Donald trump junior told Congress. And so if Donald trump junior lies to them again, you basically supersede the indictment open a new investigation or the investigation is still open but you know but shut know or you know if you close it and then open another one because well, we're not looking at two thousand sixteen we're looking at a Sherwani now. That that's kind of how I I assume that would. Go, but it makes sense and that's exactly what I was enquiring about. Thank you. Yeah. Word we gotta take a quick break. Says all this shit yeah. Treason word. Route We're GONNA take a quick break, and then we're GONNA come back with some headlines from under the radar. So stick stick with us. would be bad. Hey, everybody it's G in today's episode of daily beans is brought to you by Sun. Basket with so many of us practicing social distancing and trying to eat healthy while being at home I have found the perfect service sun basket. 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Tuesday after facing just like tons and tons and tons of mounting pressure by literally everybody whoever has hurt his name or anything he's ever done He's he's caved kind of saying that he's going to suspend the changes initiatives to the post office that were just like clearly a blatant. Whether or not you want to say that you believe trump was directing him to do this or not. It was just absolutely going to affect the effectiveness of USPS and their ability to. Conduct the mail in process for this election. So he said he's going to. He's just given his word at this point that they're going to roll back doing the things that they were doing. We were seeing things like post office boxes being. Taken a locked up mail sorting machines gone things being reduced just all of these cuts into rollbacks that. It? Completely the wrong timing for those things to happen he's been trying to hide behind this reason that it's just because the it was necessary change for the US ps to continue because of their budget issues but he's getting called on that relentlessly he set to testify before Senate Committee on. Friday And the House Oversight Committee next week and he is just GonNa get grilled his asking again So grilled and I'm looking forward to that I know I can't wait until Katie porter like breaks out the whiteboard and pulls out her fucking markers and does her thing I love Katie Puerto. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah and he said that he's doing he's doing the. Rollback to avoid this equipped to avoid even the appearance of any impact on election mail and quote, which is a good call if he is saying that with any amount of earnestness because it has a horrible appearance as I've stated as the whole country has been stating, he's also being sued by a fuck ton of states twenty one right now to be exact. There's so so many cases being being brought against him. There's one filed on. Tuesday. In Federal Court in Washington, that's arguing the postal service broke the law by making operational changes without first getting approval from the Postal Regulatory Commission. They're also arguing changes are going to impede stability to run free and fair elections, and officials. This is coming from officials from several state attorneys, General General's offices they're reporting to the Washington Post. So Constitution gives states and Congress not the executive branch power to regulate election. So that's the lens data some of these lawsuits are going to be happening through. Yeah Wow yeah. Well. He's also. Appearing would appear before the Senate on Friday they added that, and then he'll be talking to the house on Monday and. If I if I were them, I wouldn't just because like you said he's come out and announced I won't make any changes all stop what I've done. He's already kind of too late like you already fucked it up. Are Males already slow and like I don't trust him to do what he says he's going to do no. No, and I think that's what people are going to keep pushing fours for for some some sort of people are requesting from from the courts something that would mandate that he not be able to do that because right now it is just word. Yeah, and they're also I think I know the domes are working on some legislation to put a clean bill of funding for the USPS through and they're putting rules attached to that money because like we talked about yesterday, you don't WanNa give twenty five billion dollars to a guy who's going to light it on fire and Piss on the ashes. So. You know you put like regulations like you have to spend it on this put the put the sorting machines back stopped being a prick You know you have to guarantee us that all the ballots will be counted in handled properly it's shit like that. Hopefully. It'll pass hopefully it'll pass. Yeah. Definitely I mean it's one of those things that should have bipartisan support to but of course, it won't. It OUGHTA. Here's a couple of things I. Just wanted to play really quick from the convention last night. One of my favorite parts Michelle Obama was. Incredible and Bernie Sanders. Give a great speech, full throated backing of Joe Biden. But there was this woman named. Kristen, or Kiza. and. She's the one. Let's listen to a couple of clips really quick. I'm Chris Dinner Keesa. I'm one of the many who has lost a loved one to cove Ed. My Dad Mark Anthony or Keesa should be here today. But he isn't. He had faith in Donald Trump. He voted for him listen to him believed him and his mouthpieces when they said that corona virus was under control and going to disappear. That it was okay to end social distancing rules before it was safe. And if you had no underlying health conditions, you'd probably be fine. My Dad was a healthy sixty, five year old his only pre existing condition was trusting Donald Trump, and for that he paid with his life. The coronavirus has made it clear that there are two Americas. The America that Donald Trump lives in and the America that my father died in. An. Me Away. Trump obviously our thoughts. Father. SORTA faded so much worse just went after trump complete. Management of. Data driven rifts so great. So powerful friends claiming, yeah. It was really hard core always watching that like damn. We need cheaters. fucking. Day on in. Line now, rightfully. So I mean her her dad's dead because he trusted him. And it's like. It's so sad there's there's so many stories like that. Too I've read stories of. There is one guy who went to covid nineteen party that somebody was having. And he got sick and died and on his deathbed, he told one of the hospital workers just like. Fuck. This thing is for real. It's like. Yeah this is so sad. So tragic that people. It's like. I don't understand how messaging has been allowed to come out. That would lead people to believing you know this is this is some game that. That people will I do know how because the president of the United States is coming out and saying that and having a having her come on their in have such a strong. unapologetic. You know just like giving zero fucks I think was a super smart move by the DNC and sometimes I was sitting there listening her like. I try to think of things how other people that may not have the same views me would would receive something and I was trying to make the assessment of like you know doesn't come off as a bit maybe taking advantage of her situation on the part or something or or like dramatic in any way to someone that might not like I said to have the same kind of understanding and feeling as I do and I just kept answering. No absolutely not because all of this everything that she saying is one hundred percents. True and checking out it's not dramatic at all. It's a horrible situation that so many Americans are in it. It's like it's not dramatic at all. It's what's actually happening. Yeah Yeah. And it was a very powerful message I also thought bringing in a bunch of former trump voters was very powerful I. I don't subscribe to any who's mad that there's a bunch of former Republicans and current Republicans that are going to be speaking Colin. Powell's GONNA speak. Tonight. Meghan McCain McCain Cindy McCain is gonNA endorse Joe Biden. That's John. McCain's late John. McCain's wife. She's GonNa give a speech about how great friends they were and but seriously the end of the night speech. I do also want to say, I love this format. This particular convention has had twenty eight, million I think was how many tuned into it and all these record for. People watching a convention at the for the Democrats were it was ten point six million. If I if I get those numbers wrong, you can send me a correction but Michelle Obama fuck and threw it down I. I was really touched by her clarification about the old Obama family motto when they go low we go. Hi. Because we tend to, you know when we say that Matthew fucking whitaker is big Dick Toilet wine or you know. High. But she. But she put this clarification out there and she reminded us that going high includes standing fierce against hate. And that sort of made me feel a lot better about. The way we handle things around here. At the daily begins and muller she wrote because. That's kind of that's what we're doing. So it was like A. Punch Nazis. That's still the high road buck. Yeah. Thank you Michelle but I also really liked. Project Lincoln tweeted out we go low. So you don't have to and that I thought cracked me I thought that was really funny. But I wanted to listen to this Michelle Obama she fucking. Let's just not tweet but this Klis. Listened to. Michelle Obama. So, let me be as honest and clear as I possibly can. Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head. He cannot meet this moment. He's simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. It is what it is. Now, understand that my message won't be heard by some people. We live in a nation. That is deeply divided and I am a black woman speaking at the Democratic convention. But enough of you know me by now. You know that I tell you exactly what I'm feeling. You know I hate politics. But you also know that I care about this nation. You know how much I care about all of our children. So. If you take one thing from my words tonight, it is this. If you think things cannot possibly get worse trust me they can, and they will if we don't make a change in this election. If we have any hope of ending this chaos we have got to vote for Joe, Biden, like our lives depend on it. So yeah. She just threw. It is what it is right back into trump's face and she she had this look on her face when she did it in this gleaming awry when she said it and it was the he is absolutely the wrong person for this for us at it is what it is and I I wish dislike I stood up and Yelled it was so I thought that was great. But we'll keep watching the DNC and reporting back and playing clips for you but I really love this format I know it's we're doing it because of a massive global crisis in part and Major part caused by the president were trying to get out of office but I really do like this format I? Think it's wonderful. And this is news to member member when we got Mike Bloomberg money offered to us when he was running for president and he wanted to run ads first presidency and we turned down like a boatload of cash and we're like not can't do it. Well, and then everyone's been wondering where his money is. Well, he has now said he plans to spend sixty million to which is nothing to him couch chains to strengthen the Democratic House majority in November roughly matching the money invested in flipping control of the house in two thousand eighteen, and this is according to a Bloomberg adviser familiar with the plans This is digital television digital and television ads to defend some of the twenty freshmen Democrats. He helped win in two thousand eighteen along with spending aimed at defeating additional Republican comments, and the new money goes to several groups. Including Revival of Bloomberg's old political vehicle, independence USA and donations to the House majority PAC, which is a group associated with house speaker. Pelosi. And So that's he's he's now he's going to give money over to the House I wish he would give them more to the Senate we really need to flip the Senate but we do need to retain the house as well. So yeah, Anyway Nancy's what's what's going on with with Bloomberg these days. So yeah, good to see him resurfacing in that headline not something like Bloomberg buses way into the race after lobbying lawmakers to change the rule so he can do so shitting on everyone's life. That could have. We could. We could seen something like that. Just kidding probably not. But who knows the bounds of money are unfortunately limitless in this country but yes. Up to Bloomberg for using his money in a objectively good way for sure that is that is read I wish more billionaires and millionaires with that that be awesome. Alright my turn. Yeah. Go for it. Perfect. I got a couple of quick stories here Okay. So this is a shady story trump administration. They have been using major hotel chains to detain children and families that are taken into custody at the border, and this is being done impart as you know so they have this in March they enacted this border policy where they were just GonNa? Stop Processing. People that were crossing the border including asylum seekers under the you guys in reason that they didn't want to press them into a detention center because I would increase the likelihood that they would transmit covid nineteen and they would be putting the contact with other migrants in workers at those facilities and so you know the plan was they were just going to send them back to their home countries Right away basically, and they said that you know they they their idea was at that was going to deter people from trying to cross over because the punitive actions were you know pretty much in a sense lifted relatively and less they came over and they found that they had a criminal history. But what they actually wound up doing was because of those lack of of punitive measures relatively again, the whole thing is you're stuck in horrible, but it's actually just resulted in more people coming. Over right now, that's what's being reported by New York Times, and so one of the things that they're doing, they're detaining children and families that are taken into custody at the border at these private hotel chains in what it's doing is making it. So it's impossible to make sure that those spaces are being regulated and it's creating what New York Times called a shadow system of detention and swift expulsions without the safeguards that are intended to protect the most vulnerable migrants. That's a direct quote so. This is. being facilitated by some private parties and it it's just there's more than one hundred thousand migrants including children and families that have been summarily expelled. From the country and it's it's something that's just really scary because you know the regulation in those facilities previously were already a massive problem in terms of safety and whether or not people were being taken care of in afforded any sort of human rights whatsoever. So this is a system now that is allowing. People to really go into the dark and the accountability is not there and it's just it's just frightening. Granted, the conditions of hotels are you know maybe objectively a little bit better in some ways than the cement cold walls that that they're detained in otherwise but with that also comes that lack of regulation lack of access to phone calls resources. There's like hardly any hope at this point of tracking children it that that element is even worse. So this is something that you might hear people try to spin and say is like a better alternative but I I really think. That is not the case none of what none of how they're handling. This is a better alternative no. Yeah. No family separations policies. From top to bottom fucked up and like you said and and like we talked about before, if any of these private contractors do anything untoward or illegal, it's way harder to hold them to account. Because they're not government. Yeah and my final quick headline us states have claimed their owed two point two trillion dollars to address the damage that has been caused by oxycontin maker Purdue Pharma LP's role in the US opioid epidemic accusing them of pushing prescription pain relievers onto doctors and patients alike, and minimizing the risk that that presented for abuse and overdose. So this is Produce. You know they've claimed bankruptcy in the wake of all these lawsuits and it's Just. It's just. They suck and I hope that they have to pay a lot CA. They've made Americans pay. So. Many pharmaceutical companies have already had to pay these settlements in. So we'll keep you posted on that one for sure two point two, trillion with a t It's quite a bit. final. Headline from under the radar and this is my wheelhouse. Aspirin you know the. Secretary of Defense, he wants to cut twenty two billion from military healthcare Pentagon officials working on Defense Secretary Mark Cost Cutting Review have proposed slashing military healthcare by two point two, billion, not twenty, two, billion skis me two point two, billion This is a reduction that comes. On the heels of a lot of people trying to privatize the military health system and some defense officials say it could effectively gut the Pentagon's health care system a pandemic. The proposed cut to the military health system over the next five years as part of a sweeping effort initiated last year to eliminate inefficiencies within the Pentagon coffers. But to senior defense officials, say the effort has been rushed and driven by an arbitrary cost savings goal. meaning that's not why they're doing it and they argue the cuts to the system will imperil the healthcare of millions of military personnel and their families. As we grapple with cove nineteen aspirin, his deputies have argued that America's private health system can pick up the slack imagine that they want the private health system to pick up the slack now. Roughly nine point, five, million active duty personnel, military retirees, and their dependents rely on the military health system, which is the military's sprawling government run healthcare framework that operates hundreds of facilities around the world. The military health system also provides care through tricare and try care enables military personnel and their families to obtain civilian healthcare outside of military networks. It also allows. Active duty service members, and their families to obtain care at Veterans Administration veteran's affairs hospitals the Va.. As part of the network provider to and it used to be the rule was you, you would send them to the va I because it's cheaper and the care is better than going to a private doctor. This is what my job was at the Va. I was embedded with the tricare regional office in the west region. There was only two of me in the country east region and west region I helped oversee the tricare contracts and help do the network stuff for the VA I was I worked for the va but I was embedded with trumpcare and dod. And that's because the VA is a network provider and should. Should beware tricare beneficiaries go before they see healthcare in the private sector and the reason is like I said. When veterans go out to the private sector or when military families and try care beneficiaries brought to the private sector the care is not as good and that is there are multiple multiple studies, white papers that I helped put out that are on that. And it costs two three sometimes ten times as much and it's rife with fraud. From these private doctors not from military members or veterans they overcharge. The. Government. For example, there was one place charging nine thousand, six hundred dollars for breast pumps that cost thirty two dollars and we were able to find that. Now this is clear move. This is a move to privatize care and move. This is a move. Republicans have been after for years same with the va they want to privatize the VA that's why you know Donald. Extended the choice program which allows veterans to go outside into the private sector for care. He didn't. He didn't come up with that idea was an emergency measure put into place back in two thousand fourteen when the waitlisted va were. So long that the you know the Senate committee on Veterans Affairs and everybody was like we need to let them out to the private sector will do this for a couple of years until we get caught up and invest another ten billion va to make sure that we don't have these problems again. Trump extended it because he likes to privatize VA and the idea here was to keep active duty service military members going to the base, the military treatment facilities to care but kick their families off and send them to private sector. Private doctors again at great taxpayer cost and much less quality of healthcare a move I opposed vehemently while I was at the Va.. But these proposed health cuts in the second generation of the defense wide review would degrade military hospitals as well to the point that they would no longer be able to sustain the current training pipeline for the military's medical force, and this potentially necessitates something akin to a draft of civilian medical workers into the military. Because the way that military doctors keep their chops up to go out to war and go out to the field is they do at these military treatment facilities and if they. Closed that down, there's no more training. There's no more doctors than they. WanNa go out to the private sector and hire a bunch of private doctors. Do you see where I'm going there trying to privatize this this this health system and I won't stand for it though I don't work there anymore. But? Anyway. We will be right back. I'm going to have a quick chat with Andrew Torres about Roger Stone who has just decided. He doesn't want to appeal his case anymore since his sentence has been commuted and we'll find out why there is a definitive answer. So stay with us. Hey everybody it's so many everyday tasks are more stressful and challenging these days. But seeing a doctor should not be that is why I use plush care plush provides primary and urgent healthcare through virtual appointments. Scheduling appointment is. So. Easy. Even if it's the same day I just pick a slot that works for me. Click book it online done I don't waste time on hold. Talking on the phone or sitting in crowded waiting rooms, which is not a- probably the wisest thing to do right now with covid. But with my membership I can see my doctor from the comfort of my own home in my onesies if I want to and you know diagnosed treated and get a prescription sent to my local pharmacy, and I could do that all within minutes avenue questions I can send unlimited messages to my care team anytime plus plush care accepts most major insurance carriers and is available in all fifty states and with how difficult things are if you're feeling anxious depressed or stressed about what's going on. In. The World Plus Care Doctors are here to help they can discuss treatment options and provide prescriptions. As needed. I can tell you personally my `push care experiences been super easy signing up breeze only took a minute. It's been so convenient very user friendly, and I, was immediately comfortable with my doctor. All plush care doctors graduated from one of the top fifty med schools in the country and they're highly rated by their patients that gives me peace of. Mind that I'm getting high quality healthcare `push care makes it easy for me to get the excellent care I need when? I need it and they can do the same for you. So Start Your membership today, go to plush care dot com slash daily beans to start your free thirty day trial. That's P. L. U. S. H. A. R. E. DOT COM slash daily beans for a free thirty day trial again plus care dot com slash daily beans. All right everybody. Welcome back. So Roger Stone not to be outdone by everything else that happened. Today is back in the news and he has dropped his appeal. He was appealing his case when his sentence was commuted by trump and joining us today to help hash out why he would do. That is real life lawyer host of the opening arguments podcast my friend Andrew Torres. How are you? Today is a day. I'm good. How are you? I'm fantastic I think. Weird feeling yeah. We we have. Essentially you know an an annotated version of your podcast being released by the Senate Intelligence Committee. So and that, and by the way Richard Burr the chair, the Republican Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee is the person I had flagged as you know, sort of the lookout guard atop Yodel Mountain. Yeah and boy at I was. A swing and a miss on that one Well, no, you might have been right had he not been investigated and subsequently stepped down from his position. Now we've got Marco Rubio coming out and doing the the bill bar dance like he did like Bill Barham for the mole report Marco Rubio doing for the Senate intelligence counterintelligence report. So I want to emphasize the attack on Marco Rubio joined the two thousand sixteen Republican presidential primaries was vis is a lazy underachiever whose bad at his job and does not show up to vote in the Senate and I want to point out. That pattern continues right like I do not know why Marco Rubio is a United States senator. He doesn't appear to enjoy the job he doesn't show his his. His non show break. is N Times the national average I mean you just he just doesn't care and I do not understand if you were a Florida voter house, you can vote for him but. Yeah. I don't get it either. But that's a side. Note side note. Yes. Trump is a counterintelligence problem Manafort was counterintelligence threat side note to that Roger Stone who came up several times today. He's dropped his appeal as unexpectedly dropped the appeal of his seven federal felony convictions. This is less than an hour before the midnight deadline that they were going to be. You know they had to file their first brief laying out there grounds for challenging stones, convictions and seeking a new trial. So he but right before the deadline, he had to turn in his reasons he turned in that he. Is, dropping, his appeal at did he did he not want to spend the money or did he think that may be trump's pardon promised that everyone talked about last night was for So. Here's it'd be okay answer to that. I don't know how to put myself inside the head of anyone in trump world, right? That's that's not a place I enjoy living I I can't figure it out. This was a foregone conclusion that today was going to happen. And here's walk. What Donald Trump did was commute the sentence of Roger We talked about this that leaves the conviction intact Eh, but he just says you've served enough time right and a commutation can range from what happened here, which was not only wiping away the entire sentence before Roger. Stone had had set foot in prison. But also you know expunging the twenty thousand dollar fine imposed on it IM- expunging seven hundred dollars special assessment rank. So you know if you have. Your three listeners, my three listeners who have friends who are struggling trump world like you know all right. You WanNa make the argument well, Roger Stone's two hundred years old and he learned his lesson like, did you really have to also wipe out the twenty thousand, seven, hundred dollars in fines that he could have easily paid that that seems something but but look like a commutation can't be can range from partial right could have condition did this This was in its entirety but like for example, one of the things that Barack Obama did that no president has done before or since was commute over a thousand sentences of non violent drug offenders rotting away in federal prison, right and typically what happened there was the the sentences were commuted down from mandatory minimums of years, juniors to a couple of months with supervised probation right like I. It's really sort of sensible. So All of that happened and and and stone inexplicably claimed that he was still going to repeal because you know he was innocent Here's the reason that's unbelievably fucking stupid right because if he won on appeal the the remedy you get when you win at the appellate court level is your prior your trial is thrown out and they order a new one. So. That and the commutation doesn't affect that at all right. That's not a prospective get out of jail free card right that says on. Sentence. A right. You've now served the entirety of all the government thinks you have to serve on sentence if the conviction that resulted in sentence. is thrown out. You get a whole new trial and at the end of that whole new trial if you're found guilty again which Duh of course you would be. Then you get a whole new sentence and guess when that trial is likely to happen hint, it's at a time in which donald trump is unlikely to be the president of the United. States assuming all you people do what you're supposed to do this this November. So yet. So that never made any sense it was all just right wing talking points of I'm so innocent ongoing. And no-one no-one who's not lying would have set right like if you were honest what you said was you know. We appreciate the combination we think the sentence was wrongfully imposed but Roger Stone's happy to have this. You know chapter in his life but behind him and now he can get back to you know being evil fulltime I I don't know like whatever his his press secretary in his his PR flex but but this was always coming they waited to the very. Last possible moment they tried to bury it That was not going to happen, but there was just there was no option you the the winning move was congratulations you get a brand new set. Yeah. All right. So he dropped his appeal because he doesn't fuck won a new trial right because he yeah. Okay. Now this now this is starting to make sense. Why didn't he just drop it before? When he got his commutation because maybe he was trying to like puff his chest out and say I'm going forward because I'm innocent. That's that's the only reason to do that is because you spend. So much of your life in crazy conspiracy theory land, and by the way like you know different different people in Trump's orbit right? I am convinced sort of trying to piece together like some of them are in fact, you know true believers in conspiracy theories so dumb like, Oh there's a child sex ring in the basement of pizza parlor that doesn't have a basement right like it. Some people truly believe that I do not think Roger Stone is one of those people I I know people in Roger Stone's orbit and and if any of you have any doubts i. Want you to watch the Larry Klayman taking a deposition of Roger. Stone. which is in connection with various civil lawsuits that claim it has filed against stone that that are just hysterical it. There is it is the best right. Hollywood is not releasing new movies. It is the best comedy on television that you will just go to Youtube and type in run stone, Larry, Klayman deposition, and Thank me later. But but like to get into this extended colloquy Larry Klayman, it's like well, conspiracy theories tapping sometimes right and Roger Stone's stock. There's this moment where he like looks up and he's like well, yeah. But not this insane want right like. You could just like see the gears grinding right there were like man where x nay on the telling people a like your world supposed to be on the same side here but you know they're not and it it's it's glorious intellectual I'm sorry you're. I'm sorry. This is a Wendy's got a little. distracted. there. You know. We played clips from that, and then also the one where he got really really mad do remember the deposition where he just kind of went off the deep end a quite a character it is it is one of the all-time grades. It features a clip that that made its way into the opening segment of my show where the the poor lawyer defending Roger Stone looks at Larry claiming and says, stop ask question a lawyer would. And I'm keeping that when in my back pocket for the next time, I have a particularly contentious deposition because. That is I I'm I'm sad that someone has gotten to use that line in it was. Well maybe one day. Andrew Torres. Thank you for for clarify net makes so much more sense. There's no way Roger Stone wants another trial another conviction and he'll go to jail for probably longer so. because we won't have bill bar in hopefully, like you said, if we vote numbers too big to manipulate if we all show up and do what we're supposed to do on November third. So thanks everybody check out the opening arguments, podcast I appreciate you coming on today. Absolutely thanks for having. All right everybody stick around. After this break, we have the good news block stay with us. 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Call Eight, hundred, car six, thousand mentioned code daily beans or visit carshield dot com, and use code daily beans to save ten percent that's carshield dot com code daily beans a deductible may apply. Hey everybody. Welcome back it is time for the best part of the day the good news block and Jordan, hey, how's it going? Hey, it's going great. Just watching cocoa trying to chase a flyer on my house. It's very entertaining. Sky Reasons yes. Yes. Precisely. All right. Let's kick it off. We got a lot of good news stories submitted by our listeners. Thank you very much. If you want to submit them had to dailies pod DOT COM and click contact and there's all sorts of things you can submit their you can submit your good news stories you can meet your quarantine confessions and corrections and I do have a correction from yesterday by the way I said one of the four R. NC chair people like vice chairs and like when I said win to joy. And I said nature but it wasn't nature. It was Cohen and brody so bad it was Cohen. Anyway I forgive you got a real friendly email about that today. But whatever fuck anyway. I did it. There's your correction. Next next, we're GONNA get some good news stories. This is from Charles Pronouns who whom? Good news from one of your first livestream peeps a patron. I took a dream I took on a dream realized an adventure and hiked the pinole trail. This is a three hundred and fifty mile trail. Wow. From Alabama northeast Georgia through the. The. Talladega national forest mostly each day I started my morning and in the woods in the middle of nowhere breaking camp I would start my hike. Listening to the beans, ladies weren't awesome part of my morning routine and kept me in touch with what I refer to as the real world. Occasionally, I couldn't download you. But if I got to a mountaintop I usually had enough signal and that was the first thing I thought about I two hundred and eighty miles to Dalton Georgia with only sixty miles left. The other more professional hikers were being overcome by heat and helicoptered off the trail. Then I got sick with what I did not know discretion being the better part of Valor I quit the trail and rented a car back to New Orleans what plagued me my latest my last what plagued me lasted three days, and at the time I tested for covert and was found negative. Thankfully, it was just a summer cold I guess and there is Wow. That's incredible. Charles Fantastic job cheeses. That's crazy I'm glad we could keep you company. Yeah. Yeah. That is a very sweet thought I love when people tell us stuff like that I know where they're at and winning listen to us and it's really cool. But yeah, that's a first off read picture. Love the mustache. But yeah, that's that's big ups breaking up in a middle fucking forest. That's hard. Core every day. Sheds crazy. Yeah, that's. It Wow I'm glad you didn't have covid and good call call on knowing a hey I don't have to do this. So I'm just GonNa make the right decision chill I've done enough love that. Yeah. Yes. One of the core things that I learned in Yoga was hey, if you're in an uncomfortable position, you can decide to get out of it. Yeah, and that's totally fine and that works in life and in Yoga positions absolutely I live good job. Yeah Thank you. Charles mixed up from Seneca opponents he my friends sweet cat his nothing but love on her brother since he was adopted yesterday and it's just the sweetest thing ever. A dog person but this is adorable in a world of anxiety. We can find genuine friendships and love, and as the Beatles said, that's all you need. Ours cats, cats, there's kitties there's a tabby. There's a gray kitty who's given kisses to a tabby on the face. So cute look at Pete's. Next up from from Veronica. Pronoun she her. Hello. Bean Queens. Trigger warning eating disorder thank you for for the content warning. This is my first time submitting good news that isn't political. It's going to start off shitty but I promise it gets good. We've had a dime for every time we heard that. As a very young girl in elementary school, I was a dancer and I did it all the way through my senior of high school I enjoy dancing a lot but it took a really bad turn WANNA hit middle school at such a young age is being put in the back of dance routines or not even being allowed on stage because of my body type in the dance world long and lean is the ideal type and I was the opposite. Being told I was too fat at such a young age I ended up developing Bulimia and it has hindered me into my adult years. This is something that is really common in dance settings unfortunately. But now for the good, Shit I'm twenty three and I started doing pole fitness after moving to Massachusetts a year ago and it is taken my recovery to new heights for the first time in my life I, look in a mirror at a dance studio and I love my body if feels good to be a body positive and inclusive setting where I can not. Only, dance but recover and get strong I never thought I'd get here and it feels so damn good that I just had to tell you guys about it. Let's into you. Lovely ladies over the last few years has not only kept me informed but you've all inspired me in different ways in growing into the strongest woman that I am I look up to you so much. Thank you for all you do love you longtime. River, on a cut. Thank you so much. This is Veronica I. Think it is I love. You Dude I. Think I saw you post a picture on instagram that's related to this, and it's like fucking red. Oh my God, do dances. You know you're you're a gymnast tried to be a gymnast and they were like when I ended up being five foot six and I started to have bubis when I was like nine like me gotta go. Yeah. Yeah. I was like truly I was fortunate enough to be at a club that didn't like impart that stuff on US indirectly they kind of wound up doing it, which was i. Think just generally a part of toxic dia culture in you know but it wasn't. It wasn't malignant like other places can be and it was nothing compared to what you're talking about Veronica. That's fucking horrible. That's like I'm so sorry and that is so hard to recover something from something that was embedded in you at such a young age in your beautiful. You're so beautiful and I love you. Thank you. Same I love you. Yes. next up from anonymous pronoun she her our family finally got some good news in this shit show of year my baby sister learned she was expecting her child shortly before everything shutdown she also turned thirty and we managed to socially distant celebration for that but not being able to see us regularly and hug us has been tough on her she called on. Friday, from the parking lot of her doctor she just been told to go to the hospital to be induced three weeks early due to some potential complications she sounded so scared and lost and. As a family member closest to her geographically, not being able to hop in a car and go be with her really sucked. But around seven PM Friday night, my new nephew made his appearance since he was a little early, he was small just under five and a half pounds which may deliver easier on my sister. He's adorable imperfect and we've all been fawning over him via facetime since his birth I'm also pleased that he decided to show up at a reasonable hour since my sixth grader announced he wasn't going to sleep again until his cousin, right? So I got to that showdown. I'm hoping I'll be allowed to hug him before he's walking and talking. But for now, I'm going to take this as a win Congratulations to your family. Oh, my gosh. Welcome to be an aunt unless you already were but yeah, in new aunt. or you know another another opportunity to be an aunt I like personally your sixth grader who refused to sleep again until the cousin was born, that's that's hard core shit. It's sweet. It's nice. adorable. They solidarity it is. All right let's seem from. I believe this is no we've got more. From atom pronouns he him I, fucking. Love you all. Thank you. Great intro. It's me coffee crush Adam from. SEATTLE? I've been called I've been calling. This is. A love that story I've been calling my reps, local offices and leaving long ranting visceral, and swear filled voicemails demanding they call Nancy in the Senate and get to work to save our fucking postal service. So we can save our goddamn democracy I ranted for about three minutes to each of them I'm doing it again tomorrow and then keep fucking calling as hell. But if you'll write us an informed thanks in no small part to your podcast, pretty sure my phone calls have helped. My family has a gift for creative for creative expletive run on sentences and I thought I would share one with you. To leave in your senators voicemail. Hello my name is blank and I'm a constituent from blank and I'm calling to give you advice and make a promise. The advice is you get to work and save our democracy and the promise is that every fucking morning I'm GonNa Stub my toe, spill my coffee and burn my toast and when I'm good man I'm going to call you up and let you know just how fucking mad I am about every God damn thing. That shit stuff Turkey carcass you failed to impeach his rotten meat popsicle of VP and that half plucked and half boiled bullfrog McConnell have done this week and I'm gonNA call again after lunch get to fucking work. That's. How can you Barista not give you his phone number? I. Don't understand my God. What's the Turkey shit stuffed Turkey carcass. All my God. Rotten meat popsicle of a VP. Yes. Jesus you really didn't disappoint with that. You hide yourself up in delivered. That is amazing. That is so funny. Your family definitely has a gift for creative expletive run outside it's God I love that very satisfying. You also just really really did a good job with that too. You know how the words fit together as great truly musical. Yeah. It does have a good continents and rhythm Nice shakes it's Shakespearean almost you could almost like I am in Arabic pentameter that shit out and it would like. It would work. I feel it me too fantastic. This next one for you. Out from anonymous, Burnett she good news for Jordan and anyone else stinky butts. Thank you. There's a deodorant made for private parts. It's called loom I discovered this last year when I started having hot flashes, it is nontoxic in was made by a woman. No, I do not work for them but this product solve my issues with stinky, Botham heave it up. News in the laughs and then anonymous attached. She attached a picture of it. Nice packaging. Big Fan interesting. So do you like spread your cheeks and like wipe it up your crack is that how that works and you're I totally I think we can save that for after show conversation and Maybe. They have a video, but it's loom l.? U. M.. E., Hashtag loved my loom. Aluminum free. Free Doctor Developed hypoallergenic made by women for underarms and Private Parts I. Love The brand. Deville for myself on here it's. S disgusting. Whether, it's days or swept or stinky. Few have but. Problems. Jordan is your woman. Thank you I sincerely appreciate that and we'll probably try it out actually although I must say, yeah, my brother's more sweaty than it is thinking if I may just correct my ass record. Give it time? No, I don't know. Well. Well done well, done. Finally up from Gina Pronoun she her and the early stages of the pandemic, the company I work for reacted quickly and sent us home to work remotely. The good news is I've been able to get about an hour and a half more sleep every night, and I have a large amount of gas money and come in commute time save a large amount of gas money and commute time I've completely redecorated the backyard cleaned out the junk room and made it. My office slash husbands, music and workout room and started cooking a couple times a week, which is my husband. My husband is loving. We got married last September and if started our life together quarantine, which actually doesn't feel much different than everyday life, we're pretty much homebodies. Anyway the great news is that my employer is extended work from home at least until twenty, twenty one and has approve my request to work from a rental. Home on Catalina Island for the month of December Catalina is my happy place and spending such a large chunk of time. There will do wonders for my mental health also. So glad that commonly was chosen to be Biden's running mate I followed her closely since she spoke at my college graduation in two thousand seven. Awesome. Thank you ladies for making us laugh and helping us with our sanity. All wild earning congratulations Gina Catalina Gina. That yeah that's going to be framed. Lovely. congrats indeed an congrats on a be a newlyweds and Last September and Yeah. This is awesome. Thank you everyone. Yeah. We need this. Please keep sending them in keeping sending in your stories, keeping keeping, send your stories and the beard the Beauty Beers I don't know what? I'm talking about. Anyway. I. Really appreciate this stuff and I I I. Love Reading. These really makes me happy at the end of the show after all of the you know the. Fire Hose Shit show that that we have to deal with every day although today was a little more interesting things seem to. I know I've said this a million times, but things seem to be unraveling for this administration and we'll see if they can hang on and cheat. Enough. To hold power but hopefully, not and I know that everyone who's listening is doing everything they can to make sure that that doesn't happen. So thank you so much. Jordan. Do you have any finals? I do not all right. Well, thank you and I will see you tomorrow. We'll see everybody else tomorrow until then once the DNC and take care of yourselves take each other to care the planet and take care of Your Mental Health I've been ag during Coburn and them's the beans. The daily beans is executive produced and directed by AG Jordan Coburn, and engineered edited by Mackenzie Mozelle and Star Burns Industries are marketing manager executive, assistant production, and social media direction. As Amanda Reader Fact Checking Research by AG Jordan Coburn and Amanda Reader or music is written and performed by they might be giants or web design and branding or by Joel reader with moxy design studios, and our website is daily beans pod dot com.

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