Episode 389 - Bonus Rant about the Coup and Social Media


Use nomads upset. Three eighty nine special rant about the latest stuff podcast. You're about to listen to includes cursing and talking about who has please be advised. Welcome to a special episode of atheists nomads. This week you get two special episodes one of the things that i talked about with trying to loosen up the schedule. I haven't hold off doing very well and it's been because you know when you have that habit of just getting it out on trying to get it on thursday and then you sit up and then okay sometimes you get it out a little bit late. One of the goals i had was to build a split up the when their stuff i really need ran about to just get out and do it and not. Just hold off on that and to separate out that from the interviews since that could be useful for people to have the episodes of their interviews. Just be complete standalone and with this week's main episode coming out on thursday it is a special episode with with three women and me just serving as a producer so putting a rant at the start of that would have completely derailed the point of that and so. I'm just gonna do my own ranch right now. Which is going to bump that one from being episode three eighty nine to three ninety. And so yeah. Don't be surprised if i do more stuff like this in the future. Play around with it but one of the things happened with last week's episode. Was you know we did part of the recording before wednesday's riot and then we did the rest a few hours after it. And yeah when you're recording the same day as major stories like that you miss details and one of the details. I'd missed is the statements that trump and some of his cronies made so here is audio from the trump rally that turned into a mob stormed the capital walk down to the capital. Cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women. And we'll probably not gonna be cheering so much for some of them because you'll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength and you have to be strong. That's what trump said after. Be strong when you tell crowd to march down to the capital and the to be heard. They won't listen to weakness. Have to be strong. That was trump doing his standard wishy. Washy language doing basically that whole dog whistle thing that has been thrown around where he's got that perfected to where they know that the people listening all know what that means that means go down and threatened to try to get mike pence and threatened to take him out to the gallows erected out front of the capitol to hang him. I'm not gonna actually linked them. But if you've there are videos out there of the some of the more disturbing parts of that with the crowd chanting about hanging mike pence and the guys with zip tie restraints getting ready to take. As many members of congress hostages they could with the computers that were stolen with the capitol. Police that were severely injured. The one that died. I still haven't seen how many of them are in the hospital. Because like one of those those videos. I've seen there was literally hundreds of people pushing on this guy who was stuck in this capital police officer who was stuck in the middle of a doorway and i'm amazed and snap is the way the the guy at the front was grabbing hold of his gas mask. That was an armed. Horrible terrible ma anybody out there who says those mostly peaceful protests is completely full of shit. And if you see anybody saying that feel you definitely got my permission to tell them to fuck off because that is not in good faith anybody who says that was a mostly peaceful protests. Were tries to compare it to the black lives matter. Protests is not making that claim in could face. these are people who try to distract from a failed coup attempt. And there's even people who say oh. Let's let's a coup. They weren't trying to overthrow the government. Well yes they actually were. This is not a normal coup. Because of course it's not normal. We're dealing with fucking trump. Nothing normal with trump. he can't even get a coup to be normal but his term in the oldest in place republic still existing was coming to an end and to stop the process that would cement in his replacement and with the hopes of capturing and killing a bunch of the people in congress to leave the majority a majority of people who do whatever trump says that was absolutely a coup attempt and it failed so people who call it an insurrection. Yes it was. They were trying to overthrow congress in an attempt to overthrow not only the congress but the next administration. That's going to be taking over here next week. There was a coup attempt and trying to get rid of that election and overthrow the democratically elected congress overthrow the election. Anybody who says it was a protest no the days of calling stuff like that protests pass to be over a protest is when you have a group of unarmed signs trying to get attention a riot is when you have people storming and destroying things and a insurrection is when you have an armed group to a government building. I'm going to be doing a series for dozen off the degree here. Soon about the sagebrush rebellion. Because that's really. This is a lot of the suffer. Seeing is descended from that and ammon bundy was contacted by the local media. Here in boise about his thoughts on the coup attempt and the on last wednesday and he'd been up in the mountains for a couple of days so he didn't hear about it till after he got home. That evening louise. That's his alibi. And yes he is sure that his his quote unquote protests with a lot of armed people at the idaho. State capitol was a inspiration for this and yes. There was the one in michigan before that been once in oregon since then but the idaho capital actually has the benefit of being a very like basically a replica of the us capitol so it was a much closer approximation of how to do that how to break in and like with his protest back in july. They broke doors to get into the the house galley during a special session. A literally broke doors shattering. Glass breaking the doors so that they would open because they were locked because it wasn't open to the public because of a pandemic and try to change and amend bundy is also a great example of like his malheur national wildlife refuge occupation or. Was it six weeks. I think anybody who call that. A protest was trying to placate him and people like him. It's now five years later or six years later. And what are people like him doing now. They're taking guns and storming. Capitol buildings ammon bundy has been keeping the spirit of the sagebrush rebellion alive into the twenty first century. And it has exploded in to the maga- mess. We have now what he did at the mouth here. National wildlife refuge was a armed insurrection. Not a protest. What the armed groups. The armed group that took over the us capital. That was an armed insurrection. It was not a protest. The armed group that got into the oregon state capital last wednesday. That was a armed insurrection. Not a protest be correct way to handle protests. Is you listen to them. And i hate to say it but the correct way to handle an armed insurrection is with the military. You look at the news. There are at least fifty. One armed protests being planned starting january seventeen and on through to the inauguration in every state capital and the us capital. It's looking like washington. Dc should have at least fifteen thousand national guard troops by that time and probably another ten thousand federal police agencies please agents to provide security. I hope every state gets enough security. It's police or national guard to protect themselves from he's insurrectionists and we all need to remember that's the part that's important yes trump getting being held accountable for inciting a mob needs to be that needs to happen. The most important thing is these mobs need to be taken care of. And they need to be stopped so that we don't have more and then of course when you talk about the social media side and the other quote unquote tech companies from amazon web services to stripe to the google play store. The apple app store twitter facebook instagram pinterest. At sea read it. If it is supporting donald trump or being used by his supporters to plan their armed revolutions. There they keep getting shut down now. Anybody who says oh. That's that's horrible anti-conservative censorship. no no no no it definitely not if companies have the right to have a say on whether or not their employees have access to birth control i e e hobby lobby then companies. Sure as hell of the right to not let their platforms be used to plan the. Follow up to an armed insurrection. It's not that they're afraid that might happen. It's it's already happened. They're afraid is going to happen again. And don't want to be used for a second one to be planned because they already allowed one to be planned on their platforms like we're talking some serious corporate guilt here. That is really. They really should have because they should have stopped this at least a month or two ago. But they've waited until people are dead and until an actual attempt to overthrow congress has happened the and it is also worth noting that parlor which has been thrown out of the app stores and Okay the app store in playstore and has been booted off amazon web services. They're suing amazon and one of their complaints is actually valid. The amazon didn't give them the thirty days notice. they should have also valid. That amazon has pretty much a monopoly. An antitrust presence on the internet those are both actually pretty valid. Amazon should have been started getting parlor off of their platform more than thirty days ago. So if anything their complaint is valid because they were still on the platform and the the people who are claiming that we're losing free speech and like even bazil is getting some flack from people saying that they're statement that for us to have a free and open internet we do need to have moderation. That takes out eight and violence at that means. Oh they're not in favor of free speech or an open internet note they absolutely are there in favor of a responsibly a responsibly. Run open internet where the people who run platforms are responsible for the content on those platforms. I run several websites. I am responsible to make sure that the comments are fine. Don't get a whole lot of comments Most of what comes in gets filtered out of spam but every so often a comment comes in. That's not appropriate and i delete it. The ones that are fine from our actual listeners. I leave as somebody with a platform has reach. I know that. I have an obligation to make sure that the content that goes out on the show is up to standards and when i ended up accidentally getting a interview scheduled with a flatter. I didn't do it. There's actually now three interviews. That i have stopped one fourth that i wish i had stopped. And that's because. I am responsible to make sure that the content on on my site lives up to the standards that i set for my site. The same is true. For bigger sites run by large public publicly traded corporations like facebook and twitter they have the obligation to make sure that the people that are using their site are following their rules. If they don't they will have anarchy. Literal anarchy speech is not the same as anarchy and free speech has never been unlimited. You can't yell fire in a crowded theatre just like you can't plan a revolution on a social media site that doesn't mean that some of these complaints and people are having about how this is being handled. Don't need to be discussed. That's a discussion that needs to be saved for after the violence has been stopped. Stay safe stay informed. Please fewer in a state capital or the. Us capital do not try to counter protest. Stay out of the way of the police. Let them handle the protests that are going to happen or riots depending on the case until thursday. Remember not all those who wander are a lost. Thank you for listening to another episode of atheists. matt's you can find show notes and contact information at atheist. Nomads dot com. Follow us on twitter at eighty s nomads and like us on facebook at facebook. Dot com slash atheist nomads. Please subscribe to the show. And i tunes stitcher or your pod catcher of choice and while you're there feel free to leave us a review. The music is courtesy of sturdy. Fred until next time. This is ben atheists nomads.

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