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And several girl. This is Jason J.. Louis the Voice of Superman on Justice League action while you're listening distinct to that Krypton report chain you're listening to breath the all things for Tonen cast including Superman and super. We discuss teams to find us on facebook instagram youtube. If you enjoy Krypton report please check out the other podcasts. Available from Southgate Media Group uh-huh from capes and lunatics is everything you possibly want Geek podcast to nuff said Cape some lunatics sidekicks titans. Let's talk if you're like me you can get enough of your DC and you can also check out super connectivity where they discussed everything in comics Also did you discuss marvel. That's something you don't hear much from me. So check it out South Gaming Group DOT COM and this guy is coming. It's so awesome. Welcome to the post-crisis Krypton report we're broadcasting now from prime earth and before we get started. We're just going to give you a quick rundown of some things that bothered me. Are you ready. You Ready Boys and girls okay DC properties that were not represented in and crisis on earth just to think about for a second the superbowl. TV celebrities wonder woman with Linda Carter. Which is ironic considering during Linda? Carter was on super girl. The Adventures of Superman Film Superman and Batman serials. Those are a little bit more understandable. a crypt on Gotham swamp thing from the nineties the swamp thing movies the first one being directed by the late West Craven the Shas his MTV series inches 'em cereals both understandable and then the one that gets me the most lowest and Clark. Why wasn't we not any nod to lois? And Clark I mean come on really you had both teams Kane and Teri Hatcher in there at some point in time. But I digress. Now let's get back to our regular broadcasting programming. Thank you welcome back here. We are fellas. I post crisis episode. We'll kind of two episodes pulled together. Because if you can't tell if you listen to our last episode I was still really really really sick and I still have my cough. I can't get rid of it. It's been over a month while mine's barely. They're here in a lot of times. 'cause I talk for a living so my throat gets really dry and it's late at night here in. The wastelands of Krypton also known as Ohio. It's cold and miserable but you'll hear mine as well You'll hear me unwrapping cough drops from James here. They're chewing on gravel are pretty much. But we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA pack stuff into this episode. I also want to give a shout out. I got at the Super Bowl right here. The Great Solomon. He's here with me. We'll say hi Solomon say hi. That's right that's the Great Solo just turned five big five main so early. Crank it out. I want to start with a little bit of News as we are about. What what would you say James About a week away? We can a couple days from birds of prey. Yeah cloud just just under two weeks so it'll be a week four days. Yeah four days away so you know. We're like eleven days away from birds of prey and we did get our second birds of prey trailer sorts going to touch on that because we never got to talk about a It was better. You know we saw Harley do some more Harley things like with Kazuko and the best part of the trailer really was seeing a Roman put on the mask seen black mask. Don't forget the Canary cry. And we yeah we kinda get the canary cry but you know. I was talking with a lady on facebook today day. And the thing about this movie. That's really got me interested is the fact that this movie is extremely under promoted. Like this is almost like I feel like the movie that anger it is. Let's just kind of release and see what happens and I don't I I honestly don't agree because it's the only thing. DC that is being promoted. Well they did they watch. It's on site to now. They didn't do any special early screeners for like Amazon prime people at his. AM and Aquaman like there. There's been no energy like I mean those movies tickets on sale like a month plus before for came out and I've checked every day and they're they're still not on sale. Now I've loved. They're not on sale. I I mean that's the only thing that DC's promoting right now if you're watching any CW show It's the only it's the only movie trailer TV spots they're showing If you are on the CW APP watching the shows is which I usually am catching up. 'cause I don't get to catch him every one of them live Been Every time it goes to commercial break in AD break you're seeing a TV spot for birds of prey. Yeah I mean the promoting it that that way but I'm saying like the the online buzz empower like we felt for Aqua Manches am that we're you know we're gonNA fill for one woman it's just not there. Yeah well I certainly and we're gonNA feel it for wonder woman because wonder woman's huge The wonder woman movie was You know the biggest and longest running DC movie Probably date not the biggest to date but the longest longest running it had the it had the longest legs. It was in theaters even longer than knock woman but You you know wonder woman they're gonNa Promote Gallardo as wonder woman again. Pretty hard I think I think with this movie the way they're the way that they budget costs down in stuff. I think that they're you know kind of doing the same thing with marketing. Maybe they're hedging edging their bets just because it's going to be it's going to be more niche as as say joker was it's rated R it's lower budget It's a little different than than your big superhero fare like like Aquaman Zan kind of froze for a second. I mean I'm interested in this movie and I'm GonNa go see it for sure because from supporting DC. But I just I don't know I haven't issue and it's like the birds of prey but there's back girl or oracle like there's there's no Barbara Gordon you know and they don't really have like I like my superhero. TV movies. That have their costumes okay. That's that's part of the fun of these films just like I complained about titans at times they didn't wear costumes enough. Specially in they did better and eating too to. I don't think so they better. I'm not saying if they didn't put it wherever we wanted but they did. I was GonNa say I think the only only reason they did it better was because there were more people in costume. I think when it comes to like the Times they should have been in costume like they just literally walked out in street clothes to do their hero thing most of the time and like that's one thing like if you merge urge some things with like the CW in the DC universe like you bring over the fact that they use the suits in in almost every single episode multiple times in the CW. You know what I mean. It's a staple of the CW for whatever reason such such great suits and they don't use them in titans. I mean you always see berry in his flash suit you see Melissa supergirl you know as there was one episode last season when she wasn't super girl when she was trying to Kara and make a difference and that's the one episode out of the entire season that she did not wear the suit. And I'm okay with that because guess what it's one episode you know and the thing is it's one of my problems I have with legends. You know is They don't ever wear the suits and their analogy there. So far beyond on like the Comic Book Characters Citizens Steel basically in. He hardly ever wears his suit. Adam wears his more than anybody But I mean White Canary Bailey. Wears hirsute and even then like that was a character created for that show heatwave. Never he doesn't even wear like the heat way. He has his new black jacket and jeans. Heat wave and like so that that's that's a whole nother spiraling. I mean Constantine wears his because his so it is a trench coat. And Tie yourself so yeah yeah it is quite easy but I mean we're GonNa talk more birds of prey as we We see the movie in reviewing it. It's I'm excited excited to see this trailer did give make me a little more excited. Just there's a little bit of story involved we did get to see black mask We got to see a little more stuff. That's GonNa be that's GonNa make the movie are rated They're still marketing as as a Harley vehicle so Okay with that you know. I mean. She's the marketable character and see some comic book stuff. The the Roller Derby and the canary cry the crossbow for interests. So there's a few things I'm GONNA. I'm definitely going to see it. Obviously we're going to talk about it and yeah I mean I have no problem that it's all female care less. I just want to get you know. That's that yeah. That doesn't that doesn't even and I don't even bat an eye at that. Yeah everyone tries to say that like if something fails or succeeds. It's like the ghostbusters. Like oh people didn't like his women no people people didn't like it because it wasn't done well okay I'm here. It was more like a living cartoon but for something that said it wanted to be a fresh reboot. You pretty much copied the template of the of the original movie but that's another conversation. Excuse me but yeah I mean orbits. Second Charlie's elise angels remake. Yeah I just you know honestly I didn't see it because a frankly I haven't seen it either. I can't stand Kristen Stewart. I I like Elizabeth banks a lot like she's she directed it and that actually made me WanNa see it. Yeah me too probably will pick it up on like red box or something and check it out I heard something. I heard the girl who played the pink ranger in the power rangers. Movie The reboot movie and or or the remake movie and then Choose also jasmine in Aladdin. Is it a remake or reboot. See a remake is when they take the same thing and just Redo it in modern time and don't care about about the two movies at the same time just enough what you like. Mix It up and undo beginning in diversity and sell you the exact same thing all over again. We just watch Jay and silent Bob Reboot I did and it's because the whole time I'm watching like I'm making comments. Brian's now Mike James Watch watch this movie. Yeah James where are you. A movie was hilarious. It was hilarious but it definitely was like AAC Meta data to better yeah. That's exactly what it's being. I mean I had on a serious note and a little bit of a teary breakdown moment. Because I've been dealing with some stuff and it comes into scene with Ben Affleck when he's talking about your kids and and being like you're you're kind of reboot and everything and I was just like man. There's actually hit me really hard like right and I'm sitting there thinking like Dang like this is. This isn't good stuff. Did you watch the credits. Did you credits heck. Yeah Ben. Affleck was the bomb fatman yellow. Okay so so all right so we're GONNA jump into supergirl and then we'll come back for some news in a minute but James give them a quick summary note of what the the episode the first episodes about so Season five episode ten the bottle episode our our first episode back after crisis and supergirl continues to deal with the aftermath of crisis and the chaotic new threats. That brings wchs while brainy must face personal battle when he meets his display. Stop gangsters that survived the merging of the multi verse. So I I liked seeing Jesse rats acting ability in this episode as the different brainy. Yeah that was cool so I have to admit my notes for this. I don't have because I wrote it on paper and sometimes my daughter throw stuff away but thinking about this episode south out to me about this episode was one when we learned that shine. You know he's able to help people remember what we saw on crisis. The pre-crisis universe came two. We learned that lex made a deal with the Monitor to protect Lena. Selena has all her memories so that whole thing that we were talking about about the idea of car and Lena restarting their relationship and what they can do it out the window from the beginning. Yeah and LEX has a really good kind of speech and conversation with lean about the whole idea of starting over in like dying. He forgives her. They're going to work together. We finally get a name for her project was and it's like NAM. Nana Cherry or something like that so quickly but what her. Qa thing was and now they're going to work together and I it's it's interesting like it's just it's pretty intense. I'M NOT GONNA lie like it is seriously intense lex in linear kind of together now and Lexus. The good good hero that everybody loves right. So yeah I I mean. I'm glad that they gave him any in for for the season and for possibly continuing forward When we get the superman show as well Kind of you know it gets it. Gets John Criers lex to be the businessmen and the widely viewed Hero of metropolis list and stuff As a businessman and philanthropist and But we we know that he's this this evil version before we even see you know him. Do it like him become that he's this evil version and then he gets to pretend like he's not so he really gets to do some horrible things and hide it. It's I mean it's so awesome just because it's a way of jumping backwards in kind of giving us the LEX that we've all kind of wanted to see you know like yeah it's Yeah it's the IT selects that you know we wanted to see Michael Rosenbaum get too 'cause he's like he's like the beginning version and then this is like this is where he would be in twenty years. Yup In we just never you know we ended that story before we get to to where to this part. So and I'm just I'm I'm intrigued by where they're gonNA there's some I keep thinking to myself. Like how long is Cryer GonNa be here. You know like Win Win Win Win. Does He. Bail out But Yeah I'm intrigued. yeah yeah it certainly good to have him back and have him have the this lexus. That's not just it's not just hiding you know. He's hiding in plain sight. I mean he's this is awesome images but anyways so he's Guy Leaning Lina on his side now and car comes and confronts leaning goes talk to her. Lena basically shut down. I know everything and once again. It's Kinda like okay and I'm just like I kind of wanted wanted them to to kind of get a chance to talk in and work together and and just you know really carve out something. But we'll see because we still have a whole heck of a season to to go. Yeah yeah she's Enos there. There's a time especially with lex being here. There's time for her her to to turn turn away from LEX In maybe give Kara give car a chance 'cause we know Alexis GonNa lex is going to have his own thing. He's GonNa be proved Nina. He's GonNa prove to be more evil than even. Lena wants to be partnered up with you. Know we still have a lot of LEX luther to go as far as he is obsessed awesome He's Selena says to him. She says so you were working for Leviathan. He goes WHO's Leviathan. You know and and we learned that LEX was never working for Leviathan often. Yeah only was and I found that to be pretty Dang awesome that right Leviathan. Didn't even cross lex. So what do you think about that. Well I mean you know that's interesting like bay. They didn't even cross lex. They didn't need LEX or they didn't use LEX like goals. It's like what were their goals when it came to. We still don't know the the end game. I mean gene at at one point bear and he was trying to cause an extinction. Level event. Ramakand was But now I mean. I don't think that was that was all of Leviathans goals. I think that was kind of his alone. because we got the We got the blonde. WHO's dealing with stuff She had a different. She had something different in mind at the time and so hard to say really I'll know this Leviathan is is something completely different. We have no clue. It's just a name literally just a name. I don't think it draws any anything else from the comics Kocides Inane. Yeah it was really kind of I. Don't WanNa say Bait and switch but you you know we had nearly I mean win star over this season you know we had just We have event Leviathan happening. I'm Ben it just ended up being really nothing. I don't know I didn't I didn't they like I don't know how you like. We've talked about it some. I wasn't a huge fan of what they do with love of it Leviathan. No Oh I mean it was. It was six episodes or Six issues of guests. WHO and and now? The only thing that was interesting was the two different types of teams. That were that were trying to figure. Figure it out and they're different mess in their different methods but look I mean really beyond that it wasn't there wasn't a whole lot. Yeah it was pretty is pretty weak All and and there's not even and there's not even a huge aftermath yet out of it right Kinda just reminds me of like. Have you ever seen the movie Wake role models with Paul Rudd. Yeah when they're camping and the Guy Trentham the ghost story in the key. He revealed he like it was fill up and everybody who. He's like the pizza delivery boy from the beginning of the story. Oh that's kind of what we're like. Who is this guy you know like we had no clue? But that's digression so yeah this Leviathan is just. It's it's own thing and it is what it is but I just but the means gene. So this is going on and the main story is if you are following along we've learned something unique and what I like is so we find out that basically brainy greeny is going to get him aeneas morning coffee and runs into another brainy and there are multiple brains because somehow now there is a wormhole in this one spot. And there's these gains from different universes that were pulled in and it's kind of neat because we get multiple brains also get a female brainiac five. That's actually actually played by Jesse Rath sister so that was pretty cool. Yeah that's awesome and do you know Her other connection to the What do you call it so his sister play being human yes? She was the ghost in being human. Yup where she played the ghost on being human alongside the Great Sam Witt where and who of of course was aged liberty and doomsday on Smallville and alongside Sam Huntington who was Jimmy Olsen in superman returns so small world but I thought that was just a nice little touch but she was there so anyways so we learned that BRAINIAC are Brady and they call him brainiac five or no sorry BRAINIAC. Prime has in Can I talk today. What's like a personality dampener? Yeah he has personality inhibitors. That's what the three dots on brainy head are. Because his because Collins were collusion's were intellectual and scientific and they had had they had invented the method of shrinking planets and bottling planets and his brains mother had shrunk a planet for him and actually his dad did not and his dad didn't believe in that because it was like 'cause it's like cold they They literally you know bottle in duct a A race of a planet full of beings and everything thing in so his dad didn't agree with that type of Those methods that type of behavior and he He was afraid that brainy would go down the same path That his mother did have that type. Both have type of the evil. I guess you could say in him. And that's when he and that's when he put those personality dampeners inhibitors on his head and which I thought was awesome because it totally showed us that eh brainy just had a whole different side. That's why he was the way he was and man. It was just like a wow moment and they even meet the comic. You're not even green and I never you know like I thought. Oh this is just the way. They're telling his story because when we met what's interface indigo in season. One you know she's not green blue so I just thought hey. This is the way they're choosing to go but no we We learn that this is where we're at you know and it was awesome because as the episode goes on. We're getting ahead of ourselves just a little bit relearn that there really is a bad brady. Who actually bottled his plan during the crisis so technically in his planet still thrives and he wants to release it and I'm that's pretty awesome? Excuse me and I thought to myself like that would be really cool if you thought about because then you could have saved more planets that they would have thought about it right well. That's a purely technology as well. So you know And and BRAINIAC five. That's not something something that he That he does or that he uses her. You know perhaps is even capable of I mean maybe from the thirty first century he uh he knows how to do it Being from the future and being a brainiac but it's still kind of still kind of A prohibited action. So I mean he wants so the guy wants to release it and the rainy and they. They're trying to stop him and we learn that he needs to work with lex luther in secret to do it and his sister female brainiac tells him this. I Oh yeah but I'm getting ahead of myself. Thank you tyler her. What are you doing tyler I know so? Basically to defeat his evil brainiacs he removes inheritors and he turns green and his hair turns more blonde. And he's in a new lake. Straight up. BRAINIAC looking costume and it's it's really awesome and yeah I was Kinda like wow okay I I feel like I fight now. I'm connecting with BRAINIAC and it was really awesome. Justin to see this and yeah but anyways what we find out the the other brainiacs are alive basically rejoin the big brain Bhai joining brainiac prime five prime prime brainiac five and the three dots. Now become the three other brainiacs like on his outfit that he's combined with and they're on his this uniform and not on his head so I thought that was pretty sweet and yeah we get the three dots again and in this time. They're on his body that way so I was pretty pretty cool with that. I like that and I mean that was pretty much the bottled episode and even the title was funny just because like in movies and shows that we are not movies and shows when you hear someone like a bottle episode. That's using episode. That doesn't involve any extra sets any extra guests stars or for extras. It's just your main cast on your already established sets Just to kind of save money. Yeah and so just kind of play on that. I thought it was cool. Yes Sir Excuse me in the area that was funny just being a bottled planet instead of instead of a a bottle episode. Yeah cute little play on words and I mean. There's there's a throwback to the witches that fight against rain or rain and fought car in season three. They're they're getting your show up at that bar. And they decide decide to wait inside the bottle planet with the other brainy and told that planet can be released back into the atmosphere fewer or something. which kind of makes me think that? Maybe by the end of the I don't know maybe they ended the seasons The new multi verse will be born. I don't know I'm still debating what we talked about last week. Because in this episode brainiac this is something we didn't talk about yet. I might. We just talked about and text states that the multi versus dead there. There is no multi-diverse. There's just one earth and he pulls up his tablet and talks about some sort of specter thing of looking for the waves that would show the multi-diverse exists and I've debated in kind of contemplated this because because as the episode ends in crisis we see basically the birth of the new multi verse which is basically the DC universe verse TV shows Brandon Routh Superman and the big one being forced titans which is a show that still goes on and toon patrol which proves that do patrols on the separate earth titans which united talked before back when we were talking with watching watching do patrol and then the other one is Star girl which is on the new earth to just Kinda cool they have the jazz say on Earth to right now. So that's kind of right now. It's kind of my mind as as we watch star girl as the other shows progress and you know next week flash comes back so we'll kind of see how that plays out but that was pretty much the bottled episode. It was cool. It was interesting. You know how people are using the terms post-crisis now in their episodes and uh-huh we are we are getting some sort of connective wordage I still hope to see a little bit more synergy and on the bat woman episode. You know we see that that one puts out a article. That cat co publishes. That bat woman comes out as a lesbian eh article written by Car Danvers. So that was nice. Little Synergy connection of the of the of the series so far. Yeah I was trying to think. Think in this episode in this episode stuck out as as Can can has as being on the same earth as everybody. But I'm sure there was something but I can't remember you might as well at that out cool. I pretty much the episode. It was fallen fallen. It was cool. It sparked some things. It was a brainy focused episode. Like we said he's kind of forsaking his friends and Dan working with lex Luther in secret and interesting concept I don't know why he has to keep it from his friends. When basically every seasons all about we accept you for who you are just talk to us we can work together and you make a plan together of course with lex being the head of the? do in everything just makes everything more fun and interesting any final thoughts on this episode. James no I mean. I like seeing brainy 'cause I never liked like that. That he looked weird rahm blue skin in the wipe the blue skin and the white hair and the in just on his head there. It's Kinda crazy to think about like he's been around now he's been on it for three seasons showed up in season. Three was there All last season in this season so legion showed up in season three It's Kinda crazy. Yeah I was never a fan of the look I was like. Oh that's weird and I'm Kinda glad now. They're like yeah those they wrote it closer those inhibitors and You know as soon as does he got rid of on his skin changed. His hair changed. He looked like almost anything. You've ever seen brainiac five from the future green skin blonde the air It would be great. It'd be great if they eventually BRAINIAC in and they can just bring the guy who played brainiac on crypt on and just bring the makeup suit right straight over. I don't know we get into this whole debate. But I've always found allies like when brainiac wasn't don't like the collusion. I was like the idea that brainiac was something. I don't know kind of like a start as a team shooter. In just over time it kept evolving itself became self-aware race. Is that right. You know that wasn't until later that that kind of concept of being more of a race of people on the planet where that well I mean he was I mean he was. He was still one of the smartest beings on the planet in A. You know an ease the one who who started the do what he did Collecting information. augmenting himself to to become what he became like if they were just a race of beings. If anybody's interested in the history of Brainiac a recommend go checkout superman forever radio podcast and scroll through the back catalogue and there is an episode BRAINIAC. I haven't listened to a while but it's a great in depth of just brainiac his origins where he came from different origins and it talks about the different ways. He's he's been depicted. Great Great episode. Good podcast so we're going to wrap up the bottle deficit and we're GONNA jump back to some news so come on come on boys and girls who is you know what I'm referencing because it was nice to see that back on. TV We are about less than five less than what it's January. Were a little less than you know. Six months away from wonder woman. He yes sir. which is after birds of prey is D- next DC film and James James? Did you watch the wonder woman trailer I have. What did you think of it? Tell me how do you tell me how. How do you feel well? So my introduction to that song was actually from the band or gene. Not New Order I believe is the name of the band and I think okay so I had. I think like I had to go back. I think my introduction to that song was originally. I heard that I heard it in the wedding singer. which is my favorite Adam Sandler movie? But I didn't realize it until I heard that orgy song and then I went back later on. I was watching the way he's here and heard it and house go. Oh Yeah but yeah. Continue So it is it is incredibly eighties like the close the mall alighting and stuff. So I think it's really cool. I think they're going to use you know there's a there's a scene where she smashes Cameras with her headset. And I think You know she uses that to kind of stay hidden and it's also the eighties where not. Everyone has a high powered camera in their pocket. Yeah things get yes. It's much I you know what I mean besides security cameras. People aren't catching you. You know what I mean. Even if they do say like if there's no truth like if she destroys it she just becomes a myth breath or a legend. You know yeah so I mean we see some Maxwell Lord Lord. I totally see some kristen wig. I totally forgot that Maxwell. Lord is Pedro Pascal. I totally did you just like I knew it like I knew he was in the movie and then in the trailer when we seem I totally forgot that was him. Okay Yeah We get this. He's always all we see Christian way and we see kind of a glimpse of Barbara. Jean changed we kind of get to see a little Barbara Trine later. I kind of don't want him to show us at all in the trailer I would be okay. I'm GonNa see this movie and I will be completely okay if I never see cheat in a trailer James Taylor is you know sorry occurring now I muted coughing fit. Yeah I'm okay with not seeing a Cheetah because I would like to reveal you know I feel like they all learn their lesson. Don't like tell us. BBS We've talked about this. How many times was basically every nugget of information and everything about that movie was told to us? I mean how cool would it have been if we would've went in and saw BBS we meet Gals character doomsday was going to be there. Yeah I mean think we wouldn't have anticipated the death of Superman before the end like how. How awesome would have been there watching this? And we're thinking maybe she's Talia or maybe she's cat woman you know the way she's talking king with Bruce and stuff and then we get that lie misprint. And we're like what and we're all like. Are you serious. You know. And then how much cooler would have been. If we didn't realize what LEX was up to like even if they would've just like and then he goes your doomsday hume. St Louis Doomsday POPs out. We had no clue or idea that he was in the movie right. Yeah and and like the thing that the one thing that gets me about this trailer is everybody's like Oh it's it's they're trying to make wonder woman like Thor Ragnarok like you do realize that was a conscious choice like this actually looks like that because it's supposed to be in the eighties. That was a conscious marketing choice. The had really no bearing on the movie itself like this movie is in the eighties. And that's what you know certain aspects and certain places like in the mall and stuff. They're gonNA look like that. I kind of I okay. So I feel like this movie is going to be the capper on the eighties Maybe it's just me but I feel like setting stuff back in the eighties and going going back there for movies. I felt this is the capper on it. Like we're kind of moving away from that right Stranger things was great with its. It's eighty Kenan revival the goldbergs. Yeah and I feel like we're kind of pulling out of that and I mean I think Captain Marvel kind of tipped it to that. We're at a time now. Where we we're okay at being nostalgic now for the nineties we james are old enough the kids again right? You know. That was thirty years ago. You and I were real little kids like my son in the eighties. And we we had the fallout their stuff that I was playing with in the early nineties. That were fallout from the eighties. He M- in thunder cats. The turtles is that Nice Bridge because it was eighty s and into the nineties. But you know it's cool now to do you know back in two thousand thirteen greatest Sitcom of all time that I love called Surviving Jack. That came on that Christopher Maloney in and Fox killed it after for like six episodes. It's amazing I gotta get it to you James. I own I own it. Okay never seen it. It was in the nineties and it was awesome because like the dude it had air walks on. He was wearing his fear shirt. You know and I'm like yes. Yes I had that like. I'm like you know so so I just I just think that wonder woman in eighty four is going to Kinda just tip okay. Cool like we're we're done with the eighties but it's also look we said it's a really great time because it was pre internet pre lots of cameras so that wondering what could have had an adventure the kind of just it happened and but she's still kinda was in the shadows. Why was happening? You know holding up her. You know kind of walked away from man or whatever but we we. We do. Get to see Steve. Chris Pines back. You can never have enough Chris Pine and there's tons of theories on how he's back and that's that's cool we get to see the irony eagle armor what they called it the goaler Golden Eagle or something like that. We're going to have some flashbacks extra theme Assira for Diana. So I mean that's exciting. And of course we see her with her Lasso and she lassos a bolt of lightning and rides the lightning. Yeah so she's not supposed to have her shield or stored in this movie either. Yeah she does it. which is it's cool because I think it's gives her an arc you know? It changes her dynamic up. Plus you know everyone's trying to move away from Justice League in what was done while when it's beasts and and other world league type stuff it's kind of a different thing but yeah at a point where she's just fighting people and soldiers and stuff like that. It's not going to be. It's it's to step up from from what she did. She came to the world in the first one soldier's war you know she has fueled the different person and it gives her kind of an ARC. If you watch movies leading back to that she re dawn's her shield and sword in Justice League you know an Mbbs so but one Roman looks. Great comes out in June. You know some other news news that we can have just been behind on because of being sick. Thank you flu shot talking about that. We got officially the Batman started production. Today it's going to be released. Six Twenty five twenty one. I'm pretty excited about it. We'll hold off talking about the Batman. Wait to get more news confirmation some imagery. It might be the first Batman Film. I can take Sam to see in theaters. That'd be pretty sweet. We you know. Let me get the suicide squad. Eight six twenty one and black. Adam's comes out twelve twenty twelve twenty to twenty one so next year. We're going to have three D. C. Movies and technically if we want to get technical nickel James. Okay hold that thought April first twenty twenty two. She's am to July first twenty eh twenty two the Flash December of twenty twenty to Akron to get in two thousand twenty two. We'll have three films and that sounds awesome so I think that how would be when those movies come out and I'm just doing it but I mean I feel you but I'll I'll definitely be able to take Solomon to see all three of those movies and I- highlight those movies because the fact is if you think about it like this this is GonNa blow your mind when birger play comes out at wonder one eighty four comes out of the suicide squad come out even the Flash Zam to command to technically. They're all post-crisis because as we know that world existed and reconsider was part of the multi-diverse and the new multi verse. And how. That's that's GonNa plan so we couldn't get could give him an angle for a soft reboot kind of a deal. Keeps trying to tell us that one woman nineteen eighty-four is not a sequel equal or whatever and I'm like yet is like they just say the DC needs fixed. I don't think so. I think the issue issue that needed fixed is fixed and that's the studio which the constant knee jerk reactions every time a movie comes out and it didn't make a billion dollars. Yes shell exactly and you know we have a director finally on board for the Flash. The movie I think having Ezzor Ezra appear in crisis is kind of confirmation that they want to take his character serious and actually work with it. You Know Andrew Moosh e-e-eddie which makes a pattern of for director's coming in directing DC properties with Aqua Mansion. Sam and now the flash says it's going to be interesting wresting the slate. It's looking good. You know the suicide squad as Asaf Rebuke. But yet they say it's not but but the nature of the suicide squad period is it gets rebooted every time because members come and go you don't you don't get like three or four returning characters and tell me it's not a sequel. It doesn't work that way but yeah I mean that's some the news for now. There's some more coming up bitten sky. Look up in the Sky Guy.

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