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Yes yes welcome into the Tim. Mckernan show on the inside S. T. L. podcast network from the home loan. Expert Dot Com studios. I'm Tim mckernan gangster. Pete alongside. Is We partake in another edition of questions from the audience questions. Stories opinions whatever. Send them at T. mckernan at inside. S. T. L. DOT COM. Everything is welcome. We take them on the TMA fan page on facebook. If you're not a member Join in the fun and Games and if you are not on facebook you're welcome to email your questions at T. mckernan at inside. St L. DOT COM Questions from the audience. We start in the email. Hi Tim I was. Wondering is a lifelong MISSOURIAN. If you've noticed any unique a local cultural changes in the last twenty years what possible reasons for the change might be for me. I've noticed a move to a pretty solid red state politically. When it wasn't long ago that we were definitely purple. In addition I feel like things have become more southern. I wonder if Mizzou's move from the big twelve to the SEC. Might be the reason. I'm more cognizant of these things I realized that generalizing this painting the whole state with a wide brush. That might not be fair again. I'm enjoying the show. That's Adam not caller Adam gangster. Pete do you see it if so what do you think the reason is for it? I've certainly seen the ladies James. Their dress at Mizzou tailgates since SEC. See I'm good with it appealing. Do you see Talking about with The Red State Purple State comparison. I I don't pay close attention to that is you do so i. I don't know on that I I mean I. I know you're nuts. I know the Adam Colorado is not saying that it was because of The move to the SEC But I'm not sure my honest answer is I'm not sure I guess my responsibilities to a take no matter what but I don't want to give a take if I don't necessarily see it so with that said I don't know I I suppose the data certainly would agree with you that it has become a red state without question but I don't know what his caused that. I'm I'm intrigued as to if somebody did have a study and I bet somebody does as to why that happened but I know that it has happened and In in so I don't really have a good explanation for the why on it next question. What is your opinion of? Ken Burns comments now. That the last dance is four fifths complete. I haven't personally watched it but listening to the show. It sounds like some events were dug into nearly as much as others. That were revisited. Thanks from our in the Mid West gangster. Pete Are you watching? Oh Yeah I love it. It's fantastic I I think Ken Burns should watch it before he comments but then he also has a point. I mean the main subject has final cut. It's not a true documentary. Yeah I mean by definition. It's not a documentary than for some. I think that has upset some people as if it's a criticism but it's just it's a definition. A documentary gets a variety of of sides and if one side has the authority over the final cut than by definition. It's not a documentary but it is my money anyway without question and entertainment Peace and is entertaining. Hell I that there. Only two more episodes left. I could watch this. I look forward to it every Sunday. It's kind of my social calendars eight o'clock central on Sunday Nights Here for the last month so I hate that it will be going away and the recent episode. I didn't I enjoyed it still but I thought it. Kinda it's gotten got you know. I mean even though it's only the second time the first one was showing during the IPAD with Isaiah Thomas his comments now. This one was showing Jordan the IPAD WITH GARY. Payton laments and I'm dislike okay now every time that he's going to laugh at the person and I do think that there was something to Gary Payton defense playing a role in not shutting Jordan down but certainly limiting his performance in in game four And you know I was watching an interview with George Karl with Scott Van Pelt on sportscenter and Carl explain which wasn't explained in in the last dance as to why Peyton wasn't on him and he said he had a calf injury and we were trying to maximize his offensive production in and guarding Jordan with a calf injury is necessarily optimal but obviously in game four Jordan's production was not what it had been especially in the first couple of games. So with that said You know I have enjoyed the hell out of it. I agree with Ken Burns in the sense that it is not a document. But you're right pete. I mean he hasn't seen it so I would be curious. At least at the time. He was quoted. He hadn't seen it so I don't know what his reaction would be if he were to To see it. Hey Look it's deep. 's what updating and. I'M A big Guy Tim. I'm very excited to hear about the PGA tour champions bringing the essential charity classic Norwood Hills. I absolutely blast. During the two rounds attended Bel read for the Pga Championship. Should be an interesting cultural experiment. Rarely do the many pro golf fans venture up to North County are the of West County going to flock there in miniskirts and tank tops to get classy hammered on spritzers in white clause or will the location itself caused the mills clutch. Their pearls and stay at home. It will cost fathers to forbid their daughters from exiting the house and super provocative clothing. That would be a real. Bummer thanks that comes from deeds. Deeds really digging into the event. He's a poet he is extra. Pete what do you think about what she has to say is the location will have any effect on anything. See you think if this were being held at war Senate would have the same crowd. Yeah for the most part. Sure I I wish I could like I don't know maybe I will. Maybe I will be into it when it comes along. I don't know what the field first off. I don't even know if anything's GONNA happen. Secondly and by because of the pandemic secondly. I don't with the field's going to look like you know I feel like Who's The guy? Will you have longer? Who Wins all the time? And then there's the other guy who wasn't necessarily a great tour player but he's killing it Scott something to hell's the guy's name on the champions tour who wins everything. Scott I'm no I watch more. Lpga than senior Scott McCarron hair. And he's an everything I mean you have els now Mccarron wins I. I mean we'll couples play. I don't know I don't know if guys will be participating in this thing I hope so. I've played nor would I was a member of Norway back in the early two thousands so I am a huge fan of the place. I hope it gains traction but I don't know I don't know With regard to deb's questions will it be is for example en vogue is the PGA championship at eighteen to drive to Norwood and get quote classy hammered? What is classy? I think it just means dressing up. Fancy inheriting getting drunk Did you I assume you went to the PGA championship right. Yeah I went almost every day. Did you see you see people like falling down drunk? I did did you really. Oh Yeah I mean. If you're just walking walking the course like towards the end of the day definitely see some people that are passed their friends taking care of them. I don't know if we'll see. Classy hammered I hope we do. I'm always four. Classy hammered the people that I saw hammered. Were did not that classy right. You're Scott Super intact kid I I is a golf fan. I I guess a lot has to do with what the field will look like. And hopefully it sets a great tone from the beginning that they get a damn good field. I mean there are some guys who just play these things you know. They're kind of like You Know Vj Singh and Sunjay him they just have to play anytime. There's an event so I'm anxious to see what kind of feel they get for this thing Hey WanNa make sure it. Tell her about the home. Loan expert Dot Com. I just refinanced with Ryan Kelly. He's online at the home. Loan expert Dot Com. If you're buying a home if you're refinancing make sure you go to the home loan expert Dot Com. The process of refinancing could not have been simpler plus. Save me all kinds of money. It's Ryan Kelly. The home loan expert Dot Com. A friend of the program from the beginning and also someone who can save you money immediately now. This is along the lines of the last dance And and I like this question because I was wondering about. I was talking thinking about talking about it for the For the radio show To me recap says coming off the heels of Jordan's last dance who is another athlete. With compelling career you wish had an in-depth Docu series with behind the scenes footage aired interviews and personal accounts spanning the full career past present future. Who would you like to see? Personally who do you think the public would like to see? A tiger comes to mind for me to me. Recap says anybody come to mind for you? Gangster p tiger the obvious answer. Yeah I was thinking about this earlier a lot of the people. I'd like to see already have like a thirty thirty or something like that so I mean things I would like to see. It would be more personal. That wouldn't have as big a wide appeal. Another ninety four Mizzou Tiger basketball team with seven football team norm Stewart. Stuff like that would really appeal to me. But I know it wouldn't have the wide appeal that MJ does right. I when I answered the question just writing out yesterday at Tiger Magic Johnson I feel like has a hell of a story And that there would be a good amount of footage from him Growing up than playing at Michigan State and then of course the Lakers days the HIV announcement on November seventh. Ninety one The all-star game returning to play returning to coach the television show the business magnet. He has become the personality I mean he's he's got just a you know. At least for my who knows I mean it's time with the dodgers? I mean all of this stuff I feel like there's a lot there I feel like that's that's that's one I guess if they would want to get away from the NBA. A tiger would be an option. I don't know how accessible that would be specially a big portion of the story. I mean who's going to talk about that As far as the off the course dalliances of you know leading into the The thanksgiving golf club through the SUV in two thousand nine And then The nineteen nineties cowboys. Were something that I think would have mass appeal I don't know about behind the scenes footage but they had off the field issues in addition to a variety of personalities off the field stuff for that the little White House I believe near that would be really interesting I think so and then I was trying to go beyond you know. Nfl AND NBA in Golf. And I'm like is there something in something like okay? The Yankees like jeter ninety six three zero nine group But I just did she jeeter's personality. I don't think necessarily has the you know it's just it's rock solid but it it isn't necessarily polarizing and like in the gift basket you'd like to know what's in the gift basket top about that and then the other guys who were part of that you know whether it be. Rivera Zodda Bernie Williams Pettit I just. I don't know I don't know if I don't know if it would work. I I do think that because of the last dance you will now see a bunch of these and the last dance will be the standard bearer in part because it was the first and secondary. Hopefully it was the one by that. I'm saying the only one hopefully that The entire country was glued to because the vast majority of the country was inside during the quarantine But I do think you will now see more of these. I noticed that. Espn is speeding up there. Thirty for thirty with I guess a two parter on Lance Armstrong One part on Bruce Lee and then one part on Sammy Sosa Mark mcgwire and the summer of ninety eight. I'm anxious to see what they do with that because that was a story that while it was going on it was right when I was kind of starting out. I was a senior Missouri and I was kind of exhausted by it and then a decade later. I'm like okay. Well it was like watching the wwe and now two decades removed whereas the guy who at the time was the bad guys. Kind of the good guy now and the guy at the time was the good guys kind of the bad guy now. And I'm talking about mcgwire and Sosa flipping roles. I'm anxious to see what they have to say about it. I mean Maguire's first interviews were so clearly coached but then when he would come on the show. We hardly even talked about. I don't even know if we did talk about it now because we were scared to talk about it. It's just that we had moved on to become a hitting coach And hitting coach for a world championship team. It's something that's easily forgotten. The two thousand eleven cardinals hitting coach Mark mcgwire. So I'm anxious to see what that one looks like. Is You know I was thinking? Pete like you said like you know Alabama football if you were to go beyond you know professional teams in in the Sabin era but everything would be so. I don't even know what the right word would be. You know it would be handled. Yeah I don't think you get the full story exactly so so then. Do you have to go back to you? Know the one that they did. I think one of the best thirty for thirty years was the one in the you love that. That's already been done. But that's because it was kind of not whitewash. They didn't have an image. The image was bad so and so there were like fine. This is who we were what we did. We don't really care And that's why since you had to head coach there of the The hurricanes being Jimmy Johnson who doesn't pull punches. If you have a Jimmy Johnson Barry Switzer Jerry Jones and you have Michael Irvin Troy Aikman Emmitt Smith and take your pick of the other characters outside of the big three of the cowboys for those teams during the nineteen nineties. I feel like you've got enough to to have people actually talk. Honestly you have all kinds of storylines there Jerry Jones buying the thing initially being the bad guy in Dallas by whacking. Tom Landry the team being horrible. And Jimmy Johnson's first year AIKMAN's first year and then what they became and then how they feel like kind of I think Saint Louis. Rams fans feel that they should have had a long run as a dynasty and that I was watching Joe. Buck interview Michael. Irvin a couple of days ago and And I think he said you know Emmett Smith when he was a guest on the show said we won two super bowls because of Jimmy Johnson and we won one super bowl in spite of Barry Switzer and that all would play out. I think I think you could have. I think as a matter of fact if I had to bet on what the next one will be. I believe there will be next one and I believe it will be the cowboys. That is my answer To that question I heard Magic Johnson and one of the Post Games for the last dance said that they got the. Kobe won in production now and he said the magic wand will be after that. Oh really wow how about that. I had heard about the Kobe won. But I didn't know where we're that's already in post production on the. Kobe won I don't know what what state of production their end. But he said it's on the way they're getting the wrapping it up and then the magic one's next how about that Timothy please correct me if I'm wrong but you guys seem exhausted trying to grind through the shows. Recently my question is have you considered taking a break run some best ups and try and recharge you guys seem burned out. I will say is the MVP right now. Historians of the best thanks hunchback of Castle I like the question. Unfortunately I can't really answer the question in full at the particular moment. I'd like to think that at some point I will be able to give better perspective at least as far as my situation At the moment I don't know when that time will come but I certainly agree. I think I also like to point out that there are no sports going on that. We can't see each other that You know people step on each other And then in order to avoid people stepping on each other is the host give wide births and then that leads to people talking just for the sake of talking and not necessarily saying anything so I would agree. I think I said a couple of weeks ago that this has been my least favorite time hosting the show Since two thousand seven the the BOB VESCO era which is not a shot at it Bob. Personally it's just it didn't work and so it wasn't an enjoyable knows actually F- relative to this work And I think that You know if and when we are back in the studio I think you will notice that things change. I mean I. It's I you know we've been doing this. Show now with everybody in separate locations. I think for two months. I think that's how far it goes back and as I'm speaking on May twelve. I think it started in mid May or mid March. Excuse me And it's just when you have essentially four different locations for six people. It's just. It's just difficult. I I would like watch. Watch stern right now. I mean stern is in disarray. Because he'll be doing interviews with people and the zoom will disconnect And they'll buffer and then it's just awkward as the host your still on but then zoom is like rebuffing like the Brady interview. That's what I thought going into the Brady interview. Just like this hated the Brady Interviews. GonNa be wasted over Zoom and It's kind of how I was with With doing interviews for the PODCAST. You know now. We have Doug Armstrong on this week but You know if they're like Chris prog somebody for example I've been communicating with. And it's like once this happened where we couldn't have people in Studio. I don't WanNa waste the interview doing it over the phone. You know if pronger we're still playing and we wanted to get a quick update on what his thoughts for and we're like Ten fifteen minute interview much different than what we have done. On the PODCAST. I would do that but as far as like talking about his upbringing and significant moments in Blues History and then leaving the blues and his feelings on how that went down and life after playing hockey and Know headaches and the issues he was having and now his kids becoming a great athletes. And all these things you just can't you can't do you. Can certainly you can do it over the phone. But you can't do it as well So you know and then also I'm not saying this in an intent to be crass at all but if I were to say to the radio station ownership and management Hey I don't think the show is as good as it has been for the previous sixteen years and so we're GONNA take a few weeks off but please continue to pay us. I don't think that would necessarily play well and I don't think If that were the case that they should Think that we should be expected not to work. So we're doing the best in unique circumstance so I get it. I understand it. I actually agree with it but I would tell you that there are a variety. I mean if you like your like going apples to apples on what the show was like in February and March You know obviously things are incredibly different as they are for anybody in the business of hosting a show television or radio You know there have been times where I thought. Maybe it'd be good for like you know one hour for to just be you know a couple of hosts and then one hour for a couple hosts and one hour for just be a couple of hosts you know to reduce the potential of the stepping on you know so on and so forth But I think I think I hope we are at the end of The remote broadcasts where at least like my said. Six people in four different locations. It's unique circumstance as it is for everybody in every industry in you're making the best of it So I would say to say we're burned out. I'm burned out by things that I'm dealing with. That have nothing to do with Hosting the radio show waiver. Pass burned-out on fumes. Not even on fumes. Just just I'm just kind of cashed out And and there have been a number of times over the last few weeks where. I'm just like fucking things terrible and I'm the host so I blame myself You know that's why I've been like in a book. 'cause we just need gas? We need something you know. Otherwise it's going to be you know You know it's it's it's it's difficult to have a six person conversation or even three person conversation when you can't see each other and to do that for three hours at the same time I haven't noticed like in decrease in texts or interaction. I just personally saving like I take pride in the quality of the show per se. Because it's just something that we're able to do so you're not you know if you can hit a golf ball. Three hundred yards. I don't think you're when you do it. I don't think you're proud But then maybe when you play with some people who can only hit it. You know one seventy or something like that. Oh I guess the fact that I can hit three hundred. That's there's something there you know but we're just not hitting the ball three hundred yards right now and so that because of that I don't go hold on a second. Are we no longer able to hit the ball? Three hundred yards while I recognize the conditions and the conditions are such that it is. It is difficult to to do what we have done. But if we get back in studio and all things are what they were pre February for example and And the show is not right then I would okay. Something is off but I just don't anticipate that because there are still times during the show where I'm laughing my ass off but it's just it's a tough spot for everybody when you're dealing with a variety of things just like every human being is right now that have nothing to do with your job. You're doing it from home At least for me Doug and the cat and And you can't see each other for something that is a show that is really kind of fast paced and then you wind up stepping on each other and so it's just it's just it's it's it's It's it's just different. There's no other way to say it but I mean I would. I would imagine I think everyone Weight rather be people on the show or people listening to the show. Recognize the situation for what it is. It's just a unique time and An NFL something like okay. You're not going to be able to be in studio for a year for example just using that as then we would set up a plan. Then I would I would. I think what I would do is I would do interviews during the day and we would throw those I would maybe reduce the number of people talking on the show. You know just to make sure that we don't step on each other You know I try now to direct my questions specifically to people So that you know doesn't have the awkward pause and then both people jumping at the same time. 'cause I mean that's that's like I said it's on me I'm the host of the show so But like I said I am. I'm navigating some things off the air that That are playing like and sometimes. I'm navigating these things off the air during the show. So that's just a that's just the reality of it and And you know I. I think as soon as we're all back in studio I think you're going to notice the thing. Go back to what it was and whether we have sports or not. I don't think it's going to matter. I just think you'll notice some of the the quickness that makes the show it's me anyway that makes this show Will return because the you know stepping on each other will will be reduced. It won't be eliminated but it will be reduced. Gangster Pete any thoughts as a producer extraordinaire and also a listener for a number of years before becoming producer store near. I'll bite my tongue on the outside circumstances I think of all the problems just in from more aware of the outside circumstance where the I don't Yeah I think all the problems stemmed from just being in different locations it's hard to be quick and snappy when you don't know who's GonNa talk next there's no no visual cues but I will say I've run into several people that have said they've really enjoyed the show lately so it's not like it's a complete dumpster fire but it's not it's not as high quality were used to producing. Yeah I agree with. I've had a number of people say that don't go God. I'm glad that people are but I think for those people. It's like an escape. It's a familiar escapes. Even if it's not at the level that you know and I don't know I mean that's not like Duggan I ever talk about the show ever unless we're talking about things that we're dealing with off the that's the only time we talk about the show. We don't go. I mean now for actually never do I go boy. Doug cracked me up. I mean it's just never happened. It's just like we do. We do that So that that doesn't that doesn't go on It's it's more You know I just. I just know that you know and I think that's what I'm talking like with two thousand seven. I'm used to being able to to play. You know fast so to speak In play fast means you know. Get the ball in people's hands and the ball moves around the perimeter really quick before we get to the basket And I know everybody is on the floor and even though for the most part I know where everybody is on the floor. Sometimes I don't sometimes somebody who's been disconnected in. I didn't know it sometimes Somebody was talking in or was planning on talking and you know something happened where there was just confusion as to who was talking or who's paying attention so considering the circumstances I'm glad that some people still think it is a familiar escape but as far as the quality goes I mean. Listen it's it's and then it's like well then get guests on you know and it's like no matter. You see the text Inbox Pete. No you can't. There's there's no topic that that wins. Eight your fucking sex advice. Stop going to those. Oh God you guys are talking sports. There's no sports going on faulk. Oh God aggies telling stories again already heard this thirty times. How many times do you plow? Boy Shut up. You know I could tell stories to induct tell stories to the CAC. The reason why iggy stories here. Let's me lay this out. Psychologically iggy stories work because he is telling stories of his life but everybody can feel better about their own lives when he tells his story so it doesn't come off as a brag and therefore it's brilliant but unintentionally brilliant because it's real which is one and he doesn't give a fuck which is really probably the most important part about it. I I mean I like I told the story of the Joe. Buck podcast I think on an episode a couple of weeks ago and I had somebody that was great. You spend time bragging about my talk me. That was a story. I don't know what to say but it's like I guess I'll talk like just make shit up about living in an apartment complex. You know smoking math behind a dumpster while you know fucking burly women. I don't know but that's not what I that's it so I can't tell the stories. But iggy stories on top doesn't which. I agree with them by the way. I don't see anything wrong with it either. He didn't see anything wrong with this is his life. He's not saying. Hey I think everybody should go down to hedonism and in in participate in the activities at hedonism his life this what he likes But they but they certainly don't come off as a brag they just happened to be his life stories dug the cat half to mind their PS and QS because of the TV thing Gangster Pete is not particularly active on the air. Although you certainly have a unique approach when you do appear on the air which I think is actually. You're kind of like the. He'll people are cheering for I've noticed the hill character. People were cheering for and the plough kind of has the same thing going with regard to To iggy doesn't have you know the years of experience I mean Plow Hawks thirty thirty one. Eight hundred is in his sixties and you know obviously has more life experiences. That's that's the key could tell stories. But they're gonNA come off the wrong way because some stories will come off as brags and stories. These are his life stories. But you know like talks about hooking up with deb or sue people that go God. You're bragging they go. They just picture you know they don't picture you know some vixen. They you know they don't pick picture. Kendall Jenner they picture like you know a bulkier. Woman enter fifties in like a bunch of Bulky. Drunk guys in their fifties and sixties. And it's just kind of grotesque so it that's that's what makes that's what makes source so agee is absolutely without question the number one star of the last two months of the show but I would tell you. Iggy has been one of the most important elements of the show since he rejoined in two thousand sixteen It's just since we're all in this weird spot right now That when he comes on and start telling stories or giving takes that are just ridiculous but he really believes them and it's great That it it helped. Because it's it's just it's it's as I always say it's a it's instant offense Let's see what we got here. Matt Carpenter statistics question for the time. Being I'm going to hold off on that one. Thank you Yeah a couple of more questions here on questions from the audience I WanNa make sure we think. Mark Hanna of Evergreen Wolf Strategies for being supportive of the podcast online at Evergreen S. T. L. DOT com or Cana evergreen wealth strategies his phone number. For those of you. Who would like to give him? A call is three one. Four eight eight nine zero five zero three or you can go online at Evergreen F. T. L. DOT com or Kano with Evergreen Wealth Strategies helps everyday people every day. Get their finances organized. His name is Mark Hanna and he is someone that I know. And Trust and I recommend to our audience Mark Hanna Evergreen Wealth Strategies especially during this time in our history. You want to have somebody you can lean on. You will feel better if you give mark a call. Go Online at Green S. T. L. DOT COM or Cana Evergreen wealth strategies and James Call the at State Farm Insurance Agency. He is my insurance agent. Three one four nine six one forty eight hundred or go online at Carlton Insurance Dot Net. That's Carlton Insurance. Dot Net I switched to James Carlton. I recommend you do the same. State farms returning two billion dollars in dividends to their policyholders unprecedented and much needed for many families in our area for those families that have been significantly impacted by this crisis and are willing to donate all or part of their dividends. James Carlton State Farm is willing to match any donations. Up to one hundred dollars to the covert regional response fund please email James at Carlton. Insurance dot net. If interested it's James Carlton Carlton State Farm Insurance Eight Zero. Two more questions here on the Tim. Mckernan showed good afternoon. I have a few questions about online poker more specifically online poker on Bo Vodka. I myself play differently online than I wouldn't person so I'm more interested in your answers that revolve around online play in general. What is your strategy for tournament? Play with let's say eight hundred or more participants. Do you adjust your play style? The later it gets in the tournament for some background I usually play large tournaments that range from ten to thirty dollars for entry. I play very tight and try to capitalize on good hands. I've noticed though that anytime. I making later rounds. And there's one hundred or less people left players seem to go all in more. I found myself multiple times watching other players double or triple up by going all in and then suddenly I'm low stack at the table which results in me. Changing how I play in the exit quicker than I'd like if you noticed this behavior in the later rounds of tournaments I'm having trouble trying to articulate this email so feel free to elaborate or go any direction you like involving online play thanks. That's from the Pontoon Beach Lifeguard so with regard to my experience on Bo Vodka and it's almost a decade since I've been able to play on poker stars so we're going back a while I also feel like and I don't know what the how the structures differ but I also feel like that with Bo Vodka. I feel like I don't have data. Here's this is straight feel. I feel like you find yourself in a spot where you have to go all in it isn't it isn't do you. WanNa go in it. It's the math God what is that numbers at the M. is at the number that how many u blinds plus aunties you have to go. How many orbits you have to go around. And then you're in a spot where I think that's I can't remember it shows which I've been playing And that is that's what the total is. And then you have to once you get to a certain spot you have to shove so what what my advice would be and I found this with Bova. Tournaments is I will build up A. It's almost like it's Kinda like can be child's play in a way in the early stages of tournaments build up a huge stack on Bovin and God. I feel like it happens. More than fifty percent of the time a so much. I feel like it happens. Three quarters of the time and then then I'll wind up then I'll just see it withering away and you go God I was you know in the top ten and I wound up finishing fiftieth. What the hell happened or something like that. And I think the reality is and if you lay out the math and you were to count up you know let's say you played just for the sake of it. I mean I realize this aggressive but one hundred thirty dollars tournaments so now. We're at three thousand dollars worth of entries and four. That's thirty dollars tournament First place is greater than three thousand dollars. Second-place might be greater than three thousand dollars with the size of fields. They're getting And some of them can be higher than that depends on. You know certain days of the week like Sundays. They have big that. Yes many a time when you go all in by shoving with you know. I don't Know Ace Jack. Suited in the cutoff position. The position to the right of the button You know or you know calling with sevens you know something that's the. Nfl could be ahead. But even if you are ahead is the best most likely anyway in a flip position unless somebody shoved with twos threes fours five sixes and. That's you know what my point is. This you have to open up your range you have to open up your range so what you were doing in the first x stages at X. levels of the tournament you have to adjust so that what you were doing to get to the final ten percent or so of the field you can no longer do. You have to all your. That's my view. Now maybe they'll be somebody who kills it. Who GOES NOW? That's not true. I just I mean my experience. The blinds go up so quickly. You're not in a position in the Andes. You're not in a position to to sit there and wait for aces or wait for as king or wait for Queens and even if you get it in with Queens. The only way you're getting called is I guess there's a chance somebody calls you with with you. Know I mean certainly as I was saying it was sevens but most likely it's Jackson ten situation or an as king or queen or a Ace's kings spot. I suppose the mathematical phenomenon of Queens going up against Queens can happen point being you gotTa Gamble. Think I think my early years of playing poker both online but certainly with the time commitment and the significance of world series of poker events in Las Vegas and not even main events. I'd get so caught up in not busting that I wouldn't play the game. The mathematically optimal way to play it Which is a losing strategy. You have to be willing to die. You have to be willing to die. If you're going to be a winning player winning tournament player you have to be willing to die. You have to shove with big draws You have to you know. Follow your intuition on a players playing style if you've been taking notes on the player if you are playing live. I know that wasn't your question. And you recognize. This player is loose or this players tight Or you picked up. Read whatever the case might be and you might be wrong. Plenty of time you're going to be wrong But even if you're wrong you still can wind up winning the hand and even if you're right you can still wind up losing the hand. And so that's what I've you know I it just at this point with you know with with a two year old and speaking to what Pete now. We're talking about early on everything that I'm tending to off the air to sit down and set aside. You know like what would be I. You know I'd get done and maybe one in the morning or two in the morning central if I were to play that big tournament. That's on Bo Vodka. Every night that I think at this point is getting you know. Tens of thousands of dollars in prize money i. I just don't have the time to do it but if I did you have to alter your strategy and from my standpoint. That is the thing that I think separates people who can do well early in tournaments from becoming winning tournament players and I would say that based on my own personal experience you have to continue to be comfortable loosening up your range the differences when you're doing it say in the first five levels of tournament and you can raise and middle position with nine seven suited or something like that and then you know. Play it out You don't have that luxury if you only have thirty blinds. You're messing around with that now. All of a sudden you're messing around with you know a big percentage of your stack. You can't do it and I feel like and again. It's a feel thing feel like with Bova. You get to the later sturdy stages of a tournament it just becomes shove fast and you can go from I to you know bottom ten percent of the of the people remaining in a couple of hands And I don't feel like that's the way that it was with poker stars and I guess maybe if I'm trying to figure out again taking myself back nearly a decade because those Poker Stars Tournament were so tournaments were so huge with so many people And I'm talking about tens of thousands of people tens of thousands of people that that you know that the structure would allow for not having to shove as early as I feel like I have to shove if I'm playing Bovin attorneys but I mean I've played it got if I played ten Bova tournaments and the last two months. I'd be surprised I came back from Florida and and played a little and played on twitch but even then I was more focused on interacting with people on twitch than I was with the poker I will say this for those of you. Who are interested in getting back into it. It was noticeable to me How soft the games were at the time and by that I mean how easy because that wouldn't be fair but How you could just tell that th the fish were back in the pond and things that I'm like okay. There's no way that this move is GonNa work and then it would work and I go my God. This is not this is is this because people are at home and board and playing poker and I think that's what was going on but either way the worst player in the world can beat the best player in the world of all the chips get in beforehand. You know and and you know at and one of the great tells to me that you're playing against somebody. Who is you know somebody you want to continue to keep playing against? Because they don't get the game as well I want and it's like well. Yeah but I mean I had you know as King and you called me with King Jack in Jack came on the turn when we were all in and you by definition one but you call off your stack with King Jack. It was the wrong move unless you thought I king ten or he thought I had Queen Jack you know so that's and I and I wonder how much of that is going on right now. That kind of mindset You know results oriented but either way you have to loosen up you have to be ready to die and go okay this guy is shoving the I'm in the big blind. He's in the small blind. We have about the same amount of chips. He shoved pocket sixes the chances of him having pocket sevens or Greater and shoving here. You know it's just it's less than fifty percent. I think we would probably agree. It's it's substantially less than fifty percent is possible of course it's possible but again that goes back to game theory and and you you gotta call it. You don't want to call it. Listen so you want to you. Want to get it in with aces every time you. WanNa get in with the nuts every time. But you gotta do it and it's not fun It's not as fun as the early stages when you can. You know kind of play magic so to speak with the hands but That's that's the way you win at tournaments. It's not the way you win a cash game the way that you went to tournaments and you gotta do it and it's not comfortable and I agree with that and I think the people who are winning on Bova understand that a certain point you recognize the number of hands. People are playing tightens up. Because they're getting close to the money and that's when you hammer and by that I mean you get aggressive power. That's when you got two gangster paid you gotta you gotTa take advantage of the people wanting to just cash. That's that's what you have to do and you can spot especially in live tournament especially when I was one of those guys when I cashed in one of the World Series Events. It became a joke at the table but I had like I literally had like three chips. I was rubbing together just to get into the money you But that was the way things played out that day. And I'm like screw I've gone two days. I'm just going to cash just so I can have my first world series of poker cash At that point it's not about winning so take advantage of that spot. The People here like this guy's all the sudden folding. Everything's he's wanting to fold into the money. Take take a look at the people who are using the time bank. Because that tells you they're trying to slow down play to get into the money. Those are the people you want to hammer and then if those people all of a sudden come back over the top tier raise but you noticed a couple hands earlier there were using the time bank to trucks out there were now you know what I'm talking about. Repeat so those are the I mean again. You can't see people but these tells with online poker like I said with Bova. It's so even if you get to the final table you're so it's just it's it's shoved. That's that's a word that I haven't used in probably close to ten years because I haven't played as much as I used to. But it's Chevy and I hate Chevy poker because the skill element of it is reduced exponentially but one of the skills is having the balls to do it. You GotTa do it. It's part of the game. You've got to be willing to okay. You know what he shoved here and I've got I've got sixes. There's you know more like more likely than not. I'm up against as eight as to you know possibly up against you know King Queen whatever you know you gotta do it. You got to do it in. Because it didn't work doesn't mean that it was wrong And that's that's the thing that you have to train yourself to understand and I'm in a way I'm talking to myself. I remember telling myself this when I was playing in the world series of poker made event that you gotta be ready to die and then all of a sudden. I'm like oh I've got the nut flush drawn. I can come back. I remember this was. This was just a few years ago. And I know I can shove and we're only on the flop and I know it's I remember talking about the same Joe. Straus matter of fact and he goes. I really wish you would've shoved there. I mean the guy's probably GONNA call you. Got The nut flush right you had to take these stands and you do that. You can't win. I mean Jamie Gold. If this is really getting into the poker nerd stuff people know. I'm rattling off world series of poker main event winners from two thousand six. But he's a guy who had the deck hit him upside the head and by that it means he just got great cards and anyone. But that's not the way the game works and so you have to Loosen up and either loosen up with your calls or loosen up with with your your raising and your you know your moves after the flop and after the turn if it gets there and certainly willing to fire a final bullet if you can. If you've got a priced right on the river and that'll put put the man to the test as they say. Put the man to the test so I get nerdy on poker even though I'm not nearly As in tune with it as I used to be final question here before we go to the final question design air heating and cooling is a wonderful sponsor of the Tim. Mckernan show podcast online at design. Air Service DOT COM Designer heating and cooling. I am a client. I recommend you become a client as well. It's designed air service DOT COM The cats client doug as a client. I'm a client. Seth Gold Camp at his family have been taken care of Saint Louis since nineteen o four. I recommend you become a client. As well. Designed air heating and Cooling Design Air Service Dot Com all right final question gangster Pete. We're going to go deep here. Tim and and we both agree that we have not read this before. There's only one way and it would have been the last weeks because it was sent on Thursday April thirtieth and so if we would have read it it would have been last week and I really don't remember it but this could be super embarrassing. I suppose you can always edit it out of course but we we read this and said we had not discussed it yet gangster. Pete you're in agreement. I'm in agreement all right here. We attempt a Gallup poll. Yes an actual. Gallup poll shows that Americans report belonging to a church. Synagogue or mosque is at an all time. Low averaging fifty percent in two thousand eighteen. I assume that this rate has continued decline in the past couple of years. This probably comes to no surprise to you or the questions from the audience listeners. If the same devotion has been transferred to something else. Where are people spending that time? My thought is that religion has manifested itself in a different way conservatism. Environmentalism and liberalism are the new religions. Time is spent preaching viewpoints in judging others for not agreeing with him not saying that all religious people are this way but this has been a pretty prevalent issue with religion. My premise is not. That religion prevented a divide. However the time and energy people spent devoted to religion has now focused to politics. This has led to the ever-increasing political divide both in and across parties. What role do you think? The reduction of religion is played with the political divide in this country thinks that comes from Tucker not caller Tucker we caller Adam not caller Adam Tucker not caller tucker gangster Pete your thoughts. I mean I don't think just because the attendance in Church or synagogue is decreasing means. They necessarily are throwing that energy into politics. I think More likely there's just the abundance of information out there make some of these religions and things harder to believe in 'cause you know more there's more science out there more information. I really agree with the first thing that you said And so what happened in this email in my opinion is something that I try to avoid myself. But I'm sure I do often protect probably may do in this interview and that is introducing a premise and then building the remaining portion of the question. Or answer off the premise. That is a hypothesis. That is a premise. So in this case That would be if the same devotion has been transferred to something else where people spending that time. So that's operating on the assumption that that devotion has been transferred to something else. I don't see it that way. I simply see it as being a decrease in religion which is exactly what you think. Pete were saying And so I don't see us people going okay. Well I'm no longer You know a a passionate Christian. Ju Muslim Buddhist. Take your pick of whatever I am Turning my attention to following conservatives and following liberalism I don't I don't see it that way and I see it that secondarily pizza the same you. I think people just are no longer as religious. I think from a Catholic standpoint for me personally You know the scandals of sexual abuse in the Church You know played a role in me. Moving away From what I was brought up as Catholic. But you know I think t- to use that as the only reason would be disingenuous. It's more about just kind of playing out the the hand with regard to religion in general and going. Oh okay well. There are billions of people in the world and a large percentage of those billions are religious but they see things incredibly differently with their respective religions. But it all kind of goes back to afterlife. Which for me is what I think was the birth of religion how to explain what happens after we die As I always say anytime. This topic comes up. I don't know I certainly do not pretend to know and with regard to religion With regard to what I think is the case. I hope I'm wrong And by that I mean I just think it's over when it's over and that's that so certainly I hope I'm wrong at least on. The prospects of whatever would lurk after In the afterlife being something that would be a positive so with with that all said I don't see it the same way as you do. Tucker slash NAT caller Tucker Certainly people are Again it kind of goes to if you're looking for you can find it with regard to arguing about politics. I'm just like off the fan page. Now I'm off it. Welcome to the show and by that I mean I'm not like down on the people on the fan page per se. It's just it's and I don I listen. I created it Could this version of it anyway. For years ago it was. May of two thousand sixteen. And it's just it's it's shit. I don't ninety percent. Let me you know act like. I'm not a Republican. But here's some new information that will benefit my Republican argument or let me act like I'm not a liberal. Let me present this new article. That makes bit benefits my liberal. It's just it's very transparent very obvious And it's it's ninety percent Cova related politics talk and I just. I've gotten some disturbing hate mail. I mean I guess. All hate mails disturbing kind of more on the Holy Shit. Hate Mail And it's not the reason I stopped talking about it Because like I'm I've stopped talking about it but it's just like it's so off the rails this I don't think San page relate. I think this is a probably. Tma listener related. I would have to guess that it's just you see you really can't have a conversation about it And the amount of I told you so going on right now when the thing is over Is it's just I I'm not. I'm not I'm not on board with. I told you so on like a discussion regarding bringing in a reliever in the seventh inning much less something that is impacting people's lives whether it be health or financially Mentally take your pick spiking the ball right now like you're all over the place and I'm just so I don't know I think also kind of going back to What was it the hunchback of on castle the the other reason why I should have said this in my answer with regard to the show is that I have things I want to talk about in a major way and the show usually for the number of years we've been doing. It has been a place where I've been able to do that Because even if it's like something dug the cat or uncomfortable with they just don't participate which is totally cool. You know But I can talk about it because I don't have to worry about the TV stuff. And I can't talk about the stuff going on that. You Know Pete is familiar with it. I make reference to off air stuff. I mean I guess I can but it wouldn't be in the best interest of what we're working on and And then I I. My mind is certainly on all of the things. And actually what? I'm working on off off. The air is tied into. What's going on right now and with the pandemic and I just WanNa talk about it. I because I can't because we just things start getting said that are just just like wow. That's not true but I but what I do. I mean dress. Somebody down for saying something. That's not true and it becomes an argument over what's true and I can't. I can't engage so not only. Are we in a spot where we don't see each other. We don't have the physical cues on when talking when not talk. It's like what do I talk about because the things that are like so important to me at this particular moment. I can't talk about again I can but it would be bad to do so and that's tough that's tough. I'm not asking for sympathy. I'm just trying to explain it to the people who care. And if you're an the enlisting to you know ninety minutes of a podcast that I'm hosting in addition to the radio show you obviously care you might fucking eight me Hate Listener but at least you're getting an explanation then you can spend it as to how I'm whatever the bad guy but That's that's really that's really what's going on is that. I mean you know Pete. You don't see me but you know answering texts and emails all while trying to host the show. The pandemic is certainly you know. And that's the think in March and I guess part of April. I'd have to go back and find out when I mean I would never go back and listen to all the shows but there was a time at some point where I'm just like okay. This is now. It's gotten to a point. I remember saying on the radio. I just don't get how people are seeing this as being a political thing like and I don't know if it wasn't at the time or if I was just really naive at the time here many times to what's that you said that we've said well. I know that you said but I remember you saying in March that. You're incredibly bored by in this. I know I can picture where you know. Being in the office in Florida's I know it had to be pre march twenty seventh and I think it was closer to mid March the topic of Of It being political really bored you and I agreed with that but the topic itself does not but now I feel like everything having to do with the topic is political and and therefore it's like you can't even you know it's like yeah. This doctor said that well you know and it's just like all right. We can't we can't talk about it you know and it's it's tough but then at the same time. I'm so I have to tell you this also you know I. I don't know I don't know what I mean. I as far as like what what what. I'm watching television. I don't know what is real when I'm reading. I feel confident. It's real but maybe I'm wrong on that too again when I'm reading reports not reading opinion pieces but even I have to tell you you know I don't know if I would be able to pull it up. Yeah I I This morning Reading The New York Times And by the way I read the Wall Street Journal as well but I just I remember reading this and this is something so your mother fucking me for. Reading New York Times Conservatives right now but it was something along the lines of Dr. Fao she is. We speak At least he was Testifying like via zoom On Capitol Hill Regarding you know What would he said would be quote? Needless suffering and death if the country opens prematurely but the way the tidal Dr Fao. She and this isn't New York Times Widely something along the lines of widely acknowledged to be the voice of trust or something throughout this whole process. And I go. You know I mean I in some people might call. You're really looking for it. They're and I. Oh I don't know I mean let's say that you're you know you really buy into president trump or even if you don't buy into president trump. I think there are a large number of people who don't but still think that the country has overreacted and or under reacted to the need to keep the economy going. And so I I so I don't think it's as simple as one or the other And Go yeah I mean okay. So you're you're propping kind of subtly Dr Faucher she up with the description as opposed to giving his role in. Y'All you're you're you're asking us to buy into a premise. And maybe I'm maybe I'm into much into it but I mean I see th like how can I complain about Fox News or CNN doing this stuff with the headlines That you know that And in that call attention to it when I'm reading that which I think is credible and that is the written reporting like I'm looking as I'm sitting here now Cnn's headline Faucher vaccine more likely than not within a year or two. That's Great News. That's outstanding news You know but at the same time within a year or two is not around the corner. But it's good. It's a headline. That is not spinning. I would have expected to turn around and read. The headline would be vaccine Not For at least two years and just by doing that. It changes the tone and those are the things that I observed that turns me off. I don't know what it is that turns off the average news consumer and maybe I'm the average news consumer who's to say that I'm above or below but Having Gone School Not that makes me an authority on it but just kind of knowing what we were taught. Then I see these headlines in these headlines. Are you know they're confirmation bias? Headlines and or designed to you know meet their audiences preconceived notions of a topic. So I'm surprised to see this. Cnn headline which I would say is actually a positive There's a headline that says that you'll still be homeschooling. Your kids this fall sending my group Bat Shit. What's that from the FAO chief thing? He said he still be homeschooling. Your kids this fall. And it's causing rifts. On my group chat all real. What people can't believe that that's the case there's people part guy in there. Is he losing his mind or yeah yeah he's he's been off the fat you train forever. He's got all kinds of conspiracy theories but he's involved with the China lab and stuff. I usually I'm kind of like hip to where it is and I've had some people I've communicated with WHO I thought. Were just kind of like you know you know in the bell curve residing in there and not take your pick of whichever extreme and then all the sudden. They'll semi auto watch this video. I'm not saying I like the things that youtube is ed to take off site. Yeah I watched that a couple of times later off to find it now I duNno I dunno so that that actually I think that is that's wearing me out 'cause I is hosting. Tma is like I have things. I Really WanNa talk about and I'm at my best. I think or my least worst my least bad when I'm just talking and saying what's on my mind and here it is in. You might like it. You might not like it whatever but now you know what's going on and I like to think I think. Think maybe this is me being in my own little world that even the people who hate me believe that. I am telling the truth. I think that's the you give well-thought-out opinions so even if you disagree you can see where you're coming from. God bless gangster. Pete I appreciate that but when we wind up getting into spot were debate and so if I were getting into the stuff the off air stuff that I mean there's really nothing I mean even though I know if when stuff happens the people debate things I'll be like. Oh Yeah I mean. I've seen things numbers that you I know. You haven't like no one has yet. But that's part of the deal. I I've already been through this stuff before you know what you're getting into you know when you sign up for it. You can't complain about it. It's like like getting bad. Beat out of a poker tournament. Oh you didn't you know you're not guaranteed that your hand getting in good is GonNa win. That's the risk of playing the game With regard to talking about the pandemic becomes like like like. If I'm GONNA talk about something. I make sure that I give the source. But then I like if it's The New York Times of the Washington Post or Fox News. I try to find somebody other than that. Because I know that that automatically carries a correlation of that a group of people automatically say it's not true because it came from that source. See what I'm saying Kind of like. When I was reading Sean doolittle's tweets today and then somebody responded right away. Sean doolittle giving his own opinion was saying well. The media the media wants US decided the Washington Post Study. I immediately you know clicked off. You know that's the thing it's like you can't so what do you do? You know you can't win so people already you know. I mean how many people's opinions have changed and there are some by the way I got one today but it's just it's it's at this point. I'm not going to go into it. But who is of one opinion on the pandemic and now it has changed But at my premise being you already know where people are based on who they support politically and that to me is awfully boring and also got doesn't just speak to how disingenuous the discussions are like. I don't know I mean I I don't know and I think that's what I think. That's what frustrates me. So I do feel like questions from the audience is is like my outlet because I do talk more still not really going into the pandemic in specifics on it anymore but Just because I you know it's not it doesn't become in people might be listening all that's night or I hate that or whatever. I don't see it in real time and then it doesn't like throw me off what I was talking about with. Tma but either way with TMA. Yeah that's that's that's that's a that's a monster issues that there are things. I WanNa talk about that. I can't talk about it when I am like gag ordered so to speak and that's not what's going on obviously but I just don't think it's the best interest talk about these topics in a public forum at this particular moment That IT IT IS A. It's it's difficult to navigate so hopefully at the very least it helps explain it With regard to the question on how polit- political parties have replaced religion? I don't see it that way. I don't see it that way at all. I mean I I just don't I don't know I don't I don't I don't I don't even know if I see it like even I'm sure it certainly happened to an extent but I just. I don't see somebody who who is like you know evangelical going you'll now. I'm just going to be a conservative. You know because I just don't I don't you know I just don't I think I think there's a on the ven diagram I think. That's a large portion So I I don't know I don't know I just I just don't I don't see I don't see it that way I i. I like the question. I think it's an intelligent question. And it certainly stimulates my brain. But I don't necessarily know that I think that that's what's going on. And maybe the Person who wrote that in within a point out that I mistook the question but That's that's not where Not where I see things. All right. We have Done about ninety minutes of questions from the audience. I believe and And I don't want to keep gangster pete any longer You are always welcome to send questions in any time. T- mckernan at inside St L. Dot Com. It's questions from the audience. Mckernan against Pete with you. Thank you to the home. Loan expert Dot Com Brian Kelly Marquette Green wealth strategies online at Evergreen St L. Dot Com and in addition design air heating and cooling online designer service DOT COM James Carlton Carlton State Farm Insurance Agency Online at Carlton. Insurance dot net for Gangster Pete. I'm Tim mckernan. This has been another addition of the Tim. Mckernan show live from the home. Loan expert Dot Com studios on the inside. Stl podcast network.

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