Hour 2: Best Fit For LA


All right. The clock is ticking. We are less than three days away from NBA free agency, and it might just be the most loaded in league history. Stephen, what could be the biggest surprise. Would you say free agency? I want max to go first on this because I want to hear his response, please knacks, if the sorry, Knicks get a single elite free agent to sign with them. That would be the big surprise of free agency. I sat in this seat and listened when they traded Kristaps Porzingis. I went on Twitter rant that night next day I come in and sat and listened to people bend over backwards to explain the stupidity of this idea as though it was a good one. Kristaps Porzingis on his rookie contract. Seven foot three every single thing, you'd want a guy to do a unicorn don't ever done it like him before play defense like that space by the rim can can shoot the three pure can take it could take you off the dribble that Christopher traded him to free up cap space that you created. Well it was a new regime. No mill signed Tim Hardaway junior. Well, it's because Christopher porzingas wanted out. Will which team did he want out from mixed their fault you traded? Did all that because here we go. Katie's coming. And then Katie gets hurt, but even if he didn't you think he's going to the sorry Knicks. That would be the biggest surprise places dysfunctional. Everyone knows it. If Steven that's changing, they're going to have to demonstrate that to the league overtime not going to happen like this. They're silly misguided plan is about a blow up in their face, and I will sit here laughing if I'm wrong, I will be very surprised. Well, you know what? Nobody can beat that because that obviously has to be a huge huge surprise MAC. But I would tell you, if Kawhi Leonard ends up going to the Lakers, that would be shocking. I mean, I'm stunned as over what I've had to report this morning in terms of them saying that the Lakers have become major players in the whole coagulant, sweepstakes is not a two-horse race with Rondo and the clippers it's now a three horse race with Toronto clippers and the lake is with the clippers potentially losing out to the Lakers. I'd never -ticipant in my wildest dreams that all knows that I heard about a while lended that he would consider being an LA LeBron and a D. I know he and LeBron Tech's one another. I know they communicate their friends and what have you. But and they worked out together last summer as well. A so it wasn't like they were enemies anything like that. I'm just saying that I thought that could wild lent. It would be the guy that would want to be someplace away from the sizzle play with the clippers compete with the Lakers in the Staples. Center for surpremacy within the NBA, and that would be that to think about Kuwata Linnet, potentially joining forces with LeBron. And a dean would be Oltra shocking to me. No question about, you know what Stephen I think about I understand what you mean. I, I agree, everything that we've been hearing, that would be a huge shock. But now, think about it in another way. Is it really shocking? Think about the history of the Knicks their biggest acquisitions in free agency, like Chris Childs Amari Stottlemyre on an uninsurable, contracts dot Meyer. The year everyone was banned for LeBron or Wade, or Bosh, Pat Riley wasn't thinking, LeBron waiter. Bosch, Pat Riley was from the Lakers. He was thinking LeBron Wade, and Bush, and the Knicks mound up with uninsurable Amari Stottlemyre. No one else wanted thing about back in the day, we just had Tim Hardaway senior on the show. He's a free agent. The Knicks wind up with Chris Childs. Those are the kind of moves. They make while the Lakers are signed. Shaquille, O'Neal and LeBron James, the Lakers. Always get their man. The Knicks never do. It's par for the you gotta remember you're looking at it from a basketball perspective, zip pertains to the history of the Los Angeles Lakers. What we've seen throughout NBA history, etc. I'm just looking at the personality that is let it you got you're talking about a God. Do you understand it? If this guy decides to leave Toronto and go to LA Mexico amid he would have walked away from eighty million dollars with two moves the move to from San Antonio Toronto, where he's not for the supermax, and then obviously the max dollars Toronto can offer him over five years, considerably more than he could get over four years with anybody else in about about fifty million dollars difference, who are, you know, max tell me and all your years of watching basketball, it all your years of watching sports. Tell me one person that you can point to that lives early walked away from eighty million dollars. Blanket, who was that? I'm talking about losing eighty million. I'm not talking about all I can make it up somewhere else, and I understand off the off the court issues endorsement deals all, but I'm just talking about in terms of their respective sport, their salary no matter what it is knowing that you can't get that back. Who do you know that walked away from eighty million? No, you're right Stephen, but I'll also say this about Kawai and I'll you can relate to this. I think if you could make neither no two hundred million dollars in your career. And you get after six or seven years to live in LA for the rest of your career in life, or you can make two eighty but you gotta spend the next six seven years in San Antonio Toronto. Maybe that puts it in a little bit of a different light, especially those from LA. That's home for co why. Well, I'm saying this. I'm saying I'm not disagreeing with you. But, you know, we're on the same page just here's the difference. You're looking at the Lakers and basketball and I'm looking at the personality. That is linen. And I'm saying even with that being said, it's still made more sets everything about him say clippers the talk of personality that literally, the team, I'm just talking about now, one of pop rotties, the sizzle of Tinseltown and a purple and gold and all even. Even though he grew up a Lakers fan. The fact of the matter is you never got any indication that Kowa Linnet was the kind of dude that would join that kind of atmosphere. I mean I like it. But you never got that impression that that was who he was. And so to hear that the possibility of him arguably the best of the world is people's eyes, like yourself, a champion, two time champion now NBA finals MVP all the things that he has gone from a country at as mercy, a city of franchise, the sane and to be able to walk away from all of that, to go to join the Lakers. It's quite shocking. It really is purple and gold Kawai. Well, you said it seems a quiet just wants to be happy. So maybe that's just what's going to make him happy. We'll find out but still to come here on I take, I'm glad that you can, let's go non-party people. I'm only caring listening to the first take podcast if you don't know numbers. You don't know your business folks, but the problem growing businesses have that keeps them from knowing their numbers. Is there hodgepodge of business systems? They've one system for counting another for sales, another inventory, and so on. 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Car, my breaking. Really stand. For more coverage state farm dot com. All right. Welcome on back to. I take we're coming to you live from above the Heineken rubber duck at pier seventeen. Now let's welcome in the air river so charismatic, Drake's well dressed, Bomani Jones, one half of high noon, which can be seen every day at four pm on ESPN. Welcome on my brother was, was my brother. You, you don't look into the camera and say what's up to your board? My chair. Supposed to be looking at. That was going off. Stephen that's no skews that you are pro TV every day his questions know what can, we ain't got to come to work to do the show. I got come to work to do to show. That's what I wanna know. Dan, you know. Yeah. New, that's high eleven to. These are not the Airdrie do not wear them. Because you found out they were air Drake's after you bought him. And now you won't wear them. Yeah. That's basically. Okay. Walk around with signups said too many things to be out here, like rock rocket Samir. Drake's I will humble myself before Michael Jordan. I'm not humble myself before. No drake. Fair enough. Fair. Stephen, would you mind reiterating. The news revealed at the show right now. Your money at the top of the show. You know, I had a bunch of phone calls from last night, and this morning. Apparently Kowal Leonard has become a serious threat with, you know, the land with the Los Angeles Lakers. He strongly considering that, you know, his college coach has been somebody that it's talked to rob link on numerous occasions. His right hand man, there's somebody to talk to Magic Johnson on numerous occasions. He's cool with LeBron. He's worked out with Koby. He grew up a Lakers fan. He wants to be back in LA, supposedly, even though he hasn't made a final decision as of yet. And for what I'm being told the clippers are very, very nervous that the Lakers, have really, really come into the picture and benefit -nificant player in all of this. So it's gonna come down to the raptors the Lakers of the clippers with the lake is seemingly having the edge over the clippers to acquire him. I don't know how true it is what they saying though, if that happens, though, if it ends up going to the Lakers, day, you gotta wonder what katie's gonna do? We've talked about the Knicks. We've talked about the nets well Bob, my as general manager for the Golden State Warriors is going to be on the east coast this weekend. The minute the clock strikes, six PM eastern. Standard time. K D is going to get offered to two hundred twenty one million dollars super max by the Golden State Warriors to remain with the warriors, you know. So if you're K D in light of AD, LeBron, potentially Kowah being in LA, do you still go to new you wanted to New York teams? Or do you go back to Golden State because you think about the next three years, and you go compete for title then to get to your boys and Houston, right? You've got a situation where for Tita and Darryl Maureen. Those boys have been pursuing Jimmy Butler. Do you still do that knowing that LeBron AD and potentially Kawai are in LA, or do or do you stand stamp, Pat, and just let Jimmy Butler, stay in Philadelphia without trying to bring him to Houston? Syncing -ticipant. It's not gonna make much of a. Difference in terms of your ability to beat LA or not only that, you got kyri you got Kimber, all of this stuff is going on. Koa Linnet right now is the king of free agency because whatever move he makes may very well dictate what a multitude of teams elect to do which is what makes all of this, so interesting. That's what I've been told. And that's where we are here reaction by money. I just can't see who I let go of being on top of the basketball world to then, being LeBron James psychic because there's really only room to be in the broadside kick, that's the only if you're going to be on the team with him. You go to be the sack. And then that means Anthony Davis is going to be the number three guys. Linda go be the number three guy. I expect him to go back to Toronto. My guess he sounds a two year deal the ten years in the league, then it comes on the back end of that inside, like the supermax extension that you can get for being a ten year veteran. That's the only thing that I can see having his him doing that because I just don't think for him, personally, it makes sense to play for lakes seem to the clippers. First of all, I'm not. So sure, when you say sidekick, Kawai. Lead that team in scoring LeBron could use it. Lebron basically, the point guard Kawai is like the one part of his game. It's not up to snuff with the rest of his game, his passing which is only okay. It's not all other worldly. He's really a two guard. He has that kind of scores mentality LeBron as the point forward uses AD as the big and Kawais is the two who I could lead that team in scoring. Yeah but here's the thing though if you own a team with a broad bus opposed to leave go from the hotel to the game. The bus leaves will abroad gets there. No matter what time that happens to be. That's when the bus is gonna leave your letter that you worked up to that place in life. You're not trying to be the other guys waiting for this other due to show. What? Right. Like those are the things that think about being the second players, not just second player on the court is the second player in the building. And after being the number one guy did so much might not be going for that. Yeah. I don't mean I don't think was present. Let me let me present this to both y'all. First of all, the Monte from what I hear about Kawai. He don't care about any of that. He's cut from a different cloth. He could give a damn about that. Whether we believe that or not, we may be seated depends on what he elects to do. But I'll throw this at both y'all. I'm also thinking about the money, and here's why as I explained earlier, you leave San Antonio. So the supermax is out the window you go to Toronto. They got your rights, but they can't off you super Mexico. You haven't been with that team for these four years. So you have a situation where they can give you one hundred eighty nine point seven million, the one eighty seven point nine and one eighty nine point seven one of the forget, but either way it's going to cost you close to fifty million dollars to leave Toronto to go to another team. So you could have had to twenty one s out the window. Now you can have close to one ninety that would be out the window. If you decided to go to LA, so go into the clippers or the Lakers, doesn't make a diff. Guys, if he elects to go to the Lakers because in terms of cash shea, if what they say is true. It's LA's a Lakers town, even though the clippers have their own fan base and all of this other stuff. If you talk about money that you could make off the court with new balance envy on is it possible that being a Laker is exponentially. More beneficial to him financially than being a clipper. I'm asking, I don't know. I wanted to get your response to that now I think it could be beneficial to be Allegra. But the question is, is being a Laker and the number two guy on the team. More beneficial than being on any other team being the number one guy. Right. I mean, we saw James harden, and get that try played in Houston. So like for me if I'm kuwa- I wanna be the man on that team. If I've already been the man, he might be the best player in the NBA right now. I don't want to be the best player in the NBA and the number two doodo, my, I would say that the strongest move for Leonard, including staying in Toronto. I think clearly is going. To the clippers my honest opinion, I'm Lakers fan. I wish he would go to the Lakers. But if he goes to the clippers, I'm telling you right now, the clippers will surely win the title next year. They just took the Golden State Warriors, a healthy K D six games. If you add to a team that's already formed, and playing well together you don't have to take anything away. And by the way, you still have cap space to add someone else that team is going to be better than the depleted warriors or the rockets who can't get over the hump or whatever Utah Denver's. They're not going to be as good as that team. And the Lakers AD and LeBron two years from now. Yes. But they had to strip it all down to get there, then they're throwing it together. It's gonna take a year for them to figure out the details. Kowal win the chip the clippers host the second best plot. That for one second Jimmy Butler on there. Oh, so you take, I see, so you're saying, max, you believe let me be very clear, because see you confused us now we're talking about Kawagoe into the clippers you believe that if Jimmy Butler doesn't end up in Houston, that Jimmy Butler is gonna leave the sixes to go to the clippers. I think it's possible, of course, is there. But I'm saying even without Jimmy Butler guys who was the second best player on Toronto now. Yes. Well, there's certain things in the east that made it opened it up for quiet. I'm claiming that's the same situation in the west. This is a clippers team again with a healthy Cade beat them, two games. But now, Katy and Clare at there. The Lakers are without a roster around their two stars who else is in the west, it's going to stop Kawai on a on a team on, they're not just doing this together. It's a team already. And now you add a finals MVP the best player in the game to that team without taking anything away. It's like it's Toronto Rita. I'm not I'm not I'm not sold on that. I, I think Houston could take, I think. Houston could take that particular clippers team. I think Portland would nurture back could take that particular clippers team. I'm not a fan of the canal gala Nadi. I'm not a fan of. I know he can play a little bit. But I just consider him relatively soft. Montrose, heralds, a rough rider, but from a skill standpoint in terms of the ability to hit perimeter shots, and what have you like PASCAL Seok could I don't see him as dot mom. Step away from the basket hit outside shots. I don't see that, you know. So when you look when you look at Toronto, I think you're underestimating how skilled Toronto is Patrick. Beverley, you gotta keep it. Remember nine million dollars? You gotta bring him back. You gotta find a way to get if you if you go out the match, you gotta find a way to make sure that you keep him as well. Don't underestimate. It's reality, too. So we don't know that about Patrick Bev. Good news miss. I'm not sure championship side of Hawaii, though. I mean, if they get Jimmy Butler, okay then you got like a number two option. But Kyle Lowry is a better to option than what the clippers would have right now, the other thing that clip these raptors head those big long, do not show. Money you're going to be lowering more lowering. Later on the show on god-like lowering. I like I like I like Larry but Lou Williams, I would argue is a better option. Six three. We haven't even mentioned about that. We have a lot more things to mention coming up in this show. And max also coming up, you're taking us to your ingenious. Tell us how. Ingenious bar have any in arches. I held the golden art. And now what do you say we get some free agency education from maxes ingenious bar max, take it away seem to be having problems with your free agency predictions. Let me see if I can't help figure this out for you. First of all, if Kawai Leonard goes to the Lakers. They obviously win a championship. Can we all agree on that no one's gonna be Kawai Leonard and eighty and LeBron? Right. Steven A and Bomani or me, or whomever, Charlie could be the other two people on the team. It wouldn't matter. Okay. So we're really talking about Toronto or the clippers and I am here to tell you that Leonard is the balance of power wherever he goes that team will win the championship this year. Let's start with Toronto. That's where he is. They are the best in the east and likely getting better Siaka is an ascending player, and an OB should be a sense. Player he was hurt. But this guy can do a lot of things. There'd be a lot of interest in and OBI, were he available, for example, in a trade. These are young ascending multi multidimensional players who are getting better, not to mention Kyle Lowry who seems to have gotten over the playoff gifts and had a maybe the best player in the final game of the season. Okay. The rest of the conference is running in place. What's going on in the east Philadelphia just hoping keep that thing together as much as possible? Can they keep Butler and Tobias Harris? Can they even just keep one of them? What's the difference in Milwaukee? It's the same thing Middleton and brogden. Can they simply keep it together and the Celtics that alludes our hor- for that lose kyri candidate can Kemba Walker be guy? Good enough to keep us at least treading water in Boston. Right. So as Toronto's getting better just won the chip the rest of the east. Is descending? The have the clippers. Speaking of team on the rise versus other teams in the conference going down. They just took eight Kevin Durant, led warriors. He wasn't hurt. He didn't have an achilles or a calf. He was fully healthy six games, was the MVP on the clippers who was their best player. They didn't have one. They were deep. They were good. They had a lot of average daughters, but who was the MVP now? You mean to tell me without taking anything away, you're going to drop Kowa Leonard into that situation. And just as the clippers are improving the rest of the west is wide open. No, Katie or clay in Golden State. The rockets are into, if you say, are they ascending or descending, you would say descending the Denver Nuggets in the Utah Jazz got a little bit better? But they don't look like beaters and the Lakers just got thrown together. Let see what they even do the rest of their space, and how they all play together Kawagoe to win the chip wherever he goes. He stays. Toronto. You're champs. He goes to the clippers their your chance agree with us. I just have not all on the clippers you and I appreciate that. They won those two games. That's fantastic. They won those two gains to eight seed, right? So they had their best two weeks at the time you probably have your best two weeks at a year. So I think you ain't why, and they become a contender but still played in San Antonio. Do you think that, that team take the Marta rose and out put away Leonard today and green bed, you think that team would be a contender now to win the west because I don't think it would be contended to win the west. So I definitely don't think this clippers team will be contended with the west just because he's on answer's yes, I do think with Kawhi on the San Antonio Spurs right now instead of the Rosen, I think they would be a contender. But I don't think as much of the Spurs, as I do of the clippers at the moment, four Coa seven what are you saying? Well, let me ask you this question max, albeit rhetorical, what the hell was so ingenious about what you said. All we all know. No, no, no, no. I do understand that if cogos to the Lakers, they're going to win the they're going to be the favorites to win the championship. We disagree on the part of the clippers I stand there with Bomani. All right. And if he stays with the raptors good chance that they're the team that comes out of the east, and obviously that puts them in play to win another championship when we talk about Jesus we talk about clever. We talk about brilliant. We talk about it being something will you spending alone, essentially, there's nobody that excuse me, excuse me? We listened to you speak. I'm talking directly to you list, what I said is, is that we listened to you talk. We heard what you were saying you pretty much what most people would could see what is it? That was genius about what you says the genius bar right genius. Genius, balling with where into the going into the season. I told you Toronto was good come out of the east, you told me is going to be Boston going into the finals. I told you Toronto is going to win in six games. I told you Toronto is gonna win. I the road team would win games four five and six. Now you're sitting all the time. Now you're stealing the cliff. They would you're leaving something out. First of all, you don't know what this genius because we don't know what's going to happen until next season arrive. That's more importantly, after the raw after two rob after the rafters got swept a team that you picked to beat LeBron last year. You started the preseason saying they will win this year you jumped off the bandwagon, and set Milwaukee is going to be there done, and you're wrote them off. I thought that walkie would beat Toronto going into that series to start the season. I picked Toronto out of the Boston store with others, such money. John, his enjoying the show. Guys to keep like a chalkboard back here. So, you know. If you're gonna have a ball if you're gonna have a ball. All right. And needs in these live up to it live. Clinical wins the shabby. Right. I give you a list when I give you a list what I'm doing is I'm touching on a fresh topic. I'm not saying the same thing that I've been saying for a week the fact that the matter is, is that if we know what's going to happen. We know Toronto. They're going to be. Stephen as list. I'll even be talking Pablo got you. I got you. I got you. I'm trying to I'm trying to find something that you've been right about. Was right. Why? Because he's right all the time. But failed this out salty about quite a few things with the show. You be right. Ain't one of them. All right. So here's the thing, though. Right. I agree that if you put Hawaii on the Lakers what they got now. That's a championship favourite. But can you think of a time ever in the NBA that it is wide open as feels like it is, at least on this day, it'll probably still feel wide open after the first week of July? Right. Like many interesting teams this is it. They wanna parody, right? The league decided they wanted to redo this at thought this league was better with three or four great teams. And everybody else given us exhibitions. This is balanced league is ever been. Right. And so, you know, credit to you guessing. Right. You did good. Because we all guessing at this point with the NBA is really that close. Listen, it's called the genius bar. Don't don't pull back the curtain. All right. I. Title come on another title. I don't mind the segments nights. I, I need another title other than the ball, you got to come up with a different. You got to come up with some better than I think the gingy works. Now. Another name. It gets this reaction. Now I'm positive. June som- Brady on high known Radi. Made it a point address officiate trying to get I'm trying to plug it. That's a good look receive name. But I got got a plug my man right here loop. And with that introduction. Not welcome in rapper. Actor producer in co-founder of the big three basketball league ice cube. All right. You're overcharged. Good to see you man to man. It's good to see. A lot to talk about today. You know, your Lakers now have cap space assign a max player or even build around LeBron eighty. So what would you like to see them do with all that money? Well, you know, course, put a great team around them. Everybody's forgetting about Calcutta's MMA. You know who's a great player too, so, you know, I don't think we need another max player. But we need some great pieces. It'd be nice. But, you know, I think with the right combination Anthony Davis can get his real deep and then LeBron. Just take us over the hump. Ice cube. First of all, congrats congrats. We'll get into the big three and a few minutes 'cause I definitely got something I want to ask you about that. But sticking with the Lakers for second. What has happened to you, my brother? I remember when we were sitting right next to each other, and you were talking about I don't need stars. We don't Bill for what we don't need we don't need the bro. We don't need it superstars now you sitting there, like, hey, the broad A D. I like it. Could you explain yourself, sir? I don't run a Laker. So I got roll with what we got. You know, sometimes you gotta play with cars that you don't. So that's what I'm doing playing with the cards that I'm dealt when we had a young team without in the Brian, I thought, you know, maybe one superstar will come in and be enough. And I thought that was going to be what we need it. It didn't work out last year with injuries trade rumors a lot of things you know, brought down our team. So. So here we go. You know, in the summer, now, we got AD, common, and we gotta put a team around what we got which is the man, I don't hear all the jokes. Now, you know, I heard heard a lot of jokes just a few weeks ago. And now I hear you know, people really wondering if we're gonna get Kawai wondering if we're gonna get kyri. Will we get a Cambe you know? So that's what I like is the fact that everybody's you know, got sensors about themselves. I said, laugh now cry later and get the tissue because here we come. They're gonna have to decide Cuba do. They hate the Lakers. Again, they're trying to laugh at the Lakers. They're gonna have to decide but can't nobody laugh at as the guy who runs the big three your TV now saying, we don't need a big three and LSU. We Lakers fan, as you know, but LeBron AD should be enough. If you put the right pieces around them, right? Yeah. Cal coups. Okay. But there's a little drop-off between the Brown, and Kyle coups McCue. Let's be real about this. So I get that. But if Kawais available you have to get Kawai. I think I think I kyri also fits that my question to you is where does it drop off, like those Kemba qualify as a guy you'd say, right? Forget all the pieces we need. Kemba Jimmy Butler qualified a you where, where do you say? No, not that guy. What's the cutoff? Well, I think you know, we need to a point guard. I mean, it's only a few max guys out there. And this couple supermax guys, I guess, but we only got so much so you know, somebody's going to have to sacrifice a little big to come and be a part of this. And if they don't I'm saying it's not the end up a world. I'm saying that doesn't kill our chances to go all the way to the top. You know, just takes a little more and it takes takes everybody knowing they roll, no matter if you a big part of the big three or not. Let me transition to the big three because I want you to talk about your league. How's it doing, you know, what's the chance of surviving, because I love, I love what I see you trying to do for former players, giving them some shine cats. Still wanna play just don't want to run up and down the court for eighty two nights during the regular season. Retired plays things of that nature. Want you to talk to me about that. The kind of support you're getting, and how you feel what you feel the league standing is right now we've got a great league you know. And we would love a little more support from sports media. But if we don't get it, you know, we know we got to earn our stripes. We don't mind doing that. We got great games on all weekend, hardnosed players, you know, playing the game you love, you know, three on threes in America's sport on Vinnie right here in America. So, you know, we wanna make sure that, you know, you know, promoted and pushed in the right way and it you know, I don't have chopped liver got some of the greatest guys who ever touch basketball. So I would want to sports media not to treat these guys like you know, some, some of the pass teams they was on, you know, when playing in the NBA and get a little love for, for playing great basketball at a high level, who's the best big three in the big three that you've ever seen cube. Wow. Man. You know I've seen some great players but I mean you look at. You know, core, Magaji you look at a Katina Mobely, and you look at it, I guess, big baby, you know then three they wanna championship last year. So they got to be the favorites. Sorry, what do you think the players can do themselves to help promote the league? I know obviously when she played pro ball, you know, everything else is going to be looked upon as secondary. But is there anything specific that they can do to help us what we see you a lot, but we don't see them talking a lot. What do you think they need to do? They gotta get there. But out there and promote you know, this is their league if they wanted to continue and keep growing gotta get out to promote the league. You can't take it for granted. You know. We're only author year, you know, we still got to introduce a lot of people to the big three and it's great. We plan all weekend give you something to do. You know you wake up early, especially on the west coast gives something to watch and checkout, and it's just a great league in, you know win the summer. What else are you gonna watch baseball? Who's the who's the best big three in the in the NBA right now? Obviously if Kawai went to the Lakers the cake who's, who's the best big three in the league right now. While you know, you got I guess you would have to, you know, start with Janice as one of them, he just won the MVP Rog than Middleton who are the other two on that you have a lot of a lot of options. Yeah. Without a doubt. I guess you gotta go with, you know, me who's gonna leave out of the blind. You know when you really wanna do it can't nobody stop that. And you know as a point guard, there's a lot of options, you know, but I still like, Damian Lillard you know, he he's still to me. You know, between him and Steph. That would be my big three. I got a question for you. What do you think about AB joining your raiders? Oh man. You know he was he looked like a pirate. So he was born to be a raider. You know. So I'm extremely happy that we got some personality back in the locker room. Let's get some of this Reiter, mystique going again, and have some fun. You're not. I don't mind guys that come in. That's a little, you know volatile ready to go and know what he can do wanna do it, and khaki witty, why not. How do you think they're gonna fair this season? They're gonna do pretty good. You know, I think Jon Gruden has really had a chance to put the team together, you know, in the way he he see fit. And. You know, I, I have confident that they're going to do better than they did last year. So you know, they ain't got really Bill right now is gonna be who do you got you? Got you got hope you got hope or you got confidence real confidence. I mean you confident that they're going to be this. I got hope I got hope for real. I don't know. I gotta sing this wait and see thing with me. You know, I'm not going to sit here and sugar coated if when the raiders go to Vegas fine. Let me they're not in southern California when they go to Vegas. You're going to switch over to the Rams, or is it still going to be the Rams right there in LA? Not a Rams as my side piece I got I got raiders. I got to writers chargers insurance who show up anywhere. Charges. Look it Cletus. This, this people feel in LA. It's unbelievable. The chargers. This cousin that, you know that you don't want to come over, and it won't go home. We all know that. I think he's much for joining us, everybody be sure to check out the big three this summer. Because like the man said, what else are you gonna watch Tom breeze? Just about done it could be his next game. He plays. It could be a year from now. He is going to fall off a cliff. I can't believe what I just heard this year, including this postseason left in front of him. And then he ain't gonna be Tom Brady anymore. You come up with different stipulations to the cliff, every time we speak about it. This is now. Tom Brady's age forty one season. He will not be Tom Brady. That's my claim all along. Brady turns forty one today. Max forty one big birthday. I do not think he will be a great quarterback this year. If he is proven me wrong. Hey max, the goat is listening. Tom Brady had this Instagram post yesterday picture of a radar gun show and TB, twelve throwing balls at sixty one miles per hour and the caption, he's gonna fall off a cliff. All right. Here's a little bit of context here. Some notable quarterbacks in how hard they threw at the combine before entering the NFL Patrick Mahomes, sixty miles per hour. Faker Mayfield at sixty one Carson Wentz at fifty seven Cam at fifty six deck at fifty four that's pretty numbers, right there. We'll Kane joining us here in studio now I'm not a mathematician. You're not. No, I know you have a ingenious boss. I don't know if you guys solve math problems there at the genius bar. But whatever you need sixty one higher than sixty. What radar gun us? I, I. I they marry up to three of in other words, the strongest arm. Max. Are you gonna reach your statements now not? In fact, Mike -tainer had sorry, ten-year had this Bleacher report in January of this year. If you look into the numbers for the eyeball test tells you, he's not the same. Secondly, if you look into the numbers verifies highest interception total lowest TD rate since two thousand thirteen lowest passer rating since two thousand fourteen in a year of record passing thinking and Dunkin compared not just to, you know. He always kind of digging the note compared to the last two seasons. He's thinking Duggan completion and I down rates on third and four plus down from the last two seasons down from his career below league average. This is just what it is now. He's playing for two things of conspired to make it look, as though he hasn't fallen off a cliff. One he's playing for the greatest coach who ever lived and to and they've compensated with run game cetera. And two they've changed the rules in the NFL where you can't touch the quarterback. So I'll refer you to early in the seas earlier in the season when Kansas City who was the linebacker who had them in his grips had him in his grasp. Let Tom Brady walk into the end zone. That's how the patriots one. You're not allowed to touch the quarterback anymore. Favoring old quarterbacks. Tom Brady, still great under pressure. I never expected that the change and I don't mean under pressure because those numbers are down to when he's actually facing pressure. But in big situations. He's still Tom Brady still has the clutch gene, and all those things for sure. But he is much more of a game manager now than he's been at any point, see what since young. And by the way to get a high reading on a radar gun, you can muscle it. That's why quarterbacks Brady's age are not as accurate down the field anymore. That's why you overthrow receivers because you're muscling. What do you think about that? Steven take this. You wanna you wanna go. You know, I'll go first world because I'm not going to be law with this is max Kellerman. All I have to say about this. You did not say there would be a drop off. You said he would fall off a cliff. That's what Tom Brady is replying to. That's what he's reacting to now. You did take back the word bum. Because you thought it was disrespectful, and kids will watching fun. But you made the argument you didn't sit up the say he wouldn't be the same and leave it at that you said he would fall off our cliff, which basically meant you know what he's not going to be anywhere near what he was going to be a shell of himself and don't even bring Super Bowl championships into the equation, essentially utter. Those words he been to a Super Bowl each year. He's one two two n VP's go ahead will why I think you stole the thunder there at the end. But it seems to be the only argument needs to be made. That's listen to me. I'm talking to you. I've sat across for going on three years now. We have a nice before. I don't know that I'd call it a friendship, but we definitely have some mutual respect. I know you place, a high value on being right. Should be ashamed of yourself max, you should be very, very ashamed of yourself. You should go home and really give some thought to this because Stephen, I said, at the end, is the end you made that prediction two thousand sixteen max since that time, Tom Brady has been to three Super Bowls. He has one two and that Stephen eight points out. He's won two Super Bowl in MVP's. There's nothing left to discuss. You are the guy you are buddy. We all have this, buddy, you're sitting around, you had a party you're single at the time. So let's make that clear and there's a beautiful beautiful woman in the room and everybody is astounded and you're over there, picking out the smallest of flaws on the Mona Lisa. You are over here. Looking through stats doing your best to find things to explain away. Your take you're talking about muscling radar gun. I don't know what you're. Through. But I know what you're gonna dig past. You're digging pass three Super Bowls and two wins. It was the lowest scoring Super Bowl in the history of Super Bowls this year. They did they couldn't get the offense going. And the reason they want is because they have a better coach than the other team that is protected. Tom Brady's fall. Now. Stephen understand what you mean about the cliff, I said, it would be like this, and it's been more like that, that is true. And I'm here to tell you that has something to do with Tom Brady, of course. And also a lot to do with rules changes. I had no way of predicting at the time that they would change the roughing the passer rules to the point where you can't touch the quarterback. And so that is also preserved him. All right. Well, what do you say we talk about the Lakers for a little bit right now? You know it has been a great couple of weeks for the purple and gold. Anthony Davis is now a Laker and they've opened up enough salary cap space for another max player will had a message for rob linka haters on his radio show yesterday. You could line them up outside this studio down and out the door up the street and around the country you can line up the people that need to bend over and kiss. Rob Pelinka's but. Apologies are and you can start with where the sun doesn't shine. All right. Well, Lenka you say he's Jess. I have to confess that, that kissing of that made me very uncomfortable. I. Explain the top just say, just taking it. Uncomfortable, Stephen a microphone, you know, we have our. Microphoning listen, rob Pelinka was not just maligned. He was made fun of he was called a moron. It was said he didn't know what he's doing. I want to be clear about something very quickly. I'm not giving him the entire credit for finding thirty two million dollars in cap space for the Lakers yesterday, obviously a ton goes to clutch sports. Obviously a ton goes to LeBron James but win the trade for Anthony Davis was made. There was an assumption that rob Pelinka had put the Lakers behind the eight ball. They wouldn't get a max free agent. And in that time in that we can have we have seen several moves made now where the Lakers are in contention to we're having a serious discussion. Stephen a Smith is out here saying, Leonard is now seriously considering the Lakers. We need to give Palinka the credit and I believe with our initial reaction. Some of your little, you're a little bit early. If Pelinka lands, amac's free agent who's like an MVP like if. Forgive Kemba Walker Amax contract. I don't necessarily think that's a good idea for the Lakers. If they get Colli Leonard or let's say, Kyrie Irving or maybe even Jimmy Butler. Okay. Okay Pelinka, you're right in that case he's Oded apology by people like me, but so far, what I've seen happen. The only difference is magic SATA town because anyone like the reason they couldn't get a D when they first tried they didn't have the fourth pick in the draft. The only changes they got the fourth pick in the draft. Magic would've made the same trade. Okay. Now, click sports helps arrange it so they also have cap space. Here's another thing. I don't like LeBron doesn't have as coach. You've a weird coaching situation where you have a guy coming in who looks like a lame duck because Jason Kidd's underneath them coach sports. It was an inside job. All you had to do is don't botch the inside job. And so far they've kind of botched the inside job. Lebron doesn't have is coach there seems to be an issue there, if they get a wire kyri, then the apologies are owed, but not before then. Both of you are wrong under no circumstances is rob Pelinka and apology. Unless one thing happens and one thing only. We find out that his suppose it hell legend be trail of Magic Johnson is, is proven to be patently false because that is the biggest reason rob Pelinka to criticism. I've certainly never sat up there and said he was an idiot or incompetent or anything like that. And I know you're not accusing me of that will cause we spoke about this yesterday. But you know other people may have done that. But I didn't do that. What I'm saying to you is the biggest issue the biggest reason why rob Pelinka within a pup was in the midst of a public storm was because Magic Johnson abruptly resigned. We had heard reports that rob Pelinka had something to do with it because he was stabbing. Magic Johnson in the back and betraying maj. Johnson. And then when there was a question, Mark about that. Magic Johnson came on national television with the cameras rolling, not once but twice I, I take and then on my special on the end to join the NBA finals and said it in the camera that when he was talking about betrayal. He was talking about rob Pelinka. So the fact of the matter is all of this stuff that anybody wants to talk about rob Pelinka getting Davis. We knew that Anthony Davis. Hold on a news eventually come. We didn't know anything. We didn't know win the biggest issue. Rob Pelinka was the relationship with Magic Johnson. That is the most review. He has Steven A and you're right. We ran into each other in the hallway yesterday, and that's the biggest issue for you. Listen very simple question for both of you. But let me say this what I'm talking about. Stephen is the improvement that Pelinka made for the Lakers situation in the past twenty four hours. I am not questioning the reporting of our great reporters like yourself Adrian were now ski. Ramona shelbert, Bobby Marx, who have said that, rob. Pulling did not have this lined up that cap space was compromised. That's what they've all told us. But he has recouped it in the past week and a half putting them on a footing max to maybe if it's the right answer. Bring in Kawai or a kyri, or perhaps break it up and bring in a Pat Beverley or or a you know, another player probably not Malcolm Brogdon because he's restricted but two nice players. Here's my simple question. Both of you. Hold on. Here's my simple questions. Dave nee if the Lakers in a year's time land, Anthony Davis. Another superstar or two less than a level superstars and become the Caesar's odds favors to win it all are. We're not talking about twenty twenty executive year. You might well you can. Could say that you might you hold out that you could say that? But remember when it first went down, we will, like excuse me. I set it right here on I take there's no reason over react. You have to deal you have until July six to get a deal done. There was a debate as to whether or not he should have closed the deal July, July sick, right? The four. All the free agency news right here on I take on Monday. We'll see you then.

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