RED 254: Book Launch - (Almost) Final Manuscript Is Back!


This red podcast episode two fifty four. The manuscript is back in my hands going into the final edit until you all about that. That's coming up. This is the red podcast. Here's your host. David Cooper Burn manuscript is back to talk about that talk about the final editing. Pass also have a Ford update talk about where it is now. Ninety three thousand words this is the note that the editor sent me. This looks really good. It's very clean. The last thing I did was sweep through it it for inconsistencies like em dashes and hyphens. There's some fawn spacing inconsistencies but whoever formats this should be able to manage that with the settings. They use great job on this. I think you're good to go. I was surprised at how done it was. I was surprised about the note first of all. I thought I was going to have to give a good couple of weeks going through. This also didn't seem that she did a whole lot to I mean she did. But we're talking about. Maybe the fourth revision with these two editors to content editors they worked as a team. They looked over this version. Not a ton of correction due at this point a more worried about making gene at worse than better thought that medical sane first do no harm because the next step is align at it a light line at it. Maybe have you proofread even it. I've been interviewing editors more than a second but bottom line is that you can make this thing a lot worse than it is right now if you've got the wrong editor here's what the status means to go back and looks good that means quicker to the actual proofing to the line line at it. That's really been my focus for the last few days I mentioned it in the last episode by normal guy. This is the Guy I've done. Probably I don't know half a dozen projects with He. He couldn't do it. He gave me a specific recommendation of somebody who could do it but he did. Give me a site on where I could find good people which was a society the American Society of editors something like that aces and That was fine. That was fine but the interesting thing about it was and I. I think it was kind of like a a life coaching site. If you've been like a General Life Coaching site and abby and it's like I'm coach and I'm a life coach and sometimes the people on that side. They weren't real specific about what they could do. They were editors. I wanted somebody that I knew if I handed over ninety three thousand words to them I guess do no harm. They're not gonNA make it worse and I talked to a few people on that site and didn't really leave there feeling. I mean like I knew the process and how many of them worked so what I ended up doing is I ended up on up. Work Upward. Dot Com is the domain name. It's a freelancer sight outta question of what was needed. That was another thing that brought me to up work because they're different types types of editing. The mentioned I wanted a light line at it. meaning that the content editing all the content of the book and what goes where and doesn't need to be moved around. That was already done. That's what I'd had an initial editor. Help me with. And then my editing team Paulin. Cindy helped me with. I wanted to line team more of a proof freezing. There are some slight differences there. I don't know what they are. I think there's the dictionary definition of the stuff. What other people call it? 'cause I've worked with people. Oh that would say I needed a line at it and other people that would say that what I'm getting is a proof read so there was a little bit of confusion on who I needed to get to the job and how I needed to post a job That was an interesting issue with finding somebody. The other thing is that every manuscript especially one this long is different and needs or not black and white. So you're not going to the widget factory saying I need one thousand widgets. You've got ninety three thousand words and you're ninety. Three thousand words are different than the other guys. Ninety three thousand words Lord. I put a lot of time and effort into this other. People have put a lot of time enough for this. This thing was pretty good in fact. Here's a comment. I'm at that I got from an editor. She said this is incredibly clean is well written. Well formatted if you're shooting for traditional publishing any editor would be happy to get a manuscript this clean that made me feel good and I'd various comments like that. What I did is I took the first three chapters and took the last chapter and a handed him office? What's it here's a sample of the rioting here's begins? Here's how it ends and I wasn't looking for anybody. Who's you any kind of sample at it? But I did have people hand those sample at its back to me with their markups and that was kind of a double edged sword because on one hand got to see how they would work but on the other hand it gets you questioning. And what is that you've done and there was some edits that I liked and some at it's that I didn't like from the same person so it made me wonder like how did I ever get through this before. I don't think I've ever really cared about a book manuscript like this and I've been through this process. A few times talked about it here on previous episode in that. This is the longest book that I've done. This is the longest time period that I've spent working on a book. And this is a new market for me. This is a brand new markets. Something that I'm not known for so feel a lot of pressure wanting to get this thing Out Making it the most perfect manuscript that it can be books are not perfect any published book you find is going to have some. I'm kind of Typo some kind of misinformation even if you put it out today and the information is perfect information changes so it's perfect. Today may not be perfect in a week or two that brings up the issue of. How much editing is needed? I tend to over at it not out of perfection but out of past experience my very first book. Nineteen ninety nine. Didn't have a pro editor a couple of people looking could over culpable. That were maybe good at English. If you've ever done any riding maybe you've had that kind of experience. Yeah I look at books all the time. That's what they'll tell you. Oh ars just pop out to me I I can help you have your friends look it over. That was a huge mistake. Since then and the work of professional editors but even then our previous book. It's been about five years ago now. I use an editor that I've worked with dozens of times. I got the Galley copy rough print. If you're not familiar with that term. I thought it was ready to go. Hand handed off to a friend. Hey just double check this really several obvious errors within the first ten or twenty pages. I flipped man. I needed to get this thing out already. Had it laid out I got nervous brought in three proofreaders. Sent that version each of them each came back with different things up all the fixes together. So you can see you want a bit nervous had three proofreaders. Read the same thing three good proofreaders. They'll come back with different south. It's never going to be perfect but still I needed to be good. Never perfect but when is good enough. That's the thing that I struggle with. There's a lot of pressure on me now no better. This isn't ninety-nine nine. I'm not going to just throw it out there and trust it's not a blog post something I can go back to fairly permanet fa find something wrong I can go back in and edit it laid out again. reissue it the bottom line I think is that I just have to press through. It's not going to be perfect. What I ended up doing and this is kind of funny because I was thinking? This intuitively when I went postage the jobs you know what I need is I need somebody from a newspaper. Somebody who can go through a ton of text make sure that it's easy to understand and make sure there are big obvious major Asia air. Something that nobody would disagree about. That's why I ended up going with. She's got that final ninety three thousand words from me. She is working on it now. I'll have an update on that soon. Soon let me give you a Ford Update talked about getting turned down Ford request. I guess I've been turned down on a few of them. Just this is the one who actually wrote back and and that was frustrating. If you're more information on that listen to the previous episode. I've got one more guy that I think would be a perfect match. A reached out to him. I have not heard back. I'm not sure the people that I'm not hearing back from are actually getting my messages. I I don't know there's no way to tell. This is a guy that I've connected to actually grew up with him of known of a long long time and I don't have a phone number. Form Co look it up. Yeah but I'm not gonNA talk. He's busy he's a professional guy. I emailed him with email address. I think is accurate for it to be weird strained relationship. I mean I know this guy. He'll know me have several stories if you ask him about me but I don't know him that well this guy that I went to school with corrupt with him but we haven't kept in touch has been several several years since I've seen him where I'm thinking about doing now. No forward something that I learned from our work in the music industry. Is that if you sell albums on your own so you do independently then you get attention for your album. Then you get attention for your music with your band. Then the record deal comes works with books to you see that sometimes with independent books somebody puts out a release on his own sells a ton of 'em then book publishers. Come in the movie film television deals they start to emerge people get interested in something that has momentum. Same thing with this book so one of the things that I'm considering doing is putting the book out with no forward being to people who want to come in and do afford later and if that happens happens great great. This book doesn't need a Ford. I talked to Buddhism the last episode. I think it will help me to get maybe some credibility social proof if you want to call it that within in this new market. But it's not it's not gonNA kill the book. The content of the book stands on. Its own I don't need a Ford to sell this book. It's more important for me to get this book out than to have a Ford in it. That is the bottom line I personally would help. But it's not a deal breaker for me. So wrap this up. Let me tell you the general feeling man. This feels good. This historian to feel real of surprised at how great it feels. I'm actually surprised at how relaxed I was when I got this. File edit back man because this thing's been going on for for four years. I thought I was going to be done and three or four months. I thought it was going to be a quick book. I think the original plan was may twenty thousand words who's going to be a quick and dirty manual which is some lessons Zanu about marketing. And how they would work for podcasting. See that that's interesting thing with my background just to share with you real quick. Being in the music industry we were are the ones that had online content as far as selling online content. I we're selling music online back in the late nineties nineties you could go to a store like EMUSIC DOT COM. You could give me a dollar download a song and eventually put it on. MP Three Player ipod whatever apple came in with it store we're the first people to get involved with. ITN's that eventually of course they started doing books on the apple store. They've got apps they've got film. They've got television. We were the first industry to do digital content. So I know a lot about it. I've worked in all these industries because of my work in the music industry. That's what got me into broadcasting which got me into podcasting is what got me into books because the book people started coming to me. Hey man what what's working for music. What have you learned with the arrows in on your back going through this thing and being the pioneers of online distribution? What can we learn from you so we don't have to make the same mistakes that got me into books that got me into film and TV? V once like the bandwidth and compression and all those things started coming around where we can actually download these huge huge files you see that was the progression we have music. We listen to online through computer speakers. We had these mobile players that could play music. Those are the first mobile players the compression and the video formats. That was stories. Come up we could play movies on computers we can maybe burn them to DVD. That wasn't worked out yet while that was happening the book appliances came along talking about things like kindle Kobo of course eventually podcasting. That was very complicated at first. These days you've a mobile phone. You download it you play hit you subscribe to it. You Review it you all this things from one device so much easier than it used to be back in the day in case you new podcast used to have have to have an ipod and plug it into your I tunes software on your computer in the thing would sync up. You'd mainly move podcast that you hadn't listened to from in your computer over to the IPOD. It only whole maybe thirty minutes. You wouldn't be able to listen to a podcast like this with a lot of different episodes very easily because you have to go back plug it in download it sink it. UNPLUG IT listen to it. It's so much easier than it used to be having that perspective. Got Me into all this so I was going to talk talk about that perspective. The things that I've learned that a lot of people have forgotten but that still work when it comes to getting people to your content because you can imagine if it's tough to access access your content and it was very very tough for a long time we get really good about driving people to that content and making them interested and now that it's easier these are kind. The long lost secrets I was GONNA share some of those in that original twenty thousand word book. Well what you start not what you finish ended up writing about one hundred twenty one hundred thirty two thousand words on this thing. Of course the edit mentioned ninety three thousand words I had to go in there. Make sure everything's clean Chris. Clear something that you actually won read and that was a lot of work work and I'm surprised how good it feels to be done now because I don't like the work but I'm excited to bring this to you. It's been a long time coming. I believe in this. I'M GONNA hitting the road in the upcoming year and doing a lot more content. Like this as one of the reasons that you haven't heard from me here on building a podcast because I'm working on to the stuff man. I'm excited actually. Get back into podcasting podcasting. I don't want to be one of those guys at talks about podcasting but never does it. I'm a pastor and a marketer I and want to get out and market this book and I want to do that via podcasting which is what the book is about to. It is a huge relief because almost done it should be out in one. Two three months probably have of it on a pre release special on that in about a month so I will keep you updated on that and we'll keep you updated on the process as we go along so got a few more of these to do if you want to be. Updated subscribed read. podcast go to read. PODCAST DOT COM. You'll see three links. There's one to Google podcast. There's one to apple podcasts. There is an RSS feed if you want to be old school about it. Wherever you get your podcast I will get a podcast? Go to read. PODCAST DOT COM. If you're interested in podcast in we'll see what I'm doing in that area got a website at big PODCAST DOT com. In fact I've got another podcast that talk salie about podcast marketing. So if you're interested in expanding what you're doing lame people know about your expertise through podcasting. I can help you. They're big podcast. Dot Com got some podcast episode templates available to you there as well as some other resources to check that out red podcasts dot com or PODCAST DOT COM. I don't care but go to one of them. Let's get connected and I'll see you on the next episode. You've been listening to read podcasts. Never this episode subscribe now with your Iphone Android or be R._S._S.. At Red PODCASTS DOT com.

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