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We cant shake the Astros (Ep. 55)


Same Avenue To Episode Fifty Five Section One. Thirty eight as always on your host Mark Volleyed and. I'm joined by Bryson today. How are you? I'm doing well? Fortunately we don't have taken with us. He had to cancel last minute But he did he planned on being here today at least drink cans but yeah but at least he was planning on being here. It's better than he was doing for six months or whatever it is. Hopefully he's back next week but we got lots of talk about today I mean just starting off just some stuff. That's on my mind baseballwise I've been starting at eating a highlight video for the start of the season. Because I feel like I only do one a season because it just takes too much time but I've been watching a lot of old videos of baseball and these are videos like I've never seen before the blue jays in like the eighties and stuff and it is like so corny like their videos of like Intros to baseball games and like the graphics and stuff. I don't know that's just what I've been thinking about really funny. You know what you should do. You should add. Some of those throwback intros because of the powder blue. They're doing this year. Bring it back. Had some little bit of a vintage mixed here. That's good idea. But I encourage anyone who has time to just go to you to search up like Blue Jays nineteen eighty-five bluejays nineteen eighty two or whatever and just watch the videos that show up because it is very entertaining to see the kind of stuff that day they had in this time. I don't know if you've like actually ever wash there. There's videos but it's crazy to see it like I never thought I'd be in such odd about all these videos. The I've taken some time to watch all of Some but not all of it Watching some of them to in their exhibition stadium it just. It's pretty cool just completely different arrogance. Time compared all the technology is now and how much more planning there is for these events One thing that was really funny There's a few videos of Blue Jays. Like pre one thousand nine hundred eighty two when there were horrible and it's just like CBC like recapping the Blue Jays. Whatever they'll be like they were terrible or like The Blue Jays had a terrible first season. I've only gotten worse since our inception like. It's some really funny stuff. Anyways you mentioned technology and speaking of Technology we're back for the third week talking about the Houston Astros because there's even more stuff that's come out of the Astros Since we last talked There was an article in. Oh I think it was the Wall Street Journal if I'm not mistaken and Street Journal and Basically just reporting more details about the astros scandal and basically the the whole thing started with a presentation from staffer And eventually they ended up using a program to decode signs through the game. Like you know figure out the patterns between signs and this would happen both on the road and at home which is different from what we knew before and there was lots and lots of communication about it including the the used code words. They called it dark magic which. I mean like. They couldn't think of any better name. I don't know it's just some more. I think these details are more funny than anything else honestly. It's a scary aim to give it to be honest with you. You think of when when you think about anything with dark dark magic you know you. Don't think about baseball or any type of sport. But you know it's pretty fascinating from this piece on the Wall Street Journal of how everything originated in. This has been going on since two thousand and sixteen which is even crazier as it was kind of starting to be implemented through the players in twenty seventeen so this was already going on behind the scenes a year earlier and again the idea was an algorithm that would decode opposing catcher signs. And from there it'd be employees watching are watching a film Game a replay room. And what they do is they would then pass the information onto the they would somehow pass it on to the players that can that can connect to the trash can bang in two thousand seventeen that we covered a few weeks. Or The you know Pretty much weekly since we started recording again. And you know there's just goes all over the place who was involved. You know who knew about it and former Astros manager. I don't know if you saw the interview. Aj hinch was. He was interviewed this week and There was pretty much reports and everything circulating. He confirmed from what they knew. A lot of. This originated from the front office. Where and the problem is that gets complicated with former GM luna pronounce his name. Yeah so he denied his involvement at first but now that everything's kind of circling back to him and other employees are even calling him out and saying that he was involved in this gets it even more like another takes it to another level and like you said they called it a dark arts. Stark magic cab decoding. You're holding causing other exactly so it's you know it's it's crazy how they managed to do this for three years before actually being caught. I mean You know Lou now or even a AJ. Hinch were mentioning that Commissioner Manfred kind of knew about these reports you know as the years went on and he was warned he continued to warn them. Worn them in the just pretty much. Didn't really acknowledge it. And he was finding ways to not even read the emails. Who's saying it was too long. Like he was just completely denying any idea about it but you know as former or even current employees are coming out saying that he was you know he was involved in this and he was one of the people that knew about this all the time. And you know this. This was an operation that was going on for over. What three years now and you know he was meeting with. He was seen talking employees in the video room while they were code breaking and everything. So this is another bizarre more as information. continuing to come out very bizarre. And you know you know the one thing that does is it kind of confirms now that the Front Office was indeed involved in. It appears that everything started from the front office. So I don't know if you take any further punishment or maybe I'm probably pretty much done everything they could at this point. But it's just crazy for us to finally see what was going on. You know I just you know. It's it's so weird that you can even think about this happening in baseball would even with the names and just bring it home to the Blue Jays. This article actually talks about the Blue Jays in kind of a funny way again I'll just read the paragraph where they talk about them It says on August twenty six twenty seventeen in another road notes kock-wesser who was the The intern who is now. I think senior something to do with baseball operations. He's now in a more in-depth role with the Astros Anyways he was one. I came up with this thing He said The system are dark arts signed. Stealing department has been less productive in the second half as the League has become aware of our reputation and now most clubs changed their signs a dozen times per game. He added that struggling teams like the Toronto Blue Jays and Oakland. Athletics seem not to care as much finding ways so I guess the Blue Jays just thought they were horrible that season which they were but any is really funny that the the Blue Jays just didn't care that their signs were being stolen because you know they were bad enough that season John. Gibbons is still too so you can kind of put the pieces together. How you would assume that he wouldn't really give much of an effort or care as much. But you're always finding ways for you know just to make the Jays look even worse in these articles but whatever Oh sorry Thom mcan. Wester is the The Astros Director of advance information. Not the not the intern who originally presented the Information. But anyways it still. It's just totally bizarre. And like we said we said last week more stuff is going to come out and we're going to talk about it like it's just never ending. How can get any worse for the Astros at this point? Yeah it's just who knows even more stuff's GonNa come on. You know. I think I think you know a lot of people are the more and more information comes out. The more people are just you know just at this point it just getting funny of holiday went how they did this It'll be interesting to see. When they conclude the red sox investigation to see how hopefully are how similar it was? Or maybe the Techniques user if it was on a less severity out by crazy how they're still even investigating another team who is being investigated for cheating totally wild. Okay perfect segue you brought up. The Red Sox This week the red SOx traded mookie Betts. He's finally out of the Al East now. The Blue Jays will not have to face him anymore thankfully But because of that we want to update our record predictions that we gave last week because Obviously without mookie betts in without the red sox being as good the bluejays are going to perform better because they have nineteen games against the red sox. And you know. Pass that they're gonNA they're gonNA do better if the red sox are worse so Now that we know what the Red Sox are going to look like largely in twenty twenty. What do you think the Blue Jays record is GonNa be what a way for the Blue Jays offseason and with this trade that supposed to be happening? It's kind of still on hold due to concerns of the players medicals at the red sox. Getting back anyways Let me just throw some stats a year for Jays. Fans who know who remember mookie Betts as an ultimate bluejays Keller so a nine fifty three opium ninety two games fifteen home runs. Fifty nine is twenty seven stolen bases so You know another way for the Jays offseason end successfully and was something that didn't even involve them Mookie BETTS is off the La David Price. And you know the the more you look at this red sox trade and you kind of look back to Jay's years ago in the J. started to decline specifically twenty seventeen. They're kind of innocence. Like it's an interesting spot. The rain because the Blue Jays also decided to earth assorted the Red Sox in this case. You know looking at the Jay's coming up the alias and the Yankees in raising a really good spot you know. The Red Sox decided to kind of take a step back. They're not as competitive. But I think there were still WANNA put a decent competitive team on the field and they'll have a decent team but with mookie Betts. Gone it just completely changes the projections and possibilities. How this can go for them and I guess if in this case he wanted to compare them to the Jays as mookie Betts on a contract year he could have really put them in a lot of a better spot. But either way mookie. Betts is going to have to perform in a contract year. No matter where he's playing and since he's out of Boston it's just a massive hole that they're leaving them and again it compares to kind of the Jazeera because the J.'s. Kind of you know in two thousand seventeen before they kind of blew everything up the following year it was the year they were supposed to be decent team. Nobody really saw this coming. At the rate it started for them. The Jason cited to stay competitive that year and you know of the fear of losing people in Free Agency. They then started a trade players away. And that's exactly why the. Red Sox traded movie bats here is. They couldn't reach a long term agreement. It's very odd to see a team like Boston. Able to sign somebody due to all of you know the market there in the one of the top one of the most you know one of the top payroll in baseball and the fact that they couldn't get Yuki Bet cider the fear of losing for nothing. It's just it's crazy. It's crazy even think of by a lot of people as well calling out the Red Sox I personally don't understand the trade or I do understand the trade but I don't understand how you know. They really can find the money to pay. Mookie Betts or who knows what he was asking for. The year before two dozen eighteen was obviously the best season of his career last year he was. Oh case he still had a really good year. Just numbers weren't as good but how this reflects the Blue Jays is now third in the. Aliases much better possibility for them. Rather than me locking in fourth place last week in which I said I guess we'll stay with our record. Why why not maybe improve yours by a few games mark? I don't know my projection. I think was a few games about five hundred and fourth in the alias. So I guess we can up that now or at least I will as third as a really legit possibility again asked to go well for the Jays and as projected for the Red Sox who knows how they're going to be they might just be a five hundred team as well. They might still be competitive. They could surprise. A lot of people by third place for the JAYS is a lot bigger possibility now especially with the mookie. Betts traitor. Yeah it's it's definitely a lot more realistic looking at now and I just want to pick up on one thing you. You mentioned that like looking at the landscape the alias. Like it'll be hard to win for any team. You Have Ultra Competitive Teams in the New York. Yankees and to a lesser extent the Tampa Bay rays and those teams you know are going to dominate the division. They're going to be very good teams. So if you're looking at this from the perspective of the Red Sox into a lesser extent the Blue Jays and the orioles like there's not really an incentive to try to win this year because it's going to be so so hard with all the competitive teams. You already have so. I like what you said like the Red Sox are taking a step back. They realize you know they've had good years recently and they'll take a step back. The you know. Try to redevelop in an regroup and come back when the least is weaker but it is interesting that they couldn't sign. Mookie Betts long-term because this is a player that you know this is the type of deal that the red sox do. They sign players long-term too too big expensive deals because they are. The Red Sox have a huge market. I used to live near Boston like everyone loves the Red Sox in New England except I mean I guess some people like the Yankees but most people you know Maine New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts I Guess Connecticut to some extent all these people love the Red Sox. They have a huge market. They have huge capacity to spend. They have owners who are dedicated to winning and allow the team to have a huge payroll. It's really surprising that they weren't able to sign. Mookie Betts But because of the Blue Jays are going to be better So previously I said the bluejays would have a eighty eighty two I'm going to take that back. Obviously up I don't think it's going to make a huge difference. I'm kind of torn between saying that the BLUEJAYS ARE GONNA be eighty two and eighty and eighty three seventy nine. I know it's only one win difference but like I played safe and say that bluejays are now going to be an eighty two and eighteen. Because I still think the elise is a hard division to play in especially with the Tampa Bay rays in New York Yankees and. I don't think the Boston Red Sox are going to be a joke either. I think they're still going to be at least a five hundred team so yeah I'll put them at eighty to eighty and again just mentioning. You know how you mention you know the the market size for the Red Sox and so on and so on. It's just again. It's it's it's so odd to see them trail trade away like this. You know I guess us in Toronto. We've been used to that before. Just because the market is it's obviously a big market In the country of Canada. But you know there's the ownership hasn't really are. There hasn't really been a lot of money. Invested in the past few years and that has had an impact on the decisions. They've made and I guess we the Red Sox even warn this after Dombrowski fire last year. And you know the red SOx pretty much came out and said that they were gonNA start lowering their payroll and nobody at this point still. We don't really know how much of an extent they're gonNA do it. We don't know if they're gonNA completely blow their team up. I'm thinking the best way for them to not even a rebel. Maybe a retool like you said a redeveloped take-up take a step back against you're playing it safe and you don't WanNa pretty much harm future again. You're looking at two competitive teams. Who are the favorites in sorry favorites to win? The division specially Yankees weren't even favored When the world series this year ago to the world series in the raising raise always a competitive team likely in the wild card hunt. And then the James who are just progressing forward trending upward and I guess you can. You can see what the red sox are doing but again. It's just very odd. How they couldn't get a deal done with Mickey bad sue. I know players say this all the time even if they need it or not but he was somebody that can continually said that he wanted to be or remain Boston. Who knows if this trade will even go through? I'm sure it will be but there's there is delay in that is a little bizarre but again they're fearing of the medical who they're getting end because it is a three team deal. I think the twins are included and yes so as the trade finally processes in the next few days hopefully especially from Jays fans at a for us here. Good news all around again. I do agree with you. I don't think it's GonNa make much of a difference record wise but standings wiser could and you can understand your updated record projection I just want to go into those competitions a bit more. So yeah like you said it's supposed to be a three-way trade It's supposed to have the red sox trading mookie Betts and former Blue Jay David price to the dodgers than the dodgers sending Alex Vertigo and And the twins sending Bruce Star to the red sox in an dodgers sending Kenton my eighty two the twins. So it's a really complicated triangle that they got going here but the red sox are giving up. That's an price. The dodgers are giving up Kenta Maeda and Vertigo and the twins are giving up their prospect. Who's a twenty one year old Bruce Star gradual and he's the key part of this trade because they the deal was agreed upon last week against her. As you're listening probably last week Tuesday of this week and but after medical reviews The for gradual. Apparently there was something in his His medical review that freaked the red sox out so now that that's why the trade is on hold right now and and growl did undergo Tommy John Surgery and has previously mistime with a shoulder injury. So yeah who knows if this will happen. Hopefully it will but and to touch David prices. We've really spoken about him. That much about the straight. I guess it's another good one for the Red Sox who who got rid of half of their salary. The remaining salary for David price is the dodgers will be taken half of it and I guess it's good for David Price as a salary dump You know he gets spend three three more years of his career in Los Angeles so it. Should it be too bad for him going to a world series contender as well? I'm sure you can help them out. Some some spot on the rotation and you said he had some. There's kind of stuck in a triangle right now and you know you can even go beyond that as you know. The dodgers are supposed to be trading job Peterson to To the angels. Because they're getting mookie Betts and that trades also on hold because of the current status of the trade so a lot of stuff going on there but you know you can see why the red sox made the trade just because of their plan lower their payroll and take a step back and you can also see the dodgers point of view who who. Also we haven't really touched upon. There are team who's consistently you know. Just disappointed every year in the postseason. You even being defeated by a cheating team two years in a row. But we've spoken about that a lot but the dodgers again here going all in for a world series and as you kind of look at this. It's kind of has a quiet Leonard mentality or a feeling even though I see a different sport but a similar situation who somebody is coming here on a contractor and the team that's acquiring them has been disappointing in the playoffs and at this point regardless if they keep them or get rid of him obviously they want to hold on to sign a long term. I'm sure that's the plan as it was the raptors plan but the whole idea and the whole goal here is to win the world series in. The DODGERS ARE INVESTING FOR THEIR FANS. And they're showing their fans at their all in here. You know they have the roster to do it and again as per usual every single year their their world series favorite and favored even win the National League and go to the world series win the world series as well as they're projecting a Yankees dodgers world series. I think they did the same last year. You can see the comparison to how it related to the raptors with Leonard. How they're just going all in. And regardless if Mookie Betts leaves at the end of the year or not the glad you brought up the the Los Angeles angels part of this trade because not only is there the triangle of teams with the dodgers the red sox and the twins there is also the plan trade with the dodgers sending Jock Petersen Ross stripling and their prospect andy pages to the angels for Lewis Ren Ren Gif Oh and a prospect so you have four teams you have arguably two maybe three or four superstars depending on your count made David Price And millions upon millions of dollars involved here not only in the terms of the players contracts but also the salary luxury tax cap that these teams are trying to avoid and all this is coming down to one twenty one year Olds Medical Review. So very crazy deal happening right here. You know the angels want that trade go through as well as the Russell they got going into this year the the acquisition of Anthony Rundown and that's another competitive team to look out for this year in the Al West maybe a possible wildcard contenders for the angels. Who seem to always just be there but not go over that Hump. Maybe this year they can especially you know with the player you have in generational talent trope And not just MIC trope. Shohei Ohtani if he can stay healthy now maybe Jock Petersen as you mentioned the rundown so lots of players that could yield something but haven't in the past so we'll see what happens. anyways There's a handful of small things that happened this week. Jay signed Jake Patricia to a minor league deal they Announced that Kim previously scouting director. I want to say I'm not totally sure on that But he is joining the coaching staff at the major league level. Curtis granderson former blue. Jay announced his retirement Early this week and Kendrick Morales was just announced yesterday or today. announced his retirement so Lots of little things. I don't know if anything stands out to you from that but yeah nothing too much obviously want to get a quick shot into both Morales and granderson who obviously weren't with the Blue Jays during their Prime Morales is actually both were as bounced around a ton. The past couple of years. You Know Morales Journey. Three different teams are two different teams. Actually you could consider three because he was supposed to be on the Jays opening day roster and was traded just a day before opening day but anyways again especially Curtis granderson to a great guy. Great Guy for the community. Who's always you know? We know what he did in his brief time with Jason even the other teams so hats off to them and you know a happy retirement ahead for them and Yeah I guess. The signing of Jake Patricia Patricia. Sorry you know. He was a player that he was with Jay's a two years ago and he was always a player that you seem you thought the Jesus seemed to have liked and it's a good decent depth signing why not right with Spring training a few weeks away can stack up as many relievers as you want. But nothing much else to top up from their last discussion of today that we had planned Senator Around Neat Pearson and just the big question of whether he's going to make the majors this season because we've seen so much about him he was just named top ten prospects in all of baseball And it seems like he might be charting a similar course to Vladimir Guerrero junior or maybe even if you want to add him Boba Fett But will we see him in the majors? This season He is a twenty three year old. He throws what one hundred and three hundred and five miles an hour. He's obviously an incredible prospect for the Blue Jays. But he who knows if he's developed enough. Who knows if he has stuff if it's just all speed and and nothing else. Besides the fastball So what do you think? Do you think he's GonNa make the majors that season and if you do. When do you think he's going to be called I think it's no question. He makes the majors this year. Season barring any injuries that he suffered before then and if he does get if he does or sorry based on my prediction if he dies. I think he'll be called up closer to pretty much assume very similar situation and similar timing to win Vladmir grow. Junior was called up last year. It'll be closer to the end of the first month of the season. Maybe Midway I would say closer to May though rather than mid April to late April early. May would be probably run the latest. You'd see him and again you donate Pearson's top pitching prospect. Obviously for the Jays. And after you know. We've seen the debuts of Vladimir grow junior bogus cabin Bijou Pearson's the next man. Up on the list. For the past few years we've been hearing nothing but you know correct crazy things in amazing things about as potential in his tools and You know his velocity and he's he's another one who wants to be the hardest storing Blue Jay of all time. Which is I guess based off of his numbers that sort in the In the minors has just been developing. I guess it's something that you can't rule out and you know it's something that the Jays also would love to see and it's something. Maybe they would need as well I if he gets called. You know a month in month to month Senate again. May's my projection It's something you know. He would immediately impact starting rotation no matter when or how long it takes obviously and You know it's just I think it might be a similar situation to the service time issue from grow last year maybe that's what the holdup is. I can't confirm it but it's kind of you know seeing last year and seeing how the timing. The plan timing is for this year. It's very similar to grow. So maybe that's the reason why I don't know if you can confirm it or not the service time but I do think we will see him this season. I I think I agree with you. That will see him this season. Although I'm not totally sure. Because obviously like he made it to Tripoli last season he even if he only pitched a tiny bit there. But the thing I'm concerned about is yes. He does have mazing arm and obviously he can throw at an absurd speed that I'm concerned about his health related to that arm because You know anyone who throws that fast. Throws that much at a young age? Can Get pitching injuries. And I'm concerned that neigh Pearson might face at and He was if I remember correctly he was injured last season. But it wasn't a pitching injury. If I'm remembering correctly I might be wrong So I mean maybe he'll stay healthy But I don't know I I have a funny feeling about it and I'm not terribly confident that he will be able to stay healthy this season but if he does stay healthy. I think he could be a very good player and he wouldn't take too long to make it to the majors I'm thinking he'll chart a similar path as Ryan Baraki in being called up Was called up. I just looked it up on June twenty. Sixth of two thousand eighteen So I think the Blue Jays might hold off on calling Pearson up until later in the season like mid to late June Just because you know he's only had a few starts. If any really at AAA I think the Blue Jays WanNa give him that kind of extra experience In AAA only as eighteen innings there and even though he does have an ear array of your array of three in aaa like. It's still really not that much and I think the jump in painting from AAA to the majors in the quality of the hitters. That you're going to be facing as dramatic so Yeah I think the Blue Jays will want to hold off and maybe develop him a little bit more maybe get his strength up to avoid pitching injury That's just my opinion based on F. The injuries that you mentioned Even two years ago in two years ago he only actually pitched one start in. It was a two sorry. I was reading do a fractured right and he came back really late. Two years ago and then last year was last year. He Obviously a lot more than last year he he was injured. Like you mentioned and the injury was dead. He was placed on the injured list with an undisclosed ailments. So that was pretty kind of quiet diagnosis and not a lot was really released from the Blue Jays. Pr About that injury. But he did miss some time and I guess you can't agree with the concern of possible. Tommy John even other shoulder problems which he'd suffer. You know a few years ago when Aaron Sanchez you know had all of the potential and he was you know this was before his velocity kind of dipped he was throwing near a hundred every pech as he started coming out of the bullpen. Like really early. A lot of Jays fans kinda feared the possibility that he'd want anytime John but obviously other injuries halted items. Injuries did take you know potentially didn't harm to his career but it wasn't as we projected but based off the same kind of potential with the velocity and the power. You know the injury concern is there and it's something that you just. I guess you got to kind of maybe limited innings. I don't know what you WANNA do. Just because of the velocity you know all the analytics and such so. It'd be interesting even if the JAYS did. Call him up to see if there'd be any inning limits. I know. They did that to Sanchez. One of the years It kind of involved like a weird assignment to rookie ball. And then they call them up to from Single a but it is possible that they would do some sort of limitation. But again he's got to get to the majors. I says we both are projecting. He will just the timing again Both of us have different opinions. And it's just the timing's kind of an unknown factor of when it's going to happen and I guess the injuries are the health for the first month. Jays will monitor and I guess they'll make their the their decision as the first month or two months of the season. Go on the injury comparison in the work. Look comparison with Aaron. Sanchez is pretty good. Because obviously he was very fast during guy who we saw kind of fall apart. If that's an accurate description and you know a lot of his injuries was just related to the blister issue. Which was the whole thing by itself but Yeah I think you're correcting comparing those two because new pearson throws so fast and I mean I'm kind of focused on this because I just finished reading arm by Jeff Passan which is if if anyone hasn't read it I encourage you to read it. It's an incredible book but it talks about the rise in Tommy John. Surgery and why pitchers are becoming injured. So much more often and just looking at the Pearson. He seems to have all the traits of the pitchers in that book. That were injured. Which really concerns me and I just reading his bullpen page on baseball reference. It's just like baseball wikipedia basically It says In Spring Training of twenty nineteen the Jays were torn between the fact that his stuff was almost at major league level but that the team would need to be careful with him given his history of injuries and then later it also talks about The Blue Jays deliberately delayed his Major League debut in order to limit their work his workload but it was clear that unless health issues that would take place sooner rather than later during the twenty twenty season. So I mean that's what you were saying with a a quick debut probably in May but I. I'm not so confident. I think honestly if I had to make a definite prediction right now. I would say that he is going to get injured and not make his major league debut until August. All right well That pretty much wraps up. Our conversation for today Thank you to everyone who to did. Have listen to this As always if you're listening on I tunes please leave a rating and a reviewed It helps us. Get the word out about this. Podcast but Out counting down the days to the spring training just a little bit of time before pitchers and cadre for full catching.

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