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Lakers Fast Break- Filling Lakers Roster Holes and the Crazy Trades Return with LakerTom!


Our back with another episode of the Lakers fast-break podcast is job. Lasts for come right back at you? Hear from LAKER's fastbreak pop culture cosmos. It's sports fantasy football and game source truly appreciate everyone listening to Oliver Great shows. Don't forget we've got the pop culture cosmos covering the latest news and transient pop culture. Every Monday and Friday been also doing a lot of great things when it comes to sports fantasy football every week talking about the NFL game source has been doing a lot of things with dungeons and dragons replays. As far as we've been going through a campaign as we speak and you could find out available on all of our social media and we've been doing a lot of things right here at the Lakers fast-break as well with all the great interviews who've had with Rafeal Barlow and Michael Visitor Justice Week that have dropped on the channel also stone Hanson. GotTa check out our mock drafts of round one and round two plus all of our NBA draft coverage. I don't think there's anywhere in the past month that is devoted even all these NBA draft podcast channels whatnot. Nobody has dedicated more to the NBA draft than the Lakers fast break in the past month. And I truly hope everyone out there enjoys it but also we've been talking a lot about the Lakers corona virus the NBA schedule. And all that. But we're talking today about the Lakers and their future the possible future anyways some scenarios. We're GONNA play out. We're GonNa talk about that today. We're talking about more about stuff that Laker fans can enjoy. And of course I've got one of the biggest Laker fans around next to me right here with me as always from my weekly talk. He's the man behind Laker Hollick's dot net. He's rolling his eyes. When I said that he's the man behind Laker Hollick's dot net. You gotta go ahead and check out what he's doing today. Plus all the other great conversations that are there at Laker Alex Dot net. I know Tom on but you know him as Laker. Tom and Laker Tom. It's good to have you back on the show Gerald looking forward to it. I'm telling you my friend. It's been a lot of great content especially in the month of April and there's still a lot of relevant stuff if people wanna go ahead and check out all the great draft coverage plus. Our conversations are still relevant for the past month. I mean nothing has been really detailed in pass because it's all going on because the corona virus so we've had four great episodes in the past month that people need to check out as well. So you've got a ton of footage there that you can go ahead and we'd through on episodes Laker Thomas to spend some great conversations. I know you wanted to go ahead and focus more on the Lakers today themselves. I know you got some things going on. As far as scenarios are concerned you had some recent articles on your medium dot com page. So people need to check that out and the best way to do that is following you at Laker Tom. Sawyer so I wanted to ask you this first off and just get right into it. I'm not talking about this this year per se because we obviously we don't know the way the season's can add but once the season whatever's concluded one form or fashion whether it's council to where the Lakers win at NBA Championship. Who did I say that? I'm sorry sorry about that. Clippers bucks fans but once the Lakers win a championship. This year I wanted to ask you this You know there's obviously things that Lakers need to address because it's not the perfectly rounded team. It's not the team. That has the best depth all around there. Some there are some things. There's areas of concern. There's some age that they'll have to address as well because the Lakers are not getting any younger. So I wanna ask you thought your thoughts on this because you dealt into this a little bit and that is the Lakers needs by position so I want to hear your thoughts. Where where do you WANNA START? Do you want to start with? Centered you start with knowing with point guard. I think that's The position that is usually pointed out as the biggest weakness the Lakers have especially in the broncos to the. It's the biggest strength and the biggest weakness. Yes so the biggest drink obviously is Lebron James. If just keeping him healthy at this point in time that's probably the key right there and he. I believe especially with this extended layoff due to the corona virus whether or not we ultimately ended up with the season or not come twenty twenty twenty twenty one season while actually probably wouldn't even be barely the twenty twenty season twenty twenty one season. Yes starting a Christmas Day. People are not really can really prompt. Just call up the twenty twenty two twenty one sees them yeah exactly but the NBA is is now necessary. Yes now the NBA is is now considering. Starting the season in at Christmas for the twenty twenty one season. I wanted to ask you this You know that is an area that concerned that people just point towards that we pointed towards you. And that's that's going head at finding a playmaker someone could distribute someone that can give the Bron James some more rest more time off the floor. I Know Stone Hanson in our MBA. Mock draft shows trae Jones. One of these solid point guards out of Duke. Those I thought was a great choice because he feels a lot of needs if he develops but he's also an older draft yours so that that would make him possibly if he's able to do it more. Nba Ready Thought. That was a good idea. And that's that's a good player ahead to it. If you have that position at the Lakers do decide to keep the big. Although you and I think probably me to an extent realize that if the Lakers find a trade out there they're going to trade that as as soon as the draft of whoever using that draft but be that as it may I mean obviously point guard is a key to find that type of individual. So who did you have in mind for a point guard? Well kind of funny look at one way. They're the Lakers. Really don't need a pure point guard and it's because they've got several different other needs. That could be almost as prattling and the simple reality is that most of the minutes at point guard really are going to be handled by Lebron James. So you got you know the best passer facilitator in the League Edit six thousand eight hundred fifty pounds. He's Oh he's he's. Almost unstoppable. Has the best vision and the ability to deliver the ball off the dribble From the back court all the way into the paint at the other end There's so many advantages. You have him so the question becomes if you've got other needs you've got you've got three major. Needs basically came up all season. Long one was for a number three score behind Lebron. Eighty somebody who they can count on the show produce hiking's or twenty points per game regularly Rather than the raffle that we have of of different bike showing up every night and occasionally a guy doesn't show up and and you struggle are even lose a game you also have a need for another wing defender and Lee wing defender. Who can guard the the Leonard's and and the the All of those big scores that you have another teams that are that are too big for guys like for most of our gardeners to cover their too big or too quick Burr. Danny Green or contiguous colwell pope to cover. So we really need that. Bigger six seven six eight wing defender. And lastly you know we need a pie maker who can come off the bench. Basically when Lebron sit so that we don't struggle Now late in the season we seem to be able to have solved those problems by getting better productivity from the Anthony Davis let lineups when Labonte was on the bench at all of that was basically because eighty was playing much better without Lebron on the floor. Not as reliant on it but when but if we take just an order and we're GonNa go through the various position. Matchups Point Guard There's some of the logical candidates and and and you can see the Lakers definitely probably udine interested. I think they'll probably take a look at At some of the guys that we've talked about during the season so derrick rose would be Eric Grossman would definitely be somebody that probably would fit into but we could get them with the AM l. e. also got Several other guys The kid that they look at but who decided last minute not to join the team Last year and was a was a very good point. Guard Ucla Kid oh. You're talking about Darren Collison well if he returns to the NBA Right. Yeah if you return to the NBA. So then then he got. You know you've got other guys that that could be out there looking the The guy from grand Definitely be somebody who could possibly be candidate for the Lakers to to go after And was several sort of of Gaza. Been pretty good players out. There who Is Getting near. The end of their career would be players who maybe have made more money in the past. Jeff Teague for example. Who'd be another candidate that that could fit into that role and then there's obviously like you talked about Drafting somebody you know like Trade Jones. I like the kid from From San Diego State Molokai. He has great potential and roommates me. A lot of of young young Steve Nash. Type Flyer you know. Who's basically really savvy doesn't have the athleticism but basically controls the pace very well and can change pace and is is an extremely good shooter especially from deep range. Do you think Derek Carlson who just spoke up a guy that A. That's still realistic. Do you think he'll come back I mean because he was close wasn't talk to the one of the problems have been coming back at that. Point in time in the middle of the year was the most could get would be like a million and a half which was the Lakers At that exception that they got for a demarcus cousins Wasn't pro so they'd be able to give them a full million and a half and this is a kid that basically before the start of the season before he made a decision to retire and devote his time to his ministry Was being talked about for ten twelve million dollars a year so the decision on his part I read in a couple of places that part of it was financial that to come back in the middle of the season would have been smarter for him if he wants to resume his career to wait until next summer when he basically can build a team can offer the full. Emily which is nine million dollars. I think the look at Collison I think Jeff Teague is a good candidate I think dragic is obviously be an excellent fine and then at the very last they might end up. Drafty somebody you never know. But I do think the point guard is one of those three things that they are going to be looking for to fill a need when you talk about position if we go down the line after point guard shooting guard. Shooting Guard is an interesting situation. Because what the Lakers have is a whole handful of shooting guards. They don't have really any backup point guards then when you take a look at everybody on the squad starting with Banning Rain Avery Bradley really even though he guards point guards to really not a point guard in. He's a he's a very short shooting guard. That's the problem with the Alex Caruso. He's really not a point guard either. The only real point guard then got into team is resign. Rondo who for sure is probably going to exercises option to stay in. He's not gonNA he's not gonNA become a free agent. He's going to win. I remain with the Lakers as much as you would like him to leave. Gerald Day would action like him to stay very much on the Lakers as a coach renew preference so shooting guards an interesting situation because if the letters make a play for anybody who's a big salary player anything from from Dennis Schroder to kristall anybody who gets up into that range of fifteen to thirty million dollars Danny. Green's got to be part of the deal. The only way they can make it work and so if you replaced trade green than you gotta be looking at other options. I happen to think that one of them's a when you look at that. Third Scorer that the Lakers need really should be an art. I don't think they need another forward or center. Be Third Score When you look back at the history of a superstar doodles and trails in the league. Every one of them had as one of the members guard Magic Johnson. Magic and magic and Kareem. Michael and Scotty Cobian Shack Shaq and Kobe. You know check and Powell go right down the line all the way through there. You're going to find a to either guard at some point in time and it's one of the weaknesses between the dual that we have right now that you've got the only way reason it works is low. Brian is really playing at least on the offensive end as a guard. It's really light magic and Kareem in a sense although you really have a small forward in our corporate instead of a point guard at a center so I think that there's a good chance that back if we could find a shooting guard who can deliver four or five assists per game is a good Combo Guard. If you will but also really more of a score than let's say Jeff teague would be or a Goran dragic would be. I think that that may be the route that the Lakers would prefer to go if they're going to find a third superstar to complement. Lebron AD and ultimately to be take over as the second superstar at some point in time. If Lebron retires it should be a guard and you know the point guards out there that are available are not very many. But there's a few shooting guards that might be on the market or might be attainable. There are other point guards that I do like out there that I've always I've always liked a drew holiday great defender. I personally have would would not mind at all. Seen Lonzo ball returned to the Lakers. I saw today that there was a tweet that Lavar had jokingly suggested that that Lonzo was going to come back to the Lakers and eventually all three ball brothers. We're GONNA be playing for the Lakers. I think he did it. A little bit in jest but Lonzo would actually be a terrific. Fit on the Lakers. In my opinion he still has some weaknesses. Easy going to have to learn how to shoot free throws and he's never been a good pick and roll player which is important to have with Anthony Davis but he's a great rebounder he definitely has learned how to shoot the three ball. Very well And he's a great playmaker and he's a good defender. You know so you got a lot of combinations of things that work there but I think that I think we're going to see some changes and I think the focus of most of the changes that we're going to see are probably going to be at at the guard position because two of the three things that we need a playmaker and a third score really have to come as backward player. The third thing that Defender which would be another smart. You know a somebody who can guard Kawhi and guard Simmons and and bigger taller players that that we don't have that's probably going to have to be a small forward or or a very versatile power forward who can play both positions Combo Combo forward. But I think our biggest focus our biggest need is is at the guard position one of those spots then and obviously the problem with the forward position is all. You're talking about his backups. Because we have the two best forwards that you could possibly add in Lebron James at small forward and and Anthony Davis power forward. So I think you can almost skip those positions because I think that we the ideally we need a backup for Lebron at small forward. Somebody who's really good big defender. Who can who can guard multiple positions scarred the two three and four? I think that the guy that we signed Morris Markeith. I think he's going to be resigned. And we'll be the backup power forward and play a little small center I'm not exactly in love with one day right now. His numbers look really good at both ends of the court. Since he's been on the Lakers vs shot what? He shot the ball extremely well. He Shooting High Thirties in the three ball and defensive rating has been very good. He's been among the top five players defensively on the team when you look at defense not that. Because that's not his normal ammo during the course of getting season so true but he's a veteran player. Who's De seems to hold his position. Well he can. He's he's big enough and strong enough much much bigger than in size because weight than his brother. Morris and. I think that he'll hold on so after you get done with the two guard positions the next position. I think that's really important to look at the center position. And I don't think they're going to come back with the same two centers Javale McGee and Dwight Howard in an era. Say the same three centers McGee Howard in cousins were. You seem set on cousins returning back to the team I do. I think a lot of it will depend on how he recovered from that injury. That's still a big question. Mark No matter how you look at it because he had two very serious injuries one after another and if you ever saw somebody who appeared to be fragile at that point in time in his career Demarcus was the one however. I do recognize that the Lakers really invested a lot in hanging onto him and only let him go at the last minute. Anthony Davis loves the GUY. He played terrifically with Davis. These the perfect player to play the five to allow Davis to stay at the four and Lebron likes him. So I think that there's at least my read on it is that there's a great deal of loyalty. Both ways the Lakers would like to have demarcus back and I think Demarcus was appreciative of the support. That he got by being left on a roster with the Lakers beyond although nobody can train had at corona virus not come around he would have been reacting with the team in the in the Lakers facility. So I do think that there's a good chance that if the is healthy and looks like he can recover and become even eighty percent of what he was before his injuries. I think he would be the starting center on the Lakers. In which case I also think Howard is definitely going to come back and very similar reasons. I don't know I think A. Loyalty the Lakers. And I he's going to turn down more money to stay with the Lakers. Now I'm telling you what he would be and I don't mean this in you know. I'm thinking this the NBA Realistic Way. I think he'd be a great fit if the if the worst Dr James Wiseman in the NBA draft. I think he would be a great fit there as a inexpensive center for them for their what. They're trying to do on their last. Hurrah for them as a unit a group. I think he's GonNa read all the press clippings about how he's reborn again about how he's become a team player and he's GonNa take that momentum p because I don't think he'll sign back with the Lakers because I think at some point he's given a lot and he's GonNa ask for something back in return. Which Lakers may not be able to provide the 'cause we gotta remember? There's a limited amount of cash writing going become more limited because of all the that's gone on with the salary gap so let's put this in perspective when it comes like that so I'm thinking right now that he is probably not going to be able to be retained. Even if the Lakers want to retain their pleased probably not gonNA be retained. You'd be a good fit there and golden state or anyone did Golden State and he has in good feelings from his time with the Golden State Warriors. So that's a possibility I'd have to say. If he went anywhere I would say it would be golden state. Do you never played for Golden State. Cousins did oh. I thought you meant I thought you met Dwight Howard because we're going. Sorry I'm sorry I got Howard you've gotta get your you gotta get your often injured centers straight man. You gotta get straight. I'm getting. You're getting their casino and it'll be interesting to see. I just think that that I didn't think that the sort of that feature and loyalty associated with Howard and with cousins are going to lead them to be the two people that are gonna stay and I think that mcghee will become a trade chip. I think McGee is going to stay at sea. Obviously has to state because he's going to PICK UP THE SECOND YEAR CONTRACT. He's no fool. Even though shack decided to go ahead and always try to make him before. I don't think his agent will allow him to do something foolish. It's as not picking up the second year of the option in an option but then the question becomes whether he becomes some of the filler in a trade because he has he has value has value in new trade. A lot of teams and I agree with you on that but I really think that we're going into next year. A barring anything unforeseen it's going to be him and is going to be cousins. Are going to be your two centers I think Howard is going to get opportunities elsewhere simply because the fact again it comes right down to what he'll be asking for the Lakers. Just can't match right. The Lakers that that puts a good segue into into basically going back and talking about the center. Position that that if the Lakers if cousins is not available or of cousins can't perform and be the kind of player that the Lakers want. There is a need at center that you don't have it power forward and and and and small forward and that need basically is for a stretch five Which is one of the reasons. Why I'm fairly confident Morris back and everybody I've read basically includes Morris's the most likely veteran to return. We're signalling the REP for a quick time out. But we'll be back with more of the Lakers fast-break podcast check out. What's been going on with the pop culture cosmo show and the PCC multi-diverse? I see the potential for basically a another nets lakes kind of paradigm shift. Where here comes this other major player? They have a ton of resources. Apple could change the way that entertainment is consume. They say it's the only time this year that you'll have stars from each brand battling each other. We know it's not going to be the case but still like to say that and more power to my guests. Well it's a big first step bringing all those superheroes together there. Were definitely some parts of the movie that I that I really enjoyed. And then there were some parts that I thought. Just kind of fell short of expectation. Part of it has to be something to do with how it's being promoted and this is a thing where audiences do not agree with critics loops the pop culture cosmos show and the PCC multi-diverse every week on apple podcasts and over a dozen of your favorite streaming and podcasting options. There's a couple of guys out there that I think are kind of interesting at the center. Position at the Lakers actually could consider going after one of them is is myles. Turner from the Pacers who basically may have lost his job in in a sense to Sa- bonus basically who really is probably better playing at centre and so far they haven't seemed to been gelling really well with the combination of Turner and Ansa Bonus on the floor although you'd think that be a great combination But I liked Turner in the sense that he can block shots he can defend out on space and he can shoot the three ball and I think that the thing that the Lakers really needed add to their offense this coming year is and this is why. I'm so high and cousins is somebody who can shoot the three. Because that's what you really need playing alongside alongside Anthony Davis so I could see miles. Turner being one good option. The other option that I actually liked to is the kid. Who's with sons? Now you talked about Aron Baynes Aron Baynes Aron. Baynes also would be I. I off Baines is a great screen. Setter he's good rugged ender he's also free agent and he's going to ask for a lot of Mu La again. You gotTA consider with Lebron and AD resigning ad which is obviously the most important the right that lease various trade Gerald. That's what's going to happen with almost all of these guys because nobody's got nobody's got cap space there five teams that had cap space and I the day might not and even they might not have cap. Space avowed cap space after after. There's an adjustment for the corona virus and the China situation. Yeah everybody who wants to trade or everybody who wants to sign a player. Who's a free agent out there with money meaning Baynes and a few others? That are out there. They're going to have to do a sign and trade and I think that that's already been sort of accepted as the route. That's that's going to move players. I mean last year we had ten players the sign and trades and we'd had only to the previous three or four years so I could easily see you know. I'd Trade Danny Green for Baynes and flash assuming that we had a needed center in that cousins wasn't gonNA fill that need of being stretched five. Think it's really critical to the Lakers to to have versatility so that they can have they'll have the best option is to have a starting center and backup center that do opposite things. One Who's a stretch five and the other guy who's a total rim-protector relevant having to rim-protector there's a time when it really became very difficult to to play at the end of the game with a with a traditional Lopo center in this and I think that's situation is going to get even harder as we move forward more and more guys are going to be shooting outside. We're going to be facing more. And more teams who are going to close games with stretch buys rather than traditional lives. And that just makes guys like Howard in and McGee very hard to stay on the floor especially when teams WanNa say against Lebron and be and everybody's playing that that they're playing a pick and roll with us with a drop coverage in it makes it very difficult to to get clearance and space. That's one of the reasons why we had struggled so much in the early games in early in the season against the clippers against bucks because they basically all ran dropped coverage against everybody every time that Lebron was on the floor with. Add and no matter how much we WANNA have play the five. It's pretty obvious that he really likes to play the four and he prefers not to have to bang down low. And so you need somebody who can do that. Baynes and Turner would be good options in my mind if if cousins can't fill that stretch five position so that's sort of my whole take is on on just the general positional needs of the Lakers and they need somebody at point guard. They need somebody at center. Stretch the floor. A- point guard who can distribute when Lebron's off the floor a small forward to back up Lebron Who can also be a stopper if you will and defensive stopper and if they're going for a superstar a third superstar to me it it's it's gotta be at a shooting guard because those were. I think there's opportunities out there. I think there are some. I think there are four shooting guards out there that could end up being traded this summer. Well let's go ahead and talk about that mcgeer right now. I saw some. You're traits and trader. Tom Is back on the market once again. Those crazy and out there laker trades that seem to rile up the Internet every single time. He's putting it out a couple months ago. He's back pretty good results on this one. We'll see I only have one twitter hater. Jump on me okay. That's good for you. Then okay for you. That's good but you might have to right here. I'm not a twitter user that much except for when I go ahead and go on AD. Laker's fastbreak on twitter hit. But I will say this that. Yeah the ideas and premises are good but trading for them with the players. The Lakers have or that. You see have in some of these cases. It's just not doable. Because let's say Zach Levine. Who is it? Probably the of the other ones that you said unless because you said Victor Oladipo you said Zach. Levine said also everybody goes ahead and goes to LAKER TOM on twitter. You'RE GONNA see a poll that he put up there. That includes Zach Levine Bradley Beal Victory Depot Donovan Mitchell first of all Bradley beal probably as an attainable simply. Because even if you did sign and trade you would have all. I don't think you could fit all three players. The Lakers would have then as far as SARS underneath the cap at that cap wise. I'm not sure we'll work. Because he signed ratings Zeppelin drake exceptional work on my gosh all the trains that I gave you would work regardless of our gap situation and the one the one positive listen. I'll for trades. I admit that when you look at the surface the situation there were a couple of caveats that I put in there. That you have to bear in mind when you're looking at each of those trades. The first caveat that I put in there was that I think that the a lot of the attraction of the trades would be dependent upon. How well those guys performed if we resume the season and do have a postseason if they play as well as they have during the year and continue to do that down the clutch and through the playoffs. Then I think you have some real value in those players. Guys like Danny Green Caldwell. Poke Alex Caruso. Those are players who are respectable players and they could be excellent players to fill out a LOTTA ROSTERS. Because one of the things you're going to see is that they're going to be a. Lotta clubs out there who don't WanNa pay big salaries especially not going into a period of time when it's going to take two or three years for the League and the economy that the entire economy of the world to recover enough amidst GONNA be tough sledding and there's going to be a lot of teams that are going to not want to. They're going to have to start to cut down expenses or they're going to take losses and so they're gonNA be looking to get rid of if you're not competing for a championship and you don't have a chance. Which the Washington Wizards the you know the Indiana Pacers. The all of those teams that are talking about that. Have these guys? They're not going to compete for championships. So they're going to be all of a sudden and they're gonNA see their revenues dropped dramatically especially the ones because those small market teams more. They don't have the TV. Contracts that the Lakers and the Knicks half and they don't have the attendance even that attendance is going to be shattered because people aren't going to go back to stadium aren't going to go back and fill up. Arenas like they did for the next couple of years. So you're going to see all of a sudden a whole new economics that's going to run through the league and you're GonNa see people looking to dump salaries so forth while there's no free agency money open to dump salaries so the only way you can dump salaries just to get rid of him by trades and so you're gonNA see a lot of teams being hesitant to make trades. That'll be of the teams. At the top. The Lakers the warriors the Celtics. Those are the teams that are going to be looking to take advantage of some of these other teams but the the atmosphere in the whole economics of the NBA is going to be a total different story when we get into the next year. And if the Lakers win they're going to have some role players that other people are. GonNa want and for the first time. They're going to have their twenty twenty and they're twenty twenty-five graphics they'll be eligible to trade the twenty twenty we'll have to wait until it selected but the twenty twenty-five they'll be able to include in a trade deal so most of these deals involve draft picks. Kyle Kuzma a we can throw in. Horton Charisma's going to have to be involved with it. I know you've got nothing here. He's he's GonNa give eighty Radley's going to have to be involved. You're not going to give them. You'RE NOT GONNA make a deal for Berquin Cook and you know and and change and other fillers is okay. You can see all the promise in world but he hasn't shown it on an MBA floor as of yet and there's still a lot of questions in regards to his development e. I'm they have a whole bunch of Laker players. They are really happy with young players as well it slows Detroit with FEMA highlight. Who's played very well? Like you said the Washington Wizards with Moe Wagner. If you can stay stand. The floor shot forty rolls. We're going to be looking rhythm of Levine's contract. Well I'll tell you hold on. Zach Levine is probably the target that you mentioned that is most appealing depot. Coming off the injury. He's not playing anywhere near of what he was playing last year in Vienna just recovering from the India. And that's and that's something that Indiana the only reason he's going to be accessible you know. I don't think he will be. I think Indiana is gonNA give it another shot with Hamid. Get Law him to get healthy. I think he's played well without him. Yeah they played okay without him. And then you had also Donovan Mitchell. Okay Donovan Mitchell. Probably they'll probably trade go bear. I know the product Trade Gobert be the traits that you had with trader Tom out there. Okay there's no way on God's Green Earth unless somebody's smoking something weird in Salt Lake City is going to accept that kind of trade that you offer worth trade. That's why it was number four on the list. It's its own. They might they might do that. Trade and not give you give you somebody else's dumb contract instead of instead of Inglis THERE'S NO WAY UTAH'S GONNA Trade Donovan Mitchell. Legs just the fact that you. Why would you give it western conference rival Bat without getting a superstar in return because because Utah going to really hurt financially They're losing they'RE GONNA lose a lot of money and they have a big contracts and they got a problem if they're going to have to get rid of go bear go. Bears are going to be the one that's going to leave a Mitchell's. The one that got a rally around Mitchell's the one that are going to try and build a and seeing problem with Mitchell bigger problem with Mitchell than we have with Gousmi because Mitchell makes only three million dollars up in the trade value from Well that's true. Mitchell is going to be someone that's going to be a line for a huge contract. I'm not sure He's an all-star star to me but he's not at the superstar level yet think he has he. He has some Kobe `ISMs in that he's volume shooter and things of that nature that but colby shooter is not a forty five percents and it. Kobe even with the volume that at later years frustrated many Laker. Fans myself included. There is a reason why. Koby is at the level ideas because at time and time again when he was in his prime proved that he was deserving of the shots because he made those quality shots at the time you need when you need it and he produced and in those big big games. Mitchell hasn't yet had the chance or opportunity to do that to his detriment because he just he just has had saw. Utah has not been there yet but can he also take those players to the next level. He's not been able to prove that either. Kobe did was able to take teams with rosters. That were quite what you would say would be championship. Material still. Didn't do that until he got fat. While but then he couldn't do it until they got phil. Yeah but I'm talking about the years that at his prime because there were the years after shack lab that they did become a koby thirty point game at Mediocre team but once they had enough little pieces in two thousand nine two thousand ten. If you take Kobe off at two thousand nine two thousand ten team. That really isn't going to be a great team. It is Kobe that made the difference on that. And if for those years but I'm saying in a Mitchell is needs to get that level in order to become a superstar but I do believe he is an all-star obviously a very good player still nonetheless. Great playmaker I think. That's something that's very underrated with him. But be that as it may. I don't think he's going to be approachable. A I think like. Let's let's let's take a look at each of the trades and talk a little more specifically about him. Okay we got twenty minutes. Why Not? Let's think the girls outrageous as you as you might be thinking well first softer. Let's go ahead and into your point as far as the Lakers of the hall and the whole salary cap issues whatnot. I'm just going to say this message to genius. You'd better get your you better. Get your check ready. Get your checkbook ready because that repeater tax is gonna be on the horizon there sometime sin and you know that doesn't mean you steal four points or million dollars from the P P P again so no keep the hands out of the out of the bank there those for small businesses but anyways this is something that she's going to have to get used to and I understand. This is the buses really only source of income. They're they're not like the owners that have all. These businesses minority owners are both billionaires. Yes exactly so so. And how do they do that they they? How does the Lakers stay at the level? They are they have to win championships. I mean you cannot go through another decade and realistically allocated minute we went through. Hold on a second hold on a second there Gerald. 'cause we went through six straight years of not even making the playoffs. Just I'm saying and green six straight years not making the playoffs and our revenues still ranked one in the league. So I'm thinking that at this point in time the Lakers have to go ahead and start. It would just say you know what I know. It's it. They still treat it like a small business. But you know what this small business has to go in and make an effort to go ahead and win now. I told you that window is already closing. That window is already there and you need win. Now do everything you can so if it takes take pulling up the checkbook and paying that tax paying that tax for the next couple years then you're going to have to go ahead and do that and like you said try Sign a traits. Have to be the deal going forward because no one's going to be able to sign free agents at least for the next couple of years at least those big money contracts from most teams although Cuco I'm sure people will still out of the way to go ahead and try and get him but outside of that. You're going to have a lot of issues with with contracts going forward until we get to some kind of normalcy and maybe now three. Maybe what three seasons from now? So you've got. Let's take a look at the environment that we're going to be facing this summer. Okay and let's just make some assumption. Let's say the season risk return and the Lakers win a championship? And if they do three guys that are probably going to be really important. Danny Green Alex Caruso and Kyle Kuzma. So what we're offering Zach Levine. And if you look at the teams economic staying power if you will and and you're right about the I agree one hundred percent with you. The Lakers were really violating all ethical considerations to try to get part of that BBB money. Because when you look at all of the teams who are able to survive a two year drought that we're going to go into the NBA. The Lakers are probably as positioned as well as anybody else because they have probably the best team right now and they have the largest revenue and they have the best contract next to the next so teams like the Bulls are going to want him to get rid of Levine. If the Lakers are gonNA offer him to draft picks to number one picks plus Danny Green Alex Caruso and Kyle Kuzma. Those are three quality players. At least two starters. That's an offer that is not unreasonable. Now other teams may come up and you could see maybe the Celtics go after him or or the box. Go after them but neither one of them really need guards and so. I think that there's a good chance when Lakers are looking at shooting guards that they could go after him. He's going to be the second choice next to Bradley beal. And Bill makes thirty million compared to the twenty million Zach make so that makes it a lot harder to put together a deal for Dan for Bradley. Beal for the Lakers. Because really requires you to trade. Four guys you've got you've gotta add in Avery Bradley into that mix you know and again but again. You're giving them Danny Green Avery Bradley. Alex Gruesome Kyle Kuzma for good players. None of those guys are really filler. Plus two draft choices to take off you see. This live rounds losing money in revenue owner in the in. You know. I think what's going to happen. Is that some team like the Celtics is going to go after. Grab Bradley Beal. And it's going to leave. Zach Levine available for the Lakers. Just GonNa tell you right now. A lot of people are gonNA foresees some of the stuff as as filler. Just GonNa tell you right now. That Zach Levine would be my trade target. If I could do that. I just think the Lakers have enough assets unless they are really in love with Kyle Kuzma and and Also as Alex Crusoe. If that's the case I could see that happening but I'm not sure that that's GonNa do enough to get it done because Danny Green you know. Obviously they would go ahead either. Tried to cut him or go ahead and try and wave wave him or trying to go ahead trade him get off that salary because they feel that he's not gonNA fit on rebuilding. He's not only got one year left the ED be. He's talking about except for coups. Mma who resigned but but green and. Caruso basically are on one year deals. Yeah I mean I want to try and sign Caruso if he plays anywhere near the level that he is trading expiring contracts. We're talking about trading hiring contract which is teams that WANNA get out of salary. That's what they WANNA do a contract that they've got the three years that they've got left Barack Levin they can all of a sudden trade that for two for three guys on one year contracts but the Bulls will then be trading their away their best player. So if that's the case they'll have to really commit themselves to to a rave never going to see the kind of money that NBA team. Can you imagine how much money think this a second think about how much money NBA teams? That aren't among the big market teams or a nibbles. They're not making money. They'RE GONNA lose huge huge amounts of money. The next all of them are going to lose your money but all of them are all of them are so obviously off got. Tv contracts locked up. That really are two or three times greater than everybody else in the League. I'm just not sure even with the new GM's that that's going to be enough for trade for the being. I'm hoping it would be. That's probably of the traits that you talked about the Zach Levine. Trade is probably the most approachable if the Bulls with the new regime who a clean slate. And who could realistically realistically now look to go ahead and rebuild and start from scratch. Because we're doing is a weren't a smart thing to do. I mean the smart thing to do now all of a sudden the minimum salary that you got to put out there. But I think they'll want more draft picks now so that's the thing that Walmart draft picks out of it along with the assets. And that's your draft picks. The Lakers may may be be able to make a deal and pick up a third pick somewhere but at any rate the whole point. The whole point that I make here is that there are two things that are really gonna be different and the economy is going to change everything the losses that everybody is going to be facing. They're not going to see any stands fill-up at least probably not by December when the twenty twenty one season starts you think that they're going to fill up these arenas seriously that is going to happen. No no going. GonNa fill up anytime soon until there's vaccine in place we get that I get that and we're talking about we're talking about a whole season probably played for television properly and that that could be an issue in and of itself right there. That's going to do to the salary cap the following year. Would everybody had all of this big money to spend? That's what I was. GonNa tell you is that this is something that we're not gonNA see normalized till at least three four seasons from now and that's GonNa be something that you know a lot of these. Nba teams will will Harry's new game very few teams that are going to have the mindset and the determination and the willingness to spend at this point in time and the Lakers are GonNa have a big advantage in that and then two years from now the second summer after the second off season. It's going to be a strange now because we always think of summer is off season. It's going to be fall is going to be the off season so two years from now wouldn't when they go becomes eligible. And and you know for sure that he is not going to sign this summer with Milwaukee. That's not going to happen. He's going to. He's going to stay there and he'll make his decision after the end of the twenty one season and that's going to then put the bucks in a terrible situation because if they lose him it's it'll it'll be a sign and trade. In what are you have to sign and trade? If you're the Lakers at that point in time which is another reason. Why the Lakers need to sign somebody this summer. Who can be a core part of a sign and trade for John Us? You're not going to be able to sign the honest in Free Agency. You'RE GONNA have to trade him and you can't trade twelve players for him. The makeup of the thirty million dollars that you're going to have to sign and trade for him so the Lakers need to bring in a third superstar. Even if it's a Chris Paul or somebody at a you know who's can still play loser or a some guard Eric. Bledsoe or somebody. Who's got a big salary? But if you're on that massive contract don't you you gotTa Have Somebody Sign Trade. You can't sign you gotTA match salaries. It's forty million dollars fan. You gotTA match salaries to get him. That's why the Celtics are in a good position. We're going to get the help. And then a slave without their available be clear. That'd be like a seven for one trade union half the team to go ahead and Matt Salaries for Chris. Paul no maybe as long as you have the same. It's the same situation as Bradley. Beal you can put four guys together and get close enough because all you have to do is get the eighty percent of that salary. Then you get a trade exception doesn't matter even though you're bringing back you're bringing back twenty thousand or eight thousand dollars more at doesn't matter because you got within that one hundred twenty five percent in on one hundred thousand dollars of what you send out so there's a step here that has to be done to put the Lakers in position to even compete for us when we come to you two off seasons from now and that is to get a big salary that they can send out and right now all we have that we can send out is Lebron or eighty. You need that third superstar so you've got somebody too even threaten to get for that job. I'll tell you what Laker Tom or excuse me traitor. Tom Is going wild on the Internet. And if you WANNA go ahead and follow it today all the crazy trade scenarios. Some of which may not be crazy. 'cause like you said it's all based upon what's going to be the different environment when we get the off season. Okay well if you WANNA see some of these maybe not so crazy traits in a different environment you want to go and check it out today on his medium dot com page or just go ahead and go over to twitter at Laker. Tom Follow Him. There can catch all the great scenarios and he'll interact with you as well with just please be nuts. He's just trying to go ahead. Throw some stuff out there and see what sticks. We'll be back with more of the Lakers fast-break podcasts leaving an edge for your fantasy football team. Listen to the guys that incites forced penalty football for inside. That will help you reach your league championship. That's interesting fantasy football chicken today on your favorite podcast outlet. But my friend. We've only got a few minutes left. I want to go ahead and thank everybody for listening. Disowned WANNA go ahead and mentioned if you have any questions for Laker Tom. Myself Michael Bloomberg TJ. Johnson congratulations again on the birth of your son. Hopefully you'll be able to come back soon. I know he was trying to but obviously being a father that right now. A brand new father again for the second time. He's a really just really. You'll have some late night so we're trying to still schedule something out but Michael Berg Raphael Barlow Stone has all those NBA draft guys. Got a question for them and not sure where to go to go ahead and hit us up at Laker's fastbreak twitter or Laker's fastbreak at Yahoo Dot Com. You can also check out all the great stuff that we're doing all over the place. When it comes to Laker's fastbreak pop culture cosmos game source in inside sports fantasy football but for all the great things that are going on as far as the Lakers the best place to go to go ahead and get involved in the conversation and also react to some a Laker. Tom's crazy trades as trader. Tom You can go ahead today. Laker Hall Ix dot net Tom Outside of those traits snarls. Which gets even your community riled up as I have seen so far in the past season what else is going on with your great site known as Howard Stein that there's a lot of talk still about the corona virus situation. We're all very concerned about whether or not the Lakers are GonNa get an opportunity to defend their championship. The MULATA of talk about different trades and different stop. There's been a lot of Kobe. Talk the whole Michael Jordan. Last dance stuff is really Ron and a lot of subjects. I haven't seen the latest episode that focuses on Koby necessarily distant WanNa get put myself through that grind again of you know watching all of those great memories and and refrain. You know just getting refreshed for the whole tragedy of Gobi dying trying to focus a lot of the lot of the energy on site toward looking toward the future in in questions about. Who should we spend our emily money on? And and who trade who looked at trade for and so forth and what holds do we need to fill in the roster trying to leave it as as things concentrated on more the basketball rather than the corona virus aspect that seems to be affecting all of us at this point in time And I told you before we got on the air. I swing back and forth between thinking that we're going to get an opportunity to to win that Seventeenth Championship Bruce Thanking the. There's no chance that we're going to if if we go into fall and and And the pandemic starts to get even worse than it is today but I invite everybody to stop by the site There's still a lot of conversation harassed. A lot of people are are still checking every day to see what's happening And it's a great place if you're interested in intelligent conversation where everybody is very respectful and and it's a it's an exchange of ideas more than a than placed is going to rant and rave and once again you can check it out today at Alex Dot net. You can do a little ranting and raving there to Lakers or even her. Tom Latest trade scenarios. Right there Laker Alex Dot net. He always gets a kick out of that. I think he just does it. To the stirrup Hornets nest pardon the NBA Pun there. But yes. I think he doesn't sometimes just to see what kind of reaction he's GonNa get. So it's it's nicer then on twitter. I'll give you that much if you follow out. Laker Tom on twitter especially during the course of the season. Yeah sometimes they were just downright not nice dion. Now it's just you know you're just throwing it out there. You're just starting out there. I have I will admit on twitter. I have thrown some things out but usually keep it pretty honest to later. Hogs Dot net. Yes 'cause hall dot net is your baby and you want to go ahead and be part of the conversation today. Laker hallet's Annette. I very glad to have been a part of it so far. It's something that I truly cherish. As far as my time they're interacting with the community they've been pretty receptive. Although a lot of them just want to go ahead and get into the season there so depressed at the season right now is not not there. I get data I understand. It's been a tough year for Lakers. Fans I mean look what China. Then you go into the the uncertainty going into the season. Then you go into the uncertainty. As far as what the Lakers are going to do than the Lakers really hit a high as far as doing so well exceeding of so many expectations and then you have the unfortunate death of Kobe Bryant and then you had the Lakers going back on a roll once again. Proving themselves worthy by beating both walkie and the clippers back to back in one of the greatest weekends for Lakers fans during the season ever know set during the season and then you had the corona virus hidden obviously the stoppage the NBA season. Then you had what happened last week with the Lakers and the PP. It's been a spin weird. Ride my friend ups and downs Galore. But I'm still willing to go through it with you. How now listen? It's a do or die for the Lakers for both of us. Gerald one of the things that you you find out when you go through a situation like we've all gone through with the corona virus. Crises is that you never know what you missed until you miss it now and you just don't know how valuable certain things are until you can't do anymore know so. I'm looking forward to finally though getting out in the open and doing things. Because we're all missing what we once did those rudimentary mundane things that we used to do. Three months ago. Seems so far away now and even though we thought we were bored as hacked doing it now seems like something that we miss and we WANNA go ahead back to because obviously all of us want to give back to the lives we once had and I hope to be a new normal. It's going to be a new normal feeling. You're right my friend as always is just so great to have you here from looking forward to our conversations next week. I hope you won't get thrown out though you know put together. Some crazy trades just for you crazy. Trade is. I'm telling you this off season. The atmosphere and climate and the whole approach toward trades in big salaries is going to be a whole lot different than it was ever before in the NBA. It's going to be a really different new normal when we come to off season while tell you what if those trade proposals get too crazy. I'M GONNA call your wife until I got you about this guy right here. Because he's he's getting a little loopy up there with those crazy trade scenarios making twitter. Angry making the Lakers dot net angry. My Gosh Laker Tom. The approach to the approach the criticism. I get is how come. We're not trying to put a trade for steph curry or or Luca or you know somebody like that like how do you explain to these people that no matter how crazy it's GonNa get? You can only trade for things that you've got chips in exchange for tell him to go back to NBA Two K. R. Laker Thomas. Think rape is always looking forward to a conversation next week. Right here on the Lakers

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