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Childs Play 2 (1990)


Hey, guys. Josh you're from bloody dateline. Good news. We're getting money. Today's episode is sponsored by audible dot com. Audible dot com has got over four hundred twenty five thousand audiobooks audible is offering our listeners a free audiobook download with a thirty day trial. All you gotta do is go to WWW dot audible trial dot com slash bloody date night and pick something that tickles your fancy. What are you listening to Josh good question voice in my head? I'm listening to chain saw confidential by Gunnar Hansen. You know, uncle leather face. So what are you waiting for go to WWW dot audible trial dot com slash bloody date night. Thanks so much guys. See on the other side. Well. Open air. And his PC three is your oast, Dan, thunderstorms Riley and across from me is June. Baker street Jones who just got out of prison. I have a confession. What is it? I eight year. Fruity pebbles bitch bitch. Did you first of all you ruined? The opening you ruined the opening it was ruined openings, but I'm really good at closers. I don't know what that means. Hi, everybody has a redoing can't hear you. I'm sure it's great. I'm sure you're great. You're driving to work. You're doing something right now that's productive or your maybe just sitting in your parents basement smoke in a whole lot of weed and letting us take up your time. Let's go to and that's fine too. Because what is it? It's may. And that means it's summer. And what does that mean? Liz, it's a summer of sequels, my gut summer sequels, holy shit balls. So that means you're going to give you to double doses of sequels this month, so gone going back to very early episodes. Actually, I went and check them out. Yeah. That's right. Is this child's play? We did. I think it's like our third episode. I think so. Yeah, it's way back it's way back in its way back in the way back machine, but we also, but we also did bright of. Chucky. Sweet we did the first in the we did I don't know the twentieth. And then we the twenty oh. Oh, it's like the fourth. Oh, really? Yeah. Yeah. That's wow. I really wish you'd pay attention. I didn't know. Okay. Because the the change in Chucky as a character from the first child's play to what we signed bright of Turkey is so different. I think that the is growing. He's evolving. He's a dull baby these adult baby. But he's a he's a full grown flesh man in a doll's body. So I guess what's to say that he can't change as a person. He can he can grow you can grow and grow and change in his heart. I don't think he does. But he could I mean, it's the question of whether or not he has the room for change. And he's willing to make the effort to check. I don't think he can. I don't think he's willing to put in the work. And if he's not willing to put in the work, he's not going to move forward. Listen, there are some times where I I've come. I'll be on us. This this week. I've got I had a lot to drink, and I had a lot to other things than I had got sick. And you. Looked at me. And you said stop doing those things, and I said, I can't change. That's not true. That is not true. You're selling yourself short. It's a part of me. That's that's what I am. Yeah. So I can change that is true you can change. But but doll babies cannot. No, apparently, no apparent lime. I'm actually kind of excited about this. Because the new child's blades coming out soon too. Yeah. Yeah. Which I think is coming out in June or July. Okay. So. Fly landed this eyeballs like something out of a cartoon like it's just hanging around you. He gets stink lines its main. Let's not but it's not true. But interior smell great anyway. Yeah. You do you smell very nice thing. But no. But this is a, but this is the sequel, which is Latin for bad idea. To the original night child's play to child's play. And this is nine hundred ninety. So we got some sick as nineties music. Not really, I don't there's very dramatic music at the beginning. There's a ton of going into an breath. Yeah. It will. I mean, I think that that's the things that the tone of these movies takes like such a weird turn by bride of Chucky because it becomes like a more like. Like, it's very creepy. Anonymous, and now by the time, we get to bride of Chucky. It's like a rob zombie music video. I can't believe that there's not more movies between this one and bride of Chucky muscled, well, I mean, there's a third one right right Jesus. When does it? When is when does it take that hard right into introduce Klay Ville after after the third one when? Oh, yeah. When he when he gets a life lesson does he sort of? Okay. If you I mean, if you know the ending of child play three. His life changes. I will be honest. But the time we got to watching this. I could barely remember where we left off at the end of child's play one. Will do you need pick. Gene, we left with the like melted Chuckie, baby. Right. That's all I remembered from the first one. Yeah. Well, yeah. 'cause he he blew up it blew up. Right. Yeah. And he blew up, and you got shot and all this stuff. They just like could not kill that doll the opening of the movie for this is just always good because we're instantly like brought into this corporate bullshit like limos are driving everywhere, and it's just like money money money money money. Yeah. It's like we know this dog killed people. Which is the tabloids do report on the murders. And they do talk about it being a doll that murdered people. Well, they say that that that the mom and Andy claim that it was the doll. Right. So we do exist in a world where those murders happen and are real. By a dull. Yes. But nobody believes them, right? Well, yeah. Because that's the point of the movie. Yeah. Right. So you're saying, wait. What would what were you just? Thence? He was very odd. The way that they talk about Chucky. Because then why are they like they're like if you knew that adult murdered people? Why would you keep selling that doll? Well, I think, but I think their rationale was that like the the the thing about the doll like being possesses bullshit member because users like sh- 'cause he's he's explaining to old the weird corporate yet to the oh blue hair, and he's like, you know, the doll he thinks that the tall like like is possessed by Charles Lee Ray, and he's like laughing it off. Yeah. So I think that they just think it's bullshit. Okay. Well, it was just like this little boy projecting like all this crazy shit. Still wouldn't you think he would retire? The doll at that point. The Dulles at the center of a controversy when no because when you know, those Tomek Achi games when kids started strangling each other over them over them. They didn't blame the Tomek achie-. Yeah. They probably did. No, no. They blame. They blame the kids in the and the parents. Yeah. Yeah. Well, but they also like the opening in the movies is literally rebuilding the a surgical procedure. It's really weird because they're they're peeling off the face. Yeah. Yeah. They're scraping it and they're like doing a lot of like a lot a lot of construction work on it. Yeah. I mean, the factory of cheque's when we see it at the end is. It's kind of more willy Wonka than like an actual factory. Very Tim Burton. Version of what a doll factory would. Yeah. Also that takes so much time to build each Chucky that I don't know why. It doesn't seem very efficient. What do you mean in the in the beginning? It took him. Like, no took them the opening credits to get it done. Yeah. Took some time was like twelve seconds. Yeah. Just like pop it in like arms and legs. And then and then you make sure he doesn't have a dick. And then you just face on put his dress him before they put his eyeballs on which also seems wise eyeballs in the weirdest part for me. Yeah. It's weird. Well, they have that little machine that machine. Yeah. I'm which I definitely believe there isn't eyeball machine. But why did they have the doll dressed before? They put the eyeballs in like, you would you would put the dull together and then put the clothes. Somebody told me that before you leave for the day. You take a look at yourself in the mirror. And you take something off that might be taking away from it. That's right. I was just telling Josh about Coco Chanel. I'm so project retained that. I think. Thank you. What is your name again? I, but I think that that's it. Maybe they're just like, okay. Put Chuck in front of the mirror, and like it's like the is half to go. He's he was over accessorized us over just rise with the is. But those overalls kill it. They do. Yes. So they're putting together they're also like scraping his teeth. Give him a good teeth scrape and everything, and it's like, it's I just don't understand like, why would you why would you rebuild the original doll that doesn't make sense? You see he would just send it for part or you really that strapped for cash to where you have to say, I don't think this is a very efficient factory. I don't understand how they're in business much as they are. Because I can also imagine that after your dollars accused of being part of a murder plot. People aren't maybe buying your dolls too much. But they are they're making a shitload of them. It's remember because well, I don't know. But they're just like I didn't know that there's tons of them. It's just they don't have a recall or anything. It would be a recall. Yeah. It seems to me you know, what it'd be really kind of better. It would be like if instead of the the old the old like business guy. What if it was kind of like, a willy Wonka type character? Yes. And like he's like stumbling them bubbling in like doing somersaults and shit. And this is like excuse me, sir. Can you would you mind? Stop blowing bubbles at your asshole for just one second. And then they all go up and the fizzy lifting thing with hands. Like all of these like floating. He's all these Dole's murdered a bunch of people. Sorry. I always call them Chucky dolls. That's not what they're called or called good guy. Dolls told them Chucky dogs cheque's. I mean, well to be when I went to the movies earlier this week. That's what everybody called it. They were just like Chucky Chucky. I forget that that it's not the movies not called Chucky. No, it's called child split. But like they had child's play stuff in the movie theater that I went to go see avengers. And like a bunch of people were just like Chucky. They got really just kept on calling it Chuck. Well, so I guess that's like kind of in the remake is child's play. They're calling it transplant. Not chucky. Oh, no. They're calling it A Beautiful Mind. Two electric bugle Bucaliu Beauge. Lou throw. You're doing our vocal warm-up before we started linguistic linguistic jujitsu. Yeah. We can't do that anymore. Just the one so the old soul like they're basically like they're they have they're doing like they have like interrogation room where the rebuilding the doll. Yeah. And then that guy eyeball machine goes haywire. And the guy gets electrocuted by the eyeball machine. Yeah. That doesn't make sense. I it just seems I but is that. I mean is that what bring I guess that's what brings him back. Yes. Like, so I don't know. I don't know. I do remember at the end of the of the last tricky movie that it was really hard to kill Chucky really hard to kill check. Right. So God why can't haywire eyeball machine? Bring them back till I have. The. It's just. Remember like me? I did it. I think it was just like the heart is the is the purest part of his body. Through. So maybe his heart is too big because he has too much to love. He doesn't have too much. Lovey hates everything. Just like kills everybody. The. So Chucky Andy's mom is in an asylum. Right. Yeah. And then Andy's in like a children's ward. Because if they call it. Yeah. He's he's. Like strictly foster with grace Poole, grace Poole. That's her name, isn't it? Oh, the foster care. Yeah. Okay. Yes. I remembered it this is so nerdy sticking in my brain. And I couldn't figure out why I that name was so familiar. Greece pool is the name of the nurse for the crazy woman in the attic. And Jane Eyre. I don't know what that means for this movie. I don't know what that means is that maybe this maybe check is really big Jane Eyre fan. Maybe maybe there's a little bit of sophistication in this. That he'll see. Yeah. There you go. But English major. I think that like it's so this is the one thing that I kind of don't like about sequels is where they constantly try to remind us about what happened in the previous. I love that. Please. Don't remind me what happened in the lesson. But they do it like twice in ten minutes. I don't know. I appreciate it. No. I'm sure no. I appreciate it. I appreciate a good like catch up like that. But also it happens like two or three times in this movie. Like, the first the first guy when you when they're they're doing the errands can walk and talk, and they're like this this. This doll killed a bunch of people and like. Our time about that. I gotta go see the stockholders or something and he walks off. And then five minutes later when we see Andy like, that's the first thing they mentioned that. It's like the whole backstory story. Like like, the story hasn't changed. You know? Also, that's been grace Poole says kids are really resilient after the. It's like, yeah, you're right. He's not going to remember that murder at all he's fine. What about that this child who watched his mom you as a hat? Kids are great they resilient like, you know, they don't retain anything. I'll tell you what right now, there's certainly nothing that my nephew's. Remember me telling them at all and they never bring back. Jesus christ. Yeah. They got. That's what they send the Indy goes home with this foster family who doesn't know him. They're just like. Yep. Great go into this home. I don't know orphans that. Well, forgive me. Okay. But does that just happen? I mean, it's a foster family. Yeah. I mean, I think it's like a cross. I mean, I think it happens really fast. I have a friend who is a foster yet. Right. And she'll she'll get a call in the middle of the night there. Like, by the way, tomorrow, we need you to come pick up this kid. So I guess that's kind of how it goes. But this family this foster really doesn't seem really prepared to have a small child in the house. No, they have all these tiny fragile antiques all over the place precious moments like little, everywhere, Hummel's and stuff. Don't you collected? Yeah. Precious moments my head, the Hummel's. Yeah. It's like it's like it's like, oh don't touch that. Don't touch that. It's old. It's like, hey, then don't have like six year olds in your fucking house guy. We'll see what's weird because on the one hand they seem really ill prepared to have a child there. And then on the other hand when they get him up there to his room. There's tons of toys like it's like the rooms all ready, but they seem really ill prepared. I don't know. I don't know. Well, maybe I don't know. I mean, it's just like as far as like keeping having everything prepared for six year old. Well, maybe. That they're just I don't know. Maybe maybe just maybe they just really like toys. Yeah. I don't know. Of course, the because I know there's a horror movie my first thought was like, oh my gosh. What if they had a child that died, and now they have those thinking, okay? That makes me feel better. Because that's Dr my original. My original idea was like, oh, they have a little boy that died. And that's the reason why the stuff, but who knows they never ever go into that. The other thing is that like fill the dad he's never into it. He's like all everything that happens. Like when when they first meet Andy's like I dunno like this kid this kid sees that trouble. Yeah. Yeah. He did earlier this kid's still freshly covered in blood, and then they're just like, no, no, he's fine. And then the mom takes him in. And she says in the car they're like driving. They're trying to like, you know, trying to bridge the gap with them like so do you like sushi or something I think they asked him if they like it'd be like sushi? Oh, I didn't catch if it was pseudo because then they're just like do you like sushi or like they're asking him like, what's your favorite food? And then because you know, that's that's a common thing that you relate to kids with if she I know I mean. Who knows? I don't know. I don't kids might like sushi knows especially if it's from a pharmacy. Shut up. So we so also this house is decorated like, I think an insane person. It's like a lot of pinks and blues. It is very weird. It's a very tall ceiling Pinkston blues. Like, I can't imagine these two people living comfortable life in there. Now, it's it's very odd. Yeah. It's like it's trying to be cheery. But it's it's too cluttered with a lot of stuff to be like. Oh, that's that's cheery. You're not insane. So yeah. Yeah. We are we Kyle. Oh, yeah. Kossuth fucking rebel. Yeah. She reminded me of Judy funny. Oh, yeah. I'm doug. She's got a little beret. Little cigarette. I love I love that Doug episode where judy's just like smoking a cigarette. Flicking it is why I got that vibe from her. But I kind of did man. That's cool. Yeah. No. I totally get that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Also, love it. How she's just like smoking the moment we see her. Yeah. She's she's ready what he's great blowed smoke in a kid's face. And being like, what do you want? But she's been there for like three weeks. Yeah. Two or three weeks or eight weeks and they're a little bit. And this is the other thing. I again, I don't know that much about fostering kids. But by the time, you're eighteen right. That's when you're no longer a random, stay. Okay. So she's got to be like close sixteen seventeen. Yeah. Okay. I think as she drives she drives. She's just a product of the system for like. Yeah. Jesus. She's jaded. She's gotta be look at her. She's she's wearing a funny ass hat and smoking cigarettes inside they. Yeah. And then well, we'll talk about that later. We we go back to the factory. With that guy. The guy the adult single man with tons of toys in his car. Listen, if I know he works at a toy factory. But this little weird because knee-deep in two things one it's toys, and Secondly, it's pussy. Because he gets in the car. He throws Chucky in the back of the car, and he gets on his his like ninety seven Harpo Harpo is I love a car phone. Oh, yes. They're gonna go. Celebrate they're doing three weekend. Versity? Yeah. Yeah. Who celebrates a three week anniversary vodka with vodka at a budget toy. And I don't mean toys, like sexy toys. I mean toys like like each ball. It's. Yeah. Like, you wanna play jump rope tie up, wink, wink, when but I love it how he's like on the phone with her is like, oh, it's like it's like our three weekend adversity. And then she's like you can hear on the other. Did you get the magazine? Oh, yeah. And like in my mind, I'm like in my mind. I'm like, dude, she she's not the one for you. She's using you for vodka. Yeah. I don't think that relationships go last very long. No, especially if he's trying to use his gold card everywhere, though. He does have a car phone is a car phone is go card it. He's gonna Trump full of toys, which I think. Yeah. And that's what I think is always it's so funny because the reason he can't fit Chucky in the trunk of too many. Too many voices too, many toys, that's a weird thing for an adult, man. I don't care if you work at the toy store, here's why are you carrying them around. Got a good pick up. My God damn girl for not too, many toys. That's actually a good idea for. For like a Christmas album too. Many toys too, many toys sung by Santa call it with the band name for tuning toys, the been named that does too many toys. The fucked up Santa's. Okay. Yeah. It's just like it's just like it's like that. Secret Santa game at work, except it's just fucked up. Okay. Yeah. Don't know. It's not a bad. We tried to like reverse engineer at there. I don't think that work. Now, it doesn't work like this one or the I'm not saying this movie doesn't work the Chucky face animatronic, much better than the first movie. Well, it's got more money. Yeah. Yeah. And it looks a lot better. Yes. I think also it's so funny that like they immediately show that he is alive instead of it being like like in the first one where he's just kind of like running around and. Yeah. And I and I think it's just because the idea of it just being like, oh, we already know that it's a killer doll. It's not right. Anybody kind of it kind of relieves some of the suspense a little bit. So now, it's like what is he going to do? What's he gonna do? And there are there to Chuck. He's in play right now. Because we glossed over the fact that there's a Chucky at the foster house, I called them foster Cecchi and corporate Chucky. Oh, man because what corporate checking came from h. Corporate came from. From corporate just making sure to see how everything's going your how we doing today. And then we've got foster Chucky at the house. Yeah. Yes. There's two cheque's. It's it's town and country. It's township is country town town country country, Chucky. Yeah. Yeah. Corporate Chucky gets to the foster house. Oh because he takes the Disney takes the guy hostage. Yes. So this is so over that. So like, yeah. So so like. Big boss, toy, man. He he's like he shows up. He's at the liquor store. He's at the liquor store. Trying to use his gold card to get a bottle of vodka which. To me seems very excessive. I don't know why it just seems like maybe maybe like a sit back and do shot in elitist thing of just being I've got a gold card. So it's like, whatever the the bottles like thirteen bucks doesn't matter to you. So like while he's doing their Chucky is enough time to make a phone call. To the foster home. And then ask where Andy is being stored not store not stores out. The doll Chucky is the doll scam. Andy Barclay's stock. But like they're just, but they're just like, oh, yeah. Here's the address. But you can't I don't think you can do that. Yeah. Pretty sure that's not legal anymore. But he says he's the Charles. It's like, well, if you're the why don't you take care of the child? Well. The point. That's a really good point. If he calls them. He's like, yeah. I'm here. I'm looking for any Barkley. It's like well. He's actually in foster care right now. Who is this? This is Charles. Oh, well, then would you be able to look after? It's like, no, no, no, no. I just want to kill him. I just I just want to find out where he just want to find out where he is and kill him. Okay. But. I just love the idea of the giant phone against his ear is like a little boy anyway, so yes. So then he he ties up the well he holds a gun to his holds them hostage. This is where all the quiz come into into play and has an drive him somewhere. This is where I think the again, we go back to path to checkoffs gun. This is ups. Check like jump rope. Jumper up. Okay. Because we see it when he's I thrown in with Chucky. And then we see Chucky tie him up with the jump rope. Oh, I didn't even notice that. But yeah, you're right. And then I'm no good with Chekhov's gone. You're not you always lie. Major did it in college. You always miss your aim is off. But. He. Yeah. He suffocates him with a bag. It's like our first or second kill. Why does he do? It doesn't make any sense because he you can't let anyone know you're a murderous to all of your murderous doll. But that no one believes you anyway, nobody believes he didn't believe that. You didn't believe the kid? And I guess he got what he wanted out of that guy. And so he here's the thing. Do you think Chucky drove himself to the no he can't reach the peddles? Yeah. But what if okay your meal what if he kept the body in the driver's seat, and he sat in the lab and he lives. And he pushed pushed the. It's like it's like when my dad used to put me on his lap. Steer. That's what it was. He was just like. Oh, yeah. You in like cops. Like, oh, look on that little boy on his daddy's lap and dad's like got a bag over. Yeah. I don't know you could've that'd be very cute. I think that that's a good idea to think about how we got there. Anyway, this is just my imagination rolling away with me in the whole time. He's listening to like. NPR or something. Yeah. Or della Mitri Mitri rolled be. Skied thought about that song for that song cassette tape. I know you did because you keep telling me. Great song, so Mitri. So we have so. Yeah. So we have like two corporate Cecchi is now at the foster house and beats up foster Cecchi right with with that prices breakable figuring that we've talked about. Well, he beats him with with the precious moments Hummel. Yeah. Or Chachi, I guess some kind of China and so he bashes him in the face. Yeah. Aries him yet. Barry's foster check in the backyard, right? But foster mom was always going to fuss around was going to donate foster Chucky. So when she finds corporate Chucky, she puts them where she was going to donate it, right? I don't know they were going to get rid of him. Right. They were gonna get rid of foster checking, but. Yeah. This is kind of weird because because it's I had to give them different names. Yeah. Because because the next morning they wake up in like, the the Hummel's broken. And he's like all right. Who's gonna get spanked? And they're both like, oh, no. It wasn't me. It wasn't me. And then. That's okay. So that's okay. So on following it now following in that because then they go to school, right? Yeah. Foster dad says a he accuses Andy of breaking the statue. Right. He's like you break that. She's don't you little boy. Yeah. That's what boys. Do. That's what boys do break stuff. I break a lot of things. Yeah. I do. Yeah. How many how many glasses have you broken recently lease four? Yeah. Gays. We're running out of glasses at our house and the they're not expensive. No, not at that. And I just I just I'm just to loving drop them all the time at the stake in the sink. Thankfully, it's it's a it's a real Lenny from my sin men thing you love the glasses brace so much that I break them. That's also what happened to the French press. Isn't it? It's it happens. Everything that I love breaking watch out. So. Yeah. But like he's like all right now, you guys are under. You're grounded ground or whatever they go to school. And that's when Kyle gives Andrew cigarette which I kinda loved she. What did she give him a cigarette? If that's what she did know when they go to school. Yeah. No, wait. Wait. Wait. Maybe I'm wrong. No because they're doing laundry. She gives them a cigarette of. Yeah. That's what I meant. She's like his I don't know if this is before or after that. But they're like they're doing laundry and she's smoking a cigarette in front of a kid, which I think is smart also, I don't think you should be smoking in the laundry room. And then all your clothes, you're going to smell too. That's why would you do that? But she hands a cigarette to a child and he liked tries to take it to. Yeah. Off of off of it. Yeah. She's an idiot, which which is like, yeah. What what possesses him to like, try it? I don't know he's he's a troubled child. He's been under a lot of stress a bit on her a lot of stress. My mom is in an instance itution. Hey, he just needs a little relief. If. A little relief. Yeah. She hard time part time. That's when they also they. Andy takes corporate Chucky outside is Kyle is out there. Gardening. Right. Right. Okay. So he's starting to like warm up to the to the to the new good guy doll, right? Which is weird. Well, it's it's corporate Chucky. Thanks. It's foster Trekkie. But it's actually, but I mean, he was still before he was like, I'm freaked out that this dollars even in the house, right? Because this represents the thing that put my mother away. But now he's like oh and want it now, it's of my past. But it's never. But like, I just don't understand the motivation for him to be like. I don't understand the the motivation for him to be like, oh, I want to hang out with this thing. Again, kids are fickle. It's a really boxing relationship. Yeah. And my baby what are you doing? No. This is not what you do girl. So they. Yeah. So like Indian in Kyle or starting to bond. Yeah. What you're kinda starting to grow a little bit closer together. Which is really to learn more about Kyle. And she she. Yes, she kinda just describes herself as being a product of the system. She's my mom had me gave me up. My dad doesn't want anything to do with me. So I'm just kind of been bouncing back and forth from house to house in the nineties like my mom's in a fucking mental. Yeah. It's like, whoa. I'm sorry. I yeah. Khalas nice. I like Kyle Kyle seems like good people. And then. I was going to say we're going to go to school. Yeah. This is fun. This is this is a really fun part. So they like to their walking to school like Kyle's walking. What name we skipped win when Shuki tries to possess, Andy. And then like ties him up, right? Oh, yeah. Wait. Yeah. You're right. He's plugs. His mouth because he tied. He Cecchi corporate Cecchi tied up. Andy, and plugs. His mouth was what I thought was a cupcake. It was not a cupcake you thought it was a cupcake. Yeah, it was a pair of socks. No. Well, that does make sense. Oh because you are constantly eating your socks thinking. Like, I just I love snacks. I know I know. Is that why like during that scene? You just went that looks delicious. And I was like what the fuck are you saying? Yeah. And they. Yeah. Posture family thinks Kyle tied up. Yeah. It's really weird. They're very quick to point fingers at Kyle. And then they pointed it in which I guess is which I guess is like what you think they're gonna pointed at the possess doll that they don't know about those. I think I just love idea of immediately going to the extreme where it's just like it's just like what's going on here. I didn't do it Chucky. Did it's like this fucking possessed devil doll. Of course. I don't think that's going to be there. I guess it's kind of like not to toot my own horn. But it's like it's like the nets and sketch were the the eventual acquisced. Do you? Remember that we have it's for people who care. It's a sketch that we have for my sketch team where eventually was his on stage doing a ventriloquist act and everyone in the crowd thinks that it's a possessed doll. And they're just screaming at him to get rid of it. It just the most insane thing in the world. Anyway, that remind me this. Yeah, come see national scandal whenever we're playing when whenever that might be. So now, we can go to school. Now. We can go gets Checky hitches a ride underneath cooled. He doesn't. He doesn't Cape fear. We. Does that mean 'cause my mind that means it looks a little big dangling? But that means like Chucky just walked out of the house in broad daylight. Dick, dick. Are you doing Mel Chucky? How are you just go? Did he did he wants the posted? He catch it somewhere else. And then pull like a lot of questions that I got on that bus. I think what it was is that he was following Kyle and Andy and then once he saw them get on. He was all right now, I'm gonna I'm gonna him. He was running behind the bus. Yeah. Or maybe he was sneaking under it when it was still parked. Yeah. Either way. There was a lot like Chucky wandering around in broad daylight before that had arrived, baby. Hey, tax fare hike is really killing a lot of people that you gotta get your you. Gotta get your rights where you fucking can. All right. And if it means sneaking onto the train or sneaking onto the bus go for know, I got on the bus the other day. And it was it was. Stop with me and three other guys like older guys. And I guess they didn't pay for their ticket. So the next stop the cops got on it. And they they checked my ticket and the tickets of the three guys the guys are gonna have to get. So they them all off the bus. We talk about that later because I want to figure out how they did that police took them on. You went for your how they got on the bus. No how how the police knew that. They I don't know. Anyway, we can talk about in New York. Anyway, so Chuck he's like on the bus. He's like I'm going back to school. Yeah. I'm gonna be late. So yes. And then they get to Andy school. Area real Meech. I'll get less microchip. That was my favorite in house a serious that was meeting. Yeah. Well, the I was flicking his ear. Yeah. Dude. It reminds me when I was when I was in elementary school in their kids who flick my ears in class, and then it really sucked because I would have. I remember this vividly this person behind we would flick my ear, and then after I somehow got them to stop doing it. I'd have my lunch like sitting right next to my my desk and during class this fucking asshole took a bag of chips out of my out of my lunches you start eating it. But like during class means, and I was like 'cause I was like wait, those are my Fritos. And I was like you radio. Yeah. I love Fritos. They're doing fine. Oh, they're doing so great. Now, they're they're living their best life. I don't know. I can't remember who they are the person who to my my my bully is a sixth grade science class. Anyway, I remember when I was in elementary school, my friend Elizabeth's little brother bit me on the playground had huge bruise on the inside. Sid gre- who is now like an adult person who is married with children. But I always remember him. It was like the kid who bit me. When we were kids sit that guy who bit me, what do you think he'd say? Now, I think he'd be like, I don't remember biting you. It'd be great. If he's just like you were delicious. We had a bruise. I was so mad. You recognize the the teacher know, should I? Yeah. Miskito? Let's kendall. We know who she is. Oh, she's she, you know, it's so funny because I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion. What we must see if you get this. No, oh my God. No. It's the same. It's the same lady who performed who was the sparkle motion lady from Donnie Darko. Okay. All right. Well, this went well. I'm sorry. I don't remember Donnie Darko segment of the show brought to you by no one cares. I'm sorry. So anyway, so miss Cantrell. She's a real hard ass. Yeah. Checchi ticky gets her. Well, like, well, this is the best part is like she's going through all these papers. And. She she's going through all the classwork, and she just comes across Andy's at just fucking huge letters. Well, I will tell you right now. This is interesting. You gotta be constructive with it. Spelt. So well to yes. Beautiful penmanship Chucky has I mean, I mean. I mean, I mean what what does Chucky? Why does he go after the teacher? None of this makes sense to me. No. I guess it's just to keep Andy behind. Yeah. I guess I don't think. Yeah. I think I was trying to think like why did we go? Why did we not when we've gotten back to all these different movies that have big secret many sequels? Why have we never got my child's play? And I just don't think it's as compelling as the other like nightmare on elm street thirteen. I don't know it doesn't. Because the. Ceram? Sure, there are people who love this franchise. But like, but this is really expensive. Like, you said, this is Spencer, the first one is all about whether or not it's a real live doll, and we'd never really see it other than like at certain moments. But this we're constantly see him running around really have a plan. Like, what's the plan? Yes. He does. We we know what you want. We know we want him to transfer the soul into rate. But that's what he wanted to do the last movie rather you wanted to do in the of Cecchi like come on, which which it bride of Chucky. It's different. But yeah, but but anyway, but the teacher does get an air pump to the chest. Which is crazy. Yeah. While she was asking for and then beaten with a ruler. That is a very big lottery. The biggest closet. I have ever seen like a storage pleasant. Yeah. It's like she lost in there. There's like coats and shit. Yeah. There's a lot of stuff. She's very disoriented. There's a dull writing after her we've very disoriented and she. Get paid enough for those that actually be great. That'd be good line to have when she fell on the floor. She gets stabbed. She's like, I don't get paid enough for this. And then just getting spanked by Chucky. Where's my teachers teacher's union? We support teachers on strike. Yes. Please be go on some more money. Yes. Yes. Get that way. But yes, so Chucky Chucky spanks her with a ruler. Yeah. Easter eggs her to death, which is not a bad way to go. Do you know those thing to be worried about you know, what I'm not worried about it? I'm gonna spank you to death. It's like, yeah. Try. I don't mind meeting. God. So she so she gets she gets spanked on her, but death, and then so we're kind of left with that. And then Andy runs back home. And then the parents were like, all right. Well, and he's got some problems because he's here. Now has he gets that electric Turkey. Carver yet. He's well to find later in the night. He's like, I'm gonna take this electric knife. And I'm gonna go. Kill chucky. And that was the thing though, those because they took they took Chucky or no before he left for school. They threw him in the in the basement. Yeah. That's what it was. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Now, look he's still there the Isley Lookie still there. But he's not he's not he wasn't. He was. But now, he's not he's he's alive. He's walking around. He's doing his thing. So he's like all right. Well, I'm gonna go downstairs along I'm going to I'm going to check in a long. I'm going to go downstairs, and I'm going to take care of this. This little Turkey. Carver that Turkey carpet. Very dangerous Turkey Carver very dangerous Jesus Christ. And that's actually funny as like that'd be great. If like, this this movie just didn't even employ child actor. It's like it's a real child wielding a real electric knife. Wielding? Unlike we are all about realism here. It is a real child with that though. Saint gary. Yeah. This this. How like some crazy crazy junk there's any walking around the basement. There's just like it's full of like buoy and clone. Yeah. There's there's a big there's like a little inflatable clown punching bag thing was there when what are those in poultry Geist or did? I just make. I think. Well. Yeah. Like at the end. Yeah. And then there's like the architect. Covenant is down there every so much shit. And then it's like the it's like a gigantic. Yeah. It's a gigantic like kind of like junk antique shop. Yeah. With a huge basements, huge huge basement. So in is down there with with his electric knife coming in contact with the Cup of Christ. And all these other artists ex and he's swinging his knife around. And then finally he has this kind of little struggle with Chucky. Any backs into the washer? It is. Literally, the only thing there, and he somehow manages to run into it. Well, he's child. Hey identify with that. And it's it's and that's when that's when he's like, okay. Now, I'm going to start like I'm going to try to steal your soul. Yeah. And then. Good time. Phil comes down. Let's kill buzzkill fills. When he's like, what are you doing down? You know, it's you know, it's past thirty these arts to come down. And then Chuckie grabs by the ankle. And. What does she catch his ankle with? What is that? It's like a hook. It looks like a fire poker? Oh fireplace thought it was like one of those old vaudeville hook would vote. It's like oh can night grace. Nope. Nope. No. It's the executioner from the Apollo. Yes. No from the Apollo you. Just dance is everybody off. We went to Showtime at the Apollo. It was really fun. It was really fun. We didn't. We didn't see anybody booed off soon except for that one woman. She was singing, I will always love you and people started booing her and she just sang louder. And then she was really good. You remember that that was really good? Was just like fuck you sang at the end of it. Every was just like you can't do somebody who sings that song. It's because if they do it, they'll do it. Really? Well, but yes, if they boot if someone off at the Pol execution comes, but he tapped into off off. Yeah. Of all ways to get booed off the stage. Someone just aggressively tap dancing behind you. Pretty sweet, it's pretty awesome. You get little Gregory Hinds. Just like. Yeah. It's like a Wednesday on the on the stairs. Yeah. So so he hooked his ankle with the with the fire poker wrote. And like pulls him down any falls down the stairs. And then he dies yet. He breaks his neck he draw from. Yeah. Tires which was which is always been a fear of mine. Yeah. You know, like because when my grandparents had their old house, they had that old basement that would go down, and I was always afraid that somebody would reach out grab my legs down and break my neck, but that ever happen. That's good. Thank god. Yeah. All right. You're still here. Yeah. So. Has to as it and Phil as it. And that's a little like these little like jokes before it kills them. How's it egg in film? And he's like, oh my God. And then he brings his negative way. Got a bunch of these. And that's when foster mom is like, okay, we're going to send antibac- foster mom. But you think that the that the child that you're fostering killed your husband that seems like a good reason to send that child back. So because she books admits admit she just says get from me. Yeah. Which I'm like, that's a cold blooded thing to say to a child. I don't know. I think she I think she's probably justified if she thinks you know, that that Andy killed her husband. Maybe she doesn't really want to deal with Andy, write them and. Yeah, I guess I mean, it's just like look there you need some space if a child did just murder your husband. That's when Kyle takes and puts corporate Chucky in the trash, right? But then they're on the swing right? And she finds foster Cecchi buried under this way. Man. Okay. So I didn't even talk about that scene. Chuck is like burying him in the back, and he's just like laughing maniacally. Here's the thing. Doll on doll violence, all on dole violence is something that we need to address immediately politicians need to look into it. And we need to have some sort of. A discussion about it. Because it's something that is really plaguing America. Secondly. There's no fucking way that a dollars outside laughing maniacally, and no one is inside sleeping being like what what is that? They're not. So you just you're. No, it's more like. I laugh like you do and it's quite frightening. Yeah. But yeah. Yeah. Again, I can barely sit in the living room and watch a movie without you coming out being sh quiet. Be quiet. I'm trying to sleep. Yeah. I know I'm trying to drunk sleep right now. Now, I'm trying to sleep. I'm out. I'm out. It's true. You are. But yeah, like, but like, there's there's absolutely no way. I think anybody can really ignore a adult tiny demonic laughter. Each one of those things where like he's trying to be. Like, inconspicuous? Yeah. We're like, but he's not he's not very bad. Very blatantly. He might as well just be like, you know. Wearing a fake moustache and Groucho Marx glasses or something. I don't know. It's just like so silly. It's like you're trying you're trying way too hard to else is if he's trying to be inconspicuous. He probably should not be wearing the good guy. Outfit. You've probably should have changed. Clothes. What do you think? You should be wearing. I don't know anything else that would make him look like a small toddler and not like the demonic dole on a little. Yeah. But if maybe he wasn't if he didn't look like the good guy doll in the good guy close. Maybe he would have a better chance. What would you dress him in little? Like, a like, a jumpsuit jumpsuit, a devote jumpsuit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I probably would give him a hat what kind of hat. Like trucker and picturing him Walker. Dress. Like a tiny gas station. Attendant? I don't know why. Feels like this is like for a beastie, boys. What would you trust check? Yeah. I would I would go. I would go the standard. First of all, I would do be antennas you'd wear it be antenna. I wear I'd have him a wear some Swedish shorts maybe some cargos. And then the shirt that says if it doesn't have tits retires. I'm not interested. It's all about. Not getting attention by asking for attention. Hm? That's what I've learned in. Okay. So he could just like, you know, go settle down like Marianne American Girl dollars. But he doesn't want to he wants to become a human. Yeah. You know, what this is also my question if he wants to a humid, why on earth is he still after Andy wouldn't it be easier for him to inhabit the body of a full grown person? Yes. I understand. I understand your Quam and prepare to shut up because. Member. Andy said that I'm the first person that he told the secret to so I'm the only one that can he can transfer his soul to. Oh. Well, then okay. So the nets cheque's fault. They should have told a grown Asadollah. Yes, you're right. He should have met a very nice woman at a cocktail party. And just being like, hey, you want to hear something funny? Yeah. I work in marketing is like, yeah. Well, you know about me. A. I'm the hillside strangler inside of a doll. She's like, oh, wow. Yeah. See then he couldn't have the body of that woman. Like, I just feel like trying to be in the body of a six year old is not great. Yeah. Someone can just literally like pick you up and put you in a crib. Well. The other thing is like you would start lers rive. No. But you would start early in life to where you could just be like. You're you just have a second life. You just growing past six years of of rage to grow in. Well, what's well? No. I shouldn't say that. I was going to say it's going to spoil a little bit later on the series. Don't spoil it sport. I'm totally spoil. It truck. Chucky turns out to be a truck tricky Truckee. I'm a bus now. So they basically Kyle finds out that Chucky berry he found she found foster Chucky under the swings. Right. And then she realizes that the corporate Chucky is murderous. And so, but that that Chucky takes Kyle hostage. Well, no. But also, let's not let's back up because she she finds Joyce like murdered a rate. She was going to stab corporate Chucky then that she's too late because. Check check. He's already got into foster. Mom, right. Yeah. Yes. She she. She she thinks she threw which, but she finds that Chucky like escaped from the trash, man. Yeah. Because he's like I've already eaten and then she goes upstairs. She finds like Joyce like stuck to the sewing machine. I don't know. I don't know where he's no he strangled her. He strangled tangles. That's our head kind of laws back with us. Right. Little at all. And so that's right. So that's why Chucky takes Carl hostage to drive 'em to the foster center. So they can get Andy right rate. Right. And then he's got he's got people doing a lot of things for him. That's the thing. You know, what if he wasn't you? If you could get into an adult person body, you'll be a lot easier. I think it's just like he has to depit. Now, it's going to be a challenge for him because he has to depend on other people in order to help him get. Yeah wants. Yeah. So I don't know. But that's that's just that's just growing up. So she takes him to the to the foster the foster house. Yeah. Gay foster home, I guess, and then there the alarm goes off. So everyone is going outside. Chucky stabs, I actually did like this when he stops a grace and her face get xeroxed. He'll show is funny. And then a book comes up. Jim fall like that. Nobody would be great. If like just a Xerox came out anybody's, but does anybody's. But we'll doll bet. That'd be kinda funny. All right now, she's done. Now. Put me up on their off look. Instead you that. Actually, it's kinda funny any just like it just Andy pushing these buttons, and he just like all these Iraq's junkies. But. All right now. Let's go. Hit. So yeah, they they get into the newspaper truck. Okay. So Chucky Chuck runs off with Andy and Andy gets in the back of this newspaper truck. Also, this newspaper truck sucks because it drives all over Chicago with the back of the truck oak. Yes. Yeah. Filled with newspapers. Yeah. You should not be doing them. No. And I I know that because I had a paper route for two days two days, and I figured out. That's not what you do is that why you got fired. I never said about getting anything but getting. I found something better to do. To sleep in. Yeah. That's true guy shipped to get up really early to be by like I like sleeping in. I don't like getting up at five AM to to do that. How old were you? When you have the paper paper route. Like thirteenth. Yeah. That's also especially when you're that age. You don't want to do this. Yeah. Anyway, so. Yes. Oh calls is basically like I'm gonna follow the paper tape dry, and then while it's actually pretty cool little bit because Chuck he's trying to like steal the soul. And while he's doing that. Like Kyle's behind him. And then you like flicks her off. Yeah. Fuck you. These papers aren't for reading now in. He's really nice to every seems to have no idea. What's going on the back of his car? He seems very nice seems very cool. These just like, but he doesn't he's not very good because he leaves the back door, right? You know, what he's probably very tired. It's early. It's very early. But like after after she she stops the truck, and she realizes that Indian check you're gone. They ran into the nearby doll factor factor, which which is very, you know. Suspicious that it's so close to where they were this this place small town. Yeah. It's a very small town obvious Chicago. Yeah. Chicago's not that great. That's right there in Chicago Chicago's not that big. Maybe it's like, you know, when when we went to that wedding and Chicago, and it was like in Chicago. But it wasn't really in Chicago the outside outside of sure maybe this is like that. It's like a suburb of Chicago. Right. Right. Right. So, but he, but she's like she's like fuck he's not here in the in the driver's grabbed. Here's what are you doing? What are you doing you stupid bitch or something like that? Yeah. I think so crazy bitch. Yeah. And then love happened. They fell in love. He's calling me. And she's like, no. So so that so this is when we're trying this is when we finally get to the last confrontation. Yeah, they. What does it tricky is does he want all the dulls see wanna possess all the dull knowing wants to possess handy? Right. So what does he why is he won all the dog doesn't want all the dolls? Oh, when did he ever say, I want all the diet? Thought like he was building an army or something in here. I want all the dolls. No, nobody likes because he's he tries to like transfer the soul rate, and then he's just like it took too long. Yeah. He gets. Check. He gets one of those like eleven nosebleeds. Yeah. I do too much doll coke too much. Dull coke studio fifty four for too long. But so the nose bleed, I guess indicates that he has been human for two or he's been not human for too long. I don't understand the dole body for too long that now he's staying, and that's why he gets nose bleeds. Yeah. Why that doesn't make any sense? You don't make any sense. This doesn't make. I don't like it. You don't like it because he gets all these nose bleeds. No. I just don't think this is a great movie. Also. Yeah, he gets a lot of nosebleeds modern noticed. Really? He gets pulled over by the cops. And the cops are like he starts bleeding magically this last knows weed is the Knowsley that means he's a doll nose bleed. What I think that? That's just that's just what it is. Like, maybe it's just you know, how if you sneeze, really hard. You get a nose bleed. Yeah. Maybe that's it. Maybe just maybe he just tried to do the do the the voodoo thing for too hard. And then he got a nose. That's what I'm saying. It's like eleven from stranger things. She's powers and she gets nose bleed batch, drew. Yeah. Maybe. Probably not. I don't know. But you know, what this tweet factory looks super fun to run around in. It's like a discoveries. It's covered. It's covered in. Yeah. Shoots and slide Houston slides and ladders and like. It is it is a it is a discoveries on you're. Absolutely, right. But it's in discoveries on regional. I don't know. I I don't know. I don't know there's going there's one of Missouri that we would go to all the time. Berman texas. And then there is I think there's something else called tumbles. And tumbles and rumbles or something like that. I don't know something is like the same type of thing. But one of those like, you know, get your kid to run around 'til they're tired. Yeah. Else's. That's no, no, my parents didn't do that. They just sent me to a construction site. Right. That's discoveries. Just go run around and construction set you'll be fine. Like, okay. Can I play with the trash there? It's like, yeah. Sure. Play with all the trashing one. It's all there, and it was a gross skid. Yeah. But oh. Oh, Turkey tapes. The he loses a hand. Right. Yeah. And that he tapes knife to the stump panned. Real you just tape it. He like impales his land. And then like kind of like rapid or something wraps it in like packing weird weird. So he's running around with a knife hands efficient. I'll tell you that much like he like wins when he he still needs like one hand, and he can't hold a knife. Like and he's like two feet tall. Yeah. But like, you could stolen wave your hand around slice. That guy's ankle. He does. And that the factory. What does that guy come in and fix the machine? Why does he do that? Oh because like Kyle in Andy cause a. Pile up with dolls because apparently the only way to the exit is through a machine right member that it's. Yeah. Work. Osha would be through. You're telling me, the only the only emergency exit. You have is through this very dangerous. Dull contraption were plugs is into somebody's face. Yes. Yes. Also, we're shutting this place fixing. It lays down in the machine to time for an. It's not safe. We. Up in the that's the other thing too. He's got to children and a dull running around his well factory. And he's sitting up in the control booth reading jugs magazine pretty much. And then finally the only thing that really sets him off. He's like oh an alarm. Well, it looks like a number sixties to be worked on. Yeah. And then he is lazy. I'm in the middle of the machine to fix it. Listen, we go to this before. Maybe it's a union thing. And he's just like, look, I'm only here to service the machines. I'm not a security guard. I'm not here to take care of like three people that are muck in the factory. Stop don't. Where'd you get that knife? Oh, well, oh, well, but yeah, he gets implanted with is. I is I which I don't think would kill somebody. I don't know the shock of it. Maybe. Yeah. It seems like real gross. I love it. Also looks like it's kind of like a cartoon cat when he sees a really hot and woman. We'll. Like wolf from the looney tunes commercials lately. Yeah. So then to Chucky is now in this haywire machine, and he hits stapled he has new hair, and he's just like a big pile of melty limbs, he just like a big, blah. It's melted immediately. Yeah. And then. Any goes forward. He should just let why did you not leave Chucky in there where in the melting thing? Yeah. But he then moves it forward. So like the conveyor belt thing. Oh, I see. Well, they let him out. Yeah. Why to make sure he's dead? That was so dumb. Well, it's kind of like maybe like an easy bake oven thing where it's just like, oh, let's see what we got. Pile a leg. Let's stick a toothpick in them and to see if it's if it's finished. Yeah. They they finally they fill them with air and its head explore. There's three things they like just like Andy Amy covers him and hot wax. Yeah. A rubber? I think Iraq or whatever. Late. I don't know what it is. Yeah. The milky not stuff. It's for Deng bags rate. She we talk. We went to data this morning, and we saw two cops. Yeah. By buying a bunch of malt liquor and a bunch of conduct condoms, and baby wipe, and I saw them on the counter at the Bodega, and I thought, wow, someone's really having a party, and then these two police officers come in and pick them up. I'll think oh my God. It's to New York hugging kiss babies, right? Yeah. We actually so we had that this one. And we went and got our breakfast sandwiches. And then we saw James Franco at the coffee shop. It's been a morning James Frank was buying condoms at the coff-. Yeah. He wasn't. He was getting a lot of questions about yogurt and granola. What is what is it shake it in the yogurt yogurt all the work? What is granola you think that making this up? It's not it's true. It was those yogurts that you as you flip. But the thing goes into the yogurt, and he was like Branko head. Yeah. Yeah. It was the most it was the most like it was just the most invigorating thing to hear. It was Franken asking how to work yogurt. It's kind of right up there. This is not my my New York celebrity spotting. But it's a guy I used to work with who saw a Tracy Morgan at the grocery store. Trying trying to buy whole octopus from from like a deli counter. Everyone has a good Tracy Morgan. It's a good one. He he apparently rents like these really expensive cars, and he just drives around the city in like these really nice for RA's. I like that. It's no it's I think it's just like in the world. Yeah. It's just a Tracy like everybody has a Tracy Morgan story. And that's like the coolest thing, I'm Tracy Morgan. It seems like a very pregnant now. Yes. So yes. So he gets covered in like, melty, whatever. And then tricky. Fill his face with air and has had explained his head explodes. Is he dead? We don't know probably nice going back for the next movie for the third one. He comes back against because he's not really dead, and it's very hard to kill Chucky. Do you remember that from the last movie it was so stupid because they stick a hose in his face? It's just like just spit it out realizes me into this movie has to air host deaths. To the teacher with the put your pump. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. God that's not even very original. I liked it. The first time that I know. I know what it looked like though that lasts little moment where you had that hose in his face. I was like, ooh, that's some good spaghetti. He's just like explodes takes. That's how I so. Oh, good. Like guy Fieri on triple digits just being like this spaghetti is. At amounts and his hit explodes. I would eat this already this on the flip flop. Oh, no. You're changing the game. Yeah. I don't know. So then the last shot actually fill Ashok when Kyle and Andy was through walk out of the factory is a new family kinda sorta did they come back. We see they do Kyle too. Oh, no. But like a little bit farther down. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I'd have we'd have to watch to see. I don't know. If it feel like it. Okay. Well, I mean, I won't tell me about it. But I can tell you about it later. Okay. But yeah, so and then they're just like where we're going. So I don't know. It's like are we family now? And then cows like I don't care going. But I know, but I liked that. They're kind of a new little family together to them. I thought that was nice. Yeah. They're super cool. And to be perfectly honest Kyle as like a like a bitch and older sister. She just injury cool. She probably have good record collection. Yes. She probably has a lot of cure albums. Yeah. A lot of Depeche mode. Probably. Yeah. She seems fun. Yeah. My to work on her smoking. But otherwise, she would seem like a Doria. Yeah. You know? But that's okay. That's fine. She's got a collection of berets. Yeah. Cool. That's it where you think about this. It's fine. I don't know is it like a worthy sequel. I mean, I guess, but it just like I was saying in the realm of horror franchises. I don't think this is the strongest one I don't think like it's pretty it's pretty standard. I mean, it doesn't really bring anything new, and it's a lot less. No. I wasn't. I wasn't hooked. I didn't find it different enough from the first one to be it didn't like at anything to the story to me. It was just like. Oh, right. Same dolls back wants the same thing after the same person. I guess just I don't know. It didn't add anything to me. So I'm not real into it. Okay. All right. When did you see this movie? I never ending a desk. I don't know. Maybe probably when I was like this came out in one thousand nine hundred so so this came out when I was like. Seven. So I think I was like maybe nine it was on. It was on TV. All okay. So I was like nine is on it was on like USA. And so that's about right. So rednecks is silk. Stockings. Are you nine? Are you nine years old and have USA and can't afford porno? Silk stockings. I don't know. It's oh, it was this erotic, like red shoe diary type show on USA USA. Yeah. It wasn't Richard IRAs. But it was like silk socking. So it was like an erotic like late night. Oh my God late night show. And then he was just like me watching child's play two and they just like after child's play two. Silk stockings. Then you're like, gross gross. I don't want was my ticketing art. Think about that. You don't want to think about when on your old dig? No, I don't sign don't this is going to we just got flagged by somebody like government just now audibles gonna take back their their ad. Well, the good news is that we just realized that your pervert. Nothing new you wanna get spanked to death all the way one. Anyway. Okay. Well, there's including this. There's like. Actually, there's there's three or four no five. Wait. I'm trying to go through it three. I think there's five more what? Yeah. That's including bride of Chucky all night. God, wait. No. They're six cheese. Yeah. I'm sorry. I think there's six. Yeah. Does it change it up at all? No. Yeah. Kind of we'll have to Saturn out. Do they do? They include Jennifer Tilly. I like, Jennifer Tilly. She's yes. She's in. She's in a couple of the other ones. Okay. Yeah. After after bride of Chucky. We'll see. So. Wow. That was a trek. Yeah. That was a flog that was a real big. I don't care. I still I'll still watch it. I know you'll watch garbage though. I'm yeah. It brings me joy. It's fine. In just like, Marie condo said. Watch. I'll play to if it brings you joy. I'm pretty sure I remember that up. That's exactly what she says in that show. Guys. I don't want to bring this up. But we need you to go on Twitter. Instagram and. Throws some throw some tweets throw some some some thing as date night at bloody date night. That we're on. There were throwing up new things all the time. God almighty, we're hopefully going to be getting some sponsors soon to give out some really fun. Cool stuff. Also works. Listen, guys. I know we came on saying this, we've got stickers. Yeah. We've got stick around. If you want to see if you wanna stick her. We'll throw you a sticker, man. We'll send you all the stickers you want and special thing is is that sometimes Wednesday signs those stickers as well. That's right. That's right. She she puts her little Paul on it. And it's definitely her very definitely hurt. Not. It's very nice. She's she is a very patient rabbit, and she will definitely sit still put ink on her. It's just trying to think of how terrible that would be. Oh, goodness. It's horrible. Anyone all that stuff? Go on their five star reviews, we need it. We need it. We want you to do it. Because we love you. And we know that you love us. Yeah. So prove to us your love, and your and your devotion by giving us those five star reviews and say, hi, it's always high. Hi. All right. So liz. Yes, sir. Are you signing his offer my doing I'll take it, sir? Mr. I love you. And I like you. I love you. And I like, you are you the corporate lists. Or are you the country? Liz. Hey. Transition production.

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