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Hanging with Lilly and Rebecca from Making It


I to yourself outside to. Hey what's up and welcome to craft hang out. I'M ELISA CAPITAIN. I'm Jesse Katz Greenberg and I'm Leela Thatcher and let's hang out. Get Fifty Talk Forum. Oh I like both together. We get creative. Creative people on craft hang out all right people. We are at the home stretch with what has turned into basically are meet the makers making it mini series So you've heard from eight of the makers on craft hanging out already and today we are hanging with two more to wrap it up so please everyone. Let's give a warm craft hang out welcome to Lilly? Jimenez and Rebecca probes welcoming. We're so glad we have you. Let's just dive into questions. Let's do a little intro. Can you tell her after he knows who you are? What you do. And your ride or Die Kraft Supply Lilly. Let's start with you. My name is Leeann is. I'm from Miami Florida. I pretty much grew up with a very crafty mom and she was very resourceful. Soul I kinda just got back from her and I went to a divine high school where I met. My husband was also a designer and then have doubled creative stuff like you know for the past twelve fourteen years but always kind of in the party industry and now lake basically I do. Diy content creation tutorials for MOMS. That usually focus on party stuff. I have a product called blue mosaic. Which is something Is Digital digital templates. That's mostly what I focus on and My Weapon of choice is always full board. I love that's a really good crafts by girl. Yeah so Rebecca. Let's hear from you guys. I am Rebecca pokes and I'm from Gilbert Arizona and by Trade. I am an interior designer and in my free time I am a diy blogger and against crafter extraordinaire. So I kind of feel like a generalist in a lot of ways where I infuse a lot of my interior design expertise into my designs. But my like texture pattern in color and I would say anything textures fabrics in yarns and things that can apply to surfaces. Like that is where you'll find me is just mixing patterns and colors and just getting crazy with layering techniques and things like that but I started on this journey after I got laid off from an interior design job and I needed something I could do to stay home with my kids and so I got into like deciding party stuff and party. They core and that's where my career in this field sort of took off and I eventually started my own blog and I was a blog contributor for a lot of different blogs throughout the journey and in and out of different things I had owned a retail shop through this journey and I had a studio where people could come in and make things and then I finally decided to pursue more of the independent thing and become an independent design contractor where companies that hire me to create creative content for their marketing advertising and then in addition I create my own projects for my own website to really help inspire and fuel other creatives. Cool Alright Lily. Let's talk balloon mosaics. So so how did you develop and master this concept so blue mosaic is one of those things that was in happy accidents? Read a happy accident. It was the best happy accident. That could have happened to me. I was doing back in two thousand seventeen with doing the blogging and trying to find my space had been an event planner for ten years and I kind of stopped doing da needed was looking to refocus and see what I wanted to do next so I was blogging about party inspiration but wasn't sure where I wanted to go with it because I really wasn't working with brands and I had just learned on Pinterest. You Could Hawk Glue Gun balloons together and I was like well. That's changed so much for me. I can take on board create a shadow box and just blew their and that's how blue mosaic was born. So it This uniform that I did for the first time took off on interest in kind of went viral and then everybody just started requesting a and can I buy it from you but it was such a large item I really couldn't you know mass produced this or or ship it so I thought what's the best way that I can do this where I can give this to somebody else that they can do themselves. And what's the best way to do this? So I started doing digital templates so that would help people you know. Be Able to step by step instructions and the imprint. The time play And be able to construct the news at their parties and then it just kind of grew and grew and grew. And it's great because there's so many moms now that use it and other people have even started businesses with so. It's been the happiest accident while I think for me to awesome so went from Penn. Trust to have this idea and now it's like it took off. It has a life of its own. Totally totally of life of its own. I love it so much. You're like another room. I love paying with the moves in different ways. I've always loved balloons specifically for kids parties. So I've always loved balloons by this. I was just tempted to start trying out in different ways and besides a balloon I create a lot of. Diy Bloom projects that are attainable Rebecca. You have some serious Santa Fe vibes going. It's super on trend and she. How did you that style? I mean I live in the desert and legit. Oh Yeah like I live in Dick now for like a hundred over twenty one style. Still I live in Arizona and part of my inspiration comes from like the amazing sunsets here and the landscape of where I live and I think it's so funny because I hear from Chicago and so many people are like it's so brown in Arizona. Like what are you looking at like? It's beautiful here. There are so many in the. There's still we do have crafts in certain places but there's so many colors here in the desert. I think it's overlooked. Because it's like a stigma unlike stereotype like oh the desserts dry. It's bland in his girls but like it is absolutely gorgeous and the sun sets At night are like no other sunset like cotton candy skies and these amazing ambers and blush tone. So I mean I feel like I'm just inspired by the nature around me that I you know my natural habitat. That's so cool nature. Yeah I have to tell you. My husband and I went to Arizona a few years ago. Grand Canyon and I had no idea it snows there so I literally was buying socks and sweatshirts. I'm that person you're talking about. That's not like outside Phoenix and we don't get snow here but drive two hours north and there's snow and like different like Arizona's all the different climate. So we really do. We just don't have all the seasons here in Phoenix but so cool so lily. Judging by your instagram because we stocked it It it looks like you have a lot of experience working in like a large scale so our question is how do you think this experience gives you a competitive edge on a show like making it I think that because I used to work in the larger scale with production and installing installations and things of that sort. I think it was easier not easier but it was a little bit on my brain just kind of thinks larger so. I think that every I would design something on the show it was just. It would go larger so that while factor. The dodgers were looking for was something that I think. Especially when you go. Larger in scale is a little bit easier to attain. But I mean you've seen the other maker so amazing so all of why everybody's awesome so rebecca. You've found your creative calling in your thirties. So how did that happen? Well actually. I found my creative calling when I was very little from the I mean from my first memory I was always creating and doodling and playing with polymer clay and calligraphy sets and painting and all designing my next birthday party. I mean it was a constant every book. I could check out of the library in the eighties that had to do with making and doing something like that is where I found myself but I turned away from the arts when I graduated high school because my strengths were math and science and I remember my high school counselor What are you going to be a teacher? And I was like well and I didn't want to be a teacher you know I was like well. I don't know and interior design digital arts. Were not where they are now in the late. Eighties early nineties and so I kind of got steered away from pursuing a career in the creative field and it wasn't until I got married and I had this hitch in this underlying desire that I was still creating and I could. I was listening to people for the longest time. They're like you're so creative. Why don't you do something in the arts and you're so talented but I didn't realize it was a gift and they didn't realize it was a town. I could share with other people to that extent in so I enrolled myself back into college when I was thirty and took a design class. Like oh my gosh. This is what I've been missing my entire life and I just said that you know drive and I was like head down in straight ahead and I excelled and I graduated the top of my class and this is what I was meant to do and I just felt like I belonged again. I felt like things matched up and I was able to. Kinda curb my anxiety with creating and diving into projects and just drowning myself in the creative world and for me like Interior Design tied so many worlds for me together so it was always in me and it was something I always did but I wasn't actually doing it. Professionally is awesome. It's amazing Lilly. Who's that guy helping everybody in the background? Can you tell us or is it top secret? Who's the guy helping everybody in the background? Mark the robot. I think his name is Jimmy. O Jim Derived Jimmy. I love Jimmy Phillips. Had A cameo last he'd be on Carpenter woodworker is the most amazing person in the world. And I didn't get to work with him as much as I would have loved to. Because I don't do as much woodworking as the other makers but when I was stopped and I was nervous about taking something on like with would. He was totally there to help. Even help me like cut paper at one point. You know he's he's just whatever you needed. Jimmy was there for you. He is the bus. So we are keeping the guest craft liberty questions going so for the other. Makers we add on. We had questions from Bob. Ross Inc Emi Tangerine and Andy J pizza so we have a really good one for you guys. He actually has a question for each of you know. Don't freak out. Contain yourself at the gas questions. Come from Mark Montana. I know I know a question for each of you. So his first question is for Lily. Mark Asks Quote. Do you find it difficult to create under the pressure of competition Yes it was real creative on demand sometimes the process so you know just like armlet riders or anything in the creative field since you have a block in. That idea doesn't necessarily right away and there's different things you dws a maker to get inspired or get out of whatever it is or something's idea just doesn't come right away. So being under pressure to create or even pivot will be started. Because you're not everything always goes. The We plan that was extremely difficult. And of course on that you're up against nine other amazing people a whole bunch of cameras on on top of your not your own space where you're used to creating have everything available that you know you have. That just was completely heightened on ridiculous insane so we have a question for Rebecca again from the Mark. Montano he asks I know we love him too He so his question for you is quote since everyone on. The show has very different strengths. Like summer terrific mirrors and others have mad woodworking skills. He wanted to know. How would you have judged the competition differently if you were judge? Microphone drop I know can idolise question. Better blood okay. How would I judged it differently? Okay so obviously. Our is so subjective and the criteria we obviously had criteria that had to be met. I think the challenges that were we were given an last night's challenge. We were all given a mailbox. I think those challenges were easier to judge then the open challenges like designer for food because the limits were different and so I think it made judging a lot harder and more difficult so I think I would have kept the criteria more consistent that way is not equal playing field. But I know for me. I'm up against these like insane artists and even though I I believe I grew up as an artist. I feel like my path turned into more of a diy wire and so there's like a huge intimidation factor when there's You know it's Kinda like free fall so I think from a judging criteria like it's probably so incredibly hard to judge when it's like an open forum versus a more contained forum and wouldn't even though it's a contained for him you still have full creative rain but the parameters are probably just a little bit tighter. Did you hit a? Did you hit B? Did you hit see. Did you hit the so? That's I would just say like different like parameters like keeping it more control snag. Everybody is so incredibly. Talented and people brought different strengths. And I think when you you honing in like hey turn this into something that changes the competition a lot and it like everyone starts at the same starting line. I totally agree. You Go. Girl was great. Thanks thank you mark Montag so we heard that you guys are all best crafty friends now with an adorable group. Text message going on. So do you guys text each other while walking each episode Me and Rebecca facetime like every single day. We've been friends already Fran from were instagram friends. For Ten years now and we we had never met in real life and when we saw each other we were like the first time you guys met in real life was onset either. You know that you had made it all my God that is oh I went to and your mom's right. Oh my God I went. I went to a conference at the Martha Stewart headquarters ten years ago and it was Martha Stewart. Had this forum is called dreamers and doers and dreamers or dreamers indoors it was like a like almost like a private face yet. Dreamers and doers your. It guests that are part of it too. Okay so I was part of that. And she had a dreamers and doers conference. And because I was a doer of the week I got a ticket to go and then everyone out. It was like a lottery system for the people that weren't during the week and I met this friend and she introduced me to leave via the Internet. And so when I had a store that sold party supplies lily. I would send Louis supplies and we would chat over the Internet and you know champion. Instagram and stuff so I think we were friends before. Instagram was in that kind of was you know. May I mean at least for me was is one of those things that I was so grateful for that? I had somebody that even though I had never met her in real life. Were always like you and other so I felt comforting to have somebody like that. And we're we got along so well. Our kids are kind of like in the same age range and we have so much that we connect over so it was really good. And she's my bugaboo done without her going through this experience it was. I mean yeah. It was incredible. Yeah they really was okay ladies besides amy and Nick. Who Do you kept the humor going? The most in the craft army rebels. I'm totally but I would probably be meter or we're putting the biggest clowns. I think we were the like. I was saying these random things but I don't know if you know in the episodes that have aired already own. My Gosh all my God I think at one point I was telling just came up to me. I'm like I can't be myself I'm like what is we were. We were dancing or singing or like there was like one time we were laughing so hard. They had to like cut to calm troublemaker. We're the biggest troublemakers. Follow the rules. The hardest beautiful ono so guess lastly but most importantly where can people find you at Rebecca? Diy is where you can find me on instagram. That's the largest presence. I think where I spend most of my time like sharing my work. I do have a website. It's just rebecca pro dot com. Is that the kind of stuff you guys are. Wanting is that what? I'm yeah. That's IT Rebecca. You did exactly what we were hoping for. You provided your instagram and your website Arabic. Diy is my instagram. Rebecca PROBES DOT COM from there. You can find my facebook in my pinterest because the names don't I've changed my business. Aim over the years and so sometimes they don't completely lineup. But so we're GONNA put links in the show notes to your instagram and to your website. And if you WANNA check out more stuff with Rebecca just look at her website because it'll have links to the other stuff because things don't line up and the struggle is real with those things not lining up. We get it. Yeah but you know. The biggest thing was getting my my my instagram. Like my name was already taken by Sano some ladies so I was like well Rebecca. Diy On if it's the bill so throw with it that's cute and for me. It's the creative part studio and that's the same on instagram. It's the creative heart studio dot com as well all right. We're also GONNA put links to Lilly so you can check her out if you're not already checking these makers out on. Tv should be doing it like we're going to do as soon as we get off this call but in real time we are recording on the third day of making it. You guys should be binge-watching it just like us because We're not sure. If the makers have their group chat going when they're watching but the craft hangout gangs does. Yeah Yeah and I have to admit it like sometimes I have it like maybe like fifteen minutes back so like I could like fast forward a little bit and we will start taxing and I'm like I'm not even GonNa look at the tax. She's spoiled up to where she's uptown. Look that only because I didn't look at it because we taxed each other about what's going on like. Oh my God. That's so good. I can't believe it so anyway. Thank you so much for stopping by to hang. This was so awesome. We're so glad that we got to meet you guys and I guess crafty folk you all right. That was fantastic. Thank you Lillian. Rebecca for carving out some time to hang with us. We're going to do quick takeaways. And then I have a couple of funny craft hang out behind the scenes things to share with you so first takeaways. Let's grab a one from each maker one if you come across technique that you didn't realize was possible but you find super inspiring. Why not figure out a way to mix that in with your passions to make something new. So Lily found out that there was a way to hot glue balloons together. She mix that in with her rider. Die Kraft supply foam board and then added a dash from her passion for parties and then boom balloon. Mosaics were born to user surroundings to inspire yourself. Rebecca uses the nature and landscape where she lives as inspirations. She lives in the deserts and uses those cotton candy skies in the sunsets. A site that you can't see anywhere else to lead her to drool worthy creative choices. So I'm GonNa take that lead and I'm GonNa make a pallet from dirty New York snow. You know they make the snow here in New York City. Look Super Cute and white on all those hallmark Christmas movies but I can tell you firsthand as a New Yorker. The reality is almost immediately. The snow gets gray and dirty and gritty and even Little Yellow Dog pee holes on the curbside. It's the truth. So why aren't we embracing it? I love gray and dirty and gritty. So why am I not using that as inspiration? Stealing this tip. Thanks Rebecca okay. So now for the behind the scenes stuff the craft hangout. Gain loved making the four part. Meet the makers mini series? We recorded on four separate nights on the night we recorded with William Rebecca. My husband Eddie. Took our dog into the bedroom. You guys all know that we live in a New York City one bedroom where square footage is tight and he had a funny story. Let's hear it Eddie. Had to say so. The dog typically goes nuts and just like she did just now. So the dog's name. Oh yes the dog is lily. So Lily Can Act up. So when Elisa records I'll pick her up and I'll bring her into the bedroom. She's a little eight pound Chihuahua but So lay on the bed and What she likes to do is bite at fingers and toes and strings and and everything like that and bites your hand and then you know like if you move your hand on underneath a blanket. She'll bite at it naughty. Yeah I would describe it as naughty. But at some point Elisa exclaimed lily while interviewing last night and lily heart and she stopped and looked at the wall that allies was on the other side of and it was kind of like a moment's reprieve from the abuse but then she went back to thank. Additionally there was one night we recorded but the makers and Eddie was at his company Holiday Party. I was like do not come home while on recording. So he didn't but I guess after a couple of drinks at the holiday party. He did decide to try to interrupt the recording session with attacks. Here's a blooper. I cut out of one of the sessions. Hey what's up and welcome to thank. God I'm so sorry. My husband just texted me and asked if we needed glass. Plus charitable start. All over again. He did that one hundred percent. Bother me Also that night since Ed. He wasn't home. Jesse and I tried to keep my dog lily occupied so she wouldn't interrupt too bad. I gave her the sleeve of my body. And my hand to bite while we interviewed the makers you would never know but now you know anyhow thank you all the makers and thank you. Nbc for not only letting US interview the entire cast of making it but also for giving US spotlight. All things handmade from the bottom of our hearts. We are so grateful and thank you for tuning in. We'll see you next time and stay. Crafty loved the show John Visit Patriae dot com slash craft. Hang out. Stay in touch with us. We're at craft hanging out everywhere and you can join our email list by hitting craft hang out DOT COM filling out the pop up window. Our theme song this by Scott. Making sense craft hang out is a project by Love Liza LLC.

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