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[BONUS] TRAILER - Jack Antcliff from Oasis Media


Coming up on the PODCAST Jack. Anklet Jack is simply get and positively all over and that was the guy who was always been little things on the door until someone answers old adult holes in I went to type and finish my my typed apply murder and we delivered a bunch. More Events Douala's type. We worked on some awesome little bits and pieces and then all of a sudden novice working fulltime broadcast out of old prices. And it was a roller-coaster and she was a will win. Experience Jackass helped ban the bright minds. Budget he's production competent allies media and we wanted to achieve his Khanna stop. We wanted to push the boundaries. Wanted to question normal deck stories. Coming on April fifteenth subscribed to get a dose of positivity from Jack that will last you the next year so too young podcast on spotify apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast.

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