Episode 240: Eddie Guerrero


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Take machine damn good something the rest of the rules. Thank you say one it happened. Well sure to good so good girl. Thailand lack wrestler rest of wrestle with rats opposite. And you're listening to something to wrestle with numbers pritchard. -burse what's going on man. How are you well. Probably my favorite subject. We will finally finally get to address. Signor eduardo. get animal or is michael cole. Used to say in the heat of the moment eddie. Guerrero he put an eye at the end instead of the. Yeah he did drove me fucking nuts for you're still does i think it's i think it's a i think it's a south texas thing like down around mcallen and all their down in the valley though those folks for some reason put a put an a instead were owes should be a lot of times least in their pronunciation is like The dave silvo. You don't wanna like i like that. Your ass has been in connecticut for about a year in ear already. She had talking accents. All over the nation she had talked alabam. Should talk and texarkana you just you know you become one of them bruce. Are you talking to anybody are you. Are you your snickers. Where the damn knife and fork. Now zada trick question. How you really do have eat them. Well i'm not usually a snickers eater. But if i were use my fingers imagine my wife gave me shit the day because i We have Some kind of dish. Italian dishes had tallied you bread and everything and i took the bread. Cut up our god. You've been hanging vance too long. And i let it so while i was leading soak in the in the sauce our well. That's fine in their eighty four. You sopping it up. That's what we call it the south. Yeah yes i'm a stopper. Yeah but the fact that i was doing it with i actually cut it up and then eat with a fork. I guess kinda threw her off. Yeah she thought you were You're too far gone. No just. I enjoyed the bread. I enjoyed the sauce and so two great tastes tastes great together. Listen i. I'm excited to be here doing this episode. We have wanted to cover. Eddie guerrero for a long time. We decided years ago that we were going to do it on the unfortunate fifteen year anniversary of his death. Which was yesterday. Were a day late here on something to wrestle but Things are stressful these days. So we apologize for the delay but we are very excited to be here talking about one of the greatest wrestlers that ever lived and some. I didn't say you were. I said these are stressful times. It could've been me. You know i mean everybody knows. Sometimes that my shows are a little late sometimes. A lot going on looks problem. I'll do my best. Well you know what the kinds people in this world. Oh god i feel like i'm those give their best shot there. Those do whatever it takes. I'm doing whatever it takes today to bring you eddie guerrero. Of course we all know him as one of the greatest wrestlers that ever lived. But bruce you know him as a great friend as well so this is gonna be a very good show eduardo. Gory guerrero You're up to help me with this. Lawa's jaanus john s born october ninth nineteen sixty seven in juarez mexico. Of course salvador. Gory guerrero was his father. A first generation wrestler and our yanez the sister of a wrestler herself. And i guess it's spanish custom to include both names. I'm learning things every day. Here on something to wrestle c. And he's one of six children that the couples going to have along with chabot mondo hector maria and linda. But there's a large age gap across all the siblings. Travaux for example was born in nineteen forty nine So eddie's on the younger end you've you've known the family for a long time and you sort of referred to yourself as an honorary guerrero Chats up when did you first become familiar with the family. I assume it's probably saying some of the older family members come through the houston market. Faulk man el paso texas nineteen sixty seven thousand. Nine hundred. sixty eight is kid. I remember seeing gory guerrero. And gory was the promoter of el paso for them. Realtor tori that the fox owned. So you'd come through. And you work el paso and there was a ray announced their sowell parades and saul in. Gory used to sit at the front door of the el paso coliseum welcome everybody coming into the arena and i remember just being larger than life. There was gory guerrero. We say larger life to forty five year old kid. Gory was definitely larger than life. But in real life or he wasn't the biggest guy in the world. The events were presented on monday nights with the likes. Jc dykes infernos handsome harley race and of course the greatest of all time dory and terry funk along with the patriarch of the font family dory funk junior so i was exposed to gory guerrero quite early. You said the patriarch gordon dory funk junior but she means senior senior yup i did. Yes the dad. They'll god damn dead course. You don't have to cuss me. You have to get three retired. Connie i'm tired. I'm tired now. Yellow dami. Listen you've denied the rumors online that you are sleepy tired and stressed so you better watch your words here. You're going to get a buzz and again so sleepy. I don't know what you are. I don't wanna make assumptions. We are sounds like you're something in your in your in your vocal tone if you will any has always wanted to be a pro wrestler. His whole life instead of jungle gym it a wrestling ring in his backyard. It didn't get to watch his father wrestling in his prime but he watched him toward the end and eighty still felt that excitement is family. Didn't pressure him to enter the business. But he felt the pressure of the guerrero name and because of that he always strived for excellence. And it's interesting to find where someone's inner drive comes from you. Think that this family pressure and this reputation is something that really pushed him to excel at the level he did. I mean he's going to overcome a lot of obstacles in his career. And we're gonna cover a lot of them today but is this just instilled in him as a young person. I think it was instilled at genetic more than anything. I think that you look at eddie. Guerrero eddie. guerrero knew what he wanted to do. From the time that He jumped out of his mama's body. And said i wanna wrestle his brothers. All wrestlers is father when the greatest of all times and any looked at this is his life calling. And i don't believe that eddie ever had any consideration to do anything else with his life so yeah it was. It just was genetic in this case. Any was wired to be a wrestler man. Christmas is going to be here before you know it. Unfortunately it's going to be extra stress this year with lots of added expenses for she got to your holiday shopping before probably going to be some travel involved. It's just been a tough year. But i wanna make this the best christmas ever listen. You may have tried to do this. 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I think he probably would the top of the amateur wrestling game. Maybe going to the olympics. But thank god that didn't happen in eddie was able to start to focus on his calling for the rest of his life which was professional wrestling and eddie was going to be the best at it because his last name was get adult at the time and his best friend was a fellow named aren't florez who was his bodyguard spider in the L w oh that. I'm sure some of you remember from wcw Fluorescent another friend named hector hurricane hector rincon trained with eddie initially learned for a long manga. Cr- creek your. I'm just days on this show just to translate our hillbilly asses. Invoking data correct mexican pronunciations. This was just after his father had experienced a stroke and thus could only got a sign and not physically participate as much Eddie has practice wrestling with his brothers his entire life going into this training so we pretty much understand the basics and he takes a lot of the influence from his family style but chavez senior was his biggest influence. Is this what you hear. So much about second generation wrestlers because they just grew up sort of immersed in a business and way that someone who was an outsider. Couldn't really understand yes. I think that if you're born into this business should born into very unique culture that especially during the time that any was growing up in the seventies secretive and protected to the point that even within your own home. There was a lot that was unknown. So for eddie you know. He's he's he sees this mysterious world. That is brothers are in his father as his mama's in and want he too wants to be in but even at that young age still was smartened up to the point of understanding. The ins and outs of business so grill begins his wrestling career as a scarrott magika and am l. l. empresa mexicana deluce. Libra negra kaas l. Dan day in atlanta where the wrestler described as his biggest influences early on leaves the company in ninety two. He's not happy with this push is going to go for a bigger paycheck with aaa. Which at the time is more like an outlaw promotion and Even though his gimmick was popular am l. l. Owned the rights to the character so guerrero then appears on televised aaa show as that. Same gimmick only to unmask himself along with the aid of his tag team partner. That night octagon aaa. It feels like has been around forever and ever but we know that's not exactly the case they were sort of the. The young upstart will. What do you remember about the differences between those two promotions. Because you're probably more familiar than maybe some of the other areas of the country because you're right there in texas well Trivia was something that was similar to wwe in that m m l. was more traditional and then Triple came in. And they were flamboyant. They had the great ring entrances and they focused more on character and stories and things of that nature. That was different. It was a different presentation than what the audience had been used to so it was in some cases it was looked down account frowned upon and others. It was people looking at it going. Wow we've never seen this before right. Says the more flamboyant of the promotions in my opinion negra costas coast to japan takes eddie with him in ninety three and his brothers scare them into thinking he needed to be in super shape. So he's running three hours a day in the desert to get ready and he meets crispin wa who actually knocks him out in their very first match and he describes chris as his best friend he also mates finlay in new japan and of course we know these relationships last far beyond this initial japanese run he starts wrestling as black tiger number two while in japan and according to the correct pronunciation would be a black tiger. Dose tiger is a wrestler train. This according to the story line. Black tiger is a wrestler trained and sent by yakuza like called the tiger's cave and the tiger's cave desired vince upon the wrestler tiger. Mask a former trainee of theirs for publicly turning his back on them and no longer paying them. Their monetary tributes so black tiger. Is the antagonised here. And any wasn't originally going dawn the mask and identity but some changes led to him being given the mantle and the storyline was directly derived from an anime video series. That ran from sixty eight to seventy one title tiger mask booker's license the work and created characters based on it. This is kind of fun. I is this something that happened a lot. The as far as you know that is where japanese wrestling. I'm and they pulled characters right out of anime fuck. They do in japan. Well i'm just saying like we've heard before that vincent man god damn i wanna mighty mouse this sort of the same type of deal who wanna mighty mouse and tiger mask if yet mighty mouse if you got mighty mouse. Do you need a tiger mask. Oh god it's going to be one of those days eddie. Becomes even more successful upon his return. He wins the ninety six best to the super junior tournament of junior heavyweights where he faced jewish and thunder lager in the finals. And by the way these super jakup deals became monster tape. Trading opportunities through the mid nineties are the most sought after tapes. He ultimately receives a shot at the i. w. gp junior heavyweight championship. The great sauce. Okay at the skydiving j but loses the match. He dean Benoit's who cold scorpio sean waldman. They're all tight with each other during the tom partying night in wrestling during the day. And these matches you know as i said become legendary amongst tape traders. Was anyone in the company paying attention to that. Look this has been something on. Howard finkel rain are or is this. Just fly under the radar. This may be something that howard might have watched. I really don't know it was during this time. Especially there was more of an emphasis on larger athletes. And the junior heavyweight. Wasn't something that we were really looking to expand in time so it was okay. Great young just kinda looked at as the japanese wrestler leaner. This was the aaa wrestling. And things like that. let's Let's also talk about this tour japan. He comes back to mexico. he's gonna mainly wrestle for aaa teaming wealth. He'll he'll del santo santo dishonorable and there's sort of the new version of the atomic pair. Which is a tag team. His father had been in eventually dhammika. After grow turns on santo he allies with art bar and They become the pair of terror and The duo become arguably the most hated tag team and lucia libra history along with bar conan chicano power and madonna's boyfriend era forms los gringos locos of villain stable here. I guess that's translated into the crazy. Americans guerrero said no matter how many people joined los gringos locos. The stable was all about art bar. Locos feuds mainly with He'll del santo and his his partner octagon eventually. They have a hair vs mask match at the first lucci pay per view in america when worlds collide is. Is this more on your radar. Maybe the super j cup stuff is not but this tag team pairing eddie guerrero and our bar boy. This was Something that people talked about for years to come off indefinitely. Tell you what. I remember about this because this was howard. Finkel bringing tapes an insane. You've got to see these guys. The emphasis that time was art bar and it was looking at are wondering if this was something that we might be interested in. I became enamored with eddie guerrero. Because i looked at him. And the things at any ca do the way that any walked in the way that eddie talked and carried himself any carried himself like shawn michaels and the description that i would always give vince. Mcmahon was that. I eddie guerrero. Will she stay mexican version of shawn michaels. As far as how carried himself in the ring how he worked and his performance was phenomenal. So both of them. I love darbar too. I thought team was great and individually. Both guys were tremendous was this. You know art doesn't wind up coming into w. e. He's going to have a little bit of trouble. He does wind up spending a little time in. Wcw but was was his personal stuff always going to be a hindrance or was it more the size that vincent man would have been hung up on in the era. I think that art could have gotten over. That i think are with the unique character and later on the whole beetle juice character. What have you. I think that are would have that would have been a non issue with art. As far as his performance he was ten feet tall and performance area so that size. Although it wasn't something that we would really gravitate to. It was something that i feel. The talent came through. And you can make something out of a measly eddie. Had been using. What later became known as the frogsplash at the time and He said he got the frogsplash from lafayette era spanish wrestler but his partner art barr started using the move without eddy's blessing and at this time eddie had some release us with art. Said they butted heads and he would stop himself just short of saying hated him but clearly there was some challenging moments in their relationship. But when it's all said and done you think. Eddie guerrero's frogsplash was the best. I mean besides rob van dam. Who else would even be in the conversation. Maybe well i think there's a few people think that de la brown actually have one hell of frogsplash but sentimentally i. I would go that. He guerrero because of the way that he did it. It just was it. Looked like eddie was not only trying to pin you in beat you with it. It was he was like a hold for. Eddie was a spot but it was like a home for eddie and you believed it when he got up top rope and came down on you the own ranch home. Sure you do a better can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or uranium insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Geiko dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its geico easy. Visit geico dot com. Today that's geiko dot com guerrero in bars. Big break comes when they're noticed in late ninety four by the owner. Vw or at least the booker at the time paul heyman and they approached about wrestling for him in ninety five bar however winds up passing away before he could actually baked the shot with guerrero and eddie would say that arts death really affected him in a lot of ways including scaring him away from pills at least for a little while you know art bar was not necessarily a major name in the american wrestling scene but he was amongst the hardcore a well respected performer. When a guy like that who may be hat and quite a superstardom yet passes away. Does it still sent shockwaves through the industry. More like a ripple because he just wasn't on everyone's radar of course it does and for art his father sandy bar had been in the business of art also second generation and had spent the majority of his career in the pacific northwest working for donnellan head. Done some other things Really made a name for himself in mexico and people had taken notice so art was at a place that maybe things were going to change for our bar and that he would break out of whatever bubble that he had been in for all these years and people did know our bar they did. They did like his work. Because back then i think most people would make a job through the pacific northwest and nc sandy bar and art bar and he was the best best known unknown in the business so as we sat anyone's up joining up with the cw which works out really well for him. He wins the television championship from two cold scorpio in his debut match on april fifth. Nineteen ninety five at three way dance. It goes on to have a series of claim matches with dean malingco before they both get an opportunity to sign with world championship wrestling later. In the year he wound up losing the tv title to malingco on july twenty first that year but gets it back just a week later on the twenty eighth i and then ultimately drops it back to to cold on august twenty fifth and the next day they have their last match which is going to end in a draw in a two out of three falls match at ec w arena and after the match the entire locker room empties out and the two are carried around the ring by their feller. Fellow wrestlers in the crowd is chanting. Please don't go. This series of matches. Here with eddie guerrero dean malingco legendary for not just the performers. But he cw. And i've always been curious knowing working relationship. You're going to have just a few years after this. With paul heyman. C w why wasn't the wwf interested in dane. Malingco eddie guerrero was it. Wcw solely pursuing the cruiserweight division. And without that because that was not a priority in the wb f. They just weren't. They weren't really checking all the boxes. I think more than anything was their size. Yeah it just say they were not the biggest guys in the world so Help help change. Vince is thinking on that. And all i know we. We hate to talk. Talk in generalities. But we've often heard the old vince mcmahon tests from way back win was to the turn heads in an airport to they stand out and a lot of that is based on size and we had these big hulking monsters through the eighty s when hogan was looking for a monster factory of opponents. But bret hart was the champion at this time shawn. Michaels is going to be the very next year and they're not the biggest gas they're not they're not small men. I'm not suggesting that. But they're they're not six foot five bodybuilders. Is there a time where you could say. This guy changed his mind. I think sean i think sean brenner. Probably the two that were able to break through those barriers imaginary barriers. As they were that that they were able to kind of work through it and get noticed. let's let's keep it moving here. Eighties biggest break happens when he gets. This call from kevin sullivan is a chance to come to. Wcw sullivan has one promise. Any won't be jobbed out like a lot of the other smaller wrestlers but he only promises opportunity is first year. There is like a dream as was the case with. Cw he arrives alongside dean malingco wa. Tube is very best friends and they have a series of matches with. Wcw is first wcw matches actually on august thirtieth nineteen ninety-five. These tv. tapings were famously. Vader got in a fight with paul orndorff and eddie would be working within malingco that night. His tv debut fall brawl ninety five in a no contest with alex. Right on the september thirtieth edition of saturday night. They do a sit down interview with eddie talking about growing up in a wrestling family and footage you shown him and aaa but of course no mention of ec w here but this is kind of a big deal to bring in a talent and not only put him on tv and on pay per view quickly. But these little sit down interviews. This is kind of a cool opportunity for a new performance of the company it is. It was different presentation allowed their personality. And you come out a little bit and sometimes and sometimes not too because you found that maybe they didn't have the greatest personality and but yes. It was a unique way to introduce talent. Definitely eight is going to round out ninety five in matches against hillman and disco jerry. Land and big boban handful of other guys. One of his biggest matches happened on december. eighteenth he finally gets to work with ric flair. Gusta georgia Flare gets the wind but of course he cheated dammit ashford. Their classic moment happened at the january clash though on january twenty third nineteen ninety-six. This is the famous moment where brian pullman is trying to work. The entire industry and film and pins eighty zero with cross body and grabbing the tights for leverage. But around the two minute. Mark pullman grabbed at bobby heenan by the jacket. And heynen responded. With what the fuck are you doing. And that makes it out on the air I don't know it's sort of fun to think about nineteen ninety-six wcw and all these shenanigans. And i kind of forgot any was even involved with them ash because all anyone was talking about was filming and heynen not a good thing what are the weirdest finnish has happened in antis match at the uncensored ninety six show on march twenty fourth. The us wcw nited states champion and the mexican heavyweight champion. Conan daddy guerrero and eighteen twenty six after the challenger. Miss tom to leapfrog causing count in the head. But guerrero in the dick and after the match conan help grow to his feet and Eddie shoves conan away. It's a weird and confusing finish. But you know that probably happens more often than we than we think traditional athletics where someone gets No no shot at it happens. Yes it does. Yeah i mean you know you. You've had your no shots before everybody has but listen. We know what what he's gonna go onto accomplish in wcw but it feels like he's getting some real momentum. He's wrestling on nitro. He's wrestling on. Pay per view. Even has another pay per view match with ric flair at hog. Wild ninety six He starts working with dp for the battle boring. They have a whole feud about that. I clash of the champions and halloween havoc ninety six and eventually he finds himself in the united states title tournament. It's a significant moment for eddie guerrero but not for work good reasons. He doesn't like the way he wins. The us title from ddp the nwa. We're gonna hit their finishers. And then eddie hits his finished a secure the win any sort of thinks it hurts him as a baby face because will he's smaller and a minority or he in front of largely southern wrassling audiences. So it's going to be hard for him to be a baby face when you've got these cool heels. I don't know it just feels like they've really made it difficult for him but eventually Him become he'll and boy. That's probably when eddie really john's at least in my opinion in wcw but winning the us championship in wcw for a quote unquote smaller guy. That's a big deal. This is about that before him. Goslett vader and sting and steve austin and lex luger and ravishing rick rude and ric flair. Lots of folks had held this so to not be immediately lumped into your tag team wrestler. Or you're a cruiserweight wrestler and get the title shot pretty cool deal for any well spoke to eddie talent and being able to cross all those all those lines and have people get behind him. Any didn't work like well than take us back and he could work like a traditional Door but also knew how to adapt the loop store style into the american style of wrestling. And i dare say that. Eddie knew a lot more about american wrestling than he did. The lucia style wrestling But he was able to walk across the island and work both easily uncensored ninety seven. We would say dane. Malingco pin eddie guerrero to win the title in a no deke match With mention that there are some interference from the cruiserweight champion. Six here milenko is going to use six camcorder hit guerrero in the back of the head with it somewhere during the course of the match any is injured and he's out for like four and a half months so it's got to be a pretty tough deal. Hey you're here you're a spot you get a big title ride And then you hurt and you're on the shelf for four and a half months but in happen but since the batch with ddp where all of the interview interfered the fans started to boo eddie. A little more and more so when he comes back from injury he's a full blown he'll and this is really where our legendary eighty guerrero was born. The major moment happens on june ninth nineteen ninety-seven jarrett is wrestling us. Champ malingco and jared defeats go to win the title by submission after eight euro with his arm in a sling comes through the crowd and hits the frogsplash on the champion behind the referee's back and then he leaves sling in the ring showing. He's no longer injured. You saw eddie as both a baby face and heel. And i know that when he becomes world champion emma's baby face goes to a whole 'nother level but actually preferred eighty as a heel this. Wcw stuff he's about to do here man. This was off the charts goodstuff in any preferred being a he'll any was much more comfortable as a heel loved generating heat in eddie loved to play the he'll in front of the camera and outside of the ring. Any was a natural. He'll i think just kind of gravitated that much much more fall brawl ninety seven. We see eddie. Guerrero pinned the cruiserweight champion chris. Jericho with the frogsplash to win the title and then immediately. He's working against ray mysterious. It's a real personal rivalry and he's trying to unmask ramos stereo. They have unbelievable match at halloween. Havoc nineteen ninety-seven Guerrero is putting up his cruiserweight championship. Ray mysterious putting his match on his mask on the line and meltzer gave it four and three quarter stars. Still to this day criminally underrated. This is blow the dohrn. The damn doors off. Did you see this halloween havoc ninety seven match when it happened. Is this the era where you would still go over to house and watch pay per views or is that not really the case by ninety seven e. l. i. Shit i have no idea. I know i've seen the map. Probably seeing the match before but not enough to say okay. Hey i remember that specific match meltzer went out of his way to say this is the best. Wcw match and more than six years. Now you're making me think. Wasn't they get a match dude. I'm telling you there's a non wrestling fan in your life or if you want to celebrate the memory of eighty guerrero and introduce him to younger fan or someone who is. Maybe not even wrestling fan. I think you can show them this. Halloween havoc ninety seven mansion you. They're going to be an. They're going to be any girl fan and ramos stereo fan. We We should talk about him. Winning the title back on nitro from memphis On november tenth and that sets up another match again with With the to ray mysterious guerrero. Maybe not as spectacular as the halloween havoc match. But still great stuff. He's going to enjoy a a nice little run here Malingco with stark eight ninety seven the next night ultimo dragon. This is a talent rich roster here and it is able to impress every every time he comes through the curtain. When did when did he start to be on your radar. We know that jericho is going to come in and make a big splash and all of the radicals are are going to get over with wbf audiences when they come over in two thousand but when was addy like our events we gotta we gotta take a look at this guy man. I go all the way. Back to los gringos locus and partnership with art bar because they that was revolutionary at the time and eddie stood out all all that time when any went to wcw. Personally i was disappointed. Because i was kinda hoping that we you always looking for stars to fit in certain demographic in to me eddie guerrero. Was that mega star that fit for the hispanic market and it was also case of as always said if you if you pigeon hole someone. They will remain pigeonholed. I just thought. Eddie guerrero such a great talent that we were missing the boat and i i wanted him all the way back from gringos. Locos and eddie was Not available so. I'm not going very far. I'm in a rush to uncomfortable. Sometimes i just forget. Don't kid yourself. there's no such thing as a good excuse for not buckling up. If you've used any of these excuses or any others you're putting yourself at risk of injury or death in two thousand eighteen. Nearly ten thousand people were unbuckled when they were killed in crashes. That's forty three percent of people killed in motor vehicle. Crashes that were not wearing seatbelts. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive wearing your seatbelt is the best defense in a crash even when you sit in the backseat. You still need to buckle up. That goes for when you ride taxis or use ride. Sharing services to cops are on the lookout and riding ticket so why take the risk seatbelts. Save lives so do the smart thing and buckle up every trip day or night. click it or ticket. It's just interesting to me. You know when a guy goes out and any it's one thing to have a big rohan in mexico or in japan it's another to do it nasc- w but it's quite another to work on prime time television on t. and t.'s. It feels like at this point. He's a proven commodity But maybe not so much to eric bischoff because this is the era where he has a sit down with eric where he's asking for a push into raise. Apparently bischoff gets frustrated. And depending on how you because lord knows that Bischoff has the not. And i think even guerrero says the bischoff accidentally knocks the coffee over. It's not really throwing the coffee adam. But that became the story line on air they do sort of a worked shoot promo or he's going to ask for his release and then when he comes back he's gonna form the l. w. o. The latino world order this feels like you would have absolutely loved it. Did you actually own a latino world order t-shirt this feels like something you would have been all about. No but i'll translate that india smegnol for you know. Let's talk about the big moment that's coming. That's going to be well a very important over the course of eddie's life new year's day nineteen ninety. Nine eddie guerrero cheats death as he described he took. Ghb before leaving the house which was really popular in this era of wcw. He goes on a ride to the convenience store but blacks out on the drive. He's doing hundred and thirty miles an hour when he flips. And he's objected out of the top convertible. He was driving. His liver is bleeding. He's got a broken hip socket. He's going to suffer for many many years because of these injuries and He's anxious to get back in the ring but the doctors tell him it's going to be no less than eight months and maybe that would be very very aggressive. Of course eddie. Being eddie he makes it back and six months but he does say that this is ultimately what got him hooked on pills. He lost that fear of pills that he developed after art died assessing operate and in the late nineties. These opioids really became a thing. They're marketed as non habit forming something. Now we know to be untrue And there's been major class action lawsuits and it claimed a lot of close and famously lot in the professional wrestling industry. Bruce i know that as time goes on you and you're going to become very close and talk about some of his struggles with addiction. Is this really the catalyst for all of this. This horrendous car wreck that nearly took him. But i don't know if it was catalyst. But i also don't know if you remove this moment in time betty's life which was somewhat self destructive. How the rest of his career would have turned out so it's pivotal is far as what happened in the results after the fact because it pretty much did change his life forever and you know you always you always get sad when you you see this happen to someone in your your You are helpless for a while. Someone gets hooked on pills it comes back to wwi on may thirty first nineteen ninety nine episode of monday nitro. And he's a founding member of the filthy animals alongside ray mysterious junior and conan. They fuel with the insane clown posse and bam zero. And then they start a feud with the revolution at some fucked. He do wrong to have to go through that debacle. Well vince russo's here And eventually he gets replaced by kevin sullivan and eddie said he and the rest of his crew were really hopeful. When rousseau came in but when he's replaced with kevin sullivan all of their hope is lost. And they all want out. You should remember behind the scenes to provide some context. Eddie super tight within malingco crispin wall. And all those guys. And here's been wa has now famously. Situated himself with kevin sullivan's wife so in a way the boys Sort of formed their own opinion of what they're gonna do and not do they pulled together here and maybe it's not the scale they needed to but eddie guerrero chris. Benoit dean malingco. Perry saturn shane. Douglas they all go to bill bush to demand change and eddie says that bush felt threatened and didn't respond well and the radicals as they would come to be known one out. They had conversations with paulie. They are even considering going to japan but to their surprise they call the wwf and new york is interested. The problem of course is according to who. He believed shane. Douglas was on the outs with the company. So they're going to move forward without him. And i know that that would be hurtful to shane. Because they sorta k. Fehb him on that guerrero asked for and received a release from his contract on january nineteenth. And then he's going to sign with the wwf and fellow stars malingco been wa and saturn on joining. This is all in january of two thousand. We've done a whole episode on the radicals. So i'm going to encourage you to listen to that. In the archives but briefly take us through The overview of how this whole jump happened bruce. Well the guys were definitely not happy with wcw in in their mind. When rousseau came this is what they needed to have fresh start to be able to do something different nontraditional wrestling with russo at the helm. So it a moment of hope and then they quickly came into into a moment of dread when they realized what exactly they had their and or didn't have so. Wcw i guess made the change to to sullivan. And there were some personal heat with sullivan. Where these guys did not feel that they would be treated fairly moving forward so they. They asked for their release and they called me. It was actually a saturn. Ridgely called me and then talked ben wa and talk. Daddy talks to dean and got him up but The radicals episode we have in the archives explains it and lays out the entire story There's larry story with conan that we've gotten over since then and you know the the fact that the ford guys coming over only wanted to come as those four guys no matter what anybody says. Thanks or what have you. That is how it happened in what happened. How excited is vince. He's still trying to. I obviously the company has surpassed. Wcw here there will in the rear view but this has to feel like another way sort of put your foot on their necks. If you're vince mcmahon right now do. Wcw by this point was dead. Yeah we'll put your stepping on an aunt who cares now that not the mindset in any way shape or form. It was the addition of four brand new talents. Who were extremely talented at what they did. That's the excitement there. And having eddie and ben wa perry dean all at once inflection of new talent guys with history so The lucky break in one that we we definitely went for the group shows up on raw sitting ringside january thirty first two thousand and Very quickly they're booked. An in competition to try to win matches untypical typical w fashion. They go in three. Listen all bath radicals episode. I really take burst of ask one of the things i saw in my research. Based on your day meltzer's extensive fucking History in booking writing television so anyway no no. No you were trying to get these new guys over so you beat them all. I got it. That's how you get over. Get over put them in a story. I how do you get guys ramming matches ric flair win least sixteen of them. Okay over seventy five years. I'm just saying you know. Have to three quarters. He wasn't over because he didn't win matches. I'm not saying that at all. I mean if you are you're saying oh you guys over. You beat them. No i know that's the wwe way whenever you bring over whenever you bring in another talent from another promotion you want to beat them as fast as you can. Because that's how they get over and wwe with losses right sometimes. Yes that's what i'm saying. I mean i don't know why we're arguing here. I'm agreeing with you. Know you're you're you're you're saying no not listen. I'll just beat because i came from. Wcw now not why story behind it. What was the story. The story was they came in. They run dogs and refining from underneath and lost. Yeah and then. They overcame didn't they. I'm industrial trying to champions. Why we buried the fuck out of them. Goddamn him come in and make them world champion. That god damn you. Guys buried the fucking. You came in and lost three in a row. Boy you never gonna be able to do anything with them ever again that stupid. Are you coming your fucking mustache. The goal again. I figure i needed to talk for a while. So eighty says he tells the by the way we should mention that On his first night in here specifically told. Eddie guerrero do your frogsplash but severely dislocated elbow if you can so. He does exactly what you told them to. And then when he comes out of the ring injured beyond belief He's not going to be able to wrestle for three or four weeks but you ask them to come back to work personally and work and of course. You've disputed that. But that's what eddie wrote in his book. So i'll let you take it from there that i made it work hurt. Yes is this what you're saying yes okay. After returning from that injury eddie reveals a crush. She had on china and that leads to our april. Third two thousand wrestlemainia. He's doing everything in his power to prove that she could not resist his latino. Heat and eddie came up with this latino heat from the movie. Birdcage with robin williams Which references guatemalan nests. That's even a word in heat. Any says he just changes it till latino he and uses it in a promo egg gets a big reaction so the office decides to run with it. I'm fascinated by that. That latino heat wasn't from a writer's room it was just him saying. Hey what if. And it got over huge right latino heat. It wasn't a huge. Do you think this is when vince mcmahon really gets sold on eddie guerrero. You've told us before you know that you thought. Aj styles when he was in tna was a fine performer. He could do some spectacular stuff. And how could you not be entertained with his athleticism etc etc. But as silly as it was silly. Claire lynch pregnancy thing showed that hey ca do quote unquote acting. He could tell stories and that was probably something that is very important to vince. Mcmahon telling stories for wbz. Programming will this whole eighty guerrero china thing whereas some guys in the era looked at. Oh i got to work with china. I don't wanna work with china. For whatever reason. Eddie used it in a major advantage. The latino heat thing it's over audiences fall in love with him this to me. Feels like when vince realizes. Wait a minute. He's more than just a wrestler. This is a superstar your life your forwarded many opportunities many chances and you have to make decisions so you can be handed something that some people might feel is the death knell on your This is horrible and all this other shit and then there are people that take the exact same opportunity and look at it like okay. I'm gonna go out steal the show. I'm not gonna let him deny me. And they'll have to pay attention after my performance. And that's exactly what eddie in china did is they went out and said okay if this is being viewed in one way then. I'm going to show them that. I will steal the show every night and that is exactly what eddie guerrero did wasn't denied would not be denied and had people talking about him. You know in a performance. That wasn't the main attorney. 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Only go now to hate stephen singer dot com and click on the crista. Ready for love engagement ring steven singer. Jewelers real jewelry real experts for your real love. That's i hate. Stephen singer dot com. Let's put in context. What you're saying here eighty guerrero who we know to be one of the best wrestlers that ever lived his first. Wrestlemainia is a six man tag where china pins him into a lot of guys. I'm sure that would feel like the kiss of death. But any is so into this. Latino heat character he loves the skits he loves the entertainment side he gets heat from this actually works. It's pretty remarkable when you can but wait. Wait a minute. How how can how could possibly work if he lost. Oh my god. Bruce were where are you being like this. Why am i being like this loose. I'm just using your In your own words. I feel like i feel like we're saying the same things here. You've taught us a long time ago that in. Wwe get over by losing. You don't have to go over to get over. Knees are your words into our to argue my point but in fact you just validated it. You pointed out that flair lost way more than he won an op. Jokingly said he won at least sixteen times and you again doubled down on my own argument. Yeah sixteen times and seventy five years. You don't have to go over to get over and this latino heat thing proved that all right. Let's just move along. Gosh we're talk about wins and losses all day on the april fourth episode of raw eighty captures the european championship from chris. Jericho after china turns on y two j and reveals that she could not in fact resist. Eddie guerrero's latino heat so the two polar opposite characters come together and make for very memorable moments. This is the time when i think. Wbz tv's probably at its peak as far as the creative storytelling involved. Yeah prior to the backstage or the backlash pay per view. Rather guerrero was studying to take his. Ged with the assistance of china all defending his european title and at the event he in china return from the prom just in time for eddie to wrestle essay. Rio in a major title bout real defeats rios after arriving ringside. A nineteen fifty. Seven chevrolet even wrestling in his tuxedo pants and a bow tie and after that guerrero who was getting baby face reactions is now officially face. It's pretty remarkable that this latino character got over as much as it did. What can you tell us about. You know how you guys sort of paid this off with him. In china and the way you started to introduce him driving cars to the ring. I think this is the first time we saw happen. Of course he's going to do it. months later as well It feels like you're sort of hitting your stride with your eddie guerrero character. Eddie couldn't be denied. The audience was loving everything that he did. You add to that. The natural charisma connection that china and eddie had and people were people were into it so it made sense and they couldn't get enough of it wasn't you know we in turn eddie guerrero in any way shape or form. The audience did yeah. Eighty successfully retains the title The radicals former stablemates both saturn and malingco in a triple threat at judgment day and he keeps it until fully loaded in july and he drops it to perry saturn but the onscreen relationship with china goes into the summer in the popularity continues to build but eventually china's upset when eddie pins to advance in the king of the ring tournament which is kinda good storytelling and then summer slammed that august guerrero in china wrestle a mixed tag match against trish stratus valvano. Who at the time was the intercontinental champion. The icy title here is on the line in the match and whoever scores the pin would become the champion uras team wins the match but china scored the pin so now china is a two time intercontinental champion. And of course. Eddie doesn't mind that has partners champion but fan suspect otherwise when he tries to protest too much the september fourth raw is war as when he goes to the commissioner mick foley and asked to be inserted into china's title defense against kurt angle claiming he didn't want to hurt his mama cena but a seat die during the course of the match angle knocks down china with the title belt and guerrero lays on top of her to try to reviver but of course this results in grill accidentally pending china as our shoulders are still on the map and now guerrero as won his first intercontinental championship. He spends weeks trying to get her to believe that he didn't intentionally take the title from her. This is just good stuff. What can you tell us about this story on. You know the idea that he has inserted himself into the match and now accidentally pincer and accidentally takes her title. This great stuff. He was just going down to check on her. Make sure she was. Okay and let her know that he loved her and kind of gave her a hug and just wanted to be affectionate. The dam and you know. The referee being an asshole referee when in counted the fall. And next thing you know shit issue was made well. And he got sick chip and we start to sorta plant the seeds here a little bit because eddie's going to start to cheat to retain his title and you see china's not upset. She's not happy with that. She's upset that he's cheating to retain it but one of the the really fun moments from this era is is upset. That china is posing for playboy magazine. He's even trying to invade the playboy mansion to stop the photo. Shoot a hilarious skit here. Is this something that you would have shot. It is yes. I did the playboy mansion stuff and then also when we were in chicago we did the playboy headquarters in chicago in went to their offices had any carried out there it was fucking it was just so easy and so good that People didn't want to end. It was entertaining as hell a jealous. Eddie guerrero the trying to live with the fact that the entire world was going to see his mama seat. That lack manche got an. What are your clothes and If it was just brilliant absolutely brilliant just when it appeared that china is gonna leave eddie. He proposes to her and she accepts an unforgiving china even helps him retain his title against kishi but ultimately their engagement is called off when g tv. I believe had some footage of eddie in the shower with to the godfather's hos one of which was victoria. And i think on the video you hear. Him claim that tu mama. Sita's are better than one so the engagement is broken off and manages needed to give them a back lodged. While i was watching my front that they were too low sense to me but there were two of them. I know once in the back ones doing the front okay expecting to wash himself to you so you know this. China thing was working. Is it time what what were you ready to do. More single stuff was she was. She'd done with the story line or creative. Just feel like okay. it's rain of course was kind of a combination of both. You want china to go on her own with playboy stuff and any in many respects was stealing the show there. Yeah so it's time to move on with eddie as well so it didn't need each other anymore. Grill has now turned heel result of the incident because i guess cheating on your fiance. That's a he'll move The radicals reform and feud with the. That's debatable. I think i mean my clean for yes that's true. He's trying to be considered right so the radicals reforming here. They're gonna feud with a reunited. Dx which is china. Billy gunn road dogg. And of course it could forget k. Quick They defeated the excess. Well well they actually defeated deacs access survivor series in an elimination tag match and assisted triple h in his batch with stone. Cold steve austin. Guerrero is later defeated by billy gut for the intercontinental title on the thanksgiving day. Episode of Spank down and at rebellion guerrero and milenko lose to gun and china and then been while leaves the group to focus more on a singles career. The rest of the radicals are gonna feud with later in the hardy boyz and an armageddon. The radicals defeat the hardy boys in an elimination tag match. But in early two thousand one guerrero starts to feud with chris jericho ben wa and ex. Pock all over jericho's icy championship at no way out. There's a fatal four way that jericho wins then. He focuses on the european title afterwards. Feuding with the champion test and actually defeating him at wrestlemania x seven to win his second european championship with a little help from his pals saturn and malingco so the first wrestlemainia frady guerrero. He loses to china in a six man. A second one. He's getting a win over test a much bigger man for the european championship. Things are looking up for mr guerrero. Yes i still can't get over. I mean it sounds like a nineteen fifty nine black and white movie in the day armageddon. The radicals defeated hardy. Boyz 'n lead in an elimination tag while wanted to do that. But just kinda felt good to me in april leader. Guerrero's gonna leave the radicals siding with hardy boyz and leader but guerrero had developed an addiction to pain. Medication stemming back to that ninety nine new year's day car accident in may of two thousand one. He sent to rehab to explain his absence. Storyline was created where guerrero was injured by albert in a match and on november ninth. Two thousand one. He's arrested for drunk driving and subsequently released by the company three days later. Lots unpack here. We should add some context. Wcw and e w both go out of business in early two thousand one so for him to get sent to rehab in may of two thousand one fresh off of mania title victory. This is not the best situation to be in professionally. What was your relationship like with him here in may of two thousand one when he sent him to rehab. You remember the conversation you know. Hey this is kind of where our con- our relationship just started to get closer and were eddie. Started opening up to people a little bit more because edi realize teen-aged help and that's the first step a lot of time when you stop blaming everyone else for any issues that you may have and you accept it and look at the look in the mirror realize that okay you know what it might have been me so i was trying to help any through a lot of this stuff and the best thing for edie at the time was probably to go away. Any needed to have ramifications. Eddie needed to lose something. I think to realize that. If he doesn't change his ways things will be bad. Well it didn't exactly work is arrested. November nine th two thousand one for drunk driving when you guys make the call to release him or you get. The news of the arrest was the reaction. Do you feel like man. He's into close to the sun here. We need to do something different. I probably felt a little betrayal. But just sadness and you want the guy to succeed. So bad and eddie could be his own worst enemy at times but the decision had to be made and he had to have ramifications. Had loose something in this case. It was unfortunately had to lose his job so that he could understand. You can't continue living your life the way you are well. It's got to be a punch to the gut is going to get sober after this For good i gets on a program. He gets help from his friends but most importantly he took responsibility. He works the indy circuit and eventually gets a shot. Come back april. Two thousand and two. So he's only gone for five or six months but in that five or six months made quite the impression across the indie scene There's a lot of guys who were on tv. Now who had a chance to work with eddie. During that era and the reports were he could not have been more professional more polite more respectful More willing to You had to be hearing reports like that. From his indy appearances right that this is not the same eti that we had last year without a doubt and i first of all we were helping them. Get some of those bookings and talking to promoters and talking to other people that were out there that saw him on a nightly basis and and working with them in everyone was giving glowing reviews and clear eyed and different eddie guerrero so we were hopeful. Well he He realizes this is his second chance. help me understand for none of this was a long time ago but when you cut him loose in november of two thousand one. Are there marching orders. Hey go get yourself cleaned. Get out there. On the indy circuit will help you where we can and once we've got a proven track record that you. Can you know get straightened. Stay straight will bring you back committed. He no i can come back. I've just got to do this for x. Number of days or x. number matches just prove that can be my best. Look you know it was put out there and told we wanted eddie to get healthy. We wanted to get healthy for eddie enforce family right so if he could prove. That adores never shut Or if door is shut. There's there's always a door handle the it can be opened again so you never say never in this business and the hope was that you would be able to rehab. We all swallow call rehab but be able to rehab. Everything about him is his mind body spirit and his family. So that was the goal. And i think that eddie really felt that he could cocker those demons and be able to come back and not mississippi. Help me understand. When when a guy like this gets cut does does he have a conversation with vents. Or does vince have a conversation when they come back or does it just go through human resources and folks like that and then if anything. Vince talks to him at the first. Tv it depends. It really depends on on the talent and it depends on the situation. I believe at this time that It was pretty much handle by jr. And eddie got the news and you know time to move on and hopefully we can do something with you down the line. It comes back on april first. Two thousand two. he's gonna attack. Rob van dam on raw here. He starts a feud with rob van dam and defeats him for a second intercontinental championship at backlash he'll retain the title against our vdi and insurrection. Judgment day but finally loses it back to rob van dam in a ladder match on may twenty seventh and most people remember this latter mass because a fan charged into the ring and shoves the latter over while eighties on it and of course this resulted in that idiotic fan getting punched and stomped by any but probably criminally charged as well. What are your member about this silly fan here. Trying to Involve himself in the match. And eddie guerrero. I'm giving him a little bit of the business not cool scary shit man in the The guys lucky that the only got out of there with a couple of bruises not smart and it was a different time in that. If someone came into the ring you have to understand is a performer especially when you're a heeled performer. That you don't know if a member of the audience comes jumping in the rain trying to attack you. You don't know if they have a knife or a gun. Or what the hell. Their skill level is or anything else. All you know. Is there someplace that they're not supposed to be in your world and you have to defend yourself so in our in our world today. I think that it is got to the point where you can't even defend yourself so Back then yeah it was. It was scary and we use. The guy is a is an example. Well people who were watching. 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Requests must be made between ninety one hundred ninety days after product didn't prescription products require an online consultation with a medical professional. Who will determine if a prescription is appropriate restrictions. Apply see website for full details and important safety information remember. That's four hymns dot com slash wrestled. Let's talk about after a defeat with rob van dam. He starts and other program. How about this eddie. Guerrero versus steve. austin. Yeah i was at a raw. La ville may twenty fifth in winnipeg. You idiot awesome pinned daddy. After a stunner in the main event and the to headline a few more house shows but often leaves the company before mass could take place specifically. This is when austin walked out after he no showed raw on june tenth two thousand and two Flare ended up working a match with eddie king of the ring which flair worn. Here's my question guess. Awesome supposed to be in the spy. Against eddie king of the ring because it feels like in this era for austin to be working eddie on how shows in the main event. It seems like okay. We're headed towards them. Doing something on tv together would have happened to king of the ring or something else might be. Well led to do stuff on tv. Lead-up up to we did the horrible Barham karaoke thing. Or steve sang and eddie was there to heckle and and that was a hell of an ordeal because of eddie's addictions and everything. He was uncomfortable being in the bar and have a beer on his table. And things like that. But let's look at a. You're you're a performer. Or you're not and he got over pretty quickly. I would have to say. I think we did it in nashville. I'd have to say it was Probably some of the worst tv that i ever did. Because i don't think steve was really into it. I don't think bence was early into it. And eddie was a little apprehensive. So it was an idea that steve had that that was only half thought out and it was a situation where vince really wanted to do it. Because steve really wanted to do it hindsight. I wouldn't have done. It is did not work. Well it it is interesting to think what it could have been had. They had a real long. Tv feud and pay per view payoffs and all of that But here's the deal Been want eddie are now a team. Been wise gonna return on the same night eddie. Lost the belt to rv d. And they stick with each other through the summer. Another big moment for eighty happens on july twenty second on raw from grand rapids. It's his first match against the rock and rock is the world champ at the time and he's gonna pin be at eight and a half minutes with a spinebuster and a people's elbow. It's a non title match. But had guerrero been victorious. He would've earned a title shot the following week but after the match rock has an altercation and he's to the races with brock listener Should mention there are. There is a an interesting moment where you see grow and been wa moved to the smackdown brand in early august. This is a big deal because guerrero is going to become a major player for smackdown. Do you think smackdown in hindsight was really eighties home. It was one hundred percent. And i think that will somewhere that eddie could flourish and not be having the pressure. You also thanked me. I mean smackdown. Had the potential to hammer home. Smackdown was broadcast at. It's time and shit. Yeah i think that whenever you look at who made certain brands and would brands made certain talent that smackdown any grow definitely go good together. He's immediately programmed in feud with edge. Ultimately edge would win the rivalry and then he's involved with a kurt angle in an angle. That's fun say and then any allied himself with his nephew chabot and they formed the tag team los guerreros in contrast to a priebus. Wcw storyline chabot fully agrees with his uncle about their their slogan. We lie we cheat steal. But at least we're honest about it And to push this new tag team. A series of vignettes are produced which include things as the to finagling their way into a rich lady's house and throwing a pool party and the segments really are shot in the arm for the audience. The popularity of these team on the other side of these vignettes hilarious. This feels like this is a vince idea. Is this. Brian is this. You are you there for the shoot. What can you tell us about these. I know i didn't do the shoot. As a matter of fact i think adam panucci mounted done the shoe But it was guys at the studio that did it and which has had this this idea of any. What does he do. He lies tsitsi steals right. And you think about it to get ahead in the world. Sometimes you have to lie and cheat and steal so the audience. You think that's going to be a heel character. You think the people are they lie. They cheat they steal well like most people can identify with that fell in love with them all over again because they did it with a smile on their face and a gleam in their eye that what they were doing was right in what they were doing as man. It's okay man. Everybody knows we live with g. Still we love you. It's okay it's great. Skits the pool inspectors who just wanna party the parking valets. Who just want to go on a joyride. The do enter the eight man tag team tournament for the tag titles. They're going snake. Pass for kishi and mark henry and the opening round and start a feud with the newly formed tag team of kurt angle crispin wa and one of the teams definitive moments. Chabot tells benoit that his former friend guerrero was assaulted by his tag team partner. Angle been while runs to make the save only have himself locked inside a room. Europe appears in the room and assaults benoi with a chair been one angle manage to overcome their differences and eventually defeat los guerreros tournament semifinals. And later of course been want angle would win the title and Been want angle for a trophy for being the first time tag team champions but much to their surprise los guerreros help him win the match on november seventh. Two thousand two. Wb world champion brock. Listener pins eddie. Guerrero in a non title match in six minutes and forty one seconds with the f. Five this is their first match together. Nobody could have probably predicted what this is going to look like a couple years later Yeah actually. I think they could have. Because i think it was the way that any worked with brock and the way that brock work with any they they knew how to work with and for each other so it was essentially the first time in looking at going. You know what this could work. Because brock was able to accentuate eddie's positives and vice versa survivor series. Los guerreros win the tag titles Guerrero makes mysterious submit to the lasso from el paso to win their first tag team championship. Or your lasso. Come from and they turn due to their popularity so they're big baby faces now they're ultimately going to drop the belts to t- bangle. Which is charlie haas. Shelton benjamin In early february on smackdown and they started feud together and both teams find themselves in a match at wrestlemania. Nineteen along with been one rhino. They're all vying to be number one contenders for that. Tag title ultimately They do not wind up victorious. A haas and benjamin wynn that triple threat they get a rematch. Backlash and los guerreros lose their again but along the way chabot tears his biceps and that forces guerrero to look for another partner he chooses to jiri and believe it or not they win the tag titles so this is guerrero. Second title win They went into judgment day team angle in a ladder match while the jiri. The right substitute for chabot. I think that he has entertainment value in that to jerry was able to express his emotion. Sue his facials in through his physical How he reacted to jerry man. Come on e. He was absolutely one of the best and they fit. It was like peas and carrots but during during this time there was a incident in san diego with the guerreros and haas. And benjamin good lord man. I went back in I'm sitting there thinking Shit they're all pissed off and i think that Charlie and ten were in the locker room and chabot and he went in. And i don't remember. I think it was tshuva. Going in and eddie in his back and but long and short of it i was that they came in to fight and everybody knew it in someone had told me and i headed off chavalit eddie at the past and there was a glass door into the locker. Room there And they just kinda into rounded me and got in and it wasn't wasn't wasn't really fide it was. I think everybody got in between them. In cooler. heads prevailed. But you talk about a scary fight for tough guys legit for shooters and For guys are definitely go. So i'm a extremely grateful. That cooler heads prevailed. I didn't get my ass. Kicked in the middle of them kicking each other's ass. Let's talk about jerry. And eddie they even work a tag match at madison square garden against roddy piper and his protege. At the time. Sean o'hare man if you're an old school wrestling fan. Which obviously eddie was. He had to be tickled to be working. Roddy piper madison square garden. Are you kidding me. Roddy and chabot whole ship Had a tremendous rivalry in los angeles. When eddie's dad gory was promoting los angeles so the guerreros and piper go way. Way back you know. I think viper very much like me was honorary grill and vice versa so a thrill and they knew each other well. There's lots of respect. Although sides that fence initially guerrero into jerry would lose the The titles to team angle. Who are now calling themselves. The world's greatest tag team that happens in early july on smackdown and then guerrero would turn onto jiri. Slamming him through the windshield of his low rider truck turning heel again and the following week a grill tries to explain his actions to the audience. Into everyone's surprise the audience doesn't care they're still with eighty zero. It's it's pretty remarkable. I don't think eddie could have been a. He'll here if he tried. The audience had fallen in love with him. Yeah eddie going to the to the audience and asking the audience for affirmation the chances like no. It's okay man. we love you. Whatever he did. They loved tournament. July vo three for the united states championship. He's gonna advanced the final round feeding ultimate dragon and billy gone along the way but in the finals it's down to him and bin wa and at vengeance he turns the cheating. Hits been wild with the belt. At one point in the match guerrero tries to get it wa in trouble by placing the title belt on top of the unconscious wa. Of course it doesn't work since knocked out the referee earlier with championship belt. So the bell shot to the kidneys and the match ends with interference gore from rhino benoit's partner who was furious at the team's failure and guerrero pins been wa in wins the us championship. He retains by bit defeating rhino at summer slam. Been wa is also in there along with the jiri. It's a fatal four way which seems kind of common in this era. We got a lot of talented performers. Not sure what to do with them. House just throw in a four-way turns face again at least officially and he starts a feud against john cena. So the united states champion anti guerrero defeats johnson on smackdown that week by the q. After the challenger hit a low blow all guerrero was attempting a series of rolling snap. Suplexes out cena bloodied the champion. It's him and chokes him with a steel chain before dropping guerrero with the f. You onto a steel wheel in the ring. It's pretty remarkable. When you think about this. John cena as a heel beating up an anti guerrero that the fans absolutely adore a few years later would say almost impossible but it happened here we are. Yeah exactly and. I think that i think it could have happened. Years later with roles reversed in the audience still would have been behind. Eddie it's it really is just such an interesting dynamic that you know saying is going to get over and become the face of the place literally But it's like the fans. Your point still would have cheered. Eddie and they had a pretty memorable latino heat. Parking lot brawl on smackdown that airs on september eleventh. When andy penn cena with the frogsplash off of a minivan onto cena he's on the hood of an adjacent car and in that match chabot makes his return and attack. Cena any memories of that production. you know whenever you're working with cars it feels like the risk is really leveled up yet but it was a lot of fun man. We did it in the parking lot and had everything a all around then the were starting to shoot the thing and realize man we. We don't have the lighting's not carrying over into where we need to be. We put on the lights headlights of the cars to just kind of add more light in the middle of the thing and ambiance but any in in john beat the living shit out of each other made. That thing to me is probably one of the best Parking lot bras we've ever had let's Let's talk about what we're doing next though because it's sort of weird that we see the singles roy doing so well with chabot injured. You know he's had a title win. He's feuding with john cena but now the chavez back we're making a metag team again los career were over and they're actually gonna pick up the tag team championship again from the world's greatest tag team and guerrero's a double champion in the process. Now he's got the us title but he's also got The tag title. This is his third tag team title. Run when he's in the middle of this hot singles ruin. Is he hesitant at all to team with travaux or cause. It's family and it was working. Let me try to do both do both because out of love. He wanted to work with his nephew and it was working. It was something that was fun and it was also something that the audience was was craving. So you get double the guerreros and everything can say the same. You can still keep eddie in the singles picture and put tshuva in there and it was great for chows. Well i think at elevated chabot tremendously and it was something that If you were to ask me the audience was kinda clamoring for. They liked the los guerreros. Let's talk about the The feud with big show. This is fairly memorable. Because i can't believe this is real. You say barely or fairly fairly Well it's a situation october tenth. Two thousand three on smackdown. They have fed big show. Some laxative laced burritos and after big show defeats tshuva in the main of hit by count. Now and he comes to the ring with a sewage truck from duty truck and dot com and though he failed to hit big show in the ring boy he hit hit the target on the entrance ramp and It's probably one of the more memorable shall we say comedic segments in. Wwe history if a truck were shooting. Shit i assume it's working. She had a hope. It's not shoot. She was this she shit in their louis. Shoot shit in there. They will she shit in the shoot. Shitter shit trump. Why would you wanna shoot shit shoot chip at big show. Well here's a thin now. I'm not going to point fingers at anyone or anything like that. But the the people that got the sheet shit trump gotta shoot shit truck instead of getting a truck like a brand new truck. They took it literally and we got an actual duty truck. They gotta honey dipper. You know how dipper is. I'm googling it hunting dipper is shoot. Shit trump really the one that goes and they they tie up to the end of the sewer system and your On backyard your septic and they suck the shit out of the thing honey wagon and what some folks call honey dipper. Call him shit suckers so anyway they went and got an actual honey dipper. They actually got one that had been in service in the they're like well we'll just clean it out there so they spent all thank cleaning this motherfucker out not realizing how difficult it is. Shit was everywhere to everywhere. And they're cleaning out you know you're still gonna have little particles. Remnants everywhere nuggets count like chitlins chitlins. Look folks. I don't give shit how how clean you. Think your chitlins cleaned. There's still to be little pockets of doodoo in there so chitlins basically shetlands and this was the shoot ray-ban on vic show has to be no. This is this became. Shoot rib on me. Why did you have to clean the house rib on the well while they were cleaning the shit The worried about something else in one of the shit cleaning hoses came out with scalding water. Came flying out of the truck and just split my head wide open and yeah it was wonderful but so the the ship truck cut your forehead. Yeah the hose that was cleaning. The shit. Trump came loose with scalding hot water. In like bam bam ozanam across the head house. Little pissed off. It sounds like you were shared upon shit on me but because he was clean hose. It was cleaner hose. But fucking fucked my head up saturday now you get to the to shit part and so the clean all the shitty shit out of shit trump right and then you put clean shit. Shit shit trump right so it was like mud and just all kinds of saying and then various Sorted food particles and things like that then like well. Scott smell like pooh-pooh support a couple of smell additives into it. Now you have the illusion of sticky pooh-pooh which i remember thinking you know if i'm in the front row right but his completely nontoxic it's one hundred percent safe it's just it. Looks like it in his smell like it now. I said that's my point. Looks like shit. Smells like shit must be chit care. You're not gonna convince me otherwise that the shit brown shit smells like shit shit. Help me understand though this events idea. We know that he likes tola. Is goddamn powell. One of we shot him with it. It may be a good close personal dear friend. Brian words zygi as out to brian in australia. Right now But now it might have been my idea. Because we we were trying to relive the Gear truck in the milk truck and all that shit to somebody said what does shit truck so great get big show and i started thinking you know. Hey yeah forgot like all. Those honey dippers did that way but yeah kaas funny. How big show take this news that you're gonna shoot him when she initially not too happy. He warmed up to the ship. Though once again shinto policy was warm but he came around on you shitting on him. Yeah i just feel. I can't imagine being creative and having sit down and tell a giant all right. So here's what we're gonna do. Big boy jansa friendly adds scale of one to ten. How much advance enjoy the segment. Fourteen aso thought man. Christmas is going to be here before you know it. And unfortunately that's going to be extra stressed this year with lots bad expenses. 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For free at save with conrad dot com four days later whilst guerreros lose the tag titles to the basham brothers start a feud with them and they failed to regain the titles at survivor series and that develops a little bit of animosity. The relationship starts to go downhill eventually chabot attacks and turns on any after. He suffers a beating at the hands of the basham brothers. So now we've got a bit of a feud that's gonna involve Well genius is going to be joined by his father aka eighties brother chavez senior who we're gonna learn the call tshuva classic which is just great stuff. What can you tell us about. Chavis senior and their feud of course eight against the win at royal rumble. I guess to settle the feud but tshuva classic. This is a good staff. Well it was in a classic is really the first guerrero i ever knew. Then then hector and then mondo then added So my brother were very tight. I was iran with travel classic for many years I remember pitching eddie insane. Man what's your brother dylan man. He's a great shape. He's working mexico. He's working Japan is a key. So working is like yeah. He's still associated was in san antonio and throughout this crazy idea in chabot classic did not did not leave the first time he was in. Ww on the best terms and it was an opportunity for him to make amends as well. So enter chopper classic. He was fucking great because it was it was the real life Father son dynamic with chubby though and it was the real life. Big brother With eddie and then you also saw that dynamic of the roles reversed were now. Eddie's the megastar can overshadowing traveled classic. So it was very interesting times but they are. Probably some of the most Fun times that that. I ever had as far as working with these guys because i loved all three of them and they're just a blast what he told me about. You know i like the whole whilst guerrero story but they only have one match on pay per view like it feels like to me. You could really stretched out this chabot anything right. Yeah but i think we did. I mean we did. It was a long time on television and with java classic. And all that shit intertwined into everything. Chris benoit's jumps to the raw brand after we win the royal rumble match. He's going to use his title. Shot to go for. Triple h is world heavyweight championship. And then eddie wins a fifteen man royal rumble match on january twenty ninth on smackdown to earn a shot at the wwe championship. So after becoming number one contender. Eddie elevates himself to main event status and stars feuding with the wb champ brock. leser famously. No way out. We did a whole episode on this show. It's tremendous and i can't recommend it enough. In our archives over something to wrestle dot com any pins the world champion brock listener to win the title in thirty minutes and five seconds the frogsplash after reversing an attempt at the f. five into a tornado d. On the title belt later in the match we should mention listener was trying to use the title belt as a weapon. While the ref was knocked out but bill goldberg it was arrested earlier in the same show. Came out and hit the spear on the champ after the match guerrero celebrating in the crowd is congratulated by his mother and brother The victory makes him a triple crown and grand slam champion in the process. It's episode one forty two. You want to go out of your way to check it out but man you described this moment as being a top one or two for wrestling when eddie won his first world title. You're not even talking about from a office perspective. This is the fan. Bruce prichard right. Yeah because it was the the absolute premier underdog victory defeating the big bad monster and brock listener. And you know. Eddie guerrero coming everything. In addition to that you'd look at the human being of eddie guerrero and what eddie had accomplished in his career and in his life the struggles any had throughout everything to now be the man not only but to be able to perform at the level. That eddie was able to perform and and kill it every night. So i was proud of him loved him to death and just so happy for him. Let's let's recommend everybody strongly. Go back and check that out when the first when the the subject i comes up you know i do want to briefly touch on. This win is the decision made or what goes into the decision to put the belt on eighty. It does vince. No hey brock's leaving. We got to use this to make somebody else. Eddie has excelled in every segment. We've put him in whether it was china or can underneath working with tag stuff the stuff with sina. He's been a show stealer chabot on on Why's eighty the logical choice. It is the decision made in hindsight does any benefit the most from brock listener leaving. I think that he did and it was from a place of looking at. Who's going to be the next. The next guy who who are we going to focus on to take us to another level. Hopefully at this point and kurt was discuss. You know all these different things but we had never had a champion. Like eddie guerrero and eddie was over. Eddie was He was prime for the picking. And eddie was when you look at the roster probably the least probable to be the champion but also the only real logical choice you would choose to be the champion so he had it all and i think a lot of people felt that it was a bad decision felt he was too small and the fact that he was mexican and all these things were as like i. You know he's a little guy and he. I don't know there. There was just opposition. But in the end i remember thinking man. If he's the guy he was just the guy that time and i think he needed that title all of a sudden eddie. Guerrero is our ww champion and believe it or not. Has i titled offense is going to be a big one wrestlemania twenty and madison square garden against kurt angle It marked the start of next feud of course The magic erta. Kurt angle and eddie guerrero had is just really remarkable It really is a fantastic match. And the storytelling with the boot slipping off at the end. I mean it's gotta be near the top of i mean eddie. Certainly it's his biggest wrestlemainia moment. Go back and watch the match if you have already. It's pretty remarkable. You know any once again. He's famous in this era for fooling people right and so he's going to start to frantically take off his boot right after an ankle lock escape. An angle sees this as his opportunity. Oh he must be really hurting that ankle. Let me go finish him. Off goes to twist it boom slips out inside cradle pretty remarkable and then of course at the end of the show we get the spectacle that so many people remember about wrestlemania twenty crispin wa and eddie guerrero embracing both as world champions who were told they were never ever going to be at this spot and now here. They are in madison square garden. The biggest show ever wrestlemania twenty. This is peak. Eddie ryan because they were owen three coming in man at the been that we all know that this was part of your evil plan when i asked him to go dislocate his arm on his first night in and then forced him to work hurt. You knew that if he could persevere and you could fire him and then hiring back. China beat him wrestlemainia. Eventually once he got over the rest of his family he could win. The world title wants brock listener. Quit and he would. Main event wrestlemania twenty. And that was your plan all along. Yeah but is people out on the west coast and your dirt shoot. People would like to say. I think i will steal a line from your good friend. Jim heard who summed it up that they just dream shit in lie the way. You're mentioning my good friend. Jim heard because you saw the interview that we did chose dot com. What did you think. I thought it was tremendous and i think that for anybody that they should Listen to it and you know again my take away as said use funny when you talk to people who were actually there in the business decisions and not just hearsay and rumor innuendo and bullshit. It's pretty much the same things that come out As far as how business was done and what was conducted not always how was reported because The reporters scott. I don't even think i can calm. The dreamers and liars is jim heard put it that just shut up dream it and convinced himself that the lie is what it is so i. I thoroughly enjoyed the. Jim heard Ad free shows that was fucking excellent. Thank you sir. Let's talk about the march twenty second edition raw. There's a draft lottery held because of that you've got stars from both shows. It's of cool. At the time i triple. H is in full blown reign of terror mode. He just dropped. The belts have been wa so everybody thinks that Eddie guerrero when he has a match with triple h. That triple h is going to win. But in fact eighty wins by the queue and then a big brawl erupts between those brands. In march eighty starts a feud with fellow texan about the name of john bradshaw layfield. Jbl has interrupted grills title match with booker t and the rivalry turns personal when at a famous non televised live event on may second in el paso. Jbl causes eighties mother. To suffer a fehb heart attack while in attendance at ringside but s. Mom looks like she's having a heart attack because well she nearly was. And we've told the story before in our cops but it's worth telling again. Now here bruce well. We went down del paso on mother's day With guerrero's from eddie. And i had chico's tacos that day. And if you ever know paso checkout chico's tacos edgy say that the whole thing was that he gives his mom recognize that he's mom with a beautiful mother's day bouquet. Then the next thing that you know is Bradshaw's air spoil. It and john ends up. The mother like went to hit john or something. Like that and john touched her but just like literally touched her arm and she was to appear as though she were having a heart attack and lo and behold She got so excited in the moment that she pretty much at symptoms of heart attack and her real life. Dr was there. Because we're gonna use him as the doctor in in this whole thing I thought eddie was gonna kill me but Yeah it was Eddie in in the back just loves his mom so much in in he was so protective of her but then chaba classic was there. Chevy tahoe travel glasses. 'cause like i am an we should we should get some on mom and you know like let john put bruce tour man doing numerous touching my mother so now and she said she thought vansh got this so chabot senior. And you're going at it. It was a wonderful evening but we got bradshaw. Their soon as angle was done because there was a pretty upset crowd and john got out of there with the help of the texas state troopers highway patrol got him out of town. Go do not pasco. Do not collect two hundred dollars. Just go in your wrestling gear the fuck outta town judgment day. Which we've covered before in the archives is such a monumental show guerrero defense is wb title against jbl retaining the title after getting himself disqualified. But that's not the story. The matt saw guerrero bleed so much. I mean it looks like i mean it. Looks like he hit a fucking artery and after the match concludes he goes backstage and supposedly passed out. Goes into shock. We've talked about this before. But it's worth touching on again this this went from. Hey this was an incredible match. And what a story to ono. We've got a real life medical event here. Yes kind of scary man. came back in. I remember the trail of blood. Just all the way back to the trainers ruminating was getting checked out by the doctor. And they're like you've lost a lot of blood we need to get you in and get staples or stitches or something. But we've got to get you to the hospital. And i think with the amount of blood that eddie had lost he was kind of giving in on it and the doctor started to prepare him to get in the ambulance. And go to the hospital with iv's and different things and eddie jus- out of out of at some point realizes that he's got all these iv second him and freaks out in the trainer's room rips out the iv's and pushes everybody away in storms out and standing there for a minute and it just the only people that went to go confront. Eddie was Myself and michael hayes and this is a sick busy sometimes and what you find humor in but as michael. I r- Going down to talk to eddie. And eddie's down the way and i'm trailing behind michael hayes just start to laugh and he turns his what he laughing at. I said well first of all look at this trail of blood. You and i are following in in a free bird and brother love or now trying to chase standing out to get him to go back gives institure of go to the hospital and it just was funny in the moment And i'm running back and forth. I remember that Xbox was there talking to hunter and it was one of the first time they had been together and many years and Like xbox acts asked hundreds is what's going on there man. It goes a brisa michael running back and forth and he goes. I don't know most important though. Gazette knocking ronin. Well at least they're moving faster than the normal But that's where. I went and talked eddie in any was afraid to go to the hospital and i think part of this fear was that they would give him medication and he didn't wanna take the medication. He didn't wanna be in a position to be dependent again. Didn't walk again anything. He may like that he would want to be dependent on again but like a like a small child he looked at me and he said will you go to the hospital with me and of course i will eddie but a needs to go down. Let them do their job. I 'cause you'll get in to get taken care of a lot quicker if you go in the ambulance okay. And he was just like a little kid so or trying to get him cleaned up and get him to get him back and then and he says goes. Hey bruce fan really sorry. Would you mind chevy tow went with me instead. Asadollah you want. I'll make it happen and so We had chabot go with him in the ambulance. And i took olivetti stuff and back to our hotel. Got eddie an adjacent room with me but shit up in his room and then ordered him food so that when he came home and Kept the door open. Just make sure. But i stay up till four o'clock. Whatever was waiting freddie back which avocado and and basically put him to bed. Make sure he called vicky and let her know that he was okay so it was Yeah l. knight it's It's a big deal and The real life event impacted the following episode of smackdown teaming alongside ray stereo and rob van dam against the trio's the dudley's. Jbl guerrero passed out mid match. Unlike at the pay per view this was part of the story in some fans complained online that it was in poor. Taste your response funky at the great american bash. Eddie defended the title against jbl in texas bull rope match. Jbl wins after angle reverses. The decision should mention angle. As the general manager of smackdown at the time after guerrero appeared to have retained the title Rumor and innuendo was guerrero fell. He was shouldering. The burden of low. Pay per view buys on smackdown events at the time and asked vince to have the title taken off of him. Do you remember this. That eddie may felt the pressure that for whatever reason the buys weren't there for the pay per views and he took it personally and couldn't really deal with the pressure and because he was in recovery. Maybe that's not a great spot for somebody like that to be. I think that he was feeling the pressure but also at the same time we were looking to get a new character. Jbl over it was. It was a perfect storm. In that regard in eddie felt the john needed the championship much more than he did and also took it as a challenge to get him over but business wasn't terrible that time so one low. That's one of those hindsight twenty twenty people speculate and and say these things being there. This was a born out of a really. Wanna get life feel over. How how do we do it. No one would call that. Nobody was going to call. That layfield would be daddy. And he's like yeah he should he needs it more than i do we We know what's coming next for him. You know i i guess. We should mention that. They've got some so some fun stuff. Along the way including skits with jbl on smackdown jbl is going to wrestle. Grandlieu door to a no contest after l. grand slid under neath the ring. A second luder comes out and obviously masked eddie guerrero Bradshaw was knocked out of the ring and after the match l. grand that's a promo bradshaw Defending the title against eighty the following week in a in a steel cage is the new thing. And in this match july fifteenth and hits frogsplash off the top of the cage but again and ludar appears and this time cost guerrero the match. Any later reveals himself as kurt angle. So now guerrero has a feud with kurt angle. This was good stuff it first of all you get the great visual of of him coming off the cage. But then he's programmed with angle again and they've going round and round for ever including wrestlemainia. Then we're natural and the fact that there was a little bit of a rivalry there real life to help their matches in their believability but they matched up size. Why matched up intensity wise and never disappointed at summer slammed guerrero loses to angles submitting to the ankle. Lock and they're even going to have Some fall out there that leads to a new feud because angle has allied himself with luther reigns and mark jindrag and he starts targeting eddie guerrero and big show so guerrero defeats. Luther reigns in a singles match at no mercy which is probably a highlight for any. I'm sure luther reigns at no mercy's on his best of tape and around the same time as when you've talked about it before. And he has this backstage. Fight with kurt angle. I think a lumberjack match happened in eddie. In retrospect may have been having heart problems according to kurt but eighties body just couldn't perform the right way and the next week and other situation happened where luther reigns and mark. Jean drac who with kurt angle. At the time stiff daddy and afterwards in the back eddie comments on ankle and crew taking advantage of him angle shoves him twice while going off on him for having badmashes he goes for a take down. Of course. that's not wise eddie Up in a front face. Lock kurt angle and starts to choke him out before big show steps in and stops it. Did you see this or you told us the story before. But i don't recall if you're in the hall or just heard about it. After the fact no i heard about it after the fact and it was bradshaw. Both asking the same questions like any. What were you thinking. Trying to a sheet leg on olympic gold medalist. I don't know man just stupid. Any you know realizing what one of the brightest moves and cat of embarrassed just in and of himself but he was frustrated. He was very very frustrated during this time and love temper and shit happens a survivor series. Elimination match is going to go. Down led by guerrero on one side angle on the other. Eddie's team is big. Show john cena and rob van dam originally. It was very mysterious instead of john. Cena on the other side. It's angle's team and Yeah let's talk about armageddon. We got booker t and the undertaker. Jbl for wwe's championship. It's a fatal four way where eighty girls also involved the match ends with. Jbl pinning booker following the clothesline from hell and in the weeks. That followed guerrero and booker. Briefly and unsuccessfully tried to win the tag team title in this era. Does you just think man we can throw eddie in with anybody in it'll work. He said such a wide group attack partner but seemingly time yes it did. And that's why i think i think that eddie was able to be a chameleon and adapt to any and everything one of the more interesting moments from the following royal rumble was. There's a skit with Ric flair drawing numbers and guerrero switches. His number with flares and even steals flares wallet in the process Of course eventually teddy long makes him return both items before the match but it's kind fun because flair had drawn the number thirty and eddie had drawn the number one. So we're gonna lie cheat and steal. That's pretty good stuff. And he did last twenty eight minutes and eleven seconds before being eliminated by edge but that little skit is right on character for eddie guerrero. Here's inflator. well you think about it. You get the lives of any end. The confidence bombastic Flare so i thought it was perfect at no way out the next month eddie guerrero would team up with his longtime friend and sometimes rival ramos cheerio in defeat the basham brothers to win. What would actually be eighties. Last title in the company Wwe tag team championship. It's there's four time. Champion is raised third time as tag champion and many expect the new champions to defend their title at wrestlemania twenty one but after encouragement from chabot guerrero challenges mysterious to a one on one match instead so they could bring the house down and the to wrestle at wrestlemania and Mistero gets the win. Although visibly frustrated guerrero congratulates his partner. And this is all part of a long-term store here with eddie and ray. Did you already have the end in mind when you built towards wrestlemainia or did that just happen along the way kind of happened along the way it is as you get into the next thing was the family being involved and and that next level but at this point it was a get three out of this. The wrestlemainia goes to hollywood event. That year saw a bunch of spoofs of blockbuster movies and one of them was pulp fiction where we had eddie. Guerrero and booker. t. Playing the roles of john travolta and samuel jackson characters. Were you involved in any of those shoots you guys. Use an outside production staff for that. No those are all our our people. I didn't do those but that was like chris. Chambers those guys putting all that together after a bunch of mishaps in the following weeks after wrestlemainia. There's tension really growing between eighty and ramos. Zero finally erupts once they lose the tag belt. On april twenty first episode of smackdown eminem in guerrero abandons mysterious who had considered his family earlier in the show and cost them the match. At the end of the may fifth episode of smackdown. He saves mysterious from an attack by a attacked by chabot and eminem before attacking mistero himself. Leaving him bruised and bloody suplex him into a set of steel steps and turning heel in the process so now guerrero is adopting a new more rooting look and menacing approach towards wrestling gone. Is this dancing and lovable. Latino heat style character. He's also going to stop driving the low riders down to the ring. He really is trying to reinvent himself. This is his really last attempt to being. He'll i guess because every time you've tried it it just didn't work so i guess you knew here if you're going to do it you've got to change everything and he really tries right. Well you change everything and it also helps when your opponent is as loveable is ramos stereo. That's cornet that was easy to there was a very strong Opponent that the audience loved and raise so for eddie to be petty with ray. It helped tremendously a judgment day. Any would lose to mysterious by the hugh after hitting mysterious with a chair. And on the june thirtieth episode of smackdown threatens to reveal a secret about mysterious and his son dominic the storyline grew to involve the families of both men with both sides. Pleading figaro please don't reveal the secret and eventually mysterious defeats guerrero at great american bash. And it's a match with the stipulation that if guerrero loses he would not tell the secret but of course eddie being a he'll told the secret anyway on the very next episode of smackdown telling dominic and the audience that guerrero was his father. Or more. specifically. I'm your poppy. How do they feel about this angle. Well man it was a. It was time he's autobiography. Had come out and eddie talked about. There was a period where he and vicky were separated. And that eddie had a child out of wedlock and he didn't give any details on that relationship or that child so you go back and you look at a time line in hewett. Since there wasn't a specific specific time line in there we created our own and said what if that child the daddy spoke of in his book was dominant. What if that relationship than any had for very brief time was ray mysterious wife and what if and he just went ahead and let because again. Eddie didn't talk about The child that much in the book other than it was aaron and people would ask questions. What if ray was raising that child as his own and that they wanted to keep that secret and that Everyone was forgiven and solar so forth. But but now after ray trying to embarrass any by being that eddie felt it was right time to bring it out. Yeah this The story i guess is After he had this marriage out of wedlock when his marriage was on the rocks so to speak he claimed to allow ray and his wife who were having trouble conceiving to adopt the child as their own. And wouldn't you know it. We got custody of dominick ladder match now summer slam. And yes this is the way dominicana bowl. Goodness absolutely positively. I defy you jumping different. One of the greatest stories ever told. Well it's still paying dividends today on current programming by the way. Go out of your way to watch that summer slam or listen to that summerslam episode. We did a whole episode on it. there's some fun moments in the match. I guess we should mention that Eighty finishes up the program with mysterious and he's declared dominic poppy and then Eddie wins the cage match the debut of friday night smackdown and he's got a new version of its theme song that night to titled cracking or gangsta. Lean basically the same song but without the laci and steel lyrics. They've been replaced by rap lyrics. We're trying to Really overhaul his presentation the following week. Teddy long palmer. Canon who were the network executives announced a new number one contender for batista's world championship and teddy long acts like he's about to announce very mysterious but palmer steals the mike and announces and he does a promo about how he's got a pass them he had addictions but he's found the new addiction honor respect and doing the right thing. And he's a new eddie guerrero and he wants to prove at no mercy that he and batista can have a mansion. Not hate each other. Eddie's he's facials here are phenomenal. Of course the fans don't believe him. This was great stuff was a not because eddie and police were friends and it was the feeling and the execution was believe eddie lord. The audience ends so much that they thought you know. What may maybe they met. Maybe he's gonna do at this time. Maybe any has turnover over new leaf. Because because we love our eddie guerrero and then when you get to know mercy by the time we got there. The audience was really unsure whether they had a baby face. Eddie guerrero or a. He'll eddie guerrero I remember sitting in the crowd. When the ring announcers who did championship ring announcements. And i'm just sitting right literally in the middle. The heart camera section people all around me. They announced this match the world heavyweight championship and while guys behind missing goes way. May you mean to tell me that that little guy. There was the heavyweight champion in the guy. The guy his friend city with a man that little guy. If this were real would kill that big guy and beat his fucking ass. That's how much people believed in eddie guerrero. They if you knew him and his personality in you were invested in the character. He was twenty feet tall. Four hundred bounds. Well no mercy two thousand five. We know eighties going to face batista. You've got some storytelling on the way there. One of which is pretty ridiculous Eh suppose the team with batista against him. But he's faking sick. At least that's the implication batista brings in dr. Make sure that his pal eighty is okay and the doctor gives him a rectal probe without lubricant so ladder match when eddie is proven to be well and he can work Any hits a frogsplash but then sales fainter as he celebrating with a very confused batista boy. This has vince. mcmahon humor all over it. What if he got shoved up his asked with no lube. What happens. there's some fun stuff along the way. And he's trying to convince everyone he's not this bad person and he's doing the old switcheroo with chairs and batista can't trust him but he's even wearing a batista t shirt. We finally get to no mercy. It's a really good mass because eighteen minutes and forty seconds ultimately batista wins with that spinebuster. Meltzer liked it gave it three and a quarter stars and the to shake hands but as they go off the air. You still get. The the look at eddie's is that he might turn. We just did a whole episode on this. Check it out. No mercy two thousand five iressa his last match on november eleventh a he defeats mr kennedy by disqualification using his signature. Lie cheat and steal tactics which allowed him to advance to the smackdown survivors team and according to the rumor and innuendo on the date of his death a triple threat match between himself. Batista and randy orton was supposed to take place for the world heavyweight championship where batista would have dropped the title to any guerrero Because batista needed to take some time off for an injured back. And i think that was denied by batista in his book. What do you remember Had he not passed away with what eddie had another title. Run here. well he wouldn't have had it that night. Now that's that's a false said so well it's unfortunate but Any is found unconscious in his hotel room at the marriott hotel city center in minneapolis minnesota by nephew chabot on november thirteenth. Two thousand five in a twenty twenty interview for documentary chabot explained that eddie passed out in the hotel bathroom with a toothbrush in his hand and he was barely clinging to life when chabot discovered him. Eddie was pronounced dead upon arrival by the paramount. A pair by the paramedics at the scene. He's only thirty eight years old and not topsy would later reveal that eighties. Cause of death is blamed on a result of acute heart failure due due to underlying cardiovascular. Disease is At the greenacres memorial park cemetery in scottsdale arizona is funeral. Service was officiated officiated by superstar. Billy graham and This was This was a tough one for you personally because you were talking. Eighty like every day in this era. And i know you've told us the story before on the radicals but this head hits you like a ton of bricks when you find out you've lost one of your best friends. I don't know where it did in all the I i was at the building and of the techs ali attack from pre tapes. Came up to me. And i just got into the building sat down and catering's meeting Niece's hey bruisers terrible rumor. Going around that i think you should should nip in the bud and and at least find out what was going on. We'll say as well the goes people are saying that Eddie was found dead. Nece tell room any who grow while fucking fix that right. Now grab my phone. I called eddie. Didn't answer the phone. And i left a message turned broth and say i said yeah. It's just called him Shore he's probably in the shower right now or something like that but And is i'm saying that the phone rang back and it was eddie. Guerrero and on the other The other side was chapel. Chevy tahoe chabot junior and chabot said Hey bruce cheviot. He's gone bro. And i just start drying asked what happened. Nobody knew at that point and But that's that's what happened. Just absolutely sucked and who invents staff ball and everybody got got to the building we met thence office vincent asked shabo what what he wanted to do and johnson eddie would won't show to go on and I think in in in lots of the loss that we've had unfortunately the the eddie loss hit me really hard we had just been. I don't know not long before that we'd been bradshaw's wedding and Spent a week together down in the keys. And it just yeah. It was tough sucked. There's no other way to say it was loss of of incredible talent but more importantly an incredible friend human being father and husband just just sad episodes of raw november fourteenth. two thousand five and smackdown november eighteenth. Two thousand five both of which were filmed on november thirteenth air distribute stated guerrero. All the storylines were put on hold no. Wb employees were forced to perform although several matches did take place in including one featuring chabot who finished the match with his uncles finishing maneuver the frogsplash role started with all the wrestlers and numerous backstage personnel onstage. Vince mcmahon addressed the live crowd before finishing with a ten bell. Salute followed by vince. Saying people to rosza. Ms most passionate voice in addition to raw and smackdown doing tribute shows. Tna total nonstop wrestling dedicated their pay per view genesis which aired on the evening of his death eddie guerrero ring of honor name their next show nine of tribute ohio valley also paid tribute to him. Many of the wrestlers wore armbands with eeg on them. Very mysterious gave an emotional speech about any and in a show of respect removed his mask and mysteriously went on to defeat shawn michaels and inter promotional match. Later that night after the match michaels and mysterious hugged in the ring and mysterious pointed up to the sky crying and memory of guerrero and eventually other wrestlers primarily chabot mysterious and christian pay tribute to him and their matches using the frogsplash combat zone wrestling also pay tribute. That did a little ten bell salute and Wrestlers like see pauken ramos. Cheerio have dedicated some of their masters to guerrero three doors down Had a song here without you. That was used as a tribute song for guerrero as johnny cash is hurt video that that johnny cash video with The hurt song over clips of eddie was just maybe one of the more haunting video packages and company history when she agree with that. Yeah live. That night was very difficult and Being home on that friday night. I remember like it was yesterday because we were going to do family portraits and was supposed to be there seven thirty or something like that and smackdown came on and that was the first thing on smackdown and i couldn't move. I just couldn't move and just stood there staring at the tv watching the tribute and Bowen good idea But yeah he was gone and left. Gigantic hole ramos. Stereo was gonna dedicate a lot of what's coming for him to eddie guerrero. He's a second entrant in the. Oh six royal rumble. He winds up winning last eliminating randy. Orton and They're on a collision course now. ordinance urging him to put this title shot at stake in a match at no way out. Of course you know the winner of the royal rumble gets a world title shot wrestlemainia. So they build up mass between the two last guys who were in the ring at the royal rumble which is natural but one of the ways. They tried to sell the pay per view. Here is in february of. Oh six as randy's cutting a promo about eddie guerrero being sort of the inspiration for ramos. Stereo and ray keeps pointing to the sky and things like that. I can't believe this happened. But randy orton said eddie in heaven and he's down there in hell stereo flips out. Beats him up the referees or pulling off but goodness gracious you took a lot of heat. At the time. I didn't know eddie guerrero. You did in hindsight. Do you wish you had this one back or think any would have liked to have still been a part of the story line because that feels like that's what people say when they're used posthumously in an angle like this i believe that he would have loved it and i think that eddie definitely would van no problem with it whatsoever is matter of fact if there is a spirit Accuracy insisting on it type thing so that's my feeling from our relationship with eddie guerrero and unless you spent as many nights as i have Speaking to him and just getting him in a good place in his head Keeping him as much as we straight narrow. Then you don't know and you can't and you can't make that judgment so Vicky was cool with it and no one knew him better than his family. So i feel that it was the right thing and it was. It was something that eddie would have would have wanted. I really believe that orton. Wads up beating ray at no way out if you can believe that or not. But eventually the general manager teddy long would add. Ray mysterio back into this wrestlemania title match. So now. it's a three way. It's orden mysterious. And then champion kurt angle night before wrestlemainia of course was the hall of fame. And eddie guerrero goes into the hall of fame here with bret. Hart mean jean Sensational sherri vern ganja and others. Eddie's inducted by a grill crispin juan raymond stereo eddie's widow vicki and her two daughters are representative and receiving the honor. It's a very emotional moment. Everyone involved and the next night at wrestlemainia. It's another feel good moment. Mysterious beats orton to become the new world. Heavyweight champion and after the match mysterious was celebrating with chabot. And vickie guerrero really a feel. Good moment here. This in the plans since the rumbled. Think the assyria title since the rumble. Yes talked about. I don't know the vince was completely solon. It right till february but from talking point in doing it yes egg. Eddie's legacy lives on a lot more than just ray dedicated matches to it wouldn't be too long before his longtime wife now unfortunate widow. Vicki became a very prominent character on. Tv in oh six maybe seven or eight months after eighties deaf she becomes a pretty prominent feature in some pretty controversial storylines Well how do you think eddie would have felt about that. He had to be proud. I mean she was not necessarily a trained professional. She was not a hollywood actress but man did anybody excel at their role better than she did. Here he would have been thrilled with. This job. vicky was absolutely incredible. And i think he would have been extremely proud and very happy that she was to continue on the name and the legacy of eddie guerrero and not just For him for her for the kids. So i guarantee you eddie would have been ecstatic. She's going to be a topic all on her own eventually. The storylines and references to eddie would drift away sometime in two thousand seven and she was off to the races. Were think What do you think. Eddie's legacy will be in pro wrestling latino he and being the guy that crossed over So many ways eddie. Eddie made it for the smaller talent in the business as well as hispanic talent in the business say that a man there is no ceiling in you got the talent drive and the desire that you can do it too so Friend however performer. And one of those guys that will be missed and talked about for decades. David mcclay on twitter wants to know what's the best nine. Wwe or wcw. match of. eddie. I should check out bruce. Do you have a recommendation for either a wwe. Or a non w match. Oth- i said other than i was gonna say triple a. stuff with los gringos locos but to me. The bull rope match that we did was was lot of fun with jbl to great american bash. Yeah i mean. I don't think that there's going to be a lot here. We can recommend that weren't really really good Deplorable hombre says of eddie. Guerrero were alive. Today would be two years younger than the undertaker. If his heart were healthy. How long far do you think eddie would have gone in professional wrestling. And what do you think you'd be doing today. I think that eddie would probably the producer backstage be contributing with the. The knowledge is in his head. James watson besides hpk. What one wrestler do you wish you had a program well. Hpk would have been my answer. Dammit is there another one though. I mean i think everybody agrees. That would have just been one for the ages. Can you imagine if he could hung around till. aj styles was the thing online. Oh my god there's another one a michael says. This is a hard question. I asked what had any passed away. Would things have been different. You think with crispin wa allegedly had a huge impact on him. that's hard to even imagine. Not bruce yeah. I have no idea when one one bad piece of news after another Wants to know was the hug between eddie and crispin wife to wrestlemania planned or was it just a heat of the moment deal. It's real life man. listen. I wish we We could sit here and talk about eighty guerrero forever. I don't know that there's a long enough show or enough time in the day to really pay tribute to him any last parting words. You wanna share with us about your friend eddie guerrero. Today i think that eddie guerrero was one of the single greatest performers businesses ever ever had the pleasure of being able to watch and for me from a personal level to be instrumental in his career and to be his friend. Probably more than anything The the going from chabot to any and everybody in between the brothers guerrero just proud proud that association and I loved him so much. And you know chubby doj today carries on does his thing and my london and we did too We hope you have enjoyed our eddie guerrero tribute. Hope you'll wash them any guerrero stuff today to celebrate his honor. We'll be back next week with you. With survivor. series nineteen ninety-five. Lots of elimination matches their but on top. It's bret hart in diesel. If you've got a question for us. Ask it over at richard. Show on twitter though. Forget check out our brand new. Jim heard interview over at ad shows dot com. And if you've got a question for bruce he is App richard. i am at. Hey it's conrad and we are on tom. See you next week. Right here for survivor series. Ninety five odd. Something new. Wrestle with bruce richard rock on and hugged ones. You love thank you guys. I really appreciate you all the way. The best way to introduce something to wrestle for the wrestling fan in your life is to send them to our youtube channel. Youtube dot com forward slash. Something wrestle favourite. Go hit the subscribe button right. Now you're gonna to pick up coming episodes lots of fun. Clift show your friends. 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