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That's what's going to say your hours. So listen up. It's so easy answer. A few quick questions doctors will review and can prescribe you products shipped directly to your door. So please listen to what I'm saying order now, my listeners get a trauma of 'em's, but just five dollars today right now while supplies last see website for full details. This would cost hundreds if you went to the doctor or pharmacy. Go to four hymns dot com slash Stephen. That's four hymns F O R H I M S dot com slash Stephen eight four hymns dot com slash Stephen aid. As with a ph not a v. This is the Stephen a Smith show podcast. Stephen welcome to our number two, Stephen Smith show right here on ESPN radio and ESPN news coming at you as I love to do every week day number. The caller was always distributed say ESPN, it's eight seven to nine three seven seven six. Welcome back to the Stephen Smith here. We're coming to you live from the seaport district at pier. Seventeen south street seaport? It's being brought to you by chase. Also, get triple action protection for optimal engine performance which show v power nitro plus premium gasoline any minute now, we'll have on the challenger. For the WBAL two-way crown this Saturday night at the GM, Brandon laws Vegas agent. Bruno will be set to go up against Manny Pacquiao. We're waiting for him to come on the line right now. He's training. He's training. So, you know, I I'm very very particular will boxes from the standpoint. I don't like Messa with it. And they were teens. I don't like mess with anybody else in the sport of boxing along with 'em, a UFC style. People got a licensed, assault you. Okay. So guess what? You gotta let them be who they are. You gotta let them do what they do. And you gotta take him any way you could get them. Anyway. So if you hear Adrian Brune, I heard he was on the treadmill running. So if he's on a treadmill running in interviewing him on a treadmill? I don't give a damn as long as you could hear him. Clearly, don't matter to me, whatever it takes you understand. I hope he don't eat don't custody out like it did outburts Stein. Okay. Okay. The nice, AVI. Of course, you might go off on it doesn't get much nicer than our Bernstein. Okay. Consummate professional covering the sport a of for many many years, by the way. But any of these listen when you're about to fight you got to be in that kind of moat got to be kind of move. You can't be about the business of friendships. Got you gotta do. I totally understand that make no mistake about it. By the way, he is being radio's presented by progressive insurance making it easy to bundle your home and your car insurance, plus with the vivid seats app, it's easy to find awesome seats to any game. Download the app and enter promo code champs at checkout to get ten percent off your first order it at eight say ESPN, it's edited seven to nine three seven this whenever Adrian Brown is available to come on the show. I will be happy to put him on. He's. Thirty three and four that is his wreck thirty three and three. I'm sorry would one draw. He has never been knocked out. He did get put down by Markos Madonna, but he got up. He lost that fight. That was. That was back in December of two thousand and thirteen. Laws the show import in two thousand fifteen June of two thousand fifteen loss to Mikey Garcia in July of two thousand seventeen. Majority draw against Jesse Vargas last, April so Adrian Brodie. I mean in terms of potentially being a marquee. This fight is incredibly important to him. He loses this fight. He'll probably fall off the mat he wins this fight. It'd be a big difference of all how one of the belts. And Secondly, and more importantly, it will put him in line the face some of the elite dudes in the division. I don't know. Whether it's a rematch with children porter. Whether it's a match against God, Danny Garcia, whether to shot against Keith Thurman, whether his going against aero spins junior, who's my favorite in the welterweight division. There could be potentially a lot options for Adrian. Oh, because if he wins this fight he's a champion. So let's keep that in mind champion belt that many pack out took from Jeff worn. Now from Jeff on. I apologize. But. He just want. I'm sorry. I was somebody was in my LA this gentleman. I got a bit distracted my apologies. Adrian pro wants to come on at approximately thirty minutes past the hour. That's fine. Hopefully, he'll be ready to go adapt particular day and time, by the way, I didn't say Jeff home because a pack ya got robbed at the decision. Jeff one lost at but ended up winning that TKO against Lucas Matisse's DC t say so pack yet won that fight. It's got WB belt and as a result now. He's going to defend it against Adrian Pronin who will be all with us thirty minutes past the hour until then we'll get back to the phones and eighty eight say ESPN edited seven to nine three seven seven six. But before I do that. Scotty pippin. I don't know. I think he was on the jump is that right cat was he on a jump? Yes. He was on the jump with Rachel Nichols. Who bought away did a great job interview and boogie cousins is well, she always this great job. Scotty Pippen was speaking about Zion. Williamson of Duke. And he said something that got my attention. And I just can't avoid talking about it. I have to address it. I'm not doing my job if I chose to if I chose to ignore this. So let me just get right into it. Please play what Scottie Pippen said about Zion. Williamson please definitely going to be the number one pick. I mean, I think he's done enough for basketball college basketball that is more important personally now, and I think for him as a young player that I would show the down. Let me let me let me actually I would stop playing. I feel that he could risk a major injury that could really hurt his career football players are doing it. Why not the college football players are skipping a bowl games. And they're getting ready to come by. If I was him. I know him. At least three NBA pick. I'm out of his time. So down. That was Tracy McGrady in background talking to Rachel Nichols as well. I know that voice. Great Scottie Pippen, and Tracy McGrady should be ashamed of themselves ashamed that himselves now say that affectionately because I got love for both brothers Scottie. Pippen's the six time world champion. Okay. Michael Jordan doesn't win six chips without Scottie Pippin, the great Scottie Pippen. I usually am deferential and Tracy McGrady. That's my brother love him dearly. Okay. But they know me I could get on them affectionately and still have love for them. How can you say, especially you? Scotty pippin. Y'all Cade say that tries to you can't say that. I have no problem with them saying out of Duke who is elite big time and the whole none. I have no problem with them saying that if you're talking about a season before it starts you can't encourage a kid to ignore his team and quit in the middle of a damn season where you are in pursuit of a national championship. Because you wanna get the pro money if way of saying had decided as a high schooler that he was coming to the NBA. He would have been a first round pick. He might not have gone number one overall. But he definitely would have been a half first round pick in this in the last year's NBA draft. You can't encourage a kid. You can't talk about a teen. You can't talk about chemistry. You can't talk about the importance of being one unit like minded with the agenda of capture and championships and turn around and encourage a kid in the middle of the season to quit. You can't do that. You can't do that. Ziya? Where's that now? Play jet. And they were saying sit out that's different was Scotty Pippin said he shut it down. Like now. We're not hurt. And it's been on the court bullet, the only injuries was a it off. That's it. You're telling me that a kid. That's healthy is ready to play ball whenever dukes next game is because I don't have this on the front of me. Dude as absent better than twenty due to as dropping thirty five in a loss to Syracuse. Tell the night. Playing for Duke, which was ranked number one in the nation at the time, which is clearly a pursuit of a national championship. You're trying to tell me that a champion six time champion who understands what team is all about and a hall of fame Tracy McGrady with literally sit up there, and it covers the due to just walk away from their team and quit and the middle of the season. In the middle of the season. I don't understand this. I mean, great great job on a jump. You said something that's gone, folks. Attention. We always appreciate Rachel Nichols. Bringing folks on that'll do that. But thank the heavenly father that I wasn't in studio with Tracy McGrady and Scottie Pippen when they said that. They might they might have decided to take the jump off the air with the stuff on my to set to those brothers. Not brothers love them both. But you can't do that. You can't do that. Now in the middle of the season. Completely healthy. Nothing wrong with them physically bulling ready to go, and you would encourage him to just walk away and quit on his team. To enjoy doesn't get injured. Will have nothing wrong with him. But champion six times over one of the fifty greatest players to ever play the game. One of the greatest defensive players we've ever seen in the history of basketball being co signed ball hall of Famer and one of the prolific play went healthy. We had ever seen in a game it Tracy McGrady with cosigner dude quitting on his team. And a middle of the season. You can't do that. You can't do that. I can't believe Scott, even and Tracy McGrady said or Scottie Pippen Senate, and Tracy McGrady goes on it. I can't believe I can't believe I can't believe. Walter to allow Stephen eight what's up. Stephen a talk to me. Hey, I'm disappointed in you, man. You said you give the nets enough credit? And today show. He didn't even mention the nets winning against Houston. I did mention them off I take and I brought him up at the top of my show. That's a lie. Let me finish. No. No. No. No, no. You don't get to finish lies. That's not true. I mentioned I'm more. I take and I mentioned them all radio near the top of the show today. That's false. We didn't talk about them with hitting the three pointers to bring that back out a regulation. That's not the point. I mentioned the Brooklyn nets and how much better I thought they were than I thought they would be at the beginning of the season. I mentioned heart and drop a fifty eight but Brooklyn beat them and Brooklyn's a damn good team. That's gonna make some noise watch out for them. That's what I said. Individually didn't say. So in other words, you want to edit my show and tell me what I'm supposed to do individually not mention Dinwiddie yesterday that I mentioned him last week. Like Steph curry did. So do it continuously. It's not about the three shots like Steph curry does that Steph curry is made a career of doing this. Let's see what kind of careers Spencer Dinwiddie has. I understand that that I'm talking about specifically that may make another point don't tell me what to do on my radio show. I'll say what the hell I want to say how I want to say, and I will include an MIT what I want. But I did mention them. What are the point? I'm just saying I just hope you give more credit to the individuals on the net. Goodbye. And they have a nice day. Bye. You gonna call more visual? I sat up here. What show in America? Do you see talking about the Brooklyn nets spent then they're half hour on them yesterday? Shut the hell up. You just wanted to call up and wine. So you could go back and say the folk hook will. Real you. So to warn shallow up go to the next. Call Eddie you lava Stephen what's up. Hey, thanks for taking the call. Yup. On the call and see what you think about possibly Kyrie Irving going to play with LeBron away. I think it's highly unlikely but still possible. All right. And then you for us. Do you think there's any possibility that a Jalen hurts possibly win the Heisman over to this year? No. I don't think the Jalen hurts is a good thrower. I'm very proud of what I saw him do against Georgia. I know he was working hard during the season on his mechanics and improving upon that. I think he has tremendous potential tremendous athlete. I think Oklahoma is going to win some games with him behind center. No question about it. But I don't think he's a thrower of the football that too is. And so I don't see that happening now. Thank you. Let's go to Darius. Allow Stephen talked me Darris. Hey, even low communist refers time caller. I'm just going with Tracy McGrady and Saudi tip. I agree with it. Because look at the other sports like all in tennis and hockey. Both folks are going pro at fifteen sixteen seventeen. I right there star star star. Stop see you misconstrue my point. You don't listen what I say was no problem with this gestion at the beginning of a season before anybody's played. I'm saying if you're in the middle of seizing you've been a part of the lineup you're not injured, and you just say, all right? I'm quitting on the team while in pursuit of a national championship. You can't do that. For you got injured. You got injured then you don't wanna come back and risk further injury. That makes sense or you don't want to risk injury at all. So you refuse to play at all this season. That's different. But once the coaches asserted you into the lineup, and he's game planned with you in mind, and he's determined as rotation and all other things that come with it. You can't just quit on the team in the middle of a season. When you're one hundred percent healthy. You can't do that. Or it Kelly Bryant did that with women. No, he did not know he did not Davos winning. They decision to go with Trevor Lawrence and recognize that he had to make the decision at the time to make the decision because you were talking about eligibility issues with Kelly, Brian. And so as a result not wanting to compromise the kid in any way, you made a decision when you had to make decision to do what was best for your program and to preserve the eligibility for Kelly. Brian that wasn't Kelly. Bryant quitting on the team Kelly. Bryant been demoted he wasn't playing. So williams. Thought in a key component at a Duke blue devils the pursuit of a national championship. You can't compare to. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Let's go to Joe you lava Stephen. Yes, I'm here. You live on the air. Go ahead. Are you doing my big plan on the show? Mike, you go ahead. I really wanted to call you about the Bronco that design William you ain't talking about Joey both about who Joey Bosa your what about both because the whole euro say what Nick Volks you talking about. Nick, bolsa, Nick wells. But what I'm saying that you did you just say the whole year. Well, now, he could would you usually play with guns. No, no, no, no. You don't understand what I'm saying? I'm saying that you you're talking about the player I'm talking about champion and hall of famous suggesting that the player should just quit. That's what I'm talking about. So yeah. Yeah. What's my name brother who you ought to play with? I know what I. I know what I am. No what I say. I know in our stay about what I say. I'm not talking about thion Williamson, I'm talking about champions like Scotty Pippin hall of famers, like Tracy McGrady. So just in the showed. There's there's wisdom wants to quit on this team to make sure he preserves his health. So he can get his money. All right to each his own. You got your own family issues, only, you know, what they are respect that. But a champion and a hall of Famer can't suggest is what you should do in the middle of the season. What about Colleen what about him? He could be your. Oh my God. Are you having a difficult time comprehend in English? I specifically just said I'm not talking about the player. I'm talking about someone suggesting the players should. I would say about I'm talking about a Scotty Pippen said he showed Tracy McGrady city show that's different than Cario Zion. Somebody actually doing it that's their life. But you as a commentator pundit who played the sport who want championships who understand what's required who understands what comes with greatness. You would suggest he should quit in the middle of the season. You can't talk about team. No more than think about this. Let me put it to you this way. And we all this all fun because I love Scottie Pippen was a good brother and a great champion. And we don't even want to tell you how close I am with Tracy McGrady. That's my man. So we just talk a basketball ain't no. But love for them. But let me break it down to you this way. Joe think about it. Like this think about it like this. Scotty Pippen could say Zion. We've since you quit, right? And just go pro every reserve talk to go pro right in the middle of the season. How could he say anything about any player being dysfunctional? If you okay that. And then we ended the way the guy. Why not what is it? Not it. Tell me when a commentator suggested somebody should quit in the middle of the season. Got nobody does that. Nobody does that you get hurt. You might not come back because it's too risky because one hundred percent healthy. And you got hurt all before the season. You make a decision not to come. But you one hundred percent healthy dropping thirty five and a college basketball game duck in on everybody every chance you get being one hundred percent healthy. And just say, you know, what I don't feel like playing no more the hell with the national championship pursuit. I'll go till out a way for the NBA draft who's done that who. Come on man, you know, better than that. You can't condone that. Could we own it? You can never say anything about anybody else. I we want to call them by John Elway. My why everybody what about why is everybody? Everybody's owns Jones. Right. Everybody say you soon be too GM. John Elway didn't fail o-over. Oh. Oh, right there Saturday John away has not done a good job as of late evidence. Peyton Manning left. They've done nothing. But. But who got paid into come to Denver? Tabulate Tom who got paid man in the come to work with me here? Just answer the question. I don't need to the peanut gallery. Two extra the extra stuff. Just answer. The question who got payment and come to Denver? Of course, always. Okay. Did they want a Super Bowl when he got here? All right. Was the last time the Cowboys won Super Bowl? We talk about the cattleman. I'm just saying you say everybody getting on somebody else. Jerry Jones, you brought up Jerry Jones, when's the last hundred dollars. Cowboys won the SuperBowl. Twenty five how many playoff games that? They were in the last twenty five years time, we have to lose fees. I'm here. When's it asked to my question? When's the last time the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl, and how many how many playoff wins? Do they have in in in the last twenty five years three? All right. Here's one question. How many wins in the postseason? Does it? Take to win the Super Bowl. At least three so no at least three so at least three ways that you have. So what I'm trying to say is in one year of winning the Super Bowl and another year of going to the Super Bowl when they lost the Seattle, that's at least five playoff victories. That's still to more than Jerry Jones had last twenty five years. Why are you bringing John Elway his name up in the same sense as Jerry Jones only cry through the pain? Bill. You're Brock Osweiler. Right. I I agree with you that John Elway has struggled. All I'm getting on. You about is for mentioning him in the same breath as Jerry Jones. That's all they have a nice day at an eight say ESPN, eight seven to nine three seven seven six. Let's listen. Thirty minutes past the hour Adrian bona in pursuit of the WB crown of against many Paki out this Saturday night at the GM grant in Las Vegas, Nevada. He'll be on the show with us. So he says we hope that he will be until then Stephen A ESPN radio ESPN news right away. Gentlemen. Stopped lounging around be active. Take your girl out go to a game more concert get tickets to something. Plus the players are upon us. And the time is now to jump on those tickets for your ticket needs look, no further than vivid seats deficient department of ESPN dot com and enter promo code ESPN to get ten percent off your first order get out. Go having experience fellas get to the game and use what I use it's vivid seats once again Adrian Brodie up next don't touch that. Dial Stephen is radio. Let me tell you about Pete who loved hockey and always wanted to play in the NHL Pete played since he was three and begged his mom to let them stay on the ice by some nights. He even slept in its hockey skates. He practiced and practiced until one day when he was forty seven Pete realized he just wasn't that good. So he threw his skates in the trash. But then you heard how DIKO proud partner of the NHL good save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out. You'll seem to the Stephen a Smith show podcast. Saturday night January nineteenth the UFC debuts on ESPN. Plus with a true super fight champion versus champion bantamweight title. Hold a T J dillashaw drops to the flyweight division to face the king of the one hundred and twenty five pound division. Henry Suharto live on ESPN. Plus at ten pm eastern. Coverage of the prelims starts on the ESPN at eight pm eastern, by the way, start your free trial of ESPN plus today. Download the ESPN app to get the best of UFC on ESPN. Plus, I'm hoping my next guest challenging Manny Pacquiao for the WB welterweight crown the one and only Adrian Bruneau are you there? My man. Hey, what's going on, man? How you doing wondering? Why you ain't here? Let me tell you. I'm I'm not there because they got me working pro. I got I gotta work radio. I gotta work television. Listen as much as I love boxing. I don't get to get to too many five to Floyd fights my talk rear. I went to a heavyweight match with wilder and. Call you out. You know, have a call you. Gotta call you. If you would be here. That's not true. That's not true. It depends on where he's fight because let me tell you something Audrey burden on a bunch of this plenty of fights in-shore for Floyd. That's not true. I swear to you. It's not true. What what what are you saying? There's not a big fight. Well, you know, what you know, what I'm going to tell you this agency says we want to talk you like interviewing me, I don't mind answering these questions actually love it. Let me tell you. I think I actually want you to win this fight, man. I want you know. No, no, no. Not be here. I didn't have to bring your name yesterday. I brought her name up because you wouldn't fair. And I thought Greg your name we're going going to make you know what? All right. I'm going to go there. And I'm gonna interview that I do let me tell you something. I can I can I make a razors. This your win this fight. Will you want me to come in? How about that? How about that? Because Adrian granola. You know what we don't win? And I'm coming to LA, and we're gonna do it there. Browser that edge, bro. I mean, we take to show most of the time. We do the show live rather most of the time in New York. But sometimes we do it in L A. But I'm going to ask you this question. You ready for this fight? Are you ready to take out Manny prac? Yup. Is the elephant heavy Justice. Now, that's not that's not answering my question because Adrian when when when we look at you, listen, you, listen, you're thirty three and three for crying. I like you've never been knocked out give you mad credit for that. But the three losses since one could argue you shouldn't have lost any of those fights. You shouldn't have lost Mikey Garcia. You shouldn't have lost Markle's but done you compete those gods. So there's been questioned. All right. So so why did you lose those fights and wash it we believe you're going to be back you out of Saturday? I'll answer those questions when we do a personal interview poem on there. We go. Right now, I'm focused on many pack yelling. I will beat many Pecci out Saturday. Like, how do you know what other questions as those questions up? And that's fair. That's fair. I can understand that tell me why you're gonna be mad. So let's stick to many pack you out in. All right. Why are you going to be many pack out Saturday night? What? Because honestly, he does not a better fighter than he. He's not he's not blessing. What what what God gifted with and everybody. No one hundred percent Adrian broader is undefeated stays undefeated. But. I'm not mad about you know, my losses. You know? They made me who I am the day. So you know, they night that will be another turn to my chapter in my book, and I will be taking over the sport of boxes. Now. Are you are different Adria Bronner is this somebody? That's just ready for this fight. Or are you a new man you've been to a lot, and I'm not gonna chronicle all of that? We only got a minimal amount of time. It will save for that face to face when we have that one day in the near future. But are you a different Adrian Brodie a period, or is it just going to be a different fighter that shows up Saturday night? No, no, no. This is being AB going to say series, man. Like, I said before it is the second half of my career. If I don't do it. Nobody going to do it. If I don't nobody's gonna help me. So you know, I gotta make this happen. We had enough plant. We we did enough planning our career, you know, it's time to fight serious question in all seriousness map because because obviously I'm hoping that you will. But here's the deal. You know, there there were stories with that was talking about how you was as such a depressed state that you contemplate, and they point to tweets crying out loud. This is this is months ago, obviously, where you actually contemplated committing suicide because of the folks walking away from you folks, not believing in you folks, abandoning ship after a loss here, they're, you know, obviously, some of the legal troubles that you got into are you beyond all of that. Are you totally ready and that stuff is in the past? And you're in a better place today more so than ever before. At the movie. And I think it was so January nineteen like I said before after the fight. I'm I'm definitely coming to get the win. I'm going to get the win. I'm gonna do whatever. I gotta do to get the victories. And then I gotta meet up to you. I don't care if you let your your friend house, your best friend. How people do the interview. All right. That's no problem. But let me ask you this also because when people talking about you in the latest fight they're saying you don't throw enough punches. You do understand this as many pack. Yeah. You're going to get you're gonna have to throw put just to win this fight Adrian. But in about a lot of punches about doing the right punches, and we've seen we think that putting your con-, you know, he got plenty along. He got more losses than me. So so we're not gonna just make things like I'm fighting. I'm fighting God it the person who don't make mistakes. Right. We're we're fight many pack. You out the person who got knocked out three times flatlined every time. He got multiple losses. I it's not it's not a mystery that he can lose. Well, definitely take many prac. You could lose it. I definitely through particularly considering a counterpuncher that you are. I definitely think that you gotta damn great shot. My issue is is that again if you're not throwing enough punches. And let's say, for example, it goes to the scorecards you might find yourself on a short end of the stick again, just because you was an active enough and the judges don't give you an acquaintance. They've said that about you and losses in a couple of fights that you just did. I'm gonna take that. I worked my hip. And I won't put on the show. Jay wright. Okay. Are you predicting a knockout on a decision? It's the opposite to self. I'm taking it. Okay. And what do you expect a Manny Pacquiao to throw it? Right now, they throwing the book at me. But right now, I'm I'm so I'm so in shape, I feel so good. If it was a rain storm in Iran in and are coming in dry. Your broder. Good luck Saturday night. I will be watching. I can promise you that. Thanks a lot, bro. Thank you. We'll talk. Adrienne Brown challenging many pack for the WB crown right here with Steven A ESPN radio. ESPN news editor they'd say ESPN. It's inundate seven to nine three seven seven six look. We can't excuse everything that we've heard and seen for major Brown. And again, he was running on his treadmill and all that stuff. He say going to answer any question because he's like if it was Floyd there, you'd have been there, actually, I've only been to Floyd fights in my career when he fought Manny pack. Yeah. And when he fought. Conor mcgregor? 'cause those were I didn't go to him when he didn't go to the Floyd fight when he fought Bertel actually three because I did go to see him against Arturo gatty more than a decade ago. God rest his soul gatty because that fight was right in the city. But I didn't go see Florida. Oscar, I didn't go see Floyd again. It's almost against almost anybody else. I saw three fights geddy pack Yao and Conor McGregor. That's it. That's it. Now, he's there Mike Tyson. So by that had been different because I love you guys. But getting back to Asia rohnert, look, this guy's got a who's who's what's list of legal issues domestic violence, aggravated robbery weapons case against him beat up a man over a gambling dispute failed to appear court one time another time appeared in court late and drunk and got thrown in jail by the judge because of that. I mean, everywhere you turn it in the two thousand sixteen admitted he contemplated suicide. What a string of disturbing post on social media. But here's the deal the fight game. Here's what the reality is people look at Brana and they look at him as wasted talent. Because he's a big Tom talent that doesn't utilize all of his talents to you know, his capabilities. It's not throwing enough punches doesn't appear to be focused enough. Not always shaped that kind of thing. And they've lamented that, but the reality is that if Adrian Brana was focused. His skill set that he possesses is the period enough to most where you look at the three time champion, a former three time champion in three different weight, classes, you look at him. And you say guess what he can do some things whereas Manny Pacquiao is widely recognized somebody who's lost step who isn't what it used to be. But he's still beloved. So we shall see it at eight say ESPN editing seven to nine three seven seven six. No one ever goes out of style. Surprising, especially friend, a loved one. With twenty four multicolored roses for twenty nine ninety nine for one eight hundred flowers dot com to order, go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN. Your calls to close out the show in a minute. You listen live, Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news. Just what you're in the middle of a Stephen swift show podcast made it. If you missed any of the show today, you can go and check it out on demand in the Stephen A podcast brought to you by the new Capital One saver card. Earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent at grocery stores and one percent on all of the purchases. Hey, hey, what's in your wallet? Always was envious of Samuel Jackson those Capital One commercials. Oh is that imagined myself? Hey, what's in your kind of like that back to the phones, we go it at eight say ESPN, let's go to Jordan, and you lava Stephen was Georgia. Hey, what's up good afternoon to you? I got a comment on Kyrie Irving, not Doug that into the ground. So I know he's apologized the Baronne but after going from Cleveland to Boston, even though the Celtics are in a better spot. What Cleveland is now two part question. Do you feel? He's having second thoughts on how things are turning out with injuries young talent visible frustration on the no, I think the second. I think his second thought was in regards to how unreceptive he was to what LeBron James was trying to do. And now that he's faced with the similar challenge. And he's got guys griping at him the way he may have felt he was griping LeBron. He's a bit more sensitive and understanding of what LeBron had to endure. I think that he was being honest about that. Yeah. Especially with him only being you know, an average of three years older than a lot of the people on the team second part of that was do you feel behind closed doors that he's won over Boston? And do you feel? He's won over that team. I mean that's much. Boston loves him. No question about it. But also understand why if both didn't have him they probably would have kept as Thomas, and you would have gave Ozzy at Thomas who's now making two million a year two million rather for this one year deal in Denver. You would have given Isaiah Thomas but hundred and fifty million minimal. That kinda relieved and that's not the knock Isaiah Thomas. Isaiah Thomas last time. He was held. He was average at twenty eight point nine a game. The problem is that is it Thomas hasn't been healthy over the last couple of seasons. That's been his challenge. Here's Cleveland fan. And I've been following them for a long time. I just I like. I got I got I'm on. I'm on a tight spot. You know, you giving me sentimental feelings. I got it. But I gotta go. Appreciate it. Marsha you live Steve and they would up. Hey, how's it going more breaking the call? Why do you think Dwayne Haskins is projected to go earlier in the draft? And Kyle Mary why is bigger bigger? And the Wayne has because there's a ball and the lead in Ohio State the things that he can do the versatility. They say he can make professional throws. He can run with the football. He's got better size on him as well. And he comes from an elite program. I think that's the reason why I gotta run. I appreciate it. Troy real quick. You've got thirty seconds. Go. Yes, I'm Yarbrough. I just want to say about the Paki outside. I mean rar your father live west. But when you call them, Madonna, you got beat up. You're not a champion. You've gotta do your thing. Make sure you handle your thing. When you go in there and fight back. Yeah. He's left handed like me. Brian. You're going to get knocked out Paki out his ass. Real quick. 'cause I gotta run you're predicting that. Yeah. I was going to knock out Brunner. Is that what you're predicting predicting? I'll take get back y'all. All right. I got you you predicting the pack. I was gonna knock out, bro. I understand. I got it got to get on outta here. Thank you off. Joining the show today talked about Korea, LeBron NBA interviewed Adrian, Brodie, etc. Etc. But I'll be back in twenty two hours until then piece of love. Everybody's Stephen as sano grass. Just a sample of what you hear on the Stephen swift show, weekdays at one PM eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN app.

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