251 She Podcasts Favorite Things 2019


Hello everyone welcome but she podcast this episode. Oh to fifty one. Can you guys believe it. We have been here for turned fifty plus episodes now graduates this as we when he is always is my co host the lovely and graceful Elsie Lee Escobar and our producer. John Je Mingo from. What eight he. W I'm going by my rap. Name is funky Cold Jim. Ingo I love God funds Kolja. Mingo I'm digging. Yeah so elsie lesson we recorded. I was coughing like crazy. Okay and it has not gotten better. In fact I finished a steroid pack and nothing has changed in fact the night after that I coughed so hard that I threw up on the other night I thought I was going to break rip rip so I can't. I know you can't see me. I'm actually just living on the toilet in my pants so we're recording. I'm in my bathroom. Threw him on the toilet because I eat in here. I'm sleeping in here. I'm joking I'm not in the bathroom but you sound like you believe me but I did believe you because I can't see. Are you at this moment so therefore it was like. Oh my God. She is in the bathroom. There would be an excellent. I may as well because I could be flush flush cough and my pants. Oh my God I can't even not my pants. Even if I did live on the toilet it wouldn't matter the second stand up in cough wet myself have to go to the bathroom. I've borrowed some of diapers. But they're too small. No I just honestly as soon as this cough is over. I'm going to the doctor and I'm going to ask that. I have my bladder removed. Oh are you can put you down so the other woman that I started working out with her. Name's Braden she's she has asthma and Bronco. It's such 'cause we sign up to do a group workout and then both both. Brian and I have been ill since then and I was like well. You know. The blessing is all of us. Drop our kids off at the same time the curses that when they get sick nobody will be here. And that's like what's happening for the last two weeks so like so. She's having the same problem I thought it was because I gave birth when I was older. But she's like fifteen years younger than me. She's like same thing. I can't stop being hands every time. Aikoff I pee my pants. Wow so at least I know I'm not alone however I don't like smelling like a great grandmom. Oh my God. That's just disgusting gusting. I'm not sure I want to. I don't smell. I'm taking good care of my hygiene and everything and I. You know lots and lots of clothes. So so it's fine pretty adult diapers going to outsell baby diapers because baby boomers are the largest generation a stars. I know they should already be doing that. I mean I don't I don't know how old you have to be to be fully and cut like this is not normal and continents this is bronchitis and continents like I. I normally don't need assistance in this area so like I'm wondering though to women your age need constant assistance in this area like fifteen years from so now. I'm going to be peeing my pants while I walk on the street. Or what imagine if you sneeze Colfer lots now but I'm saying like fast now. panty liners kind of do the trick. But I'm wondering like in fifty. I'm fifty four. Oh God thirteen years from now be sixty holy shit. What I'm sixty? What will happen will I I just never like? Will I have to wear that. All the time does J. Lo J. LO having cotton is that is the question of the day. Thank you Elsie. You're welcome. Is she senior enough. Yes she's fifty. She just turned fifty fifty two years older than you. I'm saying Sixty Sixty E. Oh Okay incontinent are you. You didn't have no no I mean no I I I did but what I had my baby when I had may vaginal early then yes things changed his time. It was so weird when you were saying like well you know. My friend is fifteen years younger hunger and I was like well. I heard a hundred hunter. I didn't have any problems. And then I you just pointed it out. I had of course you'd have any problems bitch which also I had two children with no problems. 'cause I was twenty two and you would have not even noticed. I had kids like like nothing was deliver. My boobs were in the same place. Everything was all in the same place. They were five pound. I push whoosh shot him across the room. Everything was probably only had bigger. You know what's in there other than babies that's terrible. Oh my God said that. But I'm saying everything was fine until Isaac Music. I'm going to be in shape and everything's GonNa be great and then I gave birth to him and it was like gravity. Just fucking pommelled me. I didn't even breastfeed. SPD's Kim I- boobs pull them out of my bell now my even my new Eliezer like falling. Yeah I'm Joe I mean. Most of this is an exaggeration. I'm just saying it is considerably different when you're older and I mean I was fifteen years. Older is different when you give birth at thirty nine when you give birth at twenty two much much different it will yeah and it also is like I think it has to do with age as well because yes I gave birth to May vaginal early and yes it did things differently because it does you push child out of something that was not previously stretched and then yes and it does go back for the most part but for me it feels. It does feel like when I'm looking at pictures of me when I was. I just found a picture of me when I graduated from college. And I like made my face really big so I could like look get my face and I barely recognize myself because I was so full of extra layers. My little faces like rounder. My whole aw my whole face is different you can. You are very very it's true. I I was cleaning out my photography and I found pictures of that. I screen shot that I took took of you in that soap opera. You did like there's a youtube of Elsie in a soap opera. And I swear you can't fucking recognizer is or not. I mean the makeup. Yes but also her hair is different. Her skin is is our different color. Like it's everything is different not in a bad way but just different I was just I was buller. I had my yeah. It was like you had four extra layers of skin not fat but Stinson. Yeah where did it go. Elsie chime time. My children like suck it out and I think it's the same thing you're saying gravity hold it and then it's dry and I'm just like dry. I think you rest fed so along that they took out the rest of your bodily fluids that you need to like that you needed to look moisturised. Yes you're correct so I have no cheeks right. She has no cheeks speaks no wrists. No ass no boobs. She's been she looks like a balloon. That's been deflated and then turned out. Yeah and I I actually think so I mean when I say. I'm not better though because I look at myself in the mirror and I'm like where did this extra chin. How did I get this extra Chin and then when I try to do the me Emoji like they have the new Emoji where you turn it on and it does your face my frown? My marionette lines are so bad that the memo. Jeez frowning being landing it's like nobody cool no that's not cool no it's not. I don't mind being fat but I don't WanNa look frowning yet but now we're going to have to stop talking about the sadness of growing older and move into the joy of sharing our favorite things because this is sort of like our gift guide slash favorite things. We love this year and things that we would like to tell you about the first thing that we really love. That were excited to talk about today. Should I are sponsor Edgar. Yes no our sponsor meet Egger meet at Gar are sorry. So you guys Elsie. I've used me Edgar for a long time it's a social media scheduling tool. That helps you focus on your show not on your social. They have a new pricing tier. That's per for podcasters for longest time. They were forty nine dollars. And if you didn't have a lot of stuff to schedule a lot of balls in the air for your nine dollars probably seems like a lot but now now for nineteen dollars a month you can do three social media accounts and automatically post ten times a week. So that's two a day Monday through Friday for just twenty bucks a month month so set up your recurring stuff. Import your content from your RSS Feeds or bulk upload it like I do with like a whole listed the spreadsheet needs bulk it up there and Edgar will do the rest. It's nice because it has like a visual calendar where you can see what's going on what day what channel it's really nice especially for visual. Usual Thinkers All you do is set it up and let it do the rest. You can start your first month for one dollar by visiting. Write it down. MEET EDGAR DOT COM on four slash. She podcast and that is meet Edgar like Edgar Bergen for those older listeners. Meet Edgar E D. as in dog G. as in Gross A. R. as in right on four slash she podcast. It's easiest way to reach more our listeners. Without wasting a ton of time on your social and actually I think I'm going to get into more We need a new segment. where I'd like? I'd like to start talking about processes processes and tools. I WANNA know LTS tool tips. But I want to do like a tool review for setting up processes and systems. Because I'm starting to feel like that's my jam and I don't talk about. Yeah and I do totally like Elsie and John and people have always like commented on the fact that look. I've literally tried every tool out there for certain things like crm crm. I've tried every tool for social every tool for project management. And I feel like I should start talking about them and letting you know like why like or dislike them especially because people are constantly asking especially in the group like why do you like this. Why do you like that and also having the agency and working with lots and lots of podcasters? I've worked in a lot of hosts I've worked with a lot of hosting companies. I've I've been on the back end. I like new select when websites I was under the skirt of many competent or the skirt. Many podcasters so I know the back ends pretty well of Lipson and Blueberry Empire Abi and speaker and captivate and a bunch of other so We won't do this today. 'cause today I'm talking about me and her. We Love Meat Edgar. Tom Tate who used to work at a ever ever is now at meet Edgar. And he's loving it. The company was founded by Laura Rotor. Who was one of the first instructors of be school? Elsie and I met so works. Rex really excited that they are supporting us in our show. We're happy to support them as well so once again. MEET EDGAR DOT COM for slash. She podcasts Now Right now here. We go favourite themes episode. That is that a good jingle. Amazing stay shall we just go back and forth. Are we going to do one. And then you do another and whatever should we do back and forth or should we do like should we try and go category like what's in the clothing living category. What's in the tech category? Why don't we do it that way? And then I will just pass if I don't have anything in that category. So why don't we do it that way so you start l.. Start because I don't see anything in your clothing category. Although I don't have anything about within Canaccord okay. I have a few of my clothing category because this year I have decided a couple of things first of all moving my office downstairs so that my mother-in-law can have my office up here my daughter's bedroom his it's bigger nicer. She deserves. GotTa guess for giving birth my husband so I am moving downstairs and it's really cold and then office in fact is it calls it. Because it's his playroom. He calls it my cold office so I am trying to make new strides rides in sweatpants sheet and I found that American Eagle their double. Xl really fits the more than double xl like the double xl express for example would be like a fluffy fourteen year old whereas like an American Eagle. Actually actually four plus size women. So I found the best pairs of sweater pants. I have polar bear sweater pants and I have another pair of just ugly sweater pants. I wore with him yesterday with a white what they call the amazingly soft Hoodie by the way these are not affiliate so feel free to go shopping on their freely without deal they will get paid something. I've been also buying a lot of white clothing. I'll explain that in a minute. But yes so white sweatshirt polar bear leggings. I was so comfy and cute yesterday and I felt like balls because I've been sick and I just was like so nice to be cute and feel like shit at the time so they I'm wearing macy's soft corduroy leggings black sweater. Those of us who work from home and never leave the house like. I don't have to wear the ugliest clothes I own. I'm trying to do like like I said I know they call it as leisure but I'm not athletic so I wanted to be leisure close but cute and fluffy so another thing I bought from American Eagle was. You'll have I don't know if you can see them there velour leggings flare. So they're like oh he'll velvet pants with a bell bottom. I swear thought of you but I thought she doesn't like leggings so I wouldn't have got him for their amazing. I am the cutest personalized when I wear these pants. I love that it. I think I'm GONNA have to check out some of these ones for myself. Because you're right. I have gotten well you know. My mom sent me the best soft Fuzzy Z.. Flannel Pajamas this season. Because she knows I'm a fan of like anything that's fluffy and furry and saw and I have lived in these things but I kind of love love I mean I don't mind that I wear them all day like that. I don't have an issue around that. Yeah but I would love to have the same feel with clothing. That looks looks slightly more spark if I were sparkly like what you look like you know what I mean that it's like cuter right. Just a little bit of Glitter Strand Strand or a velvet. Look yes exactly just something. I mean the furry stuff I didn't even have a lot of but like the furry velvet does give it a little bit of a shine which it was fun. Yeah so I like that and you are absolutely right. I do not like any kind of leggings like even just looking i. I'm looking at the ones that you have with. The polar bear sweater leggings news. And when I look at that I was like. Oh my God I mean just the the thinking that that has to wrap around my legs. I'm just like no. Yeah no no. I don't like it Yup but whatever that's me yeah I mean it's really important. I think to be comfortable and also working out more. I want to be able to look like I'm working. He would. I'm not working out and I don't know I just want to be cute and lazy at the same time. This is my way of doing it. The last thing in the in the apparel category is glasses. There's this website I'm gonNA spell it out but there's no point. Just go to the show notes. It's me but it's vogue me dot com but it's with to open me dot com. I think it's only women's glass and they had the craziest. Ask frames you've ever seen in your life. And they have a whole section of fast. Fashiony Steph frames which. I would not call myself a fashion Easter. However they are like super thick cat is indefinite glitter and like weird rhinestone in corners? And I just got my new prescription yesterday from the eye doctor because I thought I was going blind turned out that the last doctor improved my eyesight without my permission permission and so I've been seeing a lot worse than normal for two years and so I thought Oh my God I'm aging having a heart attack I have I have cataracts. I didn't know what was wrong with me. She was like no. You just had a big jump from your last prescription now. I know why because that woman's in idiot so I'm getting new glasses and a by focal and readers which I already should have been worrying before but now I definitely know that I have to so contact lenses with reading glasses and then these glasses which will have maybe a sleep. Ah By focal. I guess so yeah. Food Dot Com. Those are my favorites. But there's lots of them for Mu F. I. R. M. O.. Zanny optical will those are the cutest ones. I think I know you don't need glasses. Because you're a whore but hey no no no. I bought my first glasses to like this year. I have glasses member. You don't wear them the But I don't wear them because I wear them like I would need them like I need them specifically like if I'm going to the movies or if I'm watching a movie at night I have to put put them on site. Could actually see the screen properly without me squinting if I know anything at ninety do wear them just not in public. The I don't really need need them right now to be looked because you know one of the reasons I don't as much as because a mind don't do the whole by focal whatever. The transition transition lenses. So if I have to look at my phone and then look up. It's annoying because I can't see the phone I have to lift the glasses and if it's just too much so I think I probably would wear more than more if I had a transition thing and I think I'm going to do that especially at night when my eyes as get super tired. Yeah so that's going to be a thing but I thank you for the. I've been looking for lenses. Lenses frames. Yeah you know. I've worn glasses since I was eight years. So you're like deciding when and where you can wear your glasses. And meanwhile I need a seeing eye dog if I don't have my non but that's cool. Okay well it looks like Elsie on your stuff. This is a good segue into the lifestyle category. It looks like Elsie has a few choice. Items in the lifestyle category and I don't know if this is the active lady the lifestyle or the actively podcast lifestyle. But you seem to have a few things on your so hit it. Yeah I think it's both and so I am a huge like my biggest thing I told the justice like I am all about like utilitarianism. Yes but with a slash of cuteness so it has to be cute it. It has to be like in some way shape or form aesthetically pleasing to me so that I'm happy to use whatever item it is sometimes because I can't find the cuteness I settle settle for just utilitarian and most of the time. My heart hurts a little bit. It's kind of like when you decide you're going to stay with that one guy because you think that you can't get any better. It's Kinda like that so I found my dream my dream bag this time so I am fully one hundred percent committed. I'm in love and has not stopped stops so it's been now like I think I've had this bag now for six months. Evan searching for this bag for years 'cause I when I want to find an item that I know I used daily all the time I search and search and search and I try things out I try not to buy things and like have them like I hate wasting anything anything so if I I give myself time with stuff but this item I actually saw and waited to buy it for a while because I was like do I really want it is like I kept looking at it anyway. The bag is called the lily bag. It's a Canadian company. And I think it's called low lay L. O. L. E. with the little tiny dots on the top of the and so so it's Kinda like Lululemon ish but not right but this one back. So what's interesting about this company is that they obviously their clothing is the thing that drives this and they unlike Lululemon who generally updates Everything for every season. So you can't get that one bag that you got last season because it no longer is being made with Lola they actually stick to one bag and get in different colors of choice. I know and so they get this this one bag. This lily bag is made in like four different types. So that kind that I got is because of the color. I literally bought this bag because of the color I and the functionality right up there those two things we're perfection for me was the best marriage right there and the third thing is the fact that I was was looking for a bag that could both be backpack and a tote at a moment's notice without having to deal with all kinds of problems with this thing and it's really hard to find something like that so anyway the low lay the lily bag. I bought in like this really bright bright yellow. And if those of you who are at she podcast live. Probably saw this thing on my back. Doc It's like pretty huge and it is bright yellow but they are not just bright yellow lake there have different colors that are more unquote normal. Like like your blacks and your tans and your reds and stuff and they have different Material that goes along with them as well. The one that I got is sort of like a plat not plastic ask. You don't even know how to all look like they're waterproof yet but the two other ones that they have in there. They have a leather one. I don't see the leather one but the parachute material. What strong like a tent? Yeah they also have other ones that are made out of cloth the cloth thing and they have a leather they have different materials for some of the ones that they make and then they run out of them and they make more of them but they add a color to it so. This is the yellow that I got anyway. The reason that I loved it the most is because it had a place to to put my computer. It's also really strongly shaped so one that's opened. You can easily put things in and out really fast and that drives me nuts like windbags like fold on themselves and you have to pull them open and you have to. You're trying to shove something in there and everything comes together and it's so annoying. This stays in shape shape and I can put my stuff like my computer. My Bullet Journal which is kind of pretty fat. It has a lot of different notebooks in it. I Ah can put my bose case in there which is not necessarily a skinny thing. I mean it's pretty big and then I also can put my microphone in there like the one that I carry like on the ago if and when I have to record outside of my house I can shove that in there. It has places on the sides to put all kinds of stuff it has a little extra little pouch that it comes with for like my essential makeup that I put in there. I mean it has all of these little baby compartment everywhere and I can use it as a toe and I could use it as a backpack so so I am in love and it has a black Bonham so if I place it on the ground it's not gonNa Start Looking like crap dirty disgusting gusting thing. 'cause I use it all the time and what I've noticed with my other bags is that usually they start to look really dirty and disgusting because I use it so much watch and this bag does not do that. Like it still looks for the most part very very clean and then if it starts to get a little bit dirty we all have to do is wipe it a little. Wipe the stuff that it's Kinda looking a little funky and it looks like really like Nice so I'm and it's made really well. It hasn't started falling apart because I put my stuff through its paces. I'm not gentle with my things that's really convenient especially with kids right now. The other thing that I have here here that is been life changing for me in this and I bought a third one. which is the only reason I'm showing this and I think I shared this in the last? I think last year I shared this to our are hydro flax and I have a forty ounce I have to forty ounce hydra flex but I bought one in yellow the same color as my bag of course and that one is where I I have my hot water with me all. I know that you see how opposite. We are dude. You cannot drink any water. That's not cold with ice and I cannot really deal with too much cold water unless it's like summertime other than that. It either has to be warm or hot more hot so in the morning I boyle forty ounces of water and I put it in my little flask and then it stays warm the entire day when I can sip through it all day long long and it warms me up when I start to get cold and whatnot but what's lovely about hydro flex is that it does whatever you want it to so if you would like to have ice in your water and you WanNa keep it all day you can put it in this same little hydro blacks and because of the way that it's like made I don't even know like it keeps the perfect perfect temperature. I duNNo. They're like whatever that is when you put the lid on it it actually works so it keeps it and I love it so much. I love these and this is what I have for my girls. They have smaller ones. I use for my coffee but my yellow one is happy. Makes me happy and I ride on it at the bottom. If found please taxed and then I have a phone number that I have down there. That is not necessarily my home phone number but it is a tech number that I have so that I can get text messages. It is and then I have it in there and it actually worked because I left my little yellow yellow non away in the airport when I went went to buy some like when I was coming back from podcast live. I got myself a frozen yogurt at the airport as a treat like as I was like heading home and I was in line and I had to put the bag the down and take my wallet out and all that stuff and I got my hands full with the yogurts. I totally forgot about about my bottle and I went to sit down and all of a sudden as I'm sitting there I get taxed and said hey you're yellow bottles over here. The yogurt place. Then I was like. Oh Oh my God that's amazing and I went and got it so it was like cited. That's amazing wow so cool you know the hydro flask. Is the the number one confirmation that you've cited a visco girl right gene-o fiscal girls are yes. Yes no now what is it. This girl is a type of influence. Her that wears crunchies and drinks from a hydro flask and uses the VISCO APT to filter all their photos and their office. They always want to save the turtles and they use all use hydro flask. Not that there's anything wrong with it. It's lovely how about not that. I had the VISCO APP on my phone and I didn't find it that appetizing so I deleted it. I don't think it's that great either but I guess they use it all the time. All right then yeah okay so those are your to. Do you have any other lifestyle and yet keep going you. You keep telling me some other things about lifestyle that you might have gotten over me. Okay well I can just go into. This isn't really lifestyle but while no always until software I've found an SE store that finally has an apple watchband that isn't hideously ugly and I'll just have lc put a lincoln to it because it's an ad see store. That's called Bo. Hippie Apple Watch band it's just bracelet. Looks like bracelets and then your Apple Watch is kind of in the middle of it but like the plastic ones depress me the leather ones. You're supposed to be able to wear it swimming so that's GonNa get al Wet. I've been wanting one that looks cool and not like I'm about to run a marathon like I just ate the way the apple ones and so this whole store has like a billion cute ones coughs and bracelets and rhinestone -I ones and just finally I mean it's so rare to find their forty bucks but I needed something cute because I'm tired of looking like I don't know I just feel like those are very as you say utilitarian. No you're right it. Does I think that you're absolutely right. When when it comes to those watches like there are some things that I feel need to be utilitarian esque esque and then for me with? It's such a high end watch. Why do you always need to have like those utilitarian? You need to be able to dress it up right yet. Oh this is so cute. It looks looks amazing. It looks like then I'm like I would consider wearing a an apple. Watch like that. I just where every time I look at them I go. They just looked so like as soon as I see it I go there. They were apple. Watch looking for some reason. I don't know yeah they are. Yes you are correct. So that I love and then I'm trying to think some these go from lifestyle too like hardware-software let's go with these pens. I found these amazing pets on Amazon. They are Super Fussy. They're like I think I think they're meant to be for bridesmaids because they're like rose gold ones right White with rose gold POLKA DOTS and one's white and at the top of them instead of an eraser has like a big old. What looks like a diamond ring? Just look the dining part there. So over the top fancy and girly and I'm just like eight bucks and I'm so attracted to them for some reason so I need like one hundred. I just want to share that with you. Because it's the opposite of the utility like here. I am like one so utilitarian and then I'm like where can I get a diamond ring in Penn.. I just find that when I do need a pen which is rare. It's kind of Nice to have like a fun pretty one. I love pretty pens. Dude I like I yeah absolutely I think I had. I talked about some of those pretty pens before but like before filling out the lifestyle thing before we switch over to some other podcasting more specific things may be possibly I discovered pop sockets this year I had been seen in sockets. Yeah like I had been seeing them. People I see people use them. I was like you know. I don't know I don't know about pop. Socks didn't click for me. It seemed annoying. It seemed like why I just kept looking at that. And then when we went to podcast movement we did one of these like super fast. I don't know like mentorship sessions that I had had to do like we were in a room and everybody would come to the table and we would teach people and then they switched stuff but anyway the sponsor of that event gave out little pop sockets for his company and so I had a pocket and I was like let me use it and I was like Oh Duda tries your phone. Yes this is need. I kind of really dig it. Oh Oh I get it. So then it all started to click and then I thought Oh my God I don't want this dudes company on my phone because is number one. I'M NOT GONNA use it number two. It's really ugly like it's not even acute logo or anything so I had to go by myself pop socket and of course I bought Harry Potter. One that says platform nine three quarters on it so just because I'm such a Dork. I'm in that Ma- that makes me happy. And so now every time I look at it I go. This is neat. I still had in mind you. I am now still on the search for the perfect pop socket and I think that it's going to have to be some kind of she. podcast one. That has sparkles on it. I have a feeling that I'm we're GONNA have to do something like that because it is absolutely necessary now as she podcast. CASTLEROCK sockets are awesome. The only problem is they don't last forever and it makes me sad. They like I want them to last much longer than they actually do like. It'll peel off my phone or you know. Just when you think you you're confident in stickiness it disappoints. Oh you know what. It's so funny because I have a cover above my cover on my phone so like it's not. I had previously tried to address my phone up because I was like really. I couldn't find the perfect cover for my phone. That is both utilitarian and cute. So I dressed up my utilitarian case ace and I think the reason that it works well for me is because it's not stuck on the phone for whatever reason it sticks really a lot better to whatever the cover is that I have on top of it that makes says I'm looking at it from a next cover. Maybe one that has one embedded in their camp popoff. Yeah Otter boxes making those right now. I know that that's something awesome so anyway. Oh and then the last thing in terms of that I think I have do. I have one last thing that has changed my life. This year is the nutribullet neutral it the nutribullet like little blender thing. I bought two this year so actually I think I bought mine. I was January. I bought mine in January. The nutribullet pro which is around eighty nine dollars so I got it and it has changed my life. That thing is amazing I used to have a blender before where I used to make smoothies to that thing and then whenever I drank those movies it was like chewing. The bids of the tea leaves that tend to to get stuck at the bottom of when you're having tea and it breaks and then all of a sudden you're drinking and you're like Oh my God it's like that. That's what it used to feel like when I made made my smoothies chewing on vegetables and it was just not great i. It looks like to by the way like she's just chewing on mud. Wouldn't sticks yeah but no but now with the neutral appro when you make the thing it's like just most like it's just it doesn't than have bits. It's all the twigs for her. Yes happy so it's like just normal it's kind of like you're having a Jumba juice or something like like that where it's like. The consistency of it is very drinkable. It's more it's more liquid than solid. Let's put it that way so I loved it the super a lot and then because because my girl like hunter now has a smoothie. Every morning I left the smoothie year when I went to she podcast live and then I bought another one that I could take with me that I'll travel all with. Which is the neutral bullet that the neutral it and it's cheaper? I think it's like fifty nine bucks or something. These things are amazing. If you guys wants me these get these. He's there are no brainers so continuing on the contrast of you and me I got an Air Fryer. My mom has one of those. It is amazing first of all does make things healthier because there's no oil whatsoever and like so. I show John My Pizza Bagel this morning. Scott maybe this beautiful pizza Beagle. It's a Bagel with tomato sauce and low fat cheese. He put in the air fire for like seven minutes. And it's like this beautifully. toasty wonderful perfect. Pizza bagel looks so much. And it's like I guess it's kind of convection oven so cooks everything from all sides. Let's see the first day. I took frozen French fries and put them in and they were like the perfect perfect crispiness with like a little bit of you know mashed potato in the middle but they were like saw on the outside. They were perfect the next morning Scott Butter to Bagel and put it it in there and he was like it was like a fried Bagel is the best thing I ever had on my h- obsessed with it now. Then his mother. This is only the only bad thing we order Chinese food. You like the first or second night we had it and I opened it up and she was thumbing through the recipes and she loves salmon so she's like. Oh they have honey hooted salmon and there she had a raw robbed the fish in the fridge so she puts it in there trying to eat. I swear none of us can. We were all sitting with our shirt of our knows. All you could smell was slimy fish. Oh my God it was so terrible and Scott was like he wasn't just like trying not to smell gagging scouse frowning. And she like what do you want me to I do and I'm like he's like how. `Bout you don't put a piece of fish with a fan on it airfreight you just blow hot air out the back right which is basically basically aimed at our dinner table. The whole room smells like fish. None of us could eat because all you could smell. It was so terrible herbal so no fish in there but it's great for frozen food. It's great for baking stuff. They have some recipes but like so far. It's just been good for like I mean great for breakfast and I don't now we haven't really that much but but it's great because you don't have to use so much energy like you do with an oven and you can make all kinds of great stuff in it without having to add oil which is cool. I think I love it. We might have to buy one of those things because I think that would work out really really well for our fast guys only to use the microwave. So it's perfect for you. Yeah we don't have the microwave. Yeah even better so this would be this. Would this solves a lot of problems. Heating up pizza. He beat up a piece of pizza from Leftover Pizza. It was perfect basically. You can do most anything anything. He lives in our thinking about his hotdogs. How we will it explode in the air fire? I'm figured that out yet because I really explodes in the microwave. Because it's being you know spontaneously Ashley combusted. But I don't think that would happen. And maybe it would be grilled. Jr is only one way to find out throw. Turn it on. Yeah we have working smoke detector so it's talk good. Oh my God all right so shall we move to some podcasting things. 'cause we we're going to have to wrap up soon but let's me the whole time. Hi I'm on fucking bullshit all right. Let's you hardware and software. Do you WANNA start. Which one hardware-software let's do hardware aware? Okay all right and now onto some nice podcasting related things or things that can help you with podcasting so this year I think the biggest game changer for me was when my old school computer which I've had since I don't remember when twenty I can't remember when I bought that computer said Dude. Twenty eight to twelve right so once she. I will never forget when I asked you. How old your computer was and you said twenty twelve that is burned into my brain for eternity? Yeah so anybody was working really well. I think I bought it like at the beginning. Twenty thirteen it was a two thousand twelve MAC book air that I bought at the beginning of early two thousand thirteen. It was doing really really well but in the summer the USB port stopped working. And I did all of the trouble shooting thing that I could have. I did a lottery so please. Don't send me all kinds of different things that I should have gone. I reached to the pros on what to do with my computer over panel. Don't help help. And Yeah and then after all of that I finally took it into apple and they essentially said that after it because I said these are the things things like the steps I've taken to reset and do all the stuff and they said it looks like it's a logic board issue And it can go at any time so there is no oh like eighteen right now or not And in the problem is that I work with USB ports all the time. There's no way I could have done that and I couldn't couldn't take that anymore like it was like. Oh my God. My computer's going to die like right now and I can't live without it. It's my job right so she podcast was was very nice and got a computer. I wanted you to be functional. So yes yes. Our business bought her a new computer. And I and it is a MAC book air. It's a late twenty eighteen model and it is a rose gold thirteen inch and it's I think I pretty not much almost maxed out in terms of like how you can upgrade it. The only thing I didn't upgrade was the hard drive so I have a five hundred something gigabyte hard-drive versus the solid state drives out. It comes within. I think it can go all the way up to a one terabyte but I didn't really need that so it is really early great. It's so much lighter than the now the other one looks so huge. I'm like Oh my God and it without a thirteen inches. Well it's just that the design of it is totally different. I love everything about it except maybe the keyboard which I had heard a lot about the keyboard thrown that it's a well. It's just different like back when I type on this keyboard. It is really loud whereas when I used to type in my a two thousand thirteen It was not like I could actually flow. Yeah I was so it's designed Giles. Yeah it was. It's really weird. That's the only thing. I'm not too keen on everything else. Yes I think it's a really powerful computer. There was somebody who was wanting to buy. I think Danielle shout to you. Missy was looking to buy a new computer Peter and the question even you just you were asking me is this is this going to be is powerful enough for like editing and stuff. I do believe that it's it's it's it's a powerful. Little computer actually does a lot more than you think it does in terms of what it can do in terms of processing so any kind of audio any kind of recording. I think video editing as well. It does really well. I think what it doesn't do really well On is if you're doing a lot like if you're doing a lot of video editing like if your video editing is your job and you're managing and dealing with a lot of things and running a lot of different programs that's this is probably not the computer that you want but for podcasting it's great. It's amazing the only thing is of course because everything's redesigned. Now now you have got to buy everything else. Meaning there's Don you have to buy a gazillion different dangles Donald Donald Donald Donald Angle dungle. So that's that's all the new ones. I couldn't figure new computer for myself also and I tried to go to the macbook air. But you're right. The video just wasn't fast enough enough and I can't make like the reason. No one has seen a promo video for like she. podcast live is because my computer keeps dying every time I tried to do it. And it's my only computer so house house like a better guide. No no space. I have no memory on this one rates like eight Gig of memory and like you know like one hundred twenty something of storage. So now I'm going to have two terabytes terabytes of storage thirty. Two GIG of memory A new graphics. Whatever you know eight core processor Sir like because my computer yesterday it was dying just trying to use zoom is And I've only had it two years but I mean I think the trick is and I will never make this mistake again. Like if you need a new computer and you're like well just upgraded later. No you won't you'RE GONNA because two years when it doesn't work anymore you don't WanNa put put in another processor. Another memory may as well just buy a new one. So I'm buying a new one so I'm GonNa have a sixteen inch also the reason I got a bigger screen. Even though I know the thirteen inch is is perfectly good. Because that's what I have right now is if anyone saw the programs from she podcast live and you'll notice that they were made for an eighty year old grandma. That's because I screen was so small. Moths I didn't think it would all fit on the page. Not Realizing of course stupid me I was too big of a hurry to like print it out and see but it was huge like each block was like one fourth of the page and it was like eight and a half by eleven so I was like. I'm going to get myself a bigger screen because that's ridiculous that I can't tell how big things are. So yeah so I got myself off new into other hardware. I would like to discuss. Very quickly is a standing desk. I'm going to try one of those. I like that. I saw that. That's a great price. Nice to hear box and it just goes around your yup around having your desk and you can just stand insisting instead I gotta start doing it. 'CAUSE my ass is starting to adhere itself to this chair there and that's no good. I think that's it. I think everything else for me is soft on. What about you already other hardware? Think I have. Some more hardware is because of the I have the hardware for That has this year with a road. Castro has been lying. Got Life Changing for me. This little machine is what we're both recording on today. John is kind love piping me in today because I don't have the proper bandwidth for us to do what we've been doing lately. So he set up his road Castro pro. He called my I cell phone. So we're having a cell phone conversation that's being piped in through the roof caster pro which can be heard by both John and Jess S. but also on my end I have put the phone into my wrote. Casts are pro. And I am doing two separate recordings which I'm recording in the road. CASTER MR itself and I'm also recording on my computer so I have backup files happening at the same time and it's just amazing. I mean it's just a for somebody who it doesn't have very good connection like me. This is an unbelievable product and it is something for people who do who happen to have in. This happens all the time if you have the the budget like this puppy right now. It's about five hundred ninety nine dollars and you do still need to have a microphone right so you do have to purchase a microphone do that but if you we'll have that and you have a show where you have an interview show or you need to interview guests that have zero idea how to even get on the internet which you'd be surprised. There are a lot of people who are doing this. There are a lot of people who are interviewing people who don't know how to use skype. Who Don't know how to use zoom who have problems with all kinds of stuff and you just can tell them? Just call my phone here. Everybody can do that. And then you can just record them and it's perfectly fine and you don't have to deal with any other software like you don't have to have an extra account for anything else other than this so it does in in the long run ends up saving and you money because it's so versatile so and We also started using the high. OPR thirty which we got this year. Both Justin I and I really love this microphone as a higher end microphone than the Sang Sung. Koo To you which I love and carry with me. I have three Samsung Q to use that. I now have just for any time that I need to record on Road Castor on the scene or backups. Or whatever I have those but when I'm at home and I want to be fancy that's what was going to be in my inquiry Home Studio if that ever happens the high appear thirty is what's GonNa be here awesome. Yeah those are the things anyway go for it. Just okay I have been really getting into notion and all the different things can do it. Can by the way connects a quarterly monthly weekly and daily Journal and counter altogether together. Which I'm trying to put that together right now? It can create Something called text. Stacks where in the future when I do these favorite things we can embed the web page. And then just send you the link to that so you can like click right on them also like things we recommend for podcasting or social media or websites and stuff like that you can create these like crazy galleries stories and just sort of send links to them for people. You can make a task list that connects to all those counters and then embedded in every page. I can put it in the show notes. I can put it in my personal stuff. I can put it in the Steph. I'm using for sheep. He live and just keep everything straight. It's GONNA organize my entire head Marie Pool in who is somebody I know. She's a wonderful wonderful women. Entrepreneur has teaching notion four notion. Actually she does her office hours and she has a notion mystery. Course that I just started and I'm overjoyed way to be able to get to know it. Learn more so. That's definitely on the list. Start using notion its greatest strength is also its biggest weakness which is that it is completely customizable. Might as well there for a little bit overwhelming. So I'm all about templates. I'm all about templates anyway. I have no as an ADHD person very overwhelmed with a blank piece of paper and so so any time. I'm going to do anything. I almost always search for template just so that I know how to start without having a panic attack so those things are. I forgot one of my favorite I. I forgot one of my favorite little lifestyle. I'll put it in there. There's this great great website. That does the most cute kitchen shit ever. It's called French bull and you can just check it out when you have a chance besides notion. I want to talk about so lately on Instagram. I've been seeing these advertisements for something called light and airy filters for your photos for for mobile for desktop and as you know the she podcast live photos. Were a little bit dark. There's no real windows in the Atlanta Yeah Marriott Marquee and the lighting and the decor is very very dark so I bought these mobile presets for light room on the mobile phone for like forty bucks. Then actually they were so good. Bought them for the desktop. Which of course? I can't use my computers piece of shit but I will be using them soon. They have made our photos. Look completely lately different. Elsie like these are not the same photos we saw on instagram. They're not the same photos that we took ourselves. They're not seeing photos. Even though Li that Liacouras Cahora who by the way she took a lot of our speaker photos you'll get a chance to see those but if you want to hire her for her a dot com I think or w out no no. Just leave her. You can look for her in our group she podcast group. These filters have made our pictures. Look actually there was light there. I changed our headshots because it's not that they were to Dr because now they did a great job. And it's just like now you can see the color of my hair. My hair is dark against a dark background and so now everything is differentiated in their amazing these filters are amazing light and airy photography DOT COM racket in. Okay if you guys all know what it is and you do any kind of online shopping with black. Friday is my official holidays so like I I do a lot of black Friday. Shopping racking is a chrome plug in where especially around this time of year. Black Friday cyber Monday Christmas they like stores stores will offer you cash back if you shop there and the only way you can get it is if you go to the website for example go to macy's DOT com today. They're having ten percent cashback so the plugin plugging we'll ask you. Would you like to activate the racket in ten percent cashback. You say yes it refreshes you spend money sends you cash I shit you not over Black Friday I made two hundred fifty dollars back just using this plugin and doing nothing else but shopping. Wow that's crazy. Two hundred fifty dollars. I know it's crazy so right now. Just going. To racketed is our K. U. T. E. N. Coles has six percent macy's ten percent and they have literally every store shortly Sephora is usually six percent Amazon has a percentage back today Walmart. Bloomingdale's everything gap everything. And you know. Even if you're just buying a twenty dollar saying being like it adds up it adds up when you're buying stuff especially for Christmas and if you do mostly online shopping's a great way for you to just save a little more. It doesn't go against coupons. It's not it has nothing to do with whatever coupon code you find. It doesn't go against anything. It's just a either. They must have some kind of relationship with the stores where they can offer cash pack and I mean why not reap the rewards of that so I just wanted to let you guys know that because it's super helpful for making some cash. I think that is it for me as far as my favorite stuff. Oh there's one more thing else you'll you link for it so like I'm because Hasim cleaning on my office. I'm moving around and I have a giant bucket of courts that like I have to every time I need something for. I have an Apple Watch every time we need to make a USB an Amazon court just like a tangled mess of Chord. So I bought a giant amount of velcro cord. Wraps you can see how many how many forty I don't even know more. It's huge. There's little ones and big ones because the big ones you know. You need for your mics because those are bass chords words and their little ones to now. I'm starting to have a little rainbow of fruit flavors a little that I can find easily in my desk or in a drawer instead of a giant mess everywhere. I go because there's was a mess. Your mouth is a mess next to my bed because I'm constantly looking for courts for my phone next to my bed so this is gonNA solve that problem in. Maybe it'll solve it for you. That is it I am done. What about you? You have more stuff do you. Not I just have just a little bit and then weekend finish off today. So essentially I back up. What Jessica said about notion I I love that thing and it is? It does all the things but I think that the biggest issue with that is because it does that because it is so versatile you do need time time to be able to kind of sit there and and and make it do what you want to do versus like you don't go into notion and say how does this work right now on your mind. Yeah you don't just do like you. How obviously you have basics like you understand the concept of a lot of things that happened within the software but the magic doesn't happen until you know how to use the pieces to me? It's kind of like Lego. You can either by the Lego and then this the way that it would it tells you right. You'll make the little thing that tells you how to do the stuff or you could totally see shapes in your head and then you can put all the Lego pieces together and then like may get so. I'm not one of those people which is why need templates. Because I always hated reading list for this exact reason blocks and I nope and I would run away. But we're GONNA hire cannot wait. It's it's so so you. If you do need a little more guidance I think that what I'm going to take a look at it as well and then see if we can develop something within it because because it's an insanely amazing tool and phonic everybody everybody every podcast or needs to have a phonic desktop and if you want to start saving today just even a dollar a day day or whatever you know ten dollars a month for yourself. It's eighty nine dollars for the desktop version. You need to have. It'll save your butt so many different times you won't have to going into she. PODCAST complaining about my levels are often all this kind of stuff just by the thing already. It is unbelievable and I love it so so very much in the last little piece of software for the has been amazing for this year for me again has been Cambe camp appro because being able to really quickly on the fly design things that kind of resemble Zampbell something appealing is awesome. Like it makes you be able to design stuff in such an easy way especially if you already have have like colors and fonts and things that you have decided are is your brand and you can very easily create things on the fly and if you don't have a graphic designer support in the house so that's something for you to really invest time playing around with and learning how to use because it's an incredible to and they're doing so many other things anyway that it for that mind you guys. All of this stuff is going to be in the show notes so there are gonna be links of things is that are mentioned. Even the things that just kind of mumbled through and you didn't understand why she said yeah that's still going to be in the show notes so all of that stuff is going to go ahead and look through it and you can click through any of these things and no. We don't actually have. I mean we should at some point but at this time we don't I don't have any affiliate links to any of this stuff. We're just putting it out there but if you do WANNA support US head on over to meet Edgar Dot com slash podcast and support our our sponsor. Because that's really a wonderful way for you guys to do it. Testimony from one dollar to get to get you guys started. It can be amazing. And that's just. It's another way that you can really start doing more of the things that you love around podcasting and stop you know wasting so much time figuring out how you're going to get so much promotion out for your show because you're so busy editing. Yes absolutely oh God. That was a long show full of lovely lovely things but now that we are wrapping up again. Please take else's advice. Go to meager DOT COM for slash. PODCAST also we have a VP group. And we do once a week and if if you'd like to join that at the current five dollar a month level you'd better do it soon because her couple weeks it's going to go up so patriotic dot com forward slash. She podcast join it for five dollars to get access to Elsie night exclusively as well as our Q.. And A. is what else my dear you can find us on twitter facebook and Instagram at that. She podcast the group is free for the ladies. And the non binary it is facebook dot com slash groups slash. She podcasts. And I don't think that's it that's it so we will see you next time. Have a wonderful week love. You mean it by the wreck.

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