Nike, Colin Kaepernick, And Your Podcast


This is Bill to beat podcast. I'm David Hooper. Let's talk about this Nike ad campaign. With Colin Kaepernick, it's a black and white close up of his face. The bottom of the ad says believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything lots of talk online about this lots of talking newspapers television radio mostly people taking one side of the argument or the other. I want to talk about how it relates to your podcast. We'll give you similarly the situation to bring you up to speed the headline from article, I just found on CNBC says nyc shares fall as backlash erupts over new ad campaign, featuring Colin Kaepernick here the bullet points next shares fall Tuesday after company revealed in new ad campaign, featuring Colin Kaepernick, the news of capper Nick becoming the face of Nike's marketing campaigns, sparks some backlash from consumers on social media. And the reason for that is in two thousand sixteen he decided not to stand for the national anthem to protest racial injustice. Hashtag Nike boycott is trended on Twitter with some people saying they were going to burn their Nike sneakers. Now, what does this have to do with podcasting? Let's look back to that. Initial protests. He decided not to stand for the national anthem to protest racial injustice. That's my understanding of why he did that. That's what he has said yet. People wanna make it something different. It's about the flag. It's about disrespecting veterans. You've heard those arguments that's big lesson. Number one, people are going to miss understand your message. You can be crystal clear about it. You can spell it out. You can put it in writing. You can say this is what I'm trying to do people are gonna put their own spin on it knowing this you've got three options you can put the message out anyway, speak your truth. You can soften the message try to make it a little bit more palatable. So it doesn't have that kind of backlash three don't say anything. That's what most people do. Everybody's got an opinion. They lived a spouted on social media. They loved to remain anonymous talk about it in their homes. But when it comes to a podcast, how many people are actually saying anything not many. Big listen, number two, do not choose in that first option, speak your truth. What's the point? What's the point? Let's say you've got a religious broadcast a Christian podcast, you're Christian. You believe in Jesus. Are you going to say you believe in Jesus are you gonna talk about a higher power soften that message? Make it a little bit more palatable bring people in who may be you're offended by Jesus. What are you going to do higher power is not going to connect Christians? And if you're Christian, that's not your belief. Anyway, now, I could give you a million examples of this. But I'm not here to give you examples. I'm here to have you think about your message? What is your message? I'm here to let you know that it is okay for you to repel people. That's big lesson number three here. Just as many people love Nike today as hate them. Maybe more when some people saw that ad this man Nike gets me Nike gets what this guy's trying to do. He gets how I feel and they love Nike even more. Was it risky? Hell. Yeah. It was risky. Anything worth doing is risky. You're gonna put your voice to a podcast put it out into the world. Once it's out. It's out. You don't know who's going to hear it. Maybe some people going to hear it that you don't want to hear. That's a risk. Some people are going to disagree with you some people going to leave you bad reviews. Some people are going to send you a non emails. It happens even at a small level your podcast or go into podcasting. Facebook group people get into arguments over the dumbest things now that Mike sucks. Don't use that. Mike, it sucks. Who cares? The right Mike is the one that you got in front of you, the right Mike is the one that enables you get your podcast out who cares about microphones you people get into arguments about them. So imagine when he gets into something important something that really matters big social issue, something like injustice, police, brutality care war. People are opinionated about those things. If you talk about any of those things, you're going to get backlash that Christian podcast that I mentioned, I see this. All the time with Christian authors. They are in a hard place. You think you've got a bad magin being a Christian author get Christians on top of Christians. Now, it's not Jesus enough. He didn't praise God. In the way. I wanna praise God. You got the eighth east in there. This is to Christian too, much Jesus. You can't please anybody. So you've got to please yourself you. Fly your flag. That's what he's doing. We'll it pay off. We'll see too early to tell today their stock dropped a little bit. But now he's been around for a long time thirty years of the just do it campaign. That's with his call and cabinet campaign is about he's not the only athlete involved in this new campaign. Just the guy getting the most press right now from a business standpoint, I think it was brilliant. What did indeed is due today? It's too late for them to make a bold move like this. They look like followers. Same thing for your podcast or you're going to lead or you going to follow. We all want listeners. We all want the people to love what we have to say before people want to lead. Do you? You you need to act like it. That means taking a stand. Are you gonna repel some people? Yes. Hell, yes. You're going to repel some people, but some people are going to love you even more the Nike Swoosh. It means something different today. And while there are a few people that are burning their Nike stuff making a big deal about it. There are other people that are going out to the mall to stores like Amazon by Nike stuff, and they're going to wear it in a totally different way. This is a long game. Just like your long game. We're not going to be thinking about the stock dropping for a couple of days if you years from now, we're going to be thinking about who took a stand on this issue, and maybe they lost money. But it's a big company they can afford to lose money. You can afford to lose a few listeners by speaking your truth, and keeping the listeners that are really into you and making them true fans speaker truth and focus on those people. He will more for me. Visit me online big podcast dot com. You're not subscribing. I'm here a lot. And I'd love similar episodes to you big podcast dot com slash. Subscribe is how to do that got two buttons one for Android one for iphone pick one. You'll never miss an episode while you were there got twenty five podcast episode templates for you plug and play make it easy. You're gonna create compelling content that your listeners are excited about that. They're going to show with other people, and because of this these people become true fans of your podcast. Just like people are true fans of Nike today. That is available to you at the podcast dot com. Go there right now before you forget subscribe. And I'll see you on the next episode.

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