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It only takes a second or two to do it. I mean, say you rock instead of. Are just say, hey, I want us to do some cool things with y'all. That sounded so vulgar. Well, may who knows if you're into it, I guess, we do we had a friend. You ready? Death of James Taylor today. Sure. All right. All right. You ready? I was born ready. Well, is your turn to go? I, I don't think it is. Yeah, when I last time, that's what she said. Okay. Well, as I said, I'm gonna do Leonard lake Charles ING a very unlikely duo. I feel. But they got along very well. And we're very well, one's a fat weird white man, and he's not easily blow overweight, and then your other ones, crazy Asian. From an early age. Charles in was a loner. Born in Hong Kong in nineteen sixty eight was beaten as a child and developed a serious case of klepto mania as a teenager. What is that? One may ask. Are you asking? Yeah. It means he's stole stuff. He loved to steal go cou which I selected him from any potential friends. We're not kleptomaniacs. We won't friends. Yeah. Inc was also a lifelong troublemaker, however, no one could possibly guess that the social outcast with sticky fingers would eventually spiral into sadistic serial killing alongside his friend Lynn on lake. That's how does this Leonard this? You won't pay you on my free in late. By the age of fifteen had been expelled from several schools, and arrested for shoplifting. His strict father had had enough and sent him off to boarding school in England matters did not improve overseas ING resumed stealing from fellow students and was once again, expelled and return to Hong Kong at eighteen Charles ING stuck struck out on his own, he obtained a student visa to attend college in California. Although he dropped out just after one semester around this time in met Leonard lake who was fifteen years older than him through a war gamer advertisement lake had placed an amazing while. Although we can only speculate, what went down at this meeting. What we do know is that the two men had more than just gaming interesting calming both had an affinity for violence that would prove deadly inks trouble with the law continued in. He was implicated in a hit and run accident to avoid being charged for the crime in listed in the Marine Corps as short lived stint, and he was kinda short Hanno. He was arrested in nineteen eighty for stealing military weapons, then escaped imprisonment. Ing began the solitary unstable life of drifter and reached out to lake for a place to stay when the law finally caught up to in. He was living in a mobile home in California with lake where the two had stashed illegal explosives. Inc was dishonorably discharged from the military and served eighteen months for his theft, and desertion upon his release ING and lake were reunited lake had just the place for them to stay his small rented cabin in the remote hills of Sierra Nevada, where he had built a torture chamber. While inc. Certainly wasn't what you'd call a good person Leonard lake was doubly depraved as a young boy, he killed mice with chemicals, coerced, his sisters into making homemade porn and was frequently caught stealing similar to Inc. He wasn't ex-marine that tends to be a lot of killers. Either army or marine. Will. I mean I guess they're like looking for something whenever they enlist. But don't get the fulfillment. Or are they looking for Pokemon or something? No, there's you know there's a lot of times I don't fit in anywhere. So they enlist there, because like they're getting kicked out of their home and then down ever last. Because their issues that they have quote unquote. Yeah. Usually tend to get him kicked out it don't really fit in there either. Similar to aim. He was the Knicks marine though. He received a medical discharge due to his spiral into mental illness, after suffering a delusional break now while serving in Vietnam, lake was officially diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder emotionally apathetic and unable to empathize or form social attachments, lake was married twice his first marriage crumbled due to his upset with filming core. Beady SM pornography. See, I don't understand how these people can get Mary, and you hang out, you can get somebody. If a like. Assist a lot of time and work build into it's you heard it here for folks. Chef. Shefa with his second wife, agreeing to appear in many of his films. And she was quite the character nicknamed. Cricket are, however, it seemed like Charles might be the exception to lakes. Antisocial tendencies in nineteen Eighty-four in joined lake at his cabin. Where tiny neighboring structure had already been outfitted as a dungeon for slaves. It was here that the two friends, tortured raped, and murdered. At least twenty five people from neighbors to co workers to young children, both male and female that kept a record of everything. They did videotaping their torture sessions and describing them in journals that investigators later recovered from buried bucket. And I'm just gonna tell you if you dig. It is available to see the lost tapes of some of these tortures and killings. Yeah. It's like the real thing. So authorities suspect that lake had also killed his own brother sometime before the vicious killing spree that took over two dozen lives there. Downfall though, came on June second nineteen eighty five when eating was caught shoplifting from hardware store. Stupid. Ing. It was lake who returned to the store and gave back the Nick Adam, but he was quickly found himself, the target of police suspicion when his only form of identification was a driver's license that actually belong to a missing person Ono. This wasn't unusual for lake who had a habit of selling his victims, personal belongings and stealing their identities in order to collect checks in their name, and turn a profit off his brutal murders. Authorities examined lates car. He was arrested for carrying a gun with a silencer and his vehicle, which was stolen from one of the dead, victims, ultimately led police to the scene of his worst crimes a nightmare awaited fragmented. Human remains were scattered across the property. That's end this. That's why they were. Nicknamed or dubbed the bone yard killer. Yeah. Yeah. Knowing that the jig was up Leonard lake chose to take his own life by swallowing cyanide pill that he had smuggled in jail with him aim was left to fend for himself. And he fled the country years later inks cover was blown in Canada when he attempted to shoplift. A can of salmon, are you serious serious Inga's really causing a lot of trouble? Klepto mania for with other ones already dead. But like. A long legal process in sued as Inc. Fault extradition to the US pleading with Canadian officials not to release him to a country where he could face the death penalty. However his efforts to evade Justice proved futile aim was extradited back to the United States in nineteen ninety one where he refused legal counsel and represented himself in the murder trial. Never good idea in less. You're like a top notch. Lawyer self don't do that in nineteen ninety nine eight was sentenced to death for eleven of the twelve dungeon slayings and unsurprising verdict considering the amount of evidence stacked against him. Of course, there was the graphic video footage and diaries. It belied ings argument that lake was the real perpetrator of the crimes while he was merely little observer, not really know at the time of his trial ING refused to take responsibility for what transpired and decorated his jail cell with cartoons. He had drawn victims when now lake normally did like the physical work as in lane meeting. Beating or knocking out the victims being also started subduing stuff victims. I saw it in the tape yet. But like if you watch the tapes is normally. Yeah. I mean definitely little like was the enormity was boss. He was the ball. He normally gets the guys. Yeah. All right. You can you can go he still sits on death row. True crime author Don less cedar covers the case in his book die for me which rehashes all the details of what became one of California's most heinous crimes. The following excerpt introduces readers to one of the victims eighteen year old Kathy Allen. She was murdered just two months before the authorities found in in lake spree on April twelve nineteen eighty five her boyfriend might disappeared without trace, leaving Kathy worried about the state of their relationship and eventually his life. When an anonymous caller informed her that Mike had been shot. She immediately rushed to rescue him per the caller suggestion only to find herself trapped in Charles ING and Leonard lakes dungeon of horrors. And this is an expert. That same Sunday evening. James Baeau, who described himself as a quote unquote. Very good. Friend of Kathy Allen answered his phone and could barely make out her worried voice Kathy Toby. Oh, about troublesome, call at the store, but whispered that she couldn't talk much at that moment, because there was someone in the room with her at the best in, in Milpitas. She sounded like she was in a hurry. And she said, she couldn't talk to me. Baeau explains probing his memory about the mysterious conversation bay. Oh, could still hear Cathy's words about a man who had arrived to pick her up and take her to Mike, but the guy was kind of weird, and he talked about wanting to take pictures of her James Bay. Oh, ask Cathy to call when she arrived at her destination, and Kathy promised that she would a few hours later, the Kathleen Allen found herself in terrifying. Circumstances unable to telephone anyone in the hour. Side world, a video camera recorded segments of her nightmares. Predicament as the tiny red light on the camcorder blinked Kathy sat in a will warn Brown fabric recliner, chair her legs crossed. She wore a white jersey with red short sleeves dark pants, and black boots handcuffs bound, her wrists together behind her back. She sat perfectly steel with annulment expression owner face. She was saying, nothing perhaps she was in a state of shock, or perhaps she was unable to comprehend the extent of danger and her right? A table lamp, bathe the room in a soft, amber, glow illuminating the wall behind her, which was covered with photographic mural, depicting the flaming colors of forest in autumn from behind the camera. The voice of Leonard lake filled the room. He says. Mike os. A hint of threat was in his words, he can't pay now. We're going to give you a choice Kathy. This is probably the last choice that we're gonna give you can go along with us. You can cooperate you can do everything we tell you to do willingly at an approximately thirty days. If you want a date to ride on your calendar. The fifteenth of may, we will either druggy blindfold, you are some way of another make sure you don't know where you are, and where you're going, and take you back to the city and let you go. And what you say at that time, I don't care, my name, you don't know it. His name is Charlie. But screw it lake made reference to another man, who emerged from the shadows, and the dimly lit room short black haired, Asian dressed in dark colors lake war. A tan knit sweater he entered the camera brain knelt to adjust the bonds on her ankles and moved back. Alternately threatening infirm tomes, then softly, cajoling switching from bad to good guy. And then back again lake said, you don't know where you are. And what you say, hopefully, can't hurt us and by then hopefully might Willett disappeared gracefully. Obviously, I'm telling you this, because we'll have no control over what you say or how you say it, once you're gone if you don't who operate with us. If you don't agree this evening, right now to cooperate will probably put around three ahead and take you out bear you in the same area that we buried, Mike, Kathy's facial expression, remained frozen, even though she had just heard devastating news about her lover. He continues we do this just because we're we admit it scared nervous. We never planned on fucking up much less getting caught and were not intended to get caught is the old no witnesses sucrose little crew. But that's where it's at while you hear you'll give us information on Mike in terms of his brother Bank accounts, who we need to write to making things, grit or probably have you write some letters to the guy is foster brother and tell him some bullshit, story about how you and Mike have moved off to Timbuktu. And he's got a job doing this and that and doing something else. And basically, we won't bays my call just sort of move him over the rising, and let people know that yet might moved off to God knows where. That semi acceptable. If anyone wonders. No one's going to wonder too hard logging here. We'll keep you busy 'cause let me tell you, you'll wash force your cling farce cook for us. And okay, you'll fuck farce that your choice in a nutshell Darlan, not much of choice. Let you got a death wish. Still sitting perfectly still Kathy tried to speak for her vocal cords constructed in her words fail. She could only manage. No. I don't particularly do. The Asian man whom lake it called Charlie muttered something unintelligible, but lake smothered him out with another effort to put his captivity, actually Cathy. I like you. I didn't like lion to you, whether you believe it or not. That's not important. The fairness of watcher gonna do is not up for debate. We're not worried about whether you're fair or we're fair or whether we're good. We're just worried about ourselves selfish bastards, maybe he'll probably think of worse names for us in the next four weeks. But that's where it's at in the last twenty four hours. We've been tired nervous little hostile. Perhaps, we expect you to do something about that believe me. We both need it. If you go along with us and cooperate will be as nice as we can to within the limits keeping you a prisoner. If you don't go along with us. Well, we're going to take into the bid tie you down rape you. Good shoot. You bury. Sorry, lady time's up make choice. Jesus Christ motionless Kathy forced words through her dry mouth. Well. Have to be available. Spell it out for so tape league demanded I wanna hear it from your own lips. I can't spell it out with spurred, she don't know how to spell go along with whatever you want. That's all we wanted to hear. Said late Mike was such an ask. Kathy attempted to reply to the insult, butterflies, failed understand, lake said, in mock sympathy either he lied to your you lied to us. You can believe this, or you don't have to believe it. It has nothing to do with anything. Mike was getting ready to drop you. He said, she was clinging on the him, you Rask and things of that he didn't want parents. That writing is a tension to his Asian cohort lake asked today. Wasn't today yesterday? We're turning to his taunting of the helpless woman. Lay continued Mike Catt some woman in the motel giving him a blow job. Again, this is what he said, whether or not it's true or not. I don't know he could have been lying to us struggling again to speak. Kathy could only gas. His voice betraying enjoyment of verbal torture lake said the whole K, then maybe he just liked hall can be he thought he was imprisoned us, he would. He was discussed in us. Do you got the keys to her curves? Charlie? A hall. Affirm charlie? Stand up Cathy, if we're low clumsy this forgive us lower forgive us stay on your feet on dress forest. We wanna see what we got. Undress for you fear and disbelief sounded in our throat. Take your blouse off Kathy. Take your bra off. They're not all that bad take chains off. Kathy them began to disrobe Charlie the muttered now. What do you think addressing lake he asked hooting take our pants off? Sure thing, Charlie will run our through the shower. I go to Charlie said, oh, you wanna take a shower with lake seemed amused. If you want to sit down Kathy. The Asian than said this is all surprisingly cool operative. Gosh, why cou operative Charlie? And then the Kathy he said, we're prepared to do practically anything to get you to greet with us. I'm glad she made all of that unnecessary, but a few ground rules, Kathy. We're real serious about this. You do what you toll now cooperate with us. It won't be any problems. If you create problems what, so ever, you could they will die. Keep undressed police Kathy. Alert to the threat of death. Charlie said the pieces on the table. Apparently reminding lake of a handgun lying nearby lake said, OSCE Chari. Charlie seem to be concentrating on the possibility of joining the captive in the shower slurred as next few words, you didn't get the shower Shida time limits. Ignoring him lake folks, don't Cathy, as she rose to continue, removing clothing keep going Kathy. He commanded barely able to speak Cathy said you'll have to excuse me being shy. Sorry. No, no. I can understand suits lake but don't be shy. You're gonna take good shower. Now joining in the actively more audibly Charlie commented. It's won't be first time won't be the last time. Patronizing late chatted his partner. Don't make it hard for Charlie watching Kathy has she stood only in her underpants? He urged her own panties to Kathy. I don't want to have to make an example of what we need to do to make you cool operate now. Do completely vulnerable standing naked after removing her last garment Cathy said I realize that. Then then please cooperate. Go ahead. Charlie? As all three left the camera's view Leonard lake spoke, one last time when you get out. They'll be slippers outside of the and the camera stops at this point. But the torture had not ended the video camera. Would record two more devastating episodes in the final few days. Kathleen, Allen's eighteen years of life. That's kind of heroin. And you can see that online, if you look it up at an is very odd or it's so much more disturbing than just here in the but the sad part to me, the story is. Charlie Charles in. He's never going to be executed may know he's still sits on death row. Because California has not executed anyone since two thousand six they now have im seven hundred and something people on death row yet. And the first one that was, and they're continuing being put on death row in cost over a million a year just a house, personal year. So, like this day, the chores seven hundred you've got to go through seven hundred people and the haven't done any since xactly. They're never going to get him. There's no way. And that to me is, what is more disturbing than anything that we're paying all this money and they didn't care anything about their victims yet? We're supposed to be civil to them. And maybe I'm wrong for thinking that, but I don't care where needed throw them all on an island together. Just just make him jump out. No, I tell you what make him jump out. The plane without appear shoot. That's a good idea in the middle of nowhere. But. I want to hear what y'all thoughts on it is. How do you feel about the death penalty cases like this get in touch with us? Send us a message on bad in the boomed doubts dot com. And let me know I feel like they need to be the same tortured that they inflicted on other people. So you think I for nine of always thought that always, I don't, I don't care who it is. If you do something, somebody else on Ming, I, I'm definitely not into this whole let, soothe them before we stick needle and let them, so humanely exact and cared nothing things. They don't feel a thing whenever they and like with these people, you know that they are guilty. You know they did it its own. Oh, yeah. See because now. I don't know some people understand because some are innocent, but not whenever you had the videos, but now whenever you know, one hundred percent sure that they did it there, there's no way out of it. Okay. That's the story of Charles eating and Leonard late, like I said kidding touch with us. Shoot us a message and let us know. How you feel about cases like this. Oh, yeah. And now drew is you've got something for us. Yeah. Do. All right. Thank you. Got a little corona. Work one, corona. Yes. Sure do. And that was named after the drink. No, he was not sure. Yes. All right. So one corona was born in nineteen thirty four in Alton in the state of Jalisco Mexico, he entered the United States in nineteen fifty when he was only sixteen crossing the border into California, when he crawls Stover corona pick carrots in melons in the imperial valley. That's all never dead air people Bahare in Milne's. That makes sense. He did this for three months until he moved to the north of the Sacramento valley. Coronas half, brother. Now Vidadi Koroma had moved to feel California in nineteen forty four to work in settled down in may of nineteen fifty three Nabi dot convince corona to move to Marysville in. He found work on a local ranch, corona then met in married Gabriella her moslo on October. Twenty fourth nineteen fifty three in Reno, Nevada. Once that ended in nineteen fifty nine he found another. Another woman who he married named Gloria Moreno? And they have four daughters together all offers. Yeah. In, in December of nineteen fifty five though of flood occurred on the feather river, which was nixed Marysville and broke the Levy, which allowed the rushing water to Floyd hundred fifty square miles, killing thirty eight people. Wow. Yeah. But strangely after this event corona was greatly affected by the death and destruction which call him to have a mental breakdown. He believed now did kill any of his family on. No, no. It did not. But he believed that everyone must gone from the Floyd in there was no one left, but ghost. So he was seeing ghosts everywhere. Okay. So he goes. No. He was just seeing him. So he was suffering from an episode. Schizophrenia on January seventeenth nineteen fifty six in then novel Dodd sent him to the do at state hospital. The do it. Yeah. In all burn, California where they diagnosed him with a schizophrenic reaction paranoid tight win. Was this in the fifty forty fifty? This isn't fifty six. Yeah. That they didn't have very good diagnosis that. Well, after his diagnosis he was given twenty three shop treatments in them was announced recovered in released three months later. If nothing else I mean, he should have been somewhat bright reset after twenty shock treatment. Oh, yeah. You know, Rosty was even still now bad that would hurt that can fifties. That was not a very pleasant note was not, not like today's will after this incident corona was sent back to Mexico, but returned not long after with the green cord. Once he returned. He had stopped drinking, not head many schizophrenic episodes and was said to be very her worker in nineteen sixty two became a licensed labor contractor in was said to be. Will he is in charge of hiring workers to feel the local fruit ranches? But during the sellers, fruit range, and picking cares. Milnes while during the sign people reported him being rude, and having anger issues with gay people with gay men. Well, Naveh's blonde his way way now out Seth broiler was gay. Oh, his wife. His wife half, brother. No thought Navidad was his wife. Nahvi dot is his half-brother. Oh, yeah. Now we have further sorry if you hear that Tucker. 'cause don't nobody ever learn how to babysit. Can you tell everybody? Hey, you tell them pain? Hey, you don't wanna tell. Well, now the own the quarter Lahore cafe in Marysville, and on the morning of February twenty fifth nineteen seventy a young man named Jose Ryo was found brutally attacked with a machete in the restroom of the cafe. He was found at one AM by customer with his head and face gruesomely hacked when Noddy. Yeah, when Nava was informed he called the police road away, but Jose was still love, and he was, oh, I don't neither. But he fell for lawsuit against Nevada for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. And this calls Nava to sale is business in return bet in Mexico. Amort nineteen seventy corona was omitted to do it state hospital again for treatment in a year later, he'd been through on a will he applaud for welfare, because there was hardly any ranch were, or form work available. Prostate could even work after all the shop treatments. And, and the. The rather bashing Mia. His application was not because he owned to two houses in had money in the Bank have the after houses. I don't know. I know that could be pieces of shit. They probably were. Will that same year of former who had hired corona to work for him in the past noticed a freshly dug hole in a peach orchard, and the next day he went back to look at it in it was filled with dirt? So the former call the police after becoming suspicious in they found a man's body that had been hacked. They searched the area in another grade. They found receipts that had gone that corona signature had on and the Bank of America slits with Corona's name and address on. So they had a pile of evidence against him. And then they also found seven on seven other bodies, along with the Sipe hall. No. They, they were spread out bread org. Yeah. On may twenty six they had a really good, harvest peaches, vague. With fertilize. Yeah. From the. Yeah. Just got that wasn't really listening to you. Really slow. Yeah. No witnesses told police that they had seen victims running in Corona's pickup truck and on may twenty six nineteen seventy-one police went to grow on his place with a search warrant to search for him there, they Orissa krona in how steak. Are you talking about one? Yes. Okay. Whatever happened to was name. Nabi danica. As far as on. No, he moved to Mexico coasts. He didn't wanna pay the money to the man. So, yeah. They Orissa corona in confiscated all the evidence that linked him to the murders. Like to bloodstain lives, a machete a pistol and closed that have bloodstains on. There was also a work ledger that contained thirty four names and dates on it. I feel now that I'm sorry for with this, but I feel if you're gonna kill somebody to best white do it, what wear is naked and put Saran wrap all over your body. Do you know how difficult that is? I put Saran wrap home for. Yeah. We have, but not for the same reasons but I'm just saying if not that difficult. But then that would keep all your hair and stuff from getting on the stuff, which also would have close. Pretty good. But then you would just look stupid killing Yellen. Who cares they'd be? They would be laughable that you look stupid. Whenever you go to jail day. It would be laugh. Oh my gosh. Will there was a work ledger in that contained thirty four names in dates on it, including the seven on victims, which the prosecution suspected of being a death list of the top of the TOMS the men were murdered? Turns out corona had been supplying workers to the ranch where the victims were found. He has some of the workers in a bunk house on the Sola ranch, where most the victims were discover corona was given a public defender, ROY Hoover, who had many psychological tests done on him the sheriff stated that he was in no apparent thrift from the townspeople, but he still sent him to a bigger jail on may thirtieth nineteen seventy-one for security reasons. On june. Second Gerona was returned to southern county for arraignment where he pleaded not guilty and a preliminary hearing was set when the search for the buddies ended on June fourth, there was a total of twenty five male bodies found, but could have been more on victims buried other places corona was the income victims of twenty five counts of first degree murder in nineteen seventy three but an appeals court overturned the conviction in nineteen seventy eight or because. Yeah, because of incompetent legal representation and set him a neutral in nineteen eighty two. The year I was born. Yeah. At this time, he again, was found guilty of all the murders in given a life sentence in the Caracas state prison. You think Iraq? After this. He had to be hospitalized twice from, from suffering from heart attacks. He spent this time at the sensitive, knee Jorde because of suffering from dementia. The sensitive need Yar. Yeah. Never heard of that will. He now died not too long ago from natural close causes of on March fourth two thousand nineteen. Wow. That was really recent. Yeah. No, it was. He really soon. So that's all got. That was good. Thank you. Yours was better. I really love the dialogue. You went from different people try. Try try. Okay. That's well, that's all we've got a think. I mean we always have mobile, but we got a saving got say for next week, so stay tuned. For next eighteen dollars week long. No. But, but if you've been aware next week's over over to an episode that would actually really help us out. Great really would or be greater if you skip parts. Don't exit off of the actual episode. Go ahead and go to the end. Yeah. But listen, listen. What would help us out, even more is to get in touch with us and give some friend or listen to the all the episodes. Yeah, that great too. Yeah. Anna Rayton are review. But if you really don't. I think that's very Estella Jess very mean especially if you don't have anything to back it up and has kind of because we've have because we asked like, please put your input in on how can we make it better in? Well, nobody they didn't respond. So nobody has. So that's all we've got from down in these boom, dots of South Carolina. We love y'all and we thank you for listening to us. The so we've got four high exam stand not been drew. And I have been Charlie. All right. So you see in next week.

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