The Rocky Mountain Top of the Rankings, Duke-Virginia Thoughts, and Cutting It Up With "Buzzcut" Brad Davison | One Shining Podcast (Ep. 84)


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We raise is going towards the scholarship for walkouts. I'm starting. So if you wanna come hang out with me watch how state whatever else you can do that. If you hate me, even if you hate me, and you're like, I hate you Titus, I fear. I don't wanna meet you won't great news. You can come watch a basketball game with a bunch of Ohio State fans. And they will there will be other beers on tap. So even if you hate me come help out, the cause don't, you know, don't let don't make these kids suffer Tae. Yes. My that's my point. And don't forget can suffer. I'm okay with it. Yeah. That make the kids suffer yet. You can watch Joey lane in the Ohio State buckeyes. The michigan. Wolverines is going to be a show. I cannot wait coach Oltman. Yeah. Hopefully, hopefully, Ohio State can figure it out between now and then because four straight losses, dude, it's been tough. I was at the I was at the Maryland game on Friday. And it was it was not a good time to be in Ohio State fan at that game. It was tough. But it is a good topic basketball. That's the good news. It is time. That's we got one verse one we're mono mono or top ten teams lost on Saturday. Yes. Fifth loss when you're North Carolina. Tar heels beat Virginia Tech on Monday big money to see barely scraped by Bama that was almost number six. So we almost had six top ten teams go down between the last podcast. We did a now that is a lot. That is a lot of top ten teams. There's a lot of action. We're going to talk about all of it. We also have a very special interview. I wanted to tease the interview Tate. I wanted to kind of be coy about it. But then I realized how podcast work and that we're probably going to put it in the title. And I guess you can't really surprise people the fogcast, right? I mean, I guess we could we could not put in the title. But I'm guessing we're gonna put it in the title. So people know what the interview is. Right. And what is one of those things that they do in music now where they just don't put who the features are. And you figure it out. You know what I mean? So maybe we do that possibly is that what you want. We have trouble. Let's innovating. We can go ahead. And I don't know. We'll see what happens. But anyways, we got a this is a bad guy, you know, brag. I it's all in the same vein there. There is a. Guy, and we got the guy. Right. You're guy. We're put it into the title. Let's not kid ourselves. We're putting it in the fucking tight Cup. Brad. You read this and just to be clear for people listening that that that saw the title and thought to themselves. I wonder what the joke is going to be here. There is no joke. We got both got Brad on the podcast. Yes. We had a fun interview with him it it came about. And basically, it doesn't matter. How it came about? We got Busca Brad. We did it the first ever player interview of a current player in college basketball happened on this podcast. A and it went well, and we really hope people enjoy it. So we're going to get to good guy. We're going to get the bad guy. Brad guy, bad guy. Whatever the other guys to show all the guys were getting to all of it. We're getting to the Busca Brad interview all of that is coming up, but first Woody Durham. All right. It is Tuesday. It is the Tuesday show the good guys the bad guys. Cal guys as we said a lot of a lot of college basketball, actually, first of all Tate. I said it in the parole. Carolina beats Virginia Tech a lot of people were tweeting at me at least saying that you're because I put out the theory that you're back only flares up when Carolina sucks did that win help your back is your back mysteriously better. Now that the tar heels aren't complete garbage in a word. No. Oh, no. Okay. So. Heart is growing three sizes. Three young freshman play together. Leaky black Nazir little Kobe, white all those guys on the court together. A lot of energy in the dean dome against Virginia Tech buzz Williams, pulled a ROY Williams like benched, his guys and foul trouble. Justin Robinson on the bench. You know? He liked coach in the way that ROY would have coached that situation which led to three freshman coming in at the twelve twenty or run Titus. Did you watch that zero little cope day? I saw that bind for fifties. Loins in this game. I I had freshmen have done that. Out here the rumors about buzz Williams, by the way to solve this like a couple of days ago, his hair. He's no rumors are true. He he's not happy ever genetech is what I saw that. He's he he doesn't like the AD the whole relationship. It's it's yeah. If this was like, if we were covering the NBA for a living, this would be like front page news because they don't actually, you know, people covering bay don't actually want to talk about basketball. So they will get really excited about the rumors that are swirling. But I I saw this is it do, you know about this is this thing, you know, what it sounds like? I mean, not want to connect the dots. But I'm going to connect the dots here. It sounds like buzz Williams, you know, leaking this out a little bit of leverage. Maybe a job opens up. Maybe you know to a guy that's Owen seventeen on the road against ranked teams at a premier program with Under Armour Marilyn. That's right there. I don't know. That's the buzz interesting now. But I mean buzz that's the, but has the buzz. That's what people were saying those has with the birds chirping up there in Blacksburg. No. But I, but I will say back to Carolina if we have to get back to them. We're. We're but I will say. To bring this up. I mean, were you impressed. I mean by them. This is the this is the best. I've seen them play all year. And that was why did watch. Oh, you didn't walk out. Also doesn't count. Okay. Let's move on. Perfect. Let's get on with it. I was just saying no did. I was I was seeing how your backfield. That was all I just was. So you're you're you're you're back. Truthfully. Hurts it's real injury is what is what we've learned. Yes. It's not a it's not coach ninety five. I am not including Vince Carter, even though his pocket is on this network. Winging. Yeah. Let's get we got a lot to get to this. I have a feeling this is going to be like a four hour show. If we don't move it along because we have the interview and there's a ton of action as he said, I didn't I didn't watch any of it. I didn't watch any of these games seat. I was shoveling snow the entire weekend here in Ohio. It's we got five feet of snow, and it's like negative ten degrees. But there was a lot of basketball. And I read about it. And that sounds fun. I'm joking people. I did watch the games. Let's get to it. Let's start with good guy. As we always do. Do. You wanna go first? Yes, I will go at least do because I have I have I have to I have to obvious picks, and I don't know which one to pick. So hopefully, you pick one of mine, and I can take the other one. That's that's the goal here. Go ahead. We got good guy friend dumpy actual good guy. He won a good guy award. Did you see this Titus? He wanted. Yes. My picks. So edgy picked it. I'm glad I picked it. This is I I feel we're going to have similar good guys bad guys. But we're gonna talk to him all Fran Dunphy all time winningest coach in Philadelphia big five history. Five hundred seventy one wins. He's in a club. I didn't even know. This was something that we had to bring up, but he's the fifth coach to win two hundred games at two different division one programs. And I was like Titus Homer guy. That knows a lot about basketball. Can we name these other coaches that are that that joint illustrious list? Yes. So hold on run that by me again. He's one two hundred games at two different schools. Yes. And one of five guys he's one of five to one two three four fifth. Yes. So there's Patino. Yes. Came alive, ROY Williams Camelot Louisville. Yes. Roy Williams, Kansas North Carolina. There's there's Bob Huggins. No. What Bob Huggins not on the list? Surprising. He didn't wanna to know nonetheless. It's it's a name. Bob huggins? Is it on there? Then I'm screwed. Oh, yeah. I I can't think I'll give you the two schools New Mexico and Illinois the two schools that he did it at. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Steve alford. I know I wish if Steve Alford, Illinois and get those Chicago kids, I can only imagine Lou Hinson, Lou Henson. Yes, Vinson, right? Yeah. We did it. We saw this. Boom. You're good guy. You know, we've confused a segment a million times. But the only reason he's a good guy. He's actually doing well, he beat Houston beat Sampson, you know, gave him the first loss of the season. So that was big. But you know, he actually won an award as the guy, and I just wanted to point out that are segments are being stolen Titus there'd be on every member. Should. I mean, I would reiterate I went on day. People a Kansas website. And it was a local news network. Like, you know, the little automatic video player pops up, I guess with the segments called, wait. What? Wait what? You should re we should reiterate that when we say that Fran Dunphy want a good guy award. We made the board was literally called the it was called the good guy award. That was word for word. What it was? But no, you're right. As far as he's still fits the Bill not just 'cause he won the award. But because for this reason Tate temple had won seven of eight including in in one of those winds as we said was beating Kelvin Sampson in Houston who is undefeated he ended Kelvin Sampson's undefeated dreams tipple did. So he went seven of eight going into the Penn game. Penn is the the the school at which he coach before he took over at temple as you said, he's one hundred games at two schools. Yes. So he he was the previous coach opinion. This was also his final big five game in his career. He's Mr. big five best when he percentage as you said, he he played at LaSalle coach to coach he was an assistant coach is a typically, mafia Billy guy through and through. And Penn is not great this year. They're not horrible. But they're just a. Typical typical forgettable college basketball team and the antipathy goes in winning seven of eight and they lose the pinch seventy seven to seventy and the final big game the big five game of his career which any turns around and on Monday. He wins the guy of the of the year award. So it does still play which begs the question did he pull the classic Bill self and throw the game. Well, it's funny. You bring that up because my pick. Yes, please. My good guy of the week. Pick is in fact, Bill self while. I don't want to say called us. But God damn it. Did I call Kansas losing out West Virginia? In fact, I was so sure that this is going to happen that I swear to God. This is true. And I could produce the notes I mean, there's no point me like tweeting the notes because it's that that's taking it to the integrate, and it's pretty lame, and nobody on earth cares that much, but I can produce the notes for you in Kyle. Yes. When we had our basketball meeting at the ring dot com. What was it in August? I think when we are are pitching ideas for the upcoming season to what we wanna do with basketball. One of my ideas, I had written out on my notes was I wanted to go to the Kansas West Virginia game in Morgantown, and I wanted to I wanted to do like a video series leading up to the Kansas West Virginia game where I was practicing singing country roads because that is my favorite college basketball tradition. All I want to do before I die in college basketball is storm the court with West Virginia fans after they beat Kansas, and I want to sing country roads with everyone it'd be very drunk, and I was going to pitch us in the meeting. But then I quit. Found out that the meeting was basically, just all MBA ideas. So I saved it. But I did write it down. And I sail that to say this eight God damn it. I should have been there. Let's make Mark the mountaineer. Let's do. That's how I mean. You you have the beard. I mean, you you you all you have to do is dress up like Daniel Boone. Right. And then you're there, you're you're the West Bank near. Spurs after Kansas Kansas loses at Iowa State at I pulled out on this podcast. I started throwing out all the stats about Bill self on the road. Yeah. How the only places he loses are basically Oklahoma stay in West Virginia with a sprinkling of Iowa State. Every so often, and those are the places he always loses on the road at kids straight, and I brought up West Virginia. And I don't know, man. I should've gone all in on this. I mean, West Virginia was horrible. We we've we've talked about one Bill self throwing games in the big twelve. We've talked about Bob Huggins needs desperately need to win. This is this is the most good guy move of the year. This honestly feels like a good guy of the year nominee Bill self just losing this one game. I know that seems extreme to take January game and make it a good guy there. But you can't get any good or guy than this have. We know he's best friends with Bob Huggins. You know that they they have the pot belly. You know, when they get together, they probably rub their bellies together. Like, they were sweatsuits hang out watch TV, like drink cores light, you know, shoot the shit maybe keystone. Oh, what's West Virginia schedule? Like, if you look ahead to the rest of West Virginia has I think they have Tennessee on Saturday. If if I'm Craig yet, they have Tennessee on Saturday. They're big twelve showdown at the number one team in the country, then they are at Iowa State next Wednesday and that closes out there. January Tate West Virginia has not won a single game in January a single game in two thousand nineteen except for Kansas. This is not a coincidence. Bob Hogan's called Bill self said Bill, I need this like just I need. I need a favor. That's all I ask. If you I've been good to you over the years. We're best friends. You're gonna win the big twelve. Anyway, we all know it. I just I really need this. This is the toughest year. My coaching career throw me a bone here. And Bill cell said, I got you fam- say, no more. Yeah. That's it. That's why this is good guy the week. And I feel like has a chance to be a good guy that year pick, and it's very similar to the behind K thing. You know, it's just like, you know, friends help. Friends people helping people also wanna point out that Kansas. You know, they have a freshman backcourt against the press. And what we've learned this year is goes back to fundamental bass boat questions like just beat the press. Right martinez. How it seems like we don't know how to beat the press anymore. We don't I don't know. We don't know how to where our fundamentals can we beat the press where has our press breaker Goan. Yes, we're gowns. Bob, HOGAN strikes again. You can't beat the press. We learned a lot. That was a great good guy the week. I I really appreciate that. Also put up framed Duffy won the Dean Smith award also, which is the good guy award to win. He did. I saw that as well. Remember, he was named the Dean Smith award wooder, which all-time good guy. This is a great week for the good guys. Yeah. Great guy. Great week. Good job. Let's move onto bag guys. I also have two very obvious picks. And I have a feeling that we're going to cover both of them. So I will let you go first because I have a feeling I know who you're picturing a bit Bagai the week. He's a minister. And I know what you're thinking probably Jolo seen, you know, that he probably has something to do with some university probably probably Grand Canyon if we had to guess at this point. But who knows but no minister of kosher? Matthew, mcconaughey? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Come on. I mean, he's sitting on the bench. He's wearing a burnt orange a burnt orange like sued. He's basically in the huddle. He's giving full speeches. He he said recently, this is I'm just looking at what's going on. Matthew, mcconaughey? His lies. Life. He says making love sharing swimming playing the Bongos does everything he enjoys doing make it. So that's what he's up to. And he's also just hanging on the bench, basically coach and his team. Like, he's we are Marshall demanded them to stand up. He's a gentleman gentleman. Jim art, get up get up get up get up. And then they're all like clapping and celebrating. You know, is it gets Oklahoma arrival. He's actually a part of the staff. This is this is what we need. This is what we want college. You know, and you know, who agrees with me Rick Pitino. Ring Keno what Richard Patino, you Richard Patino tweeted in response to the Matthew, mcconaughey. Hey on the bench. He said, this is awesome period. No exclamation just period. 's awesome, his dad coach coach Pitino response rock listener where you at. And then you look it up Brock listener university of Minnesota wrestling national champion in two thousand big Minnesota guy going to get him on the bench. This is this is what we need in college basketball. We need celebrities on the bench cheering with the team. This is what bad guys do we need people? We we need the face that we need to Ashley Judd on the bench. You know what? I mean, we need this to happen. We need them in the huddle. We need them performing. I couldn't agree with you more that we we need them on the bench. He was he was literally in the huddle sticking his hand in the huddle of of these time outs. It was incredible. Is Matthew mcconaughey? Here's my question to you. Let's let's let's let's talk about this for a second. Do you think Matthew mcconaughey is the next Bill Murray because that's the vibe I'm getting here. That's what this is. I have a feeling Matthew, mcconaughey. Hey, we are like ten years away. Maybe even less from listen. I don't want anything to happen to Bill Murray may may live forever. But there's going to be a transition. We're Bill Murray doesn't have the energy to be the wacky goofy guy that just pops up at house parties and his always just like randomly seen places and doing weird things. There's going to be a void Matthew mcconnahey. Feels like the obvious guy to step into that role and just show up wearing a fucking burnt like how many people on earth could do that though. That's the question. I have that's the one concern about you say, let's get celebrities on the bench. How many people on earth could show up wearing a suit like that? Sit down on the bench and just like everyone is cool that it's like universally. This is an awesome thing. And not like, wow. What a weirdo. Well, I think there are a lot was funny. You ask that because I had already had to brainstorm this. I don't think Brock listener works. You know, we don't need a wrestler. That's just too intimidating. I was thinking who else from Minnesota can work and then had to work it all the way back not a lot of choices out there. But you know, what? I mean, I get the her Brooks, right coaches, the Eighty-one miracle team. You know, here we go Kurt Russell. He played her Brooks in miracle. The movie two thousand four Disney. Kerr. Also could do a Kurt. Russell could be Matthew, mcconaughey. Get him on the bench, Richard Patino. Get him next to you get Kurt Russell koshen right there. He's been a coach before he endeared himself to the hockey world. I think that's the answer. I think is Kurt Russell. I have like yours celebrity. Yes, math McConnell, but I don't think he's going to go anywhere. But Texas, you know, what? I mean, he's he's going to do this beach. Bo movie, he's going to be out in LA for that. And he's going to be in Texas. And then, but I'm saying he's still going to like to your point. Yeah, he's not gonna do this at other places. But like Matthew, mcconaughey strikes me as a guy who is just randomly going to go to Coachella. And oh, yes. Be there and be amongst the people and not really announce it and just re people are just randomly going to be talking about it. And then he's gonna just just some Saturday, you're scrolling through Twitter. And the Matthew mcconaughey is trending because he's just Acura Chela with the shirt off walking around taking pictures of people and he's by himself. He didn't call. You didn't go with anybody. He doesn't appear to be his no posse. There's nobody wins and walking around the win. Yeah. I got a better Minnesota pick for you. Please your favorite person on earth. John Schuster Olympic gold medalist. Yes. The shoes on hero. John schuster. What a legend. I can't believe he won't. That was such. That was one of the greatest comebacks in quite some time. Okay. I also wanna point out. I looked up mashing Mocatta. Hey, google. Here's what people also ask for Google. What is Matthew mcconaughey famous for? When did Matthew mcconaughey? Graduated from UT. Where does Matthew mcconaughey? His brother live or Matthew, mcconaughey. Woody Harrelson related. There's a great questions. I want. I didn't I didn't look any of them up. But I mean, disagree questions. Yes. I don't know other related. I'm telling you. I think I'm onto something with this boomer thing because he's going to he also like McConnell. Hey, can say whatever he wants. And it's also funny or slash interesting to people no matter what he does. Yeah. Funnier. Interesting one of the two he doesn't Lincoln car commercials. And they're both funny and interesting he the alright alright. Alright thing is phony and interested like everything he does is is fine with people. They're cool that they're like, oh, that's Mocatta. Hey being McConnell. Hey, L of that Ellen and what's his favorite thing to do? Naked. He said cooking if we're not deep frying anything. No. Unbelievable these places he gets, you know, like he should have press conferences where people just ask him things. Like this talks about the Bongo them. This is that is a bad guy. That is a bad guy back. I have another bad guy for you. Oh, yeah. Go ahead. Why don't you just go roll through like five or six of them? And I'll I'll get to mind later. Go ahead who's your bed guy? No, go ahead. Go ahead. Take you're already down that road. Gum on. This is a minor Bagai. Dwayne Wade, you're all like this major and minor. This isn't minor Bagai. Dwayne Wade in Marquette. Okay. No, Tom green, though. I wish Tom green was there. But I mean, the entire city of Milwaukee gave him an entire day to himself de way day de WD, and he had the whole family there. Gab unions there he had like a Marquette Letterman jacket that they gave him for his son which future said he's Richard than Dwayne Wade son with Gabar union. I dunno Gacek Forbes, but he did say that. But that was bad guy the week for me minor back the week doing weight. And now Mark Titus your bag either week. What's what's marquess along? The retires Jersey's my question Todd during late Tom cream was blocking it. He was a guy. I will come back to do that. There waited fifteen years to retire. The when they should have done. It should have done it before the oath refunnel four after they clinched the final four to should have done it in that weekly up to the vinyl for good move for my bad guy. My bad guy is more of the the traditional vein Tate, are boy, certainly my boy, I don't I don't remember if you since you a gift card or not Mr. Mike Hopkins head coach of your Washington. Huskies landed a five star big man committed to Washington by the name of Isaiah Stewart who picked Washington overdue, Kentucky, Michigan state and Syracuse. He said he picked he picked Washington because he was tight with Mike. Mike Hopkins was recruiting him to Syracuse way back in the day than Hopkins takes the job of Washington. And he of he he said he liked him. His quote was I'm not your average recruit. I could've gone to another school in Ben just another one of those guys. But I feel like I'm special, and I feel like I deserve to go out there. And I feel like they deserve a top recruit. I'm going after Jade mcdaniels who's also five star guy from Washington. And we are trying to build something out there. And then the question was what was Washington's pitch to you? And he said come out here and be the guy thirty nine or thirty six touches is what Noah Dickerson gotten more game. That's the that's a quote. I like is it thirty. Here's like counting, the number of touches and his range was pretty funny thirty six or thirty nine Noah Dickerson got I just I just want to get the ball. I'm an unselfish player. And I know how to play with other guys I want to change the culture out there when I went out there. They were just bursting for someone and I just felt it. I'm not really sure what that by the way, the double entendre would there. What I went out there. They were just bursting for someone, and I just felt it and I just want to get the ball, comma. I'm an unselfish player. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Unselfish player, and I know how to play with other guys touch. It's not bags gift cards touches your and get forty touches. Everyone's like that sounds pretty good. Yeah. Do you think do you think? Mike Hopkins said is as to a Starbucks gift card. That's the big question. Everyone wants to know was that was sealed the deal, no legal benefit. He would never do that. He just sold them on touches. He wouldn't do that forty touches. All right. Let's move onto Kyle update it it was the game of the of the of the weekend game of the year going into the weekend. Duke versus Virginia the the showdown of the two number one teams in the AP and the coaches poll. It ended up not being a great game. You can stop me if you've ever disagree all let me make my point because I'm already started. I felt like this was not a good basketball game. It was a close game between two good teams that had a lot of highlight plays. But somehow was not a good basketball game because it was basically just ice. Oh ball on both sides. And I've made my stance clear on ice. Oh ball. That's not for me. I'm not a nice oh ball guy. Especially at the college level. I don't mind it at the NBA level because they're actually talented enough to consistently make sweet plays and a lot of times 'isolation is the right play. But this was this was not a fun game to watch. But it was a coast game and Duke one, and what what are you? What are we taking away from this date? Jack, white I think the Jakov was lived up to the expectations because Jack white was on another level in this game. Right. I mean, that's that was like my big takeaway as far as being able to supply. I mean first off coach K. I mean good for him. He's just this is a ride. You know, this is just enjoying the ride. They're switching everything in this game. Duke is yes, I I don't think I've seen that in some. I mean, I don't know Kate coach K is just letting it fly. You know what I mean? This is a a very will. If you're not gonna talk you might as well, just switch everything and make it work do played great defense in this game tiger. I mean cow guy, you know, had a tough day our guy cow guy, you know, just couldn't make anything happen in Cameron indoor. I'm sure it was so hot in there. Mark titus. I can only imagine a hot it was hundred fifteen hundred twenty something like that. But Zion and RJ. We know why joke that that as I was going to have forty and fifteen and I mean, he has twenty seven he's ten of sixteen RJ Amine has thirty points. And then that brings up the question, and you had the answers about RJ bear because he's eleven for ninety in this game. So it looked good the ice at the end pretty much, but my man's taken the shots. He's gonna take hold on Toby Barrett. Kobe I told you I told you before we started recorded that I was digging up the stat. Yes. On on RJ Barrett shot attempts because this past week this bad shot forty nine times in two games. That's a lot of shots. If you're if you're not really a stat head when it comes to basketball, and you don't know if forty nine shots in two gives us a lot that is a lot of shots. And in fact, here's what I did for you Tate. I went on more than forty references. That's for sure it's a lot more. Yeah. Is as Stewart would love to play. If if you could get RJ bare tree, but he would have been a do for. Sure. Yes. So I went on went on sports reference dot com the basketball reference site, the thing they have for the college basketball page, and you can do the search. You can search the shout at that. You can do a lot of detail churches their data for college goes back to one thousand nine hundred ninety three. So that's as far back as we can go. We don't have the technology to to dig any deeper than that. Unfortunately. So here's what I did. I tried to so RJ bear is currently averaged nineteen and a half field goal attempts per game. That is a ton. That is a lot. It is not like it is not like Melchior face a lot. You know, like their guys that get into the twenty three twenty four twenty five game range. So it's not like earth shattering a lot. But it is kind of a lot for guide Duke. It feels like it's a lot for a guy playing a place like Duke. So I wanted to confirm this. I looked up the most shot attempt average per game at Duke since one thousand nine hundred ninety three Radic RJ bear is number one by a mile RJ Baird is average in nineteen and a half field goal. Attempts per game JJ Redick as a senior averaged seventeen point nine and he's second place. Number three is Jeff capable. Perfect. She's chef he shot fifteen point nine. We have J will his sophomore junior years averaged about fifteen and a half a game Nolan Smith's on air red x again on here. We have Grayson in two thousand sixteen shot about fourteen times a game. But that gives you an idea like you can have a hundred and twenty touches a game hundred twain, dude. Redican? Oh, six the entire offense as designed around him. And he shot he shot eighteen times a game and RJ Barrett shooting twenty times a game. So I don't know do do what you want with that information, no player had scored more than twenty two points against Jinya RJ enzyme, both do that which I thought was pretty impressive. That's the one thing. I will give them. But but where where does co- when does coach K step in that let me let me ask you as a objective outsider? Who's watched a lot of Duke basketball, you know, who who believes in the Duke content brand. Wouldn't you think coach K is gonna say RJ past the game ball? You know what I mean? When's he going to say, you know, what I mean like when is he going to finally get to that point because he's not he's the point guard right now this like he's the point shooter. You know, what I mean like he just up and shoots. This is the beauty of modern Duke basketball is that K has has made this bed, and he can't he can't do anything to change it. Now, like, this is the this is the path that he's chosen and he can't do anything about it. He. He's not going to say anything. And that's what's so hysterical. And that's why you and I just can't stop talking about do because it's so goddamn funny that the coach K got to this point his career where he's allowing he's allowing a freshman to shoot twenty times a game when he's teammates with the national player of the year, the number one pick that's the other caveat like this would be absurd. If if this team was horrible and RJ was still shooting like twenty times again that would still be like kind of crazy, but he's teammates with the best player of the country who's going to be the number one pick and he shooting twenty times a game. I don't wanna make this about RJ, by the way. Let let's I really wanna talk about the game because I'm going to get fired up. Like, I I'm getting very frustrated watching this because I is incredible. And I I love I love watching him. I can't I'm a massive fan of the guy. And I think there's an interesting discussion to be had about both Virginia and Duke, but I I did want to bring that up because RJ most of my quote unquote hatred for RJ Barry is stems from loving Zion. Williamson and really liking the idea of camera tish and knowing that if. If RJ Barry God forbid, rolled his ankle and was out for a few games. Like Cam reddish. It'd be the greatest thing that happened to Cam reddish. He would actually get to see how good he actually is. I would love to see that not the rolled ankle part. I'm not rooting for injuries. Just I wanna see Cam reddish flourish a little bit and RJ bears is getting in everybody's way. But at the same time as we said, he did drop thirty he got anywhere. He wanted on the floor against Virginia. And I think that's the interesting thing about this specific game was at Virginia's pack on defense could not stop drives. And that's the one thing it's designed to do. But at the same time weirdly Tate, I felt like it was just like I felt like Virginia's shouldn't really panic with their defense like their defense isn't as good as it as it historically has been. It was definitely a problem that do could kind of dry certainly Zion and RJ could drive anywhere they wanted. But so many of those drives like Virginia was technically playing like decent defense. And those dudes are just so good so determined that they can just put their head down and do a little Eurostep or like just jump. Over a guy or jumped through something or or just bursts of athleticism made it really really hard to stop them. So it was it was fascinating in both regards one that like Duke do could kind of get where they wanted on the floor. But then at the same time like one I didn't think it was like great offense from Duke, necessarily, just all eyeso- stuff and to I don't think Virginia should really panic because you're not facing another team. That's like this where you have two guys that can drive like that. Will you knew if you're junior that you're going to deal with this Atlanticism, and I think they actually matched up pretty well. I mean, considering who they're dealing with which is probably the two best in the country, and they get beat off the dribble. Right. I mean, you new Zion was gonna do. I mean, it wasn't. There was no question. What he was going to do. But he could still do it. I mean, that's he's bright much unstop. I gotta you just gotta go into that game expecting that. Like, I said no player had scored more than twenty two against Virginia. You knew that those guys are gonna get their points. And that just is what it is. Because they're so talented and Zion. I mean, I it's not like he's doing anything. Surprising, right is pretty. He predictable what he's going to do. But you just can't stop it. You know? I mean, that's why to me. That's why reminds me of LeBron the shot is what it is. And it is coming along. I don't think that's even something to worry about. Because like you said he puts his head down and just move people out of the way and can finish whenever he wants to. Because again, he is just two hundred eighty five pounds. I mean that is just can I you can't stop. And I'd be the am. I the first one to bring this up the Zion at RJ is what would have happened if Kobe and LeBron played together. Can I can I can I be that? Can I throw out that comparison? Have we heard that comparison yet? No, not yet bring that one up. So it's about Virginia though. So so on the one hand Duke do piece Virginia, obviously a big win for them. Virginia is the last undefeated team congratulate Virginia on being the final undefeated team because Michigan lost earlier in the day. We know that that ended that was a great thing Zona state last year. So here's to hoping you guys find just as most success. Bob slapping somewhere outstanding up. We can quickly door gets shaken up pain Pritchard. Granted that game was atrocious. But Oregon Logan's door Bob Hurley that was a that was a bad. If you only watch college basketball through memes and videos like that Lukens door. Did you see that in the we'll go back now sidebar all right now that is your does your pets up the head back twelve update west goes basketball? We just cut in with that nice update painting Richard shook up Logan stored. And yes that is right. That was not mixed up. That's what happened. All right back to it back to also remember J, so Virginia. I thought the one good thing about this was they they do show even though they lost whatever they the offense. The fact that they were isolating like it's a little worrisome that do got Virginia to play Duke style in Virginia didn't impose their will in this game. But I guess the once over lining for Virginia is that this is a plan b like having having a guy like. The Andre hunter who could get any shoddy one in the boy was it was great. And and they could go ice o ball with some of some of the stuff they're doing like some of the guy like Jerome and guy weren't particularly great. But they were it was. Okay. Three for seventeen is a team from the three point line. You can clean all this stuff up. I think it's the the idea that we go into the NCAA tournament of Virginia. And we know that there a great team every year. The problem is do they have a plan b Tate and the answer as we know has more often than not been no, they do not. And when she hits the fan, they panic. They don't know what to do. I think that's the encouraging sign is that having a guy like down dri hunter you can throw the ball to in a game. Like this. It gets do this. If this game happens again in the elite eight or the final four, they're not overwhelmed when they can't stop RJ Zion. Yeah, they can go shot for shot with them and hope that in the end they pull it out. And it's not like a you. Don't you? Don't get those panic shots of like tiger. And Kyle guy looking at the bench. Like, I don't know what the fuck to do coach, we're screwed. So I think that's the silver lining. But then obviously if you're do. You beat Virginia. You beat an undefeated team, you torch, one of the best defences in college basketball. So it's one of those everybody's a winter thing. But it was not a good basketball game. There were they were combined five thirty one from the three point line. A lot of ice. Oh ball. I don't. I try Jones does have to come back for Duke. I will stand by that. Like, I don't think Duke if trae Jones's if if news breaks at trade Jones out for the year. I I'm off the Duke bandwagon for sure because I don't think they can win six games in enrollments tournament plan that way. Well, they're playing five wings pretty much. Right. I mean, they have. No, I mean Bolden. I guess is in there. Sometimes is they're real big, man. But for the most part, they're they're switching everything, which is wild. And I I gotta say it coach K step heading this point because he just he just rolling the ball outside outsiders. I mean my goodness. Yeah. I mean, it's working out. And I think the encouraging cypher Virginia's these are the two best athletes you'll face you matched up. Well with them. We all saw that on a big stage, and they didn't play particularly well, and they were still, you know, within within range. I mean, they lost by four, but you know, hit the counter the shot at the end to make it cut it to. But I I would say the big thing from this game was Zion. Williamson dunk though. Now, I. Life. Yes, when J J health comes in and was given Virginia. Great minutes. Yeah. Like what to block shots like right away? And was the two dunks. Always scores four points. I think he had like two dunks. Jay huff, the hometown kid back in Durham was was given Duke the business kind of and then Zionist GM's all over him. And that was the end of that we never saw him again. He's he's with dole is is somewhere. They're both. Yeah. We should just call the giant island Xilin Zion eyelid. Yeah. You just go there and your exile design island you run over by a Jeep going ten miles per hour. It is over it is officially over. I I will say the big thing is do as you gotta stop those. I mean, it's obviously the most simple thing to say. But you have to stop like that big play by John. You know, what I mean, it just enters that place goes crazy. That's what Cameron lives for and Zion is built for those moments. He's I mean, he's of another world. He really is. Move it on you got any other thoughts on Virginia. Or should we throw it to Kyle? Kyle's guy the week who I've a feeling it's going to be Tom Brady. What gronk drawn for sure. So. Yeah. My idol. Oh, my my guy. I was at the the darker my Monday, just for like, five seconds. And there was a Michigan state playing Maryland. And it was gonna be cashed Winston. But you know, what? Fuck all this. You're right. It's Tom Brady five times Super Bowl nine time. Super Bowl contender throw the segment now, it's fine. It's Tom don't do. This forecast wins is you can state. Fuck this podcast. It's Tom Brady. Do you think Tom Brady thought when fifty cent retired from wrap that wrap ended? You know, what I mean like he he thinks like fifty cent venit rapid and got out us like I'm yeah. Take we've talked about it enough. You know, my feelings, it's fine. I respect TB TB twelve someone is the segment it'd be Martian for sure. Like have you told me that you know, what I mean like Mars attacks? He's good enough. He's getting up to be alien ham. Sorry, let you guys down in the segment, but you know, what? It's all right. I'll go with your heart. I mean, cash Winston was something we needed to talk about can we talk about Michigan state Titus because that is the. I've seen it on every single show. College basketball, Seth Greenberg, Jay Williams. Although all the big timers J will everyone. Michigan state is a team is under the radar. Now. You know what? I mean. That's what everyone keeps bringing up you brought up Izzo a picture came link for not wearing a boot goes back to your point about the mystery something something something to think about you know, we look at Michigan state. But but overall mean they beat Maryland team. We talked about earlier charging, you know, Owen seventeen on the road again against ranked teams. And if you look at Michigan state, they are the team that no one's talking about. But now everyone's talking about and it's right on time. It's right on cue for Izzo. Yeah. Michigan state's good as I've said on this podcast many times. It's I'm still in the process of shedding my old thoughts on Michigan state and building new ones some coming around. Like, I understand that. They're great. It's just it's it's taken me some time to to settle into a world where caches Winston is one of the top five point guards in the country. You know, that's. It's it's hard for me. I don't I don't know. How else to explain to tape? But yeah, they're incredible. It's definitely a Michigan. Michigan state and everyone else in the big ten that that that makes for an exciting situation for when those two teams play each other is that that game means that much more. But yeah, I I have I agree with everything you're saying, I don't know what else did to this. Except to say like, Maryland, I watched Maryland Blaine Ohio State in Maryland. Had a good thing going like, I I think it's easy for us to to laugh at Maryland losing Michigan state as though this is par for the course of the Maryland. Because it feels like every time Maryland gets kind of good. They find a way to kind of remind you that they're not actually an upper echelon team. But it should be said like they were playing Maryland played really really good basketball. They are they have a very good team this year. And Michigan state is like, I don't know. They won't pretty easily. It was big for the cash. Winston verse. Anthony, Cowan big ten player of the year. You know? I mean that was like a a little wrinkle in the race. I guess also see the is own a you know, they had the board for the game. They had they as crush from finding nemo. That's what they marked him. And I don't know if that was like just because they were the turtles or the Turks turtle the turfs. So I guess like, you know, he's a turtle for that. I don't know. But then I just thought about if Mark Turgeon was that laid back, you know, and that kind of just laws a fair, and just you know, that would be Larry did much sense. Cincinnati. Nick ward had zero points and Josh Langford didn't play and Michigan state handed it to Maryland the third best team in the big ten. So yes, if the question is do I think Michigan state is good? The answer is. Yes. The answer's. Yes. State. Can I can I? Can I introduce a mystery to you because we haven't done a mystery all year, I've been really fretting about this and do and we consider ourselves, you know, the, basically the hardy boys of college basketball, and this is a mystery that I wanna dub the Martin twin mystery. So Mark is you know this. This can be quick this can be we can gloss over this. But I just want to throw this out in the in the world between you, and I I've been thinking a lot about the second half must bus. And I know the last podcast. You know, we talked about maybe getting away from the bus, but I'm still riding. I'm still on the bus. I'm still hanging out with us. You know, Yellen ripping assured off I get it. Still number seven. They beat air force by fifteen don't know if you saw that. But here's the Martin twin mystery Cody Kayla Martin tranferred in five five transfers. I don't know if you've heard that. But that's what Nevada has a starters. But Cody and Caleb. What if Mark Titus? They were too. I don't know if one of them's hot in a game. Let's say Cody who was you know, hit the big shot the other week. Let's say he's hot in their Cheonan him. What if he goes in at halftime in switches, his jersey with his brother who looks exactly like? Him very similar to the Moore's twin slow what if he's witches his jersey. So in the second half there Kia known him who they think is Cody, but his actually Caleb and then the other one who's not getting keyed on. Scores a lot of poise because he's hot. Whoa in that is the Martin twin mystery shit. It's the old. The rope Adele twins the must buzzy Rowen onto the the twins. Go into the wrong class in highschool move. Yes, we had. This is brother, brother. Where's nice book? Where's lavar ball produced? This brother brother, this is. I think I can get behind this. Also, like what if one of them fouls out and the other one like we we we could see that as well. The the crazy thing is state. We have no way of proving that hasn't already happened like twenty times in their careers. There's no way of knowing that we can't prove we don't have the technology. We can't do that. At least the tapes. Well, we could do half right before. And after half-time, that's really the only way right? Yeah. There's no way of there's no way of facts egging us no-one no-one knows. So yeah. This is a great idea. I think you're onto something listeners get on it. I like this. I like this a lot. This is the new mystery. We'll we'll we'll keep an eye on this. We'll work on it. Keep it out for sure. Yeah. One guy gets out in the first half. And the other steps up in the second that that smells like bullshit to me for sure. Real real real quick. And then we'll get to the Brad interview because we we've been talking too long people want to hear from the the legend himself a cows cow's guy update. I there wasn't a lot of action with cows guy. Other than on Sunday Derrick rose hit a game winner to beat the Suns. And there's a lot of talk about their grows. Possibly making them all star game tape. Dare grows had the fifty point game in November. He's averaging like nineteen and five assists shooting like forty three percent from the three point line. Former MVP fun story on the comeback all that kind of shit going on that was my pick for cows guy the week. So there you have it and de roses in the all star game. I mean, he's averaging the most points. He's averaged since the season after we wanted to MVP he looks like he loves basketball, again, he looks happy doing it without tiptoe give it to de rose has you're gonna make the all star team over Conley. And I'm going to be. Oh, man. We we'll we'll well. Yeah. Sorry about that. But we on this podcast. We're fan of redemption. Greg Oden in front of the program. You know what? I mean, we want redemption for some of these guys that get overlooked and de rose people were sleeping on him. And now he's back and Greg's birthday today, by the way, happy birthday, Greg. Wow. Happy birthday come back on the pod of. All right. It's time folks, we're doing we are we are going to have on the man the myth the legend here. He is our interview with buzz cut. Brad. Davison Yam Brad game. Quick break before the big interview with Busca Brad to talk about the black tux, standout your event for the right reasons with the black tux dot com. 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We just walk around with Al. Guess. Yeah. Yeah. It's great. It's a great thing we've done and now like no one can call us out for being Douches for where in Texas because we're just like, listen, it's it's we're we're into deep. Now, we can't turn back at this point. So yeah, were we were were thankful to Blackhawks is going to set that up for us to get twenty dollars off your first purchase go. Visit the black tux dot com and enter code shining. That's the black tux dot com. Coach shining for twenty dollars off your purchase. The Blackhawks premium rental suits tuxedos delivered. All right on the line is a man who needs no introduction. If you have a pulse. If you breathe oxygen, you know, this man. But certainly if you listen to this podcast. I I'm almost in disbelief that we have this man on the line eight yet as a cult hero of ours. I cannot be anymore excited to have him. Joining us, ladies and gentlemen. It is the one the only the man, I call buzz cut, Brad Brad Davison. How are we doing? Brad. How's the weather in Madison? It is. I'm in. I'm in Columbus, Ohio in it is like minus ten right now is it colder in Madison. Quite the introduction. I appreciate it was minus four when I watched the dentist morning. So it's getting there, we only get colder premier it's warmer and Madison than it is in Ohio, man, it's like a tropical paradise of their that sounds like a nice place to be Brad. We are Kyle night producer Cowan. We're in Los Angeles is about sixty five degrees. But we are chopping on your behalf right now. We're shopping for you. Freesheet that. Hey, Brad, we have to start here. Wh what's the deal with the Busca? This is the question that everyone wants to know I am a I'm going to set the stage for those who are just tuning in. And try and understand why we call you buzz-cut. Brad why this is my first question. I played basketball to how state when I I I would get the scouting reports. Every every time we play Wisconsin. And we'd have headshots of all the players, and I noticed that every single white guy that played for Wisconsin. And I don't mean that like figuratively. I mean, literally every single white guy for Wisconsin. Had a buzz cut, and I started going through old scouting reports. And I'm like, oh my God. This is true. Like every single year they'll have buzz cuts. So then might bruso which comes along grows out as fro kind of kills the whole thing. Yeah. And then and then Kamensky and decker like, you know, the go show for two years in a row go- shaggy. I thought the buzz got thing was dead. And then loan behold, you show up in Madison. And I'm like, oh my God. It's back. But the now, you're growing your hair out. You can't do this. There's too much riding on this bread. So I've had a bus that ever since ever since. I can remember, you know, I promised my friends in high school that I would always keep the buzz cut. And that was kind of the that was the plan someone into college, and it still is the plan, and then actually my pastor's wife cuts, my hair. It was my mom, my hair all the way to college. But now, she's not in Madison all the time. Even though she was, but so she cuts my hair, and we were at her house and actually guy, you know, Michael Potter? Oh, yeah. Of course for how state. Yeah. He was there with a couple of my teammates and showers in the chair. And she's like, I just try something. And I was like, I, you know, I think the buzz cuts kind of meat, I think that's kind of what I'll route run what I'll roll with and you know, mica and Joe a couple of guys much like butter. Try try it started trying some things next thing. You know, she started putting some gel and products in my hair, and I I was kind of captive because again, she had the clippers. And she said if you don't. Then we could just buzz it off. 'cause it doesn't take that long and do it buzz-cut. But you know, I started to kinda like it. It's growing on me. I'm not sure what the plan is. But we'd forward, but I'm gonna keep it longer for right now. You can't you can't just say haircut after a big win against. Yeah. They gotta keep it rolling at this point it that that's true. That is a good point. You can't you can't mess with superstition. But I really hurts me because last year. So last year you had the Busca. You also have the separated shoulder move, which became listen. I I am famously a big tin injury conspiracy theorist like currently my theory about Josh Langford of Michigan. Stay is that I think Michigan state's peaking too soon. I think the Josh Langford injury is just kind of like a little, you know, it's a little too mysterious for me. I think there's something going on where they're trying to manufacture some adversity. I'm not accusing you of anyway, Brad. I'm just saying the last year, you're separated shoulder thing was like you're finishing moving wrestling your it was like your version of hulking up where if the team needed to go on a run you die for a loose ball. The thing would pop out on the sideline Papa back in check back in the place is going crazy. And now all of a sudden Wisconsin's back so you had that mystique you had the buzz cut. Now, we have neither one. What do we have the latch on with you? Now. Like what what is it about you that I I need something? Besides just I guess the charges the charges right Tate. Yeah. The five charges, right, Brad. We've gotta talk about that game. I assume that you grew your help because that became such a controversial talking point everywhere. But could you take the five charges you take the big game winning charge? You know, everyone talks about your toughness, your grit, your leadership your game changing plays that you made in this game. And then people were talking about what a charges you're like you become the face of the charge. I mean, how did how did you handle that public pressure? You know, you you you were the face of the charge everywhere. Everyone pointed to you. Right going back to the shoulder. It was strictly motivation for the team. No, it was that. I to be honest the five charged game. It wasn't really anything. I during the game. I didn't think it was that big of the deals because I've been taking charge us ever since. I started playing basketball broke watching my sisters and my middle sister, Angie, she always charges, and I wanted to be just like so I started taking starches, and I've had numerous games in high school where I took starting to really think anything of it until I went on social media after the game and saw the outlast about at that continue the next month. So you know, it's part of the game. You can't really make the the big time block or the big time dunk. So I play more closer to the ground. So I gotta find out about a different way to fix energy plays out there were you trying to steal the charge conversation away from Zion. Williamson that you were you as sick as we are about hearing about who would take which I guess this is the question. This is the million dollar question there American wants to know would you take charge on Zion? Williamson bread. Oh hundred percent. Well, bred you do know that it is a Jeep going ten miles per hour. Right. You know that right? Tweeted, so be careful. We'll get run over dole queues hasn't been. He hasn't been back yet. We haven't seen it. So he's out for he's out for the year. Yeah. Hey, speaking of speaking of do guys, do, you know trae Jones at all you're from Minnesota. He's from Minnesota. You're both point guards. Did you like play nice? Okay. Best friends. We talk almost every day, and we played for Howard fully grown up together in the same thing. But be so we always we've always been close growing up. Did have you gotten on him about his separated shoulder, and how it feels like he's going to be out for a while in your separated shoulder as we said, you're you're out there. How many games did you miss last year? I forget. I didn't miss any game. Never exactly the Cal basketball. That's right. Exactly. Oh, come up different entry. Okay. Yes. We thought we'd talked after his game. And we've continued to talk. It's a different injury. The different thing that he's dealing with his I think is shooting armed or not but stiffer injury. So completely different. I'm not so good. I can't really can't blame them for that. I don't know what what paint he's going through things we have to do with. But I'm understood on his side. If he if you think you should play yet. And I'm sure I know knowing him I know he wants to play and wants to be there every minute for his seen. So I'm sure it's holding them back. And Brad will you take the high road. We'll we'll we'll make accusations for you. We'll keep driving on the. Well, let America know that you're tougher than him. Don't worry. We'll we'll we'll be your mouthpiece for you. So as speaking of speed and grown of Minnesota. So why I I was going to ask you I actually wrote this down. But now, I'm about to ask it, I already know the answer because I was gonna ask you, how did you end up in Wisconsin? But I sort of feel like this was preordained from birth that you had the buzz cut, you're taking the charges. You had no other choice like did Wisconsin recruit you or did you just sort of like have a drawl to Wisconsin like us just like wake up one day, and you're in Madison, and you're like, I guess someone Wisconsin team now. Yeah. I recruited Wisconsin. Oh, you know, growing up. So I was just a big fan of the big bend. Well, actually, I think it's the gophers game. And I always watched the big fan game. And you know, kind of growing up it was kind of era Wisconsin, I was kinda seemed to be at the top. And so it was a team that I liked the way they played. I enjoyed watching Jordan Taylor. Ben broth, those types of guys some of them are my style of play in the guys they have on the roster. I kind of just signed myself in not only the buzz cut styles. Play one of the one of those programs that I always wanted to play for growing up. Do you get do you to know it with your style? Play that people don't think you're as good as what you actually are that especially I feel like Aaron craft kind of ruins you or maybe he helped you out authencity that aircraft couldn't shoot and everyone just like by the time. He graduated. Everyone's like this dude sucks, and it's so annoying that he's good, and I feel like you're sort of getting the same treatment where people don't want to admit your good. Does that drive you nuts or do? You just not really care. I mean at first, but to be honest at this point, you know, I don't really say what the outside critics outspend noises. I decided to the best second out my team win. I know I think a lot of people talking about the chargers defensively dive into the floor and those plays. But I also know that I can do a lot more for the same. That's kind of what I ain't mad when I hang my hat on. But I try not to listen to that. And personally aircraft was one of the guys that I realize that I watched the Big Ben one of my favorite players growing up. I love. The way play the game the runway. And so I always tried to, you know, defensively just being the pest in the ball, and the energy within the fist, bumps and all that I loved it. So he's always kind of use that as the grading way saying, I earn crafts. I think that's probably get personally, dude. I remember when he first when I the first game. I saw you play. I thought you're just Aaron Kraus's like, oh so to craft get then you hit a step back three. And I was like, whoa. He's not hurt. Dr could not do that promise you that. Oh, man. So I wanna talk to you about eastern hat because both of you together. Are we we talk a lot about you? And I hope you understand that we generally do have an affection. It is all out of love grand, always on a light truly is outta love. But I feel like I've thought back on things I've said about Ethan hap. And sometimes I feel like I might be too critical. But like this guy confuses the hell out of me. I'm watching you guys beat Michigan. We should talk about Michigan. You beat Michigan. You had the big win. But more importantly, even have I described him as as like, you you you're creating a player on a video game. And you only get so many points to use on attributes and you max out everything. And then you forget that there's like four more attributes you have to put points in two years like ask screw it all leave those zero and those are like that's like his jump shot. But like everything else you can handle the ball. He could pass you can re that's how I describe. How would you describe Ethan halves game who he's like the most unique player I've ever seen in my life. How would you describe as game as someone who plays? With them to to people that have never seen him play. How would you even begin to describe him? You know, I agree that he's extremely unique. I think. I think one of the best playmakers in the country though, playing with them. It makes the game a lot easier around just because of how much attention he create when he makes his work around the rim is second to none nowadays. Just the way uses the rim. The way he's does body gets this not necessarily the biggest guy. But I mean begins John Festa who's seven one a really big solar guys will get around him quite a few times. So as ballhandling still works the way I described him as he was he was a guard growing up and then had a Grossberg. And now he's a post player with all those different guards skills. And I think a lot of people talk to the jump shot. But something that he's continued to work on. He's getting better at it. And I'm sure coming down near the end of the season, you'll get more more shots up. But you know, it's extremely difficult garden thinks assessments how good he is at the other thing, even though I don't necessarily respect them from outside like three point range yet. But I'm sure they will because he's putting a lot of time. And I don't have a lot of confidence in the move forward from there. So you're saying he's a young young Anthony Davis. Right. It does. What you're that's what you're. He's going to grow into it could be or quality. Let's make that the headline. College basketball player for sure. Well, that's what's crazy is. Is you watch them play in make the same joke that that this man has like one post move, and I say this isn't Ohio State fan. Like, if I'm being completely honest. I'd say it is a guy who is really frustrated at my big ten schools cannot stop using have. He has one post movie goes spends baseline, and everyone knows it yet. He continues to drop like twenty plus points on people and destroy everybody. In a weird way. It is. I don't know maybe instead of complaining that why can we not stop to such just sit back and appreciate him. I'm gonna appreciate Ethan. It's like Tom Brady go into as for DMC championship kind of hate it because it keeps happening. And that's the thing. Appreciate the greatness because everyone knows what he can and cannot do and what you know, he excels that in areas. He's good at and he's still gets his positive still make you know, the left hand the right hand the hook shot. I think I'm definitely that people need to shake you look at the statistics. And what he does. He's been go down as one of the big ten grain from all sides. So it's pretty really is extremely thankful that is able to play with them for two years there. He really is like one of the greatest Wisconsin players one of the greatest big ten players ever. It's it's wild speed. You brought up Tom Brady. Speaking of football. This is this is the question that is going to break your brain. It is the question that we might have to cut from the podcast. You grew up in Minnesota. I believe you are Vikings fan. If my research back set up, Jeff their you currently live in Wisconsin. What are your thoughts on Aaron Rodgers who is who has a Thai issue with the Wisconsin basketball program, although we don't see him as much anymore? Isn't that weird? How? When they're going to the muddle when they're playing for go go to the final four in Rogers is front center clapping on TV with the Mon. Yes. Yeah. Suddenly he's nowhere to be found last year. When you guys were struggling a little bit. What a front runner. What are your thoughts on Aaron Rodgers? I wanna see you diplomatically, worked your way through this one. Okay. So I grew up in Minnesota. So I'm Vikings fan through and through. And I always will be if I can stand. My sister's husband, my brother-in-law is the middle linebacker for the Steelers Eljay fort Steelers fan, I'm a Viking. But growing up I was the quarterback in high school. And so I have a great appreciation for quarterbacks. I love watching great quarterback. I have a lot of respect Barron Rogers and his greatness. And I appreciate his brain. It comes down to it. I am a Viking fan. But I can't stand with Pakistan fan. I could say I'm a fan of Aaron Rodgers and to his credit. He was at one of our games last year. And he was in the in the low after we beat Indiana. And we won that game. We I know we didn't win. It's been a game brief as we wanted to last year. But we did win the one he was at. So if he's listening to this with love to have him back another game. Man Rogers listening. He's listening for sure. Badger game. Short blamed danika, Patrick, right? That's. She doesn't want to go. To perfect. He's he's definitely going to come back. You guys just beat Michigan. You beat the one of the last undefeated teams big upset, but isn't an upset. That's the first question. Did this feel like an upset? Brad. Do you? Do you like when when everyone storms? The core is some small part of you like, I don't know, man. It's like kind of fun that we beat Michigan. And is a big win come on. We're we're, you know, the the the storm in the court is more for the fans. I think the fans love that. You know, we look at our season. We started off really hot. And we were one of the top games for the country on the season. And then we got the big ten play and were performed free. But you look at our three losses, and you know, we're four or five possessions away from being seven two know them. We're overtime. They came down to the wire. And we just couldn't have to put the pieces together at the end. And I don't know personally. We don't see a big of an upset of some people from the outside the 'cause we know our potential of what we're capable of moving forward. Bad storm in the court and kind of move around at then being one of the last undefeated teams in a rivalry game. That's where I. The court rush don't have more for the fans. From. Who? So here's the big debate that we have on this podcast when we talk about Michigan. And it's not even us, really. It's like, it's a nationwide thing. And we need your opinion, your guy just just played them. Just beat them who is the best player on Michigan. Who's the guy that you guys were key in on your scouting report? Or maybe we don't need to talk about that you still have to play them. Again this year. Let's not get too into the weeds here. But who who would you say is Michigan's best player? Quite a bit of a team. They are. Because they have a lot of weapons, but I think everything kind of starts with your Simpson's. It'd be coached orchestrated. But you say are are you gonna coach already? I mean, my God first of all you. I thought I had with Aaron Rodgers question. You you get out of that one masterfully. And then the only the only people on the face of the earth. He thinks aver Simpson's their best player or the coaches are former coaches or daily kosher. So I do want to be a college basketball coach someday. Well, maybe that's why it is the ball the ball in his hands the most and he or the offense and he finds he creates for everyone else machine. And then you you know, you have ignorant Iggy and Charles Mathews enjoyable, which I think are kind of the spend officiates very thin favor. Since does that seem when it's coming up a lot of ball screens, and he gets deep into the paint. And I think he's kind of I say their best third than for. I don't know the fat. But he's been pretty consistent Bill till you're doing what he does the team one of our favorite players. Almost program is Jordan pool. We call them swaggie bull here did did swaggie pool. Say anything to you in this game. Was he frustrated with you with the way that you play defense? I mean, I it seems like you guys have I would say control. He was contrasting styles and understatement. Oh, yeah. He was in shots. He was doing the arrow thing. I saw it on TV. He he had been John you guys, right? He talked blow that Gordon ever since we were younger. Nice. He was from walking out Smith, always think other. So we have a pretty good relationship. It was all respected friendly, banter back and forth. But you know, he's he's a good player. Extremely smooth and go with the ball going into the Reverend with full up. But there was a dog. He's talking to the rats, and I'll be holding then much pensively you're holding them on cuts. I mean, that's just part of the the the main question is is he talking to himself because we we assume this web he talks to himself in the third person. That's what I hope at least. I didn't I didn't hear any of that the game offensively be switched off of me possession. But offensively I didn't hear him talking to a whole lot. All right. Maybe one day. I have to ask you about the greatest the most underrated beef probably in college basketball and dates back to November. So we're going to go back a little bit. But you do the chomp which I mentioned the top of this thing, you do it adds Avia, obviously P mature did that at Wisconsin in Madison last year, and you go back and get after him. And I mean has there as written any words between you and j p Makira because this is Titus than I am not covered. This like we should because these are two friends of the program battling it out on the court doing the gator chop. And then Tennessee does the chop later. They kinda stole it from you guys. But I is everything cool with you JP or is the beef still ongoing. Oh for sure. But they he actually played high school basketball Nate rivers one of my team. I'm so again, I've known him for a while. And so that's what he did it. You know, obviously, I mean they want but we have the right to everyone. He did it. But we we talked about it after that game and blend before the game. I was texting with him. And he just said he was going to be watching actually before that game. I parent went on his so we for a while we have. And so I I told my team that if it comes down to situation where we have if we're going to win or have a big shot. You know, I was going to do it, and it kinda just solidified that when we came out fifty minutes before the game for warm ups their students sexual sold out and for the whole of the gator, Sean, two kinds of edits build a fire. It was more. It was more to the student's section than it has was that they'd be. But you know, we've had and he talked about it afterwards. I think I suppose the picture of Instagram and take them in it, then he commented Ellen Aono. And then texted me and said, he loved the gator Trump, but we weep back on a pretty like a weekly basis about things. I went on to college basketball. So he's a great guy. Someone had a great year. Great career made yourself. He's just against friendly banter. Yes. Now, he's enough and that was a great Charlotte Hornets. Did you practice the Trump in the mirror before because you had perfect form? You had a great mean mode phase? It seemed it seemed like it was orchestrated. I have to ask. Now. I didn't practice it. Okay. Thought about before the game by definitely didn't practice something that kinda just came on the emotions of the game. It felt like a pretty fitting and the game its own especially after felt felt right? Woulda what fan base what player would coach? Who'd you say hate, you the most I as we have, you know, we're covering how Yousry antagonistic we talked about your style of play a little bit. I'm guessing you feel the hatred from people. I'll certainly around the big ten my guess is Minnesota 'cause you're from there, and you didn't go there, and you went to the rival school, but feel free to crack me if I'm wrong where where do you feel the most hatred when you play on their own you personally haven't played at Minnesota yet my career. Oh, really? In february. So I guess I can't say them yet. I'm sure I'm sure I won't be welcome back with open arms. But I this year. It was definitely western Kentucky found remember what happens really good charge with a seconds to go on out of bounce play. I game ended up hitting the free throws to win the game. And it was a pretty controversial call and it went up when everywhere we went there this year. And I was booed from my starting lineup introduction. Every time. I touch the ball every time I stopped in throughout the final end of the game. Oh my gosh. Actually sitting back to the student's section the whole game. And my mom was game like bread. I just want to let you know that your love. Gosh. I would say I'm not a fan favorite in western Kentucky. But definitely be the one that hasn't been as I felt the most hated. But again, I kind of think that respect that's their coach said take after the game. You. Forgot all about that. We got we got to figure out a way to get you a viral for something other than charges. That's that's our PR move or trying to figure out for you. Can you can you dunk? Why don't you don't game? Just don't go to break away. And then. It has to be kind of from the thirty sides a certain hand. Reynolds, certain fun. Ball. Yeah. My hands. Gotta be a little sticky. Run run to the bench. Get some stick them to put on real quick as you're on the fast break and then jump back into. Yeah. Well, we'll start orchestrated in that. I had one more question. And then we'll let you go. You're busy, man. You you you? Did you still go study? I'm sure student athlete. Yes. Not an athlete student hit the books. My my question is would you like to use this platform to admit to America that Wisconsin in the coal center? You guys cheat? When people come there and that the the arena is always like fifteen degrees colder than it should be. And I I know you guys got rid of the Stirling balls, but like that was cheating by when I played how state that you use those plastic like hardcover like thirty you buy them for like thirty cents at a toy store. Those were the balls you guys used I remember one time or shoot around we shooting on a nine and a half a goal. And I'm not saying anything happened. I'm not saying it's anyone's fault. But yeah, would you like to would you like to make a confession Brad that the reason it's so hard to win in the coal sooner is because there's some shenanigans going on. That's my theory. Working on. Definitely it's definitely colder in the coal center because of the ring, but it's even colder the day before the game and found that breaking a rule usually. Never game. But you know, they do say the coal centers were were streak then. But I don't know if it's -sarily because of that miss fear because of the cause of the court or whatever shenanigans dude things going on. Wisconsin just usually have some pretty good tough scenes, but no one to play the game of basketball, the tough style of play the beat by the shenanigan would be pretty consistent tough program over the last twenty years. Field to consider that. Those are the only those only read it on the big ten that. I that. I never wanted me. Personally. I don't mean my team. I mean, we know when I was at a house say we wanted every single Reena my four years the only place owned four was the Kohl center. And I hated that place. I hated it so much, but I understand why. Yes. I want to come back and cheerful Wisconsin. Because it seems more fun to to be in the coal sitter cheering. We wouldn't be here Rogers. We want to be there Roger cut away and cheer and. On Wisconsin badgers shirts through welcome in the Colston. Absolutely. We. Easily bribed perfect. Thank you. Brent? We wanna get older stood up figure out the game. Rogers has come into tickets. In the seat in front of him. Looks like we got better seats than and then every time they cut to him. We'll see. Keep waving. All right, man. Hey, thanks so much. Good luck. The rest of the season. We we love watching you play. We we we, you know, the big tens of garland, and it's fun to to watch. You guys navigate it and play hard and seriously, don't let the haters get you down. Man. We love you. That's all that mess. You you and your home support. Yes. Your mom loves you. Guys harmon. Thank you in the podcast. Appreciate it. Summum? That interview with buzz-cut. Brad. Davison was brought to you by Roman with two-thirds of guys experiencing notable hair loss by h thirty five. Most guys assume losing their hair's inevitable as the age. Some don't care some shave their head some embrace hats. And what they don't know is that they're FDA approved medications designed to stop here loss, and even regrowed your hair. That's why we're excited to partner with our sponsor Roman Roman makes it easy to get safe. FDA approved hair loss treatment all from your phone or computer, wait what? And when you go to Roman dot com slash shining. You're online visit is free talk to a licensed doctor on their secure chest service. No appointment times a reading bag magazines in the waiting room. Once your doctor insures that treatment will be safe and effective for you Romans dedicated pharmacy can ship you your medication for free with two day shipping. If you're noticing unwanted hair loss starting treatment. Earliest key enrollment can help and today. Roman is giving one shining podcast listeners a very free online. Visit at get Roman dot com slash shining. That's get Roma. Dot com slash shining for a free. Visit to get started. Go to get Roman dot com slash shining back to the podcast. There. It is. I told you we weren't lying Ted. I think the people I swear the people out there listening. We're like there's no way that was actually like, I'm sure there are people still don't believe that. That was actually Brad Davidson. And I guess we should make the point. Maybe it wasn't. I mean. That would be great. We should just start hiring people out. And do these interviews because who would no I mean, this is these are the things that we can possibly do on podcast. But I will say Brad debunking, the whole JP mature beef. I mean that was yeah. That was probably the biggest that he's still Cheshire headline. He's he's already a coach like every answer. He had for every question was coachspeak. The demands great. He's great. We love of we're going to have him back at some point. If it makes sense of where we're going to have a back like when he buzzes his hair like when Wisconsin. What did I say? What was my bet? Like, if Wisconsin gets a top four seed, I think I need them in that. Because I don't think that's doable for them this year, but they did be Michigan. Yes. You are. Right. Sixty four points. Not quite the racist six nine which has been proven over and over again in the past couple of weeks. But yeah, they'd be Michigan Ross daycares zero points Donut. That was. Yeah. Thing that stood out for me in that game. But I mean, what else can you are the big ten whisper. What we what else did you see in this? I mean, Wisconsin obviously bus Brad was one of our level. But will me. What else happened in this game? Even happ- doing these things. Yes, we talked to Brad yet. I'll it's it's impossible to figure this man out. But then twenty six at the same time almost a triple double in seven, assists and two steals. The guys. Unbelievable. He really is. And I I was kind of like apologizing to Brad. And I think he was probably confused like, dude, why are you apologizing to me about your comments on eastern have because there's just like I think back to all the stuff I say about Ethan happen. I feel like I've been so unfair to him over the years because I. But it just breaks my brain. That's the only way I can describe it is that I watch him play. And it's just I always get frustrated. Here's what it is. I think I get frustrated when guys are great. But they're not great at the things that I was good at about a basketball court. And the all literally the only thing I could do. Well, was shoot I could shoot threes. That's it. That's pretty much it. So anytime like there's a guy who has it all except the jump shot. It's very frustrating for me to watch. Because it's like, dude, that's the one thing. I can do. How can how could you be so good and not even do what I could do. I mean, my God how bad can you really be that good? And that he didn't have time. And again is just like yes, I am that good. Here's here's almost a triple double in the number two team in the country suckle net. What's very subtly? He's like he's a subtle assassin when it comes with like the post moves, you know, what I mean, it kinda just lows you to sleep in a happens. Do you think you have Kaminsky syndrome where he looks the part like he's Frank Kaminsky and should be able to do similar things. But he just you know, can't that might be it. Yeah. That might be. I think that that might be. And then you see like like. John task stepping out and hitting threes in reverse for Wisconsin. They're big the other big guy. He stepping out hitting threes. That's like the whole. That's the whole revolution in basketball at the moment. Right. Like all the big guys can shoot three's days. And it's just kind of jarring to see eastern hap- not be able to shoot. But then as as as I've brought up like a million times, and that's just this podcast alone. But in the life of our podcast abroad up a million times, even more that he he has like one fucking move, and it works it works it works, and it's crazy. And it's in if I find myself in a situation where I'm cheering for Wisconsin. It's incredible to watch when he's playing Ohio State when he's playing Indiana, when I need Wisconsin laws for some reason because it will help one of my teams, or whatever the hell is going on. It's very frustrating. So that's that's that. But it's also worried about Michigan. No, I'm not right. No. We're not worried about Michigan at all. I mean, they have tests. I mean, the bras Dake is was pretty much no-show show in that game. We know what they have talent wise. I mean, they've shown up in bigger games. I will say. It is very fitting. That was kansin. I mean, they kind of lint they do the Vince Lombardi, you know, where he would just run the same play until you stop it. That's what he's in happen. You know, what I mean just keep like they're still living by that philosophy? That's you know, that that fits Wisconsin, Wisconsin to a T pretty much. Yeah. I don't think Michigan there. There's really any problem there. They probably needed a loss. You know what I mean, humble themselves and get back. Yeah. I went on trials. Matthews was on their two best players right in our opinion. Pretty much didn't show up in that game. Yeah. They didn't show up. I went on robbed Oster spot cast for the NBC guy. Nice. Covers college basketball. You have heard of the program robbed ouster. Yes. And I was talking to him about we're talking about this Michigan Wisconsin game. And the the point I made to him as I think what happens with college basketball. This time of year is like we've been watching most of the people that follow college basketball. I soon follow college football like Kansas and Indiana fans, not so much probably, but the rest of us, generally, if you're into college basketball, you probably in college football, and you're watching college football all. Wall. And you have this understanding that like the national title teams the national title contenders. The top five ten teams when they lose that like devastates their season and they're out of the running for the national title for the most part. Generally, speaking team loses you're like shit that could cost them the national title. And then you have that attitude all fall watching football. And then the college football season ends January's here, you're watching college basketball and its conference play. And then like a team loses in there's there's some part of of you. And I say you've really meeting me where I I wanna like dissect what went wrong, and what is why this team can't win a national title now, and what's going on here. When the reality is, it's just a completely different sport. This is college basketball as fringe on Rosty and says this is conference play. This is going on the road. It's hard to win the Kohl center. Sometimes you destroy your shoulders, and you say Misha ski like Mike Jesse did against Syracuse life happened to us tonight. Yeah. A deal then that that Michigan did not play particularly well, but they are sort of trending in the wrong direction in the sense that like there are a few too many of these nights where their offense looks like total garbage in like Matthews the people who love savior Simpson and think he's the best player. Brad davis. It included a will point two nights. Like this Tate were days. I guess they played an afternoon game. We're Charles Mathews doesn't show up, and that's the that's the problem with him is consistency. So I am slightly worried about that. But it's not a big deal Michigan's loaded they play great defense. Generally. They'll be fine. Yeah. And if you just look at their I mean, they're at the top defense the offense is kind of up and down. But they've shown that they can be really good teams in the kind of Wisconsin is what they are. You know what I mean? That's that's a the Brad Davidson, what are you gonna do? I mean, the guy's got going. And can we talk about Tennessee quickly to because I have a nice little nugget for you. This is from Pat Murray. WBAI are. Yeah. Radio every team in the top ten of. The people has at least two players on its roster that were ranked in the top one hundred prospects except Tennessee Tennessee has zero and again, Tennessee continues to endear themselves to our program number one team in the country. Remember when we forgot to put in or preview. No, I don't does that happen. The happen. I don't that's that's unbelievable. I can't believe that. I that that will go down as the black market my career is that. I can't believe. Yeah. We love Tennessee. What else is there to say? They had a close when it gets Bama. Yep. But yeah, I don't know if they're playing well, they're number one team in the country. They deserve it. We love them. Stick up, Tennessee. Yeah. And sticking in SEC coach cow had a good Saturday beats Bruce Pearl, Bruce Pearl still wants people to talk about him. He wants them. This was the game of the week. This was the game of the week for me. Yes. Please hockey Auburn. Yes. The Tyler hero. He did it twenty points. Okay. Good. I was I was worried. I was worried that I was hoping maybe I could like navigate through this game without talking about Tyler hero going. Absolutely nuts. He had like ten points in the final five minutes or something like that. Yes. Kind of clinched the game for them it might defense here. Same wavelength as far as you know. If they're hidden shot. Yes. It's amazing. Everyone's like, you know, they're the heroes are the goats. You know, what I mean, it's one or the other, but there's actually job. He did have like a boneheaded turnover that led to a run out an an an one he at towards the end of the game. He was taking like some dumb shots as well. But that's just how the guy played. I didn't say he's not talented. I say you just like has this one track mind of lake if I have the ball in my hands. I have every right in the world to shoot it. And I don't have to apologize for shooting at any point. And that's always been the confusion. But when he's hit he'd here's a great player. Also, Bryce Brown would absolutely beserk in the second half of this game twenty five points for Auburn in the second half alone finished with twenty eight maybe that was a Caleb. Cody, Martin situation were jerseys were switched or maybe switching Brown of the Detroit Pistons. I mean that could happen. You know? There you go. Auburn gets down to Jared. Harper's would be game. Winner bounces in and out. Great game. I wish I wish we could have seen more of it. Yes. Bien cut the Charles Barkley, no less than four thousand times during this game. I wish I could have actually watched the game. But I don't know chocolate. Good chocolate. Good on the TV Dickey vivas row. Student for being fat. I forget what he said. He said something about his weight. He did the bay. I think like bay Heim gave him the, okay? You know, like she's behind made the design joke about Barclay being fat. Yeah. I think Dickie v Felton power that he like is allowed to make fat jokes about Barclay. And it was it was kind of out of nowhere. It was just like I forget what it was. But the context is basically, they cut the Barclay. And he's like, oh, Charles Berkeley, who's loving it all three hundred something pounds of them. He's loving. It is amazing that, you know, own that TNT program, basically shack and Charles Barkley's, you know, fun loving fat jokes have Brown fat shaming back. You know what? I mean, you gotta wait, however, many time to make the the long joke. But it's they've been they've been calling for like eight years. Now, it's been amazing. Grace Barclay great for celebrity culture. Ed, basketball games, college basketball. It's all happening. Mitch contract was at the Carolina game. There's celebrities everywhere. Mark titus. I was at the I was at their house. They Merlin game. I mean, come on goddamn. Yes. Throw that in there. I was there with cartel. Jones. Was there as well? Yeah. We got we got different treatment. He got he got dabbed up a lot more by the ushers. The players and all that kind of. That's okay. Did you did you put the Dicky media move college basketball icon? Did you call them fat? There's cartel. All two hundred ninety pounds of. Oh, man. All right. You got anything else before we go close? This thing out. Quickly. I have FBI up day. We haven't done that in a while. Our boy Emanuel book Richardson pleads guilty said he knew the conduct was wrong. He was asked. Did you know it was against the law said, yes your honor? He did Tony bland also played pleaded guilty. We know that for forty one hundred dollars in cash, and I will say it does feel like this is a way for, you know, this is this is a Condoleeza Rice is her moment. You know what I mean? It's like the they're treating it just like back in the days Reagan in the eighties. I mean, they they're just filling the mood with these little things we're we're getting the little guys for like four thousand dollars in cash, but the bags will keep rolling, and they're just all taking the police. We're seeing it. It's happening. That's the the Reagan had the world Honda. And this is the economics kind of leak onomic O'Connell economics. It's headed in the war on drugs. It's the world. College basketball ruin colleges. Again, this is this is great for us because we're as we said last week, we're going to transition into a political podcast. So the more the more Condoleeza Rice is involved. The better it is for a pivot to to politics that we have coming up for the for the big election in two twenty twenty. We're gonna we're gonna have great coverage here on one China in the words of Kevin Durant. We're going to be respectful out here. I know I wanted to shout out Dan dockage because during the Michigan Wisconsin game, John you had this shot. He did a pick and pop three hits the back rim kind of farts its way into the basket and dockage goes on a long explanation as to why that ball went in the basket. And he cited the fact that pita change made college basketball or basketball manufacturers change the kind of leather that they use for basketball's in. It's made them softer. And that's why shots like that. Go in now. And and basically John task you made a three because pita exists. I swear to God, I'm not making that sounds like the most absurd thing you've ever heard in it was and that's why I'm bringing it on legal. Then like, basically what he said. I don't know. That was that was that was something that happened Tate. Don't that was a real statement? That was made so shout out to Dan dockage for that. Excellent work is always Dan also Tate we have to we have to do this. We should have a second guest on the podcast. I'm going to try to call him right now. Did you see the story that Carmelo Anthony's treated from the rockets through the bulls? My my Twitter was bombarded with this. Yes here. Here's here's the tweet that I see sources rockets and bowls have completed trade Carmelo Anthony draft rights to John Deeb blur in one point five six million to Chicago for draft rights to some guy. No one's ever heard of John D Bler. Yes. Draft rights and cash considerations. I wonder how much cash that mean? That's this is a big deal there. One to one now Carmelo indeed blur same level. So I wonder if Carmella listens to the pub, let's call DiBa John D blur. Should we call him, shall we? Try to get some breaking news and good John statement on this. I think is in Turkey right now. Let me try to call them. Let me conference amid onto this. Let me see how this works. This may work. Actually, we'll find out. I don't know if metro PCS works in Turkey. Never minded than work. It didn't work. Let's just never mind. I tried to some weird noise was being made when I called. I don't get it. He he has like a Turkish phone now. Maybe you've got a burner phone. That's what's going on. But yeah, we couldn't get John online. But that's okay. John listened to the podcast John since you listen to every single podcast and your huge fan of show. Just call me when you when you listen to this, and we'll we'll get. We'll get it set up to have you on the next, bud. That's worth valley. Yeah. It's a good pitch. All right, man. Anything else that it? That's it. I think that's all the conspiracies. Oh, I also Bill Walton with them Chris Vernon show, and I listened to that. And it was unbelievable. As always Bill Walton continues to deliver, you know in this life at every single turn every single corner. So and he had a great call. And then Oregon game that I brought up earlier the west coast best ball update pain Bridgford airboater shot. I figures dribbling the ball out for entire shot clock and Bill Walton was just so disgusted, and it was a great moment in west coast basketball history. But yeah, that's all I got Mark Titus anything else from you land grants. All I got grant land. That's all I got come to come. Langer tuesday. Thank you for listening to the podcast. We will be back later this week with more stuff to talk about. In the meantime, Moses, Moses up here, again, try it again Mosey own up to do it. This could be a great show. Let's do it. Let's end it out the right way. Mos ready? Speaking. He sniffing the microphone God damnit, Moses. We're going to get the stopped being put it on the. Yeah. That's what it is. That what we'll have Moses do an ad read where he's just chewing cheese at sometime Buna today is not that day. Maybe next time. So you guys.

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