S2E76: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 12/15/20 | 20 feet of Snow and Lots of Wine!


They set down the peace process together. you'll head of close you close contagious. Not bad joe mama off so list with walk. God separated from may because he didn't like sloppy been living. The single life full was looking for someone special to the same her. Just whatever you been. Ms san fantasy plays you fall of what you need. Mother has got a face baby. Let me show. Kim let you down with girls. You give me watch this. Show one real. Make him saying out. So the common a few guilty louisville muskegon is very bullet. Skin is levin l-e-v-i-n ready to see me to see you schedule. Don the mystic as a spe- database so can show Slow a slow. The musk gain is a weapon. They've already bulletin. Skin is very bullets. Ready tony means do Is able boola bulletin. Need to see you you decide that we should get personal about what they want to. We regions yesterday. The lightning was the that we both say you're billion words in the second night didn't have much the say we are the causes and i got a stake said you try to watch you say but you substitute the joe posing for reveal sake double chocolate with jerry whipped cream at the mill. We decided tak- stroking the park. A lot of trees mini sculptures that reasonable odds of four mini stars. That did it. We drifted off into a hail in and embrace. You put the closer regarded kids put. It was no surprise. You pushed away to say that you would like to take snuff in. That is hitting county supiadin home that night. I have played the rope check. They'd been results. I was wrong. How the suit coat. i'm talking about. Forty six below. I can give myself. I must have played played both but you would be for like the pure golf and this is the beginning with does go away one saying but you will cross them to you away. There's a couple of weekends brands wada. Moncada work relationship. That i never had from using now such as love baby like i know what it means. Being affected mixed with our chemistry to beyond stop was never this to begin with. I was trying to keep more. We had going. Just business tyler. Mutual friendship never seen which best best am and then now one night came. When would the boys knocking back a few drinks. Resilient f s and the quick wink with what grabbed my attention and really made me think we went back to replace a nice tom. Good sex by your place. A red wine came home the next day. Everything was fine stress. Look on your face agassi. What's on your mind Makes no one say but you go away. That's great as a wanna say to you much later gets a little more active receiving. Thanks from these. Ladies that come from different complexions that claim that you have in my baby has rejected you. Come across it back in bags. Got me to soccer that seat that you would have done anything. Just the would meet. Told me that. I was just the dog. It should be the place to backing into that night. I had to play cool. Do row unexpected results. From what idea. I never knew invested. That would be me. So i'm talking forty six and having a winds blow. I know youtube the protest myself. I must admit. I do it by how you played. Both with two were different than like appear go. And that's the end into how around the house. It's sean harvey featuring cindy j. along with our co host bobby cologne on comedy world net radio. Hey guys is by from the show having morning show featuring reagan team or a comedy. We're on that radio. The sean morning show featuring semi jay. along with our co host barbie. Cologne started right. Was that time with the place. All the fabulous people all black bear but really good this morning. Absolute beautiful the club. The atmosphere the obvious is beautiful. This time to get up to go to a whole 'nother level if the place the be been talked up. Tuesday what you want to tell you. Though it is says it's time to get up everybody. God bless each and everyone. You guys turned up tuesday. Tuesday december two fifteen twenty twenty two twenty three minutes after the hour. Welcome to shawn. Featuring cindy j. co host wabi cologne. Week start right. Why not that chat rooms wide open. Please call in five seven zero nine. Two six five zero look alive. Iheartradio radio dot com honeymoon show dot com a fan radio station distributed by comedy world radio or our affiliates podcasts platforms as well and right here this morning on facebook. Live only place on earth where you get your want to start right like show have him on the show featuring waco team like always says you get notified monday to friday around seven seven ten in the morning when we go on air so we appreciate your god love you to death. Stay safe out there. J. on tuesday seyni good morning to you. And and how you today. I'm doing great sean. Good morning to everybody listening. We have a great show for you today on this turns up tuesday. We're going to get started with sunny. Says i will let you know what's going on in hollywood and entertainment news. You do not want to miss that. Good morning barbie. Good morning cindy good morning. Everyone here in bethlehem we work has live so you from right now. It is a twenty nine degrees the highest. Go to be thirty nine for today. It's clear as of now and in strasbourg Is twenty seven degrees thirty four for the high in clear daddy to a new york new jersey forty one for the high end clear also in new york city it is thirty three degrees the highest going to be thirty nine today and it's going to be clear thirty seven in atlanta a little chilly you know Fifty three for the higher partly cloudy. Seventy two in miami eighty one for the high. I hope you'll get a whole lot of rain But it's only going to be cloudy though. I'm just hating in chicago. Twenty one degrees thirty five for the high end. Cloudy in las vegas. It's forty seven degrees right. Now the highest gonna be fifty. Three today is going to be clear. forty nine in la sixty eight for the high mostly clear in louisville is twenty five degrees mostly. Cloudy and forty. Three for the high in rochester is twenty nine degrees thirty four. The high end cloudy. We do have a severe winter storm coming. We are is going to be start tomorrow sometime after By ten am is going to go until thursday about ten am and we may get up to twenty four inches of snow people. Yeah twenty four inches so you guys make sure you are safe and be careful if you if you don't have to go out please stay home Because it's going to be a little dangerous idea. That's where the half you all. What's it look like where you are. Because i'm coming to you live in chevy show featuring cindy j. Will you get you wanna start a break We started right on a a turned up tuesday. We had the morning buzz. Everyone and i guarantee you guys. Before this morning your head will be buzzing sydney. What else yes. And also in the nine o'clock hour we have front page. News with sonny j i will let you know what's going on locally and nationally stick around for that yes and there'll be some harvey have sports your stay too so you know what it is coming down to the wire We come back. We gonna shot out the room. We're going to show you guys some love Couldn't do the show without you guys. We appreciate you shots. All the new listens and shout out to all our creepers out there. And i say that in a good way folks thousands of folks that are listening on the radio. We appreciate you guys. Thank you so much. And god bless but city what we do we come back with shutout those. Vip's that chat room. God bless them But what we do we go back to the morning. Drive a dj rome. This go walk. Just just just just marches. Wow just just me with with may is a good. Don't utah fewing. Not just not. Just just wouldn't just just just dr phil song need. Didn't just taking no longer take taming. Me much is a as she Is one report on the three d. Like he always got to worry about that audio sound do i. After drinking waited from scratch. Yeah with your sir. Took a fbi entertained. Kids only a hat come up with back. It is turned up. Tuesday tuesday november the fifteen twenty twenty thirty four minutes after the hour walk back saw one show featuring dan off our barbie get started right. Why not chat rooms open. Please call nine five seven zero nine eight two six five zero radio dot com iheartradio Want to show dot com radio comedy world radio and everybody else would have got rb show. We're both wearing leverett barbie skin with your sister sledge one like no. We've we're just in june. I'm gonna to not was like. Because i like it better and i was like. Oh i didn't notice. I didn't realize until you serve me neither one with this. I don't know where to register when we wake up in the morning. We feel it. Grab a grandparent. Wherever shoe at audi thinking. About what i just get up and grab some your thinking the same thing. We think so plan where we broadcast. Live to you from right. Now it's twenty nine degrees the highest golden thirty nine today. It's going to be clear twenty-seven in strasbourg thirty four for the high and clear also in new jersey of thirty two degrees clear and forty one will be the high today. New york city is thirty. Three degrees thirty nine for the high end clear. Thirty seven in hatlanga partly cloudy in the highest going to be fifty three miami. It's seventy two degrees. Anyone with high mostly cloudy in chicago is twenty one degrees. It's going to be thirty. Five today and cloudy. Also forty-seven in las vegas. A clear fifty three for the high forty nine in la a mostly cloudy sixty eight would be today and in louisville twenty five degrees forty-three for the high and mostly cloudy and rochester. New york is twenty nine degrees the highest going to be thirty today and it is going to be colotti and once again we are gone. We should we. We expecting a severe snowstorm ella lizard. If you will it's going to. We may reach up to twenty four inches of snow dependent on your area. So please miss you get all of your equipment and your things to make sure you clear off your streets in your plows and your car and if you don't have to stay in the house that's the way are look like where you are coming to you live in the show having wanted show featuring semi j. Where you get you started right. Exactly we get your morning start right Yeah so Before we sat out the room city. And i welcome everyone to the show. Work prices. show Okay so barbie clones right. Is you know a lot of folks. Listen to the show and other parts of the country. And god bless you. I'm not i'm fine. i'm good moment. Touched the to touch the keys. He touched other things. Sorry about that. You guys you're still listening to this going to listen to his head now now. Now i'm gonna let this play in the background or shall have to you in this. Part of the country is going down down so so attack. Is the calm before the storm. Before i shared this severe weather that shan when he hit his jammed out my beloved nephew turned us onto. I think a little smooth music right now is appropriate for the impending doom. That's about the go down city. We might not see her for a coupla days because the pull the nose when it snows get crazy up there so we want your folks subaru a battleship that through this. But you know. I lived in town. I like i dow. We're going to get snow. That i can't open the door. Everybody you know here to me. Seven inches is the same as twenty inches. all i don't have a big driveway. We have a little walkway driveways right. There got to do a couple of shovels. Let's find out about this now. I'm excited to stay in sleeping. Watch some watch. The telly benesch up went work. My big is this what you even have right. The laptops with school today right now was used a little cavalier about it. In the beginning of your you you conversation. But what i'm saying is with the with the snow if people when they say like stay off the roads like you should take you know. Take that he'd and don't because it's not people always say. They equate the car like she just mentioned a subaru matt. It don't match two feet of snow from don nasseri. Better fits don't it don't matter what kind of car you have and this is the problem with people and i'm here to shoot people know. Stay off the roads if there's a severe storm because even if you have the four will job or whatever car you have to get a row. The other person of vehicle is not equipped for it. And they're on the road and guess what happens. We'll see it on. Tv all the time they slide right into at the snow freaks me out barbecue because i got into two accidents snow throughout my lifetime and just something silly like i was supposed to get out. Who was supposed to drive saying billie and A jolt a car. I was in Upstate new york and i went. It was a ramp. The on highway was then. Call you back. The excellent sydney i got i was i was. I was delivering my my delivery van. When i was driving the i am out in. The days are back in the day and i was in new york exit. Fifteen up there somewhere right man by the tap is e bridgewater and i was delivering at this corporate place where industrial yard work and get snowing in. The snow had just stopped but it was like one of those like six seven inches but there was by ten inches Sending it off in the van not of phnom paranoid as hell to drive because number one. I don't know where matt number two you'll know what the road conditions on the road. And then of course no. Gps then gps. So i go down a down the road and then on another role and then i could see the eighty seven westbound. You could see the highway. Not a highway was pretty good. I assume you could see the pavement but there was snow on these other connecting roads sending this was. This was my near-miss accident now. Ramon with driving. His vans van weighs about eight thousand pounds. Yeah and maybe maybe maybe even more than that one heavy duty. I have one of those e. Three fifty s cargo van. Like i was like i was the ish baghdad like it was brand new regular cargo. Van don't all white. It was kidnapped windows right but this one was all white okay but it was. It was red city okay. So you've never lived until you jovan brand new van. I said cindy liberal. Little brand new fan okay. Barbie colo you talked about it. Yesterday it had the tires. And all that cindy not only. It was a brand new bab tight. Oh snap and i had like those of defense of a bumper on the back of it. You know like that step bumper. Yeah not the bumper. Like the regular on cars and vans had that little step bumper right and you had to one step and then go into. Oh man oh man i was. I was. I was hot. Mess back there right you right before i go back to. The story uses it. I was dating this check while i was working in the daytime daytime day wells working and this is this is why thank god for jesus. They handled it away. I think the stories on me seeing sitting. I used to smash this chick in my van. While i was working she was working would come downstairs professional suit and all that i have uniform boys gay. I have put low covering the backside side we like. We like forty third at such a whore back that nothing back to this. So i'm going down. This whole thing was the improvement. Ramco see the on ramp was down a hill. Oh and had one of those forty five degree angle of turns now city brand new van my new tires. The whole thing seemed the moment again on that downhill incline that forty five degree turn Loss control it advan city s slid i only by grace of god. I'm here because i thought that the van was just gonna go right off the road and not even do to hold thirty forty five degree turn. Scary city barbie. I'm sliding remembered this brand new. I got the music playing while when i started slot and cities turned to music now. Because if this was me. Jesus our here no rap music. There was when you're going down. What is there around you. Nothing nothing like the sides just two sides other thanks cine. Now i'm breaking the vans. Not stopping they say. You're not supposed to break. It was panicked. I didn't lose my coast or something so city with data. And now you're hitting the brakes on the whatever it gains speed. Oh goodness because you're accelerating fella rating because you're a breaking so now i get to the turn part and i'm like man like i'm outta here. Sale zeal amanda brown. Was straight fooled. Escort city shouldn't be going that fast anyway already in snowy conditions. You're going really fast. I came down. I know as i was. I was staying at your dial two digital cash. Let's straight now. I was driving too fast for the conditions. But at the same time i went to a buddy i didn't know the road i know it was so when i hit that downhill forty five degree turn. I didn't see so all right. I'm driving too fast. And now i hit a hill. Yeah right so. I turned to will panic. I turned to two will thank god. The van goes right along with the road. I don't know how it was doing was only god now now. Now now when i'm coming down an incline down at forty five degree turn. It goes and even another inclined goes deeper into the on a hill right speeding right now. Remember the highway highway. The cause of lying on a hot we city. I'm coming to that on on sixty miles on the highway. No blinky lights and just went right into the highway. I didn't hit no cars or nothing. That wow that's great. That's put the music back on told get to the accident. A city barbeque live in marsha creek and an poconos over. There was a mini market. Had like a chinese restaurant a hair salon. A supermarket and the cost was an old school babylonian and then there was a gas station. I lived on four zero two. And then you get to the traffic. Where ministers ease was the old blue mr right. So so bob and then they before before they before the price chopper now friend. Who lives there. Okay so dave said they built this whole new extension over there. But they didn't have that. When i used to live that it was just one straight road and it was a tool nine heading to the highway. Was like this interstate. It's like a state road heading to the highway. I'm running late for work. Now live over there on. Oak grove drive over there and it was already a downhill and i had to navigate in van again. This is another van the hobby. I was driving fast again. I get on one of the tool nine strip overseen by that alaskan pete's over there. Yeah but that was bland before the roundabout forty roundabout. Okay so you just going straight just going straight okay and you're going home north heading to going out i'm going to new new jersey pieces on your lap right. There was sort of like a little five degree. Turn a little one of those going too fast. The van goes out of control. It does a three sixty spin on both lanes like now an incoming lane an outgoing lane. Thank god there was no cause and it's stint spent around three times and went into the embankment on the lawsuit creek side my god and bari. I hit that thing so hard that the van ricochet came back to the highway also hit the embankment the vantage turn around and now i'm facing the road and people are watching me while i'm in the van owen seatbelt on. I was done. That's crazy that's why we're talking about snow and all that i don't do i. Just stay myself. Share stories don't do snow can for absolutely have to. If i don't absolutely have to stay on so if a barbie talk about this impending snowstorm that's coming through. You know we're not gonna be here. You got reruns and all that but now if you see with us when it's ten o'clock in the morning win tomorrow so sydney even though you have the subaru please don't Worried about it. The only people that'd be out there is gonna work so i'll go to work so well. What are the things that for. Shot a witty twitter the things that we need for snowstorm wine snack food more mine. How much how much drake but for me. I need at least three bottles. Three bottles of wine like sutter homes and all whatever you lack. Whatever fits your palate taste buds. So three three as the minimum or three miles and what else. Survival kit low. What you need some tennessee humming sending the show. Yeah no one knows because again. I'm not gonna be stuck forever. I i'm going to be able to get out tomorrow. Snow shovel just stuff to keep you in. I mean if you have a long driveway you can treat your driveway. Put some salsa chevro- ice scraper for your car gotta go out and make sure you guys keep an emergency in your car. You know a blankets. No chevrondelo warm he The little things you put your hands. Keep your hands warm Have order stuff in my car and some toilet tissue. I have a. Y'all got a urine. I see you have a urine bottle and you know get out on the side of the road right yes. I would need a bottle to hold it with snacks. you know Salt if your property wants you. Shall we snow doubts. I won't freeze again. You know if you have to go out gloves hats scarves warm coat you know. It's not easy. Yes a cuddle buddy. Right to need a cuddle buddy. You need that jock. Y'all use japanese an emergency kit. Candle waters a flashlight. You right della house right. Exactly what king notice and just take burnett got dry. What do what top looking for. read. And i'm gonna be on my phone and so that joint goes dead. I mean i know where my bathroom is. I don't really like to go to the bathroom. And they don't even really know pot of spaghetti all day and it called the problem and then we wake up tomorrow plowed all day. It's fine people will be in the stores buying. I never understand that especially up here with us snowstorm. None of us as well. I don't know. I can't speak for people in like developments. 'cause i don't know how they plow but how many people are actually stuck in their house for two days and stuff like that. I haven't heard of that up here in this part of the country. You guys be careful because here come the snow and because you fill it in the air anyway like is like really cold i to watch when the snow comes down. I hope everyone in that chat room is safe. So yes i remember. If we're not here was republican won't be here. We're given announcement in yorker go on purchaser. Don't show now y'all talk about your toys. well. I believe one day you got. I said just grossly princeton chat with folks at chapman right now. Yeah let's show them some love and then we'll take a break and i chat chat chat room that city. Let's go. hey hey with the way. The arts own town widow in a chat with arts fact that ben chat room that sydney. Let's go. hey hey hey when heartsick hope. Hey hey hey. Four one four away. Now let's see who we have in the room. You guys ready to get your name out. Youngin is what's going on young valerie. Tom mask on name ballot bay. Hey girl Willie harris is here. Willy how are you this morning. Dray shaw is here. Hey dre good morning to you Marquez mr one emoji johnson is end the belt in hey marcus. Good morning the show on hayes. Jones is here. Hey girl. Good morning to you frank clyburn in the but hey cousin and good luck on your former shoot today. Kim cameo is end the building. What's up savage. Hey girl how are you today. Kununurra williams is here. Hey more into you lose show and be x is in the building. One girl christa. Oh hey girl. A c. lynn rooney is here. Good morning. hey tonya lynette is in the building. Good morning Buggy one forty five radio. Hey y'all good morning mama. Sunday just pop in. Hello good morning to you john. Cochran is here. Good morning. John john mason jar. Wfan radio app. You know may fan you jones here. Hey nathan you free neely in the bill. The hey free go on girl. Hey how are you The beautiful andrew. Hey della good morning to you. Shout to train a pinker hatred. How are you today because you're the chat room chapel member other we channel. Hey trina i think. She put her thing in the in the group room. Yeah how are you. We had another member. Put the whole thing a group. My who is tracy chasing mclean. Sloan thing is tracy peachy cream is here habe morning wanna know what name one meets at this point. I need to know your name. I need to know i got to know it George henry is in the building. Good morning veneta. Hey girl haven at a our you ll net net net survive in the building call. Are you good morning. Our family at one point nine. fm and jay's in the building what's going on y'all hello hello. Princess ended up building. Hey baby let me grab it. You ready for the snow prentice. She's a hey baby had on voice back ten years away from hebei is i. Had you fit the attic. It's just gonna happen. It's gonna happen. Great practice guilloux months. Oh my goodness there bora free. Ninety nine lesley is here. Hey girl good morning. Then hazel bora. Who was the queen is in the building. Diane ailey hello girl. Y'all say one to the queen because she has graced us with clean. How good more ten. Derek evans is here. Good morning derek. How are you today to wanna peterman. More than two wina. Audrey johnson is here. Hey audrey how the wedding in florida. Warm florida this to warm. I'm hating get blizzard to right elaine. Hernandez is here. Hey girl at least scott end building terrible league. What's going on lean bars. A light year is in the. Hey bars are you. Live you art club for that bart light year like that name bars light-years you rapper. My friend they may work at a bar. Bars bars bar alight year. You'll bars light year. Yes if you're not if you're not a rapper. Very disappointing to me because you wasted that name. And if you are a wrapping my friend please call in five seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero and feel free to drop bars or always looking for buyers to be dry peachy cream said her name is von. Ceo your shirt. Oh i like that but necessary. Thrown is here haven as a haven last time. write these sites. Just pop dan. what's up terrible troublemaker. Hey hey brian brian how are you is it. One thing about bryan's very consistent so you can't mad at him like he's been lega the same person since he's been in that chat room. God bless him. He's not going to change that. He's a man of god so he goes to church every week goes to church of a church pushing it. Don't make no. I just really shows. Is it really worth going to church. If brian decides is a church member every sundays the balance because all the stuff he says the church to balance damn well. He's not going to church talking like he talks on social media ryan. I want bryan poetry. You go because. I need to call your reverend up in here. Same churches sister agnes. Oh my goodness diane hobie santa. diane hoh is in the building. He said he's in trouble. He's the guy that gets in trouble at church all time. I see i could see that. I definitely could see that. Yeah right Deora jackson is here. Hello good morning to you. Rich nut is in the building. You check out his power at wolf. Nee shown do boys. Pamela is here hager girl morning. Shayla is in the building on. Shelagh how are you today. Hey nelly right is in the building. Hey nearly good morning natalie loaded show and she's going one what happened with her again Side sidhu died in the site all sides at his funeral rites herself. Yeah this clap. And then her suicide was there or he died like a lot. Going on with our best line has some great. I love it here. Jessica jessica wilcox in the building. Good one jessica. Tricky is here. What's going on twenty electric history Write a shine. the logan is here. Good morning shan. How shouts shonda. I forgot i was a little busy on my phone yesterday. Schanzer got me a great turquoise yeti thank you so much also for that shonda gift ain't right just fifteen seconds the night when were inland city and i was talking to. I was like you know Next time we see each other we could spend a little more time with each other and just like it was almost a hug and passing because there was a lot going on. But god bless you sean natalie. Turner is here. Hey natalie good morning to you however you this morning to god bless our freedom is here good morning are free to hey girl you know. I'll freedom ranks up there with freed of wrecks. Up there with a will amina thomas all cena's and i've been doing a clarion clary. Afrita chlorine willerman thomson oh and pillar in the building. And hey how are you this morning. Read you read is in the building. Ready harley is here. Hey reggie good morning to you Shawna shawna how are you. This morning tim harris is here. Hello tim tara is in the building. Good morning tara. Tara why he true friends you know. When you barbie synergy was on ninety day odyssey. Our friends were still there for her and Seaways ikea acting real dealt with those friends. But the tally of the towers of the world and knee lydia's the world and others God bless was still there. And i wanna -plore tara molina for being true friends when you was on your space odyssey us doing little something. Even in here standing governor their flow neck dope. You know day as bobby cologne day. Forty five she was acting really dope. Oh my and his true friends like tower and all the others that keep a young lady like you grounded even in shutout marlin as well. That's all i'm saying. And so when you hear name. Like tally is is a comfort. Barbie clone because these are true friends because lining in japan win win. This woman was Making major decisions forty days until everything and part of those businesses will almost about the cutoff. Her friends thank god for the audio stayed of steadfast. Being a true friend who at that time was very shallow at oh friendships and cine gathered. No you gotta recognize that my action is there is kasana. She says she had to make an appointment to call you. Use your big bags. Y'all any sitting because there was still a part of you that where your core was. She used to be a bruce. Thank god that you have to. you have to. You have to awareness to know that there's still a little core left there. And that's what i forget about forget about lynda jacobs just pushed her to the south a few minutes. So what i'm saying is when you hear again you hear somebody like tower lebron just tara please man thank god that you're in this woman life to have some type of foundation when sydney odyssey Twenty twenty ninety days. God bless no. I'm not done which was looking at camera and say to tara in all the others. Thank you for being there. Hold on why always right. This look look at tower real quick and just say thanks because you know why are you even talking odyssey ten to twenty nine hundred ninety day. Odyssey my tarot was a very point person in your kids for me. I see every head king problem with you. Saw her shop for a different reason through fresh. Look at him every then. If that's the case look in the mirror and say she's right this any say something nice to tower. That was sitting there watching your kids while you're doing. your road. Trips gone over their series on burning the midnight oil on the highway speeds. Look terrorists say some concert is women sadia. Hey girl how are you. I love you tara. She's my best friend after all you sort of ci with their through the whole lot but you using her for different mean to get to whatever you need the go. Nobody using used at all tara was compensated very well. Okay and things were shared with our very nicely so nobody was used and she was always appreciative and like our friends. She was there she would offer. I spoke to her. I'm telling you because you seem to not know she. The she has kids. Be like telling you. I'm telling you see out here like i use. My people want to be in my life and want to be here for me. Maybe you don't have friends like but i do want to atlantic city because people wanted me gone and they made it happen all right. Well especially shot outs. Taranov others. Put it in his ninety s. Continue nettie put up with you and they love you for it. That's fine you just said. We'll go ahead for tag young mortgage. Math is in the building. I'm a need you sit down okay. You go into much you you need completely here before you come back outside now. Stops tone scenario. Manage you back in the day when i jumped some freshmen john. Major decisions to ninety days ten days. I was out at ten days. I traded families had new kids. Sorry manage dan. What it is. And i put all my friends do that ten day odyssey as well as i get. All my friends are married. I have to make appointments with all my friends about that. Okay 'cause bear wrapped up in their business. Okay thank god. Bless you haven. Good morning yeah rene but for the past we love it and and happy birthday to your son. Yes cindy you know throughout that. Kobe and getting all that money. That's right he's been bit does renate a one. Nobody died it is she just want everybody to have like a mouse. Fever just to keep that money for the next six years. I imagine you those all the names that i have seen that. If you wanted to get shouted out me get your name in for the next one would yes indefinitely. Make sure they follow us on social media you know like on the facebook page sean. Harvey morning show also on the group page. That's on facebook. The sean harry manager featuring makeup team the group is popping or on instagram. at sean harvey morning show where also yeah fan. Radio is iheartradio. Make sure you guys like this video and throw it on your wall. Okay so listen you know. We're gonna leave early nine thirty day we back. we'll do. We'll be doing front page news. We don't see so we can use any now shouli sick if juan instead chicago Okay ashley biggest sean. Harvey featuring cindy j. along with our co host bobby cologne on comedy world net radio. Hey guys by from the show every morning show featuring the radio team or a communist net radio as to the double n. y. And you can't deny we got the front page news y'all Back twenty minutes at the december fifteen twenty twenty. Welcome back sean. The show features in j cole's white clone kitchen. Bobby just if you're just the weather here because mean seventy five degrees in Las vegas came on. Why should we get rain all day. Bethlehem because my eyes with them flip flops on throughout the country beat nasty nasty all you and flip flops. Year round flipflops a dirty. Your toenails. thirty two nasty. You wear flip out got this ground is close to dissemble back your hill crusty looking in we re okay sydney. We don't care about them. Having an eighty five degree weather the in december we brought together. dad blessed. We help kim tan on our toes and the local weather. Bobby sympathize with folks that a lot of black folks in puerto ricans and latin. Some wife does y'all. We'd love to go to the caribbean and god. Bless the caribbean. 'cause i think that's the only place to be when they go on vacation far. I'm concern on. My experience has been great but i feel for years. You trying to get back to you. Better leave now if you wanna get home. Because you're not. There'd be no debbie flying. The airplane i was in. Why folks freaking upset. I was in rochester. New york doing a comedy show and it was a snowstorm in new york city. Only hour flight from rochester. Barbie to new york. There's a blizzard in new yorkers batch snow so the plays couldn't fly to new york. We had to wait this white guy man. He went crazy he was like i need to get on a by now and get to know what is going on he was like babylonia man and site was getting everybody upset because he tried to change the ticket from united to america. Like he's doing this whole thing. I was so mad at him. I was like you'll just let him let him fly himself will play right there. Go back like yourself. Drake the hell right here where we work has to you from his twenty nine degrees right. Now it's going to be thirty nine. We'll be the highest clear right now but tomorrow tomorrow is not going to be clear around ten. Am tomorrow. It's supposed to start snowing. It's going to increase and increase. Should they say about three inches. Our until ten a. m. thursday. That's unbelievable. I hope this report is right and i hope a shift a shift to the south so they could get that foolishness and passed. That's all i'm saying. We wanna let them experience a little bit of what we get up north. You know what i'm in the lower. Let us shift low pass us. You know what i'm saying. That's all i'm asking. Ask much jesus little thing. You know what i'm saying anyway. But that's going to be about. Be careful 'cause it's supposed to be a blizzard of twenty four inches between Tomorrow morning and thursday morning just is home. The shift of florida right right down to the again. We don't ever get no living. Florida like our beloved ordre charts and all that you should we right. We got out of new york and that we're down here and that's the reason why we would ship down much lower. You know you told me. I was your favorite. So i'm just ask you as your favorite child down. You know what i'm saying. But that's what i got where you are you laugh. Joe have you wanna show each city jay. Will you get started right all right. Thank you so much more so we can get right into this Chat rooms good. Everybody's okay we appreciate you guys Thank you so much like instead of show Cj barbeque only gets more star right. I so we're go right into sydney says because that's what she says she wanted to do. A cine knocked over a few things over here as well. She knocked down source. You knocked down combo. She knocked down to the flower plant. And then little foresee went down and then you guys went off for social media for three minutes three seconds but she's back and she's here god blessed. Let's go ahead yes. Well i'm actually coming with front-page news. That's what i thought. I told you came back falls on. You might not listen. Shows you know celebrity news. Take back seat right now. Some of the stuff. That's going on across the country. So i just thought synagogue. How about that. Like to give a damn about set. Not like he's all although. I like nicole young story scandalous there. I think they're in negotiations right now. He's going on but don't worry as soon as nicole young i've a little entertainment. It'll be later on us later. Everybody get out early. You know city when the last time you got it out early. Sorry we're got it out at the senate Nothing nothing i'm not. I'm not gonna knock you being ambitious right. It was when you try. I was trying. I sure i should've hit with chris with liquid pills you been down there. We go ten thirty to thirty two. You still in atlantic city this morning late you are park you all off dollar billion cu lab cut one hundred and see a shot away from that thank god. Hey zoos s to got the show the you should have been playing this online payments fit. Have my heart in it less this. Hey why can't the front page news. Jeff page ananias jack. Josh got the front page news. Thank you thank you so much for is. I'm going to start off with the news. Let you know what's going on out here locally. There is a local need for convalescent. Plasma as virus cases are on the rise miller keystone. Blood center has nearly exhausted. Its supply of convalescent plasma. Which is the antibody. Rich plasma used to treat critically ill covid nineteen patients and urges those recovering from the virus to donate their plasma to help others so as area hospitals in the lehigh valley reading in northeastern pennsylvania. See a daily rise in the number of cases the demand for this plasma continues to increase exponentially so to ensure our local community. Family and friends have access to convalescent plasma. We need recovered covid. Nineteen patients to do to as soon as the eligible persons may be eligible to give convalescent plasma. If they had tested positive for the sars kovic to virus and have been symptom. Free for fourteen days by you. Some hotel with you. No cove in nineteen convalescent. Plasma has been authorized by the fda under in any way which. I'm assuming is some type of emergency thing. In nineteen homeless plasmas authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization and the emergency use of drugs biological products. So sydney a break from your break that story since. I don't know why they call it convalescent. I don't know what that means. I mean look it up but supposedly if you had covid nineteen the This area we needs it. They need your plasma. Which is please. Plasma is widely Like the white jelly stuff. Like around near blood cells Let me see here. Seattle plasma like when you give blood you give blood plasma out the slots. So that's just what they need is right so if you recovering from cocoa they want you to come down and give your blood that with going on here and then when you give your blood they inject that into people would they use it for the vaccines or they're using it to treat people. Okay okay gave us the plasma to treat plea play so we're running out of the plasma. Yeah okay yeah so people are needed donated right and the people and these are the people that are cove it positive the only ones that have this plaza plasma thing. Yes because the plasma will have the antibodies and see. That's what i think. This should be readily available for people to is these antibodies tests. Because then you know at least if you've had right would be getting tested and you don't have it by. Maybe you had it. It had it the antibody tests right. But i don't know where they're giving those and i think they only give those to like certain people so the united airlines is responding leaving step on story. Yeah but isn't it isn't a vaccine. Don't we get two shots. Now it's only going to healthcare workers and long term. But i can talk about that because the united states they're not available for folks we just. Oh you record no healthcare. Where are you are you look with one okay. She'll get it before you right. Okay i thought we could get the shots today now. Half can't work is the first priority. Right nobody's cise about saying how many healthcare workers are the out there. It must be within thirty eight million. They said they don't even have enough for the people that are supposed to get it Because you need two doses and they only have like forty million tab. I get my shot. I won't get your shot to like maybe february. Yeah you're not gonna get it until the new year. Yeah so you're not. You're a barbeque long. This they said the other day they had this big to do that. You know i saw. Ups trucks i saw fedex trucks. They were deliberate airplane last night on. Tv i saw this black women. African american lady narrows was. I take a shot at work. It's okay now how many they can't do the frontline workers in one day in this country you know shot two different show frontline workers. I need it for it. Says the goal of operation warp speed is to produce delivered three hundred million doses of safe and effective covid nineteen with initial doses available by january. Twenty twenty one. If both the fis are madonna vaccines are authorized by the fda. There will likely be enough for only twenty million people by the end of the year both vaccines required to doses. The cdc an preventions the cdc and prevention advisory committee on immunization practices voted on december first to recommend that healthcare personnel and long hair long term care facility residents be the first to access a covid nineteen vaccine the panel of non-governmental experts that comprise the acp will meet against discuss priors stations for the next phase of vaccine which could include police firefighters and those other essential fields like education and food production. Those who are sixty five and older are expected to follow after essential workers. We are essentially talking about rene. Say you won't get it tonight. March and we are essential. What are you saying. We save lives every day here. Short harvey needs. This shot a sap. And now cindy you guys talk about You want to see the vacc- due to the first lot of folks before you start thinking about taking all your folks saying you can hold on a per se right. So is this the first bunch of people that you're looking at the see if this works now because harvey's ready to take see our body close aide duties first bunch of healthcare workers if they're good in the next thirty thirty days you're rocky with harvey to take this shot of what now more than thirty days. Well how much time do you need about four. Look for the be or every time. The calendars luxury. We can't even affordable in. Is this the first bunch of folks that you looking for. And if they don't drop dead or arm drop dead like on social media which i think all videos are hilarious on the vaccine funny saying. Is this the first lot of folks. Are you talking about now sean. I i don't care about any. I don't vaccinate now when i when i was pregnant. Only needs. Take the whooping cough vaccine. I was like no. We're good. I don't even have whooping cough. I never even heard of anyone close to me ever having whooping cough. So why am i taking this. I'm lucky i let them give my kid. Vitamin k shot when they were born over here trying to tell me my need hep c. Shot b twelve hours after life. What are you talking about for. what so. Y'all can fill out a memo and get more money for one doses that you don't need i wanna know what about our soul sister. Yesterday new york city sydney j gives you next door that took the shot yeah sorted on have guinea pigs now but do they mix before. Moore's why didn't use one our whitener. I black nurse because they wanted to try and show black people. Look okay take your white nurses up there at that. Poor lady plastered all over. Cnn cbs wfan gay like stopping stopping cj during continue cj arm. Do you think take the shot in the left off however if you are one of these foo leo's out here that wants to take the vaccine there a building site it's called. What's it called so you can put it into your website. It is called my shot. And i shot now refer get your money get your cash and how what my shot and i want it now. It's called the vaccine finder. And it was a system developed by google. And it's meant to help people like you know right now my shot city and i want it. Now you have a iphone android services are doing this but if you type in cova nineteen it'll tell you on your maps where a in nineteen testing facility is near you so vaccine finder. I think he's just online now. It will be able to help find healthcare providers that are administering vaccines close to where you live and also be able to find locations that administer the vaccine by early next year And it should be available generis pharmacy community center grocery store and other locations so they haven't been saying if this is gonna be something that's included with your insurance or how much jackson is gonna be this free one thing that i haven't been free dishonest. Free okay stimulus package. Did this speed so go. Get the vaccine for free. Sit okay so wait a minute. Wait a minute so so half of us. Don't want to take the shot but the rest of us want to stay home forever because this thing is out here what what is it gonna be. What did you tell me what you hold on. Hold on hold on say they do say that the vaccine is free by vaccination providers can still charge an administration fee for giving the shot to someone. Watch out right. Was that administration fee forty dollars payment reports show hobby doing doing side effects colgate or the vaccine and happy all ninety nine percent of your like i said last week have acted ingredients in your system that you never knew. You didn't know degrees you didn't know what it was. I have put things all in my body. I have no idea what it was doing. That's kind of everybody using that as an excuse. So that's something that at work. what are we doing. We're supposed to do. We supposed lobby is supposed to live like this for the rest of his life. I can't go to restaurant. I can't tell that. I can't tell a joke. I can't do nothing. But i'm stead. Stope somewhere in every day. And i'm not that's the right thing to do and this way i'm supposed to live now at fifty five years old this this so we don't take the vaccine but this is supposed to just tell me everybody tell me. Is this the way we supposed to live. Now it's not just the way we're supposed to live with unemployment. Nobody's working everybody's scared and dick number counselors up the number council going up like crazy but at the same time you like taking that. I don't know because china didn't have a vaccine and they're good so i don't know maybe they may just knowing why because there there is day. Oh nobody don't wanna wear mass and no one wants to take the vaccine in this country. And that's why we got the numbers and at least in china even if they didn't take the virus. There's there's no vaccine in china and there's no saving nobody and they don't have nobody exactly so i don't know know you have to wait and live with it and you're absolutely right. I'm not i'm not. I agree with you but we're not doing it here in this country so because these other folks is doing what they need to do. We still not doing it here. You right maybe. We need to start protesting. Burn stuff down till the government does what we need them to do. Because all doing there is fidelity around so they have to go on christmas break. How nice while the rest of the country is over here up in shambles. People i the country was like this for five. Very country was fighting with each other about trump now the country and racial issue now the country's fighting with each other about whether it keep restaurants opening night who's fighting with and all the people that are in charge of all of this are gonna break right like no we're all we're all brown or all waiting for vaccine that's supposed to be the end all cure all you can still get it when you have the vaccine and there's going to be a large percentage of people that get the vaccine and are still going to die because that's what happened. That's what they allow. There's there's an allowance of death with new things like this and medications so regardless jenny. People are dying. People are dying thousands of government. Still so now saying oh here you guys just take all this shop because since we do we do all your here take this. So what are we supposed to do. Nothing take yoshimasa this. Hey kyosai car. I'll go live my life regardless shot know what's going to happen here. And it's the same status quo say this respectfully people are dying every day. Every thousands of people are dying every single day. I could see like if there was nothing we hadn't anything there was nothing. People just gone die every day. There's something i might potentially help to solve sane and nobody and i agree with you. Know one china. There's no vaccine but they all follow instructions. They all wearing a mask. We don't follow instructions here because there's a lot of conspiracy. There's a lot of liberty. there's a lot of you can't tell me what to do and that's why we're here. I said well. I'm not gonna let other people's Carelessness determine how. I you know what i what i is it still it will determine how you live because you won't be able to come outside. You won't be able to do the things that you wanna do so it still has the trying out that'll happen because they're all the government has already leaning to how people want to do what they wanna do. So i don't so i don't see the. Us government forcing me to do anything. I don't wanna do because that's what they've been doing. This whole virus is people do whatever they wanna do so. I'm going to do whatever. I want to take the vaccine. It's fine if you have every right to. But i'm saying we will live like this next ten years. People don't care that we have to live like that now. So why should i care. Yeah yeah just like this. Quakertown restaurant certifying. Pa indoor dining band order. I just why it's exactly as been last night opened. By one of our oddest mass. I went last night to pick up food from trackside. And i went in there. And i'm like you know they're like oh lord to the bar to pick up your order and i realized that i was looking around. There was people in there sitting down eating. I'm like don't you people. Is there like a no end or eating. Absolutely ridiculous place was packed. That's where we're gonna live most of our lives and some restaurants. They say they have no choice. But to keep indoor dining despite governor tom wolf's ban against it a number of restaurants defying the latest order. They're taking to social media The proper brewing company on west broad street in quakertown is one who is defying the indoor dining ban. They say we feel. It's unfair to for them to point their fingers at us. Since we've been doing all the safety protocols since july complying with everything. They asked us to do so. They decided that they will keep it open. We are not rebels. Were trying to make a living for ourselves and our employees the employees he says are like family and to leave them off two weeks before. Christmas was too much for me to just say. I can't help you provide for your family anymore. i can't do it matt. Matuzek is regular questions. The latest round of restrictions. He says it's the local people that suffer and there's nobody else if walmart can be open home depot logo to be open to. They've been following the rules from day. One let's be honest. There's nothing going on here. Besides people coming out eating dinner and living their lives. We built this place ourselves. We worked our butts off. I'm not just going to let it go fight and let me tell you something. So whoever this man is The corona viruses and cared about christmas. I understand how you to you. Feel compassion for your co workers. And the people i get that but this is a superspreader. It doesn't matter. You gotta have your employees there. God forbid would if somebody gets sick then all you guys would be and now you sick for christmas. So it was counterproductive. And now you're getting fined by the state and the city and the government because staying open and you haven't bad press assump- believable to me. I get it. I get what you're saying about your employees. I get that i know. It's the human factor. I haven't worked in a year smart kitty. I get what you're saying. Who are you certified to take this upon yourself and have people have rhys for cocoa standards. All right stay open trek side. Stay open yeah. I don't. I don't understand especially a lot of people in the poconos where i live. I don't understand why they keep doing this. Babylonian stronghold even though it went democratic. Thank god for jesus but still the babylonians own everything out there just like down here. They own all restaurants and feel like you know and again. I don't understand why they compare in home depot to a restaurant. We need home depot open in a walmart. We need these places open. What are you talking about so we should close because a walmart and keep track side. Open all die city in the beginning. I said they should call his alma stores. Like everything everything. Everything i'm i'm i'm an extremist so when i think that people should do something i'm not for the light walking i want it like done done like shutting down like i don't know maybe it would make me like a communist or something on like berry up to a point we do nee- we do need a duck say it. Every day time we do need a dabba communism here. I was for that. Look you buy some food. They tell you. Look we're gonna shut down like shutdown. Go out by your food saying house rationale. That's because americans we eat too much anyway. Everybody now you start getting no but it is. It's not with food with. Close your home with everything. Everybody wants. Everything and access. That is the american culture. But it doesn't have to be like that and that's why people are out here doing things that's why we have so many addictions so many other problems because people just want more and more and that's what the culture it no you stay inside only have some food you have a for the next week. And that's it. President elect joe biden. He has won the final electoral college win. All the states voted in the electoral college avenue. Even though we had freaking you know our vote in november whatever. Two months ago biden says it's time to turn the page and he sought to dispel any questions about the legitimacy of his victory and called the american people to accept the outcome seeking to end an unusually long contentious. Election biden urged the nation to turn the page on what he described as an unprecedented assault on our democracy. He said we would be. He would be the president for all americans even those who don't agree with him. He urged people to focus. Instead on combating the pandemic an economic fallout Electors in each state voted monday. The only step that remains is for congress to count those votes on january. Six trump and his allies are still protesting the result but with more than fifty post election lawsuits rejected including by the us supreme court. They have no viable. Have to overturn overturn. It biden noted his three hundred six electoral college votes. The same number trump earned in two thousand and sixteen by his own standards. These numbers represented a clear victory. Then and i respectfully suggest they do so now So that's what he's doing He's still picking pit bull for his cabinet He's working on his agenda which includes picker picker. Who people for his cabinet pit bulls of his by his agenda includes more electric cars and work visas. So he's continuing to work on shot so important so our singer take a break and then we get to. Oh says and then we get sober. Barbie sports don't get out of here early God bless you in In everybody that's listened. Thousands of folks shouts guys the guys that are just listening. I heroes semi what president-elect Joe biden savior a source of an s. speech. Yesterday on cnn and there was concern to me kept kept coughing. He's almost leaned to this. I love animals and because he's all this how old warm lemon and honey city. Wait a minute wait a minute. It is lake still fractured from when he was rolling around with his dog. Now is gonna be so so he. He was better on his toes in the beginning of upcoming for him in the beginning of his speech. A lot of stay away from the a lot of calls thing. It was a lot of coughing and play before we leave the whole under bar. Do there was a lot of coffee. and a lotta leaning and i was like i noticed man is not gonna fall on national tv because that would create a lot. And then i was like the they got thought about his demeanor are gonna be crazy tomorrow. Great now forty five. The narc won by the same electoral votes. Three or six. Joe's absolutely right the formality yesterday. What these electors. Who back in the day the babylonians when he started this country for them This country was never justice for us. they they had these Elect doors who were sort of the overseers of us voting rights just to kind of keep things in check Do i think we needed. I don't think we needed but it's a big and then it was a deterrent for the candidates to go to the big cities pick states. So they did this whole thing yesterday. Rice any and joe. It was official and these fabulous lawsuits that were reject it from court. Appointed judges by daca leashes. Who turned them down as well right. This is over. Joe's the president but like a narcissist. Donald trump won't go away. St- will be disruptive throughout the next four years. And you better believe. That's why it hold onto bothers jones. That's why if bobby cologne it's a knock knock delicious. Just forty five if he had this much bigger on trying to be reelected as president of the united states and this corona barris back in february march. Maybe his ass would have still been president. You know what. I'm saying if he have did that if he would have focused on on on this national emergency so now is the corona virus is going. Wrap it again and he's still worry about some frivolous lawsuit unless you laws about everybody. Everybody divorce zone phone. God bless have eight seats are me too heavy. Was calling you. Because i know when you were not call the first time i was on the wrong show. Even he's still doing sign. No i'm that's why i was calling clicking on that notification and that was the show that came up and i was actually calling to save you because it was saying monday. The fourteenth and i was like no sean is not monday. Call it the save. You shark because you. I got you on from all but one stop away from the bronx but sign. I'm sad about all these people just going out doing. Whatever we did kind of go out and within that superspreader. I kept my mask on the whole time right right. Well i did not say only took my mask off in the room with like lynette. So i got she got it. I'm giving it. I'm giving us for friday. It of symptoms sweet. I'll give people who are a sin to matic okay and they're going around they don't know so. Guess what the only thing we could do is thank god for jesus if you still after all this if you still hail at all. This guy wanted you here so here. God wanted and that's because we can't keep stressing ourselves out about it because we don't know who has what. Mike prentice is put in doak six hundred dollars go to mexico. Somebody might be like like you always asking the questions. Would you be willing to do this. People may have never been able to get to mexico like okay. I'll take take your and just jumping in and doing it. We're all going crazy. It's been going on forever. I if it's yotam showtime will attack a fall. Whatever you go. We'll take take the vaccine. I'm i'm gonna tell you why i wouldn't say the flu. I don't take the flu. Knows sean. i took the remember. They made us have to go around again. You couldn't get into school. I went back to school. They wouldn't let you without mumps value. So i told the doctor. I said nah i fainted. Can't you just say at sochi. I said past our. I took that. Oh you will you probably scared. I said no i wasn't you know what i mean. I came from another country. I had a big vaccine. So he gives me a vaccine. I'm fine. I get to the front desk to make an appointment and pass out He went to emergency. They had to give me a pain shot right. I got the paint shot and they said okay. Get dress go home. I code blue. I'm sorry i'm not taking nobody shots. I did take anesthesia. but you pass out anyway. So i don't know. I'm going to show up joanne brian into build. I'm jay bobby cologne lizzy your boy sean. Harvey will be. I'm going to take a shot for all of us and then you'll see in the next six months with the hell happens to me. I will take the first shot. All the group will types of as in this group. I'm already mentally challenged in this group. Saw would be the first one to take this shot. And that's it. What's all you want and everybody else's sit around and listen do account now and see what happens if it goes bad. It goes bad party. Just set it and just citizens jesus is tied to me. So give me this. Let's see what happens three months and i'll report back. You already have the shot. Who knows what they put in. That flu shot you take every year and you always act weirder and weirder after that i took. I took a stress test this year to barbagallo senior times this year. And i'm going to hospital and before two years out. And i'm going to the hospital tomorrow if i could get reasonable. Stein stay there. I'm i'm in. Jesus years showing ask you a question. Like is this weird to you. You know i. My office is in Welfare center very so kiss walking by and the lady says to me harley working and like you said hardly work here because you to think. That's kind of weird and ali working like boo working here by saying i'm not looking at you telling you you work. This is this. Is this freshman breaking going wrong fresh. You'll break listen. I don't hate on nobody. Sean able to go to work. And it's like if i able to chill like why she gotta be hitting on my show and your business damn m my business up every morning against my will and i make it out here right right to sit in this offense league's just in case somebody doesn't have heats six come here. It's not hostile. Then that come in around what. I'm here if they show up right the central worker and that's why she needs her shot like showing harby lines divorce center. I'm an essential worker here. I save lives renascent. jay. Okay i do. Listen i say shots these this these people yelling at me. Guess what i take us. We're gonna do take net carbs way down. The man was like all yala. Say ma'am i don't work with the part. I don't i don't even know where the the conference task is. Where you gotta go. I wish i could give you food stamps. Because i give myself some more. Y'all is everyone listening to the borlase kicking a lot of knowledge. Here everybody can now okay. Is anybody at your job. I echo don't have to go into bear folks sitting in my office. Thank you gotta go. God bless you. She's essential more of you Thank you oh anything in the middle of make me. We go back to the news but my beloved ken black just text me. Caesar salad kim black he. When i saved me one folks save me when i was cold alcoholic and i guess ova can kim. Black was there for me. I always say that gaba texts me if you if you have a Drink water from the hydrant out in the in the city as a kid. You don't need a shot and that was that water was coming out of a metal tool it was the next day it was next thing below flint water and if people j. commune city flint water vaccine which way the flint water. And let's get back. Okay little late okay so we still in from trump. Now we go to saint says. Yeah god bless you so much from patients yes okay so let me go to my other story. I'm going to give you some entertainment news. Shiloh above are you familiar with him. Shiloh did a lotta buffing. Look buffing back in the day. But i'm not familiar with this one to keep myself on a regular. Well he used to have a show on the disney channel but that was like when he was little. He was in trying to win the last time. You had a lot of myself on regular when i used to watch porn back my day. Stein that bar we. It's been a museum bologna. And he was in transformers. The guy while his ex girlfriend f k o formerly known as his ex-girlfriend twigs claimed the actor covered as td symptoms with makeup to hide the disease as he knowingly infected her. her real name. Is talia barnett as she claims she was in an emotionally physically and sexually abusive relationship and chicago lost to december ten about a week ago. She's thirty two. She claimed actor unknowingly transmitted a serious illness without ever informing her before him and he suffered from this dreadful malady she claims she began to experience unusual and painful physical symptoms in march of last year when she confronted him about her symptoms. He admitted that he suffered from an as td which had been diagnosed a few years earlier. She claims in court papers that above admitted that he had never told her about his condition before even though they had been sexually intimate admitted that he experienced a flare up of his disease in two thousand nineteen but worked to hide his outward symptoms like some hurt logo despite knowing this he continued. She was shocked horrified by his admission and underwent blood work that she confirmed that she had been infected with this disease. She claimed his eternally crew his attorney cruelly dismissed as td and saying it wasn't that bad She continued to claim in court. Tragically later learned that she was not the first person that he had this to one other woman that lebov had been in a relationship with have contracted the disease from him and that he had engaged in similar attempts to hide his condition. She alleges his reckless disregard for the health. The safety of his partners makes them a danger to women everywhere. Shiloh buffs rep was not available for comment she. This is a young white man babylonian. Yeah the safe to say that a safe to say that. He's a superspreader now. Now now if this is true in this. I wanna see pictures. I don't know by saying this is true. And he's already knowingly had this s td and that with these flare on asti your first of all your nasty first of all not let me see what i noticed eagle avenue last home here okay. Let's is this safe to save narcissist because going around arcadia knock knock knock knock in new. And the reason why god hit a spread tennessee. This is a young man had immediately needs to be in jail. I say narcissist. Because he's only two very selfish thinks about themselves if you have these flare ups in this The harps and all that stuff you have. You should immediately immediately let a personnel. Let know bro. Like i mean to do. This is so insidious and is as harmful is hurtful and is deadly. My friend you us a movie star so a access to the vaginas very easy to you right so you can get all of the giant you want and then going to spread and infect the whole community with this virus that you have knowingly a cj fifteen years in jail done. i'm not. I'm not harvey's not put this because you spread it to the another young lady and she would give it to somebody else somebody else. And then now we got cocoa krispies back. The mumps it'd be yet you sir. No more movies no more of that. Because you you hiding the information i respect you enough to say oh. Listen to with the later. Listen you might not get no regina for the rest of your life or you might have to wear double con. Whatever you gotta do but alert of party. Let them now. Let them know like listen. I got this whole thing i saw. You gotta do bro. Now look at you. Is he in jail now. why this she just. She filed a lawsuit against him. But there's no criminal charges or anything but she should at least get a cheque right coin. Give her a good point. Yeah so she lived with us now for the right discussing. What are you doing. He's nasty yes should be back in the day. I had the committee back in the eighties. And then you go to station new york city they give you some milk and then add clear that up they kind of it was kind of milk and they gave me a shot at the medicine. There was like in the milky form. Feel after you got it. Did you tell your partner did our to other people too with you. I said back then. This is an eighty eighties back in the days. I said listen is your need to go back to the doctor. Because this is what i have. Well at least you tell it okay. And then i went on and got the shot in the milk. And then i went on continued to smoke milk with these those back in the day when when when the committee was trending offer. Jesus apparently disneyworld. He needs to go to jail any that. Go for sure shiloh above yo you need to know why you out here in these streets bro. He ought to people they might affected. Well hopefully now people now just like sure he was out there. I don't think we've got right because we didn't know your status Right now your status. Hiv tests almost twice a year. Since you got sean thank you. Because they develop in like five years or something. Like i used to always got got off that fast. The five year consistent. You can leave that one back here. You do all the other stuff stress tests. Hiv tests they trusting relationship. Always keep going and sitting out live city right so the way paperwork in from this year about my results as i have all of that i got all my paperwork got my life insurance policies. I got everything. I got my whole medical history right there. You can see if a woman came up to me and say let me see your medical history before you get the giant. I hear you go email. Not keeping your house. Do say luke shut up moose and because say because when i got the corona says and downloaded the app and i went in there and i went under test. Had other stuff is pregnant. Inspired right up. I was looking like we get a little mill. Bill disneyworld won't how'd you feel after you've done bonded embarrassed about it because you know but i should. It mean to share it a treat. Yeah that's stuff you can treat to look this up. Look you like. did it turn you on. She was like relaxed. Sir i need you to relax. Not that's why you're here. That's not now down please to us. Listen lady i am very slutty chris. Did you grab a. Did you grab a handful. Always like those ways that they always have like a bowl like that you leave the sure you write about looking at her like yeah and you in the same station. I don't think so. I think it's pretty common. Among all of them. Yeah disneyworld will no longer add digital face coverings to maskless park goers in ride photos. Apparently what was happening is when people we. You know how you can get those photos after you ride. Arise well disney decided to take themselves and they would superimpose a mask on people. That didn't have a map so people were going because what they were doing is at anybody in your party. Didn't have a mask. You couldn't buy the photos. They wouldn't let you purchase your photos even if like the people sitting behind. You didn't have a mask on. You couldn't purchase the photos so then what they were doing was like all right. Well we'll just put a mask on the people that didn't have photo so everybody can get their photos right. 'cause i guess it was like you know like a public relations but they received backlash from that because people were like well. Why are you letting people who are not wearing masks violating the rules right right. If they came in winning on and they took it off you should tell them phantom cologne. Would you a certain way if you took the picture and they put this master superimposes mass on face care. It's not that big of a deal city. What about you. If i if i didn't have my mascot and he's put a mask on your face. I mean i think the the the the allure of those photos. I don't even know if i'm using the right word. Why people want them is because of your face on the ride. The fighting faces that your make so. I'm thinking that maybe that's why. The people took off their masks. Or maybe they don't wanna lose it because those rights are some of them are kind of fast. Maybe they didn't want it to blow off. So i probably i mean i never get the photos anyway. I probably wouldn't because it would just look like we just in mass lawn. But do you think that is like invading like you're right. You're right to put one on like would that be like a trademark infringement. On this wouldn't care. But the way we live today got sued who all know a representative for the orlando florida theme park said it will no longer edit digital face coverings onto the faces of park goers who removed their masks for on ride photos. They said in response to guess request. We tested modifying some ride photos. We are no longer doing this and continue to expect guests to wear face coverings except when actively eating or drinking wild stationary. A man named tony townsend showed a photo of park goers in the animal kingdom ride dinosaur to a theme park face group a theme park facebook group. There's a theme park. Facebook group facebook. Look at these facebook groups and spyro while we're off have fifty is an older. Let's have funds today. They reached out to me because one about groups in the room and they was like. Hey sean welcome to the group. Would you like to have fun with us. And how old are you won't fifty five. one here. Goes up top next holloway. About they put they said. Put a photo yourself in group. Let's have fun. Yeah to the crew out there in this half one a now disneyworld previously enforce. Its face covering rolls by allowing maskless riders to purchase right photos that show but because some ride vehicles allow for multiple groups to ride together. They didn't want to exclude certain people. That were wearing the masks though. The theme park didn't explicitly say why it will no longer edit face coverings onto maskless parco whereas many disney fans reported previously noted that the effort could be dangerous as it essentially allows people to face minimum consequences for removing their masks mid ride. Some even argued that disneyworld should remove visitors. Who don't follow mask rules instead as they could potentially be spreading. Covid nineteen cine. How are you going to wear a mask on that man. Ride masculine fall right off. Right about the reaction. I don't understand that yeah. I don't know what they want people to do. So i just maybe disney world should be open right now. It's a superspreader is closed. You can't go you can't. I'm in the group because i invite myself to allow groups and then what we do. Is we invite those groups to the show. Yeah yeah we do. So and then But some of them reach out to me. They would be part of the group. I'm a part of the show. We'll be most showpiece up seeing group. I mean i'm in three hundred groups only know yeah and weird groups shanta turnaround it out for you. The christmas queen saves the holidays. They say mariah carey's tv plus special is serving up the festive spirit. We need they say mariah carey's ultimate queen of christmas and thankfully she stayed in the holidays with your new apple apple tv plus special. You have apple tv. Plus sean is that was that an app. It's a map. I got a two thousand and twenty tv. Only if you have the apple. Tv tv. I got a letter from prime. They were like. Why are you not using your free video service. Oh yeah keep. A lot of people don't but there is a lot of good shows. Brian goodwin dan with binge in all kinds of stuff. Magic just like well you pay for the right justice then it gets getting deliveries. Early barton appreciate the can. I didn't know. I don't have this. But i appreciate the fact that they sent me letter saying you. He's that and then synagogue. Actually what made me start using my. Because i was see what they have on here the other day i thought it netflix's on and a big notification can't do not be is appreciate. Get those seventeen ninety nine. I still gotta notice. I'm sure my mom did trucking along. No problems over here. Still sharing that netflix exciting. You know what i'm saying. It has all of us had me my mom lose and cam. We all have everything down. City pays our profiles. I'll have a me too because you're an adult. It's pops up on for a long time. I was still using x.'s. Like password. But now it's just your. I had to become a exactly city. Try but i still wanted your mother. That's right he's got his little a profile on my son's prime 'cause i'm not paying for but especially at for sure. Her beloved grandkids are okay. But since you are at the mercy of your mother in moment in sparked argument or anything like that she could just definitely just take it out that you can't be mad because but how can you be mad at her if she did that to. You can't be out of protect. Caller was really ought to take whatever she'll have the kids she has to log them into the thing. So they'll always have the do do that. You are at the mercy of your muslim briefly briefly since mariah carey released her extort track. All i want for christmas. Is you in one thousand nine hundred four. She has been dubbed. The christmas queen mariah carey loves christmas and she loves to give him the spirit of holidays when this time of year rolls around she continues her quest to get us all in the christmas spirit and after the rough year. We've all had it's what people need. Mariah carey's magical. Christmas special is musical event filled with all the holiday tracks old and new to bring the festive holiday. Fives through song and dance. She also features a special performance with jennifer hudson and arianna 'grande and that one was actually really good. I actually had a chance to watch it on youtube. If you guys have hawash. She's also have cameos on their from. Tiffany haddish ballerina. Misty copeland snoop dog music. Producer longtime collaborator a pre and her twin kids in it. So if you guys haven't seen it might be something you want to check out on the holidays. Tiny tiny tiny into this whole thing all the time linda turn tentative device downsizing lender led by lenders on the phone. And then they'll help you putting up with this nonsense daughter. House are not showing it back. Joining is is very exhaustive. The show right Linda barbie colonia myself. The only adults room at the moment linda hollow. You put this nonsense with this everybody. Lynda jacobs wonderful lynn. How long are you putting up with this nonsense. With what would your beloved daughter. Piggybacking off his net flicks. Oh god must up to three years now. Been longer than that. And i don't know we go back to. We go back to when. I was just the dvd. Now than we just talked about this barbie myself got the notification facebook and you put in rome. You got that notification as well. did you share with your beloved. Cj your daughter that that that notification was on netflix on the board. The what notification that netflix's going up in price. It's going up to seventeen ninety nine. I didn't worry about that. I'm nina. I'm gonna pay any. Let my whole thing. All bills set out and they. Just come on clark's payments. That's why i'm back. Keeps them giving my. Why are you alerting her to things that might cause stress to my mother stress to you. You're setting her right now to go back possibly readjusts them. Thank linda fixed income. Shine going to let your daughter. Piggy-bank offer this piggyback off of this thing. How long gonna let her back. Yeah you're at the mercy of your mother from grandkids. Not just set. Just i worry if it wasn't for these kids. Cj you'd be out nicole with that. Netflix with abused straight. Would that be right about that. Linda air. Those are my babies. I'm not gonna let them hang up in cole. No netflix be bit how they do. You gotta go. God bless you god bless god blessed jae kyung. Do you need help with your heating plumbing air refrigeration electrical or even your appliances then look no further call longevity environmental at three four seven five four eight seven six to one long jubilee environmental services new york and new jersey. They are licensed insured reliable and they were all year round call today for the winter heating tune-up special and ask for mr whipple at three four seven five four eight seven six two one. That's three four seven five. Four eight seven six two one four email him today at longevity environment at g mail dot com. Are you a black owned business or would light to support one then join go. Black owned on facebook and instagram and become a part of the goal movement hosting is unlimited and free ongo both facebook and instagram pages listing will also be free on goal bowl list dot com anticipated to launch in december. Twenty twenty hate social media and business services including highlights features banners and more are also available with gogo and globo affiliates. Be sure to invite your friends and family to shop with over one thousand member businesses and don't forget to go hello. This dj rome. And i miss t. We're the co host of the open house. Radio show all good. Music is welcome and house. music is always at home. We would love you to join us every saturday. From twelve o'clock to three. Pm eastern standard time. That's right you'll hear everything from classical to disco latin to rig and of course house music. Catch us using the tune in app. Download it from your mobile app. Store can listen in on w. f. n. k. all day and w w n that db sixteen twenty on your am dial. It's a simulcast. Y'all that's right and you can hit us up on facebook at the open house. Radio show featuring dj rome and ms d. The doors are always open. And we'll see you the open house. Hey guys it's barbagallo michelle having one show featuring the weight up team. You wanna have a good time. May you stop. And i m you located eight thirty. One south delaware dr here in eastern pennsylvania. The awful american cuisine and a twist cocktails or wednesdays and thursdays they have a deal on site also friday and saturday he this move south of a local artist featuring jazz or r&b. We stop in. Make sure you tell them to show him on. Show cinch how you doing things to do my mind each and every night. Just keep bothering me just trying to figure out what it is. Just speak suspicion you want. Every time were sick with back thirty five minutes up to december team. Some up we get few stanley driving posses. He's with his dog. That dog is big as how going to be hugh pitchers crazy dog. That dog is huge. That the last. 'cause you know i try not to look at his things but the last time i looked at least god's dog it was a little puppy sleeping in a little part now that was about last week. I looked at this dog. I'd even recognizing what is to already. Oh look he has video up. When did he put this video. Who biggest see everybody would do a hard house poisoning when we go shut up. We're to let we'll have closed off this whole show. Let me speaking right. Hey he's like off. I won't be about your raw vegan. Yeah he will have to start. Giving host gustav the magnificent rain certain clinton and. That's the one of the best dog names i've ever heard Dog is biggest. How feed that. Thank you will give it up. And you don't give a damn about okoko. Speaking of corona virus commissioner. Roger goodell announced that the nfl is not planning to administer the vm co vaccines and if the players until before the super bowl he Yo right he said we ain't giving my players know vaccine because they want to make sure that the side effects ain't gonna hurt them to play right. He made a comment on monday after the hospital. Nationwide begin to administer the first Colgate vaccine to the healthcare workers The super bowl is scheduled for february. The seventh in tampa but playoff stars and jane where the knife three weeks Remain there are three weeks remaining in the regular season. He said we are not planning on any of our personnel vaccinated in advance of the to bowl. He told reporters he said Obviously is being done at the higher levels you know. I guess her healthcare workers anybody who's in the healthcare field in the nfl or organizations like the doctor the sports medicine. All they're probably going to get vaccinated but the players themselves would not be vaccinated before the super bowl. He ain't playing. Wow that's true. He's roger goodell the commission. They are not given the vaccine to any of the players before the super bowl. Just wanna make sure everybody be good offers from bo perfect. Oh that makes sense sean. Why does that make sense. Because they're the ones doing this for entertainment. The only wanna be anybody wants to be compensated. Grabbing under each other's legs being all closed proven each has made hurrah to data. I wasn't needs to be on the line that they corona virus but they want not take it because they don't know what the side effects side effects are minimal compared to getting corona virus but a whole organization who meets all together has all these things. People want to come today stadiums. It's it's all right for them to not want to take the craze of the sport. 'cause i don't wanna take it. They travel they traveled from day. They could be should be allowed. I'm just. I'm just saying you wanna get on me and the rest of because we want to wait Park said it. Give it to the jets first of all owning when they last games. Obviously and i listened to your story. Embargo cloves said it and did not listen. You just not listen to okay. Straight up by listening is everything take i don't even with. Adhd which is a challenge guys just said he said that this shot and i sit there essential and should get the shot. You're shot me now. I can't get the shot. These players are not essential either. The nurses the dot as you said in your report. Maybe the next level might be fed workers in the police and the fire. And i don't see football player in that list. That's why i said that's cool. Fano listening chu said. And that's why i replied that guys named roger the one he guilty for the same things black folks has he has he has black. A lot of that vote is in god. Bless them but i do get him essential barbie cologne center city. You set it as well. These are the in your report They obviously have access to get these shots. They would have the opportunity to agree with a thing for him to say not true they have they must have some kind of acts hajer agree with you but the protocol was one of these. We've been using for the last year or eight months and months and that's what it is. Football players got away. They're not essentially. We don't need football baseball basketball. That's been proven. So yeah they gotta wait and then after the super bowl will i want. I want barbie. I want my shot now. He wanted his chat. Continue now this right here. This is my shot right here. They're right to me. I'm sorry oh a medical van and follow foo with over here. Be number one fully already. Sydney scanned in the house with the curtains. Close i'll be. I'll be fully. Oh ask amid medical shutdowns. There is a video surfacing around the internet needs industries of rookie cowboy rookie ceedee lamb Of him partying going to a party in you know enjoying his life but the video is a video from him being in college and the internet was tanned him up. Y'all he was right. He was partying again but it was an old video and whoever posted it you know they tried to make it. Seem like it was a video from like now ram you know so. He was victimized but with a militias viral video That recently surfaced of him party and when he was in college despite the video being posted recently is revealed that the video came from his Collegiate days in oklahoma late friday night. Michael gale can Shared the video. There was a video circulated on social media that land party with the large group of course with colbert pandemic still going on some people. Questioned decision-making his first year wideout. But like i said it was a it was a video from years ago. You know so beautifully funny. He's at a party all video from he was in college and but the person posted it made. It seem like it was really fun from right. Now you know enduring the cobra. Quarantining whatever The internet which is tan him up. And you'd be you know we supposed to be quarantined. You spoke with matt. We got cold party but it was video from back in the day. So they said would you say that. The internet is full of conspiracies polarization. Yeah right so that it. Would this be a perfect example of it. Yeah thank you because nobody's nobody's paying attention. The man had video from years ago. And then you slap it on the as cova and inde- go like a kobe. Party and let the conspiracies keep going. Shame on this person did this. What are you have people like to bring up old stuff all the time. Internet is unforgiving right and then they start stuff and don't have the facts full of fake news. That's the what. I'm going gonna miss from nakabo right fake news and i was like i mean who saying this that tag that big news actually alana their fake news. I'm showing you might like this. One a high schooler. You may will during football player who he attacked a ref And he has now been banned from all high school sports Eighteen year old emmanuel dorm was ejected from a game in because he was upset that he was adjusted for the game because he thought it was a fair when he got back into the game. He tackled the ref who ejected him from the gate. Just so so weird He was attacked and the ref got a little little minor injuries. No nothing nothing major. You know but So now he is banned from all sports. Pertaining to high school is crazy. Do you just can't be a you should just set it out. Cool down came back with a clear head in this one game. Ryan still lost his phone. That's a shame. wait a sort of eighteen year old. He was ejected from football. He he he was in the game a little too rough ejected him like go down got to get out there wherever well he. He was able to come back in. He was still upset. Because the river kicked out game he tackled. The referee attacked the ref. He's eighteen years. It's a high school football football Okay i will allow allow this man to graduate of course allow always running things. There'd be no more football for you sir. You have to go to the canadian lead and play football. There'd be no national warfare for four years. you can't sit there and attack referee. Who are you horrible. Because you can't check your feelings because your father's a narcissist and you're working three and four jobs day and and she got another man. She's doing all this for you. And don't you know how much you highschool guy don't you know how much football equipment costs my friend. Though show to pass cost like three four hundred dollars the stupid helmet causes hundreds and hundreds of dollars and your mother said tissue working around. She bought she buying these cleo pa gas and you're gonna sit there and eighteen year old kid and you. Can you got the nerve and the goal to go out there and he took you out the game already too aggressive enough to put you back in the game. The and sir. This is the game of life. You're gonna get upset in life and you'll go tackle. Somebody hurt somebody because the only because you think the only person on this earth eighteen years old and cine will. I know cindy i could. I could i could feel spirit. Shake with sean. Whatever the frontal low no no no no no from too low you would shoot was wrong. You eighteen year old luke. Football graduated high school. No football four year college. Yeah just a quick low sports the ravens and the browse. Please sitting less. I had to go. Frontal lobe. who. The raiders. Beat the browse. Yesterday forty seven to forty two am better off your hard. We have split. Bobby where we're going to do is shot in the out. Okay and then time do no. That's it we in man. Who have we got to put heart right now. We'll do is. We'll show them real quick and get chat room any access any leftover heart heart heart down. Julius dillashaw is in the boom net net net. Soprano all the showing hayes jones. Hey come terrible. Leelee scott shine. The logan is here veneta george. Henry apis denise theory. Jack centric louise marquez. Mr twenty multi johnson and prentice box babble. And who else we in this game. It's a semi jane room. Y'all anthony starks. Goes is up here. Shamikh love hager bio queen. Diane kevin love who else. Y'all put your hard i sent. That's it s that five minutes. He facebook streets. Barb cologne or cologne designs on instagram might cologne started instagram and designing babe for on snapchat. You guys can find me at semi j. on facebook semi underscore j. instagram and semi jay on snapchat is a three show hogan on facebook comedian. Show facebook call for okay. Great show everyone a think we'd be tomorrow tomorrow morning. Talk about this now and again ninety opposite in town. We won't be on thursday but we have for you and you guys can do that but what we do. Is you guys. Be safe out the enjoy your day. And we'll see you guys tomorrow. That treated nikki harley. By y'all y'all baio okay. My pillow later. Trust me. i don't want all that stuff. They move the ship. We nothing nothing built. We had yesterday. That was nothing. New godfather solar ray allen in the building was the co hanley. Y'all have a great day. Stay warm state saying you don't have to go out or it should be okay in the morning. The evening hours as really won't be happy album. Yes wind hit lots of if you get a lot of it okay needed. Thanks a little you is takes me fuel. Person were new debra you. Tom say is very pleased. Thanks makes me feel made.

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