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Hey brothers and sisters. It's Bez before we dig into this episode. I just wanted to take a minute to explain the objectives of this podcast, and more importantly, the ways that you can help we're diving into the podcasting scene to bring you reliable. News and information about your union in a format that you can easily fit into your busy schedule. Listen to it. While you walk the dog on the treadmill at the gym, take it with you on your drive to work or listen to it at work. If you like many Teamsters spend, your workdays on the road, be sure to spread the word about the show and tell others how they can get connected as well. Now comes the part where I explain how you really can help us shape. What you hear in a moment? I'm going to give you a website address where you can go to find instructions on how you can submit stories ideas and news that you would like to share with your fellow local seven six nine Teamster members. Do you know, a Teamster brother or sister who has done something miraculous or accomplish something amazing? As one of your co workers reached a major milestone share it with us. Please. We may feature it in a future episode or share it on our social media pages. So here comes that website address. Visit Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity. Once again, that's Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity. There you will find how to submit material to our show or additional information on any of our current episodes. Thanks. Hello brothers and sisters. This is the solidarity podcast and Teamsters local seven six nine. I'm Brian says body, but everybody calls me in this episode of Teamsters local seven six nine president at Brickell officer. Josh village sits down with us to discuss the objectives of this podcast, then local seven six nine business agent. Mike Cortez gives us some tips to address a common area of concern during recent ups contract negotiations, but first let's get to some highlights from around our local union this month. Let's begin with an update for our wire seem members leaders of all local unions that represent workers at wire sea freight met on April tenth, and with the exception of one local voted unanimously to send the national master freight agreement to the members for ratification. The tentative agreement contains numerous improvements, including wage increases restaurant. Nation of the week of AK shin. That was given up protection of health and welfare benefits would know employees premium copays and prohibitions against using driverless trucks to list, a few full details of the tentative agreement are available at our website on or about April, nineteenth members will be mailed voting information and votes will be counted on or about may third. The vote will be conducted by secret ballot. As it always has been. But this time members will vote via the internet or phone. Onto the UPS contract. The UPS contract is two steps closer to taking effect UPS Teamsters covered by the local eight oh four supplement and the western Pennsylvania supplement have voted to ratify their agreements the national agreement cannot take effect until the outstanding supplements. Ratified once ratified economic improvements are retroactive to August. First twenty eighteen the only outstanding supplement remaining metro Detroit will be voting on their tentative agreement on April twenty eighth and finally Teamsters local seven six nine would like to take a moment to congratulate miss Shirley Tarpley on her retirement. Shirley has been a working Teamster for forty five years, and for more on that we have a clip from our March general membership meeting, we have a very special person that has been with us for a number of years that has told us that she is going to be retiring at the end of the month. And I would like for surely Tarpley sister, Shirley. Tarpley who's a trustee on our executive board, and who has been a Teamster. Since nineteen seventy five thousand nine hundred seventy four excuse me. Forty five years and surely has been with us for a long time. And we wish her the very very very best. You're going to miss you tremendously. That was president Josh Zilic addressing the membership at the March general membership meaning Shirley plans to travel extensively during retirement. And we wish her the best safe travels. Miss surely that about wraps up the goings on around the local this month. We'll be back after this. Fellow teamsters. Mark your calendars, our annual Teamsters local seven six nine south picnic is scheduled for Saturday November second twenty nineteen at twelve noon. It will be held at our usual location in Markham park. Located in sunrise, Florida, just off the turnpike and Fort Lauderdale good food and great bear for the adults treat some fun activities for the kids from bounce houses to rock climbing wall come enjoy a full day of fun with your Teamster brothers and sisters from all over south Florida as always our picnic is freedom members than their media families than is open to all members of Teamsters local seven six nine admission prices for guests of members ten dollars per adult and five dollars per child. Remember to bring dry nonperishable foods for our food drive benefiting. Feeding south Florida for updates and more information on this event and everything related to. Teamsters local seven six nine follow us on any of our social media pages or visit. Visit Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity. And now, we have our first guest on the solid you podcast. Inappropriate guests for our first ever episode. Why don't you introduce yourself for our listeners? Hi, this is Josh village. I'm president of Teamsters local seven six nine in Miami. Florida. Thanks for taking a minute from your always ridiculously busy schedule. Appreciate it. Thank you. As I tried to take a minute to explain in the intro to this first ever episode leadership at the local here has always been interested in improving communications. Why don't you take them in and explain what people are in store for? Sure, bryan. We as you know, we have attempted to improve our communications and education of our members with regard to their rights on the job, and what's going on with their local union and to that end. The podcast hopefully will just add to our methods. Knowing list of offerings. Yes. Between Facebook our website Twitter traditional communications in print. But additionally, hopefully, the podcast will assist our members in again educating them as to their rights on the job and happenings within the local union. I'm excited about great. How frequently do you anticipate we're able to release these updates? I think realistically will attempt to try to get something out every month to our members. Additionally, there might be a need for us to do it more frequently in particular, if we're in the midst of a perhaps a a heated contract campaign or perhaps job action with the strike or an organizing drive where we need to have more frequent communications. And if the podcast is popular and his well received by members, then by all. Means we'll do it more frequently than that. But at the outset we'll shoot from month. -ly what type of materials can people look forward to being presented in this format? I think what we wanna do is. If there are particular rights on the job or areas where we feel our members need current information particular issues going on. That need members need guidance on from their union will strive to provide that in this format. But additionally, there may be basic rights that some members don't realize, and you know, that's a way for us to provide it there's also social events. There's also our scholarship fund, which is an important program that many of our members don't know about other Teamster benefits that are members some know about and others, don't right. And we're big in a big believer in education of our members is gonna make us a stronger union. So again to that end, if the podcast is helpful in that regard. I'm all for it. Great so good. I hope we can provide something that the members can look forward to downloading and the utilize to to help get them more formation on the job. Yeah. We're we're excited about this format. And we're hopeful that it's a helpful in something that the members can look forward to on a monthly. Basis and if not more frequently than that. And again that it's helpful and informs them as to the goings on within the local union. Great. Thanks, josh. My pleasure, Brian. Thank you. Teamster members are you aware of all the benefits of your Teamster membership, your Teamster privilege entitles you to members only savings on everything from renting a car to sending a bouquet of flowers all US Teamster members and their immediate families are eligible to recede savings on legal services, entertainment discount, car and truck rental discounts, Credit Counseling flower and gift basket discounts and interstate moving discounts for more information on these and other benefits to your Teamster membership. Visit Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity and click on the benefits tab on the right side of the page. One of the concerns. We heard expressed by members at UPS during recent negotiations is loss of overtime here to speak more about that and offer suggestions. So those members wishing to maximize their hours is local seven six nine business agent. Mike cortez. How's it going today might I'm pretty good Ryan? How are you? I'm good Mike, can you speak more about the methods members can employ to maximize their overtime. Well, what the upcoming contract as well. As the one that's been in extension. There is a nine five lists. And specifically when the nine five lists will come out twice a year under the language of the new contract simply opt out or don't sign into the nine five language. Just try to maximize your hours by getting as much work as you can based on DOT allowed hours. Another way is have the member signed into. It's a call less that call this is going around some of the building's already try to get the company aware that if they need extra people on the shift that they could call from this these call lists. Meaning they would call the names that are on the list for any extra work for examples of preloaded shift need you guys to come in early. There. You gotta they'd call there in seniority order to bring you on board or for a shift. That's in the evening. The local sort maybe twilight or reload shift part-timers as well, they'll have a fulltime opportunity by signing. What's known? The part time to full time lists and that comes out quarterly four times a year where the part timers will get an opportunity when a job is available become to get into these full-time positions. Other than the call in lists. Is there other language in the UPS contract that would afford opportunities to members seeking additional hours under the current contract is under extension as well as the new incoming in? There is the safety committee language under article eighteen in eighteen though safety committees can be staffed by our members. Those members will have an opportunity to get more hours that way doing safety items related to the company is there a restriction on how many members can be on a safety committee or the restriction is really based building wide. If first of all that the building does have a safety committee are members have the right to be on board. And usually those hours probably prior to your shift, even maybe during your shit. To do any type of safety required items. Also based on a number of people that are employed in your particular location. How big the joint safety committee would be right those. That's good advice. So in summary to maximize your hours at UPS one elect not to sign the nine five list to sign any available. Call list for extra work or to cover absentees and three volunteer to participate in your local safety committee. In addition, part timers will have opportunities become fulltime employees, thus increasing their hours. Thanks might. Appreciate your time. Bloody Ryan thank you before we wrap things up. Here are some local seven six nine dates to remember for the month of may may eleventh is our team meeting at ten AM and a retiree meeting at eleven AM. Both at the Miami hall may eighteenth is our stewards seminar. This event is for Teamsters local seven six nine members who. Our shop stewards only stewards were mailed information on the event location and times. And if you are a steward did not receive this information, please call the Miami office at three oh, five six four to six to five five the purpose of this event is to provide our stewards with the training and tools to better aid them in contract enforcement on the job may twenty-first is our birthday Teamsters local seven six nine was founded on this day in nineteen sixty four making it fifty five years of kicking corporate buttons, south Florida. The hall will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on may twenty seventh and our general membership meeting will not be held on its usual day of the month, the general membership meeting for the month of may is on Thursday may thirtieth at eight pm at the Miami hall again this event is for members only please for more information on these or any of our events. Visit Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity and click on the events button that about does it for our. Step Assode special. Thanks to Mike Cortez for his help with this episode. And as always Teamsters local seven six nine or podcast is produced by the officers and staff of local seven six nine including Josh Zilic Rowley Pena and Steve Myers with contributions by local seven six nine business agents. And by me, Brian Busby out for more information on this or any of our episodes, including show notes, and supporting documentation and the best place to get information about all things related the Teamsters in south, Florida. Visit Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity. As always we encourage you to subscribe to all of our social media pages were on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also contact us by Email at podcast at Teamsters local seven six nine dot ORG. Encourage your brothers and sisters to listen to subscribe to our show as well. Our theme song vendetta was composed by Stefan carton bird. And additional music titled onion Capers by Kevin McCloud at incompetent dot com for used in this episode. Both licensed under creative Commons, attribution license until next time. Remember in unity? There is strength by folks.

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